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									                                             Ardath Field Trial Club
                                                      Spring Trial
                                                   (Affiliated AFTCA)

Date:         May 14 & 15, 2011             TENTATIVE
Draw:         Friday, May 13, 2011, at the old curling rink at 8:00 p.m.

Location: Old Curling Rink, Ardath SK

                          STAKES in order of running                        Time
                       Open Derby                                         30 min.           $21.00
                       Amateur Shooting Dog                               30 min.           $21.00
                       Open Shooting Dog                                  30 min.           $21.00
                       Puppy                                              20 min.            free

            Stake fees are the same whether in CDN or US funds. No discounts or conversions.
                          $1 from each entry will be donated to the 20th Century Fund.

            AFTCA Win Certificates and/or prizes will be awarded to all placements in all stakes.

Derbies: Born after January 1, 2009
Puppies: Born after January 1, 2010

Courses & Game:          Multiple courses, native Sharptail Grouse and Hungarian Partridge
                            LIVE AMMUNITION IS NOT ALLOWED. Only solid barrel guns may be used.
                            Garmin Astro GPS Dog Tracking System in any form is presently prohibited by
                            the Canadian government.

Horses: There will be a limited number of handler’s horses available. If you are coming and require a
        horse, please contact the Trial Chairman in advance.
        Horse feed available for a nominal fee. Water and some corrals available on site.

Accommodations: Camping on grounds. OR Town of Outlook 18 miles from grounds
                 Outlook Motor Inn (306) 867-8636
                 Bird’s Nest Inn (306) 867-8661
                 Irrigation Center Motel (306) 867-8633

Supper: Bar-b-que outside at the old Curling Rink. $10 per adult, $5.00 per child.
        All other meals, please come self-prepared.

Judges: To be announced at the draw.

                             NO TRAINING IS ALLOWED ON THE GROUNDS
Entries will be accepted with the understanding that the Mortlach Field Trial Club and its members as well as the landowners
are not liable or responsible for personal loss or injury to persons, animals, or equipment. Responsibility in any equine or
field trial accidents rests solely with the riders or attendees.

Entries to: (you must speak to someone to ensure your entry has been received)

Chairman:                                                  Secretary:
Lou Qualtiere / Jeanette Heise/Qualtiere                   Brenda Ochosky
(306) 477-1963 (Home)                                      (306) 975-5051 (Work – has voicemail)

(We recommend that you keep your eye on the Region 14 website for
possible cancellation notice)

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