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Marketplace                                                                                                                      N       E     W         S      L    E      T       T      E        R

NEPEAN • CRAIG HENRY • CENTREPOINTE • RYAN FARM • BRIAR GREEN • TANGLEWOOD • PINEGLEN WEST • ESTATES OF ARLINGTON WOODS                                                               ZONE A 0511

Marketplace        N E W S L E T T E R
                                         Fiesta™– Safe and Effective Natural Weed Control!
                                         Nutri-Lawn has the best price in the city!
                                                Are you tired of struggling      incorporate FIESTA™ into its                    Nutri-Lawn’s full program
    ON LINE                              to keep your yard weed-free?            services!                                customers are guaranteed satis-
BUSINESS LISTING                         FIESTA™ is a new lawn bio-                     FIESTA™ is best applied           faction – subject to adhering to
                                         herbicide that’s derived from iron      when the weeds are actively grow-        the on-going advice of proper
                                         – the 4th most common element           ing, so regular applications will        cutting & watering practices. If          BEFORE
 Register today                          in soil. This fast acting liquid weed   yield the best results. It’s absorbed    you are not satisfied with the
            at                           control is odourless and rain-fast      by the leaf tissue and translocated      results of any application or serv-               in 3 hours. It is child and pet         down to the roots – killing it           ice, notify them within 30 days of
                                         friendly when dry and it works on       quickly. Weeds turn black and            that service and they will resolve
                                         most weeds without damaging             begin to curl within 24 hrs of the       the problem to your satisfaction or
                                         turfgrass. Nutri-Lawn is the first      application. They then decompose         your money for that service will be       AFTER
                                         lawn care company in Ottawa to          and disappear. You aren’t required       fully refunded.
                                                                                 to water after an application and               Trust the experts at Nutri-
                                                                                 you can mow once the weeds have          Lawn to help you develop a healthy,    Nutri-Lawn won the 2010 BBB
                                                                                 begun to curl. Composting your           robust lawn – guaranteed! If you       Torch Award for Marketplace
                                                                                 clippings is 100% acceptable and         have a lawn problem, call the pro-     Ethics – Home Improvement/
                                                                                 safe.                                    fessionals at 613-739-3399 or visit    Maintenance Category.     EP

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The Importance of Design…                                                                                 Pablo C.A. Fernandez-Davila, LL.M
What makes an exceptional landscape design?                                                               A different way to divorce
      An exceptional design is the                                                                               The traditional adversarial approach
result of good planning and good                                                                          to separation and divorce encourages con-
design.                                                                                                   frontation and blame, escalating hurt and
      Planning is what is required to                                                                     anger. Ottawa area families are fortunate to
ensure that there are spaces for all of                                                                   have access to a panel of lawyers certified
the activities that you want to                                                                           in Collaborative Family Law, a model
include in your yard, that the water                                                                      focused on attaining resolution, developing
will drain away properly and that                                                                         effective relationships, solving problems
your space will function well. This                                                                       jointly and preventing a court battle.
phase is important in ensuring that                                                                              One practice offering the alternate
the final result addresses all of the                                                                     dispute resolution method is the Hunt
site issues. Good planning provides                                                                       Club Law Office, where they:
the foundation for good design.                     for excellence in design and con-                         • Listen carefully to your concerns and            The process involves an agreement
      Design is what moves a space                  struction by Landscape Ontario and                    objectives                                     between each party and their separate lawyers
beyond merely functional. It draws                  the Canadian Nursery Landscape                            • Help you develop creative solutions      to avoid going to court and resolve issues
together the various elements into a                Association. They offer a complete                    tailored to your family’s specific needs and   in four-way meetings. Seeking a fair solu-
harmonious whole that relates to                    service, from design and consulta-                    goals                                          tion that is the result of your decisions usu-
your home and respects the site con-                tion, to construction of your project,                    • Provide guidance, advice and sup-        ally gets better results than proceeding to
ditions. Design is what creates a                   and would be happy to help you                        port, walking beside you through the emo-      litigation, generally at a much lower cost.
space that is more than simply a sum                with creating the outdoor space that                  tionally difficult and challenging road to             Pablo Fernandez-Davila has twenty
of its parts.                                       meets your needs and reflects your                    restructuring your family in a respectful,     years experience practicing law and, prior
      Yards Unlimited Landscaping                   lifestyle.                                            dignified and co-operative manner              to becoming a lawyer he was a Certified
has been recognized numerous times                        Contact Yards Unlimited today                       • Offer compassionate client services      Management Accountant (CMA). He is
                                                    at 613-721-8195 or by email at                        without allowing clients to be taken           certified in Collaborative Family Law and
                                          , to                      advantage of by their spouses                  offers a more humane method for resolving
                                                    get your project underway so that                                                                    family disputes, a model also applicable to
                                                    you can start enjoying the yard that                                                                 estate disputes. If you seek effective repre-
                                                    you’ve always wanted!                                                                                sentation in divorce or family-law matters,
                                                          Visit on the web at                                                                            call 613-565-8686 and schedule a free
                                           for more                                                                      initial consultation at 215-35 Auriga, or visit
                                                    information.                        EP                                                      for details. EP

                                     P OSITIVE N EWS A BOUT G OODS                          AND      S ERVICES           IN   Y OUR N EIGHBOURHOOD
Concrete Landscape Designs                                                       Diba Hughes, Keller Williams Ottawa Realty Ltd.
from Creative Hardscapes                                                         Housing for Changing Lifestyles
Enhance Your Property                                                                    As we are living longer and healthier lives,
                                                                                 it is no longer a given that we must lose our inde-
     Unlike       your                                                           pendence and make our next move our last move,
average landscaper,                                                              or move into a nursing home. Staying in our own
Creative Hardscapes’                                                             home as we age is an increasingly popular option.
Chris Doyle is an                                                                        This means that each move has the poten-
accomplished artisan                                                             tial to be our last! The more flexible our housing
and his canvas is con-                                                           choice and the more fulfilling its neighbourhood,
crete. Born and raised                                                           the fewer reasons there are to move. However,
in Ottawa, Chris has                                                             when maintaining a large family home becomes
spent the past 15                                                                less desirable, townhomes and apartments are
years in the concrete                                                            popular alternatives.
business.                                                                                Some considerations:
     From driveways                                                                   • When a couple buys, what would either
and patios to walk-                       can be matched to any colour.          do as a surviving owner? And, for a solo purchase,
ways and steps, Chris can create a        Dedicated to providing high-           will your choice work if you become part of a cou-     development patterns might change or preserve
customized, unique look for you to        quality craftsmanship, Creative        ple?                                                   neighbourhood characteristics?
enjoy for years to come. Unlike tra-      Hardscapes also offers “concrete            • What long-term needs or wants are com-              • Mental stimulation and life-long learning
ditional inter-lock stone designs,        coating” to dress up your old steps,   promised by the buy or sell decision?                  promote a healthy, enjoyable retirement; will
“stamped” concrete will never shift       walkways, and patio.                        • What might happen to property values            these needs be met?
or become uneven because it con-                Are you redesigning the inte-    between the time you buy and decide to move on?            • When moving into your current home,
tains rebar. The design possibilities     rior of your home? Chris also crafts        • What long-term municipal plans and              how far into the future were you looking? Look
are also endless because concrete         beautiful concrete counter tops,                                                              back one or two decades to review priorities and
can be stamped in any pattern and         fireplace surrounds, bathroom                                                                 choices. Hindsight can reveal your strengths and
                                          vanities, and table tops.                                                                     weaknesses at forward thinking.
                                                Contact Creative Hardscapes                                                                    For more information on Real Estate,
                                          today at 613-482-9414 or by email                                                             contact Diba Hughes, Sales Representative with
                                          at                                                                the Colleen Rushforth Team at Keller Williams
                                          to arrange for your free estimate.            O T TAWA R E A LT Y LT D .                      Ottawa Realty Ltd., Brokerage, at
                                                                                 BROKERAGE, INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED
                                          Visit                                                               613-236-5959, 613-850-5669,
                                          for more information.             EP           613-236-5959                                   or               EP

                                   “Sharing what you have is more important than what we have.” Albert M. Wells Jr.

Hog’s Back Dental Centre                                                         IDEAL OTTAWA GRANITE INC.
Growing to Serve You Better                                                      Spring Sale on In-stock Granite
     Hog’s Back Dental Centre,                                                          “Complete care” is the time-
originally Dr. John Baylis and                                                   honoured philosophy at Ideal Ottawa
Associates, has been proudly offering                                            Granite Inc. and continues to be the
dental care to its patients and com-                                             cornerstone of their business. A consul-
munity for more than 32 years. They                                              tation on design and colour, followed
are happy to announce that their                                                 by a timely turn-around in fabrication
team is growing stronger by adding                                               and installation will result in your com-
new associates and new hygienists.                                               plete satisfaction. Ideal Ottawa Granite
     Graduating in 1972, Dr. Baylis                                              Inc. is a worldwide importer of granite,
has devoted more than 30 years to                                                marble and natural stones for any num-
growing this practice. He stays cur-                                             ber of interior-decorating applications.
rent with the latest developments in                                                    Whether it’s kitchen or bathroom
dental health through various cours-      and custom treatment plans,            countertops, islands, backsplashes,
es and dental reports and has attend-     Periodontics, disease prevention,      fireplace or tub surrounds, shower or                  They offer full renovation services to
ed countless continuing-education         Endodontics, restorative dentistry,    window sills or opulent flooring, Ideal                complete any project, including cabi-
courses, including specialty courses      extractions, and Orthodontics          Ottawa Granite can create and install                  nets and plumbing.
with a focus on Orthodontics.                  If you want access to a dentist   your vision. They also carry exciting                        Spring is here, so they're having a
     Offering patients the best oral      with the experience to deliver         colours in quartz from leading manu-                   sale. They have lots of granite pieces
health possible, the team provides        conscientious and compassionate        facturers. Their state-of-the-art equip-               taking up space in their yard. Now is
numerous services, such as diagnostics,   dental care with a gentle touch,       ment offers precision fabrication and                  the time to get granite for your powder
comprehensive oral examinations,          please call 613-226-2022 or email      reduced production time while the                      room or bathroom, or do a table top at
radiographs, diagnostic impressions, for an          competitive prices negotiated from                     a really affordable price.
periodontal (gum) disease diagnosis       appointment. The team is welcoming     global suppliers delivers savings to                         Visit the showroom at 3326
                                          new patients of all ages.              customers.                                             Limebank Road, Unit 5A (Hunt Club &
                                               Hog’s Back Dental Centre is              Their expert design and renova-                 Riverside Drive) or
                                          conveniently located at 1390 Prince    tion staff will assist you in choosing                 to view the colours available, some
                                          of Wales Drive, Suite 201, near        what you need for your project, gaining                exclusive to Ideal. Call 613-739-3777
                                          the intersection of Prince of Wales    a perfect balance of all the elements.                 for your free consultation for affordably
                                          Drive and Hog’s Back Drive. For                                                               adding the beauty and luxury of
                                          more information, please visit                                                                granite, quartz or marble to your
                                            EP                                                          home-improvement project.              EP
DaSantino Ristorante                                                                              Davidson Hearing Aid Centres
Patio Lunches Sign of Spring’s Arrival                                                            May is Better Hearing Month
       Ottawa’s Little Italy West is welcoming                                                           After first noticing hearing difficul-
spring by opening the patio at DaSantino                                                          ties, the average person waits seven years
Ristorante on Merivale Road. Enjoying a                                                           before seeking diagnosis and treatment.
delicious lunch of home-style Italian                                                             Usually hearing loss sneaks up until one
favourites in the sunlight you craved all                                                         day you notice that you no longer hear
winter is one of the best ways to greet                                                           the refrigerator humming or the birds
spring. Being Algonquin-trained and with                                                          singing. Untreated hearing loss affects
more than 15-years experience, including at                                                       both your quality of life and the brain’s
an Ottawa favourite, Salo San Marco, Chef                                                         ability to remember common, everyday
Santo Zacconi will more than do justice to                                                        sounds because the hearing channels are
all your Italian favourites.                                                                      no longer effectively used. When the
       An ideal venue for socializing with                                                        hearing nerves lose their function and no
friends, colleagues, and family, this home-             A family-owned and operated restau-       longer channel sound signals to the
style restaurant, with its a warm and inviting   rant, DaSantino’s also offers take-out and       brain, the brain gradually “forgets” the         more than help you hear - it also helps
setting, may remind you of the trattorias        catering menus with a wide selection of          sounds and becomes unable to under-              your brain remember the sounds you
found throughout Italy, where both tourists      delectable choices that will accommodate         stand them.                                      cannot hear without your hearing aid.
and natives love to gather to enjoy good         any family, business, or work function.                 The brain’s hearing center stores               However, if treatment is seriously
food and good company. The friendly staff               Located at 1491 Merivale Road,            sounds for about three years following           delayed, not even a hearing aid will be
serves fresh and authentic Italian specialties   there is ample parking at the rear and           hearing-loss onset. Over time, the memory        able to transform the incoming sound
to tempt any appetite. Enjoy the luncheon        the restaurant is fully licensed. Call           becomes weaker and weaker, making it             signals into understandable information.
specials that are available Monday through       613-723-2111 for reservations to Little          important to have your hearing tested            This means that the brain no longer
Friday, or the wide array of great selections    Italy West, and have a truly wonderful and       and hearing aids fitted soon after noticing      recognizes ordinary, everyday sounds
made using the freshest and highest-quality      enjoyable dining experience, or visit            hearing loss. Once you have a hearing            and noises. The brain must learn to hear
ingredients.                            for more information.          aid, hearing processing resumes supplying        all over again.
                                                        A la prossima!                    EP      signals to the brain. A hearing aid does               Improved hearing is just a phone
                                                                                                                                                   call away. Call Davidson Hearing Aid
                                                       DaSantino Ristorante Hours                                                                  Centres today at 613-721-8218 (Bells
                                                        Monday to Thursday, Sunday:
                                                                                                                                                   Corners) or at 613-233-4374 (Ottawa)
                                                         11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                   to make an appointment. Visit
                                                           Friday and Saturday:
                                                         11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                   more information.                     EP

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Centrepointe Laser Hair Removal Clinic                                                            Warren Clinic of Chiropractic
30% Off Initial Photo Rejuvenation or Laser Treatment                                             For Freedom from Pain
New Eyelash Extensions                                                                                   Whether your problem is chronic,
       For a more radiant and beautiful                                                           recurrent, new, or caused by a slip or fall,
skin, Centrepointe Laser Hair Removal                                                             there is an alternative to living with pain: a
Clinic now offers photo rejuvenation                                                              chiropractic assessment and care. If the
treatments to help with the look of fine                                                          Warren Clinic of Chiropractic can't fix
lines, hyperpigmentation, age spots, and                                                          your problem, they probably know some-
rosacea. As a special promotion, you’ll                                                           one who can. To try the easy way first, call
get 30% off your initial photo rejuve-                                                            613-224-4080 or visit
nation or laser treatment before June                                                             for more information.
30th 2011.                                                                                               For more than 35 years, the Warren
       Passionate about helping people                                                            Clinic has been helping people in its
feel better and more confident about                                                              community live a more comfortable
their appearance, the clinic also provides                                                        lifestyle. The clinic’s chiropractic care
the best experience when removing                                                                 involves spinal correction to eliminate pain,    person”. In addition to gentle adjustments,
unwanted hair. They offer three types of         has more than 20 years experience in             increase mobility, and improve physical          when necessary the clinic recommends
hair removal: laser, electrolysis, and wax-      hair removal and is a graduate of the            wellbeing, emphasizing a gentle approach         vitamins, minerals, support pillows,
ing. The clinic is equipped to deal with         Eleanor Roberts Institute in Boston. Her         to adjustments.                                  orthotics, and support lifts.
any type of hair removal, whether per-           staff members are all highly trained regis-             Structural integrity is a lifestyle.             The Warren Clinic of Chiropractic
manent or semi-permanent, and for all            tered nurses or certified electrologists.        Spinal misalignment does not always cause        also offers Registered Massage Therapy,
ages and body types.                             The clinic uses Comet elos technology,           pain, but may elicit other physical maladies,    Return to Play Therapy and Nutritional
       Enter the clinic’s calm and soothing      the first and ONLY technology that effec-        including blood-pressure elevation, circula-     services. The emphasis is on caring and a
atmosphere and you can sit back and              tively removes hair of all colours and           tion problems, numbness, or a tingling sen-      personal approach for each valued member
relax, knowing that their facilities offer       types. It is proven to be the safest, fastest,   sation. The approach to overall structural       of the patient family, some of whom have
the very best treatment for you. Margaret        most-effective hair-removal solution,            health begins at the feet, knees, hips, and      been with the clinic for as many years as the
Hazel, the owner and founder of                  offering outstanding results.                    spine, making the body work as a “whole          clinic has been in practice. New patients
Centrepointe Laser Hair Removal Clinic,                 Find out for yourself by calling                                                           and walk-ins are always welcome for a
                                                 today at 613-727-0714 to book your                                                                consultation.
                                                 appointment or to learn about their                      WARREN CLINIC                                   Enjoy a pain-free lifestyle by making
                                                 new eyelash-extensions service. Visit                        of Chiropractic                      an appointment to visit the Warren Clinic
                                        for more                         1453 Woodroffe Ave.                    of Chiropractic today at 1453 Woodroffe
                                                 information and other promotions. EP                          613-224-4080                        Ave.                                       EP
Furnace Factory Direct                                                                     He’s Baaack !!
Finally the Service you’ve been looking for                                                Nate’s Deli Family Kitchen
      Furnace Factory Direct has the                                                              Since 1959 David Smith has made
service you’ve been looking for when it                                                    Ottawa, smoked meat and, giving back,
comes to all of your heating and cooling                                                   his domain.
needs.                                                                                            Though Ottawa thought he’d left
      As the weather starts to get warmer,                                                 on May 24th, 2010, retirement really
you may begin thinking of the uncom-                                                       wasn’t an option. During the last year
fortable nights ahead. Don’t wait until                                                    he’s kept busy with charitable activities,
the temperature soars before installing an                                                 treatment facilities and helping people in
air conditioner. Whether you need a new                                                    every area, but it didn’t keep him busy
air conditioning system, or a system                                                       enough. With 55 auctions over the last
tune-up, Furnace Factory Direct will                                                       year, including one on April 20th for kids’
guide you through the entire process.                                                      treatment centres at the NAC, David                 Without restrictions Nate’s Deli
      Owner Tom Kingdom and his team                                                       Smith is an Ottawa institution in and         Family Kitchen serves all of its food all
service homes in Ottawa and surrounding      installs and repairs air conditioners,        unto himself.                                 day long. From the moment that you
areas with professionalism, courtesy and     furnaces, boilers and accessories, such as           Over the years Ottawa has grown        walk in, the air is infused with freshly
respect. From the friendly office staff to   filters and dehumidifiers, from American      accustomed to the standard of quality,        baked muffins, omelettes, smoked meat
the uniformed, factory-trained techni-       Standard and other brand names.               modestly priced delicatessen food that        and multigrain pancakes brimming with
cians, they are committed to providing       Comprehensive protection, maintenance         David Smith has created. David fills a        blueberries.
exceptional customer service. They take      and cleaning packages, as well as 24-hour     want in the community for smoked meat               Ottawa archival photos adorn the
the time to ensure your equipment is         emergency service, are also available.        that will melt in your mouth, cabbage         walls. The atmosphere is vibrant, and
properly installed and serviced, and to             Already a successful business          rolls, latkes and varenkes, that your         typical of a Montreal or New York style
answer all of your questions.                owner, Tom Kingdom purchased Furnace          grandmother would have been proud to          deli. You’ll leave feeling full, and looking
      A member of the Better Business        Factory Direct in 2008 to offer his           call her own.                                 forward to your next visit.
Bureau, Furnace Factory Direct is proud      customers better service. With satisfied                                                          Nate’s Deli Family Kitchen is locat-
to have been nominated for the Torch         customers throughout the Ottawa area,                                                       ed at 1545 Merivale Road, and serves
Awards that recognize local companies        business continues to grow at a fast pace.                                                  home-style meals Monday to Saturday
that excel in customer service.                     Furnace Factory Direct is located at                                                 from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 7
      Furnace Factory Direct sells,          174 Colonnade Rd. Unit 9. For more                                                          a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information
                                             information about their products and                                                        about dining-in, take-out or catering call
                                             services, please call (613) 829-8186, or                                                    (613) 226-5050, and we have lots of free
                                             visit EP                                                       parking available!!                        EP

                                                “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Aesop

SPRING INTO SUMMER WITH GEL POLISHES                                                       Rainbow Foods
Nails by Eileen                               *SPRING SPECIAL                              Ongoing Renovations
       For more than 20 years, Nails                                                             Over the past few months visitors
by Eileen has been providing excep-                                                        to Rainbow Foods in the Britannia Plaza
tional, professional aesthetic services                                                    have noticed that the plaza is undergoing
to clients from Embrun to Stittsville.                                                     a makeover. This summer, Farm Boy
Eileen specializes in natural nail                                                         will be opening next to Rainbow, and
extensions and is always up-to-date                                                        the mall will have a fresh and modern
with the newest trends. Her clients are                                                    look when everything is finished.
now raving about her latest service,                                                             Rainbow is also doing interior
gel polish for natural nails and toes.                                                     renovations and these updates are
Gel nail overlays are the most gentle                                                      currently still in the planning stages of a
and effective way to protect and help                                                      major remodelling. New refrigeration is
keep natural nails stronger. Clients                                                       ordered, floors will be replaced, walls       Because May is also gluten-free month,
can pick from a wide variety of colors,                                                    will be knocked down, eventually              this flyer offers lots of popular, gluten-
including the French Manicure. If            polish for only $70. In addition to           giving Rainbow a fresh new look. Of           free items such as Glutino™ Pretzels,
you are tired of manicures and pedi-         acrylic, porcelain and gel nail services,     course it will remain a friendly, neigh-      GoGo Quinoa™ Pastas, Pamela’s™
cures that often smudge and don't            Nails by Eileen also offers eyebrow           bourhood store offering healthy choices       Cookies, Mary’s Gone Crackers®, and
adhere very well, gel polish resists         and eyelash tinting and waxing.               and helpful information on health             much more.
chipping and peeling, significantly                With her friendly and cheerful          issues.                                              Pamper the mothers in your life
improving the durability and                 personality, Eileen will make you feel              Throughout this exciting time,          on May 8th with decadent organic
longevity of these services.                 at home and relaxed in her quiet,             Rainbow remains open, offering many           chocolate, locally-made soaps or beau-
       With spring catching up to us,        private and intimate setting. Eileen          good reasons to keep visiting the store.      tiful beeswax candles. Rainbow also
it's time to breakout our favourite          is available Monday to Friday,                Starting May 6th, the big May flyer has       has everything you need to prepare a
sandals, showing off our feet for the        offering a very flexible schedule             lots of great deals on supplements,           gourmet breakfast-in-bed event.
first time in several months. Nails by       and is located in Craig Henry.                health and beauty, and food products,                Join Rainbow’s Meatless Monday
Eileen is offering a *Spring Special         Whether you are looking for perfect-          with an in-store draw for a chance to         campaign and reduce your carbon foot-
for a manicure/pedicure using gel            ly manicured hands or pampered                win a VitaMix® TurboBlend 4500.               print by eating a meat-free meal once a
                                             feet, Eileen's diverse range of services                                                    week. Try the weekly vegetarian or
                                             can accommodate you. For an                                                                 vegan recipe posted online at
                                             appointment, call Nails by Eileen at                                              , or pick up a
                                             613-225-4697 or e-mail her at                                                               copy in the store at 1487 Richmond
                                                 EP      1487 Richmond Road in Britannia              Road. 613-726-9200                      EP

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