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									                                                                                                                             Summer 2008

   I N S IDE IS S UE S                              American Idol Gives Back
                     I      t is with great plea-
                            sure and immense
                                                    to Long Island Cares
                         pride that I write my         n April 2007, The Charity                                  According to Robin Amato,
                         very first, “Inside
                         Issues” column as
                                                    I  Projects Entertainment
                                                    Fund (CPEF) teamed up
                                                                                                                Director of Development for
                                                                                                                Long Island Cares, “This
                         Executive Director of      with FOX and American Idol                                 grant to Long Island Cares
    Paule T. Pachter,    Long Island Cares, Inc.,   to present Idol Gives Back, a                          will support the implementation
    A.C.S.W., L.M.S.W.
   Executive Director    The Harry Chapin Food      two-night special to raise awareness and     of a pilot program “Pack It Up For Kids”
 Long Island Cares, Inc. Bank. I am extremely
                                                    funds for hunger and poverty issues in the   aimed at children of low-income families
grateful to our Board of Directors for the          United States and around the world.          living in poverty in rural settings on the
confidence they’ve placed in my abilities               To help hunger in America, the CPEF      eastern south fork of Long Island. The
to lead Long Island Cares and to follow in          routed funding though America’s Second       program will provide these children with
the footsteps of Lynn Needelman, who                Harvest- The Nation’s Food Bank Network,     nutritional food to prevent hunger
will always be credited with making Long            to regrant to its member food banks          especially during the weekends when
Island Cares one of the most significant            nationwide to help them address the          school is not in session and many poor
not-for-profit organizations on Long                poverty and hunger problem in their own      children and families experience limited
Island and within the New York Region. I            areas. In March, 2008 Long Island Cares      resources.”
consider myself very fortunate to have              received a $22,575 grant, just part of the        Our most sincere thanks to the
the opportunity to carry on the work of             more than $70 million raised through the     Charity Projects Entertainment Fund,
an outstanding Executive Director and               mega hit reality show, which was distrib-    FOX, American Idol, America’s Second
perhaps even more significant the legacy            uted to charitable organizations in Africa   Harvest and everyone who contributed to
of our legendary and beloved founder,               and the United States that address access    the success of Idol Gives Back for helping
Harry Chapin. Harry’s activism and phil-            to healthcare, improved education and        Long Island Cares making this program to
anthropy in relation to hunger on Long              hunger relief efforts.                       fight against childhood hunger a reality. ■
Island remain highly regarded and well
respected by so many people across the
country. His reputation as one of Long
Island’s most important figures of the
                                                    A New Improved Name
                                                       n September 2008, America’s Second
20th Century remains intact, and our staff
continues to be challenged by his vision
and we’re proud to carry on his legacy.
                                                    I  Harvest, The Nation’s Food Bank
                                                    Network, the umbrella organization of
     In the past four months since arriving         which Long Island Cares is an affiliate,
at Long Island Cares, the staff and I have          will formally become Feeding America.
been discussing so many important issues            This new name best conveys our shared
related to serving people in need on Long           mission—providing food to Americans          been confronted with low awareness
Island. As a result of a poor economy               living with hunger—and will be support-      among the general public, and a broader
there continues to be an increase in the            ed through expansive public outreach         misunderstanding of domestic hunger.
number of individuals and families on               campaigns that will raise awareness of       They found that the name America’s
Long Island that are in need of the ser-            domestic hunger and our work.                Second Harvest was limiting and that a
vices provided by Long Island Cares and                  Despite a 30-year legacy of fighting    new name was needed to better and
                              cont.on page 7        hunger, America’s Second Harvest has                                   cont.on page 2
A New Name cont. from page 1                                               Suffolk Schools Show They Care
                                                                               uffolk County Executive Steve Levy recently recognized
more clearly convey the mission.
    The new name, Feeding America, communicates that we
                                                                           S   the top three schools in a countywide food drive for Long
                                                                           Island Cares, The Harry Chapin Food Bank at Long Island
are all providing access to food for people who need it. It also           Cares’ warehouse in Hauppauge. Nearly 75 schools in Suffolk
communicates the positive power of food to be a catalyst in                participated in this year’s drive, collecting a total of 26,443
people’s lives. In essence, “feeding” serves as a double mean-             pounds of food.The top food collectors were Smithtown High
ing—both providing food and enriching lives.                               School West (2,256 pounds), West Middle Island Elementary
    The name Feeding America best embodies our shared mis-                 School in the Longwood District (2,022) and Phillips Avenue
sion and values, and our belief that providing sustenance to               Elementary School in Riverhead (1,150).                      ■
individuals living with food insecurity will give them the fuel to
survive and even thrive. For more about this exciting change
visit                                    ■

    Calling All Turkeys!
 L    ong Island Cares, The Harry Chapin
      Food Bank needs your help to pro-
 vide holiday turkeys to your less fortu-
 nate Long Island neighbors. Drop off
 frozen turkeys or send in your “Turkey
 Certificates” to Long Island Cares, 10                                      Pictured: (back row, l - r) Paule Pachter, Executive
 Davids Drive, Hauppauge, New York 11788. If you are donat-                  Director, Long Island Cares; Kristine Lehn, Long Island
 ing frozen turkeys it is important to bring them to Long Island             Cares; Ken Zone, Operations Manager, Long Island
 Cares as early as possible — at least two weeks before                      Cares; George Glock, Smithtown HS West National
 Thanksgiving so they can be distributed and thawed in time                  Honor Society Co-President; Toni Sabatini, teacher,
 for the Thanksgiving holiday! Please help us make this                      West Middle Island Elementary; Steve Levy; Joanne
 Thanksgiving a happy one for all Long Islanders. For more                   Figueiredo, advisor to Smithtown HS West National
 information and to find out ways you can help with this year’s              Honor Society; Janet Van Brunt, teacher, Phillips Avenue
 Turkey Drive, Call Kristine Lehn at 631-582-FOOD Ext. 115 !                 Elementary; Alli Flicker, Smithtown HS West National
                                                                             Honor Society Co-President; (front row, l-r): Spencer
           Long Island Cares, Inc.                                           Payton and Michael Houlihan, West Middle Island
                  The Harry Chapin Food Bank,                                Elementary; Avenue Smith and Viola Smith, Phillips
              10 Davids Drive, Hauppauge, NY 11788                           Avenue Elementary.

                                                                    Long Island Cares Board of Directors
                                    Sandy Chapin                 Joseph Brown                     Richard J. Scholem      Grassroots Production:
                                    The Harry Chapin Foundation King Kullen Grocery, Inc.         New York Times          Cochran Designs Studio
                                    Chairperson                 Recording Secretary
                                                                                                  Howard Weiner
                                    David E. Paseltiner          Jim Lennon                       Holtz Rubenstein,       Masthead Design:
                                    Jaspan Schlesinger           Jim Lennon                        Reminick, L.L.P.       Harrison Leifer DiMarco
                                      Hoffman LLP                  Photographer, Inc.
                                    President                    Past President                   Advisory Board:         Editor:
  Founder                                                                                         Bill Ayres              Robin S.Amato, CFRE
  Harry Chapin                      Brian L. Seidman             Michael Mannetta                 Richard Cirincione
                                    Bank of America              The Spector Group
                                                                                                  Frank Crivello
  Executive Director                Vice President               Carolyn Mazzenga                 John Kominicki
  Paule T. Pachter,                 David Schneidman             Marcum & Kliegman LLP            Linda Machado
    ACSW, LMSW                      Vice President                                                Anne Mead
                                                                 Susan L. Miller
                                    Christopher J. Brown         Susan L. Miller Art Associates   Betty Miller
  (631) 582-FOOD (3663)             Ross Strent & Co, LLP        Thomas J. Murray                 Robert Murray
                                    Treasurer                                                     Vera Rivers
  Fax: (631) 273-2184                                            Albrecht,Viggiano,
                                    William Hartnagel              Zureck & Co. P.C.              John Sterbenz
  WEB site:         Stop & Shop                                                   Jeffrey S. Stern
                                                                 Lynn Needelman                   Michelle Di Benedetto
                                    Corresponding Secretary

                i Elegant Evening j
      n Friday, April 18, Duck Walk Vineyards North
O     in Southold welcomed Decision Women in
Commerce and Professions and hosted their
fundraiser - “An Elegant Evening with the Grand
Ladies of Song,” sponsored by
Proceeds benefitted Long Island Cares as well as two
other Long Island Charities.
    Featuring a Champagne and Oyster Bar and
other fine delicacies, paired with an assortment of
wines from Duck Walk, Pindar & Jason’s Vineyards;
entertainment included singing performers, a special
live auction with one-of-a-kind items and a spectacu-
lar fireworks display from Bay Fireworks of
    On June 3rd, Decision Women presented Long             Pictured (left to right) are Lise Poulos, Executive Vice President and
Island Cares with a check for $10,000 to support the       Chief Administrative Officer,; Barbara Damianos,
emergency food and community outreach programs.            Owner, Duck Walk Vineyards; Dr. Dan Damianos, Owner, Duck
    Our thanks to Decision Women, The                      Walk Vineyards; Clara Macri, Chairwoman, Decision Women in
Damianos Family and for their                  Commerce and Professions; Robin Amato, Director of
tremendous support of this very “Elegant Evening.” ■
                                                           Development, Long Island Cares - The Harry Chapin Food Bank.

 State Cuts Funding for Hunger and Nutrition Programs
      espite increasing demand from more than 260,000 Long                 mid-year, this year’s funding level of $27.85 million for HPNAP
D     Islanders and reductions in available food throughout the
region’s more than 600 emergency food programs, the State
                                                                           will be $490,000 less than last year’s enacted budget level. This
                                                                           is a dangerous move that hunger advocates say will jeopardize
budget agreed upon by the New York State Legislature and                   the health and well being of thousands on Long Islanders who
Governor David Patterson - cuts the main source of State fund-             rely on organizations such as Long Island Cares and their net-
ing for such programs by about 2%.                                         work of agencies to provide nutritional meals and needed sup-
     Some advocates indicated that the State could have avoided            port services.
such cuts if it had enacted the Assembly plan to restore more                  “It is very sad that Albany has chosen to respond to the fis-
equitable taxation to state residents earning more than one mil-           cal recession we’re all facing by cutting back support of critical
lion dollars a year.                                                       programs that serve the people hit hardest by the recession,”
     The Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance Program                said Paule Pachter.“We’ve all read the recent front page articles
(HPNAP) is the main source of State funding for charitable food            in Newsday and seen the stories on CNN describing the
assistance programs and Food Banks such as Long Island Cares.              increase in the number of children, families, seniors and people
As a result of the poor national economy, soaring food prices,             with disabilities who are coming to food banks and pantries
reductions in private donations, and a sharp reduction in Federal          across the country, and Long Island is no different than other
funding, many food emergency organizations across New York                 parts of the country right now, in fact because of the cost of
State were already running out of food even before the State               fuel, the mortgage crisis and now projected increase in local
budget cuts.                                                               school taxes, the middle class on Long Island might be more
     The 2007-2008 budget enacted by Governor Spitzer and the              severely impacted than in other parts of the state,” said Pachter.
Legislature last year provided $28.34 million to HPNAP, but, cit-              “We all recognize that times are tough for the State budget
ing the crisis situation faced by charitable feeding agencies and          and reductions in spending certainly need to be made, but why
organizations such as Long Island Cares, former Governor                   are the least vulnerable among us always asked to shoulder the
Spitzer added an additional $5 million in funding to the program           burden? If these cuts are not restored, in the long run I think
last November, bringing the total for the year to $33.34 million.          Long Island might be the hardest hit in the state in terms of
Unless the State again provides extra money to the program                 hunger.” Pachter concluded.                                     ■

                                                                    ~ 3~
Thank You ...

                                                                            The Thomas Kinkade Gallery of Port
                                                                            Jefferson Village recently held a fundraiser
Long Island Cares’ Breakfast with Campions program recently                 for Long Island Cares to raise money, food
welcomed eleven representatives from 6 local Target stores to thank         and awareness about the problem of hunger
them for their generous support of the food bank. Breakfast with            on Long Island. Presenting a check to Robin
Campions gives store representatives a chance to tour the warehouse,        Amato are Crystal Vitale (l) art consultant,
learn more about Long Island Cares and of course, have breakfast!           and Mindy LaMantia gallery owner.

                                                                       Newsday Charities presented Long Island Cares
Thanks to the Huntington Referral Network for their dona-              with a $15,000 grant to help support Long
tion of $2,200 to Long Island Cares.                                   Island Cares’ School Tools program. Shown (L-R)
                                                                       Timothy Knight, Publisher, Newsday; Ken Zone,
                                                                       Director of Operations, Long Island Cares; Deidre
                                                                       Parrish-Williams, Newsday Public Affairs, and
                                                                       Paul Fleishman, Vice President, Newsday.

Our thanks to KeySpan volunteers who lit up the warehouse         Thanks to the three DHL offices who delivered over 800
sorting food for Long Island Cares!                               pounds of food to Executive Director Paule Pachter.

                                                         ~ 4~
Long Island Cares                                                      Now Available-Harry
Receives National                                                      Chapin A Celebration
Recognition                                                            In Song
     ong Island Cares, Inc and the local Burlington Coat
L    Factory’s participation in the Warm Coats & Warm
Hearts Coat Drive was recognized recently with a Gold                  I  n an evening full of
                                                                          story, humor and
Halo Award by the Cause Marketing Forum for                            transcendent music
Local/National Integration, exemplifying a campaign that               the Chapin Family
successfully integrates local chapters and/or business units           comes together in a
into a national cause-related campaign.                                celebration of songs
    The Warm Coats & Warm Hearts Coat Drive spon-                      of the late, great Harry
sored by ABC News’ “Good Morning America” in part-                     Chapin, founder of
nership with Burlington Coat Factory and One Warm                      Long Island Cares.
Coat received and distributed 175,125 coats nationwide to              Harry’s classics are performed by those who knew him
needy individuals and families.                                        best: his brothers, father, daughter, original band mates
    One Warm Coat invited Long Island Cares to participate             and the musical family that surrounded him. Enjoy this
in this special program, Burlington Coat Factory provided the          wonderful CD and know that your contribution is helping
local retail drop off locations for coat collection, and Good          Long Island Cares fight hunger on Long Island.
Morning America reached out to its viewers around the                      CD’s are $18 ($15 plus $3 for shipping and handling
country to donate their gently used coats, which in turn               for each CD) and can be ordered by visiting
were donated to people in need. Long Island Cares received    or by calling 631-582-3663 ext. 105.
over 5,500 coats which they distributed to their network of            between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:00 pm. (Fax and
540 member agencies including food pantries, soup                      Voice Mail orders will not be accepted.)               ■
kitchens, shelters, low-income day care centers and senior
nutrition sites.                                           ■

Check Out Hunger at Your Local Supermarket!
    Long Island Cares’15th Annual Check-
Out Hunger Campaign will run again
beginning in October 2008 continuing
through January 2009.

   Check-Out Hunger is a unique part-
nership between Long Island Cares, area
supermarkets, shoppers and volunteers.

   Participating supermarkets include:
King Kullen, ShopRite, Pathmark,
Wild By Nature, Waldbaums, Food
Emporium, Food Town, Fairway and
Kings. This program generates much
needed funding to help feed hundreds of
thousands of hungry Long Islanders
annually almost half of them children.

   Look for the brightly colored Check
Out Hunger coupons at the supermarket
check-out aisles soon!              ■

                                                                ~ 5~
                                Thank You to All of Our Food Drive Donors!
■ SCHOOL TOOLS                        Northeast Elementary School           DHL                                   LIAAC                                Smithtown High School West,
                                      Oak Park Elementary                   Direct Buy                            LIDDSO                                 PIG Class
Berry Hill School
                                      People to People                      Mr. & Mrs. Mark Doming Downwood       Laddie A. Decker Sound Beach         Society of Automotive Engineers
Brownie Troop # 2004
                                      Rocky Point Middle School               Middle School                         School                             Solomon Schecter Day School
David Frankle
                                      South Bay Elementary                  Danielle Dunnder and William          Lancer Insurance                     South Grove Elementary
Grand Avenue Middle School                                                    Scheuing
                                      Suffolk County Executive Office                                             Mr. & Mrs. Jason Lavitt              South Ocean Middle School
John Keating                                                                Denton Avenue School
                                      UBS Financial Services                                                      Little Friends School                Southwoods Middle School
Mt. Sinai Middle School                                                       Human Relations Club
                                      Washington Street School                                                    Locust Valley Library                Starfish Junction
                                                                            Department of Social Services
■ 5000+ lbs.                          Wenshaw Park Community                                                      Long Island Builders Institute       Strategies for Wealth
                                                                            Edna Louise Spear Elementary
Smithtown High West                   Westhampton Beach Elementary                                                Long Island Corvette Owners          James Steadman
                                                                            Eisen Family Wellness
                                      Westhampton Beach Senior High                                               Long Island Radio Broadcasting       Stony Brook Hand College
■ 3000+ lbs.                                                                Encore Atlantic Shores
                                                                                                                  Longwood Junior High School          Stony Brook Hospital Nutritional
St. Joseph Parish Outreach            ■ Other Food Drives                   Farmingville Mental Health
                                                                                                                  Marian G. Vedder Elementary School     Dept.
                                                                            Fire Island School                                                         Stony Brook Union Deli
West Hempstead/Franklin Square Girl   A.P. Willets School                                                         Mattlin Middle School
 Scouts                                                                     Matthew Flaster                                                            Stony Brook University
                                      Abbey Lane School                                                           Mattlin Middle School Student
                                                                            Francis J. O’Neill Elementary
■ 2000+ lbs.                          Ken Akulin                                                                    Council                            South Grove Elementary School
                                                                            Friends Academy                       May Moore Primary                    Suburban Temple
St. John the Baptist High School      The Albert G. Prodell Middle School
                                                                            Forest Labs                           Meadowbrook Elementary School        Suffolk County Community College
West Middle Island Elementary         American Custom Choppers
                                                                            Gemini Fund Services                  Metlife                                Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
                                      American Postal Workers
■ 1000+ lbs.                          Arrowhead Elementary School
                                                                            Gersh Academy                         Miller Place High School               Chapters
                                                                            Girl Scout Troop #705                   National Honor Society             Suffolk County Community College
Curves for Women                      Asian Student Alliance, Stony Brook
                                                                            Girl Scout Troop #1705                Moriches Elementary School             East
Albany Avenue Elementary              Avon Electric
                                                                            Girl Scout Troop # 2121               Mt. Pleasant Elementary School       Suffolk County Dept. of Civil Services
Camp Avenue Elementary                Babylon Memorial Grade School
                                                                            Girl Scout Troop # 3032               NYPIRG                               Suffolk County Dept. of Public Works
Expo Design Center                    Barton Elementary School
                                                                            Domenica Gjelaj                       Nassau/Suffolk Hospital              Suffolk County District Attorney
Franklin Square School District       Bay Elementary School                                                                                              Office
                                                                            Gold’s Gym                            Nathanial Woodhull Elementary
Timothy Hees                          Bayport-Blue Point High School                                                                                   Suffolk County Fire Marshall’s Office
                                                                            Hampton Bays High School                School
Hauppauge High School                 Jason Beck                                                                                                       Suffolk County Legislator Louis
                                                                            Harold D. Fayette Elementary School   Nesconset Elementary School
Hillside Grade School                 Bellport High School                                                                                               D’Amaro Office
                                                                            Hauppauge High School Interact        New York State Department
Nassau Community College                Freshman Drama Club                                                                                            Suffolk County Medical Examiners
                                                                              Club                                  Of Motor Vehicles
Northrop Grumman                      Berkshire Nursing and Rehab Center                                                                                 Office
                                                                            Hemlock Park Elementary               New York State Division of Parole
Phillips Avenue Elementary School     Gail Block                                                                                                       Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office
                                                                            Homestead School                      New York State Insurance Fun
Sunrise Drive Elementary School       Blue Point Elementary School                                                                                     Suffolk County Parks Dept.
                                                                            Huntington Arts Council               New York State Police Troop L
Wing Elementary School                B’nai B’rith                                                                                                     Suffolk County Probation Dept.
                                                                            Huntington Intermediate               North Ridge Primary
                                      Brownie Troop #51                                                                                                Sunrise Fitness
■ 500+ lbs.                           Brownie Troop # 1029
                                                                            Huntington Referral Center            Northport High School
                                                                                                                                                       Sylvan Avenue Elementary School
                                                                            Idle Hour Elementary                  Northport Middle School
BAE Systems                           CK Post Addiction Treatment Center                                                                               Chris Taylor
                                                                            Indian Hollow Grade School            Oakwood Primary
Mike Barret                           CW Post College                                                                                                  Teachers Federal Credit Union
                                                                            Island Sports Medicine                Omni Risk Management
Burr Intermediate                     Cablevision                                                                                                      Temple Beth David
                                                                            JFK Elementary School                 Party Hardy
Michelle Capanzano                    Canaan Elementary School                                                                                         Temple Beth El of Great Neck
                                                                            JFK Intermediate                      Poly Scientific R & D
CW Post Athletic Dept.                Candlewood Middle School                                                                                         Thomas Kinkade Signature Gallery
                                                                            James H. Boyd Elementary School       Pulaski Elementary School
Commack Middle School                 Regina Celano                                                                                                    VM New York, Ltd.
                                                                            John J. Foley Skilled Nursing         Remsenberg-Speonk Elementary
E. J. Bosti Elementary                Center Point Church                                                                                              Walt Whitman High School
                                                                            John Quincy Adams Elementary            School
East Broadway School                  Central Islip High School                                                                                        Washington Street Elementary
                                                                              School                              Ridge Elementary School
East Islip High School                                                                                                                                  School
                                      Change & Bells Pampered Paws
                                                                            Joseph Edgar Intermediate             Riverhead High School
Freeport High School                                                                                                                                   West Brook Elementary School
                                      Cherry Avenue Elementary School
                                                                            Junior Girl Scout Troop #1861         Roanoke Avenue Elementary School
Half Hollow Hills High School                                                                                                                          Westhampton Pet Memorial Park
                                      Children with Disabilities
                                                                            Junior Girl Scout Troop #2437         Rolling Hills Primary School
Harley Avenue Elementary School                                                                                                                        William Rogers Legislative Building
                                      Joanne Circo
                                                                            Junior Girl Scout Troop #3032         Meryl Roth
Islamic Association of LI, Muslim                                                                                                                      Windcrest East Community
                                      Commack Jewish Center
                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Jurlando          Royal Health Care
   Girls Youth Group                                                                                                                                   Stephanie Wolff
                                      Connetquot Elementary School
                                                                            Dr. Pearl Kamer                       St. Gregorius Orthodox Church
Longwood Middle School                                                                                                                                 Women of the Moose
                                      Contractor Express
                                                                            Kehillath Shalom Synagogue            St. Luke’s Lutheran
Mills Pond Elementary                                                                                                                                  Wood Park Primary
                                      Country Point Housing Community
                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Gary Kerstetter            Sayville High School
Mt. Sinai Middle School                                                                                                                                Woodbury Nursery School
                                      Mr. & Mrs. Rob Dash
                                                                            Keyspan                               D.T. Schwartzman
New York Islanders                                                                                                                                     Jake and Josh Zipkin
                                                                            June Kolber                           Mr. & Mrs. Ted Schwartzman
New York State Dept. of
  Transportation                                                            Kramer Lane Elementary School         Smithtown High School East

                                                                                           ~ 6~
CANstruction’s “CAN”–Do Attitude
to Benefit Long Island Cares
     CANstruction, a charity committed        12th at the RexCorp Plaza in Uniondale.
to ending hunger, uses ‘one can’ as a cat-    At the close of the exhibition and com-
alyst for change.                             petition, all of the food in the structures
     CANstruction was created by the          will be donated to Long Island Cares,
Society of Design Administration and          Inc., The Harry Chapin Food Bank. Last
works in collaboration with the American      year CanStruction generated over 28,000
Institute of Architects (AIA) and other       cans and boxes of food!
members of the design and construction            Paule Pachter, Long Island Cares
industry. It combines the competitive         Executive        Director     loves     the
spirit of a design/build competition with     CANstruction premise. “The event is a
a unique way to help feed hungry people       lighthearted and visual way to bring the            AUDREY II: Feed Me!! Juror’s
and makes a significant contribution in       community’s attention to the fight                  Favorite in the 2007 National
the fight against hunger. Competing           against hunger on Long Island.”          ■          Competition
teams, lead by architects and engineers,
showcase their talents by designing giant
sculptures made entirely out of canned
and packaged foods! Structures, ranging
                                                                              Celebrity Ceramics
in size from 1,000 to 13,000 cans, are cre-                                         select few and very notable personalities have
ated by stacking a variety of can sizes and
shapes using the product labels as the
                                                                              A     given approval to have their art/doodle repro-
                                                                              duced on a unique ceramic tile collection to help raise
color pallet. Structurally self-supporting,
                                                                              funds for Long Island Cares.         This collection of
the only other materials to be used are
                                                                              Celebrity Ceramics™ is produced by Duffy, Barrett &
1/4” leveling, cardboard, tape, rubber
bands and wire.                                                               Taggart, Inc. Each unique ceramic is an authentic repro-
     Held in about 45 cities across the                                       duction and comes with a table easel. 20% of each pur-
nation, this year on Long Island,                                             chase will be donated to Long Island Cares. To order, call
CANstruction will be will be open to the                                      (516) 541-8959 or e-mail
public October 31 through November

Inside Issues cont. from page 1
our network of community-based food pantries, soup kitchens,               creative and diligent in our efforts to provide food, employment
shelters and other dedicated organizations.As I visit our member           training, and community support services to our neighbors in
agencies it is also becoming apparent that the number of people            need.Thankfully, local, state and federal government understand
on Long Island affected by hunger and malnutrition is signifi-             the face of hunger. Long Island’s corporate community under-
cantly increasing from the current estimate of 260,000.There are           stands the importance of serving the hungry, and so many of our
too many children going to school each morning unable to con-              fellow Long Islanders care enough about their neighbors in
centrate on their studies because they’re hungry. There are too            need to generously support Long Island Cares.
many senior citizens having to choose between putting food on                   I’m confident that with each issue of our “Grassroots” pub-
their table and securing needed prescription medications.There             lication that our readers will learn of the efforts being made by
are too many families who look at nutritious food as being a lux-          Long Island Cares, The Harry Chapin Food Bank to address
ury they can afford to be without.                                         hunger on Long Island. I’m extremely fortunate to have inher-
    In the past four months we have received letters, phone                ited a dedicated, passionate and talented team of caring profes-
calls and emails from many Long Islanders in need of food and              sionals, who are committed to our mission and to our organiza-
support. Some are among the newly unemployed. Others are in                tional values of improving the quality of life for people affected
jeopardy of loosing their homes.And many are trying to survive             by hunger. In these very difficult economic times, with so many
in a region where the cost of fuel, food staples and property              people on Long Island hurting it is even more significant that
taxes continue to escalate. The economy is challenging Long                we follow Harry Chapin’s example when he said;“To know is to
Island Cares and our network of member agencies to be more                 care, to care is to act, to act is to make a difference.”       ■
                                                                    ~ 7~
                                                                                                          U.S. Postage
                                                                                                         Hicksville, NY
                                                                                                         Permit No.238
10 Davids Drive,
Hauppauge, New York 11788-2039


  Save the Date
             17th Annual
                                        Calendar of Events                                       *
    Harry Chapin                        SEPTEMBER
    Humanitarian                        Hunger Action Month
    Award Dinner                        Visit for actions you can take to help fight hunger!

       THURSDAY,                        WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15
    NOVEMBER 13, 2008                   Green Drinks Long Island Networking Event
                                        to Benefit Long Island Cares
                                        5:30 – 9:30 PM Location TBD

     DONATE                             OCTOBER 31, NOVEMBER 12
    Cars, Trucks, RV’s
             (Running or Not)           RexCorp Plaza, Uniondale

         “Help Feed                     THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13
        Long Island’s                   17th Annual Harry Chapin Humanitarian
          Hungry”                       Award Dinner
     • Fast, Free Towing                Crest Hollow Country Club,Woodbury. For more information call the
                                        Development Office 631-582-3663 Ext 104
    • IRS Recognized Org.
    • Maximum Allowable
          Deduction                     THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20

       Serving L.I. for over 20 years
                                        WALK 97.5 “Thanks for Giving Food Drive”.
   LONG ISLAND CARES                    Listen to the WALK Breakfast Club with Mark & Cindy!
   1-877-872-2127 (toll-free)

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