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									Bio 1                                     Quiz 2                       Name:
Fall 2008                                 25 points

Part I. Use the following code to label each of these statements of reasoning. I=induction,
D=deduction, A=reasoning by analogy.                                               1 point each

____ 1) Since all dogs have hair, your dog must have hair.

____ 2) I saw an oak tree loaded with acorns, I bet it is a bumper crop of acorns this year!

____ 3) All cells have a plasma membrane. If a pollen grain is a cell, it will have a plasma membrane.

____ 4) A lysozyme acts like the stomach of the cell.

____ 5) All known spiders eat other animals, I bet any newly discovered spiders will also be
secondary consumers.

Part II. Define the following terms taken from the “levels of organization.”       1 point each

       1. population

       2. ecosystem

       3. biosphere

       4. tissue

       5. community
Part III. Concerning the biomes of the world as presented in class, match the climatic regime from the
list on the right to the biome type on the left. Just write the number of the climatic regime.
___ 1. Tropical Rain forest                                               1. Cold, wet winters
                                                                          Cool, moist summers
___ 2. Temperate Deciduous Forest                                         2. Hot, dry summers
                                                                          Cool, dry winters
___ 3. Confierous Temperate Forest (taiga)                                3. Warm and wet year around,
                                                                          or with a slight dry season
___ 4. Desert                                                             4. Cold, mostly dry summers
                                                                          Cold, mostly dry winters
___ 5. Tundra                                                             5. Hot, moist summers,
                                                                          Cold, wet winters

Part IV. True or False? Write a “T” or an “F” in the space provided.
___ 1. Warm air tends to rise.

___ 2. Cold air can “hold” more moisture than warm air.

___ 3. As warm air rises, it cools and this tends to cause rain.

___ 4. When air descends, it warms and can hold less moisture.

___ 5. Warm air moving over a warm ocean becomes saturated with water.

Part V. In the space below, diagram the global circulation of air as presented in class, including the
effects of creating wet and dry zones on the earth. Label the diagram so that it is understandable.
Give a title to the entire illustration.                                                   5 points.


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