Bakery_Program by zhangyun


									                                  LIFT FIJI (Assn .)
                             Bakery project overview
Why bakeries?
    We intend to build, start and mentor simple village bakeries for the
    dietary, economic and social benefits they can produce. The average Fijian
    not employed in tourism or major centers has a very low income and access
    to opportunity. The staple diet of the poor is bread made from refined flour
    and low in nutrient value. This poor diet leads to diabetes and health
    problems later in life. Although inexpensive it is shipped in and retailed and
    so is a cash drain on the village. A bakery creates local employment,
    improved nutrition and retains cash in the village economy. Keeping cash in
    circulation in the village and in indigenous hands is essential for social
    cohesion and the greater good of all.
We envisage they must be
•   Lo- tech, easily built owned and maintained
•   target clients- a committed group of women/men with a vision for their
    children's future
•   not a charitable institution -if necessary built in the next village to avoid
    family obligations or pressures
•   Located at a central spot so it can serve as a network example and be
    replicated in adjacent areas
•   franchised operation or levy to ensure capitalisation for new bakeries,
    quality standards and transparent management, co-operative model pay by
    piece work units sold basis
A simple round adobe mud or clay brick oven with thick walls of high
thermal mass and insulated with insulwool or naturally occurring fibre treated
with a fire retardant(baking soda) built on concrete base with fire pit beneath,
chimney damped to conserve heat /efficiency and with attached
Sales hut for shop, benchtops covered with lino, water for washing and vermin
proof storage tins or drums
Bellows- to maximise clean burn and radiant heat
fueled by cane grass bundles, newspaper rolls or dung pats
racks are galvanised weld mesh with room for about forty bread tins
door-high and narrow to access four racks + floor through an insulated and
metal lined wooden door
Wheat flour -ground as needed to ensure freshness and nutrition integrated
complete process envisioned
Baking tins donated Australia by Master Bakers association go over in
container as will gal weldmesh racks, perlite/vermiculite for insulation- air
gaps, tin sheet for inner roof- outer casing of oven insulation
close walled for maximum heat absorb. Using coconut oil for release agent
Tools and equipment
Simple lockable building with oven at one end and hygenic preparation
benches, storage, shelves, and cooling racks and sales window.
slicer-multi bladed gravity fed oscillating hand powered bread saws, or multi-
blade bread knife made with hacksaw blades Grain mills or grinders electric
manual or wind powered driven. Big s/s or aluminum drums or mixing
bowls. Gal weld mesh drying/cooling racks. plastic bags and tags      donated
bread tins. fuel- cane grass bundles, paper rolls, dung bricks?
Training needs
hygiene, food handling and storage, dough mix, drum mixing and kneading,
baking and racking, product presentation, estimation quantities, safety
keeping product and sales records, cash handling and storage, cheque
accounts, presentation or uniforms,
identify participants, leaders, committees and dispute resolution process, co-op
models, mentors,

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