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									Factors to Consider While Selecting Promotional Umbrellas

Different promotional items have their own set factors for success and so
does promotional umbrellas. However, there are standard benchmarks that
need to be taken into consideration while selecting promotional products.
This is the quality parameter that they require to abide by. The
promotional umbrellas too have to be evaluated on this basis to be
included as efficient brand advertising medium.

Let us see the different aspects that has to be accounted while selecting
promotional umbrellas-

Visual attractiveness:
The fundamental concept that is applicable for all promotional gifts is
their excelling visual appeal. The promotional umbrellas bear no
exception to the rule. The foremost technique they apply to capture the
attention of the audience is the fascinating colour combination of their
canopy. It can be solid colour base or mix and match of hues with all of
them exuding sheen of their own. This lends glamour to their body, which
is enough to make the audience spare a significant glance on them. The
make of the handle, the structure of the umbrella also counts for the
visual enticement. It is only when the promotional umbrellas catch the
imagination of the audience that they run the chance to be used in daily

Refined usability:
The promotional umbrellas fail to progress further in their effort of
brand promotion unless they are endowed with refined usability
characteristics. They have to be in some or the other way better than
their ordinary counterparts in making life easy. This is what prompts the
audience to use them frequently and feel proud to flaunt them. Traits
like twin ribbed canopy, automatic opening mechanism, storm proof canopy,
ergo comfy rubber grip handle, lightweight construction, distinct wind-
resistant square structure, polished handle with colour matched grip,
aluminum fitments, folding varieties with covers are some of the
enhancing qualities that acts positively towards their brand promotion.

Usage of the print space:
Umbrellas are well known for their availability of large print space. The
real issue however, lies in how dexterously this print region is being
utilised. The embossing of the branding elements (that is the company
logo, logo type, punch line, slogans or other company information) should
be conducted in such a manner that the brand visibility is realised to
its maximum potential. The circular shape of the umbrellas should be used
to depict the branding components in a way that the audience can in no
way miss on the brand messages.

Thus, having understood the important dimensions that you should check
while choosing promotional printed umbrellas, you will be able to make a
better decision the next time. For detailed information on promotional
umbrellas, log on to www.clickpromogifts.co.uk.

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