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					                                                                                                                                  APRIL 2010

                       AAUW SAN JOSE BRANCH Established in 1909 ‘Because Education is the Key’

   We’re on the Web!                                                  ANNUAL ELECTION
                                                                            Hayes Mansion
                                                                 Saturday April 17th at 11:30
   Coming Up . . .
 THIRD WEDNESDAY                                                Election and Installation of Officers
     Programs                                                Presentation of our 100 Year History book
  (See page 2 for more details)                          Luncheon speaker: Samantha Hamilton, representing
                                                                 Child Advocates of Silicon Valley
 April 21st 7:00-8:30 pm
    Dining for Women                  Come honor Linda Snashall, our out-going President, and her industrious 2009-2010 Board
                                      members. Elect our new 2010-2011 officers and celebrate the passing of the gavel to President-
May 19th 7:00-8:30 pm                 Elect Virginia Beck and her fantastic incoming team.
Understanding Diabetes
                                      Send your $27 luncheon check made out to “AAUW-San Jose” to Mary Barry (758 Klee Court,
                                      San Jose, CA 95123) by Wednesday April 7th. Please also indicate your entrée choice of either
 June 9th 7:00-8:30 pm                chicken or vegetarian pasta on your check.
     Book discussion
 In Defense of Food: An
    Eater’s Manifesto
    by Michael Pollan

      April 21st

Dining for Women              In-coming president                                                             Out-going president
                                           Virginia Beck                                                                 Linda Snashall
DFW calls itself a „dinner giv-
ing circle.‟ They “dine in” to-
gether once a month, each
bringing a dish to share and the      Approximately 1,800 children who have been abused, neglected or abandoned are now in the
“dinner out” dollars donated by       Santa Clara County foster care system. Child Advocates of Silicon Valley aids local foster chil-
the participants are sent to inter-   dren as well as the legal system that protects and assists them.
national programs empowering
women. Learn more about the           Our luncheon speaker, Samantha (Sam) Hamilton, will discuss the legal issues for children in
group, how you can join a San         foster care and explain how this non-profit organization recruits, trains and supports community
Jose group, or start one of your      volunteers to become Court Appointed Special Advocates.

  AAUW's Mission Statement– AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education and research. AAAUW’s Value Promise -By joining
             AAUW, you belong to a community that breaks through educational and economic barriers so that all women have a fair chance.

                                             AAUW San Jose Branch Bonfire
                                                    BRANCH UPDATES
Coming Up…. cont. from page 1.                                                           prior to delivery, please call Joan 408-396
                                                                                         -8039. To show your support, wear red on
                                                                                         April 20 to represent how the wage gap
     Coming Up...MAY 19TH                                                                puts women “in the red.”
                                                                                           COURT WATCH RECOGNIZED
Val Isaacson, RN, Certified Diabetes Edu-                                                        By Geri Madden
cator will present our program.
Diabetes screening will be available be-                            On March 5th Zee Del Fiugo, Libby Codd
fore and after the meeting. Fasting is not                          and myself attended a meeting of the
necessary.                                                          County of Santa Clara Domestic Violence
                            WOMEN EARN 23% LESS THAN                Council and were presented with a Cer-
                                             MEN!                   tificate of Appreciation that reads as fol-
                                        Loren Reynolds,             lows: "The members of the County of
                                 Public Policy (PP) Co-Chair        Santa Clara Domestic Violence Council
                          April 20 marks the date women will start offer their sincere thanks and appreciation
                          being paid in 2010. Their male counter-   to American Association of University
                          parts performing equal work that requires Women (AAUW) San Jose Branch for
                          comparable levels of skill, training, and their dedication and service in the struggle
                          responsibility started receiving pay on   to eliminate family violence in our com-
                          January 1. Over a typical woman‟s career, munities. Presented on this fifth day of
                          wage disparity costs the average Ameri-   February, two thousand ten." It is signed
                          can woman and her family about            by Frank Del Fuigo, Chair; Rolanda Pi-
                          $500,000. President Obama addressed the erre-Dixon, Administrative Vice-Chair;
                          wage gap in his State of the Union Ad-    and Nancy Marshall, Membership Vice-
                          dress, “We‟re going to crack down on the Chair.
                          violations of equal pay laws so that      The Council was so impressed with our
    Coming Up…..JUNE 7TH  women get equal pay for an equal day‟s    work that they asked if we would estab-
WEDNESDAY EVENING PROGRAM work.”                                    lish a Court Watch for Family Court.
In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto     The PP Committee has collaborated with      While the original Court Watch Commu-
by Michael Pollan is the featured book for   the Coalition for Equal Pay to distribute   nity Action Project is no longer active, if
Silicon Valley Reads 2010. In the exami-     teaching materials and 3/4 cookies (1/4     you would like to "grab the baton" and
nation of what is wrong with the Ameri-      has been removed) to Bay Area high          take what we learned into Family Court,
can diet, Pollan advocates for a return to   schools. We are part of a nationwide ef-    please contact Geri Madden at mad-
natural foods “that your great-              fort to increase awareness of the women‟s or (619) 203-1413.
grandmother would recognize” and offers      wage gap, its causes, and potential reme-   Myself, and other former Court Watch
practical advice on how to follow his        dies...To get involved, visit               members will be happy to provide you
manifesto: “Eat food. Not too much. If you have extra     with our procedures and start-up experi-
Mostly plants.”                              fridge or freezer space to store cookies    ences.

As part of our ―Wednesday Evening‖
programs at headquarters, the Wednes-
day night book group invites you to join
the last book discussion of the year at
its regularly scheduled meeting on
Wednesday, June 9.

Before attending the book discussion June
9th participants are encouraged to either
watch the interview with Michael Pollan
on the Silicon Valley Reads website at or
attend a presentation by the author. Check
the SVR website for more information.

                                              AAUW San Jose Branch Bonfire
                                                     BRANCH UPDATES

       NEIGHBORS HELPING                            SUPPORT EQUAL PLAY                 We‟ll start from HQ at 8a.m. and plan to
            NEIGHBORS                             Jean Reed, Sport Equity co-Chair    be back by 9:30. RSVP to Jean Reed so
     Diane Canby & Anne Wustrow,                                                      we don‟t leave without you. Hikes &
                                           So, you‟ve heard about lacrosse but have
            NHN co-Chairs                                                             Walks meets most Sat & Sun at 8am for a
                                           you ever seen the sport played? Here‟s
                                                                                      1-hour walk on the Los Gatos Creek Trail.
In March, we gathered prior to our         your chance. Join Sports Equity when we
                                                                                      For weekly email updates, contact
monthly meeting to work on making 20       go to watch Stanford women play Oregon
blankets to donate to Project Linus, an    on Friday April 16. The game starts at 6
organization that gives blankets to chil-  so we‟ll meet at HQ at 5 to carpool. Bring
dren who are ill or who have suffered      snacks or a “bag” dinner. Stanford plays
                                                                                        THANK YOU FOR HELPING OUR
some trauma in their lives. This month,    St Mary‟s on Sunday April 18 at 1 if that
                                                                                          VERY SUCCESSFUL PROJECT
we will be assembling 10 “survival sack” time is better for you. RSVP to Jean Reed.
                                                                                                     Marcia Capella
backpacks for Sacred Heart Community       Remember that simply by filling a seat at
Service. The backpacks are purchased       a women‟s sports event you are demon-      The members of Exploring World Litera-
with donations made to NHN by AAUW strating support for women‟s opportuni-            ture would like to thank fellow AAUW
members and our NHN members provide ties through sports.                              members who donated books to our Elm-
the more than 27 personal hygiene items                                               wood project. Over 300 books were do-
like soap and toothpaste found inside.                                                nated for the use of inmates and their chil-
Thanks to all who generously donate time                                              dren. Your generosity helped us to far
and items for this project. Join us at our                                            exceed our original goal of 100 books.
monthly meeting on Monday, April 5 at
7:00 PM. As always, new members are
welcome.                                                                                       ART APPRECIATION
                                                                                                  TO TOUR FILOLI
                                                                                                    Cheryl Markman
    SPORTS EQUITY FOR HIGH                                                               The Art Appreciation Group will visit
          SCHOOL GIRLS                                                                   Filoli House and Gardens on Wednesday,
   Jean Reed, Sports Equity Co-Chair                                                     April 21. Construction for the house and
Does Title IX provide opportunities to                                                   design of the extensive gardens began in
                                                       NEW MEMBERS                       1917. It is listed on the National Registry
high school girls? Bills in committee in        Linda Goldberg, Membership co-VP
both the House and Senate would signifi-                                                 of Historic Places as a showcase of early
cantly increase the effectiveness of Title                                               20th century architecture and garden de-
IX protection by requiring that high          Please help welcome our newest             sign. Tulips, late daffodils, iris, violas,
schools make athletic opportunity, partici-   members Pat Diamond, Vivian                forget-me-nots, the list goes on, should be
pation, and funding statistics publicly       Kaplan, Cynthia La Morte, Sally            in bloom.
available. Reports on actual high school      Brandt, Rosy McCloskey, and                Admission fee is $15.00 for adults and
situations have been shown to spur            Alicia Soin, who joined because            $12.00 for seniors. Free two- hour docent
quicker action. San Jose Branch‟s Sports                                                 tours, by advance reservation, are avail-
Equity plans to use AAUW guidelines for       of the February Open House, and
                                              Sandra Drasny, Fran Lowry and              able for the house and gardens. Groups of
“sniffing around” local high schools start-                                              eight or more can reserve for a private
ing this spring. If you are interested in     Julie Pearson, who were referred           tour. A self-guided tour booklet is also
collecting information by attending high      by current members to our                  available. Afterwards we will have lunch
school sports events or can help with         Branch.                                    at the café and can visit the gift shop.
compiling research data, please contact
Jean Reed. Increasing women's participa-                                                 We will meet at Headquarters at 9:00 a.m.
tion in sports is just one way to ensure                                                 to form carpools. For reservations, please
gender equality. Numerous studies show            WILLOW GLEN SPUR TRAIL                 contact Cheryl Markman, or Mary Ellen
that women who participate in sports are             Jean Reed, Hikes and Walks          Heising, Please indicate if you would like
more likely to do well in school, and less    We learned how the Willow Glen Spur        to join the 10:00 a.m. docent tour. Also,
likely to use drugs. AAUW is working to       Trail was built using funds from the Santa please let us know if you would be able to
make sure this opportunity is available to    Clara Open Space Authority at the Third drive; each passenger will contribute
girls beginning at the high school level.     Wednesday program in February. Come        $3.00 to the driver.
                                              see the trail with us on Sunday April 18.

                                                AAUW San Jose Branch Bonfire
                                                       BRANCH UPDATES
     MYSTERY LOVERS GROUP                       lot in the back with an entrance on Minne-     cal details and color photos. All sales are
           Diane Canby                          sota Avenue. You can enter the restaurant      prepaid. If you are one of the first 50 to
                                                through the patio. If it is a lovely day, we   sign up, there is a discount of $5 off the
When feminist Nell Bray finds her cousin
                                                may eat on the patio. The manager has          price of $25. Send your check today for
Verona‟s body hanging in the family boat-
                                                agreed to give us separate checks. They        $20 to Peggy Maibaum, 16310 Azalea
house, the police are quick to rule it a sui-
                                                have a nice selection of soups, salads,        Way, Los Gatos 95032.
cide. But, Nell questions the police‟s find-
                                                pastas, entrees and desserts as well as
ings and begins her own investigation into
                                                daily specials. We hope you can join us
her cousin‟s death. Amidst the backdrop
                                                for a nice spring lunch. Contact Pat Miko-
of pre-WWI Britain, “The Perfect Daugh-                                                               SPRING CLEAN FOR
                                                lic or Rene Welter for information and
ter” takes place during Britain‟s Suffra-                                                            LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP
                                                reservations. We hope to see you there.
gette Movement and is our group‟s last                                                         Brenda Ladewig Local Scholarship Chair
mystery on this subject for the year.                                                    As spring arrives and we are motivated to
                                                    MEMBERSHIP OPEN HOUSE                freshen up cupboards and drawers, think
The Mystery Lovers Group will meet at                  ―JUST FOR FUN‖
HQ at 7pm on Thursday, April 15 to dis-                                                  of the Local Scholarship Holiday Bou-
cuss “The Perfect Daughter”. The discus-       Cheryl Markman, Open House Chair          tique! For next November's event, the
sion will be led by Linda Snashall. All are The theme for our last Membership Open Scholarship Committee needs donations
welcome to join us!                         House of this year is Just for Fun. If you   of handcrafted needlework and decorating
                                            are new to AAUW or just new to our           items. We are also looking for new host-
            LIGHT GOURMET                   Branch, if you have friends you would        ess gifts that you may be storing. Items to
 Cheryl Markman & Barbara Bettencourt like to introduce to us or if you just want help fill our gift baskets are welcome.
Light Gourmet is seeking several new        to refresh your knowledge of some of the These include pampering supplies like
                                            wonderful programs we sponsor, please        shower gel, bubble bath and lotions; travel
members to expand our group. We cur-
                                            join us. We will meet at 6:00 p.m. on        accessories; gourmet condiments and
rently meet on the second Monday of
                                            Thursday April 8 at HQ to socialize and      utensils; champagne flutes; wine glasses;
every month. We would like to have a
total of eight, or possibly even ten. Each  enjoy a light buffet supper. The program, toys and accessories for dogs and cats;
                                            from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., will present sev-    movie tickets; chocolate themed items and
member hosts a dinner once during the
year at her home. The hostess plans the     eral fun Interest Groups including Singles, small gifts for men. If you have extra gifts
                                                                                         you purchased for the 9-12 year old set,
menu and provides the recipes to each of Hikes and Walks, assorted Bridge groups,
                                            International and Light Gourmet, Book        we'll use then to make special baskets.
the other members. She prepares the en-
trée. We also dine out, light of course,    Discussion, Mystery Lovers and Lunch
                                                                                         Thank you for your generous support of
twice during the year. If you think you     Bunch. Please RSVP to Cheryl Markman.
                                                                                         Local Scholarship. Call Brenda Ladewig
would like to be part of this very fun and                                               to arrange for you donations.
easy group, please let us know.              MEMBERSHIP DUES AND DON’TS
                                               Diane Trombetta, Membership co-VP
                                                                                                      FEBRUARY 2010
                                            April is a great month to invite friends and       AAUW BRIDGE WINNERS
                                            colleagues to join AAUW, because the
                                            discount is fabulous. Join in April and get Second Monday: Bobbie Eckerman, Pat
                                            14 months of membership for the price of Mikolic, Alma Powell. Second Thurs-
                                            12! Invite a friend to join you at our Gen- day: Barbara Shandera, Darline Wilson,
                                            eral Meeting on Saturday, April 17th, or     Sue Swackhamer. Second Friday:
                                            the Open House on Thursday, April 8th,       (Duplicate) Darline Wilson, Judy Kuma-
                                            where s/he will learn more about our won- gai, Mary Ellen Heising. Third Friday:
                                            derful branch!                               Judy Kumagai, Rosemary Busch. Fourth
                                                                                         Tuesday: Gay Gale, Lida Kluzek.

                                                      100 YEAR HISTORY OF
                                                     THE SAN JOSE BRANCH                                FILM FANS IS BACK!
            LUNCH BUNCH
              Rene Welter                         Peggy Maibaum,100 Year Committee             Thanks to so many new members Film
                                                                                               Fans interest group is back by popular
Our April lunch with be at Siena Bistro in The first copies of the 100 Year History            demand. We meet the Fourth Sunday of
Willow Glen on Tuesday April 27 at          of the San Jose Branch of AAUW will be
                                                                                               the month. If you‟d like to receive more
11:30. Siena Bistro is located at 1359 Lin- distributed at our General Meeting on              information about Film Fans email:
coln Avenue, San Jose. There is a parking April 17 . We‟ve seen the book and it

                                            looks great. There are fascinating histori-

                                           AAUW San Jose Branch Bonfire
                                                   BRANCH UPDATES
                                          April 2010 Calendar of Events
                                       Unless otherwise noted, events are held at Headquarters.

Hikes & Walks meets most                     April 12th Mon.- cont.                               April 19th Mon.—cont.
Sat. & Sun. See article.                     6:30pm - Gourmet Light                               7pm - Gourmet International
                                             Joan Hildebrand                                      Pat Moorhead
April 2 – Fri.
Family History                               April 13– Tues.                                      April 20 – Tues.
Susan Brundage‟s Home                        9:30am - A. M. Book Discussion                       5:30 - Public Policy
Susan Brundage & Sue Ann Eichenbaum          Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie                Gloria Leonard & Loren Reynolds
April 5 – Mon.                               Maggie Benson                                        April 21 – Weds.
7pm - Neighbors Helping Neighbors                                                                 Art Appreciation
Diane Canby & Anne Wurstrow                  April 14– Weds.                                      See article, Diana Taylor
                                             7pm - P. M. Book Discussion
April 7 – Wed.                               Frame Work for Understanding Poverty                 April 21 – Wed.
BOARD MEETING                                By Ruby K. Payne                                     7:30pm - THIRD WEDNESDAY
6:30pm social 7-8:30pm meeting               Laura Manthey                                        See Front Cover article
Linda Snashall
ALL MEMBERS WELCOME                          April 15 – Thurs.                                    April 22 – Thurs.
                                             7pm - Mystery Lovers                                 9:30am - Great Decisions
April 8 –Thurs.                              See article, Diane Canby                             Judy Kristofferson
9:30am - Great Decisions
Judy Kristofferson                           April 16 – Fri.                                      April 26- Mon.
                                             10am - Bridge, Lida Kluzek                           6:30pm - Gourmet Vegetarian
6pm - Open House                                                                                  Mary Ann Roberts
See article page 4. Cheryl Markman           5pm - Sports Equity
                                             Lacrosse at Stanford                                 April 27 – Tues.
7:15pm - Bridge                              See article.                                         11:30am - Lunch Bunch, See article.
Members‟ homes
Bobbie Eckerman                              April 17 – Sat.                                      7:15pm - Bridge, Members‟ homes
                                             11:30am - GENERAL MTG HAYES                          Bobbie Eckerman
April 9 – Fri.                               MANSION See front cover article
10am - Bridge, Lida Kluzek                                                                        7pm - Great Decisions, Shelley Powers
                                             April 18 – Sun.
April 10 – Sat.                              8am - Hikes & Walks                                  April 30 – May 2 Fri.-Sun.
Couples Gourmet                              See article, Jean Reed                               AAUW CA CONVENTION
Members‟ homes                                                                                    San Ramon, CA.
Margaret Bard                                April 19- Mon.                                       Register at
                                             9:30am - Exploring World Literature
April 12 – Mon.                              A Mercy by Toni Morrison
10am – Bridge, Rosemary Busch                Sue Ann Eichenbaum

                                                                        DON’T MISS THE 89TH ANNUAL AAUW CA
                                                                         CONVENTION APRIL 30TH—MAY 2, 2010
                                                                              at the SAN RAMON MARRIOTT.
                              UPDATE                              CANCE, OUTREACH, ADVOCACY AND REINVENTION.
   FLASH! As of January 31, Fund 4325, San Jose Centennial                    Linda Snashall, SJ Branch president
American Fellowship, has a total of $76,800. This is more than a  San Jose Branch members should take this opportunity to
third of the way to the $200,000 needed to endow the fellowship experience at least some of the events at this month’s
 after just two years. Thanks are due not only to all of our mem- AAUW CA convention. Carpooling is available so please let
             bers but to those of other branches, as well.        us know if you’d like to join the fun! Convention details and
                                                                  registration information can be found at www.aauw-

                                                 AAUW San Jose Branch Bonfire
                                          UPCOMING MAY GENERAL MEETING
                                    WHO DUNNIT? AT SAN JOSE HISTORY PARK
                                                      Barbara Schaeffer, EF co-VP
On Saturday, May 22 in the Firehouse at History San Jose the Educational Foundation of AAUW is pleased to host “Sisters in
Crime” from 1 to 4 PM. Members and guests are invited to enjoy the panel presentation of three outstanding authors. In addition to
the fascinating presenters, EF will be providing hors d‟ouerves, wine and other beverages. Please join us for this exciting event.
You must reserve in advance to attend. Flyers will be posted at headquarters. The cost is $35 a person; please make the check pay-
able to AAUW Funds, with San Jose Fellowship, #4325 noted in the memo space. Mail to Jean Boyden, 18695 Carriage Hill Drive,
San Jose, CA 95120, by May 10, or place your reservation in the EF Folder at Headquarters. $30 of the $35 is a donation to our San
Jose Centennial Fellowship. See you all on May 22. If you have questions, please call Barbara Shaffer or Jean Boyden.
History Park is located at 1650 Senter Road and is part of the City of San Jose‟s Kelly Park complex. Parking is available at the
east end of Phelan Road, to the left and past the Trolley Barn (the area for staff and volunteers). Another parking lot is north of His-
tory Park between the Park and the Japanese Friendship Garden. Carpooling is recommended.
                    Kelli Stanley lives in San                        Dana Fredsti has a back-                       Penny Warner lives in
                    Francisco and is an award                         ground in theater, has                         Danville, has been writing
                    -winning author of crime                          written articles, shorts and                   since grammar school, and
                    fiction. In addition to                           screenplays, and volun-                        has had numerous fiction
                    writing, Kelli loves jazz,                        teered with the Exotic                         and nonfiction works pub-
                    fedoras, and classic film                         Feline Breeding Facility/                      lished. She teaches child
                    noir movies. Her recently                         Feline Conservation Cen-                       development at a local
                    release second novel,                             ter. Her mystery novel,                        college and writing tips at
                    CITY OF DRAGONS, is                               THE PERUVIAN PI-                               conferences nationwide.
                    set in Chinatown in the                           GEON, has just been                            HOW TO HOST A KIL-
                    1940‟s. Find out more at                          released. Check out her                        LER PARTY is her latest
                    her website:                                      website:                       Penny Warner   novel. Penny‟s website:
  Kelly Stanley                                     Dana Fredsti

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Include the meeting name, date, time, location, contact name
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