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					                      Geelong Premieres                                                     Classics/ Wars &
  Date                & Recent Releases                                 Date                        Westerns

                               STATE OF PLAY                                                         CHINATOWN
                                                                                                     Classic 1974
                     Russell Crowe leads an all star cast
                    in this political thriller about a rising                           A landmark movie in the film noir
                    congressman and an investigative                                    tradition. Jake Gittes is a private eye
                    journalist embroiled in a case of                                   living off the murky moral climate of
February 4th                                                     February 18th
                    seemingly unrelated brutal murders.                                 pre war southern California. Hired
                    Co starring-- Ben Affleck, Rachel                                   by a beautiful socialite to investigate
                    McAdams and Helen Mirren as the                                     her husband’s extra marital affairs,
                    ruthless editor.                                                    Gittes becomes entangled in a web
                                                                                        of double dealings and political
                                                                                        scandal. Starring Jack Nicholson,
                                                                                        Faye Dunaway and John Huston.
                                                                                        Academy Award- Best Screenplay
                                                                                        Robert Towne..

                           MAO'S LAST DANCER                                                   THE HORSE SOLDIERS
                           Recent Release 2009                                                    Western 1959

                     In the early 1970's Li Cunxin is                                   This John Ford western is based on
                    handpicked from his remote rural                                    an actual civil war incident, The
                    village to attend Madame Mao's,                                     rousing tale of a troop of Union
March 4th                                                        March 18th
                    Beijing Dance Academy. Cunxin has                                   soldiers who force their way deep
                    an exchange to the US, where his                                    into Southern territory to destroy a
                    experiences compel him to make a                                    rebel stonghold at Newton Station.
                    scandalous decision.                                                There is ill feeling between the
                    From Australian director Bruce                                      leader Col Marlowe {JOHN
                    Beresford an featuring Chi Cao,                                     WAYNE} and the unit surgeon Major
                    Bruce Greenwood and Kyle                                            Kendall {WILLIAM HOLDEN}

                              THE NEW WORLD                                                      A BRIDGE TOO FAR
                               Premiere 2006                                                        War film 1977

                     Legendary Director Terrence Malick                                  In September 1944 after the
                    takes you on an adventure-filled                                    Normandy Invasion the allies launch
                    romantic journey of discovery, with                                 'Operation Market Garden'. The film
April 1st                                                        April 15th
                    this Oscar nominated epic set in the                                accurately recaptures the
                    turbulent first days of early America.                              monumental scope,
                    Starring Colin Farrell, Christian Bale                              excitement and danger behind one
                    and Christopher Plummer.                                            of the biggest military gambles in
                    A BEAUTIFUL MOVIE-- 5stars from                                     A Richard Attenborough film starring
                    David Stratton 'At The Movies' ABC                                  Dirk Bogarde, Michael Caine Sean
                    TV..                                                                Connery, Anthony Hopkins,
                                                                                        Laurence Olivier, Ryan O'Neal and
                                                                                        Robert Redford.

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                          ROMULUS MY FATHER                                                       SOLDIER BLUE
                           Recent Release 2007                                                    Western 1970.

                     The film is based on Raimond                                      Ralph Nelson's violent true account
                   Gaita's acclaimed memoir, telling                                   of a battle between white settlers
                   the story of Romula’s,his beautiful                                 and the Cheyenne Indians during
May 6th                                                             May 20th
                   wife, Christina and their struggle in                               the 1880's. The story is told through
                   the face of great adversity to bring                                a young soldier Honas Gant,and a
                   up their son, Raimond.                                              white woman, Cresta, who has been
                   Set and filmed in rural Victoria,                                   raised by the Indians. The film,
                   starring Eric Bana, Franka Potente                                  based on a novel, “Arrow in the
                   and Kodi Smit-McPhee.                                               Sun" is sympathetic to the native
                    A good recent Aussie film.                                          With a title song by Buffy Saint-
                                                                                       Marie; it stars Peter Strauss and
                                                                                       Candice Bergen.

                                      LA VIE EN ROSE                                                 CABARET
                                      Recent Release                                                Classic 1972
                                                                                       The musical masterpiece starring
                   From the slums of Paris to the                                      Liza Minnelli and directed by Bob
                   limelight of New York, Edith Piaf's                                 Fosse. The story of Sally Bowles a
 June 3rd                                                          June 17th
                   life was a battle to sing and survive,                              singer at the decadent Kit Kat Club
                   live and love. Edith's magical voice                                in Berlin during World War 11
                   and her passionate romance made                                     Winner of 8 Academy Awards
                   her a star all around the world. The                                including Best Actress and Best
                   "Little Sparrow" flew so high she                                   Supporting Actor Joel Gray. The film
                   could not fail to burn her wings!!                                  also features Michael York and
                   Featuring a best actress Oscar                                      Marisa Berensen.
                   performance from Marion Cotillard
                   and also starring Gerard Depardieu.


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