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									    Hot Springs   and the
       A r k a n s a s’ D i a m o n d L a k e s R e g i o n
                                            VAC AT I O N G U I D E

       Five Lakes & Three Rivers • Hot Springs National Park • Arkansas State Parks • Oaklawn Racing & Gaming
Magic Springs & Crystal Falls Theme Park • Crater of Diamonds • Garvan Woodland Gardens • Ouachita National Forest
 The Arts • Spas & Massages • Attractions • Restaurants • Shopping • Accommodations • Golf & Much, Much More!!!

                             – VA L U A B L E CO U P O N S I N S I D E –
                Excitement City.

Known as the Spa City for its naturally thermal waters, Hot Springs hosts so many exciting events
this year, a few new nicknames may be in order. Whether you’re a sports fan, music lover, expert
angler or film aficionado, there’s something for you here.

While you’re in town, drop by our friendly Visitors Center in downtown Hot Springs for a personal
welcome to America’s First Resort. 1-888-SPA-CITY • hotsprings.org

                                               2 011         E VE NTS
                             March 5-8               Sun Belt Conference Basketball
                             March 17                First Ever Eighth Annual World’s Shortest
                                                     St. Patrick’s Day Parade – John Corbett,
                                                     Grand Marshal
                             May 14                  Stueart Pennington Running of the Tubs
                             June 5-18               Hot Springs Music Festival
                             June 23-25              Arkansas State H.O.G. Rally
                             Early September         Hot Springs Blues Fest
                             September 8-10          Hot Springs Motorcycle Rally
                             September 13-18         Hot Springs JazzFest
                             September 23-24         Legends Balloon Rally
                             October 14-23           Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival
                             Nov. 19-Dec. 31         Garvan Woodland Gardens’ Lights
                                                     on the Landscape
A r k a n s a s’
   Diamond Lakes
                       closer than you think
Nestled in the Ouachita Mountains, the Diamond
Lakes Region includes Clark, Garland, Hot Spring,
Pike and Montgomery Counties and is home to over
300,000 people, five lakes – Ouachita, Hamilton,
DeGray, Greeson and Catherine – and three rivers
– Ouachita, Caddo and Little Missouri. The region                  Arkansas’ Diamond Lakes . . . . . . . . .          .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   . . . . . . . .1
enjoys a mild, four-season climate, which ushers                   Diamond Lakes Country . . . . . . . . . .          .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   . . . . . . 2-3
in glorious spring and fall colors and allows                      Hot Springs National Park . . . . . . . . .        .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   . . . . . . 4-5
for outdoor adventure year-round. Average                          Attractions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   . 6-9, 12-15, 44
temperatures are 41 degrees in January and                         Spa City Spas. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   . . . . . .10-11
82 degrees in July, with an annual relative humidity               Meetings & Conventions. . . . . . . . . .          .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   . . . . . 16-17
of 75 percent. Hot Springs gets a little more than                 Arts & Culture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   . . . . . 18-19
five inches of snowfall each year.
                                                                   Romance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   . . . . . 20-21
Located 55 miles west of Little Rock, Arkansas’                    Golf . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   . . . . . . . 33
capital city, Hot Springs is easily accessible via                 Shopping & Dining . . . . . . . . . . . . .        .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   . . . . . 36-37
Interstate 30. Hot Springs also boasts a newly                     Motorcycling. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   . . . . . . . 45
renovated 840-acre municipal airport offering flights              Retirement & Relocation. . . . . . . . . .         .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   . . . . . 46-47
to and from Harrison, Jonesboro, El Dorado and
                                                                   Hot Spring County . . . . . . . . . . . . .        .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   . . . . . . . 50
Camden, AR, and Memphis, TN on SeaPort Airlines.
                                                                   Unique Places . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   . . . . . . . 52
A shuttle service is also available to the Little Rock
                                                                   Diamond Lakes & Rivers . . . . . . . . . .         .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   . . . . . 54-57
National Airport, just an hour away.
                                                                   Montgomery County . . . . . . . . . . . .          .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   . . . . . . . 58
                                                                   Clark County . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   . . . . . . . 61
                                                                   Pike County . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   . . . . . . . 65
                                                                   Festivals & Fairs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   . . . . . 68-69
                                                                   2011 Diamond Lakes Calendar of Events.             .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   . . . . . 70-71
                                                ON THE COVER:
                                                                   Driving Tours/Map . . . . . . . . . . . . .        .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   . . . . . 72-74
              Main photo: Aerial view of downtown Hot Springs.
     Inset photos clockwise from left: Boating on Lake Ouachita;   Facilities & Services . . . . . . . . . . . . .    .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   . . . . . 75-79
             finding diamonds at Crater of Diamonds State Park;
                          a relaxing massage on Bathhouse Row.     Index of Advertisers . . . . . . . . . . . .       .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   . . . . . . . 80

                                                                                                                                                                   Lake Hamilton

                                                                                                                                          www.hotsprings.org • 1
        Diamond Lakes
                            a shimmering retreat

Welcome to Arkansas’ Diamond Lakes Region. With five sparkling lakes – Ouachita,
Hamilton, DeGray, Greeson and Catherine – and three rivers – Ouachita, Caddo and
Little Missouri – there are plenty of opportunities to get your feet wet in our Great
Outdoors. The region’s stunning natural scenery provides a picture-perfect backdrop
for fishing, hiking, kayaking and boating. On our lakes, you’ll also find several Arkansas
state parks ideal for affordable overnight stays on secluded campgrounds. Stop by the
Diamond Lakes Regional Welcome Center in Caddo Valley off I-30 or visit the Hot
Springs Visitor Center in downtown Hot Springs for maps and additional information.
Lakeside resorts, rustic cabins, historic hotels, spas and full-service marinas are located
                                                                                              Admire the stately buildings on historic Bathhouse Row.
throughout the region.

2 • www.hotsprings.org
                                                                                                          Boating on Lake Hamilton is a popular pastime.

                                                       Whether you’re looking to touch the sky on a state-of-the-art roller coaster, stroll the
                                                       grounds of a botanical garden in bloom or dig deep for precious stones at the world’s
                                                       only diamond-producing mine open to the public, you’ll find adventure high and low in
                                                       Diamond Lakes Country. Hot Springs National Park, America’s First Resort, is also located
                                                       in these parts. Treat yourself to an afternoon of relaxing spa treatments or pick your pony
                                                       at Oaklawn Racing and Gaming, a first-rate thoroughbred racetrack offering great food,
                                                       exciting racing and rewarding games of skill.

Arkadelphia’s Aquatic Park is a summertime hot spot.
                                                                                                                           www.hotsprings.org • 3
President Andrew Jackson designated Hot Springs as the first federal reservation in 1832.
As the first piece of America protected for future generations, Hot Springs is essentially
America’s first national park. The picturesque beauty of this unique city is matched by a
colorful history featuring some of the most iconic figures the country has ever known.
The naturally thermal spring waters that flowed into the bathhouses were believed to
have healing properties, which is why presidents, outlaws, athletes and other celebrities
visited The Spa City.

                                                                                             See the sights in downtown Hot Springs.

4 • www.hotsprings.org
  Hot Springs
   National Park
        A m e r i c a’s f i r s t r e s o r t

                                                                            Plan a leisurely stroll through Hot Springs National Park.

                               Today, you can still soak in the thermal waters, as well as receive massages and spa
                               treatments on world-famous Bathhouse Row. Several of the turn-of-the-century buildings
                               along this popular tourist destination have been fully restored to their original brilliance.
                               Learn more about Hot Springs National Park and Bathhouse Row at the beautifully
                               renovated Fordyce Bathhouse, which now serves as a visitor center. Historic Hot Springs
                               is a special place that preserves its past, celebrates its present and works towards an
                               even brighter future.

Delight in Spa City scenery.
                                                                                                        www.hotsprings.org • 5
& Crystal
               come play

Water slides never get old.

                                                                     Soar to new heights on the sky-bound X-Coaster.

                    Adventure seekers must give the Gauntlet a go.

6 • www.hotsprings.org
                                                     Smiles are contagious at Magic Springs.
Make time for a leisurely float on the lazy river.
                                                              www.hotsprings.org • 7
       Garvan Woodland
    picture-perfect scenery

                                                                              Tulips debut their bright colors each spring.

            Anthony Chapel reflects the natural beauty of its surroundings.

8 • www.hotsprings.org
                                                          Garvan Woodland Gardens is one of Hot Springs’ most colorful attractions.

                                                                     The Evans Children’s Adventure Garden is fun for kids of all ages.

Garvan Woodland Gardens is home to thousands of blooms.
                                                                                                        www.hotsprings.org • 9
There’s nothing better than being pampered, and there’s no better place to book
blissful spa treatments than the Diamond Lakes Region. Hot Springs National Park
is the logical place to start. Travelers from far and wide have sought out the area’s
naturally thermal waters since the days of DeSoto and his explorers. Some of the most
popular Hot Springs spas include the historic Buckstaff Bathhouse on Bathhouse Row,
Quapaw Baths and Spa, Nurture Day Spa and Yoga Studio, Living Wellness Day Spa
and Ablution, A Day Spa and Salon. Several luxury hotels and resorts feature day spas
on-site, such as The Arlington Hotel, Embassy Suites and The Austin Hotel.

                                                                                        Unwind with a full body massage in Hot Springs.

10 • www.hotsprings.org
                             Spa City Spas
                                            soak it in

                                                                                                Historic Bathhouse Row is a year-round destination.

                                                  Each spa offers its own take on basic services, including massages, facials, manicures,
                                                  pedicures and body treatments. Aromatic oils and natural herbs enhance relaxation while
                                                  mud masks, wraps and polishes work to improve the overall look and feel of your skin.
                                                  Several spas allow you to soak in their whirlpools and lounge in their saunas. Unwind in
                                                  an oversized tub as multiple jets massage your body and ease your mind. Rejuvenate your
                                                  mind, body and soul in a natural setting at Turtle Cove Spa at Mountain Harbor Resort and
                                                  Spa on Lake Ouachita or DeGray Lake Resort State Park Day Spa.

Soak away your worries at Quapaw Baths and Spa.
                                                                                                                     www.hotsprings.org • 11
Feel the rush of Oaklawn’s live racing season.

                                                                             The Arkansas Derby is one of the most highly anticipated events.

                                   Hit the gift shop for unique souvenirs.

12 • www.hotsprings.org
                      Oaklawn Thrills
                                    racing favorites

                                                             The Budweiser Clydesdales are a fan favorite.
The menu is always expanding at Oaklawn Racing and Gaming.
                                                                           www.hotsprings.org • 13
                                                      Put your skills (and luck) to the test.

                          Take a chance on romance.

14 • www.hotsprings.org
Oaklawn Enter tainment
  favorite games

                                       Plan a ladies’ night at Oaklawn.

                                     Try your hand at electronic poker.
   The sign of good times to come.
                                        www.hotsprings.org • 15
 Meetings &
                                 business meets pleasure

The Diamond Lakes Region is a popular place for meetings and conventions.
The Hot Springs Convention Center is the largest venue in this area, with
363,000 square feet of meeting space. The 124,000-square-foot Summit Arena
can accommodate 6,200 people. Several hotels in The Spa City offer meeting
and convention space, as well as luxurious guest rooms and business suites.
The Hot Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau works to make your Hot Springs
event the most successful and well-attended event it can be by planning media
coverage, providing Welcome Services and Registration Services, and working

                                                                                Add a round of golf to your company outing.

16 • www.hotsprings.org
                                                                                                    With seating for 6,200 people,
                                                                                             Summit Arena is ideal for large events.

                                    with lodging properties to ensure the best quality stays in area hotels. Near Arkadelphia,
                                    DeGray Lake Resort State Park has room for 300 attendees at its convention center. Iron
                                    Mountain Lodge and Marina on DeGray Lake and Mountain Harbor Resort and Spa on Lake
                                    Ouachita also host meetings, retreats and reunions. Pencil in some time for golfing on any
                                    one of the region’s challenging courses. Enjoy restaurants, shops, galleries, museums and
                                    other area attractions in your free time.

 Impress your business associates
at DeGray Lake Resort State Park.                                                                    www.hotsprings.org • 17
                 Arts &
                    find inspiration

Hot Springs National Park has a thriving arts community. Galleries, museums, music
and film festivals, and arts and crafts fairs make it a cultural hub for artists and art
aficionados. In the Arts District of Hot Springs, dozens of artists and gallery owners have
transformed Victorian and 20th-century buildings into dynamic structures with richly
restored interiors. Most galleries stay open late for Gallery Walk on the first Friday of
every month. From modern sculpture to local pottery, this diverse arts scene has earned
Hot Springs the number 4 position in a ranking of the 100 Best Art Towns in America.

                                                                                              Browse the handiwork of local and regional artists.

18 • www.hotsprings.org
                                                                Gallery Walk takes place on the first Friday of the month in Hot Springs.

                                Thousands of people from across the country descend on Hot Springs for its annual
                                festivals and fairs, including the Hot Springs Blues Fest and Oaklawn Racing and Gaming’s
                                Racing Festival of the South. The Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, a 10-day event
                                in October, has garnered international acclaim. Now in its 20th year, the festival draws
                                more than 20,000 filmmakers, directors, actors and movie buffs from across the country
                                and around the world. Screening over 100 features and shorts, the festival also includes
                                panels, workshops and meet-and-greets. Another top-notch event is the Hot Springs
                                Music Festival, which takes place in mid-June and showcases the best in classical music.
 Hot Springs boasts a vibrant
arts and entertainment scene.                                                                            www.hotsprings.org • 19
Hot Springs is the perfect place for couples to reconnect. Enjoy your favorite activities
such as fishing and camping or try something new like attending an art opening,
dining at an upscale restaurant or riding through downtown in a horse-drawn carriage.
The Ouachita Mountains and Diamond Lakes are playgrounds for adventure, while
historic downtown Hot Springs is teeming with shops, eateries, galleries, museums and
music venues. The Diamond Lakes Region is a year-round wedding, honeymoon and
anniversary destination. Popular wedding sites include rustic chapels, lakeside resorts,
historic hotels, bed and breakfast inns, and botanical gardens. DeGray Lake Resort State
Park near Arkadelphia is a beautiful setting for indoor and outdoor weddings of all sizes.
                                                                                                   Enjoy the little things on a
                                                                                             weekend getaway to Hot Springs.

20 • www.hotsprings.org
                                                                                feel the love

                                                                                          Plan a romantic evening at the Park Hotel in Hot Springs.

                                                Its 94-room lodge provides comfortable stays for out-of-town guests, and its full-service
                                                restaurant offers on-site catering. Diamond Lakes’ community of professional wedding and
                                                party planners can assist you with all your special event needs. Honeymooning here allows
                                                you to be as creative as you want to be. Wake up to breathtaking views of sparkling lakes
                                                and rolling hills from a luxury suite in a first-class hotel. Schedule a couple’s massage
                                                followed by a relaxing soak in a tub for two. Rent a houseboat and sail into the sunset.
                                                Get lost in romantic bliss on a scenic hike. Make lasting memories in the region.

Anthony Chapel at Garvan Woodland Gardens
                 is a stunning wedding venue.                                                                       www.hotsprings.org • 21
                                                                                                          In town on business?
                                                                                                           Ask about our great
                                                                                                              corporate rates!

  “Your Home Away                         • Two- and Three-Bedroom          •   Barbecue/Picnic Area                 •   9-Hole Mini-Golf
                                            Units Include Jacuzzi Tub,      •   Indoor Hot Tub                       •   Tennis Courts
     From Home”                             Fireplace and Washer/Dryer      •   Outdoor Hot Tub                      •   Game Room
     Specializing In Luxurious            • Two Swimming Pools              •   Playground                           •   Sauna
      Condominium Rentals
                                                          201 Hamilton Oaks Drive • Hot Springs, AR 71913
    On Beautiful Lake Hamilton
  One-, Two- and Three-Bedroom                                      1-800-525-8688
Condos Available Nightly and Weekly                          www.southshorelakeresort.com

      Willow Beach Motel                                              Hamilton House Estate
                                                                                    “A 1931 Historical Registry Inn”
                                                                         Indulge yourself in your own private mansion on beautiful Lake Hamilton.

                                                                                                    Five Luxury Suites with Jacuzzi Baths
                                                                                                    Lakeview from Every Suite
                                                                                                    Boat Dock & Swim Area
                                                                                                    Banquet Facilities for up to 3oo Guests

                                                                     s           132 Van Lyell Tr. • Hot Springs, AR 71913 • 501.520.4040
   All 18 lakefront rooms are fully equipped with a coffee maker,
       refrigerator and microwave. Many are full kitchenettes.
                       Other amenities include:
        • Free UNLIMITED LONG DISTANCE and local calls
    • Covered boat dock and private boat ramp • Swimming pool
      • Deluxe cable TV with HBO, ESPN and Disney Channel
             • Guest laundry area and refreshment center
 • Spacious poolside meeting room for family outings and reunions
           • Lakeside patio, barbecue grill and picnic tables
         • King suites or rooms with 2 beds and sleeper sofa
                            • Sorry, no pets
               WILLOW BEACH MOTEL
       260 Lake Hamilton Drive • Hot Springs, AR 71913
           (501) 525-1362 • 1-800-874-1385 toll free
 www.willowbeachmotel.com • E-mail: info@arkansascondos.com
      32 • www.hotsprings.org
                                                                             KINGS INN
DOWNTOWN                                                                        NEWLY REMODELED
                                                                                  (501) 623-8824
                                                                                 2101 CENTRAL

                                                                     TOLL-FREE RESERVATIONS                                                                               • Enjoy the Mountains on Horseback
                                                                            1-888-386-4466                                                                                • Relaxing Suites with Kitchens, TV,
                                                                  ONE BLOCK TO OAKLAWN PARK                                                                                 Fireplaces and Jacuzzi Tubs
                                                             • Two-Bedroom Suites • Mini-Suites                                                                           • Ribeye Steak Dinner Rides
                                                         • Kitchenettes • MicroFridge • King Leisure                 HAPPY HOLLOW MOTEL                                     (by reservation only)

                                                            Rooms • Nonsmoking Rooms • 25" TV                        Surrounded by the National Park                      • Close to Downtown Hot Springs
                                                           • Cable • HBO • In-Room Coffee Maker                              231 Fountain St.                            1942 Millcreek Road • Hot Springs, AR 71901
                                                                 • New Pool • Guest Laundry
                                                            • AARP, Corporate & Group Discounts
                                                                                                                    Hot Springs National Park, AR 71901                                  501-623-5556
                                                                  • Free High-Speed Internet                                      (501) 321-2230                            www.panthervalleyranch.com

               Diamond Lakes
                                                                                                    Golf Courses
C = Type of Course, G = Type of Greens, F = Type of Fairways, H = Holes, P = Par, Y = Yards, GP = Golf Pro, L = Lessons, PS = Pro Shop, R = Restaurant, PF = Practice Facilities, GF = Green Fees, CF = Cart Fees.
B = Bermuda, BG = Bent Grass, I = Included, P = Public, R = Reciprocal, S = Semi-Private, V = Private, Z = Zoysia, *= Metal Spikes Prohibited Green Fees: $ = 0-15, $$ = 16-35, $$$ = 36+
Cart Fees: $ = 0-10, $$ = 11-25, $$$ = 26+

 HOT SPRINGS AREA                                                                                       Area Code (501) C            G        F     H      P       Y         GP      L     PS    R     PF      GF    CF
 Belvedere Country Club                    385 Belvedere Dr., Hot Springs National Park 71901                623-2305 SR*            BG       B     18    72      7027                     X     X     X       $$$    I
 Hot Springs Country Club                  101 Country Club Dr., Hot Springs 71901                            623-4981
    Arlington Course                                                                                                    S            BG       B     18 72         6690        X     X      X     X      X      $$$    I
    Park Course                                                                                                         S            BG       B     18 72         6836        X     X      X     X      X      $$$    I
 Lakeside Country Club                     418 Wilsons Lake Rd., Hot Springs 71901                           262-1826   P             B       B    9 (2) 35       2611              X      X     X      X       $    $$

 Balboa Golf Course                        111 Balboa Way, Hot Springs Village 71909                          922-1504       V       BG       B     18    72      6725        X     X      X     X      X      $$$   $$
 Coronado Country Club                     199 Surtidor Way, Hot Springs Village 71909                        922-2355       V       BG       B     18    62      3895        X     X      X     X              $$   $$
 Cortez Golf Course                        299 Cortez Way, Hot Springs Village 71909                          922-1590       V       BG       B     18    72      6610        X     X      X     X      X      $$$   $$
 Desoto Golf Course                        102 Clubhouse Dr., Hot Springs Village 71909                       922-0001       V       BG       B     18    72      6733        X     X      X     X      X      $$$   $$
 Diamante Country Club                     2000 Country Club Dr., Hot Springs Village 71909                    922-4191      V       BG       Z     18    72      7560        X     X      X     X      X      $$$   $$
 Granada Golf Course                       205 Maderas Dr., Hot Springs Village 71909                         922-3095       V       BG       B     18    72      7115        X     X      X     X      X      $$$   $$
 Isabella Golf Course                      110 Iniciador Way, Hot Springs Village 71909                       922-5505       V       BG       B     27    72      7061        X     X      X     X      X      $$$   $$
 Magellan Golf Course                      451 Ponce de Leon Dr., Hot Springs Village 71909                   922-4497       V       BG       B     18    72      6494        X     X      X     X      X      $$$   $$
 Ponce De Leon Golf Course                 300 Ponce de Leon Dr., Hot Springs Village 71909                   922-4250       V       BG       B     18    72      6946        X     X      X     X      X      $$$   $$

 Caddo Creek Country Club                  4009 Hwy. 7, Bismarck 71929                                        865-3666       P        B       B     9     35      2700                     X                   $$     $
 DeGray Lake Resort State Park             563 State Park Maintenance Rd., Bismarck 71929                    865-2807        P        B       B     18    72      6930        X     X      X            X       $    $$
 Glenwood Country Club                     584 Hwy. 70 E., Glenwood 71943                               (870) 356-4422       P*      BG       B     18    72      6561        X     X      X            X      $     $$
 Malvern Country Club                      473 Clubhouse Ln., Malvern 72104                                    337-1482      V      B/BG      B     18    72      6002        X            X     X      X      $     $$
 Paradise South Golf Course                200 Golf Course Dr., Caddo Gap 71935                        (870) 782-4609        P        B       B     9     35      2705              X      X            X       $     $
 Turtle Pointe Golf Club                   182 Club Dr., Arkadelphia 71923                             (870) 246-6642        S        B       B     18    72      6700        X     X      X     X      X      $      $

                                                                                                                                                                            www.hotsprings.org • 33
The Diamond Lakes region features some of the most eclectic shopping venues.
In historic Hot Springs, the downtown streets are lined with fashionable boutiques,
jewelry stores and fine art galleries displaying original paintings, sculptures and pottery
by local, regional, national and internationally known artists. Antique dealers offer
large lots of period furniture, vintage clothing, housewares and other antiques in
Hot Springs, Arkadelphia, Glenwood, Malvern and Murfreesboro. Shops stay open later
than usual every third Friday of the month for Antique/Boutique Walk in downtown
Hot Springs. For souvenirs and gifts, look no further than area rock shops. In Mount Ida,
several quartz crystal mines allow on-site digging for a small fee. Nearby Jessieville is
                                                                                              Enjoy casual dining and beautiful lake views at Doe’s.
home to another crystal mine site worth visiting.

36 • www.hotsprings.org
               Shopping & Dining
                                                                   indulge yourself

                                                                                               Dine in style at restaurants throughout the Diamond Lakes region.

                                                           After a full day of shopping, there’s no better place to fill up on local cuisine than
                                                           Diamond Lakes Country. Hot Springs is home to some of the state’s finest fare, including
                                                           award-winning barbecue and Southern specialties. In the summer months, stock up on
                                                           fresh produce from the Farmers’ Market in Hot Springs. Upscale eateries offer creative
                                                           twists on classic dishes. Chefs at these fine restaurants pride themselves on creating
                                                           memorable experiences complete with appropriate food and wine pairings, elegant
                                                           presentations and top-notch service. Sample Arkansas wines at The Winery of Hot Springs,
                                                           where free tours and tastings are available. There are also plenty of places to satisfy your
Treat yourself to something unique at a local gift shop.   sweet tooth or enjoy a nightcap before retiring for the evening.
                                                                                                                                  www.hotsprings.org • 37
Hot Springs Area Favorite Attractions
ANITA LYNN HISTORIC TOURS                                                   CASTLEBERRY RIDING STABLES, INC.
                            Our professional guides will regale you with                                Family owned and operated, we’ve been
                            two-and-a-half hours of sights, sounds and                                  riding in the beautiful Ouachita Mountains
                            stories of yesteryear. Stroll along Bathhouse                               for over 50 years. Our guided trail rides
                            Row and through Fordyce Bathhouse Visitor                                   for all ages wind up and down through
                            Center and wander through the history of                                    the forest on the north side of Blowout
                            Hot Springs National Park. Touch and taste                                  Mountain. We also offer hayrides and
                            the thermal waters that promised a cure to                                  cookouts for larger groups.
                            anything that ailed you and attracted the                                   Open year-round.
                            famous and notorious. Enjoy panoramic                                       537 Walnut Valley Rd.,
                            views of the Ouachita Mountains.                                            Hot Springs, AR 71909;
                            (501) 624-5912                                                              (501) 623-6609, (501) 624-7291

                            Since 1902. Many gators, mini zoo, mini                                     Rocks and minerals from around the world:
                            museum and more. Featured on Animal                                         Arkansas quartz; Bolivian amethyst; pyrite,
                            Planet four times. • Souvenir shop                                          quartz and mineral carvings from Peru;
                            • Open 9:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m., each day of the                                 tourmaline; alligator quartz and rutile
                            year • Alligator feeding shows Thursday,                                    from Brazil; fossils and much more.
                            Saturday and Sunday at Noon, May 1-Oct. 15                                  10 a.m.-6 p.m. Mon.-Sat. Free Arkansas
                            “Bring your camera!”                                                        Quartz for every visitor.
                            847 Whittington Ave.,                                                       620 Central Ave., Hot Springs, AR 71901;
                            Hot Springs, AR 71901;                                                      (501) 623-2323;
                            (501) 623-6172;                                                             www.crystalspringsmining.com;
                            www.arkansasalligatorfarm.com                                               info@crystalspringsmining.com

ARKANSAS WALK OF FAME                                                       DRYDEN POTTERY
                            Honoring great Arkansans who have made                                      Three generations at work, producing
                            a significant contribution to our society.                                  pottery for over 60 years! Arkansas’ largest
                            General Douglas MacArthur, baseball great                                   showroom of handmade pottery, unique
                            Brooks Robinson, President Bill Clinton,                                    colors, one-of-a-kind items, world famous.
                            Dr. James Dobson, Glenn Campbell, Johnny                                    See the world’s tallest wheel-thrown vase,
                            Cash, Alan Ladd, Frank Broyles and Rex                                      dinnerware, ovenware, large bowls and
                            Humbard are among inductees.                                                decorative items. Some of the most unique
                            619 Central Ave., beside the Visitor Center,                                pottery in the country. Live demonstrations.
                            Hot Springs, AR 71901;                                                      341 Whittington Ave., Hot Springs, AR 71901;
                            (501) 622-9570;                                                             (501) 623-4201;
                            E-mail: banjostrings@gmail.com                                              www.drydenpottery.com

BELLE OF HOT SPRINGS RIVERBOAT                                              FAMILY FUN PARK
                            300-passenger riverboat sails daily for                                     Go-Karts. Single and double. Youth Karts.
                            narrated sightseeing, luncheon or dinner/                                   Indoor bumper cars. 18-hole Mini Golf
                            dance cruises. Award-winning prime rib and                                  Course featuring no admission fee.
                            other entrees available. Full bar service.                                  Snack bar. Large arcade.
                            Dine at our dockside café, Gilligan’s,                                      3500 Central Ave.,
                            for breakfast or lunch. Call or write                                       Hot Springs, AR 71901;
                            for brochure and sailing schedule.                                          (501) 620-4100
                            Group tours and charters welcome.
                            5200 Central Ave., Hot Springs, AR 71913;
                            (501) 525-4438; www.belleriverboat.com;
                            E-mail: info@belleriverboat.com

BUCKSTAFF BATHHOUSE COMPANY                                                 FOX PASS POTTERY
                            The only bathing facility on Historic                                       Visit the showroom and studio of Fox Pass
                            Bathhouse Row that has operated                                             Pottery to see a large selection of wood
                            continuously since 1912. Offering traditional                               fired and gas fired stoneware. View both
                            thermal mineral baths, hot packs, sitz baths,                               functional and sculptural work, including
                            steam cabinets and Swedish massages for                                     durable kitchenware, vases, bowls, pitchers
                            today’s visitors. Open year-round Mon.-Sat.,                                and teapots. Follow Hwy. 7 north 3 miles
                            all admissions are without reservations.                                    from Bathhouse Row, turn left onto Fox
                            509 Central Ave.,                                                           Pass Cut-off and go another half mile.
                            Hot Springs, AR 71901;                                                      10 a.m.-5 p.m. Tues.-Sat.
                            (501) 623-2308;                                                             379 Fox Pass Cut-off, Hot Springs, AR 71901;
                            www.buckstaffbaths.com                                                      (501) 623-9906; www.foxpasspotttery.com
Hot Springs Area Favorite Attractions
                          The #1 choice of locals and tourists!                                      Come play at the Hot Springs KOA Mini
                          Hot Springs’ largest and FASTEST pro-style                                 Golf Course. This adventure course has
                          track. The entire family will enjoy single                                 18 holes, with 10 ADA-accessible holes.
                          and 2-seater carts. Bumper boats are great                                 Have a pizza at our snack bar or celebrate
                          for all ages. Large arcade, game room and                                  your birthday with us. Packages available.
                          concession area. Money-saving wristbands                                   Located 3/4 mile east of Magic Springs.
                          and combo packages available with go-carts,                                Call Hot Springs KOA for more
                          bumper boats and Volcano Falls Miniature                                   information: (501) 624-5912.
                          Golf. All new drift track. 2614 Albert Pike,                               hotspringskoa.com
                          Hot Springs, AR 71913; (501) 767-8140;

THE GANGSTER MUSEUM OF AMERICA                                           HOT SPRINGS MOUNTAIN TOWER
                          A unique look at the lives and times of the                                Elevate yourself 1,256 feet above sea level,
                          country’s most notorious mobsters who                                      overlooking 140 miles of beautiful
                          flocked to Hot Springs in the ’20s, ’30s and                               Arkansas countryside, including
                          ’40s. Learn about Al Capone, Lucky Luciano                                 Hot Springs National Park and the
                          and Owen Vincent Madden. Enter the                                         Ouachita Mountains. Open year-round.
                          world of casino gambling at an exhibit                                     Located atop Hot Springs Mountain.
                          featuring actual equipment from former                                     P.O. Box 6000,
                          clubs on Central Avenue. An elaborate                                      Hot Springs National Park, AR 71902;
                          audio-visual experience.                                                   (501) 623-6035, 1-800-SPA-CITY
                          113 Central Ave., Hot Springs, AR 71901;
                          (501) 318-1717; www.tgmoa.com

GARVAN WOODLAND GARDENS                                                  HOT SPRINGS NATIONAL PARK VISITOR CENTER
                          A department of the University of Arkansas,                                The restored Fordyce Bathhouse is the visitor
                          this 210-acre botanical garden is situated                                 center for Hot Springs National Park. Exhibits
                          on the shores of Lake Hamilton. Hundreds                                   and films orient visitors to Hot Springs and
                          of thousands of plantings. One of the top                                  tell the story of thermal water bathing.
                          10 best Japanese gardens in North America,                                 Twenty-three restored rooms are furnished
                          architecturally significant structures and                                 as they appeared during the heyday of the
                          a children’s adventure garden. Open daily                                  spa. Group tours upon request.
                          9 a.m.-6 p.m. Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas
                                                                                                     300 Block of Central Ave., 101 Reserve St.,
                          and month of January. Special holiday
                          hours and lighting display.                                                Hot Springs, AR 71901;
                          550 Arkridge Rd., Hot Springs, AR 71913;                                   TDD/(501) 624-2308, (501) 624-2701;
                          1-800-366-4664; www.garvangardens.org                                      www.nps.gov/hosp

HOT SPRINGS CARRIAGE COMPANY                                             JOSEPHINE TUSSAUD WAX MUSEUM
                          Add a touch of class with our beautiful                                    Experience the timeless fascination of a
                          horse-drawn carriages in Historic Downtown                                 journey into the past through the Seven
                          Hot Springs National Park. Rides begin and                                 Magic Worlds of Josephine Tussaud Wax
                          end at the Arlington Hotel. Call for hours                                 Museum. Don’t miss President Barack
                          and pricing. Great for Hot Springs weddings,                               Obama and Princess Diana portrayed in wax.
                          private parties, proms and horse-drawn                                     Open seven days a week.
                          hearse for specialty funeral services.                                     250 Central Ave.,
                          Hot Springs National Park, AR 71913;                                       Hot Springs, AR 71901;
                          (501) 321-4779 Office;                                                     (501) 623-5836;
                          hotspringscarriage.com                                                     hotspringswaxmuseum.com

                          Come see our fabulous three-story                                          The best family value in Arkansas! Enjoy
                          indoor playground system. We also have a                                   our “2 parks in 1” giving you the best of
                          spectacular new outdoor playground, video                                  both worlds – a giant water playground
                          games with redemption prizes and snack                                     and Arkansas’ only theme park for one
                          bar. Try our Friday night drop-off program                                 low price. Summer Concert Series at
                          for kids K-6th. Birthday parties, gymnastics                               Timberwood Amphitheater is included
                                                                                                     in ticket price. Check MagicSprings.com
                          lessons, swim lessons, summer and spring
                                                                                                     for concert schedule and attractions.
                          break day camp.                                                            Catch a wave on the new surf ride Boogie
                          1510 Lakeshore Dr.,                                                        Blast! Over 80 attractions. Group rates for
                          Hot Springs, AR 71913; exit #3 off Bypass;                                 catered and non-catered outings available.
                          (501) 525-4503                                                             (501) 624-0100. Find us on Facebook.
Hot Springs Area Favorite Attractions
                         Join Master Illusionist Maxwell Blade (and                                  Arkansas’ favorite place to play. Enjoy a
                         his children Alexis and Gabrielle Blade, the                                full house of fun and excitement with
                         youngest female magic act in the world!)                                    blackjack, poker, video poker, penny games,
                         in his new location in historic downtown.                                   Double Diamonds and more – every
                         Maxwell will take you on a magical journey                                  day and every night, all year long. Catch
                         in the intimate Magic Lantern Theatre where                                 America’s top thoroughbred racing from
                         he will amaze you with illusions saluting                                   January to April! Get $10 free play with the
                         great magicians of all time. Come join us                                   coupon in our ad.
                         for an unforgettable evening of magic and                                   2705 Central Ave.,
                         comedy with the entire family.                                              Hot Springs, AR 71913;
                         121 Central Ave., Hot Springs, AR 71901;                                    1-800-OAKLAWN;
                         (501) 623-6200; www.maxwellblade.com                                        www.oaklawn.com

MID-AMERICA SCIENCE MUSEUM                                                 ON TARGET INDOOR FIRING RANGE
                         Home to Caged Lightning – the world’s                                       Safe, supervised and affordable shooting
                         most powerful conical Tesla Coil – and                                      environment for the whole family. Climate
                         more than 100 exciting hands-on experiences                                 controlled, seven firing positions, electric
                         in life, matter, energy and perception.                                     target trolleys and state-of-the-art Super
                         Wander a nature trail; explore a gigantic                                   Trap bullet containment system. Handgun
                         indoor cave; take a thrill ride on the                                      ammunition, rental guns, safety equipment,
                         Virtual Reality Simulator; dig into the                                     targets. Experienced staff on hand. Near
                         distant past for dinosaurs.                                                 Mid-America Science Museum.
                         500 Mid-America Blvd., Hot Springs,                                         1225 Blacksnake Rd., Hot Springs, AR 71913;
                         AR 71913; (501) 767-3461, 1-800-632-0583;                                   (501) 767-9944;
                         www.midamericamuseum.org                                                    www.ontargetfr.com

                         Tour the beautifully restored international                                 Visit a 100-year-old horse ranch and spend
                         headquarters, visitor center and museum                                     an hour, a night or a week. Enjoy mountains,
                         of Mountain Valley Spring Water, America’s                                  creeks and woods on a beautiful horse.
                         premium spring water since 1871. Sample our                                 Relaxing lodging suites include kitchens,
                         delicious spring water and view historical,                                 satellite TV, fireplaces, Jacuzzi tubs and A/C.
                         informative exhibits. Purchase our famous                                   Spacious floor plans for couples. Ribeye
                         spring water and other Mountain Valley                                      steak dinner rides by reservation. Only
                         branded items in our gift shop.
                                                                                                     5 miles from downtown Hot Springs. We are
                         Free admission.
                         150 Central Ave., Hot Springs National Park,                                close, but away from it all. 1942 Millcreek
                         AR 71901; (501) 623-6671, 1-800-643-1501;                                   Rd., Hot Springs, AR 71901; Reservations/info:
                         www.mountainvalleyspring.com                                                (501) 623-5556; www.panthervalleyranch.com

NATIONAL PARK AQUARIUM                                                     PIRATE’S COVE ADVENTURE GOLF
                         Arkansas’ largest exhibit of fish and reptiles.                             Hot Springs’ premier miniature golf course!
                         See how the other two-thirds of the world                                   Putt your way through mountain caves,
                         lives. Native Arkansas fishes, tropical and                                 over footbrides and beneath cascading
                         saltwater species displayed in their natural                                waterfalls on our TWO 18-hole Adventure
                         habitats. Also amphibians and reptiles.                                     Golf courses. Swashbuckling fun for the
                         Unique gift shop for the outdoors and nature                                whole family!
                         enthusiast. Great field trips for schools and                               4612 Central Ave., Hwy. 7 South
                         other groups. Open year-round.                                              (across from the Hot Springs Mall),
                         209 Central Ave. (next to the Arlington Hotel),                             Hot Springs, AR 71913;
                         Hot Springs, AR 71901; (501) 624-FISH;                                      (501) 525-9311;
                         nationalparkaquarium.org                                                    www.PiratesCove.com

                         Spend an hour and 15 minutes with us                                        The Pocket Community Theatre is a
                         on a land and water tour that will take you                                 non-profit live community theatre in
                         through downtown Hot Springs and out                                        Hot Springs. Join us for fabulous live stage
                         Hwy. 7 South to Lake Hamilton for a ride on                                 productions. We perform five regular season
                         the lake and back to downtown. Our driver                                   shows and a children’s workshop in the
                         and tour guide will make your ride fun and                                  summer. Reservations can be made online
                         informative. Group rates available.                                         or by calling our box office.
                         250 Central Ave. and 418 Central Ave.,                                      Located at 170 Ravine Rd.,
                         Hot Springs, AR 71901;                                                      Hot Springs, AR 71901;
                         (501) 321-2911;                                                             (501) 623-8585;
                         rideaduck.com                                                               www.pockettheatre.com
Hot Springs Area Favorite Attractions
QUAPAW BATHS & SPA                                                          VOLCANO FALLS MINIATURE GOLF
                           Experience Hot Springs’ thermal mineral                                      Hot Springs’ newest 18-hole course! Live
                           water in a unique way in our thermal                                         palm trees and rivers will surround you
                           water soaking pools or our modern                                            as you putt your way under a waterfall
                           private bathing area. Expertly trained and                                   and into our walk-thru cave. The “hottest”
                           experienced therapists provide massages,                                     new place in town with our live volcano
                           facials and body treatments. The retail                                      shooting off a 25-foot flaming fireball.
                           shop features gift cards, souvenirs and                                      Money-saving wristbands and combo
                           organic body care products. Also visit the                                   packages available with Funtrackers
                           Quapaw Café. Open Wednesday-Monday                                           Go-Karts/Bumper Boats/Mini-Golf.
                           (closed Tuesday).                                                            2614 Albert Pike, Hot Springs, AR 71913;
                           413 Central Ave., Hot Springs, AR 71901;                                     (501) 767-8140;
                           (501) 609-9822; www.quapawbaths.com                                          www.funtrackersfamilypark.com

                             Superlift Off-Road Vehicle Park is a                                       Located in the beautiful state-of-the-art
                             family-friendly trail system that offers                                   RayLynn Theater in Historic Downtown. This
                             scenic and challenging trails for all                                      award-winning show is a favorite of families
                             off-roaders. Riders bring their 4-wheel-                                   and groups of all ages. The show takes you
                             drives, ATVs, dirt bikes and side-by-sides                                 from the great hits of the ’50s and ’60s
                             year-round to enjoy Superlift’s 1,254-acre                                 through a musical journey of top 10 hits of
                             facility. Camping and trail riding available                               today. This is the “Show You Gotta See.” See
                             Thursday-Monday, 9 a.m. to dusk.                                           why folks call it “as good as anything Branson
                                                                                                        has to offer!” Open year-round. Special
                             2100 Millcreek Rd., Hot Springs, AR 71901;
                                                                                                        Christmas Shows. 701 Central Ave., Hot
                             (501) 625-3600;                                                            Springs, AR 71901; Reservations (501) 624-7469;
                             www.orvpark.com                                                            www.raylynntheater.com

TINY TOWN                                                                   THE WINERY OF HOT SPRINGS
                             Trains travel across this indoor mechanical                                Take a free tour and presentation,
                             display. See scenes of small-town America,                                 followed by an opportunity to taste
                             the Wild West and other historic wonders.                                  a variety of Arkansas wines. Arkansas
                             Watch hundreds of moving parts cleverly                                    Historic Wine Museum. Peak Season:
                             activate each scene. All ages enjoy this                                   Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m.-8 p.m., Sun. 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
                             attraction. Open 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Mon.-Sat.,                                 Off Season: Sun.-Sat. 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
                             Mar.-Oct.                                                                  1503 Central Ave.,
                             374 Whittington Ave.,                                                      Hot Springs, AR 71901;
                             Hot Springs, AR 71901;                                                     (501) 623-WINE;
                             (501) 624-4742;                                                            www.hotspringswinery.com

T-REX JURASSIC INDOOR GOLF                                                  THE WITNESS
                             Enjoy the beauty and excitement that                                       Arkansas’ Only Musical Passion Play now
                             T-Rex’s Jurassic Golf has to offer. This                                   in its 31st season! The greatest story every
                             is a miniature golf “experience” that will                                 told: Jesus’ birth through resurrection as
                             astonish you as you embark on your journey.                                narrated and sung by Apostle Peter and
                             Pterodactyls, raptors, kongs and T-Rex are                                 chorus. Fri.-Sat. night performances,
                             just some of the exciting creatures you’ll                                 June 4-Aug. 7 and Sept. 3-Oct. 23.
                             meet on your way.                                                          Amphitheater located on 100-acre
                             1115 Central Ave.,                                                         Panther Valley Ranch (3 miles behind
                             Hot Springs, AR 71901;                                                     Magic Springs on Mill Creek Rd.)
                             (501) 623-3825                                                             (501) 623-9781;

THE VIENNA THEATRE                                                          WRIGHT’S ROCK SHOP
                             Join Ken Goodman for an enchanting                                         Since 1971, Wright’s Rock Shop has been
                             evening of music, including songs from                                     the preeminent mineral, fossil and cutting
                             yesteryear and soaring melodies of                                         rough dealer in Arkansas. Arkansas’ largest
                             Broadway. The 75-seat Vienna Theatre is                                    lapidary equipment dealer; mineral, fossil
                             located in the Simon Mendel Building                                       and gemstone dealer; Fenton Art Glass
                             in the beautiful downtown Hot Springs                                      dealer; and free mineral and fossil museum.
                             Historic District. Performances are                                        Over 500,000 items to choose from.
                             Thursday-Saturday evenings and a                                           3612 Albert Pike, Hwy. 270,
                             matinee on Sunday.                                                         Hot Springs, AR 71913;
                             424 Central Ave., Hot Springs, AR 71901;                                   (501) 767-4800;
                             (501) 463-2799; www.viennahotsprings.com                                   www.wrightsrockshop.com
                                                                          fun for all

                                                                                            Take in the beautiful scenery aboard the Belle of Hot Springs.

                                                             You’ll find adventure high and low in Hot Springs. Soar 1,200 feet above sea level
                                                             on a tour of Hot Springs Mountain Tower overlooking 140 miles of Ouachita
                                                             Mountain scenery. The National Park Aquarium houses the state’s largest fish and
                                                             reptile exhibit. For more than 100 years, the Arkansas Alligator Farm and Petting
                                                             Zoo has welcomed visitors to view (and pet!) American alligators and other
                                                             animals. Learn about the nation’s most notorious mobsters at The Gangster
                                                             Museum of America. National Park Duck Tours, the Josephine Tussaud Wax
                                                             Museum, Bathhouse Row and the Belle of Hot Springs riverboat round out the
                                                             city’s most popular attractions. There are also several miniature golf and go-kart
                                                             sites, plus music and magic shows.

 Kids and adults alike love a good game of miniature golf.

44 • www.hotsprings.org
                               enjoy the ride

Downtown Hot Springs is a great place to unwind after a day on the road.

Sweeping views of the Ouachita Mountains are all yours on an exciting excursion
along Scenic 7 Byway, one of the nation’s most renowned motorcycling routes.
Hit Highway 270 West for a scenic ride along Lake Ouachita, Arkansas’ largest lake.
Look no further than the Diamond Lakes Region for numerous motorcycling routes
with plenty of eye-catching places to pull over to rest, relax or refuel. There are also
several motorcycle dealers and service shops in the region. Plan your motorcycling
adventure around a regional rally. Held annually in September, the Hot Springs Rally
is a popular three-day event featuring poker runs, antique bike shows and live music.
The H.O.G. Rally will take place in Hot Springs in June. For more information, visit
www.hotsprings.org to request a free copy of the Hot Springs motorcycling brochure.

                                                                                           Picture yourself in the fast lane on the Scenic 7 Byway.

                                                                                                          www.hotsprings.org • 45
One trip to Hot Springs, America’s First Resort, and you’ll see it’s also a great place to
call home. The community is situated among scenic rolling hills with clear blue lakes
stretching beyond the city limits and into surrounding counties. The cost of living in
Hot Springs is well below the national average. Living a healthy lifestyle is easy with
clean air, green spaces, naturally thermal waters, first-rate fitness centers and world-class
medical facilities. When health care is needed, four excellent facilities are located in
Hot Springs. Specialized clinics can be found throughout the region. Three universities
are less than an hour’s drive from the Spa City, including two in Arkadelphia. Hot Springs
is home to a community college, and there is a technical college in Malvern.
                                                                                                Spend a morning on one of Hot Springs’ scenic golf courses.

46 • www.hotsprings.org
  & Relocation
                                                             easy living

                                                                                  Enjoy an easy and rewarding hike to Little Missouri Falls.

                                     Retirement communities encircle Hot Springs. Diamondhead edges on the east end of
                                     Lake Catherine. Just north of Hot Springs is Hot Springs Village, Arkansas’ largest retirement
                                     community and the largest gated community in the country. Here, more than 12,000
                                     people live on 26,000 peaceful acres. Diamondhead and Hot Springs Village offer a dozen
                                     scenic golf courses, some of which are nationally ranked. More top-notch golfing awaits
                                     you at the Hot Springs Country Club with two championship 18-hole courses listed on
                                     The Natural State Golf Trail. Glenwood Country Club is another one that shares this
                                     distinction for its superb 18-hole course at Glenwood. Located 25 miles from Hot Springs,
Set sail from Hot Springs Village.   DeGray Lake Resort State Park features an 18-hole golf course with breathtaking scenic views.
                                                                                                            www.hotsprings.org • 47
Hot Spring County
          Malvern, Magnet Cove,
           Lake Catherine, DeGray Lake
Quiet Communities
Nestled in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains, the city of Malvern is a warm, friendly community. Gentle rolling
hills, peaceful forests, sparkling lakes and clean rivers make it a haven for outdoor adventures. Magnet Cove, a small town
located on Hwy. 270, gets its name from magnetically charged iron ore found in the area, which also boasts the highest
concentration of rocks and minerals in the world.
Rich History
Hot Spring County has a rich history with many Arkansas “firsts.” The state’s first governor, James. S. Conway, was a resident
of Magnet Cove; Arkansas’ first river bridge was built over the Ouachita River at Rockport; and Malvern was the first city in
Arkansas to implement the use of electricity.
Natural Beauty
Fifteen miles from Malvern, Lake Catherine State Park offers 56 miles of scenic shoreline. Thousands of spectators gather
to watch “Smokin’ in the Cove,” a boat racing event held in September at Jack’s Landing. The Ouachita River Trail is open to
pedestrians and cyclists. It also provides easy access to the river for
fishing, floating and scenic views of the Rockport Ridge rapids.
Fun for All
Browse boutiques, gift shops and antique stores along Main Street
in downtown Malvern. Celebrate Malvern’s annual Brickfest held
the last Thursday, Friday and Saturday in June to honor one of the
region’s oldest industries – brick making. Enjoy music, food and
themed activities, including a brick toss, brick car derby and
best-dressed brick.

Left to right: Enjoy the sound of the gently rolling Ouachita River near Malvern.
Spend a weekend at scenic Lake Catherine State Park.

50 • www.malvernchamber.com
                                                     Unique Places
                                                                         make discoveries

Lake Ouachita is one of the cleanest lakes in the country.

Add these unique places to your to-do list. Crater of Diamonds State Park in
Murfreesboro is the world’s only diamond-producing site open to the public. More
than 40 types of rocks and minerals can be found at the park. Call (870) 285-3113 for
details or visit www.craterofdiamondsstatepark.com. The city of Arkadelphia is home
to two colleges located across the street from each other: Ouachita Baptist University
and Henderson State University. Learn more at www.cityofarkadelphia.com. The
Crystal Mountains near Mt. Ida contain some of the richest crystal deposits. Visit
www.mtidachamber.com for a list of mines that allow digging. Lake Ouachita is one
of the cleanest lakes in the country. The 40,000-acre lake offers resorts and marinas,
along with prime fishing and boating, and its 975-mile shoreline is ideal for camping
and hiking. Call (501) 767-9366 for more information.                                                    Keep what you find at Crater of Diamonds State Park.

                                         Brady Mountain Resort
                                              Find adventure on and off the water.
                                         Located on 175 acres of lakeside scenery,
                               Brady Mountain Resort offers everything from comfy
                                     accommodations to complete marina services
                               on Lake Ouachita, one of the nation’s cleanest lakes.
                                              Choose from a variety of rustic cabins.
                                        Enjoy great dining and entertainment on-site,
                                   including boating, swimming, water sports, diving,
                                           horseback riding, miniature golf and more.
                                     Newly acquired by Marinas International and under new management.

                                       4120 Brady Mountain Road • Royal, AR 71968
                                                 501-767-3422 • www.bradymtn.com
                                       For lodging reservations, call 1-800-711-3457
    Diamond Lakes
         and Rivers
                                                       make a splash

                                                               The Little Missouri River offers peaceful fly fishing.

                          Birding is popular on DeGray Lake.

54 • www.hotsprings.org
                                                                                  Show off your water sports skills on Lake Ouachita.

                                 The five Diamond Lakes – Lake Ouachita, Lake Hamilton, Lake Catherine, Lake Greeson
                                 and DeGray Lake – stretch across thousands of acres of sparkling waters and countless
                                 miles of scenic shoreline. Limitless spots for fishing, sailing, skiing, scuba diving and
                                 boating await you on these crystal-clear lakes. Pristine streams wind through the
                                 Ouachita Mountains and offer unique fishing and floating opportunities. Lakeside and
                                 riverfront resorts, marinas, outfitters and guides are available throughout the Diamond
                                 Lakes Region to service all of your vacationing needs.

Make a splash on Lake Greeson.
                                                                                                      www.hotsprings.org • 55
Arkansas’ largest lake, Lake Ouachita near Hot Springs is one of the cleanest lakes in the
country. On this wilderness lake, you’ll find first-rate fishing for largemouth bass and
stripers, and full-service marinas ready to prepare you for outdoor adventure. Camping
is available at Lake Ouachita State Park and Corps of Engineers parks in the region.
Located near Hot Springs National Park, Lake Hamilton has produced two state-record
striped bass. It is also great for recreational boating and water sports.
Lake Catherine spans from Hot Springs to Malvern and provides a peaceful setting
for fishing and boating. Don’t miss Lake Catherine State Park, the first lake park in the
Arkansas State Park system.                                                                  Plan a family float trip on the Caddo River.

Located between Glenwood and Murfreesboro, Lake Greeson is a renowned site for
56 • www.hotsprings.org
                                                                                                               Find a secluded beach on Lake Ouachita.

                                                     bragging rights-sized largemouth bass, stripers, crappie and other game fish. There are
                                                     plenty of accommodations and marinas, as well as a gorgeous state park.
                                                     DeGray Lake at Arkadelphia is home to DeGray Lake Resort State Park, which features
                                                     a 94-room island lodge, 18-hole championship golf course, restaurant, marina and more.
                                                     Iron Mountain Lodge and Marina offers lake-view cottages with first-class amenities.
                                                     There’s more to enjoy on the Ouachita and Caddo Rivers, two of the best family outing
                                                     streams in the state. These rivers provide excellent fishing, floating and kayaking. The
                                                     Little Missouri River is chock-full of smallmouth bass and rainbow trout. Outfitters offer
Take in the fall foliage at Little Missouri Falls.
                                                     canoe and kayak rentals. Guided tours are also available.
                                                                                                                        www.hotsprings.org • 57
Montgomery County
      Mount Ida, Pine Ridge, Norman
        Lake Ouachita, Caddo River
Small-town Charm
Montgomery County, the World’s Quartz Crystal Capital, is home to many great festivals like Mount Ida’s Good Ole Days
and Quartz, Quiltz, Craftz Festival. The countryside is perfect for motorcycle rides to discover scenic beauty in charming
small towns. Mount Ida is known for its crystal mining. Norman is a gateway to the Little Missouri River. And Pine Ridge,
home of the Lum and Abner Museum and Jot ’Em Down Store, is listed on the National Register.
Ouachita National Forest
Fall and spring foliage is abundant, and driving tours are a popular pastime. Mountains, ridges, lakes and streams are a
sportsman’s paradise. Hiking trails and campsites are available throughout. For more information, call (870) 867-2101.
Womble Trail
The 38-mile trail is recognized as an IMBA epic trail. Sanctioned races are held in May. For more information, call (870) 867-2101.
Lake Ouachita Vista Trail
A 24-mile stretch of the new Lake Ouachita Vista Trail is now open. The trail system will eventually extend 35 to 40 miles
along the south shore of Lake Ouachita. The state’s largest lake at 49,000 acres is also one of the nation’s cleanest lake and a
popular site for fishing, swimming, boating, water sports, scuba
diving, camping and hiking.
Winding Stairs
The name refers to 1,700 acres along the scenic Little Missouri River.
Winding Stairs Trail features cascading waterfalls and peaceful fishing.
Albert Pike Recreation Area
An hour’s drive south of Mount Ida offers swimming, excellent
fishing and 46 campsites. The 6.3-mile hiking trail takes you from
the recreation area to Little Missouri Falls.
The Rivers Wild
The Ouachita and Caddo Rivers are ideal for fly fishing, floating,
kayaking and tubing. Outfitters service both rivers.

Left to right: Womble Trail has been named an epic trail.
Caddo Gap is a great spot for kayaking.

58 • www.mtidachamber.com
                         • Winding Stairs • Quartz Crystal Mines • Ouachita National Forest
                        • Lake Ouachita • Ouachita and Caddo Rivers • Hickory Nut Mountain
                                • Albert Pike Recreation Area • Little Missouri Falls
           mount ida chamber oF commerce                                                                                          Float the scenic Ouachita River.

Crystal Digging, Canoeing, Fishing, Hiking, Lodging And Much More!
                                  2011 Festivals:
         • Good Ole Days Antique Car Show & Festival, May 27-28
             • World Championship Crystal Dig, October 13-15
   • Quartz, Gem & Mineral Show, Quiltz & Craft Festival, October 14-16
                  124 Hwy. 270 West • Mount Ida, AR 71957
           (870) 867-2723 • www.mtidachamber.com

                                     Highway 27 Fishing Village                                                                       Ouachita River Float Trips
                                              On Beautiful Lake Ouachita                                                              All-Inclusive Canoe Trips
                                 • Air-conditioned rooms and kitchenettes                                                             1167 Puckett Bend Rd. • Mt. Ida, AR 71957
                                 • Waterfront electrical hookup campground                               www.twospiritsltd.com        Toll Free: 1-800-841-3632 • (870) 867-5028
                                 • 8 miles north of Mount Ida on Hwy. 27
                                 • Borders the Womble Mountain Bike Trail                          Canoe & Kayak Rentals • Riverfront Camp Cottages with AC • Canoe,
                                      214 Fishing Village Rd. • Story, AR 71970                    Lodging & Meal Packages Available • Riverfront Tent Campground
                                                      (870) 867-2211                               • Indoor Showerhouse & Restrooms • One hour west of Hot Springs

    River View Cabins & Canoes
                                         Beautiful cabins overlooking Ouachita River
                            Kitchens • Satellite TV • Fireplaces • A/C
                         • Honeymoon Cabin with Jacuzzi • Cabins with
                         Outside Hot Tubs • Canoes & Kayaks • 60-Bed
                           Bunkhouse with Kitchen • Horseback Riding
                           • Bicycles for Rent • Cabin with Pool Table
 Oden, AR             • Swimming Pool • Group Discounts on Canoe Trips
 (870) 326-4630 • 1-888-547-1146 • www.riverviewcabins-canoes.com

                     Lum & Abner Museum & Jot ’Em Down Store
                                    On National Register of Historic Places
                      Hwy. 88 • Pine Ridge, AR 71966 • 20 miles west of Mount Ida
                             (870) 326-4442 • www.lum-n-abner.com
                               • Nostalgia • Souvenirs • Gifts • History
                               Tues.-Sat. 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Sun. 12-5 p.m.
                                     Mid-March to Mid-November

      H        Wegner Crystal Mines
       R                                Everyone is welcome. Guaranteed to find crystals.
   YEA                                  •	10,000 sq.ft. Museum/Wholesale/Retail
                                          and More – Fees are for all day/tools included.
                                          Keep all you find. Picnic tables.
                                        •	Dig Crystals at our Tailings Area – Easy access.
                                          Adults $10.50, Seniors $6.60, Kids $6.60.
                                                                                                   On Beautiful Lake Ouachita
                                        •	Gemstone Mining Experience – Find ruby,
 We guarantee you’ll find crystals here   emerald, opal and 13 others. First pail $14.00,
                                          additional pails $9.50 each. Semi-precious
                                          pails (20 stone mix) $5.00 each.                                  • Restaurant • Motel Units • Tennis Court
                                         SPECIAL OFFER: Do both and get $4 off activities total.           • Housekeeping Cottages • Swimming Pool
                                         NEW Guided Tour: Crystal Forest Mine, find your own                   • Covered Boat Docks • Slip Rentals
                                         crystals. Mine tours not discountable.
                                                  www.wegnercrystalmines.com                          Located 27 miles west of Hot Springs on Highway 270
                                             82	Wegner	Ranch	Rd.	•	Mt.	Ida,	AR	71957                       987 Shangri-La Dr. • Mount Ida, AR 71957
Wegner’s 100-foot-long gemstone sluice             Phone/fax:	(870)	867-2309                                                     (870) 867-2011
   Present ad for $2.00 off activities or merchandise per paying adult.                            Web: www.shangrilaresortar.com       E-mail: shangrilaresort@cebridge.net
Escape from it all in
Caddo Valley
                                                              Comfortable lodging for business or pleasure

                                                                       DeGray Lake water sports

                                                                     Float and fish the Caddo River
                                  Arkadelphia Campground
                                             Best Western
                                               Comfort Inn
                                                  Days Inn
                                              Executive Inn
                                              Hampton Inn
                                       Holiday Inn Express
                                                   Motel 6
                                                Quality Inn
                                            Super 8 Motel
                                                                   Enjoy the new lighted walking trail
                                             Cracker Barrel
                                       Fat Boys Fine Foods

 City of                                           Fish Net

                                                  Taco Bell
                                             Waffle House
   Exit 78, I-30 (870) 246-8283                    Wendy’s
    www.cityofcaddovalley.com                                          Check out our dining spots
Clark County
          A r k a d e l p h i a , C a d d o Va l l ey,
          G u rd o n , A m i t y, D e G ray L a ke
Graduate to the Good Life in Arkadelphia
Arkadelphia is home to two outstanding universities – Henderson State and Ouachita Baptist University. From sporting
events to concerts to lectures, there’s always something happening on these campuses. For recreation, Arkadelphia offers
nationally recognized jogging and biking trails, a health club and one of the state’s finest indoor tennis centers. There are also
excellent shops and eateries in the revitalized Main Street district. Clark County is rich in history with more than 20 sites
listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Historic Driving Tour brochures are available at the Arkadelphia Chamber
of Commerce. Call (870) 246-5542 for more information.
Choose from Two River Routes
Clark County offers two rivers with distinctly different flows. The Caddo River emerges from DeGray Dam and offers a short
float. The Ouachita River is fairly wide with a steady flow. Both rivers provide first-rate fishing and fun-filled floating.
Get to Know Caddo
Caddo Valley, four miles from DeGray Lake, is a river town just off Interstate 30 and Scenic 7 Byway. Stop here to stock up on
fishing equipment and canoe rentals before heading to the lake or
hitting the Caddo and Ouachita Rivers. The Diamond Lakes Visitors
Center is now open in Caddo Valley. Located just off of I-30, stop
in for free maps, brochures and additional information.
Come Play at DeGray
DeGray Lake is renowned for its fishing, and it is well served by two
popular resorts. Iron Mountain Lodge and Marina is fully equipped
with lakeside cottages, conference facilities and its own full-service
marina offering houseboat, ski boat and party barge rentals, small
fishing boats and guide services. DeGray Lake Resort State Park has
a 94-room lodge and convention center, restaurant, marina, 18-hole
public championship golf course, riding stables and other amenities.

Left to right: Play a round at the beautiful DeGray Lake Resort State Park.
Get your thrills kayaking on the Ouachita River. Iron Mountain Marina offers
boat rentals and much more.

                                                                                                   www.Arkadelphiaalliance.com • 61

A P L A C E W H E R E Y O U C A N G E T A W AY F R O M I T A L L      A N D S T I L L H AV E I T A L L .
                 A beautiful lakeside setting, newly renovated championship golf course, island lodge accommodations,
                 lakeview restaurant, swimming, boating, fishing, horseback riding, camping, wildlife watching… Everything
                 you’d want on a vacation is right here. You should be here, too. Log on or call for reservations.

                                         DEGRAY LAKE
                                         R E S ORT     S TAT E     PARK

               DeGray Lake Resort State Park Lodge       1-800-737-8355 • DeGray.com
Graduate to good living in Clark County.
 Amity • Arkadelphia • Caddo Valley • Gum Springs • Gurdon

Ouachita Baptist University   Laid-back living in Clark County     DeGray Lake Resort Golf Course       Henderson State University

Small-town charm, low cost of living and access to first-class health
care are just a few things that contribute to the superior quality
of life in Clark County, just a short drive away from Little Rock and
its national airport.

Clark County, located off I-30 and Scenic Highway 7, has a more
than 300-acre industrial park, municipal airport and business park
offering great job opportunities.
                                                                                     The new Diamond Lakes Regional
Arkadelphia is home to two outstanding universities – Ouachita                     Visitors Center at Caddo Valley is now
Baptist University and Henderson State University. Rich in history,                 open and offers free brochures and
Clark County boasts more than 20 sites listed on the National                            other helpful information.
Register of Historic Places, all conveniently located near 13,000-acre
DeGray Lake, a state park and many other recreational options.

Arkadelphia Regional Economic Development Alliance
P.O. Box 400 • Arkadelphia, AR 71923
Pike County
         Glenwood, Murfreesboro,
           Lake Greeson
Crater of Diamonds State Park, Murfreesboro
While touring the Diamond Lakes Region, a visit to Crater of Diamonds State Park near Murfreesboro is a must. The world’s
only publicly operated diamond site allows you to dig for diamonds and keep what you find. The park also features exhibits,
trails, campsites, Diamond Springs Water Park and much more. For more information, visit www.craterofdiamondsstatepark.com.
In Murfreesboro, you can also enjoy great lodging, dining and shopping. Ka-Do-Ha Indian Village is also located here. This
ancient Indian settlement also serves as an archeological dig site and museum. Call (870) 285-3736 for details.
Lake Greeson
For decades, anglers and adventurers have flocked to Lake Greeson just north of Murfreesboro for bass fishing, boating,
swimming, skiing and scuba diving. Resorts on the lake offer lakeside lodging and marinas with boat rentals and supplies.
Daisy State Park features 118 campsites, picnic areas, a pavilion, launch ramps, hiking trails and a motorcycle/ATV trail. Corps
of Engineers parks are also available on the lake.
Little Missouri River
Below Lake Greeson, the Little Missouri River is known as Arkansas’
finest smallmouth bass stream. It’s a great put-and-take fishery for
rainbow trout during the fall and winter months. Rustic cabins and
outfitters are available.
Caddo River
Beginning in southwest Montgomery County, this scenic river flows
across the Ouachita Mountains until it broadens into DeGray Lake.
Canoe and fishing outfitters are available in Glenwood.
A quaint community, Glenwood is thriving with great lodging, dining
and golfing. The 18-hole championship course at Glenwood Country
Club is a member of The Natural State Golf Trail and is considered
one of the top 10 courses in the state.

Left to right: Cool off at the Crater of Diamonds State Park water park.
Glenwood Country Club is a member of The Natural State Golf Trail.

                                                                                                     www.murfreesboroark.com • 65
     Pristine Lakes & Rivers
       Find a diamond,                                                              Crater of Diamonds State Park, Arkansas’s
                                                                                    diamond site, offers a one-of-a-kind adventure.
                                      and another gem!                              Here, you can dig for real diamonds and keep
                                                                                    what you find. Then, relax in the refreshing
                                                                                    waters of Diamond Springs, the park’s aquatic
                                                                                    playground. The park campsites, café, trails,
                                                                                    Diamond Discovery Center and visitor center
                                                                                    are nearby.

                                                                                    A short drive away is another gem, Daisy State
                                                                                    Park on sparkling 7,000-acre Lake Greeson.
                                                                                    Enjoy camping, fishing, boating, water sports,
                                                                                    hiking, mountain biking and ATV adventure.

                                                                                    Crater of Diamonds State Park
                                                                                    Murfreesboro, AR

                                                                                    Daisy State Park
                                                                                    Kirby, AR

                                                     crater of diamonds state park

                                                           Daisy state park

                                Enjoy Our Great Outdoors

Lake Greeson offers top bass fishing and water sports.             Trout fishing on the Little Missouri River.

• Enjoy fine accommodations and restaurants in the heart of        • The Caddo River is perfect for canoeing and fishing for smallmouth
  Diamond Country.                                                   and spotted bass.
• Fish for trout on the Little Missouri River below Narrows Dam.   • Antiques, crafts and quilt shops abound.
• Narrows Dam area has cabins, a marina, picnicking and camping.   • Diamond Festival, John Huddleston Day and Holiday Festival
                                                                     of Lights.

                                                                                Murfreesboro Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                P.O. Box 166, Dept. DL
                                                                                Murfreesboro, AR 71958
                                                                                (870) 285-3131
Diamond Springs aquatic playground.
 Feast your eyes on handmade trinkets
 at the Hot Springs Craft Fair.

Annual festivals, fairs and other special events draw thousands     Stueart Pennington Running of the Tubs, Hot Springs, May 14:
of visitors to the Diamond Lakes Region each year.                  Annual celebration of the Spa City’s long-time motto of
The First Ever Eighth Annual World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s         “We Bathe the World” on historic Bathhouse Row.
Day Parade & Pub Crawl, Hot Springs, March 17: Parade               Diamond Festival, Murfreesboro, Mid-May: Celebrating
takes place on Bridge Street, the “shortest street in the world,”   diamonds of Pike County. Arts, crafts, BBQ brisket cook-off and
according to Ripley’s “Believe It or Not.” Grand Marshall for       kids activities.
2011 is John Corbett, Emmy and Golden Globe nominee from
“Sex in the City” and “Northern Exposure” fame.                     Hot Springs Music Festival, Hot Springs, June 5-18: World-class
                                                                    mentors and precocious young talents play side-by-side in
Oaklawn Racing Festival of the South, Hot Springs,                  concerts around town.
April 12-16: Held during the last week of Oaklawn’s racing
season. Features the Arkansas Derby.

68 • www.hotsprings.org
                    Festivals & Fairs
                         celebrate year-round

                                                                      Balloonists converge at the annual Legends Balloon Rally in Hot Springs.

Brickfest, Malvern, June 23-25: Celebrates one of the city’s      Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, Hot Springs,
oldest industries, brick making. Features a brick toss, parade,   October 14-23: 10-day continuous screening of Academy
car show, fishing and golf tournaments, beauty pageants and       Award-nominated and winning short and feature-length
live entertainment.                                               documentaries.
Legends Balloon Rally, Hot Springs, September 23-24: Hot          Forest Festival, Gurdon, October 22: Includes Suttle
air balloons, contests, balloon glows, classic car show, kids     Equipment Logging Games, Sawdust Scramble and Double
events and concerts.                                              Dog Dare Hot Dog Eating Contest.
Quartz, Quiltz and Craftz Festival, Mount Ida, October 14-16:
Features quilt show, crafts show and the World Championship
Quartz Crystal Dig.
                                                                                                               www.hotsprings.org • 69
                      Diamond Lakes 2011
           Calendar                                               of events
JANUARY                                    APRIL                                     17 – Full Moon Kayak Tour, Lake
7 – Gallery Walk, Hot Springs              TBA – Adventure Races at Lake                  Catherine State Park, Hot Springs
13-16 – Tri Lakes Coin Show, Hot Springs        Ouachita, Mountain Harbor Resort     20 – Antique/Boutique Walk,
14-April 16 – Oaklawn Park Race Meet,           & Spa, Mount Ida                          Hot Springs
     Hot Springs                           1 – Gallery Walk, Hot Springs             21 – Saturday Science Programs at
17 – Martin Luther King Festivities,       2-3 – ONE Campout, Lake Ouachita               Mid-America Science Museum,
     Hot Springs                                State Park, Mountain Pine                 Hot Springs
21 – Antique/Boutique Walk,                8 – Mother’s Day Brunch, Arlington        21 – Full Moon Kayak Tour, Lake
     Hot Springs                                Hotel, Hot Springs                        Catherine State Park, Hot Springs
21-23 – South Hot Springs Lions Club       8-16 – Racing Festival of the South,      21 – GPS & Geocaching 101, Lake
     Gun & Knife Show                           Oaklawn Park, Hot Springs –               Ouachita State Park, Mountain Pine
28-30 – 39th Annual Eagles Et Cetera,           Six classic days of racing,          27-28 – Good Ole Days/Antique Car
     DeGray Lake Resort State Park,             inaugurated in 1974                       Show & Festival, Mount Ida – Car
     Bismarck                              9 – Outdoor Adventure Series: Dutch            show, Front Porch program, arts &
                                                Oven Workshop, Lake Catherine             crafts booths, kids amusement park
FEBRUARY                                        State Park, Hot Springs                   & food vendors
Weekends – Eagles Over Harbor,             15 – Antique/Boutique Walk,               27-30 – Memorial Day Mania, Lake
      Interpretive Barge Tours & Special        Hot Springs                               Catherine State Park, Hot Springs
      Seminars, Mountain Harbor Resort     15-16 – Central Arkansas Corvette Club,   28 – Little Miss Arkansas Pageant,
      & Spa, Mount Ida                          Hot Springs                               Hot Springs
4 – Gallery Walk, Hot Springs              15-16 – Full Moon Cruises, DeGray Lake    28 – Annual Blessing of the Fleet, Main
11-12 – U.S. Stations Home & Outdoor            Resort State Park, Bismarck               Bay off Mountain Harbor Marina
      Show, Hot Springs                    16 – Arkansas Derby, Oaklawn Park,             at Mountain Harbor Resort & Spa,
11-14 – Valentine’s Weekend at Mountain         Hot Springs                               Mount Ida
      Harbor Resort & Spa, Mount Ida       16-17 – Outdoor Adventure Series:         28-September 5 – Daily Interpretive
12-13 – Eagle Watch Weekend, Lake               Blooming Weekend, Lake Catherine          Programming, Lake Catherine State
      Ouachita State Park, Mountain Pine        State Park, Hot Springs                   Park, Hot Springs
16-19 – Arkansas State Music Conference,   17 – Outdoor Living Series: Dutch Oven
      Hot Springs                               Workshop, DeGray Lake Resort         JUNE
18 – Antique/Boutique Walk,                     State Park, Bismarck                 3 – Gallery Walk, Hot Springs
      Hot Springs                          23 – Intro to Kayaking Course, Lake       3-5 – Outdoor Adventure Series: Take a
21-March 10 – Daffodil Days, Garvan             Ouachita State Park, Mountain Pine        Hike Weekend, Lake Catherine State
      Woodland Gardens, Hot Springs        23 – Easter Egg Hunt & Party, Doggie           Park, Hot Springs
25-27 –Boat, Tackle & RV Show,                  Easter Egg Hunt on the Lake at       5-18 –Music Festival, Hot Springs
      Hot Springs                               Mountain Harbor Resort & Spa,        14-15 – Full Moon Cruises, DeGray Lake
                                                Mount Ida                                 Resort State Park, Bismarck
MARCH                                                                                15 – Full Moon Kayak Tour, Lake
4 – Gallery Walk, Hot Springs              23-24 – Easter Weekend, Lake Catherine
                                                State Park, Hot Springs                   Catherine State Park, Hot Springs
5-8 – Sun Belt Basketball Tournament,                                                17 – Antique/Boutique Walk, Hot Springs
     Hot Springs                           23-24 – Easter Eggtasty, DeGray Lake
                                                Resort State Park, Bismarck          18 – Jr. Fishing Fest, DeGray Lake Resort
10-12 – State High School Basketball                                                      State Park, Bismarck
     Championship, Hot Springs             23-24 – Easter on the Lake at Mountain
                                                Harbor Resort & Spa, Mount Ida       20-23, 27-30 – Mid-America Science
11-27 – Spring Break Activities, DeGray                                                   Museum’s Summer Camps,
     Lake Resort State Park, Bismarck      24 – Easter Sunrise Service on the Lake
                                                at Mountain Harbor Resort & Spa,          Hot Springs
12 – Dutch Oven Workshop, Lake                                                       23-25 – Brickfest XXXI, Malvern –
     Ouachita State Park, Mountain Pine         Mount Ida
                                           24 – Easter Egg Hunt, Lake Catherine           Celebrating Brick Capital of the
12-April 3 – Spring Break Programming,                                                    World, games, sporting event,
     Lake Catherine State Park,                 State Park, Hot Springs
                                           30 – Outdoor Adventure Series:                 fishing & golf tournaments, beauty
     Hot Springs                                                                          pageants, live entertainment
17 – First Ever 8th Annual World’s              Outdoor Photography Workshop,
                                                Lake Catherine State Park,           23-25 – Arkansas State H.O.G. Rally,
     Shortest Saint Patrick’s Day                                                         Hot Springs
     Parade – Grand Marshall John               Hot Springs
                                           30-May 1 – Kayak Campout, Lake            29-July 2 – Miss Arkansas Outstanding
     Corbett, Hot Springs                                                                 Teen Pageant, Hot Springs
18 – Antique/Boutique Walk,                     Ouachita State Park, Mountain Pine
     Hot Springs                           MAY                                       JULY
18-27 – Spring Break Activities, Lake      6 – Gallery Walk, Hot Springs             Each Saturday – Front Porch Stage, free
     Ouachita State Park, Mountain Pine    14 – Stueart Pennington Running of             music concerts, Mount Ida
19 – 2nd Annual Keep on Truckin’                the Tubs, Hot Springs                1 – Gallery Walk, Hot Springs
     at Mid-America Science Museum,        14-15 – Kayak Campout, Lake Ouachita      1-4 – Summer Celebration, Lake
     Hot Springs                                State Park, Mountain Pine                 Catherine State Park, Hot Springs
20-26 – 7th Annual Valley of the Vapors    16-17 – Full Moon Cruises, DeGray Lake    4 – Fireworks Display, Lake Hamilton,
     Music Festival, Hot Springs                Resort State Park, Bismarck               Hot Springs
21-April 3 – Tulip Extravaganza, Garvan                                              4 – Fireworks Display, Lake Ouachita
     Woodland Gardens, Hot Springs                                                        State Park, Mountain Pine
70 • www.hotsprings.org
4 – Community Fireworks Display,           23-24 – Legends Balloon Rally,                   24 – Thanksgiving on the Lake,
      DeGray Lake Resort State Park,           Hot Springs – Hot air balloons,                   Traditional Thanksgiving Buffet at
      Bismarck                                 glows, contests and more                          the Lodge Restaurant, Mountain
4 – Fireworks Display over Lake Ouachita                                                         Harbor Resort & Spa, Mount Ida
      at Mountain Harbor Resort & Spa,     OCTOBER                                          24-27 – Thanksgiving Celebration
      Mount Ida                            TBA – Kayak Campout, Lake Ouachita                    Weekend at Mountain Harbor
8-9 – Hot Springs Area Quilt Guild               State Park, Mountain Pine                       Resort & Spa, Mount Ida
      Quilt Show                           TBA – ONE Campout, Lake Ouachita                 25 – Holiday Lighting Ceremony &
14-16 Miss Arkansas Pageant,                     State Park, Mountain Pine                       Hayrides, Mountain Harbor Resort
      Hot Springs                          TBA – Rally of Ravine, Arkadelphia                    & Spa, Mount Ida
15 – Antique/Boutique Walk, Hot Springs    1 – Toy Dog Club of Central Arkansas,            25-26 – Winter Wonderland Craft Show,
15 – Full Moon Kayak Tour, Lake                  Hot Springs                                     Hot Springs
      Catherine State Park, Hot Springs    1 – Outdoor Adventure Series: Dutch              26 – Ol’ Timey Fire Department
15-17 – Outdoor Adventure Series:                Oven Workshop, Lake Catherine                   Spaghetti Dinner & Fundraiser,
      Bugs, Slugs & More Weekend, Lake           State Park, Hot Springs                         Joplin Fire Station, Mountain Harbor
      Catherine State Park, Hot Springs    2-3 – Hot Springs National Park Kennel                Resort & Spa, Mount Ida
30-31 – South Hot Springs Lions Club &           Club, Hot Springs                          26-December 31 – Iron Mountain
      Knife Show                           7 – Gallery Walk, Hot Springs                         Christmas, Arkadelphia –
30-31 – Purple Martin Awareness            7-9 – Garvan Woodland Gardens                         Resortwide holiday light display,
      Weekend, Lake Ouachita State Park,         Annual Plant Sale, Hot Springs                  open to the public
      Mountain Pine                        12 – Full Moon Kayak Tour, Lake
                                                 Catherine State Park, Hot Springs          DECEMBER
AUGUST                                     13-15 – World Championship Crystal Dig,          TBA – Eagle Watch Tours, Lake Ouachita
Each Saturday – Front Porch Stage, free          Mount Ida                                       State Park, Mountain Pine
      music concerts, Mount Ida            14-16 – Quartz, Gem & Mineral                    TBA – Carol of Lights, Henderson State
TBA – Montgomery County Fair &                   Show, Quiltz & Craftz Festival,                 University, Arkadelphia
      Livestock Show, Mount Ida                  Mount Ida – Gem, mineral show,             TBA – Madrigal Feaste, Henderson State
TBA – Full Moon Cruises, DeGray Lake             quilts, kids crystal dig, crafts, food &        University, Arkadelphia
      Resort State Park, Bismarck                world championship crystal dig             TBA – Taste of Christmas Lights,
5 – Gallery Walk, Hot Springs              14-16 – 4th Annual Round About Artist                 Murfreesboro
11-14 – 2011 FLW Tour, Hot Springs               Studio Tour, Caddo River Art Guild,        TBA – Christmas Parade, Magnet Cove
12-14 – Outdoor Adventure Series:                Caddo Valley                               TBA – Luminaries, Quapaw/Prospect
      Mammal Mania Weekend, Lake           14-23 – Hot Springs Documentary Film                  Historic District, Hot Springs
      Catherine State Park, Hot Springs          Festival – Continuous screening            TBA – Christmas Parade, Downtown
13 – Full Moon Kayak Tour, Lake                  of Academy Award-nominated                      Hot Springs
      Catherine State Park, Hot Springs          & winning short & feature length           TBA – Christmas Parade, Gurdon
19 – Antique/Boutique Walk,                      documentaries                              TBA – Christmas Parade, Arkadelphia
      Hot Springs                          21 – Antique/Boutique Walk,                      TBA – Festival of Christmas, Ouachita
                                                 Hot Springs                                     Baptist University, Arkadelphia
SEPTEMBER                                  28-30 – Forest Festival, Gurdon –                1-31 – Holiday Lights Over Harbor,
TBA – Hot Springs Blues Fest – Free              Annual festival celebrates Gurdon’s             Mountain Harbor Resort & Spa,
     admission, featured entertainers,           timber legacy; chili cook-off,                  Mount Ida – Resortwide holiday
     for the whole family                        antique car show, kids events,                  light display, open to the public
TBA – Hot Spring County Fair & Rodeo,            entertainment, auction & more              2 – Gallery Walk, Hot Springs
     Malvern                               29 – Haunted Halloween at the Park,              2-4 – Cowboy Christmas, Amity
TBA – Garland County Fair & Rodeo,               Lake Catherine State Park,                 16 – Boutique Walk, Hot Springs
     Hot Springs                                 Hot Springs                                17 – Outdoor Adventure Series: Winter
TBA – Great Arkansas Cleanup Event,                                                              in the Park, Lake Catherine State
     Lake Ouachita State Park,             NOVEMBER                                              Park, Hot Springs
     Mountain Pine                         TBA – Garland County Courthouse                  17 – State High School Cheerleading
TBA – Great Arkansas Cleanup Keeping            Lighting, Hot Springs                            Championships, Hot Springs
     DeGray Lake Beautiful Event,          Early – Full Color Tour of Lake Hamilton,        25 – Christmas Day Feast, Arlington
     DeGray Lake Resort State Park,             Belle of Hot Springs, Hot Springs                Hotel, Hot Springs
     Bismarck                              4 – Gallery Walk, Hot Springs
2 – Gallery Walk, Hot Springs              4-5 – Women in Balance Retreat at                *Dates subject to change without notice.
2-5 – End of Summer Blowout, Lake               Turtle Cove Spa, Mountain Harbor            NOTE: Super Happenings are
     Catherine State Park, Hot Springs          Resort & Spa, Mount Ida                          highlighted in colored, bold type.
5 – Animal Release Party, Lake Catherine   18 – Antique/Boutique Walk,                      • For more information, contact the Hot
     State Park, Hot Springs                    Hot Springs                                      Springs Convention and Visitors
8-10 – Motorcycle Rally, Hot Springs       19-December 31 – Lights on the                        Bureau, (501) 321-2277/1-888-SPA-CITY
12 – Full Moon Kayak Tour, Lake                 Landscape, Garvan Woodland                       or local area chamber of commerce.
     Catherine State Park, Hot Springs          Gardens, Hot Springs
13-18 – Hot Springs JazzFest
16 – Antique/Boutique Walk,
     Hot Springs
                                                                                                            www.hotsprings.org • 71
        Rock shops make perfect roadside stops.

The Lake Ouachita Vista Trail is open year-round.

Tour One
Take Hwy. 270 east to Magnet Cove and into Malvern to visit the Boyle House Museum. From Malvern, travel I-30 west to exit 97, where
you’ll take Hwy. 171 north 12 miles to Lake Catherine State Park. Take Hwy. 290 west to Hwy. 128 (Carpenter Dam Road) and turn north,
then left on Arkridge Road to Garvan Woodland Gardens, where 210 acres of botanical gardens extend along 4.5 miles of Lake Hamilton
shoreline. Reverse your direction on Hwy. 128. Turn right on Hwy. 290, passing by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission fish hatchery
on your way to Scenic 7 Byway towards Hot Springs.
Tour One Lakes
Lake Catherine: Lake Catherine State Park features campsites, cabins, marinas and hiking trails. For more information, call (501) 844-4176.
Lake Hamilton: The shoreline is dotted with condos, resorts, restaurants and marinas.

72 • www.hotsprings.org
           D r i v i n g To u r s
                                          take the scenic route

                                                                                                      The views are breathtaking on DeGray Lake.

                                                                                                  Scenic 7 Byway offers unmatched natural beauty.

Tour Two
Take Scenic 7 Byway south to beautiful DeGray Lake. A short detour will take you to Iron Mountain Lodge and Marina and DeGray Lake
Resort State Park. Continue south on Scenic 7 to Arkadelphia, home of Henderson State University and Ouachita Baptist University.
Visit the Chamber of Commerce for instructions on the historic homes driving tour. From Arkadelphia, take old Hwy. 67 north through
rural towns such as “Friendship” and “Social Hill” on your way to Malvern, where Hwy. 270 will take you back to Hot Springs.
Tour Two Lake
DeGray Lake: One of the state’s most popular fishing and recreation lakes, DeGray offers camping, picnic areas, beaches, marinas,
houseboat rentals and launch ramps, as well as lodging and meeting facilities and an 18-hole golf course. For information, call DeGray
Lake Resort State Park, (501) 865-5850; or Iron Mountain Lodge and Marina, (870) 246-4310.

                                                                                                                   www.hotsprings.org • 73
                                                                                                      For your convenience, each
                                                                                                      Diamond Lakes county listed
                                             Garland                                                  below has been color-coded to
                                                                                                      the driving tours.
                                                                                                      Other information about the
                                                                                                      counties may be found on the
                                                                                                      following pages:
                                                                                                      GARLAND COUNTY – 4-15
                                                                                                      HOT SPRING COUNTY – 50
                                                                                                      MONTGOMERY COUNTY – 58
                                                                                                      CLARK COUNTY – 61
                                                                                                      PIKE COUNTY – 65
                                                                                                      For your convenience, we have
                                                                                                      detailed four driving tours of
                                                                                                      the Hot Springs/Diamond Lakes
                                                                                                      Area to help you make the most
                                                                               Hot Spring             of your vacation and sightseeing
                                                                                                      time. Tour One covers the
                                                                                                      immediate Hot Springs area and
              Pike                                                                                    also nearby Malvern. Tour Two
                                                                                                      travels to Caddo Valley and
                                                                                                      Arkadelphia. Tour Three includes
                                                                                                      Murfreesboro and the Crater of
                                                                  Clark                               Diamonds State Park. And Tour
                                                                                                      Four travels our “quartz crystal
           = STATE PARKS                                                                              country” with stops at Mount
           Daisy State Park
                                                                                                      Ida, Albert Pike Recreation
           Crater of Diamonds State Park                                                              Area, Daisy State Park and other
           DeGray Lake Resort State Park                                                              points. You’ll find one or more
           Lake Catherine State Park                                                                  of our famous Diamond Lakes
           Lake Ouachita State Park                                                                   in each tour.
           Welcome Center

Tour Three
Begin on Hwy. 70. Drive to Glenwood for fishing and canoeing on the Caddo River. At Kirby, take a side trip via Hwy. 27 to
Lake Greeson and the Little Missouri River before continuing to Murfreesboro. There, you can visit Ka-Do-Ha Indian Village,
an archeological dig and museum. Hwy. 301 leads to Crater of Diamonds State Park. Take Hwy. 26 to Arkadelphia, where I-30
connects with Scenic 7 Byway for the final leg of this tour.
Tour Three Lake
Lake Greeson: Enjoy water sports and excellent bass, crappie, catfish and hybrid striper fishing. Daisy State Park offers campsites,
launch ramps, trails and a playground. Resorts offer lodging, marinas, boat rentals and fishing guide services. The Little Missouri
River below Lake Greeson has fishing for rainbow trout. For information, contact Self Creek Lodge and Marina, (870) 398-5000.
Tour Four
Head west on Hwy. 270 past Lake Ouachita to Mount Ida, the Quartz Capital of the World. Stop in at one of the many rock
shops or crystal mines. At the junction of Hwy. 270 and Hwy. 27, head south to Norman. This is the northern gateway to the Little
Missouri Falls, Albert Pike Recreation Area and Winding Stairs. Hwy. 27 takes you into Glenwood. For more information, contact
Mount Ida Chamber of Commerce, (870) 867-2723.
Tour Four Lake
Lake Ouachita: The largest lake in Arkansas and one of the cleanest lakes in the country is a popular destination for boating
and water sports, as well as lodging and conference centers. The Ouachita National Forest surrounds the lake’s thousand-mile
wilderness shoreline. A 24-mile stretch of the new Lake Ouachita Vista Trail is now available to hikers and bikers of all skill levels.
The trail system will eventually extend 35 to 40 miles connecting resorts and campsites. For information, contact Lake Ouachita
Field Office, (501) 767-2101 or the Mount Ida Chamber of Commerce, (870) 867-2723.

74 • www.hotsprings.org
 Facilities                                                                            & services
ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT/GALLERIES/CRAFTS/GIFTS/JEWELRY/RETAIL                                                                                                                       Area Code (501)
American Art Gallery                                                           724 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71901                                                                     624-0550
Hot Springs Documentary Film Institute                                         819 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71901                                                                      321-4747

Anita Lynn Historic Tours                                                      838 McClendon Rd., Hot Springs 71901                                                                     624-6524
Arkadelphia Aquatic Park                                                       2575 Twin Rivers Dr., Arkadelphia 71913                                                              870-246-2747
Arkansas Alligator Farm & Petting Zoo                                          847 Whittington Ave., Hot Springs 71901                                                                   623-6172
Arkansas Walk of Fame                                                          619 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71901                                                                        623-1415
Belle of Hot Springs Riverboat                                                 5200 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71913                                                                     525-4438
Castleberry Riding Stables                                                     537 Walnut Valley Rd., Hot Springs 71909                                                                 623-6609
Crystal Springs Mining Co.                                                     620 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71901                                                                       623-2323
Dryden Pottery                                                                 341 Whittington Ave., Hot Springs 71901                                                                   623-4201
Family Fun Park                                                                3500 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71901                                                                     620-4100
The Fordyce Museum & National Park Visitors Center                             P.O. Box 1860, 300 Block of Central Ave., Hot Springs 71902                                               623-1433
Fox Pass Pottery                                                               379 Fox Pass Cut-Off Rd., Hot Springs 71901                                                              623-9906
Funtrackers Go Carts/Bumper Boats                                              2614 Albert Pike, Hot Springs 71913                                                                       767-8140
The Gangster Museum of America                                                 113 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71901                                                                        318-1717
Garvan Woodland Gardens                                                        550 Arkridge Rd., Hot Springs 71903                                                    262-9300, 1-800-366-4664
Hot Springs Carriage Company                                                   Hot Springs National Park 71913                                                                           321-4779
Hot Springs Gymnastics & Play-By-Play Family Fun                               1510 Lakeshore Dr., Hot Springs 71913                                                                    525-4503
Hot Springs KOA Mini Golf                                                      838 McClendon Rd., Hot Springs 71901                                                                      624-5912
Hot Springs Mountain Tower                                                     P.O. Box 6000, Hot Springs 71902                                                                         623-6035
Josephine Tussaud Wax Museum                                                   250 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71901                                                                      623-5836
Lum & Abner Museum/Jot ’Em Down Store                                          Hwy. 88, P.O. Box 38, Pine Ridge 71966                                                               870-326-4442
Magic Springs & Crystal Falls Theme Park                                       1701 E. Grand, Hot Springs 71901                                                                         624-0100
The Maxwell Blade Magic Lantern Theater                                        121 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71913                                                                      623-6200
Mid-America Science Museum                                                     500 Mid America Blvd., Hot Springs 71913                                                767-3461, 1-800-632-0580
Mountain Valley Spring Co. – International Headquarters & Visitors Center      150 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71901                                                      623-6671, 1-800-643-1501
National Park Aquarium                                                         209 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71901                                                                       624-3474
National Park Duck Tours/Ducks In The Park                                     418 Central Ave./250 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71901                                                       321-2911
Oaklawn Racing & Gaming                                                        2705 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71901                                                  623-4411, 1-800-OAKLAWN
On Target Indoor Firing Range                                                  1225 Blacksnake Rd., Hot Springs 71913                                                                   767-9944
Panther Valley Ranch                                                           1942 Millcreek, Hot Springs 71901                                                                         623-5556
Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf                                                   4612 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71913                                                                       525-9311
The Pocket Community Theatre, Inc.                                             170 Ravine Rd., Hot Springs 71901                                                                        623-8585
Superlift Off-Road Vehicle Park                                                2100 Mill Creek Rd., Hot Springs 71901                                                                   625-3600
Tiny Town                                                                      374 Whittington Ave., Hot Springs 71901                                                                   624-4742
T-Rex Jurassic Indoor Golf                                                     1115 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71901                                                                      623-3825
The Vienna Theatre                                                             424 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71901                                                                      463-2799
Volcano Falls Miniature Golf                                                   2614 Albert Pike, Hot Springs 71913                                                                       767-8140
Wegner Crystal Mines                                                           82 Wegner Ranch Rd., Mount Ida 71957                                                                870-867-2309
Wilkins Family Music & Comedy                                                  202 Malvern Ave., Hot Springs 71901                                                                      624-7469
The Winery of Hot Springs                                                      1503 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71901                                                                    623-WINE
Witness Productions, Inc.                                                      P.O. Box 6434, Hot Springs 71902                                                                          623-9781
Wright’s Rock Shop                                                             3612 Albert Pike, Hot Springs 71913                                                                      767-4800

                                                                            Area Code (501)                      Hours
Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa               239 Central Ave.                             623-7771, 1-800-643-1502            M-W 7am-5pm; Th-Sa 7am-9pm; Su 7am-2pm
Austin Hotel Bathhouse                     305 Central Ave.                             623-6600, 1-877-623-6697            Daily 9am-6pm
Buckstaff Bathhouse                        509 Central Ave.                             623-2308                            Hours vary seasonally, call for hours of operation
Quapaw Baths & Spa                         413 Central Ave.                             609-9822                            Hours vary seasonally, call for hours of operation
The Springs Hotel Bathhouse                135 Central Ave.                             624-5521, 1-888-624-5521            Call for hours of operation

A Massage with a Mission Studio            1401 Malvern Ave., Suite 170                 520-0113                            Daily 10am-8pm, by appointment only
Ablution, A Day Spa                        4904 Central Ave., Suite A                   525-6450                            Daily 9am-9pm
Andrea Rose Rejuvenation Center            218 Court St.                                623-6449                            Tu 1-6pm, W-Sa 9am-6pm
Chrysalis Day Spa & Skin Center            4332 Central Ave., Suite E                   520-5400                            Call for an appointment
Destination Day Spa                        250 Cornerstone Blvd.                        525-3400                            M-F 9:30am-5:30pm, Sa 10am-5pm, closed Sunday
Living Wellness Day Spa                    199 Trabecca Cir.                            318-4933                            Daily, call for an appointment
Nu Velda Rose & Medispa                    217 Park Ave.                                623-3311, 1-888-624-3311            Tu-Su 9am-7pm, closed Monday
Nurture Day Spa & Yoga Studio              Corner of Hickory & Ouachita                 623-YOGA                            Daily 10am-6pm
Pain Relief & Massage Studio               3824 Central Ave.                            609-0300                            M-Sa 9:30am-5:30pm, closed Sunday, by appointment only
Sabai Massage Therapy                      210 Hobson Ave.                              282-7297                            Daily, by appointment only
Spa Botanica at Embassy Suites             400 Convention Blvd.                         321-4444                            Call for an appointment
Swan Song Spa                              504 Park Ave.                                623-5597                            Daily, call for an appointment
Thai-Me                                    5001 Central Ave., Suite D                   520-4772                            M-Sa 9am-6pm
Turtle Cove Spa                            181 Clubhouse Dr., Mount Ida                 870-867-1220                        Daily/weekly reservations

                                                                                                                                                        www.hotsprings.org • 75
(CAMPING) E – Electricity, D – Dump Station, SH – Showers, F – Full Hookups, PT – Pull Through, L – Laundry, S – Swimming Pool, SA – Swimming Area, W – Water, T – Television, T* – Cable TV, TN – Tent,
          I – Internet/Dataport, I* – Wireless Internet
(LODGING) B – Thermal Bathhouse, B* – Non-Thermal Bathhouse, C – Cottage, C* – Condominiums, C** – Vacation Homes, I – Internet/Dataport, I* – Wireless Internet, H – Honeymoon Suite,
          K – Kitchen/Kitchenettes, R – Restaurant, T – Television, T* – Cable TV, T** – HBO, HA – Handicapped Accessible, P – Pets, S – Swimming Pool, S* – Swimming Area, S** – Indoor Swimming Pool,
          M – Marina/Boat Ramp, HT – Hot Tub, D – Discount, NS – Non-Smoking

 CAMPING (PRIVATE/STATE PARKS/CORPS & NATIONAL PARK)                                                                      Area Code (501)    Sites    E   D   SH   F PT L        S SA W        T TN     I
 Bartee Meadow RV Park & Camping                3222 E. Grand, Hot Springs 71901                                                 262-9100       4     X   X    X   X                  X           X
 Camp Lake Hamilton                             6191 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71913                                             525-8204     50      X   X    X   X X X              X           X
 Cloud Nine RV Park & Camping                   136 Cloud Nine Dr., Hot Springs 71901                                            262-1996      45     X   X    X   X X X              X        X* X     X*
 Crater of Diamonds State Park                  209 State Park Rd., Murfreesboro 71958                                        870-285-3113     47     X   X    X   X    X        X    X           X
 Daisy State Park                               103 E. Park, Kirby 71950                                                     870-398-4487     103     X   X    X     X           X    X           X
 DeGray Lake Area Corps Park                    729 Channel Rd., Arkadelphia 71923                          870-246-5501, 1-877-444-6777      525     X   X    X     X              X             X
 DeGray Lake Resort State Park                  2027 State Park Entrance Rd., Bismarck 71929                                     865-2801     113     X   X    X   X X X            X X           X
 Gulpha Gorge Hot Springs National Park         7 Spur, Hot Springs 71901                                                        624-2701      39         X        X                X             X
 Highway 27 Fishing Village                     214 Fishing Village Rd., Story 71970                                          870-867-2211    40      X   X          X              X X           X
 Hot Springs National Park KOA                  838 McClendon Rd., Hot Springs 71901                            624-5912, 1-800-562-5903       91     X   X X      X X X         X    X        X* X     X*
 J & J RV Park                                  2000 E. Grand Ave., Hot Springs 71901                                             321-9852    46      X   X X      X X X              X        X*       X*
 Lake Catherine State Park                      1200 Catherine Park Rd., Hot Springs 71913                      844-4176, 1-800-264-2422      70      X   X X      X    X           X X           X
 Lake Greeson Area Corps Park                   155 Dynamite Hill, Murfreesboro 71958                                         870-285-2151   450      X   X X        X              X             X
 Lake Hamilton RV Resort                        3027 Albert Pike Rd., Hot Springs 71913                                          767-4400      81     X   X X      X X X         X    X               X*
 Lake Ouachita Area Corps Park                  1201 Blakely Dam Rd., Royal 71968                                                 767-2108   590      X   X X        X              X X             X
 Lake Ouachita State Park                       5451 Mountain Pine Rd., Mountain Pine 71956                                      767-9366     103     X   X X      X                X X             X
 Leisure Landing RV Park                        201 Broadview Dr., Hot Springs 71913                                              525-3289     33     X   X X      X X                X             X X*
 Mill Pond Village                              #1 Preakness Dr., Hot Springs 71913                                               525-3959     21     X     X      X X X         X    X        X*
 Ouachita National Forest-Camp Charlton         1523 Hwy. 270 E., Mount Ida 71957                                            870-867-2101      57     X   X X      X                X X
 Ouachita National Forest-Tent                  1523 Hwy. 270 E., Mount Ida 71957                                            870-867-2101      9                                    X               X
 Ouachita River Haven Resort                    122 Ouachita River Haven Rd., Pencil Bluff 71965             870-326-4941, 1-877-314-2836      15     X       X    X   X     X      X X             X
 RVC Outdoors                                   1700 Shady Grove Rd., Hot Springs 71901                                          262-2550     124     X       X    X         X   X    X        X*       X*
 Timbercrest RV & Mobile Home Park              3921 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71913                                              525-8361     54     X            X                  X
 Treasure Isle RV Park                          205 Treasure Isle Rd., Hot Springs 71913                                         767-6852     60      X   X X      X   X     X   X X X
 Two Spirits Limited Canoe Adventures           1167 Pucket Bend Rd., Mount Ida 71957                                      1-800-841-3632      14           X                       X               X
 Young’s Lakeshore RV Resort                    1601 Lakeshore Dr., Hot Springs 71913                           767-7946, 1-800-470-7875      44      X   X X      X   X     X        X        X*       X*

 Almost Home Houseboat Rentals/Aqua Fun                                            199 Northview Loop, Jessieville 71949                                                              1-877-256-6785
 Anchors Away Houseboat Rentals                                                    140 Iron Mountain Marina Dr., Arkadelphia 71923                                                     870-246-8800
 Bartee Meadow RV Park                                                             3222 E. Grand, Hot Springs 71901                                                                         262-9100
 Ouachita River Haven Resort                                                       122 Ouachita River Haven Rd., Pencil Bluff 71965                                      870-326-4941, 1-877-314-2836
 River View Cabins & Canoes                                                        92 W. River View Dr., Oden 71961                                                      870-326-4630, 1-888-547-1146
 RVC Outdoors                                                                      1700 Shady Grove Rd., Hot Springs 71901                                                                  262-2550
 Two Spirits Limited Canoe Adventures                                              1167 Puckett Bend Rd., Mount Ida 71957                                               870-867-5028, 1-800-841-3632

 Arkadelphia Regional Economic Development Alliance                                P.O. Box 400, Arkadelphia 71923                                                                          870-246-1460
 City of Caddo Valley                                                              137 Malvern Rd., Caddo Valley 71923                                                                      870-246-8283
 Diamond Gateway Tourism                                                           P.O. Box 166, Murfreesboro 71958                                                                          870-285-3131
 Greater Hot Springs C of C                                                        P.O. Box 6090, Hot Springs 71902                                                                      1-800-467-INFO
 Hot Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau                                          P.O. Box 6000, Hot Springs 71902                                                                          501-321-2277
 Malvern C of C                                                                    213 W. Third, Malvern 72104                                                                               501-332-2721
 Mount Ida C of C                                                                  P.O. Box 6, Mount Ida 71957                                                                              870-867-2723

 Ouachita Technical College                                                        One College Cir., Malvern 72104                                                                         501-337-5000

 Red Oak Ridge                                                                     140 Red Ridge Blvd., Hot Springs 71913                                               501-262-3080, 1-866-768-3646

 DeGray Lake/Arkadelphia Area                                                                   Area Code (870)                      Units   B   C    I   H   K    R T HA P          S     M HT D NS
 DeGray Lake Resort State Park Lodge      2027 State Park Entrance Rd., Bismarck 71929          501-865-2851, 1-800-737-8355          94              X            X X*              X     X
 DeGray Lakeview Cottages                 Rt. 3, Box 450, Bismarck 71929                        501-865-3389                           7         X            X      X*
 Iron Mountain Lodge & Marina             134 Iron Mt. Marina Dr., Arkadelphia 71923            246-4310, 1-800-243-3396              17         X            X      X* X X                X   X    X   X

 Hot Springs Area                                                                                  Area Code (501)                   Units   B   C  I H       K    R    T    HA P    S     M HT D NS
 All Seasons Lodge                        1127 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71901                     624-7131, 1-877-624-7131            61          X*                  X**      X    X          X
 Alpine Inn Motel                         741 Park Ave., Hot Springs 71901                         624-9164, 1-866-847-9148            16        X X* X       X        X*            X            X
 Americas Best Value Inn                  2204 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71901                     624-5551, 1-800-493-5114            89          X          X    X   X*    X   X   X          X
 Arkansas Tower Motel                     755 Park Ave., Hot Springs 71901                         624-9555                           20                      X        X*                         X
 Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa             239 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71901                      623-7771, 1-800-643-1502           476    X       X*            X   X*    X      X        X X
 Austin Hotel & Convention Center         305 Malvern, Hot Springs 71901                           623-6600, 1-877-623-6697          200     X       X             X   X*    X     X**          X
 Best Western Winners Circle Inn          2520 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71901                     624-2531, 1-800-643-8722           120            X                 X**   X      X           X
 Candlewood Suites                        3404 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71901                     624-4000, 1-888-Candlewood          95            X        X        X**   X   X X            X
 Capri Suites                             1606 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71901                     623-1668, 1-800-883-0445            29            X                 X**       X                X
 Comfort Inn & Suites                     3627 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71913                     623-1700, 1-877-682-4442            83            X* X              X**   X     X**       X* X X
 Comfort Suites                           320 Nash, Hot Springs 71913                              624-3800                            93            X* X              X**   X     X**       X X X*
 Continental Motel                        1535 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71901                     623-3969                            12                     X        X*                       X
 Country Inn & Suites                     4307 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71913                     525-2225, 1-800-456-4000            59            X* X          X   X**   X       X**     X X
 Econo Lodge                              4319 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71913                     525-1660, 1-800-745-6160           90             X*            X   X**   X   X    X         X
 Edgewood House                           200 Edgewood, Hot Springs 71901                          318-4117                             1        X** X X      X        X*        X                X

         76 • www.hotsprings.org
Hot Springs Area (continued)                                                                Area Code (501)                 Units   B C       I    H   K   R T     HA P S M HT D NS
Embassy Suites Hot Springs Hotel & Spa   400 Convention Blvd., Hot Springs 71901            624-9200, 1-800-Embassy         246     X*        X    X   X   X X**    X X X**   X X
Fountain Motel                           1622 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71901               624-1262                          35                             X**         X
Grand Comfort Motel NY Inn               805 E. Grand Ave., Hot Springs 71901               624-4672                          53           X                 X*       X          X
Hampton Inn                              151 Temperance Hill, Hot Springs 71913             525-7000, 1-800-426-7866          82           X*                X**    X    X    X X
Happy Hollow Motel                       231 Fountain St., Hot Springs 71901                321-2230                          18           X           X     X**    X X          X X
Holiday Inn Express                      4253 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71913               520-6400, 1-800-HOLIDAY          100           X           X   X X**    X   X**   X* X
Hot Springs National Park KOA            838 McClendon Rd., Hot Springs 71901               624-5912, 1-800-562-5903          17         X X*          X     X**    X X X          X
Hot Springs Village Vacation Rentals     110 Cooper Cir., Hot Springs Village 71909         1-877-386-4627                    63         X X           X   X X*         X** X X X X
Howard Johnsons                          400 W. Grand, Hot Springs 71901                    624-4441, 1-800-IGOHOJO           74           X X             X X**    X X X     X* X
Kings Inn                                2101 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71901               623-8824, 1-888-386-4466          58                       X     X**         X       X
Knights Inn                              1871 E. Grand, Hot Springs 71901                   624-4436, 1-800-238-4891          50              X    X         X**    X X X     X* X
Lynwood Motel                            857 Park Ave., Hot Springs 71901                   623-8951                          15                       X     X*                  X X
Nu Velda Rose Resort & Medispa           217 Park Ave., Hot Springs 71901                   623-3311, 1-888-624-3311         191    X*    X* X               X*     X            X
1000 Acres Retreat House                 122 Russell St., Hot Springs 71901                 318-4117                           1      X** X X          X     X*       X            X
Ozark Courts                             210 Quapaw, Hot Springs 71901                      321-2817                          15          X*           X     X*
Panther Valley Ranch                     1942 Mill Creek Rd., Hot Springs 71901             623-5556                          10       X     X         X     X*                       X X* X
Park Hotel                               211 Fountain St., Hot Springs 71901                624-5323, 1-800-895-7275          55          X* X             X X*    X    X               X
Red Roof Inn                             1125 E. Grand, Hot Springs 71913                   624-3321                          82          X* X               X*    X    X   X         X X X
Sands Central                            1525 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71901               624-1258                          55          X*                 X**            X           X
Shamrock Motel                           508 Albert Pike, Hot Springs 71913                 623-1185                          22          X            X     X*         X               X
Smith’s Lighthouse Cottage               111 Hunts, Hot Springs 71913                       282-1202                           1       X     X         X     X*         X X*               X
The Springs Hotel & Spa                  135 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71901                624-5521, 1-888-624-5521         139    X     X* X         X   X X*            X
Staybridge Suites                        103 Lookout Cir., Hot Springs 71901                525-6500, 1-800-238-8000          85          X X          X     X**   X    X X**         X   X   X
Super 8 Motel                            4726 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71913               525-0188, 1-888-526-0188          63          X X                X*    X      X**         X   X
Tawney Court                             329 Quapaw, Hot Springs 71901                      624-3833                           4                       X     X*                           X
Travelier Inn                            1045 E. Grand Ave., Hot Springs 71901              624-4681, 1-888-576-9474          55            X*         X     X**        X   X             X   X
Travelodge                               1204 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71901               321-1332, 1-800-225-1360          86            X*         X   X X**            X             X
Village Villas Vacation Rentals          4136 Hwy. 7 N., Hot Springs Village 71910          624-5800, 1-888-408-7771         150         X* X          X     X*             X* X      X   X   X

Lake Catherine/Malvern Area                                                                 Area Code (501)                 Units   B    C    I    H   K   R   T HA P S M HT D NS
Lake Catherine State Park                1200 Lake Catherine Rd., Hot Springs 71913         844-4176, 1-800-264-2422         18          X    X        X       X* X   X* X X*  X
Smith’s Lakefront Cabin Getaway          212 Harmony Hill Cove, Hot Springs 71901           262-2838                          1          X         X   X       X*   X X*       X

Lake Greeson Area/Glenwood/Murfreesboro Area                                                Area Code (870)                 Units   B    C    I    H   K   R    T HA P      S     M HT D NS
Queen of Diamonds Inn             318 N. Washington, Murfreesboro 71958                     285-3105                         29                    X           X** X        X
Self Creek Lodge & Marina         4192 Hwy. 70 W., Kirby 71950                              398-5000                         11          X    X        X       X* X X             X   X   X   X
Swaha Lodge & Marina              P.O. Box 226, Murfreesboro 71958                          285-2272, 1-877-300-9515         24          X             X        X    X            X

Lake Hamilton – Hot Springs Area                                                            Area Code (501)                 Units   B    C    I    H   K   R  T    HA P      S    M HT D NS
Ann’s Alpine Inn                         301 Klein Shore Rd., Unit 11, Hot Springs 71901    1-972-495-7779,1-972-679-0547      1         X         X   X     X*              X    X      X
Ann’s Cozy Cottage                       301 Klein Shore Rd., Unit 17, Hot Springs 71901    1-972-495-7779,1-972-679-0547      1         X         X   X     X*              X    X      X
Baymont Inn & Suites                     5321 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71913               520-5522, 1-877-BAYMONT           84         X    X    X         X*    X         X    X    X
Clarion on the Lake                      4813 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71913               525-1391, 1-800-432-5145         149              X            X X*    X    X    X    X    X
Clearwater Resort                        173 Barbary Rd., Hot Springs 71913                 767-0707                          10         X    X    X   X     X*    X    X    X    X X    X
Country Inn Lake Resort                  1332 Airport Rd., Hot Springs 71913                767-3535, 1-800-822-7402          28              X        X     X*    X        X*    X*     X
Days Inn Hamilton Resort                 106 Lookout Point, Hot Springs 71913               525-5666, 1-800-945-9559          57              X    X         X**            X*    X X X
Edgewater Resort                         200 Edgewater Cir., Hot Springs 71913              767-3311, 1-800-234-3687           9         X*   X*       X     X*             X*           X
Five Points                              155 Five Points Rd., Hot Springs 71913             525-1622                          10         X    X    X   X     X*         X   X*    X
Gotta Get Away Home                      129 B Clearwater Cir., Hot Springs 71913           1-972-898-0308                     2         X*   X    X   X     X*         X    X    X X*   X
Hamilton Harbor Resort                   203 Sterns Point, Hot Springs 71913                520-1599, 1-800-525-8688          21         X*        X   X     X*              X         X
Hot Springs Vacation Rentals             5380 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71913               525-3500, 1-800-874-1385         154         X* X          X     X*    X        X*    X
Klein Shore Resort                       301 Klein Shore Rd., Hot Springs 71913             545-7963                           7                   X   X     X*    X    X   X*    X X*
Knollwood Lodge                          130 Knollwood Lodge Rd., Hot Springs 71913         767-9231                          10         X   X         X     X*             X*    X
The Lodge at Cozy Acres                  1100 Cozy Acres Rd., Mountain Pine 71956           765-9730                           4         X   X         X     X*             X*    X X    X
Long Island Lake Resort                  320 Long Island Dr., Hot Springs 71913             525-3600, 1-800-467-1598          16             X         X     X*         X   X*
RVC Outdoors                             1700 Shady Grove Rd., Hot Springs 71901            262-2550                          10          X X*         X     X*    X    X    X    X
South Shore Resort                       201 Hamilton Oaks Dr., Hot Springs 71913           1-800-525-8688                    50         X*            X     X*              X        X   X
Spa City Vacation Rentals                838 Bellaire Dr., Hot Springs 71901                617-1846                           3         X** X*        X     X*             X*    X           X
Summit Lake Resort                       350 Lakeland Dr., Hot Springs 71913                525-1162, 1-800-959-5253           8                   X   X     X*              X      X X       X
SunBay Resort & Condominiums             4810 Central Ave., Hot Springs 71913               525-4691, 1-800-468-0055         107         X*            X   X X*    X        X**   X X
The Wharf Resort                         408 Long Island Dr., Hot Springs 71913             525-4604                          42         X*            X     X*             X*    X X*
Willow Beach Resort                      260 Lake Hamilton Dr., Hot Springs 71913           525-3500, 1-888-477-2248          18                       X     X**   X         X    X

Lake Ouachita/Mount Ida Area                                                                Area Code (870)                 Units   B    C     I H     K   R T     HA   P S       M HT D NS
Brady Mountain Resort & Marina           4120 Brady Mountain Rd., Royal 71968               501-767-3422, 1-800-711-3457     36               X* X     X   X X      X   X X       X X    X
Highway 27 Fishing Village               214 Fishing Village Rd., Story 71970               867-2211                         12                        X     X      X   X X*      X
Lake Ouachita State Park                 5451 Mt. Pine Rd., Mountain Pine 71956             501-767-9366, 1-800-264-2441      8        X               X     X*     X     X*      X      X
Mountain Harbor Resort                   P.O. Box 1268 (Hwy. 270), Mount Ida 71957          867-1200, 1-800-832-2276         85     X* X* X        X   X   X X*     X   X X*      X X
Ouachita River Haven Resort              122 Ouachita River Haven Rd., Pencil Bluff 71965   326-4941, 1-877-314-2836          4        X           X   X     X      X   X X*        X    X
River View Cabins & Canoes               92 W. River View Dr., Oden 71961                   326-4630, 1-888-547-1146         11        X X         X   X     X      X     X*        X X X
Shangri-La Resort                        987 Shangri-La Dr., Mount Ida 71957                867-2011                         28        X X             X   X X*     X   X X       X
Spillway Resort & Marina                 2401 Blakely Dam Rd., Mountain Pine 71956          501-767-2997, 1-800-525-2516      8        X               X   X        X   X X       X

Hot Springs Area                                                                            Area Code (501)                 Units   B    C     I   H   K   R    T HA P S M HT D NS
Abelard Inn                              121 Exchange St., Hot Springs 71901                625-3834                         2                X*   X           X*            X* X X
Bella Vista Bed & Breakfast              230 Whittington Ave., Hot Springs 71901            545-1955                         2                X    X   X       X* X          X    X
Butler Manor                             123 Butler Lane, Hot Springs 71913                 520-5705, 1-888-520-5705         5                X*   X   X       X**     X** X    X X
Country Charm B&B                        8354 Hwy. 84, Bismarck 71929                       865-1842                         5           X         X   X        X X          X* X X
1884 Tinkerbell’s Wildwood               808 Park Ave., Hot Springs 71901                   624-4267, 1-888-763-3707         7                X    X           X*            X X X

                                                                                                                                                       www.hotsprings.org • 77
Hot Springs Area (continued)                                                          Area Code (501)                Units    B   C    I   H   K   R    T    HA P   S M HT       D NS
The Gables Inn Bed & Breakfast   318 Quapaw Ave., Hot Springs 71901                   623-7576, 1-800-625-7576        4                                X*               X*       X X
Hamilton House Estate            132 Van Lyell Terrace, Hot Springs 71913             520-4040                        5              X X               X*    X   X X*   X        X
Hilltop Manor Bed & Breakfast    2009 Park Ave., Hot Springs 71901                    625-7829                        5              X X               X*    X          X*         X
Lookout Point Lakeside Inn       104 Lookout Cir., Hot Springs 71913                  525-6155, 1-866-525-6155        13          X* X* X              X**   X   X X*   X        X X
Overview Bed & Breakfast         252 Overview Cir, Hot Springs 71913                  760-3142                        4                 X              X*          X*
Prospect Place Bed & Breakfast   472 Prospect Ave., Hot Springs 71901                 318-0385, 1-877-318-0385        4              X* X              X*               X        X   X
Spring Street Inn                522 Spring St., Hot Springs 71901                    318-1958                        5           X X X        X       X*               X*       X   X
Williams House Bed & Breakfast   420 Quapaw Ave., Hot Springs 71901                   624-4275, 1-800-756-4635        9              X X               X*    X          X*       X   X

DeGray Lake/Arkadelphia Area                                Area Code (870)      Food Style                Cards   Hours
O’Keefe’s Fish Net Restaurant        5000 Valley, Hwy. 7          246-7885       Seafood/Steaks/Chicken    Major   Tu-Sa 4-9pm; Su 11am-9pm

Hot Springs                                                    Area Code (501)   Food Style                Cards   Hours
Ambrosia Bakery Co.                  3909 Central Ave., Suite B 525-4500         Bakery/Cake Decoration    Major   M-F 7am-6pm; Sa 8am-4pm
Angels                               600 Central Ave.                609-9323    Italian Pastria           Major   M-Sa 11:30am-Close
Angel’s in the Park                  211 Fountain St.                609-0767    Fine Italian              Major   M-Sa 5pm-Close
Applebee’s Bar & Grill               4426 Central Ave.               525-2774    American                  Major   Su-Th 11am-12M; F-Sa 11am-1am
Arby’s                               2 locations                     623-5902    Fast Food                 Major   Su-W 10am-10pm, Th-Sa 10am-11pm, Drive-thru open 1 hour later
Back Porch Grill                     4810 Central Ave.               525-0885    American/Steak/Seafood    Major   M-Sa 4pm-Close
Backyard Burgers                     3801 Central Ave., Suite C      525-6299    Burgers                   Major   Daily 10:30am-10pm
Bailey’s Dairy Treat                 510 Park Ave.                   624-4085    Fast Food                 None    M-Sa 9am-7pm
Banyan Tree Cuisine                  1204 Central Ave                321-1332    Indo/Thai                 None    F-Sa 5-9pm
The Bathhouse Grill                  510 Central Ave.                318-1100    Fish/Seafood              Major   Tu-Th 4:30-8:45pm, F 4:30-9pm, Sa 5-9:30pm
Beano’s Pizza                        2230 Malvern Ave., Suite D 262-3266         Pizza                     Major   M 11am-8pm; Tu-Th 11am-9pm; F 11am-10pm; Sa 11am-9pm; Su 12N-8pm
Belle Arti Ristorante                719 Central Ave.                624-7474    Fine Italian              Major   Su-Th 11am-10:30pm, F-Sa 11am-11:30pm
Belle of Hot Springs                 5200 Central Ave.               525-4438    American                  Major   Season: Daily 9am-8:30pm; Off Season: M-Sa 9am-6pm; Su 11am-6pm
Bistro 400-Embassy                   400 Convention Blvd.            321-4421    American Bistro           Major   Daily 11am-1:30pm, 5-10pm
Bleu Monkey Grill                    4253 Central Ave.               520-4800                              Major   Su-Th 11am-10pm, F-Sa 11am-11pm
Bohemia                              517 Park Ave.                   624-3903    Continental               Major   F-Sa 11am-10pm, Su-Th 11am-9pm
Brick House Grill                    801 Central Ave.                321-2926    Steaks, Chicken, Fish     Major   M-Th 11am-9pm; F-Sa 11am-10pm, Off Season closed Sunday
BubbaLu’s                            408 Central Ave.                321-0101    American                  Major   Daily 11am-Close
Buffalo Wild Wings                   4104 Central Ave.               525-9453    American                  Major   Su 11am-10pm, M-Th 11am-11pm, F-Sa 11am-Close
Burger King                          2 locations                     624-5890    Fast Food                 Major   Su 7am-12M, M-Th 6am-12M, F-Sa 6am-2am
Burgers-N-More                       145 Mountain Pine Rd.           767-4601    American                  Major   Tu-Sa 6:30am-8pm
Café 1217                            1217 Malvern Ave.               318-1094    American                  Major   M-F 10:30am-7pm; Sa 10:30am-4pm
Cajun Boilers                        2806 Albert Pike                767-5695    Seafood/Cajun Cuisine     Major   M-Sa 11am-10pm, Su 11am-9pm
Captain D’s                          1906 Central Ave.               321-4288    Fast Food                 Major   Su-Th 10:45am-10:30pm; F-Sa 10:30am-11pm
Carousel Restaurant-Oaklawn          2705 Central Ave.               623-4411    American Buffet           Major   Race Season Only: Th-Su 11:30am-6pm, some Mondays
Cascades Piano Bar-Embassy           400 Convention Blvd.            321-4422    Piano Lounge/Menu         Major   M-Sa 4pm-12M; Su 4-10pm
Central Park Fusion Cuisine          200 Park Ave.                   623-0202    Fusion Cuisine            Major   Tu-Su 4:30-10pm
Cheese Corner Deli                   303 Broadway                    624-3040    Deli                      Major   M-F 10am-3pm
Chick-Fil-A                          100 Cornerstone Blvd.           520-0620    Fast Food                 Major   M-Sa 6:30am-10pm
Chili’s                              3815 Central Ave.               520-0431    Tex-Mex                   Major   M-Th 10:45am-10:30pm, F-Sa 10:45am-11:30pm, Su 10:45am-10pm
Chuck’s Southern BarBQ               1118 Airport Rd.                760-3223    Barbecue                  Major   M-Sa 10:30am-8pm
Cici’s Pizza                         3321 Central Ave.               321-2400    Pizza Buffet              Major   Daily Buffet 11am-9pm, To Go 11am-10pm
Classic Bar & Grill                  4813 Central Ave.               525-7172    Bar & Grill               Major   M-F 6:30-9:30a; M-Th 4:30-11p; F 4:30p-12M; Sa 6:30a-12M; Su 6:30a-10p
Colonial Pancake & Waffle House       111 Central Ave.                624-9273    Breakfast/Lunch           Major   Daily 7am-3pm
Colorado Grill                       320 Ouachita Ave.               623-7992    Regional Mexican          Major   Tu-Th 11am-9pm, F-Sa 11am-10pm
Colton’s Steak House                 120 Crawford                    623-2110    American                  Major   Daily 11am-10pm
Corn Dog 7                           4501 Central Ave.               525-3246    Fried Foods               Major   M-Sa 10am-9pm; Su 12N-6pm
Cracker Barrel                       170 Pakis St.                   525-4704    Southern Homestyle        Major   Su-Th 6am-10pm; F-Sa 6am-11pm
Dairy Queen                          708 W. Grand                    623-6422    Fast Food                 Major   Su-Th 10am-10pm; F-Sa 10am-11pm
Dawg House                           135 Essex Park Dr.              262-5005    American                  Major   M-Th 10am-Close, F-Sa 10am-2pm
Daylight Dounuts                     3 locations                     624-3422    Bakery                    Major   Tu-Sa 6-11:30am; Su 6:30-11:30am
Dixie Café                           3623 Central Ave.               624-2100    Homestyle                 Major   Su-Th 11am-9pm; F-Sa 11am-10pm
Doc’s Pizzeria                       1018 Airport Rd., Suite 132     760-2227    Pizza                     Major   M-Sa 11am-9pm
Doe’s Steaks & Tamales               4904B Central Ave.              525-8585    American                  Major   Su-Th 11am-9pm; F-Sa 11am-10pm
Dolce’ Gelato                        228 Cornerstone Blvd.           525-6580    Italian Café              Major   M-Th 10am-10pm; F-Sa 10am-12M
Domino’s Pizza                       3 locations                     620-4222    Pizza                     Major   Su-Th 11am-10:30pm; F-Sa 11am-12M
Don Juan Grill & Cantina             4501 Central Ave., Suite 140 525-0013       Mexican                   Major   Daily 11am-10pm
Don Juan Mexican                     1311-A Albert Pike              321-0766    Mexican                   Major   Daily 11am-10pm
Dragon City                          3620 Central Ave.               624-5403    Chinese                   Major   M-Sa 11am-10pm, Su 11am-9:30pm
Ed’s Place                           4510 Park Ave.                  624-3366    Breakfast/Lunch Buffet    Major   Tu-Su 6am-2pm
Exchange Street Café                 410 Central Ave.                625-3112    American                  Major   M-Sa 11am-7pm
Facci’s                              2900 Central Ave.               623-9049    Italian                   Major   Wednesday only 11am-9pm
Fish Net Family Restaurant           Hwy. 7 N., Mountain Valley 321-1910         Homestyle/Fish            Major   Tu-Sa 4-9pm; Su 11am-2pm
Fishermen’s Wharf                    5101 Central Ave.               525-7437    Steak/Seafood             Major   S-Th 11am-8pm; F-Sa 11am-9:30pm
Fountain Room Grill-Arlington        239 Central Ave.                623-7771    Fine Dining               Major   Daily 5:30am-9pm
The Fudge Factory                    338 Central Ave.                624-2190    Confectionary/Ice Cream None      Su-Th 10am-7pm; F-Sa 10am-9pm
Fuji Japanese Cuisine                608 E. Grand Ave.               321-1688    Japanese                  Major   Daily 11am-3pm, 4:30-10pm
Gilligan’s Café                      5200 Central Ave.               525-3919    Breakfast & Lunch         Major   Apr.-Nov. 7, Daily 8am-2pm; Nov 8-Feb. 28, Weekends only 8am-2pm
Ginger’s Popcorn Shop                414 Central Ave.                321-1519    Popcorn                   Major   Su-Th 10am-5pm, F-Sa 10am-8pm
Gino’s                               1301 Albert Pike                624-5400    Deli                      Major   M-Sa 11am-10pm, Su 11am-8pm
Grampa’s Catfish House                1020 Airport Rd.                767--2299   Homestyle                 Major   Daily 11am-9pm
Granny’s Kitchen                     362 Central Ave.                623-1177    American                  Major   M-Sa 7am-7pm
Great American Cookie Co.            4501 Central Ave.               525-1458    Bakery                    Major   M-Sa 10am-9pm; Su 12N-6pm
Greg’s Rise and Dine Café            1739 Airport Rd.                760-5899    Breakfast/Lunch/Homestyle Major   M-F 6am-2pm; Sa 7am-12N; Su 8am-12N
Hester’s Restaurant                  1204 Central Ave.               321-9906    Homestyle                 Major   Su 7am-3pm; M-Sa 6am-3pm
Higdon Square Café                   706 Higdon Ferry                623-7744    Break./Plate Lunch/Dinner Major   Su-Th 7am-7:30pm, F-Sa 7am-8pm

        78 • www.hotsprings.org
Hot Springs (continued)                                       Area Code (501)   Food Style                 Cards   Hours
Hollywood Pizza                         5737 Central Ave.            520-0900   Pizza/Italian              Major   M-Sa 11am-9pm
Hunan Palace                            4737 Central Ave.            525-3344   Chinese                    Major   M-Th 11am-9:30pm; F-Sa 11am-10pm
IHOP                                    3837 Central Ave.            520-4020   Pancake Shop               Major   Daily 24 hours
J&S Italian Villa Restaurant            4836 Central Ave.            525-1121   Italian                    Major   Tu-Sa 5-10pm
Jason’s Burgers-N-More                  148 Amity Rd.                525-0919   American                   Major   Tu-Su 11am-9pm
Java Roasting Café                      4429 Central Ave.            318-9789   Coffee/Sandwich            Major   M-Th 6:30am-10pm; F 6:30am-11pm; Sa 7:30am-11pm
Jeni’s Vineyard-Austin Hotel            305 Malvern Ave.             623-6600   Steaks/American            Major   M-Th 7am-1pm, 5-8pm; F-Sa 7am-1pm, 5-9pm; Su 7am-2pm
Joe Muggs                               450 Cornerstone Blvd.        525-1141   Coffee                     Major   M-Sa 9am-11pm, Su 9am-9pm
Jose’s Mexican Grill                    5361 Central Ave.            525-9797   Mexican                    Major   M-Th 11am-9:30pm; F-Sa 11am-10pm
Kentucky Fried Chicken                  2 locations                  624-6363   Fast Food                  Major   Daily 10am-10pm; F-Sa Drive thru 10am-11pm
Kentucky Fried Chicken/Taco Bell        141 E. Grand Ave.            623-2947   Fast Food                  Major   Daily 10am-10pm; Drive thru 10am-12M
Keystone Pizza                          879-C Park Ave.              623-9494   Italian                    Major   M-Th 11am-8:30pm; F 11am-9:30pm; Sa 11:30am-9:30pm; Su 3-8:30pm
King Kone Drive-in                      1505 Malvern Ave.            321-9766   Fast Food                  None    M-Sa 10am-9pm
Kings Chinese Restaurant                3310 Central Ave.            318-1888   Chinese                    Major   M-Sa 11am-10pm; Su 11am-9:30pm
KJ’s Grill                              1834 Airport Rd.             767-0063   American                   Major   Tu-Th 11am-9pm; F-Sa 11am-10pm
La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant          3836 Central Ave.            525-8203   Mexican                    Major   M-Sa 11am-10pm; Su 11am-2pm, 5-10pm
Lagniappe’s                             2705 Central Ave.            623-4411   American Buffet            Major   Daily 11am-Close
Lobby Café-Arlington                    239 Central Ave.             623-7771   American                   Major   M-Th 11:30am-2pm; F-Sa 11:30am-5pm
Lucky’s                                 711 Central Ave.             622-2570   Bar & Grill                Major   M-F 11am-2:30am, Sa 11am-2am, Su 12N-9:30pm
Maxine’s                                700 Central Ave.             321-0909   Italian                    Major   Daily 4pm-2am
McAlister’s Deli                        3954 Central Ave.            525-5000   Gourmet Deli               Major   Daily 10:30am-9pm
McCardle’s                              801 Central Ave.             627-1965   Irish/English              Major   M-Sa 11am-Close
McClard’s Bar-B-Q                       505 Albert Pike              624-9586   Barbecue                   None    Tu-Sa 11am-8pm
McDonald’s                              6 locations                  623-6212   Fast Food                  Major   Su-Th 5am-12M, F-Sa 5am-1am
Mel’s Diner                             1603 Airport Rd.             767-0595   Country Style Breakfast    None    M-F 6:30am-2pm, Sa 6:30am-12N
Mickey’s CMB-BBQ                        1622 Park Ave.               624-1247   Barbecue                   None    Tu-Sa 10:30am-7pm
Mimis Coffee                            2360 Malvern Ave.            623-6464   Coffee/Sandwiches          Major   M-F 6am-4:30pm
New China Restaurant                    4510 Central Ave.            525-8868   Chinese                    Major   Su-Th 11am-9:30pm; F-Sa 11am-10pm
The Nut Cellar                          256 Central Ave.             624-0050   Nuts/Candy                 Major   Daily 8:30am-???
Oaklawn Club                            2705 Central Ave.            623-4411   Elegant Dining             Major   Open Live Meet Only
Odie’s House of Blues                   3413 Central Ave.            623-6343   Steak/Fish/Chicken/Pasta   Major   Tu-W 11am-12M, Th-Sa 11am-Close, Su 4pm-Close
Olive Garden                            4108 Central Ave.            525-1070   Italian                    Major   Su-Th 11am-10pm; F-Sa 11am-11pm
On The Border                           190 Pakis St.                520-5045   Mexican                    Major   Su-Th 11am-10pm; F-Sa 11am-11pm
Osaka Japanese Steakhouse               3954 Central Ave.            525-9888   Japanese/Sushi/Steak       Major   Daily 11am-3pm; Su-Th 4:30-10pm; F-Sa 4:30-10:30pm
Outback Steakhouse                      180 Pakis St.                520-5800   Steak/Seafood              Major   M-Th 4-10pm; F 4-11pm; Sa 3-11pm; Su 11:30am-9:30pm
The Pancake Shop                        216 Central Ave.             624-5720   Breakfast                  None    Daily 6am-12:45pm
Papa John’s Pizza                       3302 Central Ave.            625-7272   Pizza                      Major   Su-Th 11am-10pm, Carry out 9pm; F-Sa 11am-12M, Carry out 10pm
Papa Pablanos                           3040 Albert Pike             760-4002   Mexican                    Major   Su-Th 11am-9pm; F-Sa 11am-10pm
Perkins Restaurant                      3630 Central Ave.            624-5000   Family Dining              Major   Su-Th 6am-10pm; F-Sa 6am-12M
Pizza Hut                               2 locations                  623-5417   Pizza                      Major   Su-Th 11am-11pm; F-Sa 12N-12M
Popeye’s Fried Chicken                  2 locations                  623-3805   Fast Food                  Major   Su-Th 10am-10pm, F-Sa 10am-12M
Porterhouse Steak & Seafood             707 Central Ave.             321-8282   Steaks/Seafood             Major   M-Th 4-10:30pm, F-Sa 4-11pm, Su 4-10pm
Post Parade Restaurant-Oaklawn          2705 Central Ave.            623-4411   Steaks/Tex-Mex             Major   Race Season Only: Th-Su 11am-Close, some Mondays
Purity Bar-B-Q                          1000 Malvern Ave.            623-4006   Barbecue                   None    Daily 10:30am-8pm
Purple Cow                              1490 Higdon Ferry            625-7999   American                   Major   Su-Th 11am-9pm, F-Sa 11am-10pm
Quizno’s Subs                           3302-B Central Ave.          318-3400   Subs/Salads                Major   M-Th 10am-9pm; F-Sa 10am-10pm; Su 11am-9pm
Red Lobster                             4500 Central Ave.            525-7613   Seafood                    Major   Su-Th 11am-10pm; F-Sa 11am-11pm
Rocky’s Corner                          2600 Central Ave.            624-0199   Pizza/Italian              Major   Su-Th 11am-11pm; F-Sa 11am-12M
Rod’s Pizza Cellar                      3350 Central Ave.            321-2313   Pizza/Italian              Major   Su, Tu-Th 11am-9pm; F-Sa 11am-10pm
Rolando’s Nuevo Latino Restaurante      210 Central Ave.             318-6054   Latin/American             Major   M-Th 11am-10pm, F-Sa 11am-11pm, Su 11am-9pm
Roland’s Bar-B-Que Company              200 Higdon Ferry Rd.         625-3079   Barbecue                   Major   Tu-Sa 11am-8pm
Ruby Tuesday’s                          3920 Central Ave.            525-9100   American                   Major   Su-Th 11am-10pm; F-Sa 11am-11pm
Ryan’s Family Steakhouse                4538 Central Ave.            525-3007   Steaks/Chicken/Buffet      Major   M-Th 10:45am-9pm; F-Sa 11am-10:30pm
Salsa’s                                 4324 Central Ave.            520-5305   Mexican                    Major   Daily 7am-10pm
Sam’s Pizza Pub & Restaurant            401 Burchwood Bay Rd.        525-0780   Pizza                      None    M-Th 11am-10pm, F-Sa 11am-Close, Su 12N-Close
San Francisco Bread Company             261 Cornerstone Blvd.        525-7322   Bakery/Coffeehouse         Major   M-Sa 7am-9pm; Su 8am-9pm
Scoops Homemade Ice Cream               4043 Central Ave.            525-3119   Homemade Ice Cream         None    Daily 12N-11pm
Shady Corner Café                       545 Carpenter Dam Rd. Ste. E 262-2595   Homestyle                  Major   M-F 7am-4pm; Sa 7am-2pm; Su 8am-2pm
Shipley’s Donuts                        1005 Albert Pike             623-1916   Donuts                     Major   Daily 5:30am-12N
Smokin’ In Style BBQ                    2278 Albert Pike             767-9797   BBQ                        Major   Tu-Th 11am-8pm; F-Sa 11am-9pm; Su 11am-3pm
Smyly’s Crab Shack                      4916 Central Ave.            525-3442   Soups/Sandwiches           Major   W-Su 3:30pm-Close
Sonic Drive-In                          7 locations                  623-5599   Fast Food                  Major   Su-Th 6am-10pm; F-Sa 6am-12M
Soup’er Sandwich-Mall                   4501 Central Ave.            525-1516   Soups/Sandwiches           None    M-Sa 10am-9pm; Su 12N-6pm
Spa City Donuts                         250 Park Ave.                623-2190   Donuts                     Major   Tu-Sa 6am-12N
Starbucks                               3948 Central Ave.            525-5023   Coffeehouse                Major   Su-Th 5:30am-10pm; F-Sa 5:30am-11pm
Starbucks-Arlington Hotel               239 Central Ave.             623-7771   Coffeehouse                Major   M-W 7am-2pm, Th 6:30am-1pm, F-Sa 6:30am-8pm, Su 6:30am-1pm
Stubby’s BBQ                            3024 Central Ave.            624-1552   Barbecue                   Major   Su-Th 11am-8pm; F-Sa 11am-9pm
Subway                                  8 locations                  767-6060   Deli                       Major   Daily 7am-9 or 10pm (Depending on location)
Taco Bell                               3 locations                  321-4395   Fast Food                  Major   Su-Th 10am-3am; F-Sa 10am-4am
Taco Mama                               1209 Malvern Ave.            624-6262   Mexican                    Major   M-Sa 10:30am-8:30pm
Taco Pronto                             4350 Central Ave.            525-7309   Mexican                    Major   Daily 10:30am-9pm
Waffle House                             2 locations                  525-4698   American                   Major   Daily 24 hours
Wendy’s                                 3 locations                  624-3555   Fast Food                  Major   Daily 10am-11pm; Drive thru until 1am
Whistle Stop                            2608 Albert Pike             760-6700   Seafood/Steak/Buffet       Major   M-F 11am-8pm; Sa-Su 7:30am-9pm
Whole Hog Café-Downtown                 220 Central Ave.             321-0227   BBQ                        Major   Daily 11am-7pm
Whole Hog Café-Temperance Hill Square   4332 Central Ave.            520-5227   BBQ                        Major   Daily 11am-8pm
Wok Express                             1418 Albert Pike             623-8885   Chinese                    Major   M-Sa 11am-9:30pm

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ARTS                                                                        CANOE RENTALS/CABINS/COTTAGES                                                   LAKE RESORTS/CONDOS
American Art Gallery ......................................35               Ouachita River Haven Resort ......................59                            Brady Mountain Resort ..................................52
Hot Springs Documentary                                                     River View Cabins & Canoes ........................59                           Clarion On Lake Hamilton .............................31
  Film Festival ....................................................35      Two Spirits Limited                                                             Country Inn Lake Resort ................................27
                                                                               Canoe Adventures .......................................59                   DeGray Lake Resort State
ATTRACTIONS/MUSEUMS/WEDDINGS                                                                                                                                   Park Lodge ...............................................62, SB
Anita Lynn Historic Tours ......................40, SB                      CITIES/CHAMBERS/COUNTIES/                                                       Highway 27 Fishing Village ............................59
Arkadelphia Aquatic Park ............................. 64                   TOURISM                                                                         Hot Springs Vacation Rentals ..................... 29
Arkansas Alligator Farm &                                                   Arkadelphia Regional Economic                                                   Iron Mountain Lodge & Marina .................BC
   Petting Zoo .............................................40, SB             Development Alliance...............................63                        Long Island Lake Resort .................................30
Arkansas Walk of Fame .................................40                   City of Caddo Valley ......................................60                   Mountain Harbor Resort & Spa .................BC
Belle of Hot Springs ......................... 38, 40, SB                   Diamond Gateway Tourism,                                                        Self Creek Lodge & Marina ..........................BC
Camp Winnamocka ......................................... 64                   Murfreesboro Chamber ........................... 66                          Shangri-La Resort ..............................................59
Castleberry Riding Stables...........................40                     Diamond Lakes Regional                                                          South Shore Lake Resort ...............................32
Family Fun Park ..................................................40           Visitors Center.............................................. 64             Spa City Vacation Rentals ............................. 33
Funtrackers Go-Carts/                                                       Hot Springs CVB...............................................IFC               SunBay Resort-Hotel ...................................... SB
   Bumper Boats/Mini-Golf..................38, 41                           Hot Springs Village Chamber...................... 48                            Swaha Lodge & Marina ...................................67
Gangster Museum                                                             Malvern Chamber ..............................................51                Wharf, The ........................................................... SB
   of America, The .....................................41, SB              Mount Ida Chamber.........................................59
Garvan Woodland Gardens ............34, 41, SB                                                                                                              PARKS/CAMPGROUNDS
Hot Springs Carriage Co................................. 41                 CRYSTALS/GIFT SHOPS/                                                            Crater of Diamonds State Park .................. 66
Hot Springs Gymnastics &                                                    POTTERY/RETAIL                                                                  Daisy State Park................................................. 66
   Play-By-Play Family Fun............................. 41                  Crystal Springs Mining Company .............40                                  DeGray Lake Resort State Park ...........62, SB
Hot Springs KOA Mini Golf .......................... 41                     Dryden Pottery ...........................................40, SB                Lake Catherine State Park ..............................51
Hot Springs Mountain Tower ........39, 41, SB                               Fox Pass Pottery ................................................40             Lake Ouachita State Park................................51
Hot Springs National Park                                                   Wegner Crystal Mines.....................................59                     RVC Outdoors.................................................... 48
   Visitor Center................................................. 41       Wright’s Rock Shop .................................. 43, SB
Josephine Tussaud Wax Museum........41, SB                                                                                                                  REAL ESTATE/RESORT LIVING
                                                                            HOTELS/MOTELS/BED &                                                             Red Oak Ridge ................................................... 49
Lum & Abner Museum ....................................59                   BREAKFASTS/COTTAGES
Magic Springs & Crystal Falls                                               All Seasons Lodge ............................................ SB               RESTAURANTS
   Theme Park .......................................39, 41, SB             Alpine Inn..............................................................35      Belle of Hot Springs/
Maxwell Blade Magic Lantern                                                 Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa .....................27                              Gilligan’s............................................ 38, 40, SB
   Theatre, The............................................42, SB           Austin Convention Hotel & Spa .........28, SB                                   Colton’s Steak House & Grill....................... SB
Mid-America Science Museum...........42, SB                                 Baymont Inn & Suites ...............................31, SB                      La Hacienda......................................................... SB
Mountain Valley Spring Company ............42                               Best Western Winners Circle Inn...............23                                O’Keefe’s Fish Net Restaurant/
National Park Aquarium .........................42, SB                      Butler Manor .......................................................30            Caddo Valley ................................................. 64
National Park Duck Tours/                                                   Comfort Inn & Suites.......................................25                   Rod’s Pizza Cellar .............................................. SB
   Ducks In The Park.................................42, SB                 Comfort Suites ...................................................25
Oaklawn Racing & Gaming ....22, 24, 42, SB                                  DeGray Lakeview Cottages.......................... 64                           TECHNICAL COLLEGE
On Target Indoor Firing Range............42, SB                             Embassy Suites Hotel ..................................... 28                   Ouachita Technical College ........................ 48
Panther Valley Ranch –                                                      Gables Inn, The ...................................................35           SB = Spa Bucks Coupons
   Jacuzzi Suites...........................................33, 42          Hamilton House Estate...................................32
Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf...............42, SB                           Hampton Inn/Hot Springs .......................... 26
Pocket Community Theatre Inc., The ......42                                 Happy Hollow Motel....................................... 33                    Publisher:  Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods
Superlift Off-Road Vehicle Park.................43                                                                                                          Printer:    Quad Graphics
                                                                            Hot Springs Village Vacation Rentals ......32
Tiny Town..............................................................43                                                                                   Typography: Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods
                                                                            Howard Johnson Inn........................................ 26
T-Rex Jurrasic Indoor Golf .................... 43, SB                      Kings Inn................................................................. 33   200M 10/10 Printed in U.S.A.
Vienna Theater, The..........................................43             Queen of Diamonds Inn ................................67                        This brochure is paid for with a
Volcano Falls Miniature Golf/                                               Spring Street Inn Bed &                                                         combination of state funds and
   Funtrackers ......................................................43        Breakfast, The ................................................35            regional association funds.
Wilkins Family Music & Comedy ...............43                             Super 8 Motel .................................................... SB
Winery of Hot Springs, The..........................43                      Village Villas Vacation Rentals ................... 29
Witness, The ................................................ 43, SB        Williams House Inn ..........................................35
BATHHOUSES/SPAS/MASSAGE                                                     Willow Beach Motel ........................................32
Ablution, a Day Spa ......................................... SB            HOUSEBOAT RENTALS/BOAT RENTALS
Buckstaff Bathhouse ......................40, IBC, SB                       Almost Home Houseboat Rentals/
Living Wellness Day Spa..........................33, SB                       Aqua Fun Boat Rentals ..............................53
Quapaw Baths & Spa ................................34, 43                   Anchors Away Houseboat Rentals........... 64

80 • www.hotsprings.org
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  TRAVEL ASSOCIATION                                                                                          U.S. Postage
  P.O. Box 6000                                                                                                 PAID
  Hot Springs, AR 71902                                                                                      Hot Springs, AR
                                                                                                              Permit No. 13

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The Next Best Thing to                      Dedicated to Customer Service on          Arkansas’ Premier Resort and Spa on
                     DeGray Lake                                Lake Greeson                the Shores of Lake     Ouachita
• Beautifully furnished two- and            Established over 50 years ago, Self       • Lodging ranging from our signature
  three-bedroom cottages with lake          Creek is family owned and operated.         Harbor North Cottages to guest rooms
  views, all with hot tubs                  • Full-service floating marina includes     and condos
• Skyline Ridge – our newest lodging          2,400-sq.ft. store with camping,        • Lakeview family dining
  area with lake views                        boating and fishing supplies            • Arkansas’ largest and most
• Facilities ideal for meetings, family     • Covered and open boat slips               award-winning marina with ski boat,
  reunions and retreats                                                                 fishing and party barge rentals
                                            • Ski boat, party barge, jet ski and
• Full-service marina with ski boats                                                  • Dive shop, water toy and
  and party barges                            water toy rentals                         houseboat rentals
• Scuba air station                         • Beautifully furnished two- and          • Wedding, meeting and retreat facilities
• 18-hole golf course and horseback           three-bedroom logsided cottages         • 27 miles of hiking trails, horseback
  riding only 10 minutes away                 with fireplaces, decks with great         riding, tennis courts and three pools
• Anchors Away – Houseboat and                lake views and hot tubs                 z Pet friendly!
  water toy rentals                         • Family recreation area
z Pet friendly!                                                                             Home of the award-winning
                                            z Pet friendly!
                                                                                                  Turtle Cove Spa
Five minutes off Interstate 30, one                                                          Serving Arkansas families
hour from Little Rock and 25 miles                                                               for over 50 years
south of Hot Springs

  134 Iron Mountain Marina Drive                     4192 Hwy. 70 West                             P.O. Box 1268
      Arkadelphia, AR 71923                           Kirby, AR 71950                         Mount Ida, AR 71957
          (870) 246-4310                           (8 miles west of Kirby)                        (870) 867-2191
                                                      (870) 398-5000
   1-800-243-3396 (out-of-state)                1-866-454-7353 (out-of-state)             1-800-832-2276 (out-of-state)
     E-mail: IronMt@iocc.com                     E-mail: info@selfcreek.com             E-mail: info@mountainharborresort.com
     www.Iron-Mountain.com                          www.selfcreek.com                   www.mountainharborresort.com

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