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					                                   Goucher College
                           Student Government Association
                              Executive Board Meeting
                          Monday, October 13, 2008, at 9:30pm

Officer Reports

Cleo- Nothing big to report. There is a meeting about the calendar. He is going to email
me and let me know how that goes. I am also going to finish out bulletin boar tomorrow.

Royce DuBiner- I think that whenever the general account it tapped, it should be
approved by finance. We looked a printer this past week. It would cost us about 2,000. I
need the go ahead on that. Is there any opposition to that? This is a scanner, printer,
copier and fax. Will is also getting a printer for the res side of campus. Sharif and I are
going to take the money for the copier and the printer from the exec fund then reimburse
ourselves from general fund. Angelica asked about a laptop for honor board. I think that
we are going to have them use them same laptop that is used for J-Board. They will have
different log ins.

Sharif- I rewrote the constitution. The social committee budget is due December 2nd. I
need to find out if SAC needs a budget. I am going to meet with Gail about the

Royce- I also have a meeting with Wendy about the bike program. We may go in with
them for bikes. We will see. We are also going to talk about the eco friendly mugs.

Lizy- Yesterday we had the first creative alliance meeting. We got a lot accomplished.
We are going to make a web source. The goal for the second meeting is to get more
people to come and let us know what to do. The next meeting is October 26th at 8 in the
Soper Room.

Taylor- We had a committee meeting on Saturday. It went well. It was constructive. We
did not get that many proposals, but it they all went well. Next time, we are going to give
people more time to do the grants for the next time. Franca is the co-chair of this
committee. She wants to start another organization to get the word out about these grants.

Izak- I am sick.

Will- I am working on the left handed supply inititative.

Sam- I conducted interviews for J-Board and Honor Board.

Club Charters

Liz Flora, Russian Club
Liz- We are the Goucher Russian Club. We are cultural and food club. We want to get all
kids to come and immerse themselves in the culture. We don’t want people to be
intimidated by their Russian speaking level. We don’t want to overwhelm them, we want
them to have fun.

Royce- There already is a Russian Club. It is currently inactive. You already have a
account that is set up.

Liz- At this time, I have a budget proposal. It is just an example of some programming
that we would do. We are helping that the language house will pitch in on some of our

Royce- Although you already have an account, I think that we should give you one
hundred dollars. Motion to allocate 100.

Sharif- Second

8 in favor
0 opposed
0 abstaining

Ben Hoffan and Henning Jakob, Econ Club

Henning- We were inspired buy the economic crisis. We want to explore what will
happen in the future. This is an opportunity for us to apply our knowledge. We want to
have discussions, have guest speaker and want t go to field trips. We want to visit
organizations. We have a lot of contacts amongst the members of the clubs. We are all
mostly econ majors.

Ben- The plan is to meet on a weekly basis. There really is no limit to what we can talk
about. We want talk about regional topics around Baltimore and international regions.

Sharif- I just want to say that Sharif is very busy oriented.

Royce- I just want to clarify that this is not a stock or investment club. It is about the art
of econ.

Ben- That is correct. Each week, we want to talk about different things that are going
around Baltimore and abroad. We are open to all suggestions.

Taylor- motion to approve

Izak- Second

7 in favor
0 opposed
0 abstaining

Investments Club, Ben Hoffman and Henning Jakob and Sharif

Shaif- This club is going to focus and analyze the stock market. We are going to teach
portfolio management, day training, mutual funds and real estate investments. We are
going to get stock analysis software. I am going to go to the management professors and
ask all of their students about the club. There seems to be a lot of interest. People are not
taught how to manage their money.

Royce- Motion to approve

Arreon- Second

6 in favor
1 opposed
1 abstaining

Lizy- Is there any way that these clubs can be joint clubs?

Lizy- Not really. I am heading up one club and they are really doing another.

Ben- The investments clubs is more hands on and the econ club is more discussion based.

Sharif- The passion for the clubs comes from two different groups of people.

Brendan Killian, Bike Club. Dan Balles, president

Brendan- We all know about the community bike program. This club is going to revamp
the bike program and make it sustainable. We are also going to educate people on bike
maintenance and repairs.

Royce- You, me and Wendy should get in contact about some things.

Brendan- Sure thing. The next step is getting proper bikes. I glad to say that we have
support from the President’s Officer.

Royce- You are going to need an SGA rep.

Lizy- So are you splitting the funds with the President’s office?

Brenda- Yes. But I don’t know to what extent.

Izak- Motion to approve
Cleo- Second

8 in favor
0 opposed
0 abstaining

Financial Petitions

Hilary Fast, Psychology Club $402

Hilary- We bought t shirts to fundraise. The shirts say psychologists do it on the couch.
We are petitioning for money to bring in some speakers to campus. We are trying to get
some authors coming in as well.

Sharif- In finance we decided to give them a loan which is to be paid back by November

Lizy- How much are you selling the t shirts for?

Hilary- 12 dollars.

Royce- The loan follows the financial policies.

Izak- What happens if they cannot pay back the loan?

Sharif- They can petition SGA to pay it off. If not the controllers office will take charge
of the loan.

Royce- It will be about a week before you can have those funds available for you.

Taylor- Debate.

Sharif- Motion to approve as a loan fund.

Will- Second

8 in favor
0 opposed
0 abstaining

Quan Phan, Hola $126.09

Quan- On the 28th we are going to make Mexican candies for el dia de los muertos, day
of the dead. This is an event to see what a real skull candy is like.
Shrif- This was passed in full last night. The documentation is on Quan’s laptop.

Taylor- There was not tax added in was there?

Sharif- No

Sam- Debate

Taylot- We need to make sure that we have documentation. Before you mentioned that
people needed to have everything printed out.

Dean- You have to have the same documentation in finance and exec.

Sharif- Motion to table until later tonight

Will- Second

8 in favor
0 opposed
0 abstaining

Will Napier and Debora Lenik, Meditation Club, Ag Coop, Climate Action Group $3,358

Will- This money to bring a speaker on campus who believes that food is a right not a
privilege. The speaker works with food not bombs. The speaker is Keith McHenry. He
will be coming on October 27th.

Sharif- This was all approved last night in finance committee. You would have to come
for the travel costs later and be reimbursed.

Sam- Debate.

Taylor- Is the Goucher House open?

Will- We contacted Ashton Nicholas and she has not replied.

Sharif- You need to go down and see about that.

Taylor- He is staying here 3 nights and speaking on one night.

Royce- I need your treasurer to come and be trained.

Deborah- Keith is also going to be in Pearl Stone all day.

Sharif- I think that this is one of the more sustainable petitions that we have heard.
Will- This is also good because he came last year and we are building a relationship with
food not bombs.

Taylor- The speaker is not here to speak but one night, but we are paying for him to stay
for three days. That is something that I just wanted to bring up. I think that we should pay
for a one night stay at the Goucher house.

Deborah- I think that we need at least two night. He is coming in the night before and the
night of the lecture.

Will- I agree with Taylor. I think that we should be paying for two nights. It just makes
more sense to me.

Sam- Anymore debate?

Lizy- Motion to approve full amount minus the amount minus $75 from the Goucher
House. $3,283

Arreon- Second

8 in favor
0 opposed
0 abstaining

Kenneth Cramer-Cohen and Miriam Cummings, Graphic Novel Club $821

Kenneth- We are here for the graphic novel club. We grew from 6 members to about 2
this year. Like last year, we are petitioning for graphic novels that will be donated to the
library at the end of the year.

Sharif- This was approved last night in finance. This is something that is sustainable.

Taylor- Where are the comics stored?

Miriam- We have a check out system that Kenneth keeps track of. You have to sign
things out, that way we know what is missing.

Lizy- Over winter break, could you store them up in OSE?

Kenneth- Yes.

Taylor- Please know that people may just want to come to your room.

Sam- Debate.

Royce- Try and get a graphic novel section in the Athenaeum.
Taylor- Motion to approve whatever Shrif says

Sharif- Second

6 in favor
1 opposed
1 abstaining

Genna Ayres, Athens Boys Choir, PRISM, 2,400

Genna- This is for a performer, Athens Boys Choir. He is a transgender man. The amount
includes rooming and travel. As you guys can see, I do not have the signature. Most of
the songs are political.

Will- How long is the performance?

Genna- one hour and 20 minutes.

Sharif- You did not have the signature last night. It was however reduced to the amount
of 1950.

Taylor- Where was the documentation for travel?

Genna- I need to get if from offline.

Sharif- We are going to have to table this. I am not sure that you are going to get milage
for a visitor. I am not sure about that.

Arreon- Could you come back next week?

Genna- We need to honor the contract and travel

Sam- Debate.

Sharif- Motion to approve 1920 pending signature

Izak- Second

8 in favor
0 opposed
0 abstaining

Ben Wendell and Carly Golden, Ski Club $3,600
Ben- This is for the annual ski trip. We are going to Maine. We went a few years ago.
There are 15 people who are going on the trip. We got a really good deal on the tickets.
This is the least amount that we have ever petitioned for.

Sharif- We thought last night that this was a great price.

Will- Did you do any fundraising?

Ben- We have already started the process.

Izak- We are asking for the full amount because we need to put down a deposit. All the
additional funds that we get from fundraising will go directly back to SGA.

Sharif- We thought that this was a great compromise.

Royce- We are going to pay for the trip and you will give us all of the money that you

Taylor- Sometimes we ask people how they got to know about the trip. This seems that
these people were picked.

Carly- We had a sign up people at the club rush table. It was open to everyone. These are
the people who could go.

Sam- I think that we should give you some portion of the petition as a loan. I think that
this changes the nature of the petition to better suit what your compromise is.

Taylor- How does this benefit the Goucher community?

Ben- There are a lot of freshman who get to know upperclassman.

Izak- It gives those who have never has the opportunity to go on this trip.

Dean- I think that this trip is accessible to people. Members of the clubs do a lot of

Taylor- How many hotels so you have?

Ben- We are staying in condos, they house six people so we have three condos.

Cleo- Since there are three more spaces in the extra condo could you take three more

Ben- I would have to call. I mean that I am open to it.
Royce- Motion to approve 3300 and 300 from SGA load fund. The loan should be paid
back on the 1st of March.

4 in favor
1 opposed
3 abstaining

Ben- When can we get a check.

Royce- See me in my office hours on Thursday. This can’t all be done in one week.

Alyse Pollock, OCT 553.85

Alyce- I am the treasurer of OCT. We are petitioning for things that we need for Rocky
Horror Picture Show. We are doing a shadow cast. This is going to be on Halloween. We
are going to perform this and watch the movie.

Sharif- This was approved last night for 572.05. We added more money for a pair of
shoes and then we also took off some tax from the shoes.

Taylor- Why do you need two security guards?

Alyse- I talked to them today and we just need one now.

Tayor- I know that the theater department has a lot of shoes. Can’t you use them?

Alyse- These are drag shoes. The theater shoes would not fit.

Shrif- We approved this ending a signature of the OCT president.

Dean- I know that you need a four hour minimum for a technician I don’t see that here.

Lizy- All of thise stuff will stay with OCT. Where is this all stored?

Alyse- In the theater department, but it is labeled as out stuff.

Sam- Debate

Taylor- Motion to approve 459.05 pending the president’s signature.

Izak- Second

5 in favor
1 opposed
2 abstaining
Arreon- Motion to untable Hola

Sharif- Second

8 in favor
0 opposed
0 abstaining

Quan- This just in. Community living is going to pay for half of this.

Royce- 63.04 is the new amount.

Arreon- motion to approve 63.04

Cleo- Second

8 in favor
0 opposed
0 abstaining

RCOC, Katie Schwermer

Katie-We are tabling at FIG. We need to get signatures on the petitions. We would like
450 dollars for t-shirts and tie-die.

Sharif- Last night in finance we approved 143.92 from general and 304.02 from loan.

Taylor- I have 125 shirts left over from Earth Day. I left them here in SAO before it
became OSE. It was in the Dulaney closet. We also havehad tie die materials from last

Sam- Are these generic materials?

Katie- Theses are just general.

Cleo- Did you have supplies included like the trays and rubber bands?

Katie- We are trying to get the kits.

Taylor- Do you need the money his week?

Cleo- FIG is two weeks from this coming Thursday.

Sharif- I suggest that we approve them for the amount of money then go through the
closets and take back that amount.
Sam- Debate.

Taylo- Motion to approve 143.92 and 304. 02. in loan

Second- Cleo

6 in favor
1 opposed
1 abstaining

Maegan Berk, Umoja

Maegan- This is for meet the black faculty, an event that is had every year. This event is
open to everyone. We are petitioning for food. 297.22 is what we are asking for.

Sharif- This was approved last night. This was passed unanimously.

Sam- Debate

Royce- Motion to approve entire amount.

Sharif- Second

8 in favor
0 opposed
0 abstaining

Maegan Berk, Umoja 791

Maegan- This is for buses that we took this past weekend. Lamar paid for the buses out of
his own funds.

Sharif- We approved 85% of this last night. They got the run around from the bus
company, but Lamar paid for it on his credit card.

Royce- I talked to Lamar abut this. In the future, you guys should talk to SGA and use a
SGA credit card.

Taylor- What was the complication?

Maegan- Goucher suggested the bus company and all of the suggested companies were

Sam- Debate.

Arreon- Why are we giving only 85%, that is not an official policy?
Sharif- It is not a formal policy, but it is in the minds of people in finance. It was
originally only going to get 50% because Lamar said he may be able to get funding from
another source.

Royce- Lamar broke the checks and balance.

Taylor- I disagree with the 85% thing, but if someone says that they can get money from
somewhere else, then we should not pay the full amount.

Sharif- I asked Lamar what he would do if he did not get this money and he said that he
may be able to get it from Dean Edmonds

Izak- Motion to approve entire amount in American currency. 791.

Arreon- Second

6 in favor
2 opposed
0 abstaining

Katheryn Shaw, Goucher Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Katheryn- We want to do a project like the post secret project. We want people to share
things that they have been struggling with. We need supplies to do this. This is a creative
project. We are going to be working with he health center. There is going to be a
reception. We are also going to show a documentary that was made a local school.

Shraif- We thought that this was a good idea. 97.27 is the total amount that the club is
petitioning for.

Royce- We may want to run this through legal counsel first. We don’t want any legal
issues. I am sure that there should not be any problems.

Taylor- I would try and encourage you to censor as little as possible.

Sam- Debate

Taylor- Motion to approve

Arreon- Second

8 in favor
0 opposed
0 abstaining
Jakob Goodmuth, Fencing Club. 1,475.30

Jake- I am petitioning for the fencing club. This is to cover tournament fees and for

Sharif- This was approved in finance.

Jake- This is all for equipment that we need for the semester.

Taylor- Why do we need to buy these things every year? Does this stuff not hold up?

Sam- This is something that is rotating. You will replace or repair a few things each year.
This is stuff that really is needed.

Taylor- How many people are coming out?

Jake- 6-10 people.

Sam- Debate.

Taylor- There are six members. We are approving a whole team worth of equipment. I
know that every year this team petitions for a lot, almost enough for a new set. I am
wondering why we need to get new stuff each year.

Sam- All of the equipment is different depending on each person’s size.

Shaif- Taylor, I hear what you are saying. We just don’t have any proof of them getting
this much each year.

Izak- I don’t understand why no one can share. It is a conspiracy…

Taylor- We need to think about the precedent that we are setting. What if the fencing
team comes and wants socks and cleats.

Cleo- Do you have to wear cleats?

Taylor- Yes.

Sharif- You do need these things to fence. You’re swinging a sword at someone. You
need equipment that should hold up.

Taylor- Motion to approve for full amount

Will- Second

5 in favor
2 opposed
1 abstaining

Sharif Ismail, Big Daddy, Goucher College Gymnastics

Sharif- We are trying to get more gym space for the weekends. It is going to cost
$4583.30. This is just for the weekends. This is for ten weekends. These are instructional

Will- If we approve this how much have we given to Gymnastics?

Taylor- about 10,000

11:55- Royce is down for the count!!!!

Sharif- We are getting a great deal at this gym. It is owned by a Goucher alumni. This
was approved last night. Al wanted to know why we could not build a gym Of course, we
cant afford it.

Sam- This is a sizeable amount of the SGA budget. What other alternatives have you
looked at? Have you looked at the athletics department?

Sharif- Intramurals don’t have the money to do this. The athletic department wont fund
us because we do not have a team that competes.

Cleo- Is it possible to reduce the number of week day that you go to the gym? I just think
that this is really expensive.

Taylor- Is there enough interest for your students to pay for membership?

Sharif- When can we expect that people should go in half way?

Taylor- I just don’t think that 6 people out of 1300 should not get 10% of the budget.

Cleo- You should remember that Gala is 400 people and that is about $40,000 you are
asking us to spend $20,000 for 60

Izak- I think that we are funding this too much. We are sending you guys six days a
week. I think this is more than what SGA should be providing. I just think that six days is

Sharif- Maybe we could cut down the amount of time on the weekends.

Royce- We all feel that a lot of money is being used for one club. Student Activities fees
are for everyone. I feel uncomfortable with this amount of money
Sharif- I feel like every time I come, I am pushing the envelope a little bit. It is up to your
discretion. I just need some guidelines. We need to have precedents and stick with them.
If we don’t do that there is a poor response and turn out.

Will- I agree with that. I think that this program needs to be gradual.

Taylor- We gave 3,600 to the ski club for five days.

Sam- I think that we need to come to a decision shortly and set a policy. I would look to
the finance chair to lead that.

Arreon- I think that you should meet with several departments and try to work something

Royce- Motion to approve the full amount

Sharif- Second

3 in favor
4 opposed
2 abstaining

Sharif- Motion to table indefinitely

Izak- Second

3 in favor
1 opposed
4 abstaining

New Business

Jake- I think that we need to do something about petitions. If they are approved in finance
without a hitch, I think that they should not have to come to the exec board.

Royce- I think that is too much power in the hands of finance. There needs to be checks.

Sharif- I agree with that. I just think that it is a little crazy that the exec board can
overturn anything that finance committee does.

Cleo- As an exec board, we need to make sure that things are going right. We did really
well tonight getting through all of these petitions

Dean- I just wanted to bring up a few things about the constitution.
        Composition of the exec board- Do we need all of those people. I mean they
aren’t there currently.
       No legislation should be passed without 2/3 of the body present
       Exec Board will approve students for committees
       Electing co-chairs and recording minutes- Should we all be doing them?
       Social Committee- Members should come from each house. That committee
needs a treasurer.
       SAC- Student Liaisons.
       Inactive Clubs- Voting on it in legislature

Izak- Social Committee met this past week. Sharif and Dean stopped by, thanks. I want to
bring up a few things. I have a few venues for gala.

Cleo- I just want to tell you that I am a resource to you.

Izak- I met with Geoff Miller and we have tentatively made out first date for tailgating at
October 21st 7pm. This is a girls volleyball game. We want to get people to go there. I
need to meet with Norman. I would like to see if we could get Stimson closed or
something like that. I don’t know if we can do this because it is coming up soon, but
we’ll see. I am working to get a survey out and see who can come to campus. I am
looking to see if we can get some one big. The committee is thinking of throwing an
event at a roller rink. There are quite a few in this area. I don’t think that it would be that
expensive to go. We could work out all of these logistics. I would like to make this
themed: costume, disco, things like that.

Agenda approved


Meeting adjourns.

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