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                   RAINBOW & ALBINO SHARKS
          Rainbow Sharks and Albino Sharks are not actually sharks at all. They are actually
members of the family Cyprinidae, which makes them more closely related to goldfish than
the marine predators that share their name. Rainbow Sharks are dark grey to black bodied
fish, with red colouration on all their fins. They look a lot like the Red Tailed Black Shark, but
are not as aggressive. Albino Sharks are not true albinos, as they retain the red colouration
on their fins as well.
         When first seen in the store or when first purchased, the bodies may appear light grey.
This will darken with age, and once the fish settles into its new home. Also, the red fins on
both varieties discussed here may seem dull and plain, but this will also brighten in time.
          These fish are reasonably peaceful, and normally won’t eat even small fish. Some
people have problems with them, though. The key is in the quantity! Keep just one fish (either
Rainbow or Albino Shark) or keep several. Having just two or three means that the dominant
fish – which is usually the largest – will harass the weakest of the little group, causing it stress.
If you have a few, the dominant fish must spend time keeping several weaker ones in check,
never getting the time to focus solely on a single specimen. This means no real stress is
caused, and no damage is done. Both Rainbow and Albino Sharks should mix quite well.

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ORIGIN:                             Thailand, specifically the Bang Fai & Mae Khlong river basins.

ADULT SIZE:                          15cm / 6 inches. Occasionally a bit smaller.

GENDER:                              Can be very difficult to tell, but mature males usually develop
                                     a faint black edge to their red anal fin.

PH:                                  Will tolerate anything between 6.5 – 7.8, but keeping it near
                                     neutral (7.0) is ideal.

WATER HARDNESS:                      Not crucial, but soft to medium is best.

TEMPERATURE:                         24 - 26º Celsius.

DIET:                                They will eat some algae, plus any flake food that sinks past
                                     surface-feeding fish. Ensure they get plenty so as to develop
                                     a rounded body as they grow. Small sinking granular / pellet
                                     foods are idea. A variety of quality foods will bring out the
                                     desired blood-red colouration of the fins.

KEEP WITH:                           Anything not big enough to eat them. They may eat tiny fish
                                     when they reach full size, such as Neon Tetras. Will mix well
                                     with Silver Sharks and Gouramis – whatever you like! Do not
                                     ever keep with Red Tailed Black Sharks or Black Sharks:
                                     they may seem similar, but it is a disastrous combination.

SPECIAL NEEDS:                       Some cover, such as live / artificial plants or even aquarium
                                     ornaments they can hide in. Plenty of cover, rocks, driftwood,
                                     etc, will reduce aggressive behaviour by allowing each fish to
                                     establish territorial grazing sites. They do not do well in a
                                     small tank, especially if you keep more than one.

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