Presntation of Destination Soomaa by Ruukel

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									European Destination of Excellence "Tourism and protected areas" Estonian destination of Excellence award

Land of Bogs National Park
International Jury Meeting May 26th 2009 The Flower Pavillion Pirita tee 26, Tallinn

Soomaa – Land of Peat-Bogs

Where is Soomaa?

- Values of Soomaa - STDS - Products & Services

Nature values – reasons why to visit Soomaa:
• Large untouched mires, among them the largest raised bog in Estonia – Kuresoo; Naturally meandering rivers; Regular floods on rivers; Floodplain and swamp forests; Floodplain meadows; Vascular plants orchids, wild cladiolus, Siberian Iris; Eagles, woodpeckers, owls, great snipe and corn crake. Elk, wild boar, beaver and all large carnivores;

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Large untouched bogs

Naturally meandering rivers

Regular floods
Five Seasons – More Reasons

Fifth Season

Floodplain Meadows

Soomaa is RAMSAR and Importand Bird Area

Nominated for UNESCO World Heritage list

Home for big carnivores

Soomaa Capital of Estonian Wilderness

Sustainable Tourism Strategy


Soomaa NP that belongs to the network of European wilderness areas is the most popular wilderness tourism destination of the Baltic’s. Its tourism products base on wilderness experience, uniqueness of Soomaa, cultural heritage and quality service that are offered by the local tourism entrepreneurs and stakeholders.

1.Ecological aim – tourism supports the nature conservation objectives of the Soomaa NP
2.Economical aim – tourism supports local livelihood with creation of jobs and entrepreneurships

3.Social aim – tourism supports the welfare of local community and preservation of local way of life 4.Tourism development aim – Soomaa tourism products and services have strong quality and the tourism entrepreneurs are competitive and sustainable.

Zoning for Sustainable Tourism
• •

National park territory (39640 ha) Other protected areas in the region (10770 ha)
Close surroundings of Soomaa NP (~52240 ha)


Further surroundings of Soomaa NP (~118300)

Zoning for Sustainable Tourism

Partners in Collaboration
• • • • • • • • Board of Soomaa -Local PANPark Group Enviromental Board State Forest Center Green Riverland Local Authorities Friends of Soomaa Soomaa Tourism Association Village Groups

Local Food

Target Groups of Soomaa

Marketing Strategy and Plan 2010 - 2012


Людмила Руукел +3725029793

Tourism products Discover Villages of Soomaa

Dugout-Canoe Building

Tourism products Dugout-Canoe Trips on Ancient Waterway

18.- 27. of June 2009 Song Festival Fire carried from Tartu through Pärnu to Tallinn by old boats

Tourism products Bogshoeing – a True Wilderness Experience

Bogshoeing in combination with Bogwalking on wooden paths

Co-operating with Travel Trade

Kick-spark trips on frozen rivers

Cross-country skiing trips on frozen Bogs

Wildlife Tracking

Beaver Safaries

Thank You! Questions please!

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