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                                                                                            . . . a penny for your thoughts.
                                         GRAND FORKS PUBLIC SCHOOLS ALUMNI NETWORK
                                  Established and operated by The Grand Forks Foundation for Education, Inc. • Vol. 19 No. 2 • February 2011

                                                                      Grand Forks Public Schools
IN THIS ISSUE:                                                    Celebrating 125th Graduating Class
                                                       The Grand        title because of a player’s age      1966: J. Nelson Kelly School
          Read                                         Forks Public     ineligibility (known as “The         opens.
    The Red Cent’s                                     Schools is       Rostberg Case.”)                     1967: Red River High School
       regularly                                       celebrating      1933: Elroy Schroeder succeeds       opens;     modular      scheduling
 featured columnist,                                   the     125      Supt. John West and serves as        allows students to select classes,
    JIM HAUGEN                                         years     of     superintendent for next 25 years.    use time as they see fit.
      . . . page 2                                     graduating       1940: First homecoming queen         1972:      School district’s K-12
                                                       seniors.         Junior Maureen O’Keefe is            enrollment reaches all-time high
                                                       While     it     crowned.                             of 11,290.
Featured writers. . . . 2
                                                       is      not      1947: Driver’s training is offered   1974:        November fire at
Sports . . . . . . . . . . . 4
                                                       possible to      as an after-school program;          Schroeder     Jr.   High    forces
Music . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
                                                       recount all      passing written test is graduation   students to attend at South from
Drama . . . . . . . . . . . 6
                                  the historical milestones, we’ve      requirement.                         1p.m. to 6p.m., while South
Foundation News. . 15
                                  highlighted some. We relied on        1948: Lincoln School opens.          students attend from 7:30a.m.
Alumni Spotlight. . . . 8         History of Grand Forks Public         1949: West School opens.             to 12:30p.m.
Alumni News . . . . . 10          Schools: A Century of Learning,       1953: Lewis & Clark opens.           1975:        Washington School
Final Farewells . . . 13          by Robert Kulak and Melo              1955: Valley Junior High opens.      closes.
Reunion Info . . . . . 16         Dee Loebrick, and History of          1957: Viking School opens.           1981: Mark Sanford is named
                                  Central High School, 1886-1986,       1958: Supt Schroeder dies from       the school district’s sixteenth
                                  by Mary Margaret FRENCH               a heart attack in Minneapolis        superintendent        until     his
                                  Frank, C’30.     School annuals       after visits to Air Force bases in   retirement in 2007.
                                  and newspapers also contribute        the south. He is succeeded by        1983: Roosevelt School closes.
                                  to this article.                      Erick Selke.                         1985: Community High School
                                                                        1959: First foreign exchange         is established as an alternative
                                          GFPS Milestones               student - Korekiyo Terada from       school.
                                  1881: City established a school       Japan is sponsored by Student        1987: Grand Forks Foundation
                                  district with first school board      Council.                             for Education, Inc. is established
                                  election.                             1960: Ben Franklin, Carl Ben         in support of the Grand Forks
  Christmas in the                1882: “Central School” is opened      Eielson, and Lake Agassiz open.      Public Schools.
      Smokies                     for all grade levels at a cost of     1961: Schroeder Junior High
        pg. 3                     $26,000.                              opens.                               (continued on page 15)
 by Misti Koop, R’98              1883: Belmont School opens.           1962: Twining School opens.
                                  1887:       1st graduating class
                                  consists of 2 students.
                                  1891: Wilder School opens.
                                  1892:        Literary Society is
                                  formed and debates first topic:
                                                                                             125th CELEBRATION
                                  “Resolved, that the Chinese
                                  be abolished from the United
                                                                          Looking for Alumni and friends who are willing to share
                                  1894: J. Nelson Kelly begins 25
                                                                                         their GFPS Memories....
Looking back 69 years
        pg. 8                     years of service as school district
                                  superintendent (through 1919).                       Stories we are interested in...
 by Tom Smith C’42
                                  1903: Winship School opens.
                                  1905: 1st State Championship                      Where GFPS Valedictorians are now?
                                  football team.                                Where is the oldest living graduate of GFPS?
                                  1907: Washington School opens.                 Are you a 4 or 5 generation GFPS family?
                                  1910: Roosevelt School opens.                    Who has never missed a class reuion?
                                  1911: 1st high school yearbook                Did you marry your high school sweetheart?
                                  is published. (In 1936 it is called
                                  Central’s foremost journalistic
    Foundation News               1917:       Central High School         If you are interested in sharing your Grand Forks Public
        pg. 15                    opens.                                     Schools success story, please contact Jenny Arel at
                                  1918:       No football team is We are interested in videos,
  The Grand Forks Public          fielded, due to flu epidemic.                   photos, scrapbook pages, etc.
 Schools Alumni Network           1923: Leo Haesle arrives in
  has been serving alumns         Grand Forks as instrumental
 and friends of Grand Forks       music supervisor.
        Public Schools
                                  1924: Centralian school paper
         since 1992.
                                  is authorized as official school
   For membership and             activity.
Red Cent subscription info:       1928: Central Redskins become
        Web site:                 the first high school hockey team             to be organized in the state.
           E-mail:                1932: South Junior High opens.            Central must forfeit state football
   COLUMNISTS                                                                           Red Cent • February 2011 • page 2

                                               her daughter’s death weighed very heavy on the American Diabetes Associations’ “Camp
                  Angels Among Us              Lori and the feeling of loss was almost as    Sioux”, first as a camper, then a kitchen
                         By Guest Writer       overwhelming as the veil of humid August      worker and eventually a counselor. She had
                                               air. We said our good-byes, but that short,   the wonderful gift of being able to take the
                       Greg Nelson, R’75       sad time with Lori left a huge impact on me hand of a first-time camper, get them to
                                               and was never forgotten.                      smile and laugh, and feel safe being away
                       I believe that there    A similar night this past summer brought      from home.
                    are angels among us.       thoughts of Lori and Cammie to mind. I            As a Red River High School student,
                    Eighteen years ago I was   tried to imagine how Lori felt, losing                       Cammie discovered more of her
                    carrying my nephew M.J. her daughter so unexpectedly. I                                 artistic side, painting beautiful
                    (Michael James), his body thought, “What if my son Nick had                             pictures and writing poetry.
                    invaded by the “beast”     died? How would I feel?” I would                             During her senior year she
                    we know as cancer and      want to tell the world about him-                            attained her Certified Nursing
                    forever young at four      what he liked and didn’t like, what                          Assistant (CNA) designation
years old, because his legs were too weak.     his strengths and accomplishments                            and took pride in the work
As we walked, his arm went behind my           were, and what he was passionate                             that she did with the elderly
neck and rested on my shoulder. To this        about. I thought that Lori might                             at Valley Memorial Homes
day, when “life” sometimes gets a little       like the chance to do the same and                           Eldercare. If one of Cammies
overwhelming, I feel that reassuring touch     I could give her that opportunity                            friends had a birthday or special
on my shoulder and I know that my angel        through my column in the “Red                                occasion, Cammie was the
M.J. is with me, carrying me through a         Cent”. I contacted Lori, through her                         first person to send flowers or
trying time.                                   Mom, and we agreed to meet to write Cammie Johnson organize a party to celebrate.
    As I said, there are angels among us, and a column and tell the small world of                       Because of her diabetes, Cammie
I’d like to introduce you to another. To do    “Red Cent” readers about our newest           R’05        didn’t drink alcohol, but wouldn’t
that, I need to go back almost three years. It angel, Cammie.                                hesitate to get up in the middle of the night
was a hot, humid August night, just a few          Cammie Johnson was born on December to go and help out a friend who had too
minutes before the dark had chased the last    17th, 1986, an early Christmas present        much to drink and couldn’t drive home
few strands of light from the sky. I had       for her parents Lori and Mark and her         safely. After graduation from high school,
bagged my grass clippings and had driven       older brothers, Tom and David. She was        she enrolled in the nursing program at
them a few blocks to Schroder Middle           a chubby, bubbly, happy baby; and could       Northwest Technical College in East Grand
School to deposit the in one of the yard       often be seen with her parents at the ice     Forks, hoping to work as a pediatric nurse
waste containers there. I was getting ready rinks around town, taking in one of her          for children with diabetes. Cammie valued
to leave when an attractive woman stepped      brothers’ hockey games. She was in and out her independence and moved into an
out of the shadows and asked, “Aren’t you      of the hospital as a young child and at the   apartment of her own, having three jobs at
Greg Nelson?” I said that I was, and she       age of ten was diagnosed as having Type 1     times to pay her rent and school expenses.
introduced herself as Lori Johnson (formerly Diabetes.                                       She loved to watch hockey, movies and
Lori Laughlin), a classmate from the Rough         Picture a group of children on the Kelly  spend week-end nights playing Yahtzee
Rider Class of 1975. Even though it had        Elementary School playground and the          with her mom. Cammie was just starting to
been thirty-three years, as soon as she said   child with the brightest, biggest smile was   enjoy cooking and was hoping to someday
her name, I recognized her. We exchanged       Cammie, being goofy with her friends.         write a cookbook for diabetics with her dad.
a few brief snippets of information about      Moving up the grades to middle school             Cammie was the happy girl next door,
our lives since graduation. I knew that Lori took her across the parking lot from Kelly      the kind and caring best friend that everyone
had married our classmate and her high         Elementary to Schroeder Middle School.        wants, but few have, and the daughter
school sweetheart Mark Johnson, and that       Cammie had a wonderful voice and loved        that every parent dreams of. She was a
they had divorced as their lives grew in       to sing, mostly for her own enjoyment, and    genuinely good person and her example
different directions. I didn’t know about      took voice lessons from Scott’s Music. She brought out the best in others. And on a
her children. Lori said that she had three     could be heard singing along to the radio, in December morning three years ago, she
grown children, two sons-Tom and David,        her room or in the car, but shied away from went to sleep, and awoke in heaven. Her
and a daughter-Cammie. Her eyes seemed         an audience. She was active in gymnastics     life’s’ story is inspiring and I’m honored to
to cloud over as she explained that Cammie and dance and took lessons at Red River           have been able to share some of it with you.
had died from complications related to         Gymnastics and Dance, Etc.                    Cammie Johnson-An Angel Among Us.
diabetes only months before. The burden of         During the summer, Cammie attended

                                                         Just Jim
                                            By Feature Writer, Jim Haugen, C’51

                                                     A Dad’s Legacy
                              A craftsman, skilled at pouring cement, laying bricks, chiseling stone,
                                     He stands astride a narrow platform of planks, three stories up,
                                       Tamping another red brick in place on a tall chimney,
                                   Dressed in bib overalls and long-sleeve shirt, rolled up to his elbows
                                Exposing well-tanned forearms, sinewy from years of heavy labor,
                                         Crinkled lines around the eyes on his dark-tanned face,
                           A striped, brimmed hat slanted to one side, a triangular trowel in his hand,
                                     My dad yells down a command: “More Mud!” - my call to action,
                                I shovel wet mortar into a pail, then, hefting its 40-pound weight,
                               Climb two ladders to his lofty perch; empty my load onto a mortar board,
                           Then back to the grounf, a brief respite, again a commanding cry: “Brick!”
                                    The climb repeated, my tongs loaded with a dozen heavy bricks,
                                        I experience the nature of hot summer-time work.

         We drive each day to Hillsboro in his cement streaked’49 International pickup,
                 Building a stone fire-place and a tall brick chimney for a new house,
                         My tools - a hoe, a shovel, and a mortar box,
                      Like a flat-bottomed boat, five feet long by two feet wide,
        My recipe - shovel in a precise amount of sand, add a 98 pound sack of cement,
           Throw in a pail of water - muscular hoeing yeilds a thick gray mix called “mud,”
               We work ten hours a day, five days a week, on the job by seven,
              A morning energy food break - a sliced open cinnamon role, spam inside,
                  In the ancient small town bar, with crooked wooden floors-
                   Done by six, a cold beer for him, 7-up for me - cooling off time!

                                            Just Jim                                                 Pictured above: Nels Haugen
                                (Remembering his dad, Nels Haugen)
                                                      To Be Continued...
  Red Cent • February 2011• page 3

                                                Another “Sweet” Memory of Grand Forks
                                                                By Guest Writer, Dean Schroeder, C’60

                     At the 50th class reunion of the class of ’60 held in September, those of us who attended were given some
                     favors to remind us of our high school days. One of these favors was a small bag of “Chippers”, chocolate
                     covered potato chips made by Widman’s Candy of Grand Forks. Widman’s was a favorite hangout for many
                     of us who lived in the Central Park area of Grand Forks.
                     Widman’s was more than a candy store in those days. George Widman and his wife opened the store
                     around 1950, moving to Grand Forks from Crookston, MN where his family had operated a candy store
                     for many years. Although Widman’s also sold nationally branded candy they were best known for their
                     homemade chocolates, hard candy, toffee, pastels, mints, and other high quality confections. In addition to
candy, Widman’s had a large selection of greeting cards and magazines, a large selection of “knick knacks”, souvenirs of Grand
Forks and North Dakota, and gag items. You could also buy soft drinks by the bottle and they had a big selection of comic
books. The Widmans would allow us to buy a soft drink and read the comic books without buying them. Needless to say, we
spent many hours accepting this hospitality.
       George always treated us as adults, expecting good behavior, clean language, and courtesy towards other customers in
his store. He even let some of his regular customers establish charge accounts to pay for their soft drinks and other treats.
Once the balance got up to a dollar or two, he would remind us of our obligation and we would pay the account down. As a
result of this treatment we all respected him, his family, and his business. George never forgot us. Any time we would visit
after leaving Grand Forks, he would greet us warmly and recall our many contacts in the past. He also kept track of his old
customers and could tell us where they were and what they were doing. We would add any new information so he could pass it
on to others.
       George and his wife had a large family, and several of his children have continued the businesses, in Grand Forks,
Crookston, and more recently in Fargo. The Widmans gave me the opportunity to act like, and be treated as, an adult. The
lessons I learned at Widman’s have served me well throughout my life. I learned as much from my contacts with Widman’s
as I did in many of my more formal classes. I also learned one other very important lesson at Widman’s, if you want the best
candy nothing beats homemade, handmade confections. The next time you are in Grand Forks, make the trip to 106 South
Third Street for some Chippers, or other sweet delights.

                                                       if I had the job or not. I wrote back and offered        learned the show decade by decade from Jackie
                        Christmas in the Smokies       more video footage in place of a live audition.          and was given certain character-direction from
                                                       They seemed fine with that. My videos were sent          Doug. He asked me to go ahead and learn the role
                             By Guest Writer,          on Tuesday; it was now Friday…                                                  of “Betty Sue,” the female
                             Misti Koop, R’98          I hadn’t heard anything at all. As                                              nerd-character for the 50s
                                                       the week passed, I had started to                                               portion of the show, who is
                         Happy New Year,               want this show more and more…                                                   lucky enough to be united
                         everyone! Instead of          which is usually a sign that I                                                  with her nerd-soul mate,
                         writing this article while    won’t get it. As I finished a salad,                                            Eugene. I guess they got to
                         sipping coffee from a new-    sitting on the steps of the balcony                                             know me pretty quickly to
                         found coffee shop elegantly   in the Broadway Theatre where                                                   assign such a thing! (wink,
                         called The Greenbrier,        I was working concessions for                                                   wink)
I’m writing from the Hellbender Grill! Nice, huh!      “Promises, Promises,” my phone                                                  I was actually the third ‘new
Both are wonderful gems in Gatlinburg, TN, the         buzzed with an email.                                                           girl’ on board, so it took me
northwestern “gateway to the Smoky Mountains           The email read, “Misti, are you                                                 a bit longer to be integrated
and Smoky Mountain National Park. The next             still available? We would like to                                               into the show… but with
town to the north, Pigeon Forge, TN, is where a        use you in our show. If you are                                                 patience and determination, I
sweet and talented woman named Dolly Parton            still interested, how soon can you                                              eventually made it completely
happened to grow up!… and where I spent the past       arrange to get here?” Whoa!...                                                  IN the show! I also covered
four months, working and performing. I haven’t         I was shocked. It was the very                                                  for Jackie when she had
met Dolly yet, but if I’m here long enough, I pray     beginning of the New York fall                                                  two different week-long,
our paths with cross.                                  audition season, and I had a gig!                                               choreographer obligations,
From Jewish Camp to the Bible Belt…                    I was excited, relieved, scared, and unsure. Do I        out of state. This past summer and fall, the Grand
I never imagined that I would spend Christmas at       seriously take this, after only being back in the city   Majestic Theater was also home to the Temptations
the foot of the Smoky Mountains… but I certainly       for ten days?! After feeling “stranded” at camp all      Revue, out of Las Vegas. These five stunning, tall
did! Rewinding a bit, in later August, I returned      summer, with no outlet but my running shoes…             and talented, African-American men sang and
to my beloved New York City from directing two         I decided that an adventure was what I wanted.           danced the hits of the original vocal group, the
middle school musicals for a Jewish sleep-away         I packed my things into two suitcases, with my           Temptations, complete with a full on-stage band.
camp in northeastern Pennsylvania. This was            computer on my back and my saxophone over                Two of these guys, Ritchie and Reggie, wanted to
quite the experience too! I managed to build and       my shoulder, and flew to Pigeon Forge, TN on             perform a few numbers in our show to promote
rehearse the productions of “All Shook Up” and         September 4.                                             their own music as well. One number was “Shout,”
“Once Upon A Mattress” with a great group of           “America’s Hit Parade” at the Grand Majestic             the other – “Soul Man.” I happened to walk into
kids entering 7th, 8th, and 9th grade. (Explained      Theater…                                                 the theatre for extra rehearsals one day, while they
in another article, perhaps?!) Straight off of the     I arrived in time to see their Saturday evening          talked about this number. They were discussing the
bus from camp near Milford, PA, I wheeled              show. It was very good, very entertaining; a solid       fact that the track needing a stronger instrumental
my luggage to my favorite Starbucks (54th and          performance piece. It truly was a “hit parade!”          line. I looked at Doug with big eyes and said, “I
Broadway) to research online for auditions. After      Through song and dance, the cast of eight, took          can play that for you! May I?” He tilted his head,
three hours, I had a good handle on what projects      the audience on a journey through the musical            wondering how exactly I was going to do that.
were auditioning in the city and I had emailed a       hits of the 1940s, 50s, 60s, and 70s, including one      Before he could express doubt, I ran backstage and
few companies that had advertised that they were       of the finest tributes to the men and women of           grabbed my alto. I figured out what key the track
looking for performer-types such as me. Before         America’s Armed Forces that I’ve ever seen (and          was in and joined the horn-line. It wasn’t perfect –
I shut my computer to trek myself to the A-train       now have ever been a part of!) The music traveled        but I had convinced the three of them that it could
staircase, I received an email. It was a response      from “Sing, Sing, Sing” and “Boogie Woogie               work and would sound good!
from one of the companies I had just written to!       Bugle Boy” to “At the Hop” and “Hand Jive” to            Christmas Show Additions…
The Grand Majestic Theater in Pigeon Forge, TN         “Yesterday” and “Let It Be” and “Aquarius” to            In Pigeon Forge, all of the theaters make
was seeking two immediate soprano replacements         disco’s “Celebrate” and “Car Wash” and “Last             Christmas additions to their shows. This draws
in their show, “America’s Hit Parade.” The             Dance.” Each decade was cleverly narrated by a           in the Christmas season tourists and spreads
husband/wife director/performer/owner team,            different radio personality, from a raised booth         the Christmas spirit! We worked hard to learn
Doug and Jackie, had viewed a video of mine and        above stage left.                                        challenging choreography for a jazzy “Jingle Bells”
wanted me to fly down to audition in person! I         I was hooked. I wanted to be part of this neat           opener, followed by “It’s the Most Wonderful Time
was flattered with their interest in me, but knew I    collection of hits! I wanted to dance and sing like      of the Year,” and a couples routine for “Sleigh
couldn’t fly down on my own dime not knowing           these performers did. As my rehearsals began, I          Ride.” We also sang a beautiful arrangement of
 Sports Memories and Highlights                                                           Red Cent • February 2011 • page 4
                                                                                          Red Cent • February 2011 • page 4

                                                                                                       Red River 1983
                                                                                                       Girls Basketball
                                                                                                 Pictured below, back row: LaRaw
                                                                                            Lizakowski, Patty Purpur, Kristi Nerby, Melody
                                                                                            Vonasek, Tanya Walsh, Tara Stenseth, & Barb
                                                                                            Paintner. Front row: Paula Newton, Kathleen
                     Central 1966 Basketball
                                                                                             Kresl, Renee Ramsett, Sandy Hagen, Paula
Central compiled a 17-3 overall record this season, including a per-
                                                                                             Koppy, Stacy Brandvold, & Dianne Dobson.
 fect 8-0 North East Conference mark. High scorers for the season
 were Sr. Clair Moe with 288 and Sr. Gary Schuler with 270 points.

         Central 1975 Girls Tennis
Pictured above l to r: Laurie Lacrosse, Patty
 Blain, Jody Peterson, Karen Nedberg, Carol
          Gambucci & Cindy Hadland

                                                                           down to high school. Those are all good levels for different
                           “Today’s Sports”                                reasons. They’re all bad levels for different reasons.“But in some
           Former GF Central, NFL QB Bollinger                             capacity, I will coach at some point. Maybe it’s high school.
                                                                           Maybe it’s the NFL. Football will always be a part of my life.”
                           set to hang ‘em up                                  How about at the University of Wisconsin, where Bollinger
               Excerpted from an article written January 16, 2011          was 30-12 in his four seasons as starter and rushed for more yards
                          by Tom Miller for the GF Herald                  than any quarterback in school history? As a redshirt freshman,
                                                                           Bollinger led the Badgers to a Rose Bowl victory.“I love Madison
                                 Midway through this UFL season,           as a town,” Bollinger said. “I know a ton of people in the athletic
                            Florida Tuskers quarterback and Grand          department. Would I want to coach there? The short answer is
                            Forks native Brooks Bollinger hurt his neck    yes … depending on X, Y and Z. If I decide to coach at that level,
                            and sternum on a hit. He played through the    (Wisconsin) would be on the top of my list.”
                            injuries, but later in the same game Bollinger     Bollinger said he and his dad attended the Rose Bowl in
                            smacked his hand on a helmet while             Pasadena earlier this month, where TCU beat Wisconsin. It was
                            throwing a pass.                               the first time the Badgers had been back to the Rose Bowl since
                            “I’m getting too old to get hit that much,”    Bollinger’s 2000 team.
                            said the 31-year-old Bollinger, who never          Bollinger was a sixth-round NFL draft choice by the New
                            fully recovered from the hand injury.          York Jets in 2003. He started nine games for the Jets in 2005,
                                So after six NFL seasons and two in the    completing 150 of 266 passes for 1,558 yards and seven
                            UFL, the former Grand Forks Central star       touchdowns. A banged-up Jets offensive line, however, also
   Brooks Bollinger, C’98                                                  allowed Bollinger to be sacked 32 times that season. Bollinger
                            has decided to enter the next stage of his
                            football career.“Unless something crazy        would play two seasons with the Minnesota Vikings, starting
 happens, I’m done,” Bollinger said. “I think this year was the year one game in 2007. In 2008, Bollinger was a backup quarterback
 that told me that it’s time to hang it up. This is a young man’s          for the Dallas Cowboys. He played in two games and threw one
 game. It’s all taken its toll on my body.                                 touchdown pass, to Terrell Owens.He was signed by the Detroit
 “Plus, my kids are getting older. At least at this point, I’m very        Lions in 2009, but released after five days.
 comfortable and excited to start something new.”                          His pro football career then turned to the Florida Tuskers of the
     Bollinger resides in the Twin Cities, where his wife Natalie is       United Football League, where he has played for the past two
 pregnant and expecting their third child in February. “I’m taking         seasons, including a league MVP campaign in 2009.
 some time and enjoying the two boys and my wife,” Bollinger                   Bollinger’s last shot at the NFL might have came this season
 said. “I’m talking to people and trying to figure out what I’m            with the Minnesota Vikings when Brett Favre ended his record
 going to do next. Honestly, it’s exciting to take a deep breath and       consecutive-games played streak and Tarvaris Jackson went down
 evaluate what’s best for my family.“This might be funny to some           with a leg injury.
 people, but for the first time in a long time I feel like my life         “I texted (Vikings offensive coordinator and former Wisconsin
 could go in any direction. I have the power to choose. You know,          Badgers quarterback Darrell) Bevell that I was 15 minutes down
 you sign a letter of intent to go to college, you get drafted, you        the road and ready any time,” Bollinger laughed. “Obviously, a lot
 get traded, you get cut, you get signed … don’t get me wrong, I           of different variables go into those decisions. I have a lot of good
 wouldn’t trade it for anything, but I’m excited to sit back and see       friends there and would have loved that opportunity. It didn’t
 what’s out there.”                                                        work out.”
     As a quarterback and the son of former UND offensive                      Instead, the Vikings signed Patrick Ramsey, a former teammate
 coordinator Rob Bollinger, coaching would seem to be a natural            of Bollinger’s in New York.“I was happy for Patrick,” Bollinger
 fit for Brooks.                                                           said. “He’s a good guy and a good player. That’s the way the
 Where, though? Brooks says it depends on the opportunity and the business goes. I gave those guys a hard time. I told them I could
 potential strain it would put on his family.                              have stood over on the sidelines just as good as (Ramsey) did.”
 “With that profession, it’s about making sure it works for my
 family,” Bollinger said. “I was fortunate enough to develop
 relationships with NFL coaches, college coaches, all the way
   Red Cent • February 2011• page 5                                               Making Music & Friends

    Red River 1971 Band Officers
      Front Row (l to r): Gretchen Johnson,
          Dorothy Dede, & Barb Nelson
     Back Row (l to r): Kim Pennington, Mark
           Nordtvedt, and Bob Forsman
                                                                                      Central 1957 Boys Glee Club
                                                                                 The boys Glee Club meets once a week during the
                                                                                noon hour under the direction of Dwight Sherwood.
                                                                               The glee club sings mostly for enjoyment, and it also
                                                                                 sings some numbers with the Centrailian Chorus.

                                                                              Central 1983 Pop Singers
                                                                              Pictured right, back row l to r: John Dawes, Trent Ertman,
                                                                              Kevin Bubach, Craig Olson, John Schmidt, John Paulson, John
                                                                              Manskey, Robb West & Mr. Al Gratz. Middle row l to r: Lolita
                                                                              Jacobson, Blanca Richmond, Monica Wack, Diann Severson,
                                                                              Wendy Derman, Jill Hollifield, Lisa Kryzsko, Betty Roos. Front
                                                                              row l to r: Scott McNamee, Susie Bohlman, SHeila Whalen, &
                                                                              Ross Carriveau.

                           First Car                                        at the Memphis Naval Air Station I broke my left hand. I was taken to
                                                                            the base hospital where I was admitted. It was apparent I have broken
                 By Guest Writer, Neil Quigley, C’52                        the hand before probable in high school football or basketball. I also
                                                                            probable broke it again in college football or hockey while playing at the
                           Everyone probably remembers vividly their        University of North Dakota.
                           first car. Although today it is almost a teenage           I was ultimately discharged from the USMC due to the broken
                           right-of-passage to have a vehicle available     hand. I had a choice of having the hand repaired and extent my
                           immediately upon securing a driver’s license,    enlistment or a discharge. The Korean War ended when I was in boot
                           witness the huge high school parking lots for    camp so they were awash with bodies. I chose a discharge and no repair.
                           students, in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s it I drove home with so little cash I only had candy bars for food. I stopped
                           was not so. My high school in Grand Forks,       at my sister and brother–in-law’s in Fargo mainly for some food. While
                           North Dakota had only a small interior parking   we talked and ate my radiator froze up and we had to tow it to a garage
                           lot and even most teacher did not drive a car to to melt and fill with antifreeze! We also connected up the heater. When
school.                                                                     I arrived home I parked proudly in front of the family home – the next
        My first car was purchased in 1954 off a used car lot in Memphis, morning the antifreeze was in the gutter. The heater hoses leaked!
Tennessee, when I was in the Marine Corp at the Memphis Naval Air                     Later that summer I threw a rod and the repairs were almost
Station. I diligently saved up $400 from my Marine pay. This was not        $400. To that point much of my summer earnings. My Dad suggested we
easy as I received something like $95 maybe twice a month. This was         trade the car in on a cheap new car. The Old Man had more sense than I
$5 more than most as I had joined the National Guard at age 15 telling      usually gave him credit. He handled the negotiations and I secured a loan
them I was 17. I was given addition pay for this somewhat irresponsible at the First National Bank for two years at $50 a month and became the
behavior. My Dad had not been impressed at my impulsive act.                very proud owner of a very plain Jane new 1954 two door six cylinder
        I ventured to the used car strip in Memphis alone full of believe I 410 Chevrolet with an am radio the only extra. The only chrome was a
was actually capable of buying a car. Upon entering the lot I saw a Black little on the grill and the bumpers. Dad and the bank insisted I purchase
1948 Chevrolet five passenger coupe and immediately was filled with         insurance. About $50 a month. Ouch!
hopeless new car fever. It was marked in big letters on the windshield                I have since learned my friends thought I was rich! My secret was
“$795”. But sometimes being naive pays off! A salesman approached           as above plus the GI Bill, two part time year-round jobs (filling station
and asks if any car looked good. I said yes but I only have $400 and its    and assisting a carpenter with side jobs) in addition to a full time summer
marked $795. He knew he had a sale! He said I think we can work it out. job (grain bin supervisor for the US Agriculture Stabilization Office).
Not having real ability to come up with more money he finally sold it to Room and board at home for the next year did not hurt either. I returned
me for $400. I left the lot feeling like a real clever fellow.              to the University of North Dakota for my sophomore year but the cost
        Since I did not have sense or money to insure the car I could not   at the University in the 1950s was only about $100 including books and
bring it on base. I kept it just off base at a locker club where we were    tuition for a semester. Truly the good old days!
required to leave our civilian clothing. This worked ok and fortunately I             The first car is special even when it creates a few headaches.
did not have any accidents or problem.                                      I still think the five passenger coupe design made a great vehicle.
        It was not long after I purchased the car while playing football
The play’s the thing...                                                                                 Red Cent • February 2011 • page 6

                                                                                                                                               Central 1961
                                                                                                                                                Junior Class
                                                                                                                                               presents “Ask
                                                                                                                                                 any Girl”

                   Red River 1968
     Wizard of Oz orientates new theater.
     The Wizard of Oz premiered as the                                                            Central 1966
      first play in the Red River Theater.                                                         ‘Camelot’
       See page 7 for excitings news about                                  Presented March 17, 18, & 19 under the direction
              Red River’s Theater.                                                    of Mr. Sherwood & Mr. Fosse.

“Silent Night” cleverly layered with “The Lord’s        Holiday Dance. (I’m beside myself with nervous           what my parents and brother were seeing for the
Prayer,” as well as an African Carol arrangement        glee! Nothing like this has ever happened to me!         first time!
of “Go Tell It On the Mountain,” “O Holy Night,”        I awkwardly try to straighten my scarf and belt.)        They watched my final performances at the Grand
and a fabulous finale in Rockette-style, red sequins,   Eugene, good luck to you and                                                Majestic, which was very special.
of an uptempo and jazzy “Have Yourself a Merry          Betty Sue, congratulations to                                               They also experienced much of
Little Christmas.” I’ve always wanted to be a part      you.”                                                                       the city’s attractions, finding them
of a huge Christmas show; so needless to say, I was     As I sing “Silver Bells” as                                                 surprisingly familiar; very “North
in Heaven!                                              a duet with Allison, I search                                               Woods – like” and country-
Doug tried to figure out which Christmas songs          for Eugene in the audience.                                                 style. In Minnesota and North
should fit into the 50s portion. He and Jackie          Finally, I see him and he                                                   Dakota, we have lake cabins;
settled on “Silver Bells” and a Doo Wop rendition       responds with the melody an                                                 they have mountain cabins.
of “White Christmas.” (remember the version from        octave higher on his piccolo!                                               We have prints of bears, trees,
‘Home Alone’?) Knowing that I’d still be playing        Picture a teen-age “Alfalfa”                                                and deer on our walls/fences/
Betty Sue in the 50s portion for the Christmas          character with the signature                                                 mailboxes/lampshades… so do
show, my wheels started to turn. My friend,             ‘hair-point,’ pants hiked up                                                 they. We have lakes, they have
Blake played Eugene and also happened to have a         high, suspenders, and the             Pictured above, l to r: Brittany       mountains… both are beautiful
degree in flute performance. I had my saxophones,       best, thick, google-glasses         Koop, R’03, Casey Koop, R’01 and and desired by most. Needless
flute, trumpet, clarinet, and trombone with me in       I’ve ever seen! To end the                    Misti Koop R’98.               to say, this surprisingly familiar
Tennessee too…                                                 number, he ‘breaks’ his                                               setting has made them want to
so I asked Doug if                                             piccolo in its two pieces, shoves each piece in visit again – hooray!
Blake and I could                                              a pocket, we hold hands and then pose, cheek While I admit, I miss New York City and it’s
do a flute duet, or                                            to cheek. We are instantly in love (kindred-      audition opportunities, I also know that the 50s/60s
descant of some sort                                           spirit, band geeks).                              show at the Smith Family Theater sees me clearly
on “Silver Bells,”                                             “Doo Wop White Christmas” is next. Wayne          as “the performer that Misti is”… complete with
or maybe even a                                                sings the familiar lead line, while Eugene        quirky-comedy acting, soloing and harmonizing
call and response,                                             and I sing the background “doots” with            opportunities, the right difficulty of movement, and
echo exchange                                                  everyone else, laughing at all of our band        use of my musical instruments. When a performer
between flute and                                              geek jokes and comments. Then… Betty Sue          finds a place of performing-balance such as this,
trombone… as                                                   has an idea! My motivation is, “This song         that performer must give it a full try! We’ll see
Eugene and Betty                                               needs a bass line! I run off stage to grab my     what this next page brings me. Or better yet, we’ll
Sue eventually                                                 trombone! With my first “blatt,” everyone         see what I can bring to this next page in the “life
find each other                                                jumps! I add a bass line to the second verse,     and times of Misti.” As always, I do miss and
in the audience?                                               inspiring Blake to add a piccolo descant, as      highly respect my home. Everyone’s heads still
He thought about                                               Wayne continues to try to sing. We dance          turn here when I say I’m from North Dakota and
it, but wanted the                                             and sway as we play; you can picture two          Minnesota. I’m always proud and they are always
instruments in the “Doo Wop White Christmas”            true music geeks in dorky glasses, the “Alfalfa-         eager to hear about us; our way of life, our values
number instead.                                         looking,” male with a piccolo and the female in          and perseverance, our tolerance of the wind and
Here’s what evolved! After “Shake, Rattle, and          blonde pig tales, wearing a bright green poodle          snow, etc! May the New Year bless you and your
Roll,” Doug’s 50s radio personality, Danny              skirt, saddle shoes, and horn-rimmed glasses, with       careers, leisure, family, and friends. Love always,
Vondaine, announced - “Tonight’s audience               her trombone. We add a tiny tag and button to            Misti
dedication goes to one of our very own ‘Danny           the end of the number, driving Wayne crazy, but
Vondaine singers and dancers.’ Her name is Betty        completely pleasing the audience! What a moment!
Sue. (I wave timidly, shocked that someone has          A New Year’s visit from my Parents and
chosen me!) His name is Eugene and he met               Brother…
you last year at band camp. (My memory jogs             I was fortunate enough to be visited by my parents
and I suddenly remember, ‘Eugene’! I look into          and brother over New Year’s. They saw my
the audience, squinting to see him.) He wants           show, took great pictures, and were a tremendous
us to play one of your favorite Christmas songs         support! As I guided them around the tourist
and hopes that you’ll accept his invitation to the      community of Pigeon Forge, I could only imagine
 Red Cent • February 2011 • page 7                                     School dAzE

                                                                        Snowball Central 1957
                                                                  The theme for the holiday dance this
                                                                   year was Snow Ball. Paul Sorlein’s
                                                                 Jazz Promoters furnished the music. A
                                                                  great time was had by all who went.
                                                                    Pictured right, l to r: Loydine
                                                                     Gullickson, Gary Kuster, Helen
                                                                     Korfhage, Tom Schimke, Carol
                                                                 Lovegren, Bob Woutat, Susan Barnes,
                                                                             and Linda Boe.

      Red River 1972 Hoarsmen
                  Pictured right:
  that cluster of guys at the games...devoted to
increase Rider spirit...with unique cheers...known
 for their moonshine cookies and orange drink...
   the annual “turkey award”...putting on Sadie
  Hawkins...and for the dreaded initiation of new
  members...the loudest and liveliest part of the
           crowd...that’s the Hoarsmen!

                                                   up between the Central auditorium and the
            Todays’ School News                    downtown parking ramp. Central’s theater
  GF School Board votes to move ahead              would be remodeled to turn the old balcony,
            with construction bids                 now the art department classrooms, back into
         Excerpted from an article published
      January 10, 2011 in the Grand Forks Herald   theater seating.
                                                       Central’s band and music rooms would
    Plans to build a new theater at Red River      move from their current location near the
High School and to renovate Cushman Field          Central basketball gym to the new performing
moved forward Monday night as the Grand            arts addition. The old band and music rooms
Forks School Board voted to advertise the          would be remodeled for art and physical
projects for bids.                                 education/sports.
    The school district set Feb. 8 as the day          These projects came from a multi-year
to open bids for the new theater, a 716-seat, process that included public input and an
32,000-square-foot addition connected to the organizational needs assessment. The school
south side of Red River between the ban and district has said it can complete the projects
choir practice areas. The architect’s plan for     without raising property taxes by using
the theater calls for another practice room for money from the existing building fund.
the orchestra and other amenities.                     Bill Hutchison, business manager for
    Bids for Cushman Field imrpovements            the Grand Forks schools, said the district
will be opended Feb. 3. The field is used by       borrowed $18 million for special projects.
school district football teams, soccer teams,      Typically, the district would repay $26
and track teams. The plan is to replace the        million over 18 years. But because of special
track, which is uneven and worn out, and to        programs including stimulus money, the
convert the field from grass to artificial turf to district expects to pay back about $17.5
protect the heavily used surface.                  million - less money than it originally
    The School Board also plans to let bids for borrowed, Hutchison said.
an addition and remodeling at Central High
School, with a performing arts addition going
  IN THE SpOTLIGHT                                                                              Red Cent • February 2011 • page 8

                                                                                          Artwork by: Stuart McDonald C’49, featured
            Central Class of 1955                                                         in the Evansville Courier & Press

               55th Reunion

  Pictured right: The Grand Forks Central
 Class of ‘65 Girls Annual Mini Retreat, held
August 26-27, 2010 in Brainerd, MN. From
   l to r: Donna WEAVER Dinsmore, Pattie
McIntyre, Cheryl CHRSITOPHER Gyldenvand,
Rinda CAMRUD Pattinson, Bernie LARANANG
     Nicholson, & Lorie DENCKER French.

                                                        It is not the intent of this essay to preach   wanting a copy of my Memoir, published
           Looking Back 69 Years                    about morals but to compare “then and now”         a year ago,”FROM THE AMAZON TO
              By Guest Writer                       with the aim of possibly bringing about            THE ARCTIC - HOPES, DREAMS AND
          Thomas ‘Tom’ Smith, C’42                  higher levels of polite action in speech and       TRAVELS OF A NORTH DAKOTA BOY.”
                                                    conduct tomorrow                                   It is a 62-year love story with accounts
    When I wrote my first column for The Red            I never recall the odor of cigarette smoke     and photos of adventure on all the world’s
Cent four years ago, I commented on how             in rest rooms at Central let alone marijuana.      continents.
much fun High School was, how innocent              To my knowledge, no girl ever got pregnant.            Here is the book’s dedication to my wife of
most of us were and how much I treasured life       Nobody ever got married in high school. We         62 years:
lessons learned there.                              were essentially innocent children living in an
    None of that has changed.The enrichment         era of what I called “imperative obedience.”        “To Piglet, friend, lover, kind and patient
of my life from the experiences at Central              You knew the rules at home, school, the        Mother to our children,
continues to this day as I approach my 88th         school yard and on the streets. If you broke the   custodian of the heart of the family, wise
birthday. The discipline and common                 rules, punishment was swift and sure. I think      beyond your years,
sense learning regimen gave me the skills           most of us were comfortable with that system.      fearless, forgiving and, above all, sweet. You
and confidence to function on a world scale         When I attended a 1942 class reunion at            filled our home with
in the areas of journalism, public relations.       Central some years ago, I was surprised            the sunshine of your smile, with the music
photography and international sales.                at the adult level of discussion in the            of your laughter and with the eloquence of
    My teachers were role models                    journalism class.                                  your prayers.
splendidly equipped to nurture and                    However, I do feel that Grand Forks and             You left us with dignity and grace and with
to mold bright, young minds and personalities       North Dakota in general have higher levels of      a legacy of unconditional love.
into citizens who not only competed but             acceptable conduct than most states.                  This, our story, is dedicated to you.”
excelled in the big world.
That sentence embodies the goal of the                                                                 Phone, write or e-mail me your address and I
educational process in its                                                                             will mail a copy free of charge.
most pure and effective form.                                                                          TOM SMITH
    It is no surprise that these mentors included                                                      1625 CEDAR VIEW DR.
some of the first and most noteworthy                                                                  CODY, WY 82414 - 4213
inductees into the Teachers’ Hall of Fame.                                                             E-MAIL [ mailto:100AKERWOOD@
Their names roll easily off my tongue today,                                                           BRESNAN.NET ]
69 years after I ended my three years at                                                               PHONE; 307-578-8853
Central: Beulah Bomstead, Leo Haesle, Olton
Hewitt,Hazel McMaster, Doc Winter, Ed
    While the memories of values learned
and fun times enjoyed have not changed with         Pictured above: Tom Smith, C’42 riding a
the passing decades, something else HAS             camel
CHANGED. It is the continuing coarsening of
our language and                                    It is comforting to feel that way about a city
lowered level of acceptable conduct in homes,       and school for which I have deep and abiding
at school, in the street and unequivocally in       love and admiration.
television and movies.                                  In closing, I will make an offer for anyone
  Red Cent • February 2011• page 9                                               IN THE SpOTLIGHT

Pictured above from the Central class of 1957 (l to r): Jeannie              Pictured above: Connie Butcher, C’67,
THORFINSON Cory, Helen KORFHAGE Wardner, Lollie MALM                            May 2010 at the Alaskan pipeline.
Bjornaraa & Meredith O’CONNOR Bundy in Las Vegas, Nevada for
their annual visit.

                                                 Letters from Alumni
 From Muriel FURSTENEAU Cody, C’41

        “I was the first female commencement
 speaker at Central High School in 1941. I went on
 to become an Organic Chemist (now retired) and I
 helped develop Angel Food Cake Mix.”
 Pictured below:
 Muriel FURSTENEAU Cody, C’41 Commencment
 Speaker and Herb Schulke, C’41, Valedictorian.

                                                                     From Dolores ‘Dee’ BLIVEN Hake, C’35

                                                                              “I have 8 great-grandchildren, all living nearby
                                                                     so I see them often and am still in the center of fam-
                                                                     ily life. What a blessing it is!! I’m living in San Jose,
                                                                     CA at the Atrium ( a retirement community). We have
                                                                     a full schedule of entertainment, speakers, bus rides,
                                                                     and many friends. One is never lonely in a retirement
                                                                     home, with so many friends to greet everyday.”

                                                             From Doris KNUTSON Black C’54 (Pictured right)

                                                             “My husband, John, (a graduate of EGF high school)
                                                             and i visit yearly our favorite place, Grace Lake, MN.
                                                             Our 3 children and 4 grandchildren come each summer
                                                             to John’s grandmothers cabin, built in 1936, to enjoy
                                                             the beautiful spring-fed lake and its many memories.
                                                             None of us want to leave the ideal climate and return to
                                                             Texas!!! We even celebrated our 50th wedding anniver-
                                                             sary at the lake two years ago and had many friends and
                                                             relatives attend.”
    Alumni NEWS                                                                                   Red Cent • Februrary 2011 • page 10

                                                         Sally                                    Beach, CA. I plan to retire     married 17 years this past
                                                 LY S TA D                 1960s                  this year or next and move      December. They have a
                                                 Larsen,                                          to Lake Oconee, GA.”            daughters, Laura Larsen,
     Educators                                   C’49 shares                                                                      Sara Gerszewski, & son
                                                 that     they                                                 Vicki              Nick Gerszewski.
                                                 recently                           Jim Hill,                  FORDYCE
                                                 moved from                         C’66,                      Bunker,                     Barry Branvold,
                 Kenneth                         their family                       shares that                C’61, says         R’70, writes “I planned
                 Sherwood,         home into a condo, and they                      he lives                   Russ & I           the CHS & RRHS 40 year
                 C’49 and          are enjoying their family -                      with his                   have four          reunions. Work continues,
                 retired           currently 8 grandchildren.                       partner                    sons, the          retirement, what’s that? My
                 G F P S           Sally says “My former                            Lanny in                   youngest in        brother, Scott Branvold,
                 vocal music       teachers influcenced my                          Denver,       Grand Forks, one in Ohio,       C’67, is on the east
                 teacher,          life - so I became one. I      CO. He is a retired Pricipal    and two in Virginia.            coast, and brother, Kevin
                 writes that       did my student teaching        Analyst II with the                                             Branvold, C’75, is on the
he is busy watching his            at two schools I attended      Colorado Legislature. An                 Doug Wick,             west coast. I remember
grandsons grow up and              - Roosevelt & South Jr.”       active church musician,         C’60, writes we had             the winter of ‘66, digging
feels blessed to have most                                        he recently started carillon    our first grandchild last       out from the blizzards, the
of his family close by. He                                        lessons at the University       year. I have retired from       drifts allowed us to walk up
recently was the recipient of              1950s                  of Denver, which involves       Boeing and now raise            onto the roof of Valley Jr.”
the “Lifetime Achievement”                                        a climb of 95 stairs in         organic blueberries (www.
award from the Red River                                          an open staircase to the
Valley Arts Council and                                           carillon tower (don’t look
                                    Marian Askim,
wrapped up another fine SPA                                       down). Jim would enjoy                  Virginia Nelsen,                 1980s
summer. Ken’s memories      C’53, writes “ I am                   hearing from classmates,        C’65, writes “My daughter,
of growing up in Grand      currently volunteering                and can be emailed at           Katherine, is a Social
Forks include busy winter   with the “Trails and Rails”                Worker in Bismarck, ND.
                            program on Amtrak...
activities - concerts, plays,                                                                     She is an artist, and a cello           Todd Schumacher,
and playing hockey on the   giving historicl and                          Dick & Cindy            player.                         C’86, has retired from
river and spending summers  cultural commentary on                BLEHM Koons, C’63                                               coaching high school
                            the observation car through                                                                                            football for
at Interlochen Music Camp.                                        & C’62, write “ We                       1970s
                            western ND & into MT.                 have recently had two                                                            24 years.
                            Our first greatgrandchild             wonderful experiences                                                            He still
        1930s               was born recently...a boy!!           with GF Central friends.                                                         teaches
                            We are in the process of              In September we hosted                                                           science in
                            selling out home of 46                                                                 Mike                            East Grand
                                                                  four pot-luck friends from
                            years and movnig to a                                                                  Lanes,                          Forks,
                                                                  the class of 62 - Susan
       Robert     Varland condo.”                                 ANDERSON Crockett,
                                                                                                                                                   and now
and Lois LAKE Varland,                                            Sharon KING Hoge, Janie                                         officiates football games.
                                    Allen & Darlene                                                                “I have
C’34 & C’45 share that                                            REFF Ramslund, and
                            Palm, C’55 & C’57, share                                                               recently                         Ray
on August 20, 2010 they                                           Harriet THORPE Tanner
                                                                                                                   accepted a                       Purpur,
celebrated 60 years of “our family entertained                    spent four days with us
                                                                                                  position wit the Department
marriage. Congratulations!! a special family from Sri             in Colorado Springs. In
                                                                                                  of Energy which will take
                            Lanka for two weeks. We               October, Dick and I had                                                           shares “I
                                                                                                  me to Watertown, SD. My
       G e r t r u d e enjoy bondong and RVing                    a great time with Elroy &
                                                                                                  wife of 29 years and I have
                                                                                                                                                    was just
NORMAN Figenshaw , on Table Rock Lake near                        Judy HOLTER Erickson,
                                                                                                  lived in Vancouver, WA for
C’35, writes that she had Branson, MO.                            C’62, while they were in
                                                                                                  30 years so moving back
a great year. Delta airlines                                      the Springs. Elroy brought                                                        of the
                                                    Meredith                                      to the Midwest will be an                         Stanford
treat “Old Ladies” great                                          Dick a box of crayons
                                                  O’CONNOR                                        experience. We are looking      University Falulty
on trips to Alamo, Texas                                          saying his conscience was
                                                  Bundy,                                          forward to our move. We         Club. I am currently the
and Asotin, Washington.                                           finally cleared after 50
                                                  C’57, writes                                    head out of Washington on       Deputy Athletic Director
                                                                  years when he broke Dick’s
                                                  “My grand-                                      Dec 28th, which ought to        of Stanfords Athlectic
        Helen AMBERRY                                             crayons in grade school at
                                                  daughter                                        be interesting during the       Department. My wife,
Solee, C’38, shares “On                                           Winship. What memories
                                                  is gonig                                        dead of winter. This is a       Terri, and I have two
September 30th I turned 90                                        some of us have!!”
                                   through rush at the                                            move we’ve pondered for         children, Alicia is 10 and
years old. My family had a                                                                        years, but waited until our
party for me. I am still active,   University of Arizona,                 Beth MCCLEAN                                            Ryan is 8.
                                   WOW! Pick an off-ramp                                          children were grown and
I walk every day and live                                         Jackson, C’64, shares
                                   in Southern California and                                     out on their own. If you’re             LaRene
alone - close to my one son.                                      that she recently went
                                   you’ll run into one of my                                      ever in town, look us up!!      Rothenberger, R’80,
                                                                  on a European riverboat
                                   children, grandchildren, or    tour with friends going to                                      writes “I currently live in
                                   greatgrandchildren. I love                                             Lloyd Harsch,           San Diego, CA; working
                                                                  severl cities in Switzerland,
                                   getting together with my                                       R’79, shares he is the          as a nanny with the same
                                                                  France, Germany, and
         1940s                     ‘57 highschool pals. They                                      Founding Director of the        family for the last 9
                                                                  Holland. I have three
                                   are the best!”                                                 Institute for Faith and the     years. In a few months
                                                                  grandchildren, Ben,
                                                                                                  Public Square. Recently, I      I will be starting a new
                                                                  Hannah, and Alaina.
                                           Robert Goehl,                                          was the Collection Center       chapter in my life and
        Stuart McDonald,                                                                          Coordinator for Operation
C’49, writes that he is back       C’59, shares that his family           Phillip Armstrong,                                      move onto another career
                                   has moved from San Diego,                                      Christmas Child. We             or school. I’m still single
drawing cartoons, published                                       C’66, writes “I had
                                   CA to Grass Valley, CA in                                      received 12,118 shoe            with no children. I love to
Sundays in the Evansville                                         two surgeries, one last
                                   the Sierra foothills.                                          box gifts for needy kids        rollerblade, read, workout,
Courier & Press. “I became                                        December and one in
                                                                                                  overseas.                       entertain, etc...I have a lot
a great-grandfather last                                          January - all is fine now
June 28th, to baby boy Jack.                                      but what a way to spend                                         of fond memories from
                                                                                                          Bart Gerszewski,        high school: socializing
(You can see a sample of                                          the holidays. My daughter,
                                                                                                  C’78, has been with             with friends, 4H, and all the
Stuart’s cartoons on page 9.)                                     Katie and son Phillip Jr.
                                                                                                  BNSFRR for 32 years. He         wonderful teachers.
                                                                  live and play in Long
                                                                                                  and his wife have been
   Red Cent • February 2011 • page 11

continued on page 11                     Timothy Fontaine,      nearly every military           Justice and Psychology.                     Cassandra
  Mike Powe, R’89, shares        C’99 shares “I am working      campaign. Life could not        I then attended the peace                   KRUEGER
     “I am married and have      at Perkins, and have been      be more interesting in the      officer training in Devils                  Lappegaard,
    two beautiful daughters;     for about 10 years now. I      Gerber household! I have        Lake. I graduated 5th in                    R’05, shares
 Kayla & Sydnee. I met my        also participate in Special    so many wonderful high          my class. I am now on the                   that she is
wife, Kim, here in Holland,      Olympics events, such          school memories from            market for a job. My days                   currently
     MI and we got married       as basketball, handball,       Grand Forks. It was my          are filled with interviews                  living in Fort
      in 2000. I am currently    volleyball and bowling. I      fourth school in three years,   and testing. I have many                    Lauderdale,
 working at ATEK Medical         went to the USA Nationals      but full of musicals &          great memories of high        FL and attending Optomety
as a Value Stream Manager.       in Ames, Iowa in June of       theater productions, dances,    school, but would have        school at Nova Southeaster
                                 2006 on the North Dakota       JEBS, Student Council and       to say my favorite one        University. I graduated
                                 bowling team.                  a million other school clubs    is sitting in the lunch       from UND in May 2009
                                                                I was in. I had an awesome      room with my friends          with a degree in Biology. I
         1990s                           Michael                experience and often wish       before school and having      got married last winter to
                                 McKinney, C’99, shares         I could go back to those        breakfast.”                   Andy Lappegaard and am
                                 that after receiving his       nearly care-free days.                                        enjoying living in South
                                 bachelors degree from          Although, now life holds                Lindsey Fennell,      Florida.
                  Scott          UCLA he went on to get         its own crazy and fun-filled    C’03 is currently living
                  Messmer,       his law degree from Temple     memories!”                      in Columbus, OH and
                  R’95, and      University in Philidelphia.                                    working as an underwriter
                  his wife       He is currently an Assistant           Patricia Stinnett,      at a bank. She says “I have                       Ashley
                  Rachel,        District Attorney in Santa     R’95, writes “I am a            been doing college off                            Kuntz,
                  announce       Cruz, CA.                      landscape architect in          and on part-time. I have                          C’05,
                  the birth of                                  Northeaster, MN. Living         3 nephews, 2 nieces, and                          writes “I
                  their third            Amy Huss, C’99, is     with my boyfriend, no kids      1 puppy. I am applying to                         graduated
son, Ryan Thomas, born in        currently teaching Spanish     and no pets, which allows       culinary school abroad.”                          from
April 2010. Matthew Allan        at Trevor Browne High          for a lot of travel and                                                           UND in
(2005) and Logan Scott           School in Phoenix, AZ.         outdoor adventures.”                                                              August
(2007) are thrilled to have      In March of 2010, she                                                            Naomi       2010 with a B.S. in Public
a baby brother and Scott is      traveled with the Spanish                                                        SPEARE      Administration, a B.A.
thrilled to have completed       Club to Paris & Barcelona.             2000’s                                    Carl,       in Political Science, and
his foursome! Scott is a         Amy says “I love to                                                              R’01,       a minor in Nonprofit
financial consultant for the     travel and love a good                                                           writes “I   Management. I hope to
firm of Brady, Chapman,          adventure...teaching is the                                                      married     have a career in the non
Holland & Associates, Inc.,      perfect job for that!!”              Adam Smith, C’01                            Lucas       profit sector and someday
in Houston, TX where he                                       shares “I am currently            Carl (Williston) about 2      work internationally. Some
and his family have resided      Alan Johnson, R’97, says     living in Ocoee, Florida          and a half years ago, and     of my favorite memories
since 2004. Scott’s wife                          “I married near Orlando. In May               we live in Grand Forks.       from high school were
Rachel is busy raising three                      a fellow    of 2008 I moved out of            I have my Bachelor’s          during sporting events.
wonderful boys!                                   RRHS        Grand Forks to pusure             degree in Elementary and      As the president of the
                                                  classmate, a career in audio and              Middle School Education       Spirit Club I would spend
        Don Glassheim,                            Katy        recording. I attended an 11       and my Master’s degree        countless hours painting
C’91, writes “I have been                         Hansen.     month course at the Audio         in Special Education,         signs, decorating cars, and
living over in Dickinson                          We have a Recording Technology                both from UND. I work         attending events. I can’t
since 1994 and have two                           beautiful   Institute in Orlando to           as a Special Ed teacher       count the number of times
wonderful boys, ages             son, Elliot, who is almost   become a Certified Audio          at Valley Middle School.      I came to school without a
16 & 12. The oldest is           21 months old. I have one    Engineer. I am currently          My favorite memories are      voice because I had been
my Moto-X star and the           more year of Ear, Nose and working at Rock Church              attending sporting events     cheering the Knights to
youngest my little actor.        Throat (Otolaryngology)      in a 5000 seat arena,             like Cushman Classic,         victory. My dedication to
I’m married to a beautiful       Surgical traning left at the previously the American           RR vs Central hockey and      Knight athletics won me
lady, Shelley, and we have       University of Minnesota.     Gladiator Dinner Theater,         basketball games, and the     the “Most School Spirit”
two good careers.                      continued on page 12 running their soundboard.           state hockey tournaments      award my senior year.
I am a salesman at a GM                                                                         where we won state 3 out      Another special memory I
dealership and she is a                   Mike Bergom,                  Brandi BAKKEN           of the 4 years I attended     have is of Jason Stadstad. I
office manager. Other than       R’93, is a general surgeon     Schlauderaff, R’00, writes      RR. I also remember           think about his zeal for life
that just living life day        outside the Milwaukee          “I am living in Detroit         cheerleading and softball     everyday. It reminds me to
by day!! I loved hanging         area, living with his wife     Lakes, MN and am married        teammates. My favorite        live life to the fullest and
out with my friends and          Carmen and two girls;          with an 18 month old son,       teachers were Mr. Berge,      appreciate those around me.
going to different sporting      Breya, 5 & Isabel, 2.          named Hank. My husband’s        Mr. Carney, Mr. Janes, and    In honor of Jason I have
events and never missing                                        name is Kevin, we have          Ms. Wacker. Other good        donated my hair to Locks
state championship hockey                Rebekah                been married for 3 years. I     memories include ones         of Love 3 times, totalling
tournaments.”                    LAFFERTY Gerber,               just recently opened a title    spent with friends either     42 inches of hair. It is just a
                                 C’97 writes “I am pregnant     company in Detroit Lakes.       in the commons or driving     simple way that I can give
        Tiffany KUEBER           with our third daughter.       We enjoy spending time at       around during free periods.   back to those who have lost
Galletta, R’96, says “I’m        Currently living in Norfolk,   our lake cabin on Cotton        I loved getting those         so much.”
happily married and the          VA wiht my husband, Dan,       Lake with friends and           chocolate chip muffins
mother of two great girls.       and daughters Isabella         family.                         from the deli! I can’t wait
Taylor is 13 and Lexi is         Ariadne (4), and Amarah                                        for our ten year reunion
8. We are living in Grand        Salome’ (2). I am an active            Samantha SAURE          this summer to see what
Forks after being in             duty Naval Officer and         Fetting, R’04 says “I           everyone has been up to
Kalamazoo, MI for 3 years.       my husband is also active      was married in April of         since high school!”
It was a great experience        duty Navy. We have had         2009. We currently have
but we are all glad to be        a very busy life with Dan      no children but plan to
back home!”                      and I coming and going         have them in the future. I
                                 constantly, supporting         graduated from NDSU with
                                                                a B.S. degree in Criminal
                                                                                               Red Cent • February 2011 • page 12

                   Time Marches On……                                            Hamburger place on Demers across from the Depot? The Luxury Ice
                                                                                Cream Store and Dixie Cup covers with movie star’s pictures? Doodle
                          By Guest Writer                                       Bug Scoters, Whizzer motors for bikes. Remember packing the car
                     Lyle “Lefty” Sorum, C’51                                   and trunk with friends for the Star Light Outdoor Theater one carload
                                                                                ticket special? A few of you may remember other great times at the Star
                                                                                Light and a few actually watched the movie. How about the balconies
                                  Do you remember the movie short titled        at the Paramount and Dakota Theaters? I have a number of other great
                              “Time Marches On”? They were kind of              memories and so do the members of the Central class of 1951 and other
                              boring when your waiting for Hop a Long           classes during the 1940’s and 1950’s era. How many of you remember
                              Cassidy (William Boyd) to slug or shoot it        Sparrow in the Tree Top? No not the song, but the fellow who was a
                              out in the old West.                              couple years older than us who’s nickname was Sparrow. Story goes
                                  Time is really marching on. It seems          that he climbed to the top of a tree in Lincoln Park when the police
                              like the march gets a little faster every year.   chased the kids out after curfew. It has been said that he actually sang
                              Many of us have been fortunate to still be        “Sparrow In The Tree Top. Or so goes the story.
                              marching. Many of our classmates had their            I may have mentioned a few of these in a previous article, but a few
                              life march come to an end over the years          of you may have missed them. At 77 I do have a little problem with
                              and a few ended their march during the past       remembering what I wrote or said. But there are times when I can
                              year. As your march continues I wish you          remember the strangest happenings from the past. Like a number of
                              well and I encourage you to get in step and       things that happen when I was in grade school, junior and senior high
very seriously consider attending our 60th. class reunion in September          such as
of this year in Grand Forks. There is more on this later.                       Teachers, friends and various events. One grade school teacher tried to
    Do you remember these? I listened to the Statler Brothers sing this         convert me from being left handed to being right handed. She failed!
song (“Do You Remember These”) a number of times over the years.                Always a warm welcome from Norske teacher, Pete Peterson. Never
While listening I would think back to my school years at Winship,               forget the stern look of Carl Hagan or the belly twister Doc Winters
Belmont and Central and living in Grand Forks during the 1940’s and             would give if you got out of line. I was never sent to the Principal’s
1950’s. If you get a few minutes look this song up on I-Tunes or You            office at Belmont to get the paddle. But I did get the assignment to
Tube. By the way what ever happened to the Durango Kid, Randolph                clean erasers a number of times. I sometimes wonder if my asthma was
Scott and the Cisco Kid?                                                        a result of all the chalk dust.
    Do you remember these? What were the names of the three Dime                   The Central 1951 class remembers will have the opportunity to share
Stores on Third Street? Kay Holte worked at the candy counter at                their memories once again at their 60th Class Reunion to be held on
Kresges. She always talks about how wonderful it was to have a                  September 8, 9 and 10, 2011 in Grand Forks. The reunion committee
caring Left- Hander walk her home from work one snowy winter night.             headed by Virginia Brett Stewart will be sending out information on the
Remember when males of all ages had to swim in the nude in the                  reunion in the very near future. Remember that time is marching on
YMCA pool or playing street hockey and using a chunk of coal for the            and this will be a great opportunity to reunite with class members you
puck. Today my grandson plays hockey using great pads, cool looking             haven’t seen in years. This is a great time to contact with the past and
uniforms, helmets and state of the art skates. Also they practice and           the wonderful years that you spent in Grand Forks and attending Central
play their games at in door rinks. I hung up the old black and brown            High School. Sharing memories is good for the soul and leaving you
blades a number of years ago. I think I will send them to Bill Gregory.         with a smile or two. By the way the other two Dime Stores were
Over the years he would tell me that my brother Don ask to use them             Woolworth’s and Newberry’s.
once and never return them. Remember when the Purper’s, Deraney’s.                  Yes those were the days and time keeps marching on, but the older
Goetz and Thrall ruled the North End hockey rink?                               I get it seems to more on a little faster each year. I apologize for
    Remember when Howie Schutz, Milt Gomer and Mel Pigg played                  rambling on and on, but I feel fortunate to have grown up in Grand
for the Chiefs? Were you a member of the Knot Hole Gang? The                    Forks and having so many great friends and classmates from Grade
great times swimming at the Riverside Pool? How about Willie Seigels            School through High School.. Some of the best times in my life were
sensational dives from the tower diving board? Remember riding your             the times I referred to in this article. Thanks to all of you who enjoy
bike or walking Dead Man’s Trail from the NP Depot to Lewis Blvd by             these times as much as I did..
the St. Mike’s Hospital or fishing the in the Red with a throw line and a            I really want to encourage you to attend your class reunions no
sinker made out of clay? A number of us would ride on a flat bed truck          matter if it’s the 5th, 10th, 25th, 50th. or 60th. Please let the Class
out to a field to pick potatoes for a couple of dollars a day. Girls use to     Reunion Committee know if there is something special you would like
baby sit for a $1.00 or more or less for the evening.                           to do when you are at the reunion in September of this year. Please
    Memories of Cherry Cokes, sharing gossip and blue cigarette smoke           bring your memories! If you are interested in having one of your
circling the air above a few of the booths at the Palace Café? Hob- Nobs        special memories included in a booklet on “Special School Memories of
at the “Y”, in the Central Band Room and the dance hall in EGF? How             the Class of 1951”. I will do my best to print them in a booklet. I really
about the Proms and the Rainbow Formals? Poodle Skirts? Never                   hope to see many of you in September!
wore one, but look at a few! Remember the Delta Hi-Y Marching Band
under the leadership of John Von Rueden? The Bike Shop and the great            Lyle “Lefty” Sorum
comic book selection? By the way Duane, Dick and Bill, the Bike Shop            Central Class of 1951
also had a great basketball team over the years in the Y City League.
Remember the Hamburger Joint on Third Street and the Tip Top

                                                                                                            Final Farewells
Jay L. Fredrick, R’ , 46, Grand Forks, ND                   Tom A. Peycke, C’78, lifelong resident      nephews. He was preceded in death by his
passed away peacefully due to complica-             of Grand Forks, ND passed away peacefully at        parents.
tions of colon cancer on Monday, September          Altru Hospital, Grand Forks on September 7,                 Annell Evon Williams, C’59, of Show
27, 2010 at Altru Hospital, Grand Forks. Jay        2010 after a long courageous battle with cancer     Low, AZ. died Sept. 6, 2010 at the age of 69.
Louis Fredrick was born on January 7, 1964          at the age of 50. Thomas Arlow Peycke was           She was born Nov. 11, 1940 in Grand Forks,
the son of Henry and Veronica M. (Bender)           born on March 11, 1960 the son of John E. and       North Dakota. She had a heart of gold and will
Fredrick in Ellendale, ND. His family moved         Arlene D. (Jeppesen) Peycke in Grand Forks.         always be remembered. She is survived by
to Grand Forks where he attended Red River          He attended Red River High School class of          daughter Pamela Williams of Phoenix, AZ.;
High School. He was a long time employee of         1978. He married Diane Gorley on October 11,        grandchildren Kevin Burton (Angie) of Phoe-
Dahlstrom Motors, Oslo, MN. He retired from         1985 in Miami, Fl. He was co-owner of Glass         nix, AZ., Deidre Stolle (Mike) of Las Vegas,
there in October 2009 due to a medical disabil-     Pro’s Inc of Grand Forks since 1997 and the         NV., Austin Stephens of Phoenix, AZ., Randi
ity. Jay was an avid race fan and a fan of Dale     owner of Rustling Leaf Resort in Ottertail, MN.     Fagotti, Ryan Fagotti, both of Show Low, AZ.,
Earnhardt and Dale Earnhardt Jr. He worked in       Tom enjoyed spending time at the lake with          whom she loved dearly and great-grandchildren
the racing pits for many years at the River City    family and friends. He is survived by his wife,     Lily and Ava Burton of Phoenix, AZ. She was
Speedway, Grand Forks with the Troy Schill          Diane; sons, Brian, New Hope, MN, Tommy             expecting another great-granddaughter in Oc-
racing crew. Racing was truly the love of his       and Dylan both of Grand Forks, ND; sisters,         tober; sisters Vivian Rydell (Wesley) and Nina
life! He is survived his brothers, Dale, Grand      Pam Hartka, Sioux Falls, SD and Lisa (Larry)        Larson (Mark) and brother Jay Bruce (Wendy),
Forks, ND and Dean (Loris), Bismarck, ND.           Berg, Grand Forks, ND; brother, John (Ann),         all of Grand Forks. She was preceded in death
He was preceded in death by his parents and         Billings, MT; lifelong friend and brother-in-       by her mother Randi Bruce; father Lawrence
grandparents.                                       law, Jim Morley, Gurnee, IL; many nieces and        Bruce; brother Robert Bruce, all of Grand
  Red Cent • February 2011 • page 13                                                                       Final Farewells
Forks, North Dakota and daughter Dawn Wil-         his special friend, Rose Foster, Grand Forks;        Dennis served in the US Navy from 1964 until
liams of Show Low, AZ.                             grandchildren, Kevin (Kim) Ausen, Logan, UT,         retirement. He served aboard the USS Bon
         Russell S. Crawford, Jr., M.D., St.J’61, Chad (Judy) Ausen, Newbury Park, CA, Marne            Homme Richard, The USS Coral Sea and the
of Deer River, MN and formerly of Grand            (Glenn) Tate, San Diego, CA, Raeph (Ruth)            USS Preserver. He also served as an Electrical
Forks, ND died Tuesday, September 14, 2010, Brecke, Grand Forks, Marc (Aimee) Brecke,                   (A School) Instructor at the Great Lakes Naval
at the age of 67 at the Deer River Health Care     Grand Forks, ND and Jennifer (Mark) Olson,           Air Station. Dennis served in both Korean and
Center, Deer River, MN. Russ was born March Mendota Heights, MN; a special family friend,               Vietnam waters, receiving numerous ribbons,
29, 1943, in St. James, MN, the son of Russell Judy Brecke; great grandchildren, Krysta,                medals and commendations. As an avid hunter
S. (Sr.) and Agnes (Hallameck) Crawford. Russ Kandyce, Kyle, Kary, Katey, Kyara, Kadyn                  and fisherman he loved to tell stories about his
was raised in Grand Forks, ND. He attended         and Kierstyn Ausen all of Logan, UT, Gina and        duck and goose hunts, his deer hunts and the
St. Michael’s Grade School and graduated from Eric Ausen, Newbury Park, CA, Nicholas Car-               various big fish he caught, but to all who knew
St. James High School in 1961. He received his rillo, San Diego, CA, Dalton and Emily Olson,            him his favorite stories were about his esca-
B.A. degree in History from Yale University in Mendota Heights, MN, Brooklyn and Anthony                pades in the Navy. He is survived by: a sister,
1966. During summers in college, he worked as Brecke, Grand Forks. She was preceded in                  Victoria Yaniro, Beth Page, Long Island, New
a brakeman on the Great Northern Railway, in death by her husband, Robert; granddaughter,               York; brothers, Kregg (Patty) Foltz, Grand
North Dakota. Following college graduation he Rachel Ausen; sister Jeanne Kranzler and two              Forks, and Bernard (Staci) Foltz, West Fargo,
enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and served 5 years brothers, Clifford Veldink and Floyd Veldink.         North Dakota; sister-in-law, Julie Foltz, Grand
as a pilot during the Vietnam era. He was honor-           Shirley L. Foster, C’61, died on Fri-        Forks. He is also survived by eleven nieces and
ably discharged as a Captain from the Air Force day, September 24, 2010, at the age of 67, in           nephews. He is preceded in death by his par-
in 1972. Russ was married to Marcie Windler        her home in Grand Forks. Shirley was born on         ents, and a brother, Gary Foltz.
in September, 1968, in Sweeny, Texas. Marcie May 2, 1943, in Grand Forks, the daughter of                        Raymond Stinar, C’59, of East Grand
died in December, 1971. Upon leaving the Air George and Berget Sollom. She grew up and                  Forks, MN passed away on Monday, October
Force he returned to Grand Forks, and enrolled was educated in Grand Forks, attending the               18, 2010 at the age of 69, at the Altru Hospital,
at the University of North Dakota to complete University of North Dakota, earning her B.S.              Grand Forks, ND. Raymond John Stinar was
a year of pre-med classes. He attended Medi-       in Medical Technology. Shirley married Porter        born on September 3, 1941 to John and Helen
cal School at UND for 2 years before he trans- “Joe” Foster Jr. on November 24, 1967 in Grand           (Dostal) Stinar at the Deaconess Hospital in
ferred to Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, Forks. She was a lab supervisor in the microbi-          Grand Forks, ND. Raymond attended Grand
TX), and graduated in 1977. Russ completed         ology and immunology department at the UND           Forks Public Schools and graduated from Grand
his medical internship in Fresno, CA, where he Medical School for 37 years. Shirley was an              Forks Central High School in 1959. He played
met Donna Skoegard Brannon. Russ and Donna avid gardener and quilter, winning many awards               basketball, Legion and College Baseball. Ray
were married June 27, 1980, after he finished      at local quilting shows. Shirley is survived by      graduated from Mayville State College in 1965
his residency in Emergency Medicine at Oregon her daughter, Sheri (Steve) Baugh of White                with a degree in Business Education, Physical
Health Science University in Portland, OR. He Hall, AR, and 2 grandchildren, Haley and Kirk.            Education and Health. He was united in mar-
practiced Emergency Medicine in Portland for Shirley is also survived by her dear friend Lori           riage to Wilma Mullet on June 5, 1965 in Wash-
almost 20 years. Russ and Donna decided to         (Mike) Foley of Gilby. Shirley is preceded in        ington Lutheran Church of Northwood, ND.
move to the north woods of Minnesota in 1997 death by her husband Porter; brother, Richard              They were married for 45 years. He started his
and he worked in Emergency Medicine at Fair- and parents.                                               teaching and coaching career in McVille, ND.
view University Medical Center–Mesabi in Hib-              Dennis L. Foltz, St.J’63, Grand Forks,       In 1969 he accepted a position in Mahnomen,
bing, MN for 3 years before retiring in 2000.      died Thursday, October 14, 2010 in Grand             MN. He finished his career at East Grand Forks
He enjoyed a wonderful retirement spending         Forks, at the age of 65, after a short battle with   Senior High, retiring in 2000. Ray also taught
his time reading, fishing, hunting, canoeing in    lung cancer. Dennis Lee Foltz, the son of Adam       Drivers Training in East Grand Forks for many
the Boundary Waters, and geocaching. He was and Yvonne (Ostgard) Foltz, was born on March               years. Ray coached High School Basketball for
extremely proud of his 1169 cache finds. He and 15, 1945 at Crookston, Minnesota. Dennis was            a total of 26 years. He was inducted into the
Donna were known through the caching com-          educated in Grand Forks, attending St. Mi-           Grand Forks Central’s Hall of Fame in 1995 and
munity as “Ole and Lena.”He was a beloved          chael’s Catholic grade school, and graduating        into the Minnesota State Basketball Coaches
and devoted father to Wes Brannon and Brooke from St. James Catholic High School in 1963.               Association Hall of Fame in 2000. Survivors
Brannon Chapman; a loving grandfather to                                                                of Ray include his wife, Wilma of East Grand
Jeffrey Brannon and a favorite uncle to the                                                             Forks, MN, daughters, Nicole Knudson, Amy
Skoegard and Windler nieces and nephews.           To Honor and to Remember...                          (Rick) Rivera, Sara (Mark) Ellingsworth all of
Dr. Crawford is survived by his wife, Donna        Contributions to the Grand Forks                     Shakopee, MN, three grandsons, Bailey, Riley
of Deer River, MN; step-son Wes (Catherine)         Foundation for Education have                       and Luke, sister, LaVerne McMenamy of Grand
Brannon, Albuquerque, NM; step-daughter,             been given in memory of or in                      Forks, ND and many nieces and nephews,
Brooke (Bill) Chapman, Seattle, WA; a sister, honor of the following former stu-                        brothers-in-law, William Mullet, David Mullet,
Mary Ann Crawford, Grand Forks, ND; his                                                                 Norman Renden, Duane Loewen, sisters-in-law
Black Lab “Chip,” and his best friend of over
                                                             dents or educators:                        Hattie Blaufuss, Donna Tarver and Mary Lug-
50 years, Nereus L. Weighter, Bellingham,                                                               gerio. Preceding Ray in death are his parents,
WA. He was preceded in death by his parents.                    In Memory of:                           brother, Irwin Stinar, sister, Jean Renden,
         Alyce “Leanore” Brecke,C’36, Grand             Irene Thelen, Educator, friends                 brother-in-law, Bob McMenamy and niece Ly-
Forks, ND died Sunday, October 3, 2010                Ted Jelliff, C’54, Educator, friends              nae Sondreal. Ray will be greatly missed by his
at the age of 92, in Valley Memorial Home                  David Rubin, C’56, friends                   family, his many friends and his pride and joy,
Woodside Village, Grand Forks. Alyce Lea-              Hilma Streich, Educator, friends                 “His Grandsons”.
nore Veldink was born November 14, 1917 in           John “Jack” Gray, Educator, friends                         Elaine Mae Borgen, C’41, of Grand
Devils Lake, ND the daughter of Richard and         William “Bill” Bohnhoff, C’56, friends              Forks, ND, passed away on October 18, 2010 at
Minnie (Landsem) Veldink. She was raised                        June Piper, friends                     the age of 87, at Valley Memorial Home Wood-
and educated in Grand Forks where she gradu-                 Margaret Rydell, friends                   side Village. Elaine M. Seim was born March 6,
ated from Central High School. She worked            Betty WHALEN Palmiscno, St.J’46,                   1923 in Grand Forks, the daughter of John and
in the meat department for Miller’s Grocery                             friends                         Ida Seim. Elaine grew up in Grand Forks and
store and later for Red Owl. Leanore was a         Virginia BENTLY Johnson, C’42, friends               graduated from Central High School. She later
talented artist specializing in oil paintings. She    Robert “Bob” Wedin, C’52, friends                 graduated from Deaconess School of Nursing.
also completed many wood painting projects                                                              She married Donald G. Borgen on August 3,
and focused her later years on toll painting.                                                           1946. Elaine worked as assistant director of
She was especially fond of coffee parties and                                                           Nursing at Deaconess Hospital, Which later
gatherings. Leanore married Robert Brecke on                      In Honor of:                          became United Hospital and Altru Health Sys-
March 31, 1939. He died December 13, 2007.                   Luther Frette, Educator                    tem, until her retirement. Elaine was an active
Survivors include her daughter, Paula Brecke                 Mark Sanford, Educator                     member of the Deaconess Alumni Association,
Ausen, Grand Forks; son, Doug Brecke and                                                                a longtime member of the Eastern Star and
  Final Farewells                                                                              Red Cent • February 2011 • page 14

United Lutheran Church in Grand Forks. Survi-         returning, he worked for the Great Northern         31, 2010, at the age of 81, in Valley Eldercare
vors include her son, Donald J. Borgen (Sha-          Railroad for several years. In 1957 he went to      Center, Grand Forks. Jeannine Marie Laughlin
ron), Grand Forks; grandson, Jonathan Borgen,         Moler Barber College in Fargo. After gradua-        was born the daughter of Thomas H. and Elsie
Grand Forks; granddaughter, Kimberly Dietrich         tion he worked for 2 local barber shops before      M. (Lariviere) Laughlin on February 27, 1929
(Wayne), East Grand Forks, MN and three               opening B & R Barber Shop on 2nd Avenue             in Crookston, MN. Her family moved to Grand
great grandchildren, Emma, Jenna and Maggie           North. Bob served for 9 years on the Grand          Forks just after her birth. She attended St.
Dietrich of East Grand Forks, MN. She is also         Forks school board beginning in 1961. In 1970       Mary’s Grade School until the third grade. Her
survived by close friends Kenneth and Frances         he was elected to the City Council where he         family returned to Crookston where she attend-
Hall and a special cousin, Grace Christopher, all     served for 8 years, and also ran for mayor in       ed the school at the Cathedral of the Immacu-
of Grand Forks. Elaine was preceded in death          1980. Bob had a great career in cutting hair.       late Conception thru the seventh grade. Moving
by her parents; husband, Donald G, and her            In 1974 he was named North Dakota’s Barber          back to Grand Forks, she attended St. Michael’s
daughter, Barbara Ann.                                of the Year. He started the Cost Cutters fran-      grade school and graduated from Central High
         Ruth “Irene” Thelen, retired GFPS            chise in Grand Forks and Winnipeg in the early      School in May of 1947. In August of 1947,
educator, was born January 23 1948. She grew          1980’s. In 1983 he was appointed to the State       Jeannine began working for the Grand Forks
up in Vallejo California with her 4 sisters and 2     Barbers Board by Gov. Allen Olson. Bob held         Herald. She worked in various departments and
brothers. Irene was blessed to have her sisters       a Master Barbers license, Master Wigmaker           retired in 1993 after 45 years of employment.
Gayle, Lucille and Laura with her in Grand            license, Instructors license and a Cosmetology      Jeannine traveled extensively over the years.
Forks for the last few days of her life. Irene        license which led him to present at hair shows      She visited Ireland, England and Italy along
received a degree in education from St. Cloud         nationally and internationally. He was a respect-   with many countries on the continent. She re-
State University and taught at the English            ed member of Augustana Lutheran Church and          called the highlight of her travels were her visits
department at Central High school from 1976           served on the Church Council. Bob was very          to South Africa, Rhodesia and Victoria Falls.
to 2004. She married John Thelen in 1976 and          active at the YMCA and loved meeting with the       She is survived by her brothers, Jim (Marcella),
they went on to have 2 children, Rich Thelen          morning coffee group. He was also involved          Ord, NE and Jerry, Saugus, CA; a sister-in-law,
(Fargo, ND) and Leah Thelen (New York, NY).           in other community groups and was served on         Clara (Mrs. Joseph) Laughlin, Grand Forks,
Irene loved to walk “the big block”, nurture          the GF Apartment Assn. Bob was well known           ND; many nieces and nephews. She was pre-
her flowers, cook and read. She will be greatly       for his wit, sense of humor and ability to talk.    ceded in death by her parents; a brother, Joseph
missed.                                               Bob is survived by his wife, Phyllis, daughters     and sister-in-law, Sharon (Mrs. Jerry) Laughlin.
         Betty Jane Palmiscno, St.J’46, passed        Diane (Steve) Swanson, Suzanne Wedin, and                    Roy Alan Wentz, C’61, Davis, IL., died
away peacefully Friday, October 29, 2010, at          sons Robert J. Wedin, Mark Wedin all of Grand       November 10, 2010, at the age of 67, at home
the age of 83, after a long battle with Alzheim-      Forks, and Billy (Debbie) Wedin of Oklahoma         with his wife by his side. Born July 24, 1943 in
er’s, surrounded by family, and under the loving      City, OK, 10 grandsons: D.J., Christopher and       Grand Forks, ND, the son of the late Frank and
care of the staff at Valley Memorial Homes            Bobby Greenberg, Brent, Michael and Casey           Viola Brenna Wentz. On June 26, 1962, he mar-
Woodside Village in Grand Forks, ND. Betty            Wedin, Tyler and Sam Wedin, Matthew Swan-           ried Pamela Mary Edinger of Grand Forks, who
was born on July 29, 1927 in Grand Forks, ND,         son, and Jonathan Wedin, 2 granddaughters:          survives. Roy graduated from the University of
the daughter of Bill and “Dolly” (Schue) Wha-         Heidi Christianson and Katie Swanson, and 9         North Dakota in 1967 and was an executive in
len, Sr. She attended school in Grand Forks, and      great-grandchildren, sisters Judy (Stan) Barta,     the dairy and food industry for over 40 years.
graduated from St. James Academy in 1946.             Michigan, ND, and Joanne (Bob) Eason, Osa-          He served in the US Army in the 1960’s. Survi-
After graduation, she worked at Whalen’s Oil          kis, MN. He was preceded in death by his par-       vors include daughter Michelle (Ian) Brockman,
and Fuel, now known as Whalen’s Moving and            ents John and Ida Wedin, sister Sandra Kuepers,     Simpsonville, SC; son Michael (Monica) Wentz
Storage. She met the love of her life Domenick        and great grandsons Tyler and Gunner Chris-         and grandchildren, Clarissa and Sophia Wentz,
Palmiscno, whom she married on Oct. 7, 1947           tianson.                                            all of Waukesha, WI; son Matthew (fiancée Jen-
at St. Michael’s Church. Betty devoted her                    Betty A. Martinson, C’44, Grand             nifer Tufts) Wentz, Greer, SC. and brothers Ray
life as a wife to Dom and mother to her eight         Forks, died Saturday, November 6, 2010 at the       Wentz, Alameda, CA. and David Wentz, Oak-
children. Betty will be remembered as a loving,       age of 83, in Valley Memorial Homes Eldercare       land, CA. He was preceded in death by a sister,
caring mother, grandmother, and great-grand-          Center, Grand Forks. Betty Ann Johnson was          Beverly Johnson of California.
mother. She attended many football, hockey,           born on January 20, 1927 in Grand Forks, North               Irene Mathiason, C’32, 96, of Grand
and basketball games, as well as numerous skat-       Dakota to John and Randina (Twedt) Johnson.         Forks passed away Sunday, November 14,
ing programs, ballet recitals, chorus concerts,       She graduated from Central High School in           2010, at the age of 96, in Woodside Village
class plays and Christmas pageants. Betty loved       1944 and Mayville State Teachers College in         of Valley Memorial Home. Irene Brenna was
to work outdoors in their garden, rake leaves         1948. She taught school in Hampden, North           born April 22, 1914, the daughter of Henry and
and shovel snow. As a hobby she was an avid           Dakota and Tioga, North Dakota. She married         Bessie (Julson) Brenna. She grew up in Brenna
reader and loved to do puzzles. Her grandchil-        Russell S. Martinson on August 7, 1950. They        Township, graduated from G.F. Central High
dren love the many quilts she made for them.          lived in Hampden, Tioga, and Grand Forks,           School, and Mayville Teachers College. She
Betty is survived by her husband, Domenick            North Dakota. Russell passed away in 1964.          taught school for 8 years in several one-room
and they celebrated 63 years of marriage; sons,       She moved to Lakewood, Colorado in 1982             country school houses. Irene married Elmer
Don (Linda), Bill (Pauly), Tony (Debbie), Rick        and returned to Grand Forks in 1991. She then       Mathiason on November 9, 1941. They lived
(Jodi), Steve (Kelley), Scott (Connie), Todd          was in the Foster Grand Parent Program for 10       on their farm in rural Thompson until Elmer’s
(Cheri) and a daughter, Becky (Mike Brundin)          years. Betty was a member of United Lutheran        death in 1997. Irene was an active member of
all of the Grand Forks and East Grand Forks           Church. She is survived by a son, David Mar-        the community. She was a charter member of
area; 24 grandchildren; 6 great-grandchildren; a      tinson, Grand Forks; a daughter, Nancy (Rich-       Valley Associated of Retarded Citizens (ARC),
sister, Pat (John) Kuller, Seattle, WA; sisters-in-   ard) Kvamme, Carlsbad, CA; grandchildren,           she was active in 4-H clubs, and Americus
law, Carina (Mrs. Larry) Whalen, Grand Forks,         Joseph Cox, Denver, CO; Kacey Kvamme, San           #23 school. She was an active member of the
ND and Mary (Mrs. Con) Whalen of Texas and            Jose, CA; Sara Martinson, Grand Forks; Jeremy       Walle Lutheran Church and served as WELCA
a brother-in-law, Adam Schuck, St. Paul, MN.          Kvamme, Grand Forks; Kristy Kvamme, Del             President several years. Irene is survived by her
She is preceded in death by her parents, sisters,     Mar, CA; Carissa Sonnenberg, Grand Forks and        daughters; Diane Yoder of Grand Forks, Karen
Nikki Gillett, Neva Rose Schuck; brothers, Con        Jenny Adams of Mandan, ND; sister-in-law,           Freeman of Littleton, CO, Rita (Rich) Hadley
Whalen, Bill Whalen Jr., and Larry Whalen.            Joyce Severson, Ray, North Dakota; brothers-        of Spokane, WA; sons, Paul (Diane) Mathiason
         Robert E. Wedin, C’52, of Grand              in-law, Lee Martinson, Tioga, ND, and John          of Grand Forks, Steven (Karen) Mathiason of
Forks, ND passed away on Tuesday, November            Martinson, Bettendorf, IA. She is also survived     Rural Thompson, ND; 10 grandchildren and 9
9, 2010, at the age of 77, in Altru Hospital.         by several nieces and nephews. She is preceded      great-grandchildren; sister, Betty Anderson of
Robert was born September 11, 1933 in Chi-            in death by her husband Russell; her parents; a     Grand Forks and Bunny Nordby of Colorado
cago, IL. to John and Ida Wedin. He graduated         daughter, Jolene Martinson; a grandson, Jona-       Springs, CO. She was preceded in death by her
from Central High School and attended UND.            than and a brother Robert Johnson.                  husband, Elmer and brothers,
He married Phyllis Iverson in May 1953. Bob                   Jeannine M. Laughlin, C’47, Grand           Kenneth, Willard and Kenny Brenna.
served in the US Army at Ft. Lewis, WA. Upon          Forks, ND passed away on Sunday, October                                             Cont. on page 16
 Red Cent • February 2011 • page 15

 con’t from front page

 1989: Century School opens.
 1991:      School board votes to drop
 “Redskins” as Central’s nickname. 1992:                               125th Graduating Class
 Grand Forks Public High Schools Alumni                           Central High School Class of 2011
 Network is launched by the Foundation
 for Education.
 1994: Central chooses “Knights” as its
 new nickname.
 1995: School district’s ninth graders
 move to Central and Red River High
 Schools; four junior high school become
 middle schools.
 1997: Due to the flood, South students
 move into Red River High School. Other
 schools start year in temporary buildings
 and churches.
 1998: Phoenix School opens.
 1999: New South Middle School opens.
 Sixth graders move to middle schools.
 2000: Grand Forks Education Center is
 opened establishing a centralized location
 for administrative and support staff.
 2003: Kindergarten expands from half -
 to- full days.
 2006:      Grand Forks Public Schools
 celebrates 125 years of Educational
 2008: Dr. Larry P. Nybladh hired as the
 district’s seventeenth superintendent
 succeeding Dr. Mark Sanford.
 2010: Grand Forks Education Center
 renamed Mark Sanford Education Center
 to honor Dr. Sanford’s 27 years of service
 to Grand Forks Public Schools.

Foundation News
Foundation receives gifts in memory of Central High School Graduates
                                                                        Gladyce LARSON Foster gives back to Central High School
        David L. Sande Memorial Scholarship is established and will             A Central High School graduate has gifted $100,000 to the Foun-
                     fund an annual scholarship for a graduating Cen-  dation for Education and Central High School for
                     tral High School student who will further their   books, computers, science material and other edu-
                     studies in the medical field. Ann Sande along     cational equipment to improve educational oppor-
                     with her sons, Hans, C’89 and Dana, C’91 have     tunities for the students. Buck Kasowski, Central
                     chosen the Foundation for Education to continue   High School Principal, “I would like to take this
                     the legacy of their husband, father and grandfa-  opportunity on behalf of everyone at Grand Forks
                     ther.                                             Central High School to thank the Foster family for
                     David attended Roosevelt Elementary and South     this most generous gift.”
                     Junior High Schools and graduated from Central             Gladyce Foster, benefactor of the Gladyce
                     High School in 1960. After three years at the Uni-L. Foster Trust, was proud of her hometown and
versity of North Dakota, he attended the Harvard School of Dental      the education she received at Central High School. Upon graduating
Medicine, graduating in 1967. After completing an oral surgery resi-   from Central High School, Gladyce attended the University of North
dency at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City in 1970 he returned to    Dakota for a brief time and eventually moved to California where she
Grand Forks to become the second practicing oral surgeon in the state. lived until the time of her death in June 2010. Family and Friends
He retired on his 63rd birthday.                                       remember Gladys for her style and grace. “She loved to return to her
        A former classmate, Lawrence W. Hanson remembers               home state of North Dakota and visit friends and family,” says Judi
David...“Having David as a great friend since the 2nd Grade at Roos-   Witt, her eldest daughter who often accompanied her mother in her
evelt School has been a privilege. He was truly unique in a myriad of  travels.
positive ways. He was intellectual, yet humble; accomplished, yet mod-          Grand Forks Public School Superintendent Dr. Larry P. Ny-
est; highly capable and professional, yet self-effacing. While this wasbladh, says “This gift from the heart from one of our distinguished
not always the manner in which he presented himself, this facade was   graduates from Central High School to today’s and tomorrow’s learn-
not the true Sande. On the other hand, who has not been the recipient  ers warms one’s own heart. We are always grateful when our alumni
of his insouciant sense of humor and his gleeful appreciation of the   express gratitude for the investment that the educators and the com-
absurd? He came back to Grand Forks because that was his home and      munity made in their lives.”
that was where he wished to raise his family and be of service to the
people of his community, through his practice and in many other ways.            If you are interested in learning about establishing a named
For me, I can simply say that he was my friend and I his. I shall miss scholarship or endowment, contact the Foundation for Education of-
him manifestly, knowing that his like may not pass this way again.”     fices at 701-787-4867 or email Executive Director, Jenny Arel.
                                                                                                              Red Cent • February 2011 • page 16

                             ‘Till We Meet Again                                                                          Yearbooks Needed!
                            Reunions and Gatherings                                                                 The Alumni Network is looking
60th Reunion - CHS Class of 1951                         20th Reunion - RRHS Class of 1991
                                                                                                                    for ‘75, ‘77, ‘78, ‘92 Red River
September 9-11, 2011                                     July 29-31, 2011                                              Yearbooks. A fellow alum is
Contact: Virginia BRETT Stewart                          Contact: Leslie WILDE Isburg
Email:                            Email:
                                                                                                                   looking for a CHS ‘92 yearbook
Address: 216 Windward Hills Ave., GF                     Phone: (605) 224-1219                                       for a family member. Another
Phone: (701) 772-4909                                    10th Reunion - CHS Class of 2001
                                                                                                                     fellow alum is looking for ‘71,
                                                         July 29-30, 2011                                             ‘72, ‘73 Red River yearbooks
50th Reunion - CHS Class of 1961                         Contact: Charlene WESTERMAN Wifall
September 2011                                           Facebook: GFC Class 01 Reunion
                                                                                                                    that floated away in the flood.
Contact: Mike McNamee                                                                                              Lastly, an alum is looking for a
Address: 1513 Lewis Blvd., GF                                          Remember Hob Nobs?
58203-1635                                                        Hey Central & St. James Classes of
                                                                                                                  CHS’63 yearbook. Please contact
Phone: (701) 775-7621                                                      ‘62, ‘63, & ‘64                            the Alumni Network office at
                                                                        *August 26-27, 2011*
40th Reunion - CHS & RRHS Class of 1971
                                                                                                                             (701) 787-4866.
Joint Class Reunion                                      You are invited to a special reunion for both
July 29-30, 2011                                         schools on August 26-27, 2011 in Grand Forks.
CHS Contact: Janie SAUER Holtan                          These are the beginning of our golden years,
Email:                        and we want to make them shine by reuniting                             Yearbook Sale
RRHS Contact: John Botsford                              all us the “hobnobbed” together. We danced, we             Central High School is selling extra copies of
Email:                           laughed, we had fun and we want to enjoy those             yearbooks from the mid 90’s through 2008. A
Website:                   days again!                                              single yearbook is $30. Two yearbooks are $50.
                                                         *Please note change in date*                              If interested please mail a check for $30 or $50 to
20th Reunion - CHS Class of 1991                                                                                                    Grand Forks Central
August 5-7, 2011                                         Contact: Bill Budge                                                           Attn: Yearbook
Contact: Missy JACOBSON Lizakowski                       Email:                                               115 North 4th St
Email:                             Phone: (949) 521-3307
                                                                                                                                   Grand Forks, ND 58203
Facebook:                     Contact: Barbara HOREISH Reigstad
Contact: Dave Jelliff                                    Email:
                                                                                                                           and a yearbook will be mailed to you.
Email:                           Phone: (651) 792-5313                                    Or, during a visit to Grand Forks, please stop by the
Phone: (218) 230-3285                                                                                                               main office at Central.
                                                         Other classes not listed are looking for reunion          A list of all the extra yearbooks is available on the
                                                         coordinators. Please contact the Alumni Network if                           GFC homepage.
                                                         you are interested in coordinating your class reunion.

                               Send your reunion info, news and photos to:
                       The Alumni Network, PO Box 5475, Grand Forks, ND 58206-5475
                     Emailed photos are preferred in jpeg format to:

                                                                                          ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED
     PERMIT NO. 481
   GRAND FORKS, ND                                                                        Grand Forks, North Dakota 58206-5475
      U.S. POSTAGE                                                                        PO Box 5475
    NONPROFIT ORG.                                                             Grand Forks Public Schools Alumni Network

 Dr. Dennis “Denny” Mayer, C’45, March 11,                   and friends. He is survived by his exceptional          Falls, MN before moving to East Grand Forks,
 1928 – December 2, 2010 Dr. Dennis “Denny”                  caretaker, JoAnne; son, Dave Mayer of Encino,           MN in 1960. She married Glenn Streich on
 Mayer, beloved husband, father, grandfather                 CA; daughter, Kim (Kevin) Chirdon of Fruita,            November 14, 1970 in East Grand Forks, MN.
 and friend, was born March 11, 1928 in Bis-                 CO; four treasured granddaughters, Alana and            Hilma taught one year at Wilder Elementary
 marck, ND to Hulda and Emil W. Mayer. He                    Kalei Mayer of Calabasas, CA; Krista Chirdon            and 26 years at Lake Agassiz in Grand Forks,
 grew up in Grand Forks, ND. While attend-                   of Grand Junction, CO, and Erika Chirdon of             ND before retiring in 1990. Hilma resided in
 ing Grand Forks Central High School, Denny                  Fruita, CO. He is also survived by his brother,         East Grand Forks, MN and spent 10 winters
 excelled in both music and athletics. He earned             Lyle Mayer of Denver, and two nieces, Marci             in Mesa, AZ. Hilma is survived by her 2 chil-
 all-state honors in football and basketball, and            (Howard) Radin and Tracey (Kirk) Badger. He             dren, Delray Gilbertson of Rochester, MN and
 won a batting championship in his fastpitch                 was preceded in death by a wonderful daughter           Delayne (Dave) Schneider-Paloma of Phoenix,
 softball league. He was later inducted into                 Jana Gottier, sister-in-law, Charlotte Mayer,           AZ, grandchildren, Adam, Zachariah, Haley,
 the Grand Forks Athletic Hall of Fame. Af-                  and nephew Jeff Mayer.                                  Tanner and Ryan, great-grandchildren, Alexis
 ter high school, he served a year in the Coast                      Hilma Loken Streich, retired GFPS               and Cage. Hilma is preceded in death by her
 Guard before entering the University of ND.                 educator, 84 passed away on Wednesday, De-              parents and husband Glenn Streich on July 5,
 He received his Master’s and Doctorate de-                  cember 15th, 2010 at Altru Hospital in Grand            1998, 2 brothers, Merlin and one in infancy, 1
 grees from USC. Denny began teaching in Las                 Forks, ND. Hilma Loken Streich was born on              sister Elverna and step-son Clarence.
 Vegas, NV, however the majority of his early                January 4, 1926 in Dahlin, ND the daughter
 career in education was in Southern Califor-                of Martin and Ingeborg (Dahl) Loken. Hilma
 nia. Denny was loved and supported through                  was raised in Walsh County, ND and graduated
 life’s joys, accomplishments challenges, and                from Dahlin High School. Hilma married Reu-
 sorrows by his “precious wife” JoAnne. Their                ben Gilbertson in Fordville, ND. She attended
 partnership of love and humor enabled him to                Mayville State College and received a Bachelor
 be the special man he was. He enjoyed living                of Science Degree. She taught 16 years in rural          Send obituaries to the Alumni Network, PO
 life and laughing. He loved reading, music,                 North Dakota Schools including Lakota and                Box 5475, Grand Forks, ND 58206 or email
 and good food. He dearly loved his family                   Dahlin. She also taught school in Thief River  

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