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					Women: Celebrate the rotund Moon Total Lunar Eclipse and Winter Solstice
In a Sacred Feminine Circle

Women and The Moon

The Moon has long since arrive to describe women but the power of the
moon is worthy more than symbolic in a woman's life. For example the
average menstrual cycle of approx. 28 days and mirrors the length of days
from one corpulent Moon to the next.

The 40 weeks of pregnancy lasts not 9 months calendar months but 10 Lunar
Months (10 Moons) . Many labors launch in the wee hours and research
reports more births around the chubby moon and more conceptions during a
waxing moon.

So women are definitely influenced by the Moon and that is probably why
the Moon has become a symbol for the Feminine.

The paunchy Moon

The elephantine Moon is a mirror of the power, clarity, brightness,
beauty, and magic a woman tuned into her femininity possesses. She is a
reminder of your just, luminous nature.

What about the Winter Solstice? Well, in boring language, the Winter
Solstice is the longest night of the year....the beginning of the raze of
the sunless days (in the Northern Hemisphere) . Night time (and the Moon)
has long been associated with the Feminine Energy.

The longest night of the year then, represents a peak in the Feminine
Energy. And that is why many sacred temples were specifically designed
thousands of years ago to allow the rays of the solstice sun (a symbol of
the masculine) to enter following the longest night.....receiving the
energy of the masculine when the feminine power is at its highest.

This year the rotund Moon and Winter Solstice plunge on the same day. So
it is an especially remarkable opportunity to tap into Your Feminine
Wisdom. There happens to also be a total lunar eclipse too. The Universe
is giving us grand clues......this 21st of December is significant For

How are you going to reconnect with your Feminine Energy?

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