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                    RED-TAILED BLACK SHARK
         The Red-Tailed Black Shark (Epalzeorhynchos bicolor) is often known as the ‘Labeo’
Shark due to a former scientific name, Labeo bicolor. This freshwater tropical fish is, in fact,
not a shark at all. It is more closely related to Goldfish than the marine sharks that share its
common name.
         It is both a popular aquarium fish and a despised one, due to being generally
misunderstood. The problem is, it can be a terror in most tropical community aquariums. The
key is to understand the needs of the Red-Tailed Black Shark.
         Firstly, it is exceedingly territorial. This is primarily because it is naturally a grazing
fish, and it must protect an area (or grazing site) as its food source, chasing away other fish –
especially ones of the same species. The solution to this territorial aggression is to ensure
that there is only ever one Red-Tailed Black Shark in the aquarium. Even similar-looking
species (such as Gold Shark and Rainbow Shark) are best left-out. Some people find that
even red fish are attacked; supposedly the fish thinks it is seeing the distinctive red tail of its
own kind.
         To avoid problems with other species, keep it with fast and robust fish that can keep
out of the way. Adding plenty of cover, such as live plants, will make them feel more secure
and lessen aggressive behaviour towards other species. Despite this one drawback, Red-
Tailed Black Sharks are an impressive looking fish and are well worth keeping, being an
interesting ‘feature’ fish of the community aquarium.

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ORIGIN:                              Thailand, specifically the Mekong River basin.

ADULT SIZE:                          15cm / 6 inches. Occasionally slightly smaller.

GENDER:                              Males have a pointed anal fin.

PH:                                  6.3 – 7.8, but neutral (7.0) is best.

WATER HARDNESS:                      soft to medium.

TEMPERATURE:                         24 - 26º Celsius.

DIET:                                Some algae. Sinking tablets and frozen foods. We
                                     recommend feeding Spectrum foods, especially to bring out
                                     the bright red colour of the tail.

KEEP WITH:                           Must be the only one of its kind in the tank. Avoid all other
                                     ‘sharks.’ Any quick or robust fish should be fine. Some
                                     recommendations are: larger Tetras, Barbs and Gouramis.
                                     Bottom-dwelling fish may be harassed.

SPECIAL NEEDS:                       Clear water, plenty of cover to define territory.

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