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                             Shark Worksheet and Coloring

Use the “Sharks Pupil Factsheet”, Living Ocean pages 110 – 120, and “Shark and Bony Fish: A
Comparison” to complete this worksheet. Color the shark and bony fish on the attached page.
Note that you are to color the word describing the body part and the body part the same color.

1. Sharks have skeletons made of ________________________.

2. In what oceans would you find sharks?

3. How many species of shark have been known to attack man?

4. Why do you think more men are attacked by sharks than women?

5. Which fish is the largest in the world? What does it eat?

6. One can often find fossilized shark’s teeth in the sand at the beach. Why do you think shark
teeth are such a common beach find?

7. What makes a sharks’ skin feel like sandpaper?

8. A gas bladder is an organ fish have to control buoyancy in the water. Sharks do not have gas
bladders, so how do they maintain their position in the water column?
9. Most sharks don’t pump water over their gills like the bony fish do. What other method do
they use to move water over their gills?

10. Describe a shark’s two “extra” senses.

11. What is the function of a shark’s pectoral fins?

12. Why don’t we have fossils of sharks’ skeletons?

13. Sharks eat both meat and vegetation. This means they are classified as

14. Do people eat shark? Would you eat shark if given the opportunity?

15. What is the function of the spiracle?

16. What is the function of the shark’s dorsal fin?

17. What is the function of the lateral line?