Interview Tips

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					Interview Tips

Before the Interview
• Get your career goals in focus
– Identify your main strengths related to the job – Gather specific accomplishments to back up your skills

•Research the company •Find out the dress code in advance and dress accordingly •Practice with yourself or with a friend

During the Interview
• First impressions count!
– Be on time, or even a little bit early – This allows you to relax and feel comfortable

• Start strong by beginning on a positive note
– Use open-ended questions as the opportunity to respond with your main strength

• Send the right body language
– Sit up straight, maintain good eye contact, use gestures if appropriate, and relax!

During the Interview
• Speak clearly and concisely
– Keep your responses specific

• Ask relevant questions to increase your understanding of the job
– This also shows the interviewer that you have done your research on the company as well.

• Close positively
– Emphasize again your strong points

Questions to Ask Your Interviewer
• “What’s Your Ideal Employee Like?”
– This question will give you an idea as to the working style of your boss, and whether or not your styles are similar

• “How Do You Measure Success on the Job?”
– If you want to excel at this job, you need to know how that will be determined by your boss.
• You may also want to ask about the typical career path for successful employees (you want to work for a manager who recognizes and rewards excellence).

Interview Stress
• Visual Realization
– Picture yourself succeeding in the situation – Practice a few days (or hours) before the interview to help build confidence

• Don’t

Just pause

– Flub a question? It’s OK! – When you feel yourself starting to panic and lose focus, take a deep breath and tell yourself ‘You can do it!’ – Take a 10 second pause to re-collect yourself

Tough Questions
• How to prepare for the tough questions you know you will have to answer:
– ‘Future’ Question
• Don’t focus on specific career plans, but talk about things that are professionally important to you and how you will achieve them

– ‘Why’ Question
• It may be hard to praise yourself, so practice in front of a mirror • Be confident, not boastful

After the Interview
• Write a letter or e-mail
– Add pertinent information you might have left out during the interview. – Reiterate your interest in the job

• Ask about your timetable and follow up with a phone call
– Cordially inquire and reiterate your interest again

Need Practice?
• Career Services has “InterviewStream”
– Web–based tool to practice customized interview questions from home or at the Career Services Center – Don’t have a web camera? You can practice recording your interview at Career Services Center during Express Advising hours Monday – Thursday 1:30-4:00pm.

• "On Camera Practice Interviewing for Jobs & Internships"
– A small group setting, practice typical interview questions and receive immediate feedback. – for more info.

Workshops with More Interview Tips
• “Interview to Win” • “Interview Interactive for Health Professional School Applicants”
– Learn strategies for success

• Visit Career Services Center for information on how to sign-up
– On library walk

Advising Services
• Career & Internship Advising by Appointment
– Call 858 534.3750

• Walk-in Career and Internship Advising
– Express-15 (15 min. drop in sessions) – Mon-Thurs. 1:30- 4 pm

• Professional and Graduate School Advising
– By appointment only – Call 858 534.4939

• Advising Online
– Use ‘Quick Questions’ for answers to simple questions

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