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					Marketing E-book is combined from several public scripts; Membership reward
system, Articles and several other scripts which will be added and
combined in the future.

New more profitable system is used more and more by Companies launching
new services and stores. Pre Launch System uses special marketing which
offers early participants during testing period generous bonuses and Pre launch

Usually is done this way that Company offers big bonuses for activities and
referring new Members. Such bonuses are available during Pre Launch period
and end in a month or two.

Bonuses are usually available once Pre Launch period ends. Regular earnings
are available on monthly basis or on Net 45. Focus is primarily on referrals that
help to get as many new members as possible.

Company with such offer connects its services and stores with bonuses. For
example Survey regular earnings are credited to Members Account Balance and
additional bonus is credited to Members Pre Launch Account Balance.

Earnings for visits are credited as credits to Members regular earnings and Pre
Launch Bonus is credited in Member’s Pre Launch Account. Early participants
benefit the most, because they get from multi tier affiliate program generous

Regular earnings can be withdraw on monthly basis and paid out on Net 15
– Net 45 depending on what kind of a payment was withdrawn. Pre Launch
bonus will be available to withdraw at the end of March, 2011. Every
Member Regular or Active can withdraw funds.

Smart Member will start active in Pre Launch period and gathered at least $10K
of Pre Launch Bonus. In Pre Launch period should be referred as many referrals
as possible, because these referrals will keep your revenue on practically same
level as in Pre Launch period. If you play it smart you can start collecting $3,000
or more per month in less than 3 months.

Refer people and start at least with Articles if not managing a Sub Category or
Category. Category Management is most profitable position in Pre Launch period
as it is in Post Launch period. Category Management grows more profitable in
time. More time passes more revenue is generated each month. This is not quick
procedure but long lasting private venture which can serve you for life.

Cost per Action (CPA) – Surveys, downloads, sales, etc.

CPA is usually credited in points which are at the end of the month converted into
dollars and available for withdrawal. If Member earns let say 5,000 points,
company will most likely credit this same Member Pre Launch bonus or $500 in
Pre Launch Account. These payouts are very secure and company offering that
kind of payout can easy afford to payout its Members.

Earnings from articles have 3 revenue streams for Managers; earnings from own
articles, earnings from sales and earnings from Advertising. Company shares
Advertising profit with Managers of categories and sub categories.

Cost per Click (CPC) – clicks on links or banners and search results

CPC is a little bit trickier and usually some shaving is involved, which means
amount is adjusted depending on Advertiser’s complaints. Adjustments are
usually 10% - 25% which is not welcome but still good.

Company calculates CPC earnings in credits and either adjust the credits or
calculate credit value at the end of the month and give Members share from
revenue which can be between 30% - 70%.

Pre Launch bonus for unique clicks is between $0.10 - $2.00 per click and is
credited in Credit Account Balance in Member’s Account.

Cost per Impression (CPM) – credits for visits to different pages

CPM is also credited as credits and credit value is also either adjusted or
calculated at the end of the month. During Pre Launch period each credit comes
with Pre Launch bonus which can be from $0.10 – $1.00.


Referrals bring the most, usually at least $1.00 per referral and $0.10 each
referral’s referral. More generous Companies which want fast and big data base
of referrals give $5 - $20 per referral and $0.10 - $2.00 per referral’s referral.

Good honest Company will always give a chance to get everything for free – with
own work without paying for something. Purchase option can be left for
experienced Marketers who don’t have time to wait for points or credits to
activate or upgrade account from earnings.

Such activation is only to separate real deal from teasers.
How to profit the most in shortest time?

1. Signup
2. Activate the account immediately – don’t wait and lose precious time
3. Refer as many people as possible and train them
4. Perform all daily tasks
5. Withdraw every end of the month

Once you activate the account signup in different Social Networks dedicated to

In these networks add as many friends as possible first day. Once you get your
account activated put together short but clear introduction where you explain in
few sentences all new Members need to know.

< ----------------------- Introduction ------------------------- >

Work is very easy and takes 2 hours or more per day. Perform just this part
below should bring you at least $1,500 if not over $4,500 per month:

1. Please register at (replace xxx with your
ID) you should see my name at the signup form.

2. Look up your referral link which you can find in your account

3. Signup at few Social Networks:
Connect with friends – add as many new friends as possible. Once they confirm
you send them a message:

FREE! No expenses, no costs and no fees! Nothing to lose!

$100 signup bonus
$10 for each referral
$1 for referral’s referral
$20 daily increments

Account activation doubles earnings above! Check it out it’s FREE! Pre Launch
ends for Christmas.

Your referral link which you find in your account:

< ----------------------- Introduction ------------------------- >

Activated accounts usually earn double and let’s make a short calculation how
can this work out for you:

                               Regular Account                       Active Account

Referral                       $10                                   $20
Referral’s Referral            $1                                    $2

Members that refer fast enough will get at least that kind of outcome or much
better in Pre Launch Bonuses:

                 Referrals            Regular Earnings               Active Earnings
1. Level               10                        $50                          $200
2. Level              100                        $100                          $200
3. Level              700                        $700                        $1,400
4. Level            3,400                      $3,400                        $6,800

This is the attraction for Member to come and work, once they are into routine
even after Pre Launch earnings won’t go down so much.

It pays of to personalize the offer which means to talk to people on friendly basis
and explain them that this kind of offers are covered with funds from big
advertisers and payable especially from CPA category and also payable with little
adjustments from CPC and CPM category.

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