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Busch Gardens Competition Day Schedule


									            HERSHEY PARK Competition Day Schedule
                           FRIDAY, MAY 6, 2011
ALL PARENTS: Please park in the faculty lot or behind the school and walk your child to the bus.

5:30 a.m.     All students arrive at HMS DRESSED IN YOUR CONCERT ATTIRE!
              Chaperones arrive in a red shirt & comfortable pants/shorts.
              As soon as you arrive at HMS:

              Get your instrument, then go to buses #1, 2, 3 next to band
                           Room (building entrance # 3)
                 Do NOT board the bus unless a chaperone is on it!

6:00 a.m.     Buses leave for Hershey, PA. If the drivers stop to use the restroom we
              will NOT get off the buses! We may use the restrooms on the buses. We
              will remain on the buses for the entire trip to/from Hershey.

8:30 a.m.      Arrive in Hershey area.
              Band goes to Annville Cleona Jr. & Sr. High School to perform.
              (500 South White Oak St. Annville, PA 17003-2298)

8:50 a.m.     Concert Band to warm-up / Symphonic band to auditorium to listen.
9:15 a.m.     Concert Band performs
              After performance, Concert Band sits in audience to listen.
9:40 a.m.     Symphonic Band to warm-up
10:05 a.m.    Symphonic Band performs
10:30 a.m.    After performance, group photos taken outside
              All band members return to buses.
              Change into park clothes on the buses.
              Proceed to Hershey Park

Arrival       Have a good time!

              You MUST stay in groups of 3 or more – you MUST have your music
                    dept. t-shirt on (right side out) at ALL TIMES.
              There will always be a parent at the First Aid Station in Pioneer Frontier
                    (near ride #35 The Claw) in case of an illness or an emergency, or
                    if you need to contact a director.
5:30 p.m.     Students getting awards for the bands and any others who would like to
              come to the Awards Ceremony – in the Hersheypark Arena

6:30 p.m.     Head over to Ride # 1 – Carrousel – near the entrance to the park (lower
              left corner of map)

6:45 p.m.     Meet at the Carrousel. Take attendance.

7:00 p.m.     Walk to buses together. Load buses.
7:30 p.m.     Depart for HMS

10:00ish pm Arrive at Herndon Middle. Students should use their cell phones to
            contact parents and let them know when we are getting close to Herndon.
            Get YOUR instrument off of the bus. All PERCUSSIONISTS will help
            unload equipment & set it up in the band room. Failure to do so will
            result in a loss of Rehearsal Assessment points.

                      MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A RIDE WAITING!!!!!

PARENTS:             The buses need to pull in on the left side of the building (by
                           entrance # 3), next to the sidewalk.

  Please do NOT park by Entrance #3 or in the front of the school – the
 buses need to park in those spots! Park elsewhere & walk to meet your
                 child outside of building entrance # 3.

                                  *** PLEASE NOTE! ***

1. You must arrive at HMS dressed in your concert attire.
2. Remember to bring your Music dept. t-shirt, shorts, tennis shoes, cell phone, sunscreen,
   money for lunch and dinner at park, snacks/food, and DVDs (G and PG only) for the bus
   ride. Also remember that wet clothes from possible water rides and a cold bus make for a
   miserable ride home. Consider bringing an extra change of clothes for the ride home (you
   may change in the bus restroom).
3. Personal Ipods/CD/DVD players are allowed only with headphones
4. Please stay in your assigned seat, DO NOT climb on seats, sit on arm rests, or roam
   around the bus. Speak in normal tones – DO NOT SCREAM!
5. Chaperones are to be respected - do as they ask immediately
6. Unacceptable language will not be tolerated at anytime
7. Be quiet when you are in the audience, only polite applause is acceptable
8. YOU are responsible for YOUR belongings. Plastic baggies are great for protecting
   cameras, $$, etc. No backpacks will be allowed on the rides.
9. You MUST wear your full concert dress (no partial uniforms) until we change into “park”
   clothes. After that, you must wear your Music Dept. t-shirt AT ALL TIMES.
10. There is to be no line cutting in park, no public displays of affection, no rude behavior
11. You MUST be in groups of 3 or more while in the park. You may NOT hang
    out with students from other schools.
12. All school rules apply on this trip. You are representing HMS!
13. Breaking any of the bus or park rules set above will result in a 30 minute
    time-out at the first-aid station !!!

                              THE FIRST PLACE!

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