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									Who we are
 Merlin specialises in health, saving lives in times
 of crisis and helping to rebuild shattered health

How we work

 Merlin works within existing health systems to
 realise everyone’s right to accessible,
 appropriate, affordable health care.
 General situations to
which Merlin responds
Medical Relief
Lasting healthcare
Who works for Merlin?
   So if you don’t have the
experience, how do you get into
          the sector?
     Opportunities with Merlin
• Internships

• Training courses

• Volunteering

• Emergency roster
Internship Programme
               What is the Internship

A training programme which leads to an
increased likelihood of employment in
Merlin or in the humanitarian sector
• 78% of interns who
  completed the 2007
  programme are currently
  employed by Merlin or
  working in related posts in the sector

• Two intakes a year in March and
       Core Requirements
• Fluent English
• Excellent organisational
  and IT skills
• Demonstrated interest in
  humanitarian sector
• Ability to work in a team
• Ability to take initiative and manage
  own time
• Valid UK work permit
        Internships are available in:
•   Programmes
•   Logistics
•   Marketing
•   Communications
•   Finance
  The Essentials
of the Programme

• 6 months in Merlin’s Head Office, London
• Based in a host department with a named
• 3 days per week
• Unpaid, but travel and lunch allowance of up
  to £20 per day
• Assisting with day-to-day tasks and longer
  term projects/research
Field Placements
• Dependent on
  performance in
  Head Office and the
  availability of
  placements in Country Programmes –
  cannot be guaranteed

• 6 months full time (6 days) in the field

• Unpaid but return flight, accommodation,
  insurance, and a COLA are provided
 What do you get?
• Invaluable experience
  within a humanitarian
  organisation - a ‘foot
  in the door’
• Opportunity to learn by osmosis from
  being in Head Office
• To serve as a Merlin representative at
  external meetings
• Tailored training
How to get Involved

All internships are
  advertised on our website

 Check our website for vacancy postings
              June 2009
Training 2008
     Introduction to Relief and
• Aimed at potential aid workers or those new to
  the sector
• Realistic view of key issues in the sector
• Idea of what life’s like in the field
• Chance to find out what specific jobs entail
• Delivered by experienced international aid
• Useful background for job applications &
• Interactive & varied
Introduction to Relief and
    Emergencies 2009

        10 - 12 March
        9 - 11 June
        4 – 6 August
        8 - 10 December

    Public Health in Crises and
      Transitional Contexts
• Principles of public health in unstable
• Maternal & child health
• Nutrition
• Dealing with outbreaks/ epidemics of
  communicable diseases
• Immunisation programmes
• Environmental health, water & sanitation
  programmes, hygiene promotion
• Programme planning & assessment
    Public Health in Crises and
      Transitional Contexts
• Aimed at health professionals working/
  wanting to work in humanitarian aid
• Very useful for support staff wanting to
  work in health programmes
• Delivered by experts in international public
  health and the humanitarian sector
• Participatory, challenging & practical
Public Health in Crises and
  Transitional Contexts

     25 April - 1 May 2009

  Autumn date to be confirmed


    Jude Burchett

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