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									Master in sports management

“…essential business knowledge to excel in the sports
IE Business School
Master in Sports Management
master in
Integral Approach     • A proven blended methodology, mixing face-to-face periods with interactive distance learning
       to learning    • Interaction with a world-class faculty
                      • Lively discussion with an international peer group
                      • Case-study method analysis
                      • Company visits
                      • Conferences with experienced industry professionals
                      • World Awareness Seminars and Leadership Workshops
                      • Group projects and assignments
                      • Final business plan/ project presentation and defense

       Participant    Driven and experienced professionals aspiring to develop the skills and competencies required to
            Profile   take up new management responsibilities or manage their own business in the sports sector.

          Degree      Participants will be awarded a Master’s Degree in Sports Management, combining the general
         Awarded      management disciplines of a top International MBA and courses specialized in sports business management.

           Format     The program alternates short and intensive residential periods with extended off-campus periods.
                      The residential periods will be held in Madrid (two weeks at both the beginning and end of the
                      program) and London (one week, mid-program).

        Start Date    February-March

         Duration     13 months

     International    The Economist Intelligence Unit has awarded IE Business School’s online programs the No. 1
      Recognition     position worldwide in its annual ranking. IE Business School is consistently placed among the top
                      10 positions globally in rankings published by respected sources that include Financial Times, The
                      Economist, and Businessweek.
             IE Business School
             Master in Sports Management

Master in
The sports industry has evolved into a multi-billion Euro business that continues to grow rapidly. Companies involved in
the business of sports are currently looking for highly skilled specialized managers capable of tackling the important
challenges related to this field. As a result, the competition for sports management positions is now extremely intense.

The Master in Sports Management is intended for professionals   IE Business School has created a stimulating learning
eager to pursue a rewarding career in the sports industry. In   environment, bringing together a world-class international
an area where very few people are able to demonstrate formal    faculty of experts and sports leaders with a selected group of
education related to specific issues facing the industry, the   highly-qualified participants. The integral learning experience
program can either serve to change a career path from another   afforded by the Master in Sports Management is designed to
industry, or enhance career opportunities of people who are     equip and prepare professionals to over perform in the sports
already working in the sector.                                  business, providing a solid foundation in core management
                                                                while meeting the needs of the industry.
             IE Business School
             Master in Sports Management

Who is the program
     designed for?
The Master in Sports Management was carefully designed                 IE is internationally renowned for its diversity and is amongst
for professionals working or aspiring to work in the sports            the most culturally-diverse business schools in the world. IE seek
industry, combining the general business fundamentals of               exceptional individuals from diverse cultural and professional
a top International MBA with industry specific courses. It             backgrounds that will stimulate fellow participants to reflect on
provides selected participants with the crucial knowledge              new perspectives and share valuable knowledge.
of the sector and equips them with key management skills,
allowing them to embrace business opportunities and excel
in any position in the sports market.

                            Hannah Caven
                            Office of the CEO - OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Services)

                            “I chose the course at IE because it offered a unique opportunity to acquire specific sports business
                            skills within the context of a genuine MBA program. The teaching staff is excellent with a vast range of
                            expertise and contacts throughout the sporting industry which ensures their input is both relevant and
                            applicable. Personally I have already been given the opportunity to experience the Olympics first hand
                            and this is solely thanks to the contacts I have acquired through the course.
                             The residential periods furthermore provide an invaluable opportunity to establish contact, but the
     online experience in turn is brilliant for enabling everyone to contribute and articulate their views in a way that is simply not
     possible in a classroom setting. The forum sessions are always animated, engaging and challenging and the group discussions
     are so intense that there is no sense of distance from your team mates; on the contrary, personalities are definitely able to
     transcend the virtual format!
      The quantity of work and the quality expected of the students makes it a demanding experience, but one that it constantly
     challenging and rewarding, with a real sense of progress towards achieving our individual goals within a highly supportive
     IE Business School
     Master in Sports Management

   Age                          Average: 32,4 years           Work Experience

  Over 36                                  Under 28      6 to 11 years              > 12 years
    29%                                    24%                    47%               18%

                                           29 to 35
                                           47%                                      < 5 years

Sectors of Employment                                        Employment Functions
Sports / Recreation                             25%          Consulting                    25%
Entertainment / Media                           25%          General Management            25%
Consulting                                      19%          Sales & Marketing             19%
Others                                          13%          Operations                    13%
Healthcare                                       6%          Communication                  6%
Consumer products                                6%          Finance                        6%
Financial Services                               6%          IT                             6%

Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Egypt, Greece, Ireland,
Mexico, Peru, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka,
                                                  IE Business School
                                                  Master in Sports Management

  IE´s innovative format allows participants to follow the program
  regardless of their geographic location and avoids having to interrupt
  professional obligations for extended periods of time. This 13-month
  program combines the general business fundamentals of an MBA with
  industry specific courses. It provides participants with crucial knowledge
  of the sector and equips them with key management skills, allowing
  them to embrace business opportunities and excel in any position in
  the sports market.

  IE´s case study method has proven to be an effective learning model
  provoking analysis and debates on practical business situations.
  Participants analyze each piece of new knowledge individually, in groups,
  and finally in the classroom, broadening their visions and enabling them
  to gain a global understanding and strategic perspective of business in the
  sports industry.
Throughout the course admitted participants are divided into multicultural and multifunctional teams according to their profiles
and professional backgrounds. This methodology mirrors today’s international business environment, where cross-cultural teams
of people work on global projects while living and travelling all over the world.

The intensive face-to-face periods are held at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the program. They comprise activities
that require physical presence and are especially designed to provide participants with competencies and skills needed to become a
successful business leader.

• Madrid                                                                          • London
The program commences and ends with a two-week face-to-face period at             Given that many top sports management companies are
IE´s urban, downtown campus in Madrid. Renowned as a vibrant capital,             concentrated in London, the second face-to-face period
Madrid offers a wealth of history, tradition and cultural experiences. The        in the middle of the program will be held there. Over
first residential period offers a valuable opportunity to interact with fellow    the course of one week, admitted participants expand
participants and professors, while participating in workshops focused on          their networks and knowledge of the sports industry
skill-building activities such as leadership and networking.                      to a new level, attending a series of conferences on the
                                                                                  latest challenges and opportunities in the sector, as well
The final face-to-face period in Madrid rounds off the program. During this       a visiting world-class sports facilities and companies
two-week period admitted participants complete the courses that comprise          from different areas of sports management such as
the second semester and take assessment tests that consolidate the work           sponsors, sports marketing firms and sports media
covered during this period. Admitted participants also present and defend         groups. In past editions, participants met top executives
their business plans, which focus on the launch of a new idea for the sports      from companies that included Chelsea FC, Wimbledon,
market. At the end of the period the program closes with a graduation             Marylebone Cricket Club, IMG, Pentland Group (home
ceremony after which they become part of the global IE alumni network of          of Speedo, Ellese, Mitre), Visa, Perform Group and
over 40,000 alumni in more than 100 countries.                                    Octagon.

Courses initiated in Madrid and London are continued using IE’s successful interactive distance learning methodology. This practical and
renowned methodology, based on the case study method, promotes continuous communication between professors and participants,
while providing the flexibility to study from anywhere in the world and with any work schedule.
The Virtual Campus, active 24 hours per day, allows case discussions to go into great depth as they run for several days, permitting
participants and professors the time to read the comments that have been posted, process them and submit a personal, well thought-out
comment to the class. Several discussions are held in parallel, making it easier for the participants to perceive links among the different
aspects under discussion.

• Industry Specialized Videoconferences & World Awareness Seminars
During the Industry-specialized Conferences throughout the program, admitted participants have the opportunity to learn from many
top business leaders and see how they apply theory to the market. These exclusive events enable participants to increase their network
in the sports industry. Owing to the IE’s research on cultures and marketing, the World Awareness Seminars allow participants, as future
business leaders, to better understand the environment they will operate in.
By visiting IE´s blog on blended face-to-face online programs, potential candidates can see what current participants think about their
learning experiences: online-masters.blogs.ie.edu. It is also possible to arrange a demonstration of the interactive learning process
by contacting: OnlineSpecialized@ie.edu
                                                                                IE Business School
                                                                                Master in Sports Management

  Face-to-Face                                                                       Face-to-Face
     Period                Interactive Distance Learning                                Period
    Madrid                             Period                                          London
    2 weeks                                                                            1 week

February                        February - March                                     July

                        General Management Courses:
                            Economic Environment                                Company visits to the
                             Financial Accounting                             world´s leading sports and
                     Fundamentals of Marketing Management                     sports-related companies
                           Organizational Behavior
                                                                                   Interacting and
                                  Specialized Courses:                        networking opportunities
                         Introduction to Sport Management                         with top industry
                          Managerial Accounting for Sports                          professionals
                                   Sport Governance
                 Sport Facilities and Property Business Development           End of term one and start
                        Sport Marketing and Sport Consumer                    of all courses for term two

                                     World Awareness Seminars and Leadership Workshops
                                              Industry Specialized Conferences

             Interactive Distance Learning                      Period
                         Period                                Madrid
                                                               2 weeks

                 September - March                             March

           General Management Courses:
                Competitive Strategy
          Information Systems Management

                 Specialized Courses:
       Leadership and Human Dynamics of Sports
          Management of Sport Organizations
      Sport Events Organization and Management
         Sport Media & Public Relations in Sport
                   Sport Sponsorship
Sporting Goods Manufacturers and Distribution Channels
                       Sport Law
               Entrepreneurship in Sports
            Economics and Finance of Sport

         World Awareness Seminars and Leadership Workshops
                  Industry Specialized Conferences
                                                                                          IE Business School
                                                                                          Master in Sports Management

  Faculty profile
IE Business School has a world class faculty of over 110 full-time professors and 250 associate professors -
educators, researchers and consultants with highly varied personal and professional profiles - who will guide
students to develop their full potential from different angles and perspectives.
Thanks to their considerable industry experience in some of the world’s leading sport corporations and their
involvement in consulting projects and other activities, the faculty remains in constant touch with new business
developments. The Master in Sports Management faculty includes:
Beristain, Ignacio - Spain                                        Fernández-Cantelli, Eduardo – Spain
• International Marketing and Sales Manager, Real Madrid,         • Chair of the Marketing Department, IE Business School
   employed by Adidas International                               • Sports Marketing Consultant. Former Marketing Director,
• Law Degree & Bachelors in Business Administration by              Basketball Section, Real Madrid C.F
   Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (ICADE)                     • MS and PhD in Sports Management. University of Minnesota
• Executive MBA, IE Business School

                                                                  Lawrence, Heather – USA
Chadwick, Simon - UK                                              • Professor of Sports Management, Ohio University
• Professor of Sport Business Strategy and Marketing, Coventry    • PhD, Higher Education Administration, University of Florida
  University                                                      • MESS and BS, Sports Management, University of Florida
• Founder & Director of CIBS (Centre for the International
  Business of Sport), Coventry University
• PhD in Sport Sponsorship, University of Leeds                   Respaldiza, Raul - Spain
                                                                  • Managing Director, Augeo Sports & Entertainment
                                                                  • Director of Sports Facilities, Real Madrid Football Club
Clendenin, John - USA                                             • Executive MBA, IE Business School
• Founder, President & CEO of Inner Circle Logistics and Senior
   Faculty of Harvard Business School
• Team member of the silver medal winning 1984 Olympic            Seeliger, Gerardo - Spain
   Modern Pentathlon Team                                         • President, Fundación Seeliger & Conde
• Degrees in Psychology, Communications Engineering and           • General Manager, Adidas Holding Company, Switzerland
   Business Administration                                        • Executive Director of Association of National Olympic
                                                                    Committees, Paris
                                                                  • Member of the Spanish sailing team, 1972 Olympic Games
Dittmore, Steve - USA                                             • Degree in Economics, Freiburg University
• More than 10 years working in sport public relations, mainly
  in the Olympic movement
• Professor of Recreation and Sport Management, University of     Stefan, Maria - USA
  Arkansas                                                        • Chief Operations Officer at CornerstoneChase International
• PhD, University of Louisville                                   • President for Ellesse, USA
                                                                  • Executive Director and Global Vice President of Sporting
                                                                    Goods Manufacturers Association, USA
l’Etraz, Paris de - Switzerland                                   • Harvard University, Harvard Business School, Advanced
• Founder and CEO, Amazing Sports Lab (ASL) and Founder and         Management Program, 1999
  General Partner, Amazing Capital
• Managing Director, ABN AMRO and Vice President Union Bank
  of Switzerland, New York, Zurich                                Beech, John
• ESADE Business School, Barcelona, 2003-2008, PHD Program        • PhD, Cranfield School of Management
  in Management Sciences                                          • MBA (Distinction), Dundee
                                                                  • Head of Sport & Tourism at the Applied Research Centre for
                                                                    Sustainable Regeneration (SURGE), Coventry University, UK
                                                                                                  IE Business School
                                                                                                  Master in Sports Management

Arthur, Dave                                                       Barajas, Ángel
• Managing Director, DSA Consulting Services                       • Associate Professor of Financial Management,
• Senior Lecturer Sport Business,                                    University of Vigo, Spain
  Southern Cross University, Australia                             • Researcher for the Spanish Economic Observatory for Sport.
                                                                   • Advisor of the General Manager,
                                                                     Celta de Vigo Football Club, Spain.

                          Helen de Haan
                          Licensing & Sponsorship Sales Manager -
                          Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)
                          “IE is the first top European business school to offer a specialized master in sports management in
                          a format suitable for the working executive. I chose IE because it offers quality education and an
                          unbeatable online learning method- it is actually hard to believe this is ‘distance’ learning, as the
                          interactivity with the professors and classmates online is extremely engaging! The course material is
                          very relevant to the business and I found it to be applicable to my work right from the start.”
Pieraccioni, Umberto                                                Rascher, Dan
• Founder and President, Famebridge and UP Management               • PhD in Economics, University of California at Berkeley
• Member of the Special Olympics Italy Board                        • Founder and President of SportsEconomics
• CEO, bwin Italy                                                   • Managing Partner at OSKR, LLC
• President and General Manager, Italian National League            • Director of Academic Programs and Associate Professor for
• Managing Director, Adidas Italy                                     the Sport Management Program at the
                                                                      University of San Francisco (USF)

                          Antonio Martin
                          IE Business School Academic Director - Master in Sports Management
                          “I have been passionate about sport my whole life and have been fortunate enough to spend my
                          professional career working in the world of sport, with companies like FC Barcelona, Dorna and Nike.
                          Sport itself is a blend of passion and hard work, where individuals need to go beyond their normal limits
                          to reach their goals.
                          We have selected an international faculty of professors not only dedicated to academic research in
                          sports but also professionals and top executives from Adidas, Real Madrid CF, FC Barcelona, Augeo
                          Sports & Entertainment amongst others. At IE we are convinced that our faculty will help to empower
                          and differentiate our students making them key players in the sports industry”.
                  IE Business School
                  Master in Sports Management

A life changing

Master in Sports
at IE Business
Industry oriented                                                  International environment
The curriculum of this program is oriented to meet the specific    Students at IE Business School enjoy a truly international
needs of the sports management industry. From sports               atmosphere, with more than 80 nationalities on campus and a
governance to sports marketing, from finance to operations         faculty comprising 40% international professors.
in sports facilities, events and media, admitted participants
are led to examine all these from the sports business angle.
Additionally most of IE´s specialized faculty members are          Alumni Association
currently working in sport or related firms, bringing the market   IE Business School alumni form part of a 40,000 strong network
directly to the classroom and enabling participants to establish   spread over 100 countries across the world. The Alumni
a differentiated network in the industry from day one.             Association promotes relations between IE Business School
                                                                   graduates and acts as a networking platform by organizing
                                                                   social events and promotes continuous training in personal
Innovative methodology                                             development.
This specialized 13-month master program presents the              alumni.ie.edu
exclusive opportunity to pursue a highly valued degree from
a prestigious international business school, while working and
without the need to relocate. IE Business School’s strong focus
on entrepreneurship and innovation, combined with advanced
training techniques, guarantees that every participant become
part of the holistic IE Business School experience.

Academic excellence
IE Business School is consistently ranked by the international
press as one of the best business schools in the world - among
the top 5 in Europe and top 10 worldwide. IE Business School is
one of the few business schools in the world fully recognized
by the three leading accreditation agencies in the business
education arena: AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA, three prestigious
institutions whose recognition guarantees the quality of
business management training programs.
            IE Business School
            Master in Sports Management

Admission process
IE Business School looks for candidates who are dynamic,
creative and motivated team players with strong leadership
potential, and who can demonstrate an excellent academic
and professional background during the admission process.                 Contact the Master in Sports Management team
The admissions committee will consider the following criteria             The Master in Sports Management team at IE
when assessing applicants:                                                Business School will be happy to hear from
                                                                          potential candidates, providing guidance and
                                                                          detailed information about the program and the
• A bachelor’s or higher degree from an accredited college or             admission process.
  university                                                              Please contact: OnlineSpecialized@ie.edu

• Demonstrated professional experience, with team work and                IE operates on a rolling admissions process
  /or leadership experience                                               and as such there are no deadlines for any
                                                                          particular intake. However, given the limited
• A complete application including all supporting documents               number of places per year, it is recommended
                                                                          that candidates submit their applications well in
Please note: Since the program is conducted in English, a                 advance.
good working knowledge of English is essential. IE Business               Apply online: www.ie.edu/app
School reserves the right to ask for evidence of the candidate’s
proficiency such as the TOEFL examination. Additionally
the admissions committee may require the GMAT, GRE or IE
Admissions Test.

            Application form                                                                            Final
            and documents                                                                              Decision
             IE Business School
             Master in Sports Management

Master in
  International Offices
  ARGENTINA-Buenos Aires                 EGYPT-Cairo                            MEXICO-Mexico City                    UNITED ARAB EMIRATES-Dubai
  Contact: Federico Paviolo              Contact: Sandy Samaan                  Contact: Alvaro Sanchez               Contact: Arturo Manso
  e-mail: argentina@ie.edu               e-mail: egypt@ie.edu                   Yolanda Fernandez                     e-mail: uae@ie.edu
                                                                                e-mail: mexico@ie.edu
  BRAZIL-São Paulo                       GERMANY-Munich                                                               USA
  Contact: João Villas                   Contact: Isabelle Delacave             PERU-Lima                               Los Angeles
  e-mail: brasil@ie.edu                  e-mail: germany@ie.edu                 Contact: Bruno Garro                    Contact: Jean Marie Winikates
                                                                                e-mail: peru@ie.edu                     e-mail: jmwinikates@ie.edu
  CHILE-Santiago de Chile                INDIA-Mumbai                                                                   Miami
  Contact: Mauricio Yury                 Contact: Karan Gupta                   PORTUGAL-Lisbon                         Contact: Guillermo P. Montes
  e-mail: chile@ie.edu                   e-mail: india@ie.edu                   Contact: Ines Holtreman                 e-mail: gmontes@ie.edu
                                                                                e-mail: portugal@ie.edu                 New York
  CHINA-Shanghai                         ITALY-Milan                                                                    Contact: Kim Janulewicz
  Contact: Albert Krisskoy               Contact: Sergio Negri                  RUSSIA-Moscow                           e-mail: kim.janulewicz@ie.edu
  e-mail: china@ie.edu                   e-mail: italia@ie.edu                  Contact: Liudmila Ishchenko
                                                                                e-mail: russia@ie.edu                 VENEZUELA-Caracas
  COLOMBIA-Bogota                        JAPAN-Tokyo                                                                  Contact: Raoul Benaim
  Contact: Patricia Salgar               Contact: Harumi Hotta                  SINGAPORE-Singapore                   e-mail: venezuela@ie.edu
  e-mail: colombia@ie.edu                James Walsh                            Contact: Dirk Hopfl
  centroamerica@ie.edu                   e-mail: japan@ie.edu                   e-mail: dirk.hopfl@ie.edu

  ECUADOR-Quito                                                                 SOUTH KOREA-Seoul
  Contact: Alexandra Perez                                                      Contact: Abraham Lee
  e-mail: ecuador@ie.edu                                                        e-mail: korea@ie.edu

                                                                                                                      IE Business School
                                                                                                                      Admissions Department
                                                                                                                      María de Molina, 13
                                                                                                                      28006 Madrid, Spain
                                                                                                                      Tel.: +34 91 568 96 10
                                                                                                                      Fax: +34 91 568 97 10

For more information about IE Business School´s Master in Sports management, please, visit the Master´s dedicated
        website (www.ie.edu/sports) or take a picture of the following code with your phone to access it instantly.
                                          Note: Your phone must be equipped with a QR code reader/application.


                          IE Business School would like to extend its deepest thanks to all those students, alumni,
                                                  faculty members, and other parties who appear in this brochure.

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