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									Battlefield 2 Crashes to Desktop - Complete Tutorial

Battlefield 2 requires a perfect system with no glitches. In Windows
based computers, it is reported by players that Battlefield 2 crashes to
desktop even on most considerable systems. A complete tutorial is given
here to fix this pickle.

Experts maintain that corrupted registry keys created by the game may not
only cause the game to rupture but also cause it to urge extremely
slower. consume some capable registry cleaner and PC optimizer software
in this case.

Update Windows:

In some cases missing official Windows updates may design problems
similar to Battlefield 2 crashes to desktop. Check whether your system is
updated with latest Microsoft Windows update.

Here is how you can do that:Click begin, and then click Control Panel.

Depending on which Control Panel plan you utilize, some users exercise
classic and others exhaust Category.

1. Click on System || Automatic Updates2. Click Performance and
Maintenance, click System, and then click the Automatic Updates tab.Make
certain that automatic updates are not turned off.

well-organized Windows Registry:

Corrupted Windows registry can be the exact cause late Battlefield 2
crashes to desktop. What happens is that operating system stores all
sensitive information in the registry database and this portion is
accessed all times when we employ our computer. Overtimes registry is
accumulated with invalid entries which results in application crashes.

1. begin web browser.2. get respectable registry cleaner and PC
optimizer software.3. Download and install on your system.4. Scan and
fix registry errors.5. Done.

Update Drivers:

Outdated sound and graphics drivers often cause Battlefield 2 crashes to
desktop. To fix this dispute update drivers for sound card and graphics

Optimize Browser:

exhaust PC optimizer tool to well-organized browser and system junk.

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