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									   Owners Manual
(The Lessons of Enlightenment)

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New Consciousness to usher in the Millennium

The time has come to impart the Lessons Of Enlightenment, for the ushering in
of the New Millennium. The Lessons are offered to facilitate the unfolding of the
New Age which symbolizes the restoration of humans to their intended
evolutionary pathway which allows for the maximum evolution and expansion of
Universal Consciousness. It is an era of renaissance through which entities can
awaken from the sleep-inducing, dogmatic, and manipulative assertions of
mankind and realign with the divine source of universal knowledge which lies

It is a time to celebrate the reconnection between the individual and the totality of
All That Is. It is a time to become receptive to the Divine Grace, the love and
faith that has been placed in humankind. It is a time to honor the faith, to
acknowledge and reclaim the resources and abilities that empower humans rather
than allow them to remain mired and enslaved within their own earthly illusions.
It is a time for every soul to rise to the challenge of realigning the spirit, the will,
the mind and the body. It is a time of joyous self expression.

The Lessons provide the light, but it is the task of the individual to enlist the will
and to actively choose the pathway to receive the light. This requires the trust
that each individual was created with the innate capacity to know, to experience,
and attune to an inner guidance. This requires the courage to set aside those
beliefs, and habits of thought and action which now severely limit the soul, yet
masquerade as the very truths for which humans feel compelled to fight and to
die. For the feelings are indeed instrumental in such choices, but not without the
understandings to be imparted in these Lessons.

The Lessons Of Enlightenment will arrive like pearls of wisdom, for each entity
to assemble into an invaluable adornment which can become an enduring
talisman against external manipulation and a symbol of the choice for, and
commitment to individual empowerment, soul development, to individual, social
and spiritual evolution, to love replacing fear, to light replacing darkness, to the
rejection of evil, and to the unwavering faith in the Universal Divine. It is to be
worn with honor, legitimate pride---dignity, compassion and self respect. It
cannot be worn if there is insincerity, a refusal to question existing beliefs, denial
of spiritual impetus, denial of will energy or violation or denial of others. For
such denial not only negates the soul, but also denies the Universal
Consciousness and each individual's rightful place in the connectedness of All
That Is.

The actions of the wearer will always defy any such attempts at deception, for
legitimate actions will always spring from a new motivative source,
demonstrating the understanding, the awareness and the grace that the Lessons
embody. The actions of entities automatically provide testimony to the degree of
alignment between spirit, will, mind and body. Indeed, upon grasping the
understandings that the Lessons provide, human essence, human nature, human
behavior, human evolution and human destiny will all become far less

This is likened unto a vessel of opportunity. This is a time of great potential. This
is a time for each entity to rise to the challenge of participation in the turning of
the tide and in the laying of the groundwork for accelerated development. This is
the time to realign with the Universal Divine, the Love Force, the Universal
Consciousness of All That Is. The vessel of opportunity has arrived.

Welcome aboard.

                                            Table of Content

α - HUMAN                 NATURE ................................................................. 1
Lesson One: Overview of the Human Condition .............................................. 3
  Introduction ....................................................................................................... 3
  Communication and the Fluid Creative Reality ................................................ 3
  Disconnection & Rigid Physical Reality ........................................................... 4
  Attempts at Re-Empowerment .......................................................................... 5
  The Feeling System - A Spiritual Safety Net .................................................... 6
  The Task At Hand ............................................................................................. 7
Lesson Two: The Spiritual Nature Of Humankind .......................................... 9
  Humanity As Spirituality As Divinity ............................................................... 9
  Frustrated Human Purpose and Evil ................................................................ 10
  Natural Morality .............................................................................................. 12
  The Civilized Planet ........................................................................................ 13
  Human Spirit: Consciousness and Intention .................................................... 14
  Consciousness ................................................................................................. 14
  Altered States of Consciousness ...................................................................... 15
  The Illusory Fragmentation of Spirit and Will ................................................ 17
Lesson Three: The Mental Nature Of Humankind ........................................ 21
  Enter: The Realm of Mind ............................................................................... 21
  The Goal of Mind ............................................................................................ 23
  Mental Tools Can Be Double-Edged............................................................... 24
  The Biblical Fall From Grace .......................................................................... 25
  Current Mass Reality: The Mind of Man ........................................................ 26
  The Divine Spiritual Safety Net ...................................................................... 27
Lesson Four: The Physical Nature Of Humankind ........................................ 29
  Spirit as Self in Physical Form ........................................................................ 29
  Human Emotion: An Undiscovered Sixth Sense ............................................. 29
  Feelings and the Human Immune System ....................................................... 31
  Feelings Communicate Essential Spiritual Needs ........................................... 33
  The Individual (Power) Needs......................................................................... 33
  The Group (Connection) Needs....................................................................... 34
  Feelings as Feedback between Mind and Body ............................................... 35
  The Hardwired Responses ............................................................................... 35
  The Fully Functional Feedback System .......................................................... 37
  The Self, The Mind, The Body ........................................................................ 38

Table of Content

β - THE FEELING SYSTEM .....................................................41
Lesson One: The Emotional Nature of Humanity ...........................................43
  Reclaiming the Lost Emotional Sense .............................................................43
  The Interpretation of Emotional Signals ..........................................................44
  Validity and Judgment Of Knowledge .............................................................45
  Beliefs As Gems and Slivers ............................................................................47
  The Effect of Mind Upon Emotional Signals...................................................49
  Mind & Spirit: The Twin Selves ......................................................................50
  The Effect of Mind upon Motivational Responses ..........................................51
  The Right Response .........................................................................................52
  Emotional Boundaries ......................................................................................54
Lesson Two: The Emotional Behavior of Humanity .......................................57
  Emotional Motivation ......................................................................................57
  The Approach Responses - Right & Light .......................................................59
  The Light Response .........................................................................................61
  The Avoidant Responses ..................................................................................63
  The Flight Response ........................................................................................64
  The Fight Response..........................................................................................66
  Summary of Behavioral Corrective Response .................................................68
Lesson Three: The Six Basic Feelings ..............................................................71
  Emotions of Spirit ............................................................................................71
  The Emotions of Body .....................................................................................71
  The Emotions of Mind .....................................................................................73
  The Emotions of Mind - Six Universal Feelings – 1. Joy ................................75
  The Emotions of Mind - Six Universal Feelings – 2. Fear...............................76
  The Emotions of Mind - Six Universal Feelings – 3. Anger ............................77
  The Emotions of Mind - Six Universal Feelings – 4. Sadness .........................78
  The Emotions of Mind - Six Universal Feelings – 5. Envy .............................80
  The Emotions of Mind - Six Universal Feelings – 6. Guilt .............................81
Lesson Four: Summary: Emotion – The Sixth Sense .....................................83
  Heeding the Spiritual Directive........................................................................83
  The Spiritual Commitment...............................................................................86
  Living in the Light ...........................................................................................87
  The Daily Meditation .......................................................................................89
  The Meditation of the Clock ............................................................................92
  The Daily Feedback .........................................................................................92
  Creating Community ........................................................................................96

                                                                                                Table of Content

γ - NEW            BEGINNINGS ............................................................. 99
Lesson One: New Tenets of Human Existence .............................................. 101
  Existing Directives ........................................................................................ 101
  Scientific & Religious Directives .................................................................. 102
  Political and Governmental Directives .......................................................... 103
  The Power of The Individual ......................................................................... 104
  Restoring the Blank Mental State .................................................................. 106
  The Tenets of Human Nature ........................................................................ 108
  The Tenets of Human Existence.................................................................... 109
  The Tenets of Creative Reality ...................................................................... 110
  The Tenets of Social Structure ...................................................................... 112
Lesson Two-A: The Power of Habit............................................................... 113
  A Gift of Mind ............................................................................................... 113
  Habits of Defense: The Self-Preservationary Impulse .................................. 115
  The Eight Deadly Habits ............................................................................... 116
  Resistance ...................................................................................................... 117
  Resistant Escapism ........................................................................................ 118
Lesson Two-B: The Power of Habit ............................................................... 122
  Resistant Defensiveness ................................................................................ 122
  Resistant Self-Deception ............................................................................... 122
  Resentment .................................................................................................... 123
  Resentful Blame ............................................................................................ 124
  Hostility ......................................................................................................... 125
  Revenge ......................................................................................................... 125
  Vengeful Gossip ............................................................................................ 126
  Vengeful Aggression ..................................................................................... 127
  Vengeful Violence ......................................................................................... 128
  The Cycle Of Resistance ............................................................................... 129
Lesson Three-A: The Life-Giving Habits of Self-Development ................... 132
  Acceptance .................................................................................................... 132
  The Role of Judgment ................................................................................... 133
  Clarity of Purpose .......................................................................................... 135
  Faith in Spirit ................................................................................................. 135
  Accountability & the Law of Attraction ........................................................ 137
  Compassion ................................................................................................... 140
  Forgiveness.................................................................................................... 142
  Competition within Self ................................................................................ 143

Table of Content

Lesson Three-B: The Life-Giving Habits of Self-Expression .......................145
  Acceptance .....................................................................................................145
  Patience & Faith .............................................................................................147
  Gratitude ........................................................................................................149
  Humor ............................................................................................................150
  Self Promotion ...............................................................................................152
  Creative Artistic Expression ..........................................................................154
  Touch .............................................................................................................157
  Vocalizing ......................................................................................................158
  Expressing Within the Creation .....................................................................160
Lesson Four-A: Universal Values & Needs ...................................................162
  The Scientific Authority ................................................................................162
  Spiritual Intention Vs Human Mental Values ................................................163
  Spiritual Values Embodied In Human Needs ................................................164
  The Role of Human Needs .............................................................................165
  The Dynamic Flexibility of Needs .................................................................167
  The Need for Power .......................................................................................169
Lesson Four-B: Universal Needs Continued ..................................................172
  The Need for Freedom ...................................................................................172
  The Need for Creative Expression .................................................................173
  The Need for Connection ...............................................................................175
  The Need to Find Meaning ............................................................................177
  The Need to Build Self-Esteem .....................................................................178
  Summary of Human Needs ............................................................................180

δ - IMPLICATIONS FOR PERSONHOOD ...........................181
Lesson One: Implications For Self Concept ..................................................183
  Introduction ....................................................................................................183
  The Self and Human Purpose.........................................................................185
  Local Self Distinctions ...................................................................................185
  Interpretation of Feelings and Attribution ......................................................188
  Positive Feelings & The Self .........................................................................190
  Other Self Goals .............................................................................................191
Lesson Two: Implications for Childrearing ..................................................194
  The Parental Responsibility ...........................................................................194
  The Parental Choice .......................................................................................194
  The Parental Role - Physical Development....................................................196
  The Parental Role - Mental Development ......................................................197
  The Parental Role – Emotional Development ................................................202
                                                                                             Table of Content

  Engaging the Emotional System ................................................................... 203
  Attachment, Trust & the Learned Emotions .................................................. 204
  Cultural Manipulation of the Emotional System ........................................... 209
  A Word about Guilt ....................................................................................... 209
Lesson Three: Implications for Human Development ................................. 213
  The Developmental Responsibility ............................................................... 213
  Development and "Karma" ............................................................................ 214
  Development and Divine Judgment .............................................................. 216
  It's Never Too Late ........................................................................................ 217
  Self Evaluation - Getting Started ................................................................... 218
  Awareness of Needs ...................................................................................... 220
  Accessing Core Beliefs ................................................................................. 221
  Needs and Life Stages ................................................................................... 223
  Earliest Years: Trust & Connection .............................................................. 224
  Ages 1-20: Freedom & Power ....................................................................... 225
  Independence, Creativity & Early Adulthood ............................................... 226
  Midlife Evaluation: Meaning & Esteem ........................................................ 227
  The Golden Years .......................................................................................... 228
  Death & Dying .............................................................................................. 229

Lesson One: Implications for Morality ......................................................... 235
  Introduction ................................................................................................... 235
  Biological Hedonism ..................................................................................... 236
  Multiple Meanings of Emotional Signals ...................................................... 237
  The Concept of Evil ...................................................................................... 238
  Excitement And Morality .............................................................................. 238
  Guilt and The Human Conscience ................................................................. 240
  Learning Error vs Sin .................................................................................... 242
  The Power Of Apology & Forgiveness ......................................................... 242
  The Historical States Of Moral Interaction ................................................... 243
  Caveman Morality ......................................................................................... 244
  Cooperative Morality .................................................................................... 245
  The Role of Trust .......................................................................................... 246
  Tit-For-Tat Morality ...................................................................................... 247
  The Golden Rule ........................................................................................... 248
Lesson Two: Implications For Interpersonal Relationships ........................ 251
  The Cooperative Level of Existence ............................................................. 251
  Intimacy & Community: The Gift of Sharing ............................................... 252

Table of Content

  The Energy Dynamics of Intimacy ................................................................253
  Conflict ..........................................................................................................253
  The Fellowship Relationship .........................................................................255
  The Professional Relationship .......................................................................255
  Friendship ......................................................................................................257
  Gender Roles..................................................................................................258
  Intimacy and Sexual Love..............................................................................262
  Love As Distinct From Need .........................................................................263
  The Myth Of Love As Codependency ...........................................................264
  Love And Its Pitfalls ......................................................................................265
  Cultural Conditions Placed Upon Love .........................................................266
Lesson Three: Implications For Group Relationships ..................................269
  Why Groups? .................................................................................................269
  The Group Organism .....................................................................................270
  Conformity .....................................................................................................271
  The Developmental Cycle Of A Group .........................................................273
  Power Dynamics ............................................................................................274
  The Group Structure ......................................................................................276
  The Isolated Group ........................................................................................279
  Social Stratification ........................................................................................282
  Enlightened Group Affiliation .......................................................................283

Lesson One: Implications For Religion ..........................................................287
   Religious Purpose: Divine Connection ..........................................................287
   Divine Freedom .............................................................................................288
   Divine Empowerment ....................................................................................289
   Divine Goodness ............................................................................................290
   Divine Desire .................................................................................................291
   The Power Of Prayer .....................................................................................292
   The Temple of Light ......................................................................................293
   Meditation for The Temple Of Light .............................................................294
   Religious Transcendence ...............................................................................296
   Religious Community Service .......................................................................298
Lesson Two A: Implications For Government - Economics of Need-Meeting
   The Grand Game ............................................................................................299
   Economics of Resource Exchange .................................................................300
   Universal Human Rights - Basic Self-Determinism ......................................301
   The Biological Condition of Justice ...............................................................302
                                                                                             Table of Content

  Social Justice ................................................................................................. 304
  The Biological Condition of Civilization ...................................................... 307
  The Role of Government ............................................................................... 308
Lesson Two - B: Implications For Government - An Enlightened
Government Structure .................................................................................... 310
  The Governmental "Body" ............................................................................ 310
  Safeguarding - Ensuring Global Justice ........................................................ 311
  Global Cooperation without Violation .......................................................... 312
  Fostering Global Connection ......................................................................... 314
  Competitive Vs. Cooperative Defense .......................................................... 315
  Sanctioning Violations .................................................................................. 317
  Local Government & The Feedback Cycle ................................................... 319
  Representative Government - The Value of Each Voice ............................... 320
  Financing Good Government ........................................................................ 322
  Public Infrastructures .................................................................................... 323
  Global Government Mission Statement ........................................................ 324
Lesson Three: Implications For Education ................................................... 326
  Developing The Public "Mind" ..................................................................... 326
  Creative Experiential Learning Vs Receiving Judgments ............................. 327
  The Scope of Public Education ..................................................................... 329
  The Structure of Public Education ................................................................ 331
  Early and Elementary Education ................................................................... 334
  Intermediate and High School ....................................................................... 337
  Continuing Education .................................................................................... 339

ε - IMPLICATIONS FOR HEALTH ...................................... 343
Lesson One: Implications for Mental Health ................................................ 345
  The Concept of Health .................................................................................. 345
  Biological Flexibility and Destiny Challenge................................................ 346
  Natural Self-Development ............................................................................. 347
  Challenge I: The Mother versus the Victim .................................................. 349
  Challenge II: The Father versus the Martyr ................................................... 350
  Challenge III: The Contributor versus the Servant ........................................ 352
  Challenge IV: The Lover versus the Actor .................................................... 353
  Challenge V: The Speaker versus Silent Child.............................................. 354
  Challenge VI: The Seer versus the Intellectual ............................................. 355
  Challenge VII: The Transcender ................................................................... 358
  Therapeutic Approaches to Mental Health .................................................... 359

Table of Content

Lesson Two: Implications For Physical Health .............................................361
  The Physical Focus ........................................................................................361
  Active Faith in the Body ................................................................................362
  The Pleasure Principle ...................................................................................363
  The Power of the Mind ..................................................................................365
  Managing Emotional Stress ...........................................................................369
  Wholism .........................................................................................................371
Lesson Three: Implications For Wholistic Health ........................................373
  Health In The New Millennium .....................................................................373
  Energy Medicine & the Flow of Consciousness ............................................373
  Disturbances To The Chakras Of Mind .........................................................378
  The Seven Chakra Centers of Mind ...............................................................380
  Chakras One & Two: Bodily Grounding .......................................................381
  The Root Chakra ............................................................................................381
  The Second Chakra ........................................................................................382
  Chakras Three & Four – Mental Grounding ..................................................383
  The Third Chakra ...........................................................................................383
  The Fourth Chakra .........................................................................................384
  The Final Three Chakras – Grounding The Spirit ..........................................385
  The Fifth Chakra ............................................................................................385
  The Sixth Chakra ...........................................................................................385
  The Seventh Crown Chakra ...........................................................................386
  Personal Health Care ......................................................................................387

ζ - IMPLICATIONS FOR EVOLUTION ...............................389
Lesson One: Implications for Evolution ........................................................391
  The Pursuit of Self-Understanding.................................................................391
  Evolution Vs Creation....................................................................................392
  The Ongoing Evolving Co-Creation ..............................................................394
  The Power of Free Will ..................................................................................395
  Evolution Of Consciousness & Information Processing ................................399
  Darwin & Lamarck Revisited ........................................................................402
Lesson Theta Two: The Spiritual Compass In Evolving Gestalts of
Consciousness ...................................................................................................405
  The Quantum Potential & Expansion of All That Is ......................................405
  Receiving the Purposeful Guidance ...............................................................406
  The Self In Evolutionary Context ..................................................................407
  Autopilot, Semi-Autopilot and Manual Modes of Guidance .........................410
  Autopilot Self-regulation ...............................................................................410

                                                                                            Table of Content

  Semi-Autopilot Self-regulation ..................................................................... 411
  Manual Free Will Self-regulation .................................................................. 413
  The Emotional Evolutionary Destiny of Humanity ....................................... 414
  Evolutionary Path of Evolving Consciousness and Feeling Experience ....... 416
Lesson Theta Three A: Human Evolution .................................................... 418
  The Journey from Pain to Pleasure ................................................................ 418
  A Brief History of Cultural Evolution ........................................................... 421
  Levels Of Human Conscious Experience ...................................................... 425
  The Survival Level of Existence ................................................................... 427
  Survival Empowerment and the Chakra System ........................................... 429
  The Individual Task At Hand ........................................................................ 432
Lesson Theta Three B: Human Evolution Continued .................................. 434
  Historical Survival ......................................................................................... 434
  The Being Level Of Human Existence .......................................................... 435
  Three Perspectives of the Being Level .......................................................... 437
  The Transcendent Level of Human Existence ............................................... 440
  Summary ....................................................................................................... 444

ω - CONCLUSION .................................................................... 447
Lesson Omega One: Epilogue - The Lessons of Enlightenment .................. 449
  The Mission of Enlightenment ...................................................................... 449
  Historical Shifts & Modes of Attunement ..................................................... 450
  Direct Access................................................................................................. 452
  Final Words ................................................................................................... 453
  The Universal Spectrum of Love and Light .................................................. 457

Alpha – Human Nature

                                                          Alpha – Human Nature

Lesson One: Overview of the Human Condition
 There is a great urgency for human beings to understand and correct their current
situation. Humankind is and has been experiencing far more disconnection,
disorientation, pain and suffering than is necessary. This creates an interruption
in the flow of Universal Divine Love Energy and a virtual frustration in the ever-
expanding consciousness of All That Is. Each and every earthbound entity is an
apportionment of the Divine Spirit and maintains a connective strand, a
communicative channel, through which inspiration, guidance and divine intention
can be experienced. Along with this information channel came the innate ability
to transmute Universal Energy into physical form to create events and physical
manifestations pleasing to both the individual and the ever-expanding Universal
Spirit. The power to intuit, the power to create, and the freedom for willful
action, is all far greater than humans imagine---for they have become obscured,
blunted and limited.

Communication and the Fluid Creative Reality
Since time was young, humans have had the challenge of utilizing that power to
create unlimited, ever-evolving tools and methods to develop and express their
soul potential in earthly existence. Development and expression of Spirit was the
individual objective within the overall goal of continued expansion of Universal
Consciousness. Such tools have manifested in the physical technologies,
including everything from stone carving tools to the Internet, as well as mental
technologies including knowledge, beliefs, cultural customs, political systems,
legal systems, social codes, religious and worldviews that exist today.

These tools were originally to be developed by an individual for that individual's
personal use to accomplish the maximum possible development, expression and
expansion of his or her individual consciousness. The tools were intended to be
temporary, flexible transient and ever-changing---like cloaks to be designed,
worn and cast aside as new, more effective versions were inspired and created.
There was no "right" or "wrong", no "good" or "bad" tools, no judgments or
limitations were placed upon the creations of man. The only legitimate quality
assessment was how well the tools and ideas accomplished the development and
expression of the soul potential. The "reality" was highly individualized. It was
negotiated and created through the communication between individual and
universal spirit and the application of will power. The action choices of entities
were validated by the spiritual responses experienced through the feeling system.

Alpha – Human Nature

Those tools that were most effective at meeting the expansion goals of the spirit
were pleasing to the spirit, and those that were less so were not so pleasurable.
Those that did not work or lost their effectiveness over time would restrict, even
frustrate the spirit and the feelings would be not pleasing---they became even
unpleasant and painful.

These pleasurable or painful feelings were experienced within the individual as
an ever-present reminder of the goals of the spirit and of how well they were
being attained. This was the reality: an information exchange and feedback
between the spiritual, mental and physical realms, each working in concert to
maximize and expand individual and Universal Consciousness. There was no
mistaking that earthly reality was fluid and within the constant control of the
individuals, no matter how "real" and valid the earthly creations and events may
have appeared in the physical realm.

Disconnection & Rigid Physical Reality
 But over time, humans began to believe more and more in the validity of their
creations and rely less and less upon the internal communicative spiritual
guidance. The methodologies and beliefs began to take on a life of their own, to
become more real, as they were shared between individuals and eventually
passed along between generations. Such ideas became real when adopted through
willful choice---regardless of whether or not that choice was a conscious one. In
fact, most humans empower beliefs without even realizing their choice, since
"facts", values and ideals are indoctrinated into them from the moment they are
born. Cognizant or not, humans direct their will power into the belief, which then
entraps them within its limitations.

Not only did such limiting judgments become part of earthly reality, but they
actually have a physical counterpart that exists in the form of energy fields
wherein potential energy has been frozen into habitual pathways that grossly
limit the human capability of selecting or creating alternate tools or ways of
thinking. The beliefs become physically empowered with the human energy that
is willfully invested in them. The more times a particular "truth" is uttered and
energized, the more it takes on a physical reality that in turn limits the perception
of a myriad of other possibilities.

 Instead of the evolution of many coexisting equally useful tools of spiritual
expression, certain ideas become dominant, overarching and "the way" for all to
be. Such limiting beliefs and judgments have interfered tremendously with the
natural communicative pathways between embodied entities and All That Is.
They have greatly reduced the creative ability to transmute Universal Energy at

                                                            Alpha – Human Nature

will, all but eliminated the original fluidity of reality, and entrapped humans
within the very tools which were intended to empower them. The result is that
humankind has become mired within an illusory "reality" of their own creation,
cut off from the overarching reality, guidance and direction of All That Is.

The human condition is now such that the expression and development of
individual spirit, as well as the expansion of Universal Consciousness, has been
tremendously impeded. This "misuse" of human freedom has become known as
"the Fall from Grace" in many existing origin stories and religious doctrines. For
with the self-imposed limitations due to having bitten of the fruit of the tree of
knowledge, humans have lost touch with those very facilities with which they
were endowed to protect and guide themselves.

Attempts at Re-Empowerment
In the course of human history, there have been many sages, Avatars and wise
"men of God" who have attempted to re-empower humans. These seers
incarnated with a clear destiny, a broadened awareness and with better command
of the innate power that all humans were intended to possess. Their task was to
awaken humankind to the tremendous potential and power that lies within their
grasp, yet which remains unclaimed. For every human being maintains that
connective strand through which Divine Spirit Intention can be accessed and
utilized, offering vast benefits and direction for the restoration of humanity to the
intended evolutionary path. Their offerings have made a positive impact; but
there has also been a tremendous amount of distortion of the teachings---
perversion and dogmatic assertions used for manipulation and control by
misguided, power-seeking humans, perpetuating the myth that direction can only
come from external forces and guides.

The sages' message of re-empowerment was lost in the shuffle. The ultimate
result was the implanting of a nearly universal belief that human beings are
innately evil, rather than innately good, and that with such evil nature they
require external control. The coming of the sages reinforced the belief that some
external Omnipotent intermediary has the sole responsibility to create the events
necessary for successful human existence. And that since man was innately evil,
that unpleasant events were his "due" as retribution from that almighty force.
This further disconnected humans from their inner informational feeling system,
with the adoption of conflicting ideas about feelings themselves. This created the
related belief that emotional suffering is an inevitable, necessary and
uncontrollable part of living.

But the belief in the need for external control cannot change the ultimate reality

Alpha – Human Nature

that the individual has, and will always have, internal control. The belief itself
cannot remove the individual's capability and his or her responsibility to manifest
their own destiny. It does not in the least diminish the power they possess, only
the conscious control they have over that power. The belief in externals cannot
change the physical transmutation process or alter the individual causal link
between energy and willful manifestation. It merely shifts that power into the
earthly illusions and conflicting beliefs which become the external controllers. In
adopting an external intermediary, humans cast their power to the wind, rather
than honoring themselves as the creators of their own destiny.

Many unexpected and undesirable events that occur in the lives of individuals
and those which evidence decay in societies around the world, are a direct result
of misdirected, misunderstood human will power. Humans then scramble to react
to the oncoming events that seem random, chaotic and meaningless, rather than
creating the desired events as originally intended. The information signals of
human feeling go unheeded allowing hurtful, limiting beliefs to take root and
flourish. The realm of human mind is now choked with many such debilitating
beliefs, most of which masquerade as highly esteemed ideals and values. If the
innate guidance had been understood, there never would have been such a
virulent spread of misdirected energy. If the innate guidance had been
understood, humanity would now be master rather than slave.

Regardless of the illusions, the reality of the human condition is still that each
individual has the power and the biological capability to receive information and
transmute energy directly from the Divine Source. This is the originally intended
inner communicative flow of validating feelings of the spirit. Humans are
intended to use the conditions and events that they desire. The information
process has long gone unnoticed and the lack of intuitive guidance has all but
removed the individual's capacity to create the reality that is most pleasing to the
spirit. As a result, the individual spirit is frustrated, as is the Universal Spirit.
When the spirit is frustrated and cannot expand, this is made known through the
feeling system of the individual--- as has always been the case.

The Feeling System - A Spiritual Safety Net
The feeling system is the one system that is not susceptible to the realm of
earthly illusion. Although belief can color the feelings, they cannot deny the
anger, fear, and sadness of a frustrated spirit. The feeling system is the
communicative strand that provides a safety net to keep humans attuned to the
Spirit regardless of the earthly illusions. The feeling system also plays a major
role in the transmutation of energy that creates events, both desirable and
undesirable. The preponderance of negative events and frustrating experiences in

                                                            Alpha – Human Nature

one's life is a direct result of the level of frustration of the Spirit. Humans have
also developed ways to escape the haunting feelings of a frustrated spirit through
escapism or aggression or self deception. But true and lasting relief can only
come through the identification and rejection of those beliefs that have been
internalized, which frustrate rather than develop and express the spiritual

These beliefs, and any others which limit human development and expression,
are no longer to be tolerated. The state of the earth becomes less and less stable
as more and more energy is fed into the existing limited beliefs. Now is the time
for the piece-by-piece dismantling of the dense energy network that stifles the
spiritual, mental and physical evolution of the human species. The dominant
formative energies are fear, anger and sadness, which spring from the grossly
frustrated Universal Spirit. Without direct intervention, these energies will
continue to create individual and social and eventually, physiological and
geological upheaval.

The Task At Hand
It is to be the task of each and every earthbound entity to reestablish a connection
with the inner guidance that they posses, and to regain understandings regarding
the nature of their own power and how best to use it. From there, they are to
identify and reject any beliefs they find within themselves that are limiting to the
Spirit. They are then to identify and to participate in the active removal of such
beliefs from the world itself, from the realm of mass consciousness.

With these direct actions, the energy can be disengaged, unit by unit, belief by
belief, and returned to the individual. This energy can then be refocused to
increase those positive, uplifting, joy-inducing ideas and beliefs which facilitate
spiritual expression. The mass reality can ultimately be restored to that state of
fluidity wherein the tools and strategies remain flexible, creative options for
individuals to select, based upon their ability to develop and express their unique
spiritual potential.

These lessons will include the specific advice and understandings necessary to
restore the inner communicative information channel within earthbound entities.
They will explain the nature of the human feeling system---an unexploited sixth
sense---and how it has become lost. They will detail how to interpret the signals
from the Spirit, and exactly how to actively respond to the advice offered. They
will draw parallels to the feeling system and the misdirected transmutations of
power in the creation of events. Ultimately, they can usher in the understandings
that will replace the myriad of debilitating beliefs that frustrate the Universal

Alpha – Human Nature

Spirit and cripple the spiritual, mental and physical evolutionary potential of

Just as sages and seers have appeared in the historical past, there are active
entities today working together to carry out their group mission of restoring the
inner guidance to earthbound entities. There are many existing, enlightening
ideas in the realm of mass consciousness that can be assembled and utilized.
There are offerings from every realm, from the arts, from the sciences, from
religious, educational and political institutions which all can contribute to the
understandings that these lessons embody. As the millennium progresses, there
are ever-increasing inspirations, put forth like puzzle pieces to be assembled by
humankind. There is a building energy force, toward a critical mass that fuels
these inspirations, and makes the necessary understandings more accessible to
every human being.

It is now the challenge of each and every earthbound entity to realign themselves
with the Inner Guide, through which they can be welcomed home.

                                                           Alpha – Human Nature

Lesson Two: The Spiritual Nature Of Humankind
Humanity As Spirituality As Divinity
From the moment of the creation, or what has become known as the "Big Bang",
the Universal Consciousness of All That Is fragmented Itself into a wide variety
of physical, material forms, so that It could gain self-experience and self-
expansion. As apportionments of this Divine Universal Spirit, human beings are
essentially spiritual beings.

It has been a time honored tradition for philosophers, religious leaders, poets,
artists, scientists and politicians to ponder the nature of man. Indeed, it is a
motive of Divine Spiritual Intention that humans understand their nature. The
divinity whispers within every human being, stirring self-curiosity and the need
to seek purpose and meaning. In answer to this inner urging, throughout the ages
the question has been asked: Is man good? Is man evil? Perhaps a bit of both?

There is plenty of evidence leading directly and completely to one conclusion:
that human beings are indeed good. There are many beliefs and judgments placed
upon that evidence that lead to quite another conclusion: that humans are
wretched and wicked. Thus, the answer has been quite difficult to find. Instead,
there now exist many conflicting thought systems, generally within the religious
realm, that describe the human being as both good and evil. With each system
comes an elaborate set of understandings and rules. These rules are quite specific
in ordering the human being to make certain choices which will ensure that he or
she always stays on the "good" path---the straight and narrow---ever vigilant
against the evil impulse rearing its ugly head.

The logical flaw within such thought systems is the premise that human nature
can be altered by human ideology. Humans will be humans and will act human
regardless of any dictates to the contrary. Societies have no hope of ever
successfully controlling human nature if they insist upon working against it. The
very concept that human declarations can alter the motivational essence of
humanity is absurd. All humans respond according to their nature. No matter
what race or culture, no matter what religious affiliation, no matter what social or
economic "station", no matter what physical, sexual or intellectual orientation, no
matter what errors or aberrant behaviors have been chosen, no matter what level
of success at attainment of universal intention--- all human beings are one and
the same at their natural core. Each are apportionments of the universal divine.
All human beings are divine.

Although there are widespread beliefs to the contrary, the fact is that humanity is
Alpha – Human Nature

spirituality and divinity in chemical clothing. Humans are as divine as each and
every deity. As divine beings, the trust, faith and grace was placed in humanity
by All That Is, with the endowment of Free Will to manifest and control
individual destiny. This divine freedom evidences the "creator's" trust and
assurance of human goodness.

This fact goes unnoticed, even minimized, with every passing thought that
human beings are any less than embodied divinity. But such thoughts have been
accepted time and again and have become firmly imbedded attitudes and beliefs--
-even justifications for misguided thought and action.

The belief in evil is not completely unjustified, given the historical evidence of
vicious and heinous actions and violations that humans have perpetrated upon
one another. Given these actions, it is understandable why there would be so
much confusion and suspicion cast upon human nature.

But without exception, each and every "evil" act is the direct result of
miscommunication between spirit and mind. Humans will act in predictable ways
when the inner divine communication breaks down. It is only when man-made
ideas overrule the innate guidance of spiritual wisdom that this communication
breaks down. When this happens, humans are in trouble. For all individual and
social chaos springs from this miscommunication. At present, humans are indeed,
in very much trouble. For their very freedom has wrought imprisonment.

The inner divine guide remains hidden within the many layers of misconceptions,
self imposed limitations, attitudes and reactionary choices,--- but it remains. For
the Universal Spirit not only provides unlimited freedom and communicative
guidance, it also provides insurance that humans can never completely stifle the

Frustrated Human Purpose and Evil
The ultimate purpose of human existence is for a given spirit to develop and
express its unique potential in physical form. This translates within the body
as needs which facilitate self development and expression. As each individual
achieves personal fulfillment of this purpose, a corresponding experiential
expansion and fulfillment occurs within All That Is.

The astronomical genetic uniqueness of each embodied spirit seeks release as an
equally unique and necessary contribution to human civilization. Each successful
contribution joins the totality in the manifestation of Divine Intention. Self
expression is the goal of the Creator. Regardless of what form this expression

                                                            Alpha – Human Nature

takes, no matter how seemingly insignificant or how substantial, no matter how
public or private, no matter how acceptable by human judgmental standards, each
unique contribution is an equal, valuable and necessary portion of the whole. The
spiritual impetus is so important that humans are embodied with physical
insurance that the needs of the spirit will be expressed.

The opposite of expression is frustration. Spiritual frustration is the antithesis of
the Creator's intended purpose. It also signals its own presence through the
feeling system. Frustration is acknowledged by unpleasant emotions. The
spiritual insurance against continuous frustration comes in the form of self-
preservationary reactions to unpleasant feelings which are hard-wired into the
body. Such reactions virtually override the mind where the human limitations
reside. The emotions contain creative arousal energy which moves the individual
to corrective action. Such a force is the natural spiritual aggression, yet missing
the intentional focus. Such corrections preserve the species, but since they lack
intention, they do not facilitate human purpose. At best, they buy time.

Evil springs from the impediment of Divine Intention. Evil acts are self-
preservationary acts, not those of self-development and expression. One cannot
both preserve and develop the self simultaneously, can one? Self-preservationary
reactions were hardwired into the body as a last ditch safety net through which
humans can protect, even rescue themselves from their own creations. The self
preservation impulse ensures the continuance of the species, but relegates
humans to a minimal existence.

The evil acts of humankind are nothing more than innate self-preservationary
reactions of the spirit crying out for understanding. The symptomatic pain and
anguish, fear and violence shouts the frustration of spirit, but still it goes
unheeded. Humans have become so mired within their own man-made ideas that
they have severely altered the life experience by grossly limiting their receptivity
to innate guidance. They are operating on half power at best and short circuiting
themselves at worst.

Humans operating on such a base level of existence reflect the sorry state of mass
consciousness. And there is a predominance of unnecessary suffering. The
emotional symptoms will eventually lead humans to wisdom for they will not go
away until the spirit is understood. But this is a harsh and unnecessary course,
tantamount to hitting rock bottom in order to gain enlightenment. There already
exist such severe conditions both within individuals and societies that
understanding must now be facilitated. For human beings cannot hope to begin to
utilize their nature for the intended purpose, if they cannot even grasp an
understanding of it.
Alpha – Human Nature

But regardless of this present state of sub-humanity, the divine tie remains. When
it is accessed and utilized, the evil acts that have sullied the reputation of human
nature will become less and less frequent. The primary step toward this goal is
the reestablishing of the inner line of communication between spirit, mind and
body. When the feeling signals of the spirit are interpreted accurately and acted
upon optimally, the spirit achieves the self expression it desires. When humans
act correctly upon these natural impulses, they cannot help but be moral.

Natural Morality
The intended state is that humans operate from self-developmental and self-
expressive impulses. This state is that of uninterrupted flow of spiritual Divine
Love energy. When in this state, humans access their innate, natural morality.
Yes, humans are innately moral---how can they not be as apportionments of the
Divine Spirit? Each and every destructive act that has been cited as evidence of
man's innately evil nature is the floundering of a frustrated, disconnected soul in
self-preservationary mode. Evil is the absence of the life force, as pain is the
absence of the love force.

All actions which spring from self-developmental and self-expressive impulses,
spring from spirit. Regardless of what the numerous ideologies of mankind have
asserted, divine human impulse operates upon the pleasure and pain continuum
of human feeling. Pain signals the frustration of spirit and pleasure signals its
expression. Humans are spiritual hedonists. This is in the divine and "good" way.
Pleasure is the experience of the Divine Love force unimpeded.

The word "Hedonism" itself has been sullied, just as has been the reputation of
human nature. But the pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of pain is a pure,
simple and beautiful principle that allows humans to know whether or not their
spiritual energy flow has completed its circuit. There are many activities, pursuits
and inclinations that have been deemed "bad", selfish, immoral, unacceptable,
even illegal within every society. When in the spiritual sense, if they are what the
spirit requires for expression, they are, by divine dictate, necessary and naturally
moral. Many man-made judgmental dictates impede rather than facilitate

This is not to say that humans should haphazardly cast all caution to the wind and
pursue self pleasure with gusto at the expense of other humans. In fact, any act
which violates another is one of self preservation. The essence of natural
morality can be distilled to this golden advice: "Hurt not others with that which
pains thyself." This credo can be adopted immediately. But before spiritual

                                                           Alpha – Human Nature

hedonism can fully operate as intended, there are some additional, crucial
understandings necessary.

The Civilized Planet
Although modern humans consider themselves quite savvy, sophisticated and
culturally astute, civilization does not in fact occur until natural morality is
understood and accommodated within all social structures. Following misguided
notions about evil capacity, human social, religious, political, educational,
judicial and economic systems have attempted to control human nature. As rigid
rules and restrictions deny the spirit, self-preservationary systems take over. The
fear-based, win-lose proposition of competition overtakes the joy-based, win-win
underpinnings of cooperation. As self-preservation becomes the dominant
motivator, individual and social chaos, fear and aggression then become the
norm. This is the present condition upon the Earth. If this current course
continues, the violence resulting from fear and anger of frustrated spirits will
continue to erode civilization.

A primary goal of these "Lessons" is to impart the wisdom which can reverse this
course. Once the intricacies of human hedonistic nature and how it has become
effected by mass consciousness are understood, the spiritual advisory connection
can be restored. Humans will have far more freedom than has ever occurred and
they will use it toward moral purposes. The dominant motivators will be self-
development and expression, not the base, self-preservation impulses that now

Such spiritually directed actions are indeed hedonistic, as well as moral in the
highest sense. There is no need for external codes, rules, mores or even laws,
when humans are operating up to their intended capacity. As individuals heed
these "Lessons" and act upon them, society will slowly begin to restructure.
There will be the removal of unnecessary restrictions and the development of
avenues of equal human opportunity that do not yet exist.

As freedom and opportunity are restored, the spiritual connection strengthens, the
spirit is allowed development and expression. Creative mode will replace
survival mode. Energy directed into destructive acts and undesirable events will
be redirected into those that are productive and desirable. Humans will get back
the tremendous amount of power that now lies dormant. Future generations will
enjoy a less and less constricted level of mass consciousness. And ultimately,
mass consciousness will evolve to accurately reflect Universal Consciousness as
it did In The Beginning.

Alpha – Human Nature

This is the direction. Now is the time to take the first steps. The understandings
are of critical importance, but will most definitely conflict with many existing
beliefs and tenets. It is suggested for this reason, to open a new mental space to
receive this information to temporarily set aside---not discard---but temporarily
set aside existing beliefs, and to actively, openly consider alternate ways of
thinking and being. Your spirit will tell you of the validity of any and all
information---once you understand how to listen to it. There is no need to
abandon existing beliefs completely, as this would be far too painful. (As soon to
be explained). Simply place this new information in a special compartment, and
keep it together, without placing judgments upon it. You will begin noticing how
it manifests in your life.

Now, in order to understand the genesis of the misunderstandings regarding the
nature of humankind, as well as to reverse them, it is necessary to begin back at
square one, discussing the nature and parameters of "spirit".

Human Spirit: Consciousness and Intention
Individual Spirit can be defined as that essence which manifests Divine
Consciousness and Divine Intention. The individual spirit of a human being has
also been termed "soul", "entity" or "higher self" and these words can be used
synonymously with spirit. Consciousness, also known as Awareness, is generally
the definitive quality assigned to spirit under common conceptions of the term.

It is generally understood that when a spirit is embodied within human form, that
form is alive, it is conscious of itself, it is aware of its experience. The condition
of death is marked by the complete disconnection of the spirit from the body.
Although there are altered states of consciousness (such as temporary
unconsciousness due to physical trauma, or the so-called "subconscious" dream
states), the spirit is still engaged within the body.

There is much to be learned through and about altered states of consciousness,
but humans are not yet able to achieve much progress due to their entanglement
within belief systems of their own creation. Humans will learn far more about
their own consciousness and its abilities as they become more attuned to their
innate abilities. The first step to mining the riches of spiritual consciousness is to
learn the language of spirit and begin its active liberation.

For our immediate purposes, many of the existing concepts regarding
consciousness are in need of some clarification. First, there is a wide-spread
                                                           Alpha – Human Nature

belief that there is some vast, hidden, dark, inaccessible pool of information and
impulses within the human mind known as "the subconscious". The belief in
such a thing severely limits understanding, for it provides a handy place for
humans to divert any unexplainable event or behavior. It provides an acceptable,
even fashionable, outlet of blame for outcomes of what are actually willful

Instead, a replacement understanding is recommended. There is no such thing
within the realm of mind. All knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, impulses and relevant
experiences---even dreams (with practice), are contents of the realm of mind and
can be accessed at any time. Of course, there is a limit to how much information
a given individual can ponder in the moment. There is an immediate field of
vision or spotlight of consciousness known as short-term memory. This is the
realm where thought is being entertained in the present moment, where the
attention is directed. This spotlight is also known as the "point of power"
consciousness. The rest, which is known as long-term memory, is simply a
storage area of information awaiting retrieval. There is no unreachable pool of
information in the mental realm.

Even dream states are intended to be remembered and utilized for the wisdom
they contain---with one major qualifier: Dreams exist not only in the mental
realm, but in the spiritual realm. When the spiritual realm is involved, there does
exist a pool of complete information likened unto the subconscious, but this is a
pool of Universal Consciousness. A critical understanding is that the realm of
spirit and the realm of mind are distinctly separate "locations".

Altered States of Consciousness
The present point of power consciousness travels to alternate spiritual locations
when in altered states. While the body is asleep, for example, the consciousness
of spirit is simply attuned to a different vibratory focus, as evidenced by the
varying levels of brain wave activity. In fact, humans enjoy a rich and varied
existence in these dream realms and a great deal of productive activity actually
occurs therein. Since the point of power has such mobility, humans command a
great deal of creative energy while they suppose they are unproductive and
"unconscious". Humans can---and many do---effect physical bodily changes,
promote health, plan and create events, communicate with other entities
(earthbound or otherwise), as well as with past, present and future selves all
within the dream realm.

Dreams have become far less accessible due to the many limiting beliefs
surrounding them that exist in the realm of mind. Because they are not

Alpha – Human Nature

understood and therefore are not utilized, they are ignored and they eventually
become less and less significant. Dreams are not even acknowledged as useful in
most societies. But even with limited understanding, dreams provide messages
from the self to the self, from the spirit to the mind. Control of this power can be
tremendously advantageous, but even as the mind and body lie sleeping, dreams
often spontaneously correct physical and mental imbalances that save the very
life of the entity.

This is the frustrated spirit at work, freed a bit, when the mind is at rest. This is
testimony to the tenacity of spirit in doing what is necessary to circumvent the
entangled mind and offer its wisdom through vicarious routes. With conscious
understanding within the mental realm, the mind can assist the spirit and body in
accomplishing the benefits of the dream process in ways now unimaginable.
Dreams are, in fact, highly spiritual, creative, significant and pure. As stated
earlier, they exist to bridge the gap between spiritual and mental realms.

But waking consciousness is focused in the mental realm. Daily reality springs
from mind. An essential preliminary understanding, however, is that the mental
realm is intended to be fluid and not nearly so rigid as it has become. Memory,
for example, needs reinforcement and active use or it will fade. If certain learning
is not utilized, nor relevant, it will abdicate in lieu of incoming information
which is more current and useful. Those who have experienced the study of a
foreign language, or higher mathematics, yet having never applied it in an actual
setting, can attest to this fact. This mental flexibility is the intended state.
Neurological connections in the brain strengthen only if they are utilized. Useful
tools are the only ones intended to remain.

Consciousness and all mental abilities are mechanisms through which the
individual spirit can create his or her own reality. Reality is intended to be highly
flexible and individualized. In fact, memory itself has very flexible qualities not
generally acknowledged. Created visions can easily become part of one's
experiential memory, whether or not the event actually occurred. Imagined
creative visions are accepted within the mind and body as actual.

This ability is related to the mental and physical receptivity to spiritual intuitive
wisdom and guidance which often comes in the form of creative imagination,
inspiration, visions and dreams. Taking this one step further, this mental
flexibility allows individuals to create intentionally desired events in the physical
realm. With these abilities of consciousness, we can begin to see how
consciousness and intention interact within spirit.

                                                            Alpha – Human Nature

A summary of the consciousness component of human spirit would be that
consciousness makes possible the mental and physical experience of being. It
plays a role in the development of the mental realm, in the reception of divine
direction, in the power to imaginatively create desired life events, and in the
transmutation of energy for physical manifestation of those events.

The Illusory Fragmentation of Spirit and Will
Still, the general idea of spirit having something to do with consciousness is
fairly well understood. But there have been some distortions and misconceptions
regarding the intentional aspect of the spirit.

For spirit not only has consciousness with which to know itself, it also has
intention through which it can experience, feel, manifest and direct itself. This
intention has become disassociated from spirit in the realm of human
understanding to the degree that it now needs its own name. It has been termed
Divine Will. It is through this disconnection that so many no longer experience
the guidance of "Godly" intention. It is through this disconnection that self
preservation has become the motivational norm. It is through this disconnection
that events seem to come out of nowhere, rather than to be creatively designed
and attracted by the individual through willful choice.

It is time to reclaim this aspect of spirit for a more complete understanding of and
participation within the human condition. Although the term "Will" is utilized, it
should be clear that it is still part and parcel of every human spirit.

The purpose of human existence is for a given spirit to develop and express its
potential in physical form. This is also the intention of Divine Spirit as carried
out by Divine Will within each individual. Both are manifested in body, with the
spirit experienced as consciousness and the will, experienced as "feeling". Will
power is raw emotional energy. Both aspects of spirit are to remain in balance
with each other as two halves of a whole.

Consciousness and Will:

In a manner of speaking, spirit relates to light and will relates to darkness.
Consciousness is the fastest vibratory aspect of spirit, and will is the slower more
physical magnetic vibration which exists as a porthole of sorts into physical
existence. Consciousness is the point of power and will is the focus of that
power. The will vibrates the darkness to receive the light of spirit in the physical
form. It is through this process that imagined thought forms become physical

Alpha – Human Nature

objects and probable events become actual physical events. Together,
consciousness and will create the desired intended reality.

It was the original intention that humans would live the physical experience
under the complete direction of spirit carried out by magnetic will energy.
Spiritual direction was to be received and converted by will to the slower
vibratory level necessary to be actualized in the physical realm. When this
occurred, spirit and will remained in balance, and the human could act
spontaneously upon every feeling and the most beneficial outcome would be
attained. Each moment contained a fresh challenge and new opportunity with
which the spirit could develop and express itself. The desires of the spirit were
manifested as desires of the body. If completely accepted and allowed
expression, such feelings would always lead to the most fulfilling self

The acceptance and manifestation of all spiritual intention was the task of the
will. The will had freedom of active choice of any method within the imaginative
mind to give life to the intention of the spirit. The choices would lead to physical
events and outcomes in which the needs of spirit were accommodated. Once the
complete expression of the feeling had subsided, there would be certain
understandings available to the individual. This was to be a cycle of learning
through experience so that an array of mental strategies could accumulate that
which would provide choices for spontaneous actions. Flexibility and spontaneity
facilitated this cycle. The cycle would be repeated with new, often surprising and
inventive situations created through magnetic will energy. Each facilitating
spiritual intention, and a contribution to the expansion of All That Is.

Together, spirit and will made Divine Intention or predestination compatible with
Free Will. With a balanced, uninterrupted flow between spirit and will within
body, events were created from the inside out. This was the optimal condition in
which earthly events sprang from spiritual intention. All such events were
pleasing to the spirit if they allowed for its development and expression in
physical form. The human experience of pleasure was reassurance from the
Divine Spirit that Its flow of Universal Love Energy had not been disrupted.
When the Divine Love flows unabated there is a successful completion of the
energy circuit between the individual and the totality of All That Is. This was to
be "The Way". This was to be as the path of least resistance.

Human limitation frustrating the will creates obstruction and resistance to The
Way. Disconnection from intention allows will energy to follow self-
preservationary pathways. Reactions that simply buy time, do not eliminate the
obstruction nor achieve the corrective balance. The limitation continues to signal
                                                           Alpha – Human Nature

its presence with negative emotion. Will energy, either positive or negative, still
creates experience.

Negative, painful experiences are attracted through the negative emotion. The
events are intended to draw attention to the belief which frustrates spirit. But
instead of understanding this message, it simply appears to the human that "bad
stuff" is happening for no apparent reason. Events seem to come from nowhere,
from the outside in. This facilitates further limiting beliefs and superstitions,
which are designed to protect against imagined evil, external controlling forces at
work. To say the least, disconnection from will is disempowering.

Upon examining the will as a separate entity to learn its function, it is now
necessary to conceptually place it back within spirit where it belongs. Will is not
separate from spirit. It shall now be recognized as its feeling aspect. Feelings
shall now be respected for the spiritual intention that they communicate. Feelings
shall now be respected for the powerful creative will energy that they contain.
Feelings both communicate intentions from spirit and magnetically bring them
into physical reality.

Thoughts empowered with emotional energy will be more likely to become
reality. Whether the thoughts are surrounded with joyous expectation, or dread,
worry and fear, they will create events connected to the imagined mental
scenario. The mind does not know if an event has been good or bad, but the spirit
does. Spiritual intention has been accomplished in physical reality when the
feeling pleasure is experienced. If there has been interference from the realm of
mind and spiritual intention has not been accomplished, a painful event will

Pleasure and pain, the spiritual judgmental pronouncement. Make no further
mistake: there is no other accurate judgment.

Spirit is consciousness and intention, and is experienced as thought and feeling.
Uninterrupted spirit, aided by images of mind, create desired physical
experience. Pleasure is the validation and reward of spiritual fulfillment. Through
this path, the Universal Spirit is allowed to sense Itself through many widely
varying experiences carried out by all the physical forms. Each form, whether it
is vegetable, mineral, animal or human offers its unique portion of the totality of
experience by accomplishing its own expression. Indeed, every unit of matter is
imbued with conscious spiritual intention following the pleasure/pain, attraction
and repulsion principle---including subatomic quanta .

Forms less complex than humans enjoy the clearest channel to spiritual intention
Alpha – Human Nature

with less interference from their own experience. The behavior of animals, often
highly organized, intelligent and mathematically precise, exposes the
communicative clarity between spirit and will. But this clarity goes largely
unrecognized and is dismissed by humans as "instinctive" behavior.

What these lessons seek to impart is that humans are also attuned with such
guidance in their own form of predictable, organized and mathematically precise
instinct. This is their creative development and expression. This is their natural
morality. It should not be so puzzling that a colony of ants can interact together
as one conscious entity, with each individual carrying out its part of the whole.
This should be no more mysterious than quanta operating in concert to form
atoms, than atoms operating in concert to form matter, than cells operating in
conjunction to form organs operating together to form systems and systems
operating together to form human beings. Human beings interacting together to
form civilization should be at least as successful as ants---should they not?

Every unit of every thing is a unit of Universal Spirit. Every unit has
consciousness and intention. Every unit meets success and fulfillment if there is
no resistance. Every unit has a unique experience through which the totality of
All That Is can find pleasure in experiencing Itself.

The difference with humans is that the path of least resistance operates uniquely,
for it now has to navigate through the realm of "Mind".

                                                             Alpha – Human Nature

Lesson Three: The Mental Nature Of Humankind

Enter: The Realm of Mind
Far and away the main factor behind the illusory separation from Spirit is the
evolution of human mind. The mind has been mentioned and its overall function
is assumed, but what exactly is "mind"? The mind must be singled out from such
concepts as spirit, body, will, brain, soul, ego, personality, self, etc., and clearly
defined. The mind, when understood, can be humankind's greatest gift. If not
understood, it can be our greatest burden.

Due to the conflicting and imprecise information which exists regarding human
nature, attributes of the mind are often confused with features of spirit, of body,
of experience, or of culture. But a precise definition of the parameters and
functions of mind is an important underpinning in the emerging explanation of
human nature.

Although spirit exists in every time and every space simultaneously, mind is
limited to the physical realm. Mind is actually a focal point of consciousness, the
seat of physical, waking awareness. The mind is intended to be steward to the
spirit. The mind can be thought of as a specific location, necessary for physical
experience, while humans are oriented to a slower, denser vibratory rate and less
attuned to their broader accelerated essence. The mind focuses experience within
time-space and creates dependence upon the physical senses of sight, sound,
smell, touch and taste. Mental processes are necessary to order and retain sensory
information and to creatively develop and utilize ideas which can accomplish the
purpose of self development and expression.

The mind can also be thought of as a receptacle, a tool kit of sorts, housing ideas,
memories, beliefs, attitudes and certain aspects of the personality. Thus, the mind
can be defined as the collection of experience, the working knowledge, skills and
strategies, accumulated through the senses from the moment of the entity's birth
until the end of the lifetime. Any features of personality that are a direct result of
experience relate to the contents of mind, as opposed to the enduring spiritual
aspects of personality.

The mind is also dynamic, like a computer. Its location and receptacle aspects
interact to allow for spiritual, imaginative and sensory inputs; rational, analytical
information processing; data storage; and logical decision making outputs. All
mental processing capabilities and features exist to facilitate a fluid spiritual
existence in the physical realm.
Alpha – Human Nature

The mind operates then like a location, a receptacle and a computer---which
sounds a lot like a brain. The brain, of course, is the organ in every human that
houses the mind. But the mind is far more than the objective brain. While the
normally developed brain is fairly similar among all humans, as are computers
that roll off the assembly line, the mind is highly individualized. It is extremely
personal and subjective.

But it does not come that way. Just as a new body arrives with each birth, a new
mind is born for a fresh beginning. Each human being arrives on Earth with a
blank slate to be impressed upon by human experience. A blank slate upon which
each individual can create their own desired reality. Humans have complete
freedom of will to determine what the contents of mind are to be. With this
feature, the mind is not so much like a window to the world, or even a mirror of
the world, it is more like a canvas upon which the world can manifest. Like an
artist paints a picture, each entity can create a mental landscape like a portrait
through which he or she can experience life. The mind holds pictures of the
existing world, and adds creative improvements as well. Thus, humans have the
fantastic mental agility to create as many unique realities as there are unique
human beings. This individualized mind is intended to support and orient the
embodied human upon his or her particular destiny path.

The mind also operates like a converter. The mind was intended to assist in
converting spiritual intention into earthly experiences, events and technologies
that could bring evermore creative ways of expression. Not only does the mind
create this reality within the consciousness of its owner, but it also assists in the
transmutation of spiritual (will) energy into actual physical events. It is the
mind's ideas, visual creations, thoughts and beliefs which define and flesh out the
raw spiritual intention. Then, when powered with emotional and physical energy,
these subjective images and events can become objective and actual occurrences.
The mind was intended to be temporary, fluid, highly personal, subjective and
dynamically evolving at the direction of the spirit.

But this conversion aspect has some inherent limitations. It is important to note
that the communication between mind and spirit is conditional. Although spirit is
aware of everything in the realm of mind, mind is only aware of spirit if specific
understandings are in place---or more to the point, if certain limited beliefs are
not in place. Such understandings need to be deliberately inscribed upon the
blank slate, to prevent disempowerment. The conversion process goes on quite
on its own, whether or not the intention is present in the result. The human ability
to manifest events and transmute matter is far more powerful than humans
                                                            Alpha – Human Nature

In summary, the mind is at once a location, a receptacle, a computer and a
converter. Mind contrasts distinctly with spirit; while universal permanence,
ubiquity, biological integrity, primacy, and divine intention mark the spirit, the
mind is characterized by temporary transience; subjective, experiential and
cultural flexibility; creative imagination; and unlimited growth potential. Both
interact to achieve the maximum self development and expression. Both
comprise what is known as personality and both comprise what is known as self.

The Goal of Mind
Spiritual Intention is reducible to two goals: 1) self development and 2) self
expression. The mind is the major facilitator of self development. Its singular
goal is to provide tools to accomplish self growth. A scientist would describe
such growth as adaptation to one's environment. The more adaptive tools one
acquires, the more successful they can be in an ever-expanding "turf" of various

The word environment, in this sense, includes not only the physical, geographic
landscapes but also the social, cultural mindscapes and established systems
within which modern man must now operate. This means that the broader and
more inclusive the person's reality, the more they can successfully interact with
other people and their own unique realities. Without such development,
successful expression is unlikely. The overall developmental goal is to be
completely free to express the spirit in any and every physical and social
situation without hindrance.

A scientist would call this personal growth an adaptive, evolutionary process. A
teacher might call this process, learning or education. A psychologist might call
this personal growth becoming, self discovery, or self actualization . A poet
might call this process the unfolding of the petals of the soul. A religious leader
might call this transcending human limitation and attaining the divine. A
spiritualist might call this process the individual contribution to the expansion of
All That Is. Each would be correct in their assertion.

Thus, the mind has a very important task in the larger scheme of things. The
human mind is a tool kit of creative resources, as well as a factory for their
assembly. The mind is meant to be filled with ideas and beliefs---mental tools---
of an ever improving nature to provide freedom and avenues of opportunity to
the individual. Experiences are to be analyzed, mined for the learning, and
significant skills and strategies retained for future successes. Within the fluidity
of mind, old strategies are cast away as new improvements are discovered that

Alpha – Human Nature

drive a constant mental evolution. With the contents of mind, each human can
envision and create whatever thoughts, images and events that they find pleasing
to the spirit.

Mental Tools Can Be Double-Edged
The gift of mind came with some inherent risks. It was Divine Spiritual Intention
that the mind be an accouterment, a grand toy with which humans could more
realistically engage in the game of physical existence. It would allow a
crystallized individual experience for each spirit in flesh to enjoy a unique reality
designed exactly to their desired specifications.

But such boundless freedom can be seductive. The realities created can become
quite convincing. The tools can linger past their point of effectiveness and create
conflict---even become hurtful. Limiting ideas can take on a life of their own,
setting the stage for separation from spirit. When the contents of mind muffle the
voice of spirit, the rational mind, the computer, operates on incomplete
information. The wisdom of spirit that transcends space-time is not factored into
the logical calculations. Information that does not fit a nice physical linear
picture, is not allowed into consciousness. Events appear to happen to individuals
rather than to be created by them.

This is the seduction of earthly existence: when mental creations that are
intended to be subjective and fluid, become utterly believable, enduring and
entrenched objective realities---this is known as being lost in one's own physical
camouflage (a major theme in Eastern religious traditions). In Hinduism, for
example, humans are under the spell of Maya, the magical drama created out of
the Brahman, the unifying spiritual essence underlying the creations.

The seduction of physical reality can lead to the perception of isolation. An
enlightened Western philosopher once identified the isolation potential through
the assertion "cogito ergo sum" or rather: "I think, therefore, I am". He points out
that humans define their very existence by their thought process, a statement that
historically attests to human entrapment within physical camouflage. This is the
condition wherein the mind believes its reality to be the one and only, negating
all spiritual reality beyond the bound of its physical limitations. His next
progression of thought was that of a primal fear springing from the isolated
human notion that one could not be absolutely sure of anything even existing
outside one's own conscious mind. An insidious, but perhaps inevitable, fear that
he termed Cartesian Doubt.

Isolation, of course, is not real in the greater, spiritual reality in which all things

                                                             Alpha – Human Nature

are connected. That feeling from "connection" provides the pleasurable faith and
optimism which evidences unabated love energy. But once this isolation has
occurred, the spiritual energy is frustrated and an unpleasant emotion will occur.
The predictable fear then arises in which undesirable events of the past are
projected into the future effecting it with equally undesirable, yet perhaps
impending, scenarios. (This is the basic principle of karma in Eastern traditions,
although the term has become mired in limiting beliefs).

Thus, there were spiritual cautions that were offered with the evolution of human
mind. Cautions specifically regarding how essential it was to remember that this
earthly reality was illusory and that any "knowledge" or "truth" of this realm
would only be so if it reflected Universal Knowledge and Universal Truth. The
rest were simply temporary, flexible, and evolving tools chosen and used to
achieve the most complete earthly existence. There were specific cautions
regarding the illusory isolation, the seduction of the camouflage, and the
potential disconnection between universal and individual consciousness, between
spirit and mind. Still humans immersed themselves in physical experience.

The Biblical Fall From Grace
Humans enjoyed the freedom to create their own earthly reality and went about it
with relish. The spirit communicated through a finely attuned will, using the
tools, skills, strategies and abilities of the mind to create any desired reality. The
game became so enjoyable that humans expanded their mental empire, with the
mind reigning supreme, and the illusions of individual reality becoming utterly

As the belief in "individuality" became more and more powerful, the feeling of
isolation began to creep into the human existence. The Universal Spirit began to
cry out through its individual spirits for the reconnection that is its natural state.
In answer to this cry, humans took steps within their mental realm to reconnect
with other humans.

They would share the ideas that they had created. They would trade beliefs,
creating a shared reality and enriching each other's existence by doing so. They
escaped isolation and quieted their fear by negotiating a group reality. They
began teaching their mental strategies to their offspring and offering them a head
start toward building their own strategies of living. They built languages,
worldview, monuments and other mental and physical vestiges of civilization to
indoctrinate every new human being into this shared existence.

As time passed there accumulated a tremendous amount of shared knowledge,

Alpha – Human Nature

enduring ideas, strategies and tools that existed in a common realm. This created
an illusion of some higher objective, truthful, reality that began to replace
whatever mental remnant of spiritual reality that had existed. This was the first
stirring of a mass consciousness, a group reality which has become to be known
as culture . Human culture is that collection of energized ideas that takes on a
physical reality of its own. This lent further credence to the cause and effect
rational interpretation of random events that distanced humans from their own
creative freedom and fluid reality.

With the advent of human culture, came what has become known in Western
religious tradition as "the fall from Grace". Human individuals, already partially
separated from their creator's guidance, became convinced that this group reality
was, in fact, the ultimate reality. An underlying assumption was that there had
once been a caring, loving creator, who directed and enriched the lives of
humans, but who had become angered and no longer provided such services.
"Right living" would restore this relationship, but not until death could humans
enjoy the "Kingdom Of Heaven". In the context of Eastern traditions, this same
separation happened when the Brahman then became lost in the Maya such that it
was unattainable without Karmic redemption.

Both traditions, for the most part, leave the power as well as goodness, outside
the hands of humanity. As the world now exists, man-made belief systems
virtually replace the remaining strands of communication with All That Is. They
promote conformity, standardization, dependency, and ever increasing separation
between body, mind and spirit.

Current Mass Reality: The Mind of Man
What was intended to be a highly selective, subjective reality within the mind of
each human being, is now something far more. It is externalized, public, and has
taken on an "objective" life of its own. This objective mass reality, can also be
termed the Mind Of Man.

For man is greatly affected by it in many ways. Energized thoughts from every
individual mind have created a dense network of group thought which constitutes
a group mind. As this external reality is reinforced over time, it becomes the
dominant influence in human existence. With every passing generation, humans
are born into an ever narrowing realm of possibility. So much exists as "truth"
within the realm of mass reality that it severely limits the blank slate situation
that is necessary for full and complete freedom for development of individual

                                                            Alpha – Human Nature

Choice itself becomes illusory as a large amount of the contents of any individual
mind are "chosen" inadvertently and by default. So much information is imparted
onto the blank slate from the outside, that entities have little hope of even
becoming aware of the many alternative potentials that can exist through the
conscious attunement to the spirit. The individual mind has largely given way to
the mass Mind of Man.

The situation that exists today within mass consciousness is indeed severely
limiting. Humans are so utterly caught up in their mass reality that most no
longer experience true freedom. The conflicting and limited information that
exists within the social, political, economic, religious and educational institutions
of human culture severely limit the opportunity humans have to design their own
reality. They have little hope of developing and expressing the spirit without
basic freedom and opportunity.

This is not simply a metaphoric situation. There is a physical manifestation of
mass consciousness. There now exist myriad dense energy networks surrounding
the planet that affect human experience profoundly. As each human adopts and
empowers the individual belief in something, its validity in the mass realm is
strengthened by the energy. This energy network interferes with the reception of
spiritual insight. This energy network also plays a major role in the events which
human beings draw to themselves, particularly the ones that seem to come from
outside. These are usually unwelcome experiences that limit freedom and
opportunity, while leaving the spirit feeling frustrated.

The Divine Spiritual Safety Net
It should not be so surprising that earthly existence is not what most humans
would like it to be, given that individual reality has virtually given way to mass
reality. The limits within mass consciousness are self-fulfilling and self-
perpetuating cycles.

 The wonderful truth of the matter is, however, that humans still create their own
individual reality. For each spirit embodies the form with hardwired signals
which can provide a reality check. This reality check ensures that spiritual
intention is made manifest. It ensures that the contents of mind include only those
items which facilitate self development and expression.

It is now up to the individual to honor the purpose of mind and to restore
humanity to the fluidity state that was originally intended. It is time to sort
through the contents of the mind to sift and change those ideas that frustrate the
spirit. This begins with the examination of the contents of each and every

Alpha – Human Nature

individual mind. Such house-keeping of beliefs, ideas, attitudes, will facilitate the
identification and rejection of any and all which limit development and
expression in any way. Changes within each individual mind will create energy
changes within mass consciousness so that those limiting ideas will become less
and less influential.

But mental changes alone will not suffice. Active changes are also necessary.
Appropriate communications of dissatisfaction over specific limitations of the
social, political or economic systems within human cultures, must be expressed.
Existing mechanisms for social change, (political activism, civil complaint
processes, legislative mechanisms), are those useful and positive tools within
mass consciousness. Even simple communication can create external change and
successfully champion human freedom and dignity. This is not to say that certain
personal choices are to be foist upon others; simply, that group limitations are to
be removed to make way for individual freedom and equal opportunity for all
humans to develop and express their spiritual essence.

Many such positive actions already occur. They are motivated by the urgings of a
frustrated spirit. For the insurance policy remains within the biology of every
human being. It ensures that spiritual intention will not be ignored without
certain symptoms becoming apparent. These are the symptoms which present
themselves as painful dissonant feelings within individuals and societies.

For the spirit is embodied in flesh, and despite the interference of mind, it speaks
that language of spirit---it speaks the language of feeling. The rational powers of
the mental realm can be overridden by impulses of the physical realm.

                                                            Alpha – Human Nature

Lesson Four: The Physical Nature Of Humankind
Spirit as Self in Physical Form
With Lessons Alpha One and Two, a conceptual boundary between mind and
spirit has been established. It is now possible to discuss certain aspects of man's
physical existence that have gone unnoticed, for it is the physical response of the
body that ensures the preservation of the integrity of the spirit. It is essential to
understand these physical processes, for they underlie most of human motivation
and behavior---including, of course, those actions which wreak havoc upon

The body is spirit in the flesh, and the body's prime directive is to ensure the
continuance of the physical form so that Spirit can be developed and expressed.
The body has a built-in knowledge of what it is and what it is not. It operates
upon a self/not-self distinction, with a primary goal of self-preservation.

The body has a tremendous amount of mechanisms that operate toward the goal
of self-preservation. Science has acknowledged this fact as a basic foundation of
evolutionary theories and explanations. But lacking an overall framework with
which to interpret their findings, many highly important systems remain
misunderstood, resulting in confusion within the Mind of Man. The spiritual
nature of humankind, as well as the interference effect of mind remain mysteries,
and therefore obstacles to human progress. Humans remain cut off from the very
biological process that can lead to their salvation.

Nevertheless, this spiritual safety-net is still quite successful at keeping humans
from complete befuddlement within their own camouflage, for when the
messages of the spirit fall upon deaf ears, the body takes over. Unfortunately,
when it operates outside conscious understanding, the physical reactions can
compound problems until the spiritual message is finally heeded. It is now of
central importance to understand the spiritual defenses and how they operate in
the body. When this process is understood, humans can begin the evolutionary
journey that has thus far been postponed.

Human Emotion: An Undiscovered Sixth Sense
The one process that crosses the spiritual, the mental and physical realms is that
of emotion---human feelings of pleasure and pain. This is the singular, most
powerful---yet equally misunderstood---human system. Vast benefits lie
dormant, and unnecessary suffering results when this power is not harnessed.
Indeed, human emotion exists as an undiscovered sense, and perhaps the most

Alpha – Human Nature

powerful of them all. Like physical pain, emotional pain grabs the attention of
the individual and cries out for solution. But feelings remain profoundly

In describing this sense, it is helpful to contrast thoughts and feelings, for the two
are often confused. l) Thoughts identify, organize and categorize information,
always leading to other thoughts. Thoughts exist within the bounds of mind. 2)
Feelings only arise when "the self" is involved. The self is the spirit as it is
experienced in the body. So unlike thoughts, feelings involve the body as well as
the mind, and they lead to actions. Although they are related, feelings and
thoughts are completely different experiences. For example, it is one experience
to conceptualize the features of a bear with such mental thoughts as: the bear is a
member of the mammal family, it's skin can be used to make warm rugs (when
it's dead---while alive, it tends to object), it lives in caves and eats honey. There
is quite again another experience when looking such a beast in the eye, and
thoughts turn to the fact that the bear is likely to be dangerous to self-survival.
Fearful feelings and active responses, perhaps flight, will result. Thought is a
process, while emotion is a communicative and active sense.

As a sense, emotion not only offers sensory input, it has three essential
interacting functions: Human emotion is the l) language of the body, as well as
the 2) language of the spirit, and is 3) intimately connected with the contents of
the mind. For the spirit, feelings communicate intent and how well it is being
carried out. For the mind, feelings give feedback regarding the suitability of
mental tools at carrying out spiritual intention. For the body, feelings motivate
the person to actions which carry out spiritual intention, and if frustrated, those
that accomplish self-preservation. Together, these three functions of emotion
drive human behavior.

Without the intended flow of feeling communication, mind and body can often
work against each other. When this happens, the spiritual self-preservation of
body can override the goals and intentions of mind. This is a last ditch effort to
preserve the needs of the spirit, but can serve to bring about results quite
unbecoming to the divine human.

Such behaviors are intended to communicate that a level below which the spirit
cannot dip, has been reached. Instead, such defensive maneuvers tend to become
habitual and accepted as inevitable, albeit undesirable, human behaviors. Not to
mention that death can, and often does, result if mind and body continue to
oppose each other---the spirit simply chooses to vacate, acknowledging a lost

                                                             Alpha – Human Nature

This misunderstanding and miscommunication can no longer be tolerated within
the species of man. The events of the past century show that self-preservationary
acts can actually destroy the planet. Humans intuit the spiritual way, and
although it is far afield from what they have created, they still desire to attain it.
This last five decades in history have been a wake-up call that humans for the
most part, have begun to answer. The key to a turnabout course is the
reestablishment of this inner communication between spirit, mind and body.

The secret to restoring the inner communication lies in understanding the
physical feeling system, listening to its wisdom and learning to operate within its
parameters. Only then can humans return to their intended evolutionary course
from which they have strayed. This begins with the understanding that the
emotional system is part of the physical immune defenses.

Feelings and the Human Immune System
Self-preservation is the goal of the human immune system. It operates upon a
highly sophisticated range of abilities and features that distinguish self from that
which is not-self. The immune system is best known for its role in fighting
disease processes. It is poised to identify and eliminate any foreign invaders
which threaten the health and vitality of the self---the body.

For example, if a virus should enter and reproduce within the body, the immune
system springs to action. It elevates the local temperature, organizes helper, killer
and memory T-cell, enlists macrophages to consume or "eat up" the invader. It
then produces antibodies so that future invaders of the same type will quickly be
recognized and eliminated. It accomplishes all this by recognizing the chemical
difference between cells that are part of the body and belong there and those that
do not. Antibodies mark invaders with the "non-self" red flag so that they cannot
reinfect the body. It is overall a very elegant bodily system of self-preservation.

Scientists are finally awakening to the interrelations between mind and body, and
specifically how emotions affect physical health. They know that inadequate
emotional expression is correlated with a heightened stress response, impaired
immune functioning, cardiovascular disease, psychosomatic illness and a
predisposition to develop cancer. But they have not yet made the obvious
conclusion that emotion is a part of the immune defense system.

As part and parcel of the human immune system, the emotional system plays an
immensely important role in human self-preservation. It functions as the physical
aspects of defense, but it operates also within the realm of mind. Just as the cells

Alpha – Human Nature

of the immune system signal invaders of the body, so do emotional feelings
signal "invaders" of the mind . Likewise, as the active responses of the immune
cells remove the invaders, the hardwired reactive behavioral responses to human
feeling are intended to make corrective adjustments that include removing

This is the spiritual safety net in action. In the case of emotion, the invaders are
beliefs that are chosen and retained which do not contribute to, but limit, self
development and expression. This is an ultimate reality-checking device that can
ensure that the portrait each human paints of reality includes the very essential
qualities necessary for the expression of spirit. Any limiting beliefs are, in fact,

The feeling system is the long sought interactionary device between mind and
body, theorized by philosophers uncomfortable with scientist's reductionism and
mechanistic view of human nature. (Humans are not merely machines without
free will, self-direction and intention. And the mind is far more than simply "a
brain"). Such a mind-body communication device is the only escape from the
mental isolation (and imminent fear) of a mind set adrift from external "reality",
let alone spiritual intention. Mr. Descartes himself, (our enlightened
philosopher), suggested that human emotion was the interactionary device
between mind and body, yet he was met with disdain due to the many limiting
ideas within mass consciousness.

As a key defense then, emotion operates as a feedback device which exchanges
information between mind and body. The goal is to keep the mind aligned to the
needs of spirit which are biologically encoded within the body. This system
virtually takes over when most spiritual communication with mind has been
interrupted due to limited beliefs. The spirit sneaks in the back door, so to speak,
through the feelings and reactions of the body, to bring about the intended need
fulfillment of the spirit.

This is not the easiest way to communicate, mind you. But it at least makes some
communication possible, when humans are so completely enmeshed within their
own mass creations that they no longer have direct, conscious, mental
communication with their own spirit. This is the physically encoded information
that spirit will not let humans go without. It will haunt them with individual and
social pain until they finally "get it".

                                                         Alpha – Human Nature

Feelings Communicate Essential Spiritual Needs
What will haunt humans until they are met, are the essential needs of the spirit.
These needs are biologically impressed upon the body to ensure a minimum of
spiritual development and expression within the physical realm. When these
needs are met, humans can successfully go about the business of self
development and expression. When they are not met, humans flounder in
frustration, bad feelings and misunderstandings.

There has never been any consensus in the Mind of Man regarding essential
human needs. Thus, with no official recognition, acceptance or definition of
them, it is not likely that they are well accommodated within human civilization.
Wherever the spirit is not accommodated, there will exist a predominance of self-
preservationary behavior.

Now is the time for simple, yet complete, acknowledgement and acceptance of
human spiritual needs. There are two main categories of human need. l) The
Individual Needs, and 2) The Connection Needs. These needs exist within every
human being, they are inborn. Regardless of the widely varying cultures and
systems of living, the tacit goal of all social structures is to accomplish need
fulfillment. When the individual's needs are met, they can share their effective
methods with the world. From these offerings rise social structures.

Those cultural institutions that have endured must contain some successful need-
meeting tenets, but for the most part, mass consensus is choked with conflicting
dictates due to the lack of understanding of human needs. These "invaders" must
be purged from the individual and mass consciousness for evolution to proceed
unimpeded. This, of course, is not possible without first understanding the needs

The Individual (Power) Needs
The individual needs take precedence over the group needs. If individual needs
go unanswered, the self-preservationary reactions will occur. Such acts often go
directly against other individuals, or the mutual goals of group living, but are
intended to preserve the individual. For without individuals, there can be no

Although the need for group connection is very strong, the need for survival is
necessarily stronger. This way the spirit is assured that although groups, even
civilizations, will come and go, the individual will always survive to create new
ones. Thus, it should be accepted that the individual needs will always take
Alpha – Human Nature

priority over group needs. It should then be no surprise that when societies do not
accommodate the needs of its individuals, that they will act out against the
obstacles. This is inevitable. This is right. This is just, in the highest sense of the
word. This is spiritual intention."

What are the individual needs? The human physiological needs for air, food,
warmth and procreation are already fairly well understood. It's quite obvious
what happens when the needs go unmet. Therefore, most social structures are
fairly successful at accommodating them. But there are individual psychological
needs which are impressed upon the body by spirit and which speak through the
human emotional system. These are the needs that are unrecognized, dishonored,
denied and for the most part, remain frustrated. But they are experienced in some
form within each and every human being the world over.

The individual needs are about development and expression of spiritual (or
genetic) potential. They translate into the need to explore , create, find meaning
and successfully interact with the environment, the need for power and equitable
freedom to control one's own destiny; and to ultimately contribute their unique
offering to humanity. Although there are many forms through which these
essential needs can be met, they are at the core of human motivation and
behavior. When an adequate level of individual needs are being met, then the
group needs are experienced.

The Group (Connection) Needs
The group needs are essentially about maintaining an awareness of the spiritual
connection with All That Is. They translate into the need to commune, affiliate
and interact with other humans and life forms, to be accepted and recognized as
unique, to love and be loved, and to experience a spiritual connectedness with the

These needs interact, of course, and there are no hard and fast rules about
priority, other than that an adequate level of individual need must be met or it's
frustration will interfere with the relational group needs. These needs and their
fulfillment are the biologically ordained translation of spiritual intention. They
are the level of spiritual expression below which humans cannot dip without
emotional, physical, and social repercussions.

The feelings constantly report the spiritual need-fulfillment status. This is the
human insurance policy that prevents the species from complete severance from
spirit and complete disorientation within their own camouflage. Humans should
be extremely thankful to their "good fortunes" that they are endowed with such

                                                            Alpha – Human Nature

insurance. They should be highly reverent of these needs, and the feelings that
communicate them. At bare minimum, they should be aware of them. Humans
should ensure that every society accommodates them fully and equitably. For this
embodiment of need, of course, is not simply due to lucky stars, need fulfillment
is the goal; it is indeed spiritual intention.

Human need is the principle upon which the information is exchanged between
mind and body when spirit is essentially left out of the loop (as is now the case).
Emotion is the language. Human feelings signal need fulfillment, or lack thereof,
through the experience of pleasure or pain. It is an information exchange system-
--a feedback system---both mental and physical.

Feelings as Feedback between Mind and Body
But what is feedback you ask? Feedback is an information exchange system, that
relates the status of two things and keeps them at some preset level of balance.
Feedback systems are elegant and abundant in biological systems, from chemical
reactions within single cells, to complex ecological interaction in the biosphere.
It is one of nature's favorite systems to keep physical forms in their required state
of balance.

A feedback system compares two things, signals an imbalance, then effects a
corrective change to restore the balance. For example, a home heating thermostat.
The desired temperature is compared to the actual temperature and when the
balance is upset, the heat clicks on or off to restore the balance.

Spirit is experienced as emotion within human mental and physical realms. (This
is the disconnected "Will" aspect of spirit). The feeling system is part of the
immune defense system. Thus the two things that are compared by this feedback
system are internal and external worlds---self and non-self.

The human feeling system exists to mediate humans in their physical world. If
internal mental thoughts lead to external actions that result in meeting the needs
in new and creative ways, the person becomes aware of this through positive,
good feelings. Likewise, if thoughts lead to actions which do not meet needs, or
external obstacles are encountered, this is known to the person through negative
or bad feelings. These are the comparative and signaling aspects of the feedback

The Hardwired Responses
The next step in the feedback cycle is the corrective action. The emotion comes
with physical arousal---body energy---that is intended to motivate corrective
Alpha – Human Nature

responses. These corrections can be mental adjustments or they can be physical
actions. But they are intended to be corrective in the highest sense of the word.
They are the singular process preventing utter human enmeshment within the
Earthly camouflage. Emotional reactions are the final vestiges of a vital,
unbreakable, spiritual, communicative tie.

If humans had come to earth and become completely enchanted by their own
early creations, they still would have had this corrective safety net. If such
enchantment had led them to choices which endangered their very lives, they
could fall back on automatic responses that could rescue them. These "active
responses" follow emotional arousal and are often acted out without much
conscious thought or mental involvement. Or, "they" are often acted out with
highly creative mental involvement. They base nearly every human action, yet
their nature is grossly misunderstood. Each and every evil act of human beings,
as well as most every individual and social ill, is traceable to one of these self-
preservationary responses or a perversion thereof.

The two general categories of hardwired corrective response are to approach and
to avoid. It is the basic spiritual directive to "approach" that which causes
pleasure and to "avoid" that which causes pain. The "approach" response
accompanies good feelings. It is intended to lead us in those same directions we
are going---those that are working, or improved directions that meet needs in new
and creative ways.

The "approach" can be in the acquisition and implementation of a creative idea,
belief or strategy. It can be a repetition of an existing strategy or a refinement
following a pleasurable outcome. It can be a simple physical approach to that
which is attractive in any sense. This is a "hard-wired" self preservationary
response that can also facilitate self-development and expression. This
establishes a cyclic relationship wherein the pleasure becomes the goal, the
evolving beliefs and actions to attain it are finely honed, thus verified by
subsequent pleasurable successes. Although there are some cultural
complications, following positive feelings to attain positive ends is quite
intuitive. For the most part, it happens very naturally and without too much
mental interference. For the positive feelings of joy are the resonance of a
satisfied spirit, and humans know this within every fiber of their being.

The "avoid" responses can be quite a bit more complex. These are the responses
that get humans into a great deal of trouble. They are generally known as the
responses of fight and flight. They exist so that the human can forcibly remove,
or escape from, an obstruction in the external world. The avoidant responses can
be productive and positive, or they can be extremely destructive and debilitating.
                                                            Alpha – Human Nature

We will be discussing these responses at length, for they are the core of self
understanding and the place where positive action, rapid growth and change, can
occur, once they are understood in their entirety. But first, it is necessary to have
the underlying conceptual foundation of the feedback system and how it has been
effected by the evolution of human mind.

The Fully Functional Feedback System
The emotional feedback system is part of the physical immune system. But, this
safety net offers far more than simple self preservation. When it is allowed
smooth, unimpaired functioning, humans operate upon the hedonic principle of
approach and avoid. This follows spiritual intention and motivates innately moral

Humans read the feedback feeling signals to understand the nature of their
relationship with the outside world, as well as with the other humans they
encounter. They use their feelings to judge how well the contents of the mind are
doing toward creating a reality that meets an adequate level of human need. They
can continuously adjust the beliefs and other mental tools so that they are
afforded maximum self development and expression. They can take external
active communicative steps to remove unnecessary cultural obstacles. They
experience far more pleasure than pain, they experience balance between mind,
body and spirit, and they experience glowing, vital, energized, physical health.

Civilizations can evolve based upon the individual contributions without
unnecessary restrictions that inevitably reflect in social symptoms of fear, anger,
violations and despair.

Thus, the feedback system can, at minimum, accomplish self-preservation. At
maximum, it can assure self development and expression---and in doing so
restore the inner spiritual guidance that has so long gone unrecognized. When the
spiritual messages received through inner communication are acted upon by
individuals, humans will automatically begin disassembling the rigid mental
constructs which now inhibit other spiritual communicative pathways. There will
be an unfolding of inner senses that existing beliefs flatly deny.

This is the path to the raising of human consciousness. This is the first and direct
path, for without understanding these core features of human nature, free will is
misdirected and the status quo of self-preservationary actions will continue, and
continue, and continue, ad infinitum.

Alpha – Human Nature

The Self, The Mind, The Body
History has been limited to this cycle because of the lack of understandings that
these Lessons seek to impart. They are reasonably straightforward and elegant in
their simplicity. Indeed, many of the core ideas already exist as general
knowledge, but certain subtleties have allowed the bigger picture to remain

A major subtlety is the relationship between emotion and the immune system.
Another major subtlety is the confusion over such concepts of mind, self, spirit,
body, where one leaves off, and where another begins. We have offered the very
important distinction between mind and spirit, and now must build upon that
understanding and define "the self". For these two subtleties interact to create a
major impediment to the fully functionally emotional feedback system.

We know that the human immune system is driven by a self versus non-self
distinction. So is the emotional system---with some crucial differences. Within
the immune system's biological definition of self, everything inside the skin
constitutes self and everything outside the skin (in the outside physical world), is
defined as non-self. It is due to this rigid biological definition of self that part of
the communication system breaks down. For the biological parameter of self
makes no distinction between mind and spirit, for both are considered as self, for
both exist inside the human body.

Initially, when humans first donned the chemical cloak, there was virtually no
mind, merely straight-line communication between spirit and body through inner
senses which now lie virtually dormant. This refers mostly to the receptacle
aspect of human mind, for ideas could ebb and flow like tides in and out of
physical consciousness. The feedback system compared inside and outside
worlds, just as it does for immunity. The entire inside world is self-mind, body
and spirit. Once the individual mind and The Mind Of Man began to accumulate
and retain information, externals became the overpowering controller, and the
internal system became skewed. This was "The Fall from Grace".

Mind now exists as an interloper, a monkey wrench of sorts, smack dab in the
middle of the feedback system. The problem is that mind not only is part of the
internal environment---the self---but it is also part of the external environment---
not self. The collection of man-made ideas that are passed down from one
generation to the next, come from the Mind of Man---the outside environment,
the not-self. They then become absorbed into the self concept as they are
accepted and retained within each individual mind. The feedback system

                                                             Alpha – Human Nature

necessarily compares self against not-self. Therefore the dual nature of mind
confounds it.

This is the underlying reason why emotions are no longer understood as
motivator of desirable behavior, let alone spiritual intent. They often seem to spur
unwanted, even destructive actions. Part of the reason for this is because needs of
the spirit are not understood and are often further obscured and contradicted by
the cultural dictates within the Mind Of Man. Thus, the emotional signals seem
random, chaotic and the bane of human existence. For despite the association
between physical illness and lack of emotional expression, virtually every society
has rigid rules in place to suppress or control the effects of "understanding"
emotional human nature.

The rest of the reason is that humans do not understand the nature of the
corrective signals of the feedback system, nor the most spiritually desirous way
of responding to them. The solution to this problem lies in a universal
understanding of the divisional boundary between mind and spirit.

This is why it is now crucial to understand and honor boundaries and features of
mind as distinct from those of spirit. We know now that mind and spirit have
very different attributes, as well as virtually conflicting goals. Spiritual intention
is at minimum, self-preservation. It is, at maximum, self-development and
expression. (The spirit cannot be expressed if it is not preserved.)

Even without the potential development, some expression is better than none.
Thus the self-preservationary goals are hardwired within the body to at least
ensure that humans have vehicles for spiritual expression. But once they are
there, they have the goal of developing the mind in ways that maximize such
expressions. So there are conflicting goals within the body---to both mentally self
develop and to spiritually self-preserve.

All emotional signals are based upon the self-preservationary directive---without
regard for the mind that evolved later. The emotional system does not in and of
itself consider mind at all. It simply signals faithfully the message to self-
preserve and motivates certain actions which support that goal. The answer to the
dilemma now facing humans is to embrace the language of emotion and realize
that it requires one interpretation for features of mind---to self develop---and the
exact opposite for features of spirit---to self preserve. This will resolve the
seemingly conflicting messages of human feelings and reestablish the inner

Alpha – Human Nature

To this end, we can now turn to a more specific focus upon the emotional nature
of humanity.

Beta – The Feeling System

                                                       Beta – The Feeling System

Lesson One: The Emotional Nature of Humanity

Reclaiming the Lost Emotional Sense
With the understandings of the major spiritual, mental and physical components
of human nature, we can now rebuild a most accurate conception of human
emotion. For each of these pieces of the human being affects the feeling system
in very significant and inescapable ways. With clear understandings of the
nuances of the system, humans can reclaim the tremendous value that now lies
outside their grasp.

Emotion is energy in motion. It is the very stuff that creates physical events.
When thought is enveloped in emotion, it attracts a like experience. As long as
humans continue to misunderstand the nature of the emotional system and its
modern constraints, they will continue to live with unintentional, but very real
circumstances. Such a reality will mirror the contents of mind. It will either
rejoice and celebrate with successful beliefs, or it will painfully reflect the
problems of limited beliefs. Before humans can truly begin to explore this
creative power, they must understand the nature of the feeling system. For if it is
not working toward human intention, it will be working against everything but
self-preservation. This major problem lies in the realm of mind. It all hinges upon
the mind's contents, the belief systems chosen and housed therein.

We know now that humans each have unlimited freedom to choose the contents
of their mind. We know that the mind is self-designed to create an accurate
portrait of the world. We know that mind is a storehouse of information drawn
upon for life's need-meeting challenges. We also know that certain external ideas
can be chosen inadvertently, that stifle self expression, ignore individual need
fulfillment and limit life to the choices of others. We know now that the mind can
become frozen rather than the intended fluid state of continuous self-

We also know that the spirit has encoded the body with feelings to identify
beliefs and to distinguish those that work from those that do not. We know that
the feelings signal these imbalances so that they can be acted upon with
corrective responses. We know now that if the mind doesn't make the needed
changes, the body will do whatever is necessary to preserve itself, through fight
or flight responses. We know that the need for self development is in direct
conflict with the need for self-preservation. We also know now that for this

Beta – The Feeling System

reason, humans are no longer attuned to the emotional feedback system the way
"The Creator" intended.

We are beginning to understand how the mind as converter, draws to us those
events which our thoughts and beliefs design . We are beginning to understand
that emotion is the energy which carries thought into physical reality. In any
individual's life, there will be a percentage of negative emotion that directly
corresponds to the percentage of his or her destructive beliefs. Likewise that
same percentage of unpleasant experiences will be attracted into the life of the
individual. As long as the emotional signal is not allowed to do its
communicative job, its creative power keeps humans trapped within a base level
of existence a good percentage of their life.

In order to gain control at a higher level than base self-preservation, the human
task is threefold: 1) Humans must learn how to clearly interpret the feeling
signals; 2) Humans must learn how to avoid inappropriate self-preservationary
responses; and 3) Humans must learn how to actively choose the spiritually
intended corrective response. Then, and only then, will the feedback system of
human emotion be allowed to impart its spiritual wisdom. Only then can humans
be restored their birthright of all six senses. Only then will humans be re-placed
upon their intended evolutionary path. Only then can humans begin to be fully

The Interpretation of Emotional Signals
There are a few critical understandings necessary for accurate interpretation of
feeling signals. First, that feeling signals always identify contents of mind which
are not successful at meeting human needs in the immediate situation. This
appears to be a straightforward statement, but truly grasping it and acting upon it
will require tenacity and commitment. For there are an incredible number of well
established beliefs that are never even examined, since they are completely
accepted as fact. Many of them severely limit the choice of need-fulfillment
activities. In fact, many of the most cherished religious dictates (with their
misconceptions regarding man's evil nature) do just that.
While feelings cry out that "the emperor is naked" the beliefs continue to present
him as adorned in his royal robes. At present, beliefs are given supremacy. For
there is a steadfast belief within Mass Consciousness that ration and emotion are
opposing forces. It is common "knowledge" that emotion has no place within a
modern reasonable mind. But we know now that ration and passion operate in

                                                         Beta – The Feeling System

concert and that one without the other is severely handicapped. All the logic in
the world cannot accurately judge the contents of mind without the emotional
signal of spiritual intention. Until the role of feelings, as well as the spiritual
needs themselves, are well known this will continue.

Humans have indeed been quite arrogant in their "logical" assumptions and
insistence that man-made dictates can somehow overrule those of The Creator.
Although the individual and social pain continually points out these errors, this
ignorance continues. The logical flaw is the idea that external dictates can ever
overrule internal ones.

Validity and Judgment Of Knowledge
To be very clear upon the nature of internal and external dictates, perhaps a
discussion of epistemology, (the study of knowledge), is in order. It is critical
that humans understand the difference between two types of knowledge. First,
there is natural knowledge which is a universal objective, physical fact. This
category includes the spiritual wisdom, and factual information about the nature
of man and the universe. This type of knowledge is permanent and unchanging in
its validity. This type of knowledge exists within the consciousness of All That
Is, it is evident in the creation, and is encoded within the human body. This type
of knowledge is an internal dictate.

Second, is man-made or cultural knowledge which is subjective, local,
consensual and subject to change. This type of knowledge exists within the Mind
Of Man. It is an external dictate . Cultural knowledge is not true, valid or real in
a universal sense; it is relative, as time is relative. But cultural knowledge is very
useful for humans to agree upon doing things in certain ways.

For example, think of traffic patterns in most cities. It is quite handy that
everyone knows to stop at a red light. Drivers share the knowledge that green
lights mean to go, and that red lights mean to stop. All (non-colorblind) drivers
know the physical difference between the colors red and green. This is natural,
internal knowledge, universal among humans due to their visual sensory
apparatus. But the fact that the green light means to go, is purely consensual and
contingent upon learning. This is external, cultural knowledge. It is only by
agreement that this meaning exists.

We know now that the emotional system feeds back information to balance body

Beta – The Feeling System

and mind. The mind holds both kinds of knowledge. Natural knowledge relates to
body as cultural knowledge relates to mind. The emotional signals in effect serve
to separate those aspects of cultural knowledge which conflict with natural
knowledge. It also means that with the flexible nature of cultural knowledge, that
some pieces can conflict with others. Such conflicts become particularly apparent
as humans travel about operating within the many diverse cultures that now exist.
(The experience of "cultural shock" results from such conflict). Knowledge that
might apply in one place may be quite useless even detrimental, in another.

Belief can be placed in any kind of knowledge, but generally the difference
between their natural and cultural essence remains unnoticed---except to the
watchful eye of the emotional system. The reason these two types of knowledge
are pointed out, is to impart the understanding that cultural knowledge is
included in the flexibility and fluidity of the mind---not as enduring and "sacred"
as natural knowledge.

Human judgments abound regarding which cultural knowledge is the best, the
moral, the Godly, the right way to think and act. But Spirit totally disregards such
human judgments and wholly accepts all free choices. Indeed, free will is
logically inconsistent with a judgmental God. Spirit "judges not" what humans
choose to create as knowledge and belief. But it does judge whether or not those
ideas meet human need. Natural dictate is the only legitimate judge and spiritual
need fulfillment is the law upon which its decisions are based.

Human judgments must be cast aside for the feedback system to operate
unimpeded. This new belief should be emblazoned upon the sky. The only true
quality determination or judgment that can be placed upon any belief is the
pronouncement of Spirit communication through the feeling system. It has been
the relinquishment of power to external judges that has perpetuated manipulation
by others, brutal self-preservationary acts and loss of personal freedom.

Humans do not realize that they have free will to think whatever they want to, or
to actively manage that responsibility. As a result, there is a tangle of both
workable and destructive pieces of "knowledge" within any given individual. The
most destructive beliefs are those which attempt to defy nature through dogged
faith in ideologies which deny human needs. Less insidious but also destructive,
are those cultural beliefs which conflict with one another. Conflicts can
peacefully coexist as knowledge within the mind until an external situation arises
in which they are called into the same context. But this peace is illusory, for in

                                                        Beta – The Feeling System

the meantime, they have a powerful influence upon the limits of thought, action
and creation of life events.

For example, if a person believes himself to be good in certain of his beliefs, and
evil in others, then he has conflicting directives through which his Will Energy
will create the life events. He will have a mishmash of conflicting experiences,
that will take him one step forward and two steps back. He will also be plagued
with conflicting feelings that signal the presence of these beliefs, and lots of
negative emotion when the intent to remove them is not carried out. As
mentioned, this is very common.

If any of you recognize yourselves in this situation, and accept this, regardless of
any feelings of inadequacy, or personal guilt, or tendencies to deny it, you have
already taken a dramatic step forward. And each step will be rewarded by your
own emotional system with feelings of joy. Acceptance is the first step, then, of
course, to commit to a process of purging all such beliefs from the system. It is
critical to sort through the contents of mind and separate the wheat from the

You will have the innate feeling guide to help you. This is the gift of the
emotional signal. You will also have ration(ality) to help you see the cause and
effect relationship between useless beliefs and outcomes, so that you can discard
them. Ration(ality) will also identify conflicting but related beliefs and help you
assemble them all into one over-arching, spiritually intended belief upon which
you can successfully operate. But without the fundamental understanding and
respect of emotion's judgmental function, its message is surely lost and
ration(ality) is left to run circles around itself.

Beliefs As Gems and Slivers
It is essential to understand that every painful problem boils down to belief
systems, pieces of knowledge that drive thoughts and actions. There is no evil
force, there is no need for suffering, there is no karmic explanation necessary for
when bad things happen to good people. It is all brought about by belief.
Thoughts empowered by emotion create events. You get what you concentrate
upon ---there is no other accurate explanation.

The only thing that stands between the truly desired events and what actually
does occur, are the conflicting ideas within the realm of mind. This is why the

Beta – The Feeling System

rational examination and housekeeping of the beliefs is an essential commitment.
At this point, it may be useful to coin terms for those beliefs which are
productive and good for the spirit and those that frustrate it.

The negative debilitating beliefs act as slivers within the system, festering until
they are removed. They make their presence known through emotional pain.
Slivers are those beliefs which deny human need, or those that conflict with each
other. Slivers are the necessary risk that comes with the benefits of the free mind.

The other category defines the positive, productive, creative tools which facilitate
human spirit and successfully meet needs. These are the gems. They are to be
creatively mined, safeguarded, shared, polished and occasionally, re-cut.
Creating and accumulating gems is the very reason for mind's function as a
receptacle. Gems are identified by the successes they bring and the spiritual
validation of pleasurable feelings All facts within the category of natural
knowledge are gems. But anything goes within cultural knowledge, the mind
cares not what you put into it. The gems are those ideas that do not conflict with
spiritual, natural knowledge. Or they are the local consensual knowledge which
are meant to undergo continuous refinement.

Slivers can be touted as grand gems within the mind of man---and many are. As
the world exists today, there are wonderful, diverse gems of various cultures that
are extremely successful at meeting some of the human needs. But there are also
many conflicting and unnecessary slivers, often embraced as part of a package,
that thwart or deny other human needs. There are then quite elaborate
explanations and rituals devised to vent or vilify the emotional frustration
resulting from the inadequacies within these packaged doctrines. (We will later
be discussing the individual and social symptoms at length).

The task now is for each individual to separate the slivers from the gems within
their own life and to make the necessary external contributions to mass
consciousness The latter will be the optimal way to use the self-preservationary
response. As slivers are discarded within individuals, they will then make active
responses in an effort to remove them from social systems. Political action,
negotiation, persuasion, conflict resolution, even simple communication are
examples of such responses. As the slivers are removed, freedoms are gained.
The self-preservation is then a healthy one because it preserves spiritual need, not
slivers. When the need for freedom and control is validated, respected, and
accommodated, the spirit sings its approval.

                                                          Beta – The Feeling System

It is not necessary to reinvent civilization simply to remove the obstacles that are
presently imbedded. As this process unfolds, there will be a renaissance within
individuals and within societies. Self preservationary responses will give way to
developmental and expressive actions. As the spirit achieves its order, there will
be a reacquaintance with many "latent" human potentials and abilities.

This is the task at hand. If it sounds simple, that's because it is. But it does
require a commitment through the acceptance of judgment only as deemed by
spirit---not by man. (This was the central message of Christ, to "judge not"). This
commitment to spiritual intent will ensure the restoration of Grace that has been
given humans by All That Is. The function of the emotional feedback system is to
assist each individual in the process. The feelings---when fully understood---shall
be the inner guide. If the commitment is made to honor this internal judge, above
all others, our discussion can continue.

The Effect of Mind Upon Emotional Signals
This is not to chastise humans for their continued, but unnecessary, suffering. It
is merely to highlight the problem so that it can be corrected. For simply listening
to and following feelings is not quite enough. There still exists the interference
factor of mind, and its effects must be internalized as well.

Recall that the system compares internal and external worlds (self and non-self).
This means that essentially, it compares the mind, which is the portrait of the
outside world (the not-self), with the body which is the vehicle of Spirit (the
self). The goal of this system is to ensure that the portrait of mind is an adequate
enough representative of the external world, so that spiritual needs can be met.

The problem with interpretation of emotional signals to a modern human, is that
the mind is neither here nor there, but it is also both here and there. The mind is
both internal and external. It is not only the internal portrait of reality, it is also
the external Mind Of Man---the collection of gems and slivers that are handed
down as knowledge, tradition and truth. (The mind has become so external, in
fact, that children are indoctrinated with life-long beliefs from the Mind of Man
before they reach the age of ten years).

But to the physical defense system, the mind is definitely part of the internal
realm of self, and it treats it as such. Thus, it seeks to preserve itself, and

Beta – The Feeling System

therefore any contents within the mind will be defended just as it defends the
cells and organs of the body. Such defense is the exact opposite of the spiritual
goal of mind which is to continuously develop, adapt and refine itself in
accordance with external environmental change. The emotional signals of
pleasure and pain then give confusing signals, since there is no clear boundary
between internal and external realms, between mind and body. It gives one set of
signals for two sets of circumstances.

The only solution to this problem is for humans to actively make this
internal/external distinction themselves. Then, and only then, can they reclaim
the understanding of the signals. This can be done in one of two ways.

Mind & Spirit: The Twin Selves
The first, and perhaps the easiest, is to maintain a clear distinction between the
realm of spirit and the realm of mind. This is why such emphasis was placed
upon the difference between them in Lessons Alpha 1 & Alpha 2. In this sense,
spirit is synonymous with body. If a clear understanding is achieved, then
emotional signals that spring from the spiritual realm (the inside) will be
interpreted in one way, and those from the mental realm (the outside) in another.
This will restore the accurate interpretation of the signals.

The other way is to conceptually divide the internal realm (the body, "the self")
into two sections: an inside self and an outside self. For within the defense
system's self definition, there now exist Twin Selves, that correspond to spirit
and mind. They are the Genetic Self and the Cultural Self, respectively. They
also correspond to natural and cultural knowledge. The Genetic Self---like spirit-
--includes all innate personality dispositions, physiological functions, needs,
instincts, intellectual aptitudes, raw talents and everything else biologically
inherent in the individual. The goal of the genetic Self is to self preserve. It is the
intended beneficiary of the self-defense system.

In contrast, the Cultural Self---as mind---is the collection of mental tools,
language, beliefs, attitudes, memories and skills that are learned through
experience. The goal of the Cultural Self is to self-develop. The opposing goals
of the Twin Selves, will distinctly separate them. This understanding will allow
accurate interpretation of two distinct types of emotional signals, even though
the defense system only has one.

                                                        Beta – The Feeling System

Remember, all aspects of self will elicit the self- preservationary emotional
signal, if a need is not met. But using this rational interpretation, each feeling
can be traced to its source, and acted upon accordingly. There will be distinctly
different choices for signals from each of the Twin Selves.

In effect, the feedback system now signals balance between each aspect of self. It
compares the Genetic Self to the Cultural Self and if the Cultural Self does not
accurately reflect the Genetic Self, the painful signal sounds. Or, it can be
thought of as comparing spirit and mind, or internal and external worlds. The
feedback cycle continues as it always has. But with the rational distinction made
between these two aspects of self, humans can compensate for the simplistic
nature of the defense system. Although it only has one signal, humans can divide
it and recognize that it has two meanings.

If the signal springs from the contents of mind, or Cultural Self, then a self-
developmental act is in order.

(Quite often, even the simple recognition that the belief was learned,
communicates that mind is the source). Or on the other hand, if the signal springs
from spirit, or the Genetic self, then a self-preservationary correction is needed.
This is a relatively easy distinction to make, once it is known how necessary it is.
Later, there will be an even easier way to make this distinction, but for now this
division between aspects of self (or between spirit and mind, if you prefer) will

The Effect of Mind upon Motivational Responses
With the tool of the Twin Selves it will be quite natural to accurately interpret
emotional signals. It will be readily apparent which aspect of self needs the
corrective attention. But there will still be only one set of hardwired responses to
act upon the two different spiritual directives. Recall that the feedback system
compares internal and external worlds to signal imbalances. Whether it be an
internal mental sliver, or an external cultural restriction, both will signal a bad
feeling and motivate a corrective response. The correction will fall into one of
two possible arenas.

The action can either change the internal realm (the self), or it can change the
external world in some way. The imbalance will always be an obstacle of some

Beta – The Feeling System

sort to need-meeting efforts. We just learned that for accurate interpretation of
the signal, the mind is considered in the outside realm. But in the response part of
the cycle, the mind must be thought of as the inside realm. For mental changes
can only be made within the mind; the spirit (the other inhabitant of the internal
realm) is unchangeable. External changes are effected to the outside world,
generally in responses of approach, fight, or flight.

Originally, external responses were all that was needed. Therefore, the body was
limited in its hardwired responses. But with the advent of mind, came the
necessity for a new type of response. Although it is not hardwired, it is easily
within reach through rational choice. For mind not only brought the problem, it
brought the solution.

The Right Response
Indeed, since the advent of culture, there has been yet another response that
humans often intuitively choose instead of the fight and flight self-
preservationary responses--- a self-developmental response. This is a post-mind
response that seeks an internal change. This response actively revises the portrait
of reality to accommodate new external conditions. It is a mental shift, resulting
in a purposeful addition to the individual mind.

We shall call this response "The Right Response." It can be likened to the
righting of a sailboat that has listed too far port or starboard. One cannot always
fight or take flight from winds of change, but one can always right oneself. This
is the internal corrective response, wherein a change occurs within the realm of
mind. The right response is, in effect, a learning experience. It is an outgrowth of
human mind, and a very necessary one at that.

Each addition or revision of a mental tool, a belief, idea or piece of knowledge is
this right response. Like the fight and flight responses, the right response directly
follows emotional arousal when the self is involved (in this case, the Cultural
Self or the mind). The term also has meaning in that an internal shift is often the
optimal, moral, responsible, and therefore the "right" corrective choice.

The root of most human problems lies in the fact that the role and parameters of
mind are not considered within the physical defense system. Anything taken into
the mind, becomes associated with the self concept and the tools of self
preservation. So although a self developmental response is needed, only self-

                                                        Beta – The Feeling System

preservationary responses are motivated. Making a right response is exactly the
opposite of the motivational impulse, which seeks only to self-preserve. Thus, the
reactions of body negate the very spiritual intentions they seek to preserve.

For this reason, with the birth of mind, came a corresponding relationship born
between learning and pain. Whenever a learning experience is in order, it will
signal the threat of self-preservation through pain. This pain can range from mild,
almost imperceptible, anxiety to gripping fear. The more of the self concept
invested in the limitation, the more powerful the feeling.

It should be completely accepted that a small amount of pain will accompany
every discovery of the fact that mind needs some fine-tuning. But with automatic
responses, the motivation instead is to escape it, to deny it, and defend the
parameters of present knowledge. A perfectly human response, yet completely
devoid of spiritual intention. This is how the fluidity of mind becomes stifled and
limited to certain versions as dictated by external standards. This explains how
slivers in both individual minds and The Mind Of Man are allowed to remain,
and are actively defended, often to the death.
This insight is the major way to accomplish the number two task at hand,
learning how to avoid self-preservationary responses when they are
inappropriate. A small amount of pain is perfectly bearable, even energizing,
particularly if the signal is understood while the problem is still small. And the
pain should be acknowledged as an indicator of a sliver, or the need to polish or
re-cut a gem. Its intensity will be in direct proportion to the lack. With this
strategy, the Right Response can be immediately effected and the problem
solved. Instead, caveman-like avoidant responses happen, preventing the needed
change, and become accepted as an inevitable part of human nature. Certain
social codes and assumptions then pop up which perpetuate the problem.

For example, human error has become something to be ashamed of and avoided
at all costs. This is contrary to the learning cycle. For it is through the feedback
of pain and pleasure that all learning occurs. Mistakes should be greeted with
compassion to self and others who make them. They are the simple message that
the portrait of reality does not yet match the requirements to meet an adequate
level of the human need in any given external situation. Instead of getting out the
paints and making revisions, humans often seek to hide the inadequacies and
pretend to be perfect. Punishment is often given for mistakes, both to self and
others, and this is quite backward. Compassionate guidance should be offered to

Beta – The Feeling System

add the missing knowledge, belief or skill. Each such addition will be rewarded
by positive feelings.

Such pain that accompanies learning should be welcomed and acted upon with
right responses as soon as the feelings are detectable. This is an easy task once
humans know the difference between thoughts and feelings, and the parameters
and goals of spirit and mind. A concept such as "growing pains" should be
utilized in which humans realize that without pain there is no growth. Or as the
bodybuilders say: "No pain, no gain".

This is not to say that humans should endure higher levels of pain than this small
feeling of personal anxiety we now can call a growing pain. Nor is this to say that
making this right response will always be the spiritually intended corrective
action. Indeed, there are still very valid reasons for both fight and flight
responses-but only under certain conditions and at certain times. We will be
discussing these conditions at length, but first, we turn to the result of these
automatic avoidances, which we shall call emotional boundaries.

Emotional Boundaries
Humans have lived for many thousands of years without understanding their own
nature. Thus, their emotional system has worked against them in many ways.
Most destructive has been the tendency to preserve, when change is spiritually
desired. Self preservation and conservatism is always appropriate when needs of
the spirit are at issue. But it is never appropriate in the realm of mind. Yet, one
merely needs to look around and one can see abundant evidence of incredible
efforts to defend cultural knowledge. Everywhere, and in every time, one can
witness passionate efforts to conserve that which is actually personally limiting.
Such efforts appear externally as acts of communication, persuasion, political
activism, violence, and even war, that seek to narrow the freedoms of others in
order to validate the cultural choices of some.

For example, nearly every religion espouses to be the one true word of God and
that all others are misguided at best and evil at worst. Historical colonialism
evidences how some groups exert their power over others and force their choices
upon them. The holocaust was an extreme example of cultural ideology enforced
as natural law. Yet, in each of these cases, many felt passionate in their beliefs
and emotionally empowered to live by them and carry our their dictates. These

                                                       Beta – The Feeling System

feelings seemingly guided them to amoral even heinous, actions. This is when
feelings can be ineffective behavioral guides.

But this is due to a perversion of the natural system. These are those very self-
preservationary actions that directly conflict with spiritual intention. These are
actions that should have been self-developmental, not preservationary. These are
actions that spring from passion without ration. Such emotions are signaling that
the contents of mind are not adequate and should be changed. They signal that a
boundary of the mind has been reached, which needs expansion for spiritual
expression. Instead, this limitation becomes a defensible boundary of self, and
the actions then seek to carefully maintain these boundaries as if they are sacred
aspects of self.

These are actually boundaries of mind, but since they are signaled only by
emotion, we call them emotional boundaries . It is crucial to understand the
tendency to protect and maintain emotional boundaries. It is equally crucial to
resist the temptation to do so. It is an easy out, for defending one's ignorance is
simpler and requires less effort than actually effecting the Right Response.

The concept of emotional boundaries should become a permanent fixture within
each individual mind. The boundaries of self should be continuously expanded---
never defended. On the other hand, there should be compassion and respect for
the boundaries of others to the degree that many diverse choices and levels of
personal growth can coexist. But there should never again be the mistake that
boundaries of mind should be preserved, nor that the boundaries of some are the
correct boundaries for all. The human mind is in a constant state of evolution, as
is the Mind Of Man. And this is as it should be in the highest sense. For to limit
the expansion of mind is to frustrate the spirit and stymie the expansion of All
That Is.

On the other hand, if the emotional boundary is one due to a spiritual dictate or
need relating to self expression, rather than a mental belief relating to self
development, then it is a boundary that should be maintained and protected.
These are the healthy boundaries of self. These are the boundaries of Spirit,
necessary for the expansion of All That Is. These are the minimum spiritual
requirements below which humans cannot dip without serious repercussions.
Defending them is true self preservation, as the spirit intends.

But the majority of requirements and limitations that erect defensible boundaries

Beta – The Feeling System

exist in the realm of mind. These should be avoided so that the continuous
expansion desired by spirit can be attained. For true and lasting fulfillment,
development, and expression , the emotional boundaries of mind should be as
vigorously avoided as the emotional boundaries of spirit are to be reinforced.

With the understandings of the pitfalls to the emotional system, as well as their
corrections, we can now proceed to discuss the number 3 task of reclaiming the
emotional sense. This is how to go about choosing the appropriate responses to
each of the emotional signals.

                                                         Beta – The Feeling System

Lesson Two: The Emotional Behavior of Humanity

Emotional Motivation
Throughout human history, despite many sage offerings, the mystery of human
behavior remains just that. What motivation could possibly underlie human
behavior and explain the many differences as well as the similarities? What could
motivate the orderly, cooperative, altruistic and moral behavior, as well as the
chaotic, competitive, heinous and the evil acts of humans? Why humans do what
they do seems unfathomable. This is particularly true if one believes humans to
be a good and capable lot.

We now have certain understandings that hint at the truth. So we shall go straight
to the heart of the matter. All human behavior springs from emotional

The "good" behavior flows from spiritual intention. It is purposeful in pursuit of
self-development and expression. It utilizes all human faculties for their intended
purpose. The "bad" behavior is absent of spiritual intention, except that of basic
self-preservation. It is undertaken without utilization of human ration. It is the
by-product of the misunderstandings of the emotional feedback system. It is
incidental, if not accidental.

If each and every human act is examined within the framework of understanding
that these Lessons impart, it shall become apparent that emotion is at the very
core. It will be fairly obvious that humans approach that which brings pleasure,
and avoid that which brings pain. Of course, the avoidance of pain has become
the dominant motivator since very few countries even claim to afford humans the
right to the "pursuit of happiness". Avoidance of pain is at the root of every act
that takes humans from their intended course, it is at the root of every evil act. It
can be extremely subtle in avoidant self-deception, or it can explode upon the
world in atomic rage---hardly an application of a rational self-preservationary

It is merely due to the lack of rational interpretation and rational response to the
emotional signal that self-preservation has become the norm. With this
understanding, humans can examine their own behavior, identify the
motivational feelings, and trace them back to the gems and slivers upon which
they operate. They can readily see which behaviors were motivated by self-

Beta – The Feeling System

development and expression, or those that were motivated by self-preservation.
This is rational use of the emotional feedback. This is utilization of the
undiscovered sixth sense. This is living on purpose, in spiritual intention.

Now is the time for humans to successfully live on purpose. Until now there has
been relative darkness. The light that shines the way is human feeling. But in
order for humans to fully embrace this newfound ability, there are further
clarifications necessary. For it has become habitual to act within the system in
ways that grossly misuse it. And there are many slivers within Mass
Consciousness that accept, even promote such misuses. The solutions to
problems inherent in human cultures can only come from within individuals as
they remove the source from their own lives, inside and out. So the individual
subtleties of emotion that humans face must now be examined.

The subtleties yet to be discussed lie in the corrective response part of the
feedback cycle, the behavior itself. This is where the rubber hits the road. Right
use of emotional feedback can provide lifelong, moment-to moment spiritual
guidance. This means that certain feelings will suggest certain behaviors. But the
benefits of such guidance are contingent upon effecting the optimal corrective
response. For optimal corrective responses are within spiritual intention, and all
others are merely self-preservationary. Wrong use of the system is abundantly
evident in certain "evil" motivations. It's easy to see how angry violent behaviors
can wreak havoc. But some detrimental human motivational habits are well
disguised. To expose them, we now turn to the responses as they operate in the
modern world.

Recall that all corrective responses can be made to either the internal or external
realms. An internal change is applied to the mental landscape. An external
change is a behavior acted upon the external world, the physical or social
landscape. The response choice is how humans effect evolution. Internal changes
are how humans acquire culture. It is how they self-develop, learn and adapt to
their world. External changes are how humans create culture and express their
internal contributions in the external world. Certain choices will be optimal and
empowering, others will be detrimental, causing individual and social chaos and
slides from the intended evolutionary tract.
Mistakes of response choice will create further symptomatic pain. This is the
spirit's way of calling attention to mistaken choices of action and beliefs. We will
now discuss the uses and abuses of all responses in both internal and external

                                                        Beta – The Feeling System

The Approach Responses - Right & Light
The approach responses naturally follow positive emotional signals and are very
intuitive. It is quite natural to approach that which feels good, to reinforce those
ideas and strategies that satisfy the spirit. It is inherently rewarding to promote
situations and relationships that are spiritually fulfilling. All optimal approach
responses result in self-development and expression, as the spirit intends for them
to be.

Approach responses can also be in answer to painful, negative emotions. In a
modern world, approach responses are often preferable to the self-
preservationary avoidant responses which are hardwired. The approach responses
are about acceptance. What they have in common is that each is an open
approach in acceptance of a situation without resistance. Approach responses are
the path of least resistance. There are two basic approaches, they are the Right
and Light Responses.

We have already introduced the Right Response. These are self-developmental
approach responses that are effected by the internal mental realm. Most Right
Responses are approach responses---all adaptive ones are. This is when current
ideas, skills and strategies are upgraded to provide maximum need fulfillment.
Self development is learning, but only learning in ways that promote the needs of
the spirit.

Although the Right Response is very functional and optimal in many cases, as
with any response, it can also be abused. But basically, the only mistake that can
be made with the Right Response results from the misinterpretation of an
emotional signal. If there is no clear boundary between the spiritual and mental
realms, the person might "approach" an idea of mind as if it were a directive of
spirit. This is when cultural knowledge is confused for (and is in conflict with)
natural knowledge. This is learning something that is limiting to the spirit, the
introduction of a sliver.

Another way of thinking about it, is the misuse of the Right Response pits the
Cultural Self against the Genetic Self. This is illogical and will never work, for
the Genetic Self represents the embodiment of spirit and cannot---nor should not-
--change its essence. The specific pains of this symptom will be fear, self guilt,
self blame, sadness and eventually depression. Individual mental and physical ills
ultimately result when this mistake is allowed to remain.

Beta – The Feeling System

With this error, the sliver which has been introduced into the mind further
frustrates the spirit. This sliver will make its presence known through increased
emotional pain. In this case, anger. Anger is indeed the signal of a frustrated
spirit, stifled from its expression. But as long as the person continues to empower
the belief, this in effect, turns the anger inward against the spirit, causing
increasing levels of anger. Then the person must find escapes or safe ways to
vent the anger.

For example, one human culture has a truth regarding the relative inferiority of
women. This belief is interwoven throughout many of the traditions of these
people. This belief serves to meet the power and control needs of men (who
generally lack such freedom as fringe members of a more mainstream culture),
by domineering the woman of their group. This creates emotional dissonance
within the women of this group, for it denies the integrity of their spirit.

Being female is a choice of the spirit and one that cannot, nor should not, be
changed or minimized by any cultural dictate. They react to this frustration with
anger toward themselves which further perpetuates the belief. This feeling is
experienced as shame and is even institutionalized as "feminine shame" for their
inherent "dirtiness". They have customs such as washing men's clothing in
separate pots so they are not defiled by the "dirt" from female garments. They
must also cover their faces when men other than their husbands enter the room.

The women of this culture are unhappy. But instead of rejecting the belief, they
have developed an outlet for the continuing frustration. They have traditional
poems which they utter frequently whenever a negative feeling arises. These
poems communicate their hurt as well as their sanctimonious religious standing
from being such wonderful martyrs. Yet they continue to perpetuate the very
ideas that keep them frustrated, for the slivers are deeply ingrained in their

Placing a belief of mind above the dictates of spirit may seem like a silly and
unlikely option in more mainstream cultures. But in every culture, there are ideas
which ask just that of their members. For there are many perfectly acceptable
ways of meeting spiritual needs that are deemed socially unacceptable or even
taboo. This is why it is crucial to understand that correct use of the Right
Response seeks only to change the mind to accommodate the needs of spirit.

                                                        Beta – The Feeling System

Humans should never respect or follow guidelines within any world view that
rejects, or worse, defiles a perfectly right and just spiritual need.

Errors of this response are not likely, however, if the distinction is clear between
spirit and mind. And for the most part, the Right Response is a very good choice
of approach. In fact, it is the recommended first choice option to all emotional
signals. This approach ensures that ration has been applied to the situation, that
the entity has first examined the mind to see if learning is necessary. Once this
has been done, if there are still negative signals within similar situations, then
other responses will then be appropriate. But this cannot be known without first
trying to effect these internal self-developmental changes.

The Light Response
The other kind of approach response seeks instead to change the external world
to restore the balance. Self expressive approach responses are actions in the
external world that seek to share wisdom, creativity or otherwise contribute to the
outer environment. They are acts of simple communication, persuasion,
compassion, altruism, or any method of creative expression. It is an act of taking
who you are to the people. We shall call this approach, the Light Response . For
this is the way humans offer their individual light to other spirits to which they
are                                                                     connected.

Light responses are always offering the ideas, tools, skills perspectives and help
which promote the self-development and expression of others. It is the exchange
and sharing of gems. It is the spiritual expression of the innate cooperative
capacity which reflects the fulfillment connection need. The underlying
assumption of this choice is that this is surely a cooperative, win-win situation,
where both parties can benefit from this response. It is the exchange and sharing
of feedback when one person sees something in the other of which they are
unaware and would benefit from understanding. This is actually an approach to a
negative emotion, one vicariously experienced within another. The Light
Response is offered with respect and compassion in the genuine desire to
contribute to the well-being and happiness of the received.

For example, a child observes another child during a baseball game. He sees this
child's frustration at the fact that he cannot seem to strike the ball with the bat.
The first child, who is emotionally healthy and empathetic, feels this pain. He
knows he has some information that he has gained that can solve this problem.

Beta – The Feeling System

His response to the feeling is the expressive approach, the "Light Response". He
feels the spiritual impetus to offer his help. Thus, he approaches the child and
respectfully suggests that he can give the child some pointers if there is consent.
If even one helpful idea is exchanged, both children will experience a positive
emotion. This pleasure will signal that the receiver has accomplished spiritual
development, and the giver has accomplished spiritual expression.

A key understanding is that the Light Response must only offer ideas which
remove existing limits. They must be consensual and respectful of the existing
emotional boundaries. This type of approach basically communicates: "I feel
your pain, can I offer some light?" Although this may sound schmaltzy to the
modern mind, it communicates connection, respect, compassion and an invitation
for growth, without provoking the defenses. For specific words to use, some
alternative suggestions: "I hate to see you struggling, can I offer some help?" Or
even, "Can I help here?

Of course, if the receiver does not desire your "light" and permission is not
granted, then your job is done. Whether or not the receiver is in a ready, receptive
state, you have achieved your needed spiritual expression. Emotional boundaries
which create the defensive, self-preservationary responses must be
compassionately respected. Regardless of the receptivity, the gesture itself is
spiritually desirable. At minimum, it gives the person pause for thought and
bolsters the idea that humans are good and caring. A person who initially rejects
such offerings of light, will be all the more receptive to the next expressive
gesture. Each such gesture wears away at maladaptive beliefs that hold humans
to be less than compassionate, caring, connected, trustworthy and "good".

The Light Response also works in the reverse. It is often highly desirable to ask
others to share their light, to seek advise and counsel which can precede a Right
Response. This is an optimal combination of internal and external self expressive
and developmental response to emotional signals. Of course, respect, consent and
cooperation are still required.

There are also mistakes made when choosing the Light Response. There are
rampant examples of those offering "light" when it is not desired, and when it, in
fact, adds limitation. Any true act of light broadens opportunity and expands
emotional boundaries. Many religious proselytizers seek to change the world to
meet their mental portrait instead of the reverse. There is often an arrogant and
self-righteous attitude that lacks compassion, is disrespectful and downright

                                                       Beta – The Feeling System

backward. The same is true for political parties. Humans should always ensure
that they take in as much light as they seek to give out, lest they simply be
maintaining their own emotional boundaries rather than expanding them. This is
the reason why the world experiences social and political gridlock and holy wars
continue to be fought.

We have only discussed the approach responses, and have already encountered
the source of many human ills. But for the most part, approach responses are still
fairly easy to use appropriately. It is a good rule of thumb to go ahead and act
upon positive feelings, as well as compassionate negative ones. For those
approach impulses will lead to learning, whether or not the road may be bumpy
along the way. With honest evaluation of the feelings, the feedback they provide,
and a timely corrective response, diversions from the intended path can be
quickly rectified.

The more ominous aspect of the approach response is when humans approach in
order to avoid. If certain needs are not met to an adequate level, it often becomes
an automatic tendency for humans to approach to create pleasure to escape pain.
When this is the case, we are no longer in the realm of approach responses. We
are no longer in self-developmental mode, we are in the realm of self-

We have just learned how mistakes in approach responses can cause certain
individual and social ills. But these mistakes of self-development and expression
are relatively harmless in comparison to the mistakes of self-preservationary
responses. We can now turn to the most insidious of the response choices, the
avoidant response.

The Avoidant Responses
We have briefly introduced the Fight and Flight Responses, but now we shall
delve into their complexities. They are still valid responses to specific
circumstances at particular times. But for the most part they are grossly over-
used, resulting in nearly every remaining individual and social ill experienced by
human beings.

Avoidant responses are about resistance. They refuse to accept a situation as
reported by the emotional signal. Resistance to objectionable ideas which defile
or reject human needs is a good and necessary response. Resistance is still a

Beta – The Feeling System

useful tool, but one with a sharp double edge. In learning situations, avoidant
responses can wreak havoc and throw humans from their evolutionary path.

In receiving the Light Responses from others, avoidance closes doors to
opportunity. But avoidance also fosters more sinister and nearly universal human
ills. Avoidance (not money) is perhaps the root of all evil.

Take particular note of this information, for recognizing and consciously
controlling these responses in your behavior will be tremendously liberating and
greatly rewarding.

The Flight Response
The Flight Response is that innate urge to run away from danger. When humans
experience fear, the body is filled with arousal energy for movement away from
the dangerous situation. The underlying assumption for choosing this response is
that something very threatening must be avoided, for this is a win-lose
competition and the self would surely be the loser. This is a very adaptive
strategy when there is clear and present physical danger. This was particularly
true before the advent of mind. For as we know, along with the mind came the
need to self-develop and the challenge of achieving spiritual expression through
its filter. We know now that even a signal for self-development feels like one for
self-preservation, prompting avoidance and escape.

Therefore, there are some particular sticky results from these constraints upon the
Flight Response. First, running away is rarely appropriate. In fact, it should be a
last ditch response only when all other options have met with failure. This Flight
Response now takes the form of physically leaving an environment that does not
accommodate need-meeting efforts. This can be the retreat from a relationship, a
marriage, a job, a club, a religion, a country or even a life, if needs cannot truly
be met due to immovable obstacles. It can be a temporary retreat to cool off, to
regroup, to restrategize; or it can be a permanent retreat to more free and
opportune systems, relationships or geographic locales. This is the only
appropriate form, and is a final option.

The Flight Response is very automatic and shows up in very subtle, yet insidious,
ways. For example, with the advent of mind there came the option of internal
retreats---internal flights from perceived danger. The word perceived is used
because this perception may or may not have an external validity, of which we

                                                       Beta – The Feeling System

know the mind does not know or care. It operates as if every content is actual and
real, as is its job. Worse, whenever a learning experience is necessary and a
growing pain is experienced, the first automatic and easiest response is one of
avoidant defense.

All mental flight responses are maladaptive, nonproductive and hurtful. They are
rationalizations, placing blame, scapegoating or otherwise finding alternative
explanations for deficiencies. They allow virtually anything except entertaining
the possibility that problems lie within the self. Each mental flight is a
psychological retreat---an act of self-deception. Such escapism always slows or
stops self-development and can be quite damaging, yet such reactions are
extremely common.

Escapist actions are apparent everywhere. Humans seek mental retreats from
emotional pain through defense mechanisms, withdrawal, avoidant tendencies,
distractions, and compulsive behaviors. Such mental escapism is all captured
within the umbrella concept of denial.

Denial is the tendency to avoid that which is staring one right in the face. The
information is avoided because its acknowledgment would be painful. Denial can
be a subtle escape from (or avoidance of) any situation which could cause the
emotional signal. This includes even the minor anxiety of growing pains. This
means that learning experiences would be avoided. This is not spiritually
desirable, but the human defenses are prone to do just that, without rational
understanding of the feeling.

In our baseball example, if the struggling child would not admit his own need for
assistance, a mental escape would allow him to "save face". He could come up
with any number of ideas that would explain his lack of success at hitting the
ball. This is self-deception, but it offers relief from the emotional signal by
adopting an avoidant idea.

Humans are extremely resourceful in their denial. It is a subtle, even
subconscious, habit that must be guarded against. But denial is not a lone
avoidant strategy. For humans also have many other creative diversions that
successfully avoid and quiet unpleasant feelings.

Distraction is also a handy Flight Response. Humans distract themselves from

Beta – The Feeling System

bad feelings by behaving in ways that bring pleasure. They can escape into safe
and fantastic imagined realms through books, television, films, or other
entertainment; they can focus intently on distracting or thrilling tasks, they can
eat, socialize, work or make love. Certain of these diversions are harmless, even
quite rewarding, in moderation.

But any such activity in direct response to (or avoidance of) emotional pain, does
nothing to resolve the imbalance. In excess, they can even become neurotic
compulsions and the feelings will only get stronger. They will linger
continuously, smoldering just beneath the surface of consciousness, prompting
further mindless, non-productive, compulsive, bizarre, or unhealthy actions. This
cycle can continue indefinitely until the basic underlying sliver is removed, or the
body wears out. This avoidant strategy would yield a painful, hellish (and
perhaps short) existence.

Another psychological Flight Response is the human practice of actually altering
the physical chemistry to relieve emotional dissonance through medicating the
body with alcohol, nicotine and other drugs. Of course, chemical manipulation of
a healthy emotional system can only rob humans of its advantages and indeed,
can cause irreparable harm.

One need not look far to see liberal, reckless use of the Flight Response. But
optimally it should be chosen with foresight and exercised with caution. It does
not resolve the conflict, nor restore the balance, and it can desensitize one from
their own emotional signals, to the point where they deny the feelings

In short, the Flight Response should be saved for a last-ditch corrective option,
and diligent efforts should be expended to avoid this particularly tenacious,
hardwired, avoidant response.

The Fight Response
The other avoidant response is, of course, the Fight Response. This is the active,
expressive form of resistance in which external force is used to overcome the
danger or to change it in some way. It is a relative (perhaps the evil twin) of the
Light Response, but without the acceptance of the situation nor the spirit of
cooperation. It is the competitive response to limitation, obstacles, lack of
resources or opportunity.

                                                        Beta – The Feeling System

The Fight Response seeks to correct or reshape the external world so that it can
better accommodate a need-meeting effort. Initially, the Fight Response ensured
that humans would survive by meeting their needs through competitive brute
force when necessary. The assumption justifying this response is that only one
winner can emerge, that this is surely a competitive win-lose proposition and a
win is necessary to self protect.

Until societies fully acknowledge human nature and accommodate the need-
meeting choices of their citizens, this response will still be appropriate, for
resistance to any ideas or codes which deny needs of spirit is what the Creator
desires. If this were not true, humans would not experience anger, the self-
preservationary aggressive response. Political resistance, even revolutionary
actions, which stand up for human rights are historically evident and
understandably beneficial. If the oppression is mighty, even war can be

However, this is merely due to the misunderstanding of human nature and needs,
and the miscommunication between spirit, mind and body. Such limits continue
to exist within societies, but in an enlightened society, Light Responses are
received and assimilated which continuously expand freedoms and opportunities.
They ultimately evolve away from the need for spiritual resistance.

When such limitation still exists, the Fight Response is a necessary choice. Of
course, a modern version would be to communicate the problem and your non-
acceptance of it. Doing this in a peaceful manner, within the acceptable avenues
of change already in place within ones society, is the best method. This is why
there are social, judicial or political processes in the more enlightened societies
for the resolution of such conflicts. Usually, however, by the time a Fight
Response is necessary, the limitation is firmly entrenched and accepted within
the social order.

There still exist many societies on earth wherein the credo is "severity for those
who resist". Such countries fail to recognize the individual needs and the fact that
they take priority over the group needs within its members. There is much
institutionalized suffering as a result. Any country that feels it needs a wall to
contain its members has mistaken operational directives, clearly not aligned with
spiritual intention.

Beta – The Feeling System

Fortunately, the world has now evolved to the point that there are countries that
do provide escape from oppression, which ensures that Flight Responses, when
necessary, can be effective. Eventually, those ideas that perpetuate the spirit will
win out, if enough interaction between cultures is allowed. But progress could be
increased exponentially with the understandings which restore spiritual intention
to the process.

The United States is an excellent training ground for such an exchange of ideas,
through promoting values of freedom, equitable opportunity and happiness. This
country recognizes both the individual and the group needs, in a world where it
has been traditional for societies to choose one over the other. Although they
have yet to attain the optimal balance between the two, this is evolving well.
With the worldwide communication and mobility, many American ideals are
rapidly being spread throughout the world, some of which are beneficial to global

Rejection of resistance is also the basic premise within most religions. Their
method of oppression is through introducing further slivers when any conflicts
are exposed. They offer bribes and threats to talk humans out of their basic needs,
rather than accommodate them The confessional booth for example, often brings
to light conflicts between human need and religious dictate. Although it is
unlikely that the priest will take certain suggestions to the Pope, this is exactly
what the spirit---The Creator---is requesting. It is suggested that individuals
within any religious organization, make Right Responses to reject any limiting
dictate and keep only those which satisfy the spirit, so that they can enjoy the
benefits of religion and without suffering the grossly misleading costs.

Summary of Behavioral Corrective Response
Each and every human behavior, be it thought or action, falls into one of these
categories. Each is motivated by a feeling. Although many such feelings are
subtle, there is a constantly available, yet changing emotional energy underlying
every human motive to act. If each action is analyzed, it shall become apparent
that without exception, it will be motivated by either a Right, Light, Flight or
Fight Response. Within the feedback paradigm, emotion is exposed as the crucial
communicative tie which either unites or separates, mind, body and spirit.

With this crucial information at the disposal of humans, they can begin to

                                                        Beta – The Feeling System

monitor and utilize the essential messages of the spirit. They can understand their
behaviors by finding the underlying feelings. They can identify the gems and
slivers by following them to their source. They can make reasoned choices for
their corrective responses to imbalances. These can be optimal choices which
contribute to individual and mass evolution. They can even make plenty of
human mistakes, but they will be far ahead of the game with such a strategy. For
this inner gift will always be present to guide them even from the darkest, most
painful moments back into the light.

Each such soldier of light can contribute to the wave of consciousness expansion
which shall soon crash upon human shores. Even with minimal understanding of
the subtleties of the emotional sense, anyone can join this effort. They can do so
simply by following some elementary behavioral guidelines. All it takes is a
genuine commitment to self-development and expression, honest self-analysis
and logical order in the choice of corrective response.

Many scourges upon humanity are the direct result of humans choosing the
response choices in the wrong order. There are certainly notable exceptions, but
for the most part self-preservation creates the "normal" urge to action in the
following order:

1. Deny feelings, take Flight from pain, (even growing pain)

2. Fight to maintain emotional boundaries

3. Right if unavoidable

4. Light when possible

Changing this pattern alone can create enormous and immediate growth.

Although there are more understandings to come, anyone wishing to join the
forces of light can simply follow this simple strategy to guide their behavior and
to experience tremendous progress. To live within spiritual intention from this
moment forth:

1. Listen to feelings; resist denial of emotional messages.

2. Right first.

Beta – The Feeling System

3. If obstacles persist, cooperate and offer Light.

4. If obstacles persist, resist, compete and Fight.

5. If obstacles persist, take Flight.

Each successful day of living within spiritual intention will allow evermore
complete understandings to unfold. With this simple behavioral guidance, the
spirit can begin to sing.

We can now press on to examine the specific feelings themselves. Each
understanding will assist in the full restoration of the innate emotional sense,
understanding of the Language of Spirit---The Language of God.

                                                        Beta – The Feeling System

Lesson Three: The Six Basic Feelings

Emotions of Spirit
With the understanding of the intended feedback function of human emotion, the
feeling signals become honored as crucial communicators. Although the simple
behavioral guidance for choice of response is already a tremendous aid, full
utilization of the sixth human sense is assisted by heeding the specific messages
of each of the signals. For each emotional signal has a specific purpose, related to
a specific spiritual need, and each calls for its own specific response.

In the earlier discussion regarding interpretation of emotional signals, the tool of
the Twin Selves was offered to redefine the boundary between mind and body, or
internal and external realms. This distinction allows humans rational
interpretation of their feelings so that they can choose the correct response.
During that discussion, it was hinted that there was an easier way to tell the
difference between mind and body to help interpret emotional signals. This is
because there are specific emotions connected with each of the selves. There are
specific emotions which automatically suggest that the imbalance springs from
limitations in the realm of mind, and others that communicate from frustrated
needs of embodied spirit.

Although the order of response is still as recommended, those feelings which
come from contents of mind will automatically suggest self-developmental
behaviors (Right Responses), and those of body will suggest self-expressive or
preservationary (Light, Fight or Flight Responses). We can now examine the
feelings themselves and reacquaint ourselves with this most wondrous, yet
misunderstood spiritual communication system.

The Emotions of Body
In the beginning, there was one basic emotion, joy. Joy, of course, is the
conscious experience of Divine Love. Joy is the intended state of spirit. As we
now know, when humans donned the chemical cloak they became susceptible to
interruptions of spiritual intention. To ensure an ever-present spiritual connection
during the physical journey, the body (the Genetic Self), was encoded with
protective devices to save humans from themselves. This is the homeostatic
feedback device which signals when spiritual intention is frustrated, and

Beta – The Feeling System

motivates corrective actions to get back onto the track of joy. In this system,
feelings both signal the problem and motivate the corrective responses.

Encoded within the body to do this job were two basic human emotions. They
were joy and fear. They equated simply to spiritual expression or frustration, to
the Divine Light or the darkness in its absence, to pleasure and pain. Joy
motivated a human approach and fear motivated an avoidance. Fear was intended
to ensure the preservation of the species as a corrective signal when needs were
unmet as well as a hardwired avoidant response that could over-ride the mind
when necessary.

These two emotions, when interacting with the cognitive abilities of the brain and
the need-meeting actions of early humanity, soon branched into the emotions of
anger and sadness. And then there were four.

Anger sprang from the human need for freedom and control. Anger would grow
from fear over memories of frustration and future projections of concern over
interference with efforts of spiritual expression. It motivated active "fight"
responses to ensure that external obstacles were not to be tolerated. Sadness
sprang from loss experiences. Most specifically from losses of people and the
severance of ties that satisfied the group needs. Sad feelings were meant to
motivate actions that promoted new, replacement alliances and protected against
further loss.

Thus, we now have four basic hardwired emotions: joy, fear, anger and sadness.
They should be thought of as emotions of the body or the Genetic Self. These
hardwired feelings are present at birth and displayed in early infancy. These are
universal emotions, experienced for the same reasons by all humans regardless of
culture. They should be understood as indicators that self-preservation is truly the
message. Joy means that needs of the spirit have been fulfilled, while the pain of
anger, fear and sadness means that needs are frustrated by obstacles which must
be removed. These four emotions motivate universal mental and physical
responses of approach or avoidance to ensure self-preservation.

It is important to mention, that although these emotions spring from body in the
feedback situation, that they are filtered through the perceptions and beliefs of
mind. So for this reason, the Right Response should always remain the optimal
first response choice. This would be a quick, non-resistant, (non-defensive)
accurate analysis of underlying beliefs about the emotional-invoking situation.

                                                       Beta – The Feeling System

Any conflicts discovered could then be immediately resolved. This will ensure
that objective, rational assessment of the situation has been achieved and that the
obstacles are not internal, imaginary or self-created. But once this has been ruled
out, this feeling signal in a similar situation can accurately be understood as
indication of an external obstacle that must be removed by an expressive

The Emotions of Mind
All other emotions are outgrowths of these primary emotions and are secondary
softwired emotions. Although they are rooted in human biology, they are not
present at birth; they develop with age, interaction and experience. They develop
entangled with the culture values, knowledge, memories and beliefs of the mind.
They exist in the realm of the Cultural Self. Their meaning can be as complex or
simple, as straightforward or convoluted, as supportive or debilitative as the
human mind in which they are experienced. They are directly related to human
experience---in other words, they are learned. They can be attached to most any
human idea that can exist within the realm of mind. The summations and beliefs
that invoke them can very widely.

The emotions of mind include guilt, shame, hope, pride, embarrassment, remorse,
confidence and any other subtle shade of feeling not mentioned in the above
category. They relate directly to contents within the realm of mind---to the gems
and slivers---and indicate that self-developmental responses are in order. These
learned emotions of mind call for learned responses of mind, Right Responses.
We know now that these are not hardwired. They must be actively chosen and
undertaken, often in the face of opposing urges toward avoidance.

This key understanding will cast many situations into an entirely different light.
It will be shocking as it exposes rather entrenched and universal emotional
boundaries. But it is now extremely necessary to shock humans back into
understanding, to break through the haze of denial and self destruction.

For example, when a situation arises in which guilt is experienced, this will now
be understood as a message from the spirit that some external dictate has been
internalized which has frustrated or limited a need. This is exactly opposite of
what most humans are taught about the experience of guilt. In fact, this emotion
has been utilized to inspire conformity to external dictates at the expense of
internal ones for thousands of years.

Beta – The Feeling System

With such slivers, the first impulse upon the experience of guilt, might be a trip
to the confessional or some such action which shares the concern and allows
getting the issue off one's chest. This is good, it can actually be an expressive
Right Response wherein one seeks external counsel, enlightenment or
understanding so that the internal changes can be effected. The result would be a
change in belief systems which would prevent the same situation from being
repeated, thus the feeling signal would be quieted and would not arise again in
similar situations.

But this is not an optimal action if it leaves the sliver in the mind. No amount of
cultural or religious appeasement will actually remove a need that has been
stifled. The spirit will diligently protest the sliver and the situation and its
resulting guilt will arise again and again. For as we know, slivers are often
conflicting ideas that humans believe, which give them conflicting directives and
create confusing impulses. Once these conflicts are exposed and eliminated, the
directives can be those of the spirit, not those of a confused mind.

For ultimately, humans will find that any action that brings a feeling of guilt will
be the result of a maladaptive response to an emotion-invoking situation, driven
by conflicting beliefs and misunderstandings, or good old-fashioned laziness.
There is no evil, there is no inherently wrong act, unless it violates the needs of
the spirit. Guilt is not the only misconceived feeling; each has become muddled
and entangled with an incredible amount of human "knowledge".

Since there are so many misunderstandings regarding feelings, we now turn to a
careful analysis of each of the major emotions. Together the emotions of mind
and body now comprise six basic feelings which underlie every subtle feeling.
All of which are affected by contents of mind, two of which are exclusive to the
contents of mind. With clear understandings of the six universal feelings, rational
analysis of each subtle experience can be attained.

                                                         Beta – The Feeling System

The Emotions of Mind - Six Universal Feelings – 1. Joy
Definition: A very glad feeling, happiness, delight; anything causing this.

Range: Mild, pleasant contentment, to rapturous ecstasy.

Source: Genetic Self (body/spirit), in its drive for preservation and expression;

Cultural Self (mind) in its drive for development.

Stimulus Conditions: Rewarding, situations. Hyper accommodation of physical
or psychological needs; getting better than expected results; creative and spiritual
expression of the Genetic Self, and development of the Cultural Self.

Instinctive Response: To approach; to recreate stimulus circumstances to bring
about the feeling again and again.

Intended Function: To accomplish self-preservation, development and expression
by identifying those experiences which should be cultivated, reinforced and
recreated. To provide motivation to continue along paths which are successful at
spiritual need-fulfillment.

Pitfalls: The possibility of creating artificial, escapist or induced pleasure through
compulsive actions or through biological and/or pharmacological manipulation;
Joy entangled with reproductive drive (infatuation and other lesser forms of

Recommended Course Of Response To Joy:

1. Any approach (developmental or expressive), behavioral responses which
increase the stimulus and recreate the feelings of joy, for genuine reasons, which
expand goals, broaden arenas, elaborate and improve strategies that are already
working, and sharing them with others. Joy leads to its own reward.

2. If any negative emotions arise from such Right and Light behaviors, analyze
the stimulus conditions and proceed through the recommended course for those
emotions. They will expose conflicts in belief that need resolution. Caution: joy
is so powerful that no one wants to lose a source of joy, even if that source is also

Beta – The Feeling System

the source of great pain. This conflict spurs the automatic Flight Response of
denial (denial of the negative aspects of the source in order to continue to enjoy
the positive aspects of the source).

The Emotions of Mind - Six Universal Feelings – 2. Fear
Definition: Anxiety caused by real or possible danger.

Range: Mild anxiety to blinding, heart-stopping panic.

Source: Genetic Self; in the drive for self-preservation.

Stimulus Conditions: Threatening situations.

1. Internal beliefs, thoughts, ideas, attitudes or memories which cause perceived
danger or potential threat to need fulfillment.

2. People, things, or situations in the external environment which threaten health,
safety or need fulfillment.

3. Emotional Boundaries of self cause mild anxiety in developmental or learning
situations (growing pains), since development is a threat to self-preservation.

Instinctive Response: To take flight, to retreat or escape

Intended Function: To motivate the avoidance of, and the escape from situations
which threaten to diminish need fulfillment opportunities or efforts, (and
ultimately, threats to survival).

Pitfalls: Imaginary threats can create very real fear feelings. Fear prompts
avoidant thoughts and behaviors quite naturally, but such denial fails to address
or remove the underlying source, perpetuating a cycle of fear and further
avoidance as well as narrowing mental emotional boundaries. Overly closed
ideological environments can promote paranoia, avoidance of (and ultimately
hate of) other different environments and their members. Fear of the unknown
and avoidance of growing pains, can thwart self-developmental need fulfillment
efforts and stymie learning.

Recommended Course of Response To Fear:

                                                        Beta – The Feeling System

1. Right Response: Examine beliefs and interpretations of the fear-invoking
situation to be sure that it is indeed a verified threat, not an imagined or self-
created one. Discard any doctrines or beliefs which perpetuate irrational fear. Put
valid memories of fear-invoking situations in their proper historical perspective.
Seek knowledge. Often, knowledge alone can replace fear of the unknown.
Remind yourself that risk is the necessary price of glory.

2. Light Response: Alter the situation to reduce the negative component, if
minimally threatening.

3. Flight Response: Get away from a truly threatening situation long enough to
evaluate strategies, to resolve or eliminate the threatening situation; or retreat
permanently if necessary.

The Emotions of Mind - Six Universal Feelings – 3. Anger
Definition: Hostile feelings because of an opposition, a hurt.

Range: From mild frustration to irrational, blinding rage.

Source: Genetic Self, in its drive for self-preservation; stifled, confounded or
unsatisfied individual needs for empowerment and control over one's destiny.

Stimulus Conditions: Power/control loss situations. Frustrated needs due to
perceived external obstacles. The attributed source can be either upon
environmental obstacles or upon shortcomings of the Cultural Self, both of which
are external to the core Genetic Self.

Instinctive Response: The "Fight" response, outward aggression.

Intended Function: To accomplish self-preservation by generating active
expressive behavioral responses which successfully remove the obstacles from
the external environment.


In interpretation: Anger can be invoked by perceptions based upon maladaptive
beliefs, attitudes or mental Emotional Boundaries. (This is invalid and contrived

Beta – The Feeling System


In response: Maladaptive, misdirected anger can result in violence and
destruction of self and others. (Negative outcomes of these pitfalls can be
avoided if response rules are followed:


1. Right Response: Evaluate beliefs, attitudes and expectations that bring on the
angry feelings. Look to self. Are outcome expectations realistic and reasonable?
If not, the anger is contrived. Look to the world. Does the environment deny a
just and equitable opportunity for need meeting? If not, the anger is contrived. In
both cases, beliefs are to be altered accordingly. This step will remove the mental
source of contrived anger.

2. Light Response: If Right Responses have met with failure and the obstacle is
legitimate, it is time to effect external changes. Light Responses are behaviors
toward the anger source which can successfully alter or remove the obstacle so
that needs can be met. Respectful cooperative communication, persuasion and
self expression can accomplish this goal.

3. Fight Response: If respectful cooperation is not successful, it is time to take a
more aggressive, even revolutionary expressive stance in honor of the spiritual
need. Such actions should be attempted within the established conflict-resolution
processes that exist, but should escalate in direct proportion to lack of receptivity
within the environment.

4. Retreat Response: If even after all expressive attempts, the obstacle persists, a
Flight Response is in order. It is then necessary to leave the situation and find
more free, just and opportune surroundings.

The Emotions of Mind - Six Universal Feelings – 4. Sadness
Definition: Having or expressing low spirits; unhappy, sorrowful, causing
dejection; sorry (broadly includes grief).

Range: Mild, unfocused "blues" to the depths of chronic, even suicidal,

                                                            Beta – The Feeling System

Source: Genetic Self; in its drive for self-preservation.

Stimulus Conditions: Loss situations. The perceived irretrievable loss of
something need-fulfilling; be it a dream, a goal, a belief, a person, a thing, a self-
image or exception. (Note: if the loss is impending but has not yet occurred,
anger, not sadness is cued, the loss is perceived as certain and irretrievable when
sadness is experienced).

Instinctive Response: To take flight, to escape or deny the loss.

Pitfalls: Lingering in state of denial that a loss has actually occurred can
perpetuate continuing anger. Failure to adapt to a loss can result in long term
depression. Loss can be purely imaginary or falsely perceived, and sadness is
cued unnecessarily and unjustifiably; acceptance of such an imagined loss (or
personal lack) can lead to the adoption of faulty and detrimental thought
processes and self-defeating behaviors.

Recommended Course Of Response To Sadness:

1. First Right Response: Accept that the loss has occurred when your external
experience keeps telling you that it has. An attitude change is necessary which
shifts the object of the loss (idea, thing or person) into a realm of the past.
Although memorial fondness can continue forever, the object, along with its
need-fulfilling gifts must be completely removed from future expectations. This
can, and does take time. But such restructuring is necessary to usher in
replacement strategies. If anger is experienced during this process, it shows that
the loss is not yet fully accepted.

2. Second Right Response: Adopt replacements for the object of loss. Find new
beliefs, things or people to provide the missing need-fulfillment.

3. Light Response: Actively make external changes in physical or ideological
surroundings which can accommodate the adaptations suggested above.
Extensive grief can be channeled in vicarious, yet positive, need-fulfilling

Beta – The Feeling System

The Emotions of Mind - Six Universal Feelings – 5. Envy
Definition: Discontent or ill will over another's advantages possessions, abilities,
etc., (broadly includes jealousy).

Range: Mild self-conscious discomfort, to open hostility toward another.

Source: Cultural Self, in the drive toward self-development (offshoot emotion,
tempered by learning, but related to genetic anger & sadness).

Stimulus Conditions: Negative comparison situations. When self and others are
compared on some scale, the self is assessed with less of the desired qualities,
skills, abilities, advantages or possessions than the other.

Instinctive Response: To fight or take flight, to overcome or avoid the object of
painful comparisons.

Intended Function: To signal that the Cultural Self has not yet developed to the
point of full expression of the Genetic Self and that further development is
needed. This painful reminder comes when one sees another who possesses or
has achieved higher levels of some desired quality.

Pitfalls: Feelings can be misattributed. Personal lacks perceived can be irrational,
defiling or neglecting spirit; prompting maladaptive, spiteful responses which
attempt to lessen the other instead of Right Responses which bolster the self. It is
often difficult to avoid Fight and Flight Responses.

Recommended Course Of Response To Envy:

1. First Right Response: Take self-developmental steps to acquire skills, abilities,
opportunities, etc., that are possessed by the object of envy. (But such changes
should only alter the mind or Cultural Self).

2. Second Right Response: If the enviable ability or quality lies in the realm of
the Genetic Self or body (i.e., physical beauty, strength, height, etc.), acceptance
of corporeal limitation will end pangs of envy over qualities which simply cannot
be changed. Instead, consider and work upon areas of strength which can be or
have been cultivated. Give self-credit where self-credit is due.

                                                         Beta – The Feeling System

The Emotions of Mind - Six Universal Feelings – 6. Guilt
Definition: A feeling of self-reproach from believing that one has done wrong;
(broadly includes shame and embarrassment).

Range: Mild self-doubt to debilitating self-hatred.

Source: Cultural Self, (offshoot relative of fear).

Stimulus Conditions: When thoughts and behaviors fail to match with some
internal ideal self-image or accepted code of behavior. Often guilt is experienced
following a behavior which fulfills some physical, spiritual need, yet which goes
against some learned ideology.

Instinctive Response: To take flight, retreat from negatively assessed self
qualities, actions or behaviors.

Intended Function: To direct attention to conflicts within knowledge and beliefs,
or to those which go against the needs of the Genetic Self.

Pitfalls: Guilt is learned and can be attached to almost any behavior or thought,
depending on the culture. Since it is a gut feeling, it seems to come from some
sacred place within, while in actuality it springs solely from learned beliefs. It is
common to subordinate the needs of the Genetic Self to the rules and codes of
behavior dictated by one's culture. It is also illogical and debilitating to do so.

Recommended Response To Guilt:

1. Right Response: Make sure your behaviors match your conscience. Do what
you say you will do---walk your talk. But examine beliefs, alter or discard any
which go against the needs of the Genetic Self. Develop positive accommodating
attitudes toward every aspect of your Genetic nature.

2. Light Response: Use logic and persuasion to alter the external cultural belief
systems which deny any aspect of your genetic nature. (Any such components
are counter-evolutionary and will hamper even the most intelligent, best fitting
cultural doctrines).

Beta – The Feeling System

3. Flight Response: If the external environment fails to accommodate your
nature, leave for better ideological or physical locales.

With clarity regarding the feeling system, how it works and how it can be so
easily misused, we can press on to discuss the practical usage of this system.

                                                        Beta – The Feeling System

Lesson Four: Summary: Emotion – The Sixth Sense

Heeding the Spiritual Directive
Despite thousands of years of humankind's quest for meaning and self
understanding, it has never been achieved. The slivers from the Mind Of Man
have perpetuated confusion and false ideas which limit human power and defile
human nature, stripping away the birthright of Free Will. It is testimony to the
spiritual tenacity of human beings that they have evolved as well as they have
under such severe conditions. For since the dawn of humanity, they have been
struggling along without benefit of a major sensory system---human feeling.
With this system, the spirit offers its directives for living in the light.

Human survival can be attributed to the spiritual safety net of self-preservation.
They can operate upon rudimentary hardwired responses to the feelings in
approach and avoid behaviors, which meet the minimal level of human need and
promote the perpetuation and survival of the species without interfering with
Free Will. But operating upon self-preservation alone is only a slim percentage of
spiritual intention and human potential. As free will is utilized in ways that
accommodate spirit, humans evolve.

As humans evolve, the spiritual directive is no longer limited to self-preservation.
It becomes self-development and expression. Acceptance replaces resistance,
cooperation replaces competition, and Right and Light responses become the
norm. Human civilization has now reached the point where living in relative
darkness can give way to enlightenment. With the technological mobility, global
communication and economic interdependence of humans, there is no longer the
isolation that allowed competition to ensure survival. As worlds collide, cultures
clash, and religions wage war, the global community should take note that
survival now depends on cooperation. There need not be losers.

As always, the spirit awaits patiently within, to offer its clear guidance for
individual and social evolution. These Lessons are designed to allow the
rediscovery of this most wondrous gift at a time when human consciousness is
ready for a great leap forward---and it all begins with self understanding.

If these Lessons sound a bit esoteric and abstract, think about it this way:
Humans have achieved tremendous technological creativity, with global
marketplaces for the exchange of goods and information. What if, perhaps, some

Beta – The Feeling System

inventor developed an incredible new machine that could communicate directly
with the Creator, that could give moment-to-moment advice on how to act to
create the most pleasurable and fulfilling existence. A machine that could greatly
reduce pain, fear, anger and suffering. A machine to accomplish great learning. A
machine that could enhance physical and mental health, as well as provide
enlightened guidance for development of evolved civilizations A machine that
could ultimately achieve world peace.

If such a machine were advertised, most humans would be quite dubious indeed.
They might scoff that such a thing might be too good to be true. Or if it were, that
it would come at a price most could not afford to pay. It would become an
accouterment of only the rich and famous. It would also challenge many
cherished religious and scientific beliefs about "man's place"---powerless within
a vengeful, meaningless, or chaotic universe. They might immediately resist and
reject such a possibility, driven by their beliefs.

And they would be dead wrong. For not only does this "machine" exist, it
already belongs to each and every human being. It is the supreme human gift
and it is free for the taking. Regardless of whatever human "station", or culture or
financial portfolio, it can be immediately activated to begin providing all those
services and many, many, more. This machine will be the great equalizer and
unifier; for it will allow the meek to inherit the earth. Those that begin immediate
activation of this force will be the pioneers of human consciousness.

Of course, this machine is the communicative feedback system of human feeling.
It is the understanding of the sixth human sense--- the spiritual sense. It is the
Creator's innate word and judgement regarding human survival, human
connection and purpose, as well as moment-to-moment guidance in human
interactions. It can make the difference between resistant, painful suffering,
competition and base survival; and joyful acceptance, cooperation, spiritual
fulfillment. It should be received and valued as if it had been purchased for
millions upon millions of dollars.

These Lessons, for the first time in human history, have offered a definitive
portrait of human nature. A portrait that is universal among all humans,
regardless of the diverse cultures that now exist. This "machine" belongs to
everyone. The feelings whisper the highest truth of human nature and purpose.

Now is the time to activate this machine. Now is the time to attune to the spiritual

                                                        Beta – The Feeling System

directive. Now is the time to begin the experience of true humanity. To begin
anew with a full comprehension of what it means and how it works to be human.
No more guesses, no more assumptions of evil, no more need for external
control---none of this is, or ever has been, necessary. No more will humans
flounder in ambivalence and conflicting directives. No more will free will run
amok. No more will humans be fooled by their own illusory creations. They will
at last be able to "judge not". For they will hear the one true judge, the feelings
which speak the wisdom of spirit.

From there, new worlds can begin to open to humans as institutionalized
limitations are removed. New levels of consciousness can be attained, new
creative worlds, and new levels of joy. Human potential has many surprises
awaiting those that answer the challenge of spirit.

Not only can tremendous benefits be achieved, but equally devastating disasters
can be averted. The technological abilities of humans have outstripped their
understandings of themselves. Resistance, competition and suffering are now the
accepted norm. Without self understanding, the basic (yet maladaptive) responses
of self preservation will continue; evolution will be tremendously impeded as
well as the ominous possibility for the self-destructive demise of the realizations
which instigated nuclear disarmament. The Light cannot help but spread if
chosen, obtained and lived within by each individual. Let peace begin with Thee.

To activate the machine, to choose the Light, is to completely accept the fact that
the Creator endowed humans with inner guidance. It is to live the truth that the
wisdom of "God" is not limited to Holy texts or other external dictates, but to
know that it is possessed within. The Creator's purest word exists in nature and
any human translation is less than pure. Human nature is no exception--- the
answers lie within. This message has always been inherent in every great
teaching, albeit lost within the cultural distortions.

But what has always been missing from such teachings has been: Exactly how to
listen and react to this inner wisdom. It is through the feeling system that this is
accomplished. It is through the feelings that the spirit can inform, develop and
correct the mind. It is through understanding the difference between automatic
self-preservationary motivations to Fight or take Flight, and the rational, willful
choice of Right & Light responses. It is through understanding of universal
human needs and in designing of political, religious, educational, economic and
social institutions which accept, value, honor, and accommodate them.

Beta – The Feeling System

The Creator intended for humans to use this system to retain the connection with
the Spirit of All That Is, to be guided toward the most fulfilled and joyous
experience. Human joy is the Creator's joy. Human suffering is also experienced
by the Universal Spirit. Its expanding consciousness, its joy and light urge
humans to eliminate these dark spots that they have willfully (albeit accidentally)
created. Despite the priceless value, the only cost is the commitment to the spirit

The Spiritual Commitment
Learning the mechanics of the feeling communication system is the first and
primary step. Understanding alone can allow the natural spiritual impetus to
become dominant within each individual. In understanding their needs and the
inevitable self-preservationary impulses, each person can become aware of their
own habits of thought and actions. They can recognize those activities that truly
bring fulfillment, as distinct from those that seek refuge from misunderstood
feeling signals. They can identify destructive need-meeting strategies that will
surely arise if constructive ones are not available. They will enjoy a new
awareness of life.

But awareness alone is only half the battle, and perhaps the easy half. It falls to
the individual to act upon the spiritual impetus. This requires the commitment to
actively choose and carry out the optimal corrective responses desired by the

This will be a difficult directive to fully embrace, given the historical dependence
upon external codes, rules, counsel and advise. As always, there will be an
automatic tendency to preserve ideas that have become comfortable strategies.
(Remember, the Cultural Self is born of human knowledge---and all parts of self
will seek preservation). One's very identity is often shrouded within beliefs
outside of spiritual intention. There will be an automatic tendency to escape
painful learning experiences which may be necessary for self development. There
will be an automatic tendency for groups of people of like mind to stand together
and hold tight to their beliefs, even if they are limiting instead of offering broader
opportunity. This can culminate in the urge to fight and even die for certain
traditional ideals.

Thus, there is a certain commitment to Divine Intention that will take courage

                                                        Beta – The Feeling System

and strength to unravel the many distortions that exist as truths within the realm
of mind. It will take tenacity to handle those powerful emotional responses that
will expose the deepest, most enduring, cherished, yet spiritually undesirable

But this intensity will surely abate as progress is made. There will also be
verification from spirit every step of the way that will resonate, validate and
reward the committed efforts with joyous feelings. This commitment marks the
step up from an animalistic competitive consciousness, into the human spiritual
cooperative of All That Is. It is several "giant steps" away from the door of the
cave where humankind now huddles.

This commitment will ensure that the person will then be replaced upon a
lifelong track of self development and expression, which is the goal of the spirit.
This is a highly rewarding track to be upon, but it requires courage and faith in
the inner messages---particularly in the belief that the inner messages should
always take precedence over external ones. When in doubt, you can find
validation by identifying which spiritual need is being fulfilled by any belief or
action. For if one strategy satisfies one need without violating another, then that
action or belief is valid and good in the highest spiritual sense.

Living in the Light
We can now distill the understandings into a daily living scenario which can be
beneficial in bringing them down from the abstract realm, for immediate
application. Each day forward can be life in the light as opposed to the previous
flashes within relative darkness. (Darkness of ignorance, self preservation, and
misdirected energy creating events that mirror the limits of Mass Consciousness,
rather than those desired by spirit). A deliberate daily strategy wherein ration and
passion combine to direct and create life events will accomplish the maximum
growth and fulfillment.

As humans awaken each morning, they do so to a newly created world. They slip
from one probability to the next without so much as a blink. As consciousness
expands, it will become apparent how very much control each has over the
creation of the desired events in one's life, and how they choose to actualize one
probability over another. Certain thoughts should be reinforced such as: "I create
my own reality" and "My spirit will guide me".

Beta – The Feeling System

Each morning should be faced with reflections upon where one's life is going and
how to get there faster today. Knowing that yesterday is gone, having been mined
for its wisdom, that the power is in the present and nothing from the past can in-
and-of-itself reduce it. Only belief in limitation can limit. Humans can actually
split apart from their past and recreate it in the present with more supportive
interpretations and beliefs about it. Remember that the mind has many
unrecognized facets and tools, all of which can support spirit, or can limit it if

Before actually arising, it is suggested that humans harmonize to the spirit by
engaging in a two-way communication. This creates clarity and communion
through focused attunement. As the mind slows its vibration from dream
consciousness into the hypnotic nether-realm before full awakening, much work
can be done. The mind is most receptive and least effected by beliefs in this
realm. Lucid communication is a natural process in which the messages and
interactions from the dream realm allow mind to intuit certain knowledge and
ideas that can bolster the spirit's goals. Conversely, after listening to the wisdom
offered, one can then answer, and communicate individual intention back to
spirit. These are the nuts and bolts of creative reality.

Unbeknownst to humans, they create quite undesirable events by concentrating
the powerful Will Energy of emotion upon beliefs and projections which they
fear. Since emotion is the two-way language of spirit, everything operates as if
humans are purposefully choosing such events. The spirit does nothing to alter
the process in any way. It simply creates that which is concentrated upon and
bathed in emotion. (The spirit does judge them, however, through the emotions
which will accompany events and experiences when they are manifested in
physical reality.) To counteract these unconscious directions of power that
inevitably occur throughout the day, one must actively, consciously, refocus the
Will Energy upon exactly what one desires.

This is accomplished through the visualization of detailed images regarding each
of the major life areas, empowering the vision with emotional (will) energy. Each
of the following visuals will be flooded with positive joyous feelings of gratitude
As if they have already been actualized. The energy communicates to the spirit
what your mind intends to create, and is a critical essential ingredient in creating
physical events. (The powerfully focused joy energy can negate other fearful
images that arise and are mistaken for desired events). As you progress through

                                                      Beta – The Feeling System

the categories, upon completion, allow each one to ascend into Universal
Consciousness, letting it go knowing that it will have made its mark.

The Daily Meditation
   FIRST, focus ration and passion upon the areas of Intellectual and Spiritual
   Development. Visualize yourself freely receiving Light and becoming one
   with the Universal Consciousness. See yourself learning, developing your
   mind to include all the creative tools which allow the spirit to sing freely.
   Visualize what the outcomes of such self development would look like and
   feel like. They could be travels, explorations, and adventures, physical,
   mental and/or spiritual. Become completely caught up in the images and
   feelings, until spiritual resonance and completion is experienced and the
   event has occurred. (Completion is when the joyous emotional energy peaks
   and gratitude envelopes the image.) When this vision is complete, send it
   forth, like a balloon into the heavens, clearing it from your mind.

   II. Next envision the Life Mission. This is about spiritual expression once
   certain development has been attained. This is the Destiny Path upon which
   you have embarked by designing this specific incarnation. If you do not yet
   know what your mission is, then focus upon a general completion of it
   without the specifics. Feel the fulfillment of a complete and satisfied spirit
   that has completed the Destiny Path. (In time, as you notice opportunities
   and act upon them, your mission will unfold to you).

   If you already know, then focus upon exactly what that mission would look
   like and feel like without any limitations whatsoever placed upon what you
   can accomplish. (Beliefs regarding limitations of time, of resources, of
   opportunity, or self-ability often arise in this area. But not so much during
   this altered, relaxed state of consciousness. Your spirit honors no such
   limitations and its wisdom is much more clear in this space). Visualize as if
   there is no limitation and energize this image with feeling.

   III. Third, envision the Professional Accomplishments desired. This can be
   in any chosen field or aspired direction where one makes a living as well as
   accomplishes spiritual expression. Visualizing specific events as well as long
   term outcomes can clarify intention, communicate and manifest desired
   events. If there is not yet a professional direction, education often
   substitutes. This need not be a salaried position, it can include home

Beta – The Feeling System

    parenting, volunteerism, and such action that contributes to an overall focus
    of life energy. It can be creating a salaried position out of one's desired
    interests. The key in this area is to capture an outlet for creativity and to not
    include any limitations in the visions. The sky is not even the limit.

    IV. When completion is attained, the fourth area of focus is upon the
    Material Desires. This is the financial expectations as well as specific
    accouterments, like a house, a car, a particular book, a piece of clothing, etc.
    Anything that feels desirable is worth shooting for. Specific artifacts can be
    quite pleasing to the unique esthetic or tone of the spirit. There are no rights
    or wrongs, simply what is pleasing to spirit. Be careful not to think that to
    live a spiritual life, one must have an austere life style. This is a silly and
    limiting, even manipulative belief. (This belief was originally promoted to
    gain compliance and control over serfs who might otherwise fight for their
    rights). Envision in great detail a life filled with all the financial abundance
    and material items spiritually desired, again enveloping this image in joyous

    V. The next area of focus is that of Physical Health and vitality. This is the
    area wherein specific body goals and maintenance can be empowered, as
    well as healing and transformations. Focusing empowered emotional energy
    upon any specific area of concern can be of tremendous benefit. Envisioning
    peak performance of all bodily systems and experiencing gratitude for the
    incredible physical form can help counteract the barrage of negative and
    limiting human "knowledge."

    Be sure to envision the correct balance between an underactive (for cancer
    prevention) or overactive (for allergic reaction) immune system. If it is
    underactive, envision little killer cells attacking that which is not self and
    keeping things tidy and in order. If overactive, tame those killers cells by
    showing them that which is "self" which may have caused allergic response.
    Remember, this system thinks everything inside the body and mind is "self"
    and should be preserved, fighting against foreigner invaders. Food stuffs or
    other allergens should be embraced as self and enveloped in emotional joy to
    communicate and authorize your acceptance of them. Be very specific, and
    of course, empower the visions with joyous gratitude.

    There lies much undiscovered power in this area, but one caution is offered:
    do not be disappointed or discouraged if dramatic, miraculous results are not

                                                    Beta – The Feeling System

achieved immediately. This is the area where the most enduring and hard to
dismiss beliefs reside; indeed, years of human energy have been invested in
them. As individual and Mass Consciousness expands to understand the
energy dynamics of the human body-mind, health and vitality will be far less

VI. Next, focus upon Relationships. This is a prime area to satisfy the
connection needs of spirit as well as general development and expression. If
a primary relationship exists (a lifemate, husband or wife), then it can be
envisioned in its ideal form. If not, one can be created in which such mate
will be attracted into one's experience. Problems can be addressed and
clarified in face-to-face meetings with loved ones or work-mates.

Psychic communication between parents and children is quite beneficial
also. This need not be limited to the realm of the living. If there exist issues
that evoke negative emotions regarding departed loved ones, recent grief or
old issues can be settled with face-to-face conversations, regardless of
whether or not that entity is currently focused in physical reality. Envision an
interaction which discloses hurt feelings and evokes an apologetic or
explanatory response. This can replace resentment with compassion and
forgiveness, allowing emotional release and attitude change. No limits to the
imagination are necessary. Simply empower the vision with joy and

These six categories should cover the main areas of ones life, but it is
recommended to tailor and personalize your meditation, making it your own.
It also helps to envision a special relaxed and beautiful "nature place" in
which you can mentally escape to perform such meditations. (This can be a
real place, or any combination of geographic features or natural beauty that
invokes spiritual peace and resonance.

Be as creative as you can be---no limits exist in your imagination). In
addition to the morning meditations, the effect can be bolstered by being
repeated during the day or evening. (Deep breathing, about five deep
connected breaths can help calm the mind and settle into a similar relaxed
and receptive consciousness). The more creative energy the visions receive,
the sooner they will begin to manifest in your life.

Beta – The Feeling System

The Meditation of the Clock
    This meditation is known as the Meditation of the Clock. It can be
    envisioned with each category likened to a number on the clock.(See
    illustration at the end of this section). Intellectual Development at #4,
    Mission at #2, Profession at #12, Material Desires at #10, Health at #8 and
    Relationships at #6). Having a visual format such as this can make this easier
    to manage and ensure that each major life area is allotted attention, focus and

    This exercise can give you mental clarity. Perhaps you will be surprised to
    realize how many goals you have, or did not really think about. Do not
    worry if the goals seem incompatible with one another. Simply dismiss any
    limiting ideas as they arise. (Worry will be an important feedback clue, later
    on, to see how well you actually did dismiss them) . Simply declare that
    which you desire. The clarity will allow you to get acquainted with your
    needs and how they manifest in your life. You will also be able to determine
    a great deal about your beliefs when starting from this place of clarity, for
    now your spirit has something to work on and to relate to your experience.
    And now you know exactly what your spirit is addressing through your
    communicative feeling sense.

The Daily Feedback
Once you have begun the daily meditation you will be ready to watch for
feedback from the spirit. It will seek balance between your desires and your
outcomes, your internal and external worlds, between your spiritual intention and
your physical experience. And it will signal whenever corrections are necessary.

Now it knows how you want to meet your needs, and it will do its best to bring
about every desired result. But it will only have the freedom that your mind has
afforded it. It will only have the mental tools of beliefs, the gems and slivers,
contained therein. It can only operate upon your existing level of self-
development. It will try to achieve your goals in the existing environment. To
succeed, it will require mental skills enough to overcome external challenges.
And it will most surely bump into your limiting beliefs. For it will create exactly
that which you believe most strongly will happen to you---good or bad. You will
feel the nudges of spirit when some event is not within your spirit's desires.

Whether or not you do a daily meditation, your spirit already attempts to create

                                                       Beta – The Feeling System

the reality you envision, working within your mental boundaries. But mostly this
is unconscious; and fear, anger, and guilt are the primary creative feelings. They
can achieve certain levels of expression beyond preservation, but they can also
empower scenarios and attract events exactly opposite to those that are truly
desired. (The Creator allows this so that eventually humans will make the
connection between what they reap and what they sow---between direction of the
Will into beliefs and the outcomes they produce). Now, of course, is the time to
understand the creative communicative power of human feeling and to harness it

Now that you know what the feelings mean and how to respond to them, they can
finally do their job. And they will most certainly arise now that your intentions
have clearly been offered. Any belief, attitude, or developmental limitation that
stands between you and your envisioned goal will signal a negative emotion, so
that it can be removed. As you go about your daily business, closely attune to
your emotions, and what they are saying regarding your stated goals.

Your feelings will spring from your actions in the external world, and how
successful they are at meeting your inner needs. As soon as you experience any
emotion, stop and analyze the situation. There will be an imbalance or
obstruction of some sort---either in the internal mental realm, or in the external
physical realm. The feeling will signal this fact and motivate you to react
correctively with either internal, developmental or external, defensive or
expressive responses. (Of course you know now that you don't really want mere
self-preservation! So watch for those auto-defenses!)

Good feelings signal situations and underlying beliefs which support and add to
your goals. Remember, all feelings signal imbalance between mind and spirit.
But this type of imbalance is the kind humans like and are motivated to create as
often as possible. This is the imbalance that says, "This is working---not just
adequately---but wonderfully! What you are thinking and doing is bringing even
more spiritual expression than you expected ---keep it up---keep it up---keep it

Correcting this imbalance is easy. It will be some sort of developmental or
expressive approach. This can be accomplished by making Right Responses
(mental updates) in acknowledgement of good progress, bolstering successful
strategies, relationships, skills, and belief and even broadening and expanding
goals. This naturally bolsters self-esteem and confidence, resulting in faith

Beta – The Feeling System

toward overcoming future challenges--- this is empowerment. Light Responses
(verbal and physical expressions) in which further skill and success can be
offered to (and received from) others, are also effective behaviors in honor of
positive emotional signals. They reap many fulfilling rewards.

All other signals will be bad feelings which call for other, more urgent
corrections. These feelings are your spirit saying: "If you truly want this to
happen, then why are you believing or doing this?" Or: "If you truly want this to
happen, then this must be fixed!' Although the most painful, these are actually the
most valuable feelings, for they expose the most debilitating conflicts and beliefs.
The most important reaction to these feelings is to stay aware of them. As time
passes, your successful self-development will reduce the situations wherein you
will experience negative emotion. As you no longer need to blunt your feelings,
your overall sensitivity will raise, turning the volume up on all emotions since
most of them will be positive. As you clear away limiting beliefs, new creative
insights will become evermore accessible. This is enlightenment and the
expansion of consciousness.

Remember, living in the Light means living in Spiritual Intention---living on
purpose toward self-development and expression of your full potential. This is
the "high road". The low road is the self preservation, a mere shadow of true
human potential. (This level of existence often severs connective ties in
competitive defense, temporarily overcoming "an obstacle", but in the long run
further frustrating the spirit's connection need).

But the body will defend and self preserve. And the mind will help it ---Until
these understandings are fully internalized. There may be many habitual,
protective strategies in place to keep bad feelings at bay, but each and every one
of them must be dismantled for the spirit to freely speak and do its job. Keep a
vigilant guard against ineffective behaviors which compete, stall, excite and
distract, yet do nothing to accomplish envisioned goals.

The urge to self-preserve is quite powerful and habitual, also arriving in the form
of defensive anger, in which blaming or any other skirting of the personal
accountability for the situation occur, nearly automatically, The two major
directives in such moments are to accept (resist not) your personal role in the
situations as reported by spirit and thus looking within to seek improvements.
(This is not to say that external ideas which self-efface or denigrate the spirit are
to be internalized or tolerated. Once you have ruled out that deficits are in your

                                                         Beta – The Feeling System

mind, self-expression, even preservation, is essential.) The second is to operate
from a stance of cooperation not competition, in which there need not be a loser
or blamee.

With cooperation, the connection need is always honored, even if the
connection is one of simple compassion for ignorance of another. A hearty and
mature spirit will always seek self-development regardless of how unenlightened
the external forces may be. The spirit will sing its pleasure following this higher
choice of action. This reward is far greater than any temporary rush from revenge
or one-upmanship which may follow vented anger. The former springs from self-
development, the latter from self-preservation.

Cooperative acceptance can set the stage for the accurate interpretation of the
signal and choosing the appropriate response. The tool of the Twin Selves can
determine if the belief that has frustrated the spirit exists in the realm of mind or
body. If the belief is learned (of Cultural Self or mind) then a Right Response is
in order. This is usually when there is an immediate need for self-developmental
learning. This happens when mind needs to add skills or ideas to accomplish the
need-meeting challenge at hand. This is always the recommended first choice. To
look within and seek clarity and improvement. Or instead, the feelings may
spring from the frustrated need itself (the Genetic Self or spirit), if the needed
skills and ideas already exist, so an external change is necessary. In this case, a
Light Response is in order, as an external expression to remove the obstacle.

In the simplest terms, if the imbalance springs from mind, development is at
hand, if the spirit, expression. (Remember the rules: Right first; then Light; if
obstacles persist, Fight; if they still persist, take Flight). These simple spiritual
directives can guide your daily actions. If even a small percentage of actions are
within spiritual intention rather than self-preservation, great progress can be
made. There is no need to beat yourself up if you catch yourself making an
automatic defensive response. Simply analyze it after the fact and find the belief
that allowed this, change it, and next time the results will be different. Honor
yourself instead for this newfound awareness.

As you begin to become conscious of your choices and actions, you will open an
entire world of self understanding. You will be able to see exactly why you have
achieved certain successes and why others have eluded you. You will begin to
notice an incredible tangle of conflicting ideas and directives through which your
spirit has been trying to carry out your wishes. With reflection upon your

Beta – The Feeling System

personal history, you will later begin to notice that your beliefs do create your
reality. You will also notice how your beliefs have been creating less than
desirous events. You may feel awed, even afraid, of your power. This, like any
other feeling, exposes the limited belief---in your powerlessness---which you
now have proven to be obsolete. As these limits melt away, you will embrace and
delight in your power.

You will notice your needs and how you have been meeting them, in both
constructive and destructive ways. You will begin to become familiar with your
own emotional boundaries, expanding those of mind and standing firm in honor
of those of spirit. Your progress will rapidly accelerate as you purposefully
accept your personal accountability for each situation, rather than resist it with
denial. Your interactions with others will change dramatically as you realize how
much more rewarding cooperation is than competition. You will begin to
approach the limits of the world with compassion, yet achieve spiritual
fulfillment by offering your Light.

Creating Community
Although living in the Light is perfectly possible without sharing your new
approach with anyone at all, finding others of like mind is quite rewarding. The
synergy of community is very powerful. It is highly recommended to seek others
who have chosen enlightenment, cohorts with whom to share experiences,
exchange wisdom and gather support. With even one close friend with whom to
share your experiences, they will become much more meaningful and salient.
Family units can set aside particular times to discuss the understandings, and the
efforts and outcomes at creating desired reality. Establishing focus groups with
regular meetings can help build community and build great networks for the

With these strategies in place, you can now begin to live within the Light and
allow life to unfold as your spirit desires. So begin now, and you will never be
the same again.

As you practice, your world will be affected by your newfound insight. You will
discover that these understandings act as a small pebble tossed into a still pond.
The implications will ripple outward in concentric circles until they reach the
very boundaries of human existence---for the implications which logically follow
the understanding of human nature, impacts every major area of life. It will be

                                                     Beta – The Feeling System

necessary to rebuild certain primary understandings to support your expanding
consciousness. Thus, we can now turn the discussion to creating new beginnings.

Gamma – New Beginnings

                                                       Gamma – New Beginnings

Lesson One: New Tenets of Human Existence

Existing Directives
Although many gems---successful, creative, spiritual inspired ideas---exist within
the realm of mass consciousness, the slivers are far more significant and far less
obvious. There is no way to tell the difference between them, unless the spirit is
invoked. Until these Lessons, it has not been apparent how to listen to spirit.

Thus, humans, their cultures and civilizations have evolved without the critical
understanding or benefit of their sixth, emotional sense. Mind often stands
between Spirit and body, and mass consciousness now stands between spirit and
its physical expression. With these new understandings, mind, body and spirit are
at last reunited. Spirit can direct the development of mind to achieve maximum
fulfillment and expression. Wholeness of experience can be achieved. The Grace
of internal guidance is restored.

This is a grand step forward in human existence. It is a step placing humans upon
the intended evolutionary path, a higher road than simply self-preservation. With
this step comes tremendous liberation. The very world expands when adding this
crucial puzzle piece to the picture of human existence.

It brings a whole new world---a world far superior to the one with which most
are now familiar. Humans now need to look about, to see their everyday
surroundings in this new enlightened perspective. Each facet of life must be
reexamined. This is where the inner work begins. Right Responses are in order
which redesign the mind to accommodate the language and wisdom of spirit.
New knowledge must replace old. Spiritual directives must replace those of
human origin.

Upon redefining basic human nature, the next logical step is to examine how
humans operate within existing conditions and directives. For it will be much
easier to attune and respond to the feelings of spirit if certain habits are first
examined. New strategies of acceptance, development, and cooperation will be
hampered by existing directives which predict and rely upon resistance, defense,
and competition, assuming that they are the only natural impulses.

Gamma – New Beginnings

Scientific & Religious Directives
We know now that many social structures are based upon misassumptions of
human nature. They recognize and facilitate only self-preservationary behavior,
and do not dare to presume something as optimistic as a spiritual intention.
"Modern" human science pronounces the universe to be a machine, with
deterministic forces interacting, concluding that all life results from a grand
cosmic accident. It views the physical without regard or hint of the spirit, the
order, the beauty, or the intention within. To scientists, humans are also theorized
to be machines, driven by the prime directive of survival as the only human

Scientific assumptions of selfish generic determinism also underlie many
physical and psychological health directives. People are seen as hopelessly
diseased and disordered, with minimal control over the innate forces motivating
them only toward survival. Spirit is never considered nor even mentioned in such
discussions. Of course, this assumption is partly true. Without the mental
conditions for the broader purpose of self-development and expression, humans
do innately respond toward self-preservation. This is why evolutionary theory is
based upon "survival of the fittest". But survival is a minimal spiritual directive
to ensure physical forms continue---hardly the whole story of human potential.
Many directives from health advisors must be reframed within the context of
universal human needs, reconnection to spiritual intention, and the feeling

In contrast, modern religions do have faith in, and focus upon the spirit. They
provide fulfillment for the spiritual needs for meaning and connection. Religious
experience can invoke tremendous spiritual attunement and bliss. But more often
than not, religions assume spirit to be somehow separate and unreachable except
through beliefs (touted as unimpeachable truths), through rituals and
intermediaries ---some of which have become very limiting, disempowering and
dogmatic. And each ensures an innate evil nature which will most certainly
dominate and lead humankind astray.

Such world views offer meaning at a high price indeed, often defying ration.
They are saturated with ideas, which separate and maintain a distance between
the Creator and the creations. They often enforce the acceptance of mental slivers
and conflicting information. Such conflicts allow the reconciliation between the
logically opposing dictates of "Thou Shalt Not Kill" and the practice of holy war.

                                                         Gamma – New Beginnings

They also manipulate the emotional system in ways that are counter to spiritual
intention. They can instill guilt feelings connected to any behavior deemed
inappropriate in a given doctrine, many of which are perfectly beautiful and good
in the eye of the Creator. When the mind is ordered to overrule the spirit, this
creates conflict and negative emotion in humans. If the human accepts that order,
the result is deprecation, depression, and the "breaking" of the spirit. The faithful
are then limited to appeasing these feelings within the rules, rituals and
interpretations of the masters of their faith. They remain forever in need of
external direction.

Each and every such directive should now be analyzed against the wisdom of
spirit. When feelings are given the freedom to do their intended job, they offer
the most valid and true judgments.

Political and Governmental Directives
Modern human political and legal structures also ignore spirit, and assume
humans to be innately evil. They produce laws and codes that seek to control the
self-preservationary impulses as if they are only impulses. They create societies
with limited opportunities for humans to meet the spiritual needs, forcing them to
compete rather than facilitating the innate cooperative impulse. For they are
based upon scientific and religious knowledge, also without any concept of
innate spiritual guidance. They also strive (albeit unconsciously), to meet the
human needs. But in not knowing exactly what they are, it has been a trial and
error learning process.

Those systems, laws, and codes that have endured, must be meeting an adequate
level of human need despite their inherent flaws, or they would have been
rejected by humans and left behind as civilizations evolved. History is filled with
external dictates that have been rejected in the most revolutionary of ways by
humans. Indeed, many such rejections are abundantly evident in the world today.
The most recent forms of government which have evolved are perhaps the most
cognizant, accommodating and respectful of many human needs. But even they
still struggle through trial and error approaches.

Still, like science and religion, every existing political body or government
contains assumptions that must be replaced with accurate ideas about human
nature. These ideas will spring from the spiritual expression of individuals who

Gamma – New Beginnings

are attuned to their inner guidance. Such people will make the accurate
interpretation and response to their emotional signals. They will make Right
Responses to develop the mind. They will offer Light responses to share their
improved ideas with their communities. They will Fight when it is appropriate to
stand firm for their spirit, never to deny its supreme wisdom again. And they will
take Flight if all else fails, to begin creating new worlds that suit the spirit,
steadfastly rejecting external control and allowing themselves the empowerment
that is their birthright.

The Power of The Individual
It is a common assumption that organizations lead and guide individuals. Schools
instill knowledge, governments instill rules, religions instill morals and beliefs,
each imparting information into the individual---as if humans are like inflatable
balloons. Although such exchanges of information are essential to prepare
humans with the necessary mental tools to succeed in physical experience, the
external sources do not hold the power.

There are tremendous beliefs to overcome regarding the powerlessness of the
individual. In each of the human cultural institutions, there are deeply ingrained
beliefs that individuals can only achieve knowledge and control from their
institutions themselves, from within the Mind of Man. Humans subordinate
themselves to the doctrines of their country, their faith, their political party, their
parents, their social pundits--- to anyone except the wisdom of their own spirit.
The generally accepted idea is that human development comes from outside in.

But within the new understandings, one can see that all change---internal and
external, individual and social---begins within the individual. All individual and
social evolution springs from the inside out. No group could exist without the
creative vision, participation and expression of its individual minds. There would
be no mass consciousness without the combined thought of each individual

Yet societies have taken on lives of their own, due to the limitations and
misunderstandings within mass consciousness regarding human nature. They
often fight to maintain the status quo, insisting upon the outside-in mode, and
rejecting individual contributions which may not fit with the existing ideas.

But human grouping that does not offer human freedom, power, meaning,

                                                        Gamma – New Beginnings

connection and creative opportunities in some minimal form, cannot be
successful in the long term. Spirit will reject them. The spirit has been evident in
its rejection of such external control through individual and social pains and acts
of self defensive violence. Individual members will Fight or take Flight. Such
actions, when viewed through the distorted lens of Mass Consciousness, have
only served to reinforce the inaccurate belief that humans are inclined only
toward selfish, evil actions and that without external control, they will destroy
each other. Thus, the misguidance continues and still more external control is

History shows this cycle. Countries that have needed physical or psychological
walls to contain their members will ultimately fail. Such controlling communities
will be overthrown, or other, more enlightened civilizations will attract their
members. For true power and control must spring from the individual. In respect
of this truth, communication channels and efficient responses to input are
essential in any organization, whether it be a family, a religion, a scientific or
political community, a club, a company, or a country. It is the task of individual
members of every social institution to be receptive to the expressions of the
individuals, and allow the natural course of evolution to flow unimpeded.

Now that the understandings and strategies for living in the light are in place, we
can start exercising human power by redefining the contents of mind. You have
begun a lifelong process of self-development, a redesigning of your mind, but
this time, under spiritual guidance. You will be examining and sorting through
your entire concepts and beliefs about life. You are committing to search out and
reject anything and everything limiting to the spirit. This will require rethinking
your philosophies, your political, economic, social and religious beliefs, and by
reframing your life experiences in this new enlightened context.

Be confident in the knowledge that the mind can be fooled by its own illusions,
but the spirit cannot. The Mind of Man, mass consciousness, has become the
respected source and supply of truth at the expense of spiritual intention. External
guidance springs from mind and all outlets of external guidance must be
subrogated to spiritual internal guidance.

This commitment is not disrespectful of your mothers, or your teachers or your
preachers. It need not diminish the wisdom imparted from the realm of mind in
any way. Everything truly good for you will be saved and valued as always, but
now you will have a way of knowing what is "good" in the highest sense. You

Gamma – New Beginnings

will feel such validity from inside out. You will be utilizing your innate spiritual
judge to tell you which ideas are gems to be kept and polished or which are
slivers to be expelled. Your spirit will faithfully and tirelessly speak these
pronouncements through your feelings of pleasure and pain.

Restoring the Blank Mental State
It may be helpful to think of your mind as a house with various rooms. As you
"walk about" in this mental house, you will be directing your consciousness into
its various rooms. Your mental house is already filled with many beliefs and
ideas. But the contents of every room must now be sorted and each idea tested
against the spiritual judge. With this vision, empty a large room and place a sign
upon the door which states: "Gems According To Spirit".

Then mark the door of an adjoining empty room with "Incoming Information".
Think of this as a receiving room, a holding tank, where each and every incoming
idea, belief or conclusion from experience will be loaded with potential
information. Some good, some silly but harmless, and some quite hurtful. The
feedback from your experiences provides an endless supply of highly valuable
input for this room. Maximum mental development is contingent upon a
continuing source of new experience. This room is like an interim, limbo room,
where everything is welcomed and accepted, whether or not it matches existing
values, knowledge and ideas. This is the room in which it is appropriate to "judge
not". For this is the room where each piece of information awaits its spiritual
judgement. But it is essential that everything must be allowed in. All mental
emotional boundaries should be removed from the front of this door, to allow
access to every meaningful result of experience. Guarding against defenses such
as avoidance and denial will allow this room to function properly.

Adjoining this receiving room will be a special judgment room where the actual
spiritual determinations are made. The room can be called the "Spiritual
Advisory". This is a very special, personal, even sacred room, wherein you can
retreat to analyze the incoming information that has caused emotional
dissonance. Use good, vivid mental imagery and create the room to any
specifications. Design and decorate it in any way pleasing to your spirit.

Whenever a negative feeling is experienced, your consciousness is being directed
into the Spiritual Advisory, bringing along a belief from the receiving room.
Such feelings will come and go throughout your day; the power is in

                                                        Gamma – New Beginnings

understanding what they are telling you. In this feeling moment, the idea creating
the feeling is "on the stand" in the spiritual court. With your active participation
in this process, you can direct the belief where it belongs. Once a belief has
passed inspection in the Spiritual Advisory, it can be placed within the Gem
room. This process can take a quick moment of reflection and a simple mental
shift. Or for more deeply held beliefs, you can mentally retreat into this room to
focus intently upon the situation, your feelings and reactions to figure out the
core belief. (The more powerful the emotion, the more entrenched the belief, the
more effort required to pry it loose.)

Of course, everyone's mental house is already filled with existing beliefs and this
is good. But each such room will also now be treated as incoming information.
Negative feelings will direct your attention to these rooms as situations arise so
that you can assess and respond to them accordingly. Ultimately each room will
be emptied and replaced with Gems, until every room is filled with nothing but
Gems. This will be the Spiritually intended mental state.

Of course, even items in Gem rooms are always subject to recall into this
Spiritual Advisory as outside circumstances, requirements and challenges
change. They may need to be updated. Revisions to many existing beliefs will be
necessary, gems can be polished and occasionally recut. Mental fluidity ensures
the maximum possible spiritual expression and most rewarding, complete
physical experience. Never fear, the feelings will always call forth that which is
in conflict with the needs of spirit.

When conducting your mental housekeeping, you will find that you need a
removal system. There should be a garbage chute in this mental house, wherein
ideas can be discarded if they have been proven by spirit to be limiting. This
should be marked with a sign "Slivers for Recycle." This might be easier than
assumed. If valid replacement beliefs have been chosen and there are no other
related beliefs, disposal is as simple as a decision to do so. However, if there are
relatives, they will resurface in future experiences. They can simply be put
through the process again. If disposal has been complete, there will never again
arise a situation in which that feeling is experienced for the same reason.
Adequate and continuous disposal increases over-all positive experience for this
very reason.

The first step in living in the Light will be to place the new understandings in the
recently vacated rooms. The knowledge of the spiritual communicative system

Gamma – New Beginnings

should be the first and only occupant in the Gem room. From the moment the
inner voice can be heard, each and every piece of information should be
measured against it. Even the messages within these Lessons should begin as
incoming information to be passed trough the Spiritual Advisory. Living in the
light means just that, without exception.

Any truth of mind which resonates with spirit can be considered just that. Any
truth of mind which is discordant with spirit must be reexamined. Each act of
mental housekeeping is an active Right Response. Each acceptance of incoming
information ensures defensive Flight Responses are not indulged. Each
acceptance of mental accountability is the owning of the experience, which
minimizes the choices of Flight Responses and other external blaming or
resistance. With accurate interpretation and optimal responses, your feelings will
help you develop your mind and your world. The house of mind can be an
incredible edifice, a huge expanse of gem rooms with tools for every situation,
challenge and environment. It can be a model of spiritual expression and
fulfillment.Or it can be a slum of frustration and suffering, with rigid emotional
boundaries that defend inadequate beliefs and severely limit physical, social and
spiritual mobility.

To begin this new strategy of mental housekeeping, the first new ideas can now
be received into your mental house. These are to be some universal human tenets,
which are logical consequences springing from the now complete picture of
human nature. Your feelings will affirm each and every idea in line with spiritual
intention, no matter how far it may be from your present state of understanding.
Take each to the Spiritual Advisory and test it out. See if it resonates with your
spirit and fits with your experience. Once validated by spirit and placed within
the Gem room, such ideas become the beacon for human thought and action.

The Tenets of Human Nature
    1.   Humans are innately "good" and moral when attuned to, and purposely
         fully directed by spiritual guidance. (Concepts of evil are to be
    2.   Humans are spiritually guided toward the purpose of cooperative, self
         development and expression, wherein experience expands and
         consciousness evolves.

                                                      Gamma – New Beginnings

    3.  Humans are driven by competitive self preservation if not attuned to
        spiritual guidance. (Experience becomes reduced then to mere survival,
        creating the illusion of evil, and evolution is stymied).
    4. Spiritual guidance is physically manifested in human needs for freedom,
        power, connection, meaning and creativity. When all are met, humans
        are naturally accepting and on purpose. If not, they will revert to
        resistance and defensive self-preservation.
    5. The spirit speaks through the language of feelings, motivating behaviors
        of "approach" and "avoid" in accordance with needs and purpose.
    6. Without understanding the difference between spirit and mind, (Cultural
        self and genetic self), the spiritual feedback system can appear to give
        mixed signals and motivations.
    7. All Feelings are legitimate and are to be welcomed as valuable
        communicative corrective informational signals, and acted upon within
        the rules of response. (Right, > Light, > Fight, > Flight).
    8. The emotions of spirit (joy, anger, sadness and fear) indicate internal
        developments (Right Responses) and external expressions (Light
        Responses) are in order.
    9. The emotions of mind (guilt, envy, embarrassment, hope, confidence,
        shame, etc.) indicate developmental Right Responses are in order.
    10. Fight & Flight Responses are necessary only when true self preservation
        is at risk, evidenced by spiritual anger and fear. Such defenses are to be
        understood as automatic reactions to ensure base survival, and avoided
        as first choice responses.


Human goodness and destiny lies in wait for spiritual guidance.

The Tenets of Human Existence
    1.   Human purpose is to develop and express spiritual potential.
    2.   Humans have been given complete power to create any desired
         conditions to achieve their purpose, mediated through the gift of human
    3.   Humans have been graced with unlimited freedom to ascertain contents
         of mind, with no restrictions whatsoever.
    4.   Humans use this freedom to create knowledge and belief systems
         containing gems, slivers, or both, and spirit does nothing to interfere.

Gamma – New Beginnings

    5.  Slivers accumulate and interfere with spiritual communication,
        separating humans from the totality of All That Is, and creating the
        proverbial Fall From Grace.
    6. Spiritual intention can be communicated through direct creative
        inspiration only when mind is unfettered by slivers, but is always
        communicated through human feelings of pleasure and pain.
    7. Although contents of human mind and mass consciousness have
        severely limited the mental acquisition of spiritual intent, mind can
        never successfully negate the feeling system.
    8. The spiritual safeguard of mind is human feeling, to signal the presence,
        and motivate the removal, of slivers and ultimately bring a return to
    9. As the mind is revamped under spiritual direction, physical
        consciousness expands to receive increasingly direct spiritual insight.
    10. "The Creator" will not interfere in the physical realm to rescue humans
        except in offering spiritual insight through the feeling system of each
        individual. For the creator exists within.
    11. Human destiny is to restore mental empowerment and spiritual
        expression through attuning to spiritual wisdom.


For evolution of consciousness, to restore fluidity of mind and to return to the
spiritually intended path, each human must listen and act upon feelings.

The Tenets of Creative Reality
    1.   The object of the physical "game" is to experience spirit in form, totality
         within limitation, light within darkness. The more expression, the better.
    2.   Physical reality is illusory, fluid, limited to time-space and the realm of
         mind. Spiritual reality is consciousness seeking expression and
         expansion. It is unlimited, universal, and everlasting creative power.
    3.   Spirit needs mind to physically create. Humans create their own
         physical reality by directing spiritual energy (will power) through the
         images of mind. Mind converts willfully chosen images into physical
         experience according to intention and belief.
    4.   Intention is communicated by the language of feeling in both directions,
         Spirit to human. Physically, Spirit guides individuals through approach
         and avoid feelings. Mentally, spiritual insights are received as direct

                                                        Gamma – New Beginnings

        thought, and spiritual judgements about beliefs are indicated by pleasure
        or pain.
    5. Humans communicate intention to Spirit through mental imagery,
        thoughts and feelings. (Feelings are the most powerful communicators
        given the present state of mental enmeshment).
    6. Mind creates. Thoughts surrounded in positive emotion will attract
        positive events. Thoughts surrounded in negative emotion will attract
        negative events.
    7. Fearing an undesirable event can keep it at bay, but fear generated
        safety contracts experience, collapsing it and frustrating spirit. Joy
        generates fulfillment and expands experience, and promoting the
        expansion of All That Is. (Eliminating conditions for negative emotional
        response, will eliminate the attraction of negative physical events.
        Promoting conditions for positive emotional experience, will attract
        positive, desirable events).
    8. There is no other creative source of experience. There is no valid
        fatalism, no "bad karma", no evil force manipulating human experience-
        --no valid blame to be placed. All events are created by individuals
    9. Spirit exists beyond space-time, in past, present and future.
    10. Some choices and destiny paths span lifetimes such that certain genetic
        and cultural conditions are created at birth to facilitate that direction.
    11. If negative events occur despite all attempts to follow spiritual intention,
        spiritual destiny beyond mind can be assumed. (Eventually, the positive
        outcomes will explain and justify any seemingly "negative" interim
    12. With spiritual intention and guidance, humans can create desired events
        and never again be victims of their own ignorance, nor be captive slaves
        within their own power.


Humans have total creative freedom. Mind creates reality, spirit empowers and
directs.Desirable physical outcomes are achieved in direct proportion to mental
liberation and accessibility to spiritual intention.

Gamma – New Beginnings

The Tenets of Social Structure
    1.  "Civilization" can only evolve if human nature is understood and
    2. Existing civilizations are based upon a norm of competition and self-
        preservation resulting from disconnection between mind and spirit.
    3. External dictates must be aligned with internal ones.
    4. Human needs for freedom, power, creativity, meaning and connection
        must be honored as "Rights" with expressive and developmental
        opportunities provided within social-political groupings.
    5. Standards of cooperation, acceptance and spiritually directed responses
        must be implemented across human institutions.
    6. Receptivity to Light Responses must be ensured in each.
    7. No limitations should be placed upon self determinism, free will, and
        personal choices which do not violate rights of others.
    8. Social sanctions should be placed upon unnecessary, uncooperative,
        self-preservationary reactions which violate others.
    9. Individuals must ensure that their institutions do not resist feedback and
        defend their own mass mental emotional boundaries.
        * When this happens, individuals must simply withdraw their support.
    10. Alterations to existing systems must come in manageable steps, without
        needless ripping of the fabric of society.


Individual contributions following reconnection between Mind & Spirit, will
motivate mass reconnection and social evolution.

With these first tenets passing into the house of mind and taking their rightful
place, we can now turn to discuss existing habits, pitfalls of thought and action
which have become "normal" and acceptable. These habits, in spiritual actuality,
are anything but normal and are no longer acceptable.

                                                         Gamma – New Beginnings

Lesson Two-A: The Power of Habit

A Gift of Mind
As we begin to reexamine each and every content of our mental houses, it is
critical to establish some preliminary new ideas about the mind itself.

The mind, as we now know, is a truly incredible resource. It is a separate entity
from spirit, although they interact. The mind is strictly a physical manifestation,
an accouterment of the human physical experience. It has many functions, all of
which are to serve spirit. It operates as a location, to focus spiritual consciousness
in the physical. It serves as a receptacle, to receive creative insight from spirit
and to store any and all mental tools (beliefs, ideas, and skills ---gems) which
allow its expression. It functions like a computer, connecting, processing and
organizing information to continuously refine the mental tools. And finally, it
operates like a converter to manifest in the physical, those events, opportunities,
and experiences which are spiritually desirable.

We also know that the mind can inadvertently get in the way of spirit and utilize
any of its abilities against their intended purpose. This is the price that comes
with free will. Humans have the choice of creating the mind in its entirety. Any
reality can spring from the position of mind. But such choice, for the most part, is
now lost as existing ideas from mass consciousness are foist upon the mind in
childhood which severely limit its abilities by focusing it upon one declared
"true" reality. One of the most powerful ways that this happens is through the
computer-like function which creates preprogrammed sequences of thought and
action, known as habit.

Habit is a truly wonderful, mental capability. It is the ability to store and repeat
an effective tool, skill or strategy so that it can be used time and again, rather
than having to create a new approach each time. Habits are developed through
conscious effort, through developmental learning experiences, just like a
computer programmer chooses what software and data to input. (The
programmed physiological responses and processes of the brain that run the
body, are not included in the category of habit as it is being defined).

Habits are choices, purposely added to mind and carried out by the physical brain
through its electrical chemical synaptic activity. Habits are learned, being
impressed upon the blank mental slate from the moment of birth and throughout

Gamma – New Beginnings

the lifetime. Learning good habits is purposeful self-development that facilitates
spiritual expression. Ideally, habits should only be created under the direction of
spiritual intention and altered the moment they diminish in their effectiveness.

Habits can be so well ingrained, certain functions can happen simultaneously
within the mind and consciousness need not even be disturbed. This ability
allows humans to do many things at the same time, while focusing their attention
upon that which is necessary and allowing the mind to do other things on
"automatic pilot".

There are two main types of habits, mental and physical. A mental habit is a
sequence of thought, like a computer macro, which rapidly goes through a series
of steps to complete a desired action, without the conscious involvement of the
operator at each interim step. One thought or feeling triggers the pattern and
consciousness is only aware of the result---if even that. The result has to be
above or below existing expectation to elicit a feeling to focus the awareness
upon the habitual effect. If the mind paints a reasonably accurate portrait of the
external world, expectation is often met habitually so that consciousness is
bypassed entirely.

Mental habits automatically associate former experiences, existing beliefs,
expectations and information with incoming information, to sort, classify, and
find meaning in each experience, quickly without much conscious effort.
Humans rely heavily upon mental habits to be versatile and successful in need-
meeting challenges in a wide variety of situations or cultural environments.

Attitudes are mental habits. They are preformulated judgements about incoming
stimulus which can help automatically classify and respond to incoming
information. Attitudes are intimately connected with the emotional system.
Attitudes connect existing beliefs to similar, previously judged, experience.
Attitudes which are in accordance with spiritual intention are wonderful things to
have. Attitudes that are not aligned with spirit can be very detrimental. If left
unexamined, they can reinforce inaccurate information and behavioral responses.

Choices of action are often based upon attitudes. For example, the attitude that
the world can be made into a wonderful, safe, accommodating and just place will
most likely motivate actions which will ultimately make it that way. On the other
hand, an attitude that is defensive, pessimistic, and competitive, will most likely
lead to actions that create further individual and emotional chaos.

                                                        Gamma – New Beginnings

Physical habits are motor skills which are patterns of muscular movement that
bring about a desired goal. Walking is a learned series of balanced movements
which becomes a habit. Playing a musical instrument or excelling in athletics or
dance are all based upon the formation of physical habits. Each and every such
pattern of physical movement which creates spiritual expression is a highly
desirable commodity.

Habits can greatly assist humans to take on tremendous challenges and juggle
many activities simultaneously. This can allow for multiple outlets for spirit to
maximize its expression. For example, think about when you are driving to work,
or to some other environment in which you can satisfy your needs. Perhaps your
spirit finds pleasure in music so you are listening to your radio. Your mind is
thinking about a task that awaits you at your destination. You are strategizing for
the hours to come, as well as reflecting upon events earlier in the day, you are
navigating traffic, and perhaps even drinking a cup of coffee.

Then suddenly, a particularly pleasing song from your past comes on the radio
and you begin to sing along with it. As you are singing, you suddenly remember
a project that you did not finish the previous day. You then immediately begin
thinking about what you are going to do to complete the project as soon as you
get to work. But the mind is so adept in its use of habits that you do not even skip
a beat of the song you are singing as these other thoughts intrude into your
consciousness. Indeed, your singing has gone on auto-pilot, as has your driving
and your consciousness is free to receive other insights and thoughts. If someone
should suddenly cut you off in traffic, your consciousness would immediately be
returned to the focus of driving, allowing you to take defensive action. All this is
possible due to the mind's ability to operate through habit.

Habits of Defense: The Self-Preservationary Impulse
We know now that the hardwired defense responses exist in the body to ensure
human survival. Defensive action which avoids a car accident is an excellent
example of when this response is effective and appropriate. Defensive responses
that honor, protect and maintain the boundaries of spirit are essential and many
are hardwired into the body. But body defenses can quickly generalize to mind, if
the critical boundary between mind and spirit is not recognized and scrupulously
honored. Until now, the self has been a mishmash of mental, physical and
spiritual processes all lumped together. Defense responses of mind have become

Gamma – New Beginnings

an accepted part of human experience. But they are not innate. They are
formulated exclusively through learning and reinforced through habit. They lie
within the realm of willful control and are resolvable.

Humans do not need to concern themselves terribly much with gaining conscious
control over the hardwired defensive responses that protect spiritual emotional
boundaries; they will come naturally when allowed. But, it is essential to guard
against habitual defenses. (Fight and Flight responses) that protect boundaries of
mind. For it is the ever-evolving habits of mind that will direct and control the
alternate, beneficial, developmental (Right) and expressive (Light) responses.
Besides, any situation that is dire enough to invoke physical survival responses
probably warrants them anyway.

It is the defensive habits of mind which now need to be addressed with a more
detailed focus. Since there has never been an accurate understanding of the
spiritual emotional sense, there have arisen many external dictates and ideas
within the Mind of Man which perpetuate the development of defense habits of
mind. We now know the goal of mind is to expand and never to defend and
preserve, yet defense is the hardwired automatic motivation. The hardwired
response, however, can be overridden by purposeful habit development which
counteracts self-preservationary impulses whenever the true need is to develop
mind. These mental defenses, however, cannot be counteracted until they are
clearly identified.

The basic defensive responses of Fight and Flight can take many forms in the
realm of mental habit. But there are several clearly "human" patterns which can
be readily observed. They are counter to spiritual intention; they violate the
response rules; they keep the motivation and behavior in a mode of competitive
self-preservation; and they must be consciously eliminated to restore maximum
progress upon the Destiny Path. They can now be known as the Eight Deadly

The Eight Deadly Habits
The eight deadly habits can be seen in actions throughout human history---in
wars, in political, judicial and social trends, in art forms such as literature, poetry,
dramatic theater and film. They can be seen as factors which underlie rules,
codes, mores, religious tenets and even laws. They each perpetuate relationship
breakdown, severing human connection. They offer evidence of man's "innate

                                                        Gamma – New Beginnings

immorality" and "sin" and "evil" capacity. But they are not part and parcel of a
spiritually intended human nature. They are choices and mental habits which are
imparted without conscious intention and left unchecked. Such habits almost
always temporarily satisfy one or more of the spiritual needs, but always at the
expense of another---creating further spiritual pain. They can and should be
reversed. Each of these patterns only occurs if the rules of response are broken
(Right>Light>Fight>Flight). They occur when Flight and Fight come before or in
place of Right and Light responses. But since they are so habitual, so prevalent
and so accepted, they require special mention.

The first four deadly habits fall into the broad category of resistance. This is the
wrongful tendency to preserve mind, which springs from the rightful tendency
and innate impulse to preserve spirit and its body. Resistance disallows the mind
to even receive the spirit's incoming information necessary to right itself.
Resistance is tantamount to keeping the doors to the mental house firmly closed,
so that nothing ever comes into the receiving room, let alone the spiritual
judgment room. Resistance is essentially the Flight Response which seeks to
avoid or escape any incoming information which may cause pain.

But as we know, such spiritual pain is a necessary signal pointing to that which
needs to be altered in order to accommodate, develop and express the spirit.
Humans are quite hearty indeed when it comes to pain. But the highest levels of
fear and anger are only experienced when faulty ideas---slivers---remain
protected within the walls of the mental house due to resistance. The small levels
of necessary growing pain are very easy for humans to handle. They can even be
invigorating. Unfortunately, through habit, all pain gets lumped together and a
defensive posture of avoiding all pain sets the stage for resistance.

Resistance is the antithesis of open acceptance. It comes in many subtle forms.
We have already discussed the concept of denial and how certain things are
simply not admitted into the consciousness. Denial, of course, is synonymous
with resistance. To truly communicate the depth of its insidiousness, we will
point to some major forms of denial which may make the concept more readily
recognizable in everyday thought and action.

Gamma – New Beginnings

Resistant Escapism
The most common form of resistance is escapism. Escaping the challenging
situation immediately removes the pain, for the consciousness is quickly
refocused. Of course, escapism is often necessary and healthful, when willfully
and rationally chosen and utilized sparingly . For example, in the modern world,
humans scramble about directing their energies in many different directions in
order to juggle their need-meeting responsibilities in a crazy man-made world ill
suited for spirit. This can be physically and mentally exhausting and certain
"down times" are necessary to maintain the physical health of the body.

In such cases, a little escapism into the physical and mental realms of relaxation
are good choices. This is why universal patterns of work schedules have been
adopted in varying forms across human civilizations. Days off, break periods,
and vacations are commonly understood to be healthful and necessary. The
underlying reason is that spirit requires certain changes in routine, alterations of
experience, time to refocus and reevaluate the goals and strategies of mind. Such
periods should always follow times of intensity in order to maintain the spiritual
balance required and ensure physical health.

Escapism is always driven by the self preservationary impulse. When the mind
and body are overtaxed, the spirit cries out through its feelings that down times
are necessary for health and maintenance of the body---self preservation.
Feelings of exhaustion, distress and fatigue are all signs from the spirit to slow
down, relax and reflect. Remember, spirit is encoded in body to safeguard and
protect its physical and mental needs. Spirit has ensured survival in this manner
throughout the history of humankind. Such urges from the spirit are to be heeded
immediately so that mind and body are given the care they deserve.

Another very useful aspect of this retreat mechanism is to ensure that the mind
will not be overwhelmed by an overpowering challenge. This is the innate
tendency to deny that which is exceptionally disturbing to one's sense of order,
justice and meaning. Any daunting task or challenge can be approached with
much more vigorous action if there is an optimistic, but perhaps less realistic
understanding of the challenge at hand. In such cases denial allows the mind to
parcel out a huge challenge or mental shift into smaller parts. With this strategy,
the mind can still utilize existing skills while slowly conquering tremendous
challenges. It is not unheard of for a human to utter, "If I had known how hard
this would be, I never would have tried in the first place. But now I'm glad I did".

                                                       Gamma – New Beginnings

t certain times, shielding oneself from such intensity motivates the courage
necessary for monumental accomplishments.

These are the "good" types of escapism. They maintain and protect spiritual
boundaries. They are the kind necessary to ensure that spirit in flesh can handle
the pace and expectations of the mind. Spirit will always direct these actions, in
ways that maintain fulfillment of all the needs, as well as the protection of the
physical form. The accurately interpreted feelings of spirit will motivate
appropriate escapes. This type of self preservation will ensure that the mind does
not get overly ambitious and overtax the limitations of the body.

The other type---the deadly type---those to be extremely cautious about, are
directed by mind. It is essential to be aware of the difference between these two
types of escapism. Remember: Self-preservation, hardwired to protect boundaries
of spirit, also generalizes to the boundaries of mind unless humans specifically
reinterpret certain feeling signals. Mental escapism allows ideas to remain in the
mind which limit the spirit, setting the stage for huge life strategies to be built
upon faulty foundations. Escapism denies comprehension of experience which
opposes the existing framework of belief. This occurs when items are in the
"Gem Room" which have never been willfully and consciously sent through the
"Spiritual Judgement" chamber. This is the type of escapism to avoid altogether.
But at a minimum to ensure it never becomes habitual.

On the surface it may sound difficult to tell the difference between good and bad
escapism. But there are several ways of distinguishing between the two. First,
different emotional feelings will be experienced. When spirit is asking you to
slow down and escape briefly, or to rethink a strategy into smaller more
manageable portions, the feeling will relate to unmet needs. This will be clear.
You will feel that some needs are being met at the expense of others and that it is
time to reflect and reprioritize to ensure that you are on the best track for
maximum spiritual development and expression.

These types of signals will be callings from your spirit to make needed mental
and physical changes. They will be the specific feelings of spirit (anger, sadness,
or fear) or the bodily feelings of physical and mental fatigue. If the feeling is
simply the anxiety of a growing pain, or any of the emotions of mind (guilt,
shame, embarrassment, etc.) then escapism is not the optimal response choice.
This is also true of inaccurately appraised spiritual feelings, when misperceptions
of mind are truly the source of the imbalance.

Gamma – New Beginnings

The second way to tell, is that choosing escapism inappropriately will bring
additional negative feelings of spirit after the fact, to indicate this wrongful
choice. If escapism is chosen to avoid necessary learning experiences then one's
world will contract rather than expand. For instead of developing more and more
ways for spirit to find expression, this erects emotional boundaries of mind that
narrow the mental comfort zone. Such contraction is frustrating to spirit and
brings further dissonant feelings such as boredom and fear. Boredom indicates
spirit is confined and seeks new adventures and experiences. Fear will be
experienced at the thought of environments and challenges for which adequate
skills have not yet been developed. Guilt is also experienced, as well as envy,
when others who have risen to such challenges, model their successes and the
self feels threatened by comparison. Through these feelings, the spirit is saying:
"You can do that too! Get busy!"

True resistant escapism is always in direct response to emotional pain. It
becomes habitual quite quickly, due to the self-preservation mechanism and lack
of human understanding of how to heed the voice of spirit. When escapism is
habitual, it becomes quite unconscious and comfortable. Escapism can become
such an ingrained habit that potentially painful situations are avoided altogether
to maintain that comfort. Of course, this means that instead of freedom and ever-
expanding arenas of activity, the world becomes narrow and limited to existing
environment and challenges that can already be met in familiar ways. Resistant
escapism frustrates the need for freedom, development and expression. It can
also frustrate the need for spiritual connection if the tendency actually keeps
individuals from interacting with each other. There are far too many individuals
with habitual strategies of escapism. Many band together in groups who stand
firm against the world with rigid "cultlike" mentalities which are closed to
experimental input.

Just about anything can become a habit of escape. Even positive pleasurable
experiences if sought in direct response to emotional pain can become habitual
derailers. Any behaviors which are pleasurable and fulfilling are ripe to become
possible escapist habits. These include: eating, working, playing, making love,
reading, watching television, hobbies, computing---virtually anything. Then of
course, there are the more obviously insidious escapes into alcohol, nicotine, and
other drugs. Many obsessive, compulsive and addictive behaviors are rooted in
resistant escapism.

                                                       Gamma – New Beginnings

The line can be drawn between healthy and unhealthy pleasure by determining
the spirit in which the choice is made to partake of them and by watching for the
subsequent emotions they bring. If the response rules are always followed, such
strategies will be recognized and eliminated from the house of mind. Resistance
is an insidious habit. Resistance is the choice to deny life and human experience.
Its deadly pattern can take root in several alternate forms.

This discussion will continue to expose the deadly habits, but resistant escapism
can be well disguised. It is also the first deadly habit which sets the stage for
others to follow suit, perpetuating a destructive cycle of self-preservationary
action. It is first suggested that you begin examining your daily actions and
expose each act of resistant escapism. This shall be a beginning step along the
path of developing replacement habits.

Gamma – New Beginnings

Lesson   Two-B: The Power of Habit
Deadly Habits Of Self Preservation(cont.)

Resistant Defensiveness
The second deadly habit keeps important information on the outside of mind by
bouncing it back with defensive thoughts and comments. These can take many
forms. But each is designed to minimize or deflect any emotional feedback
information which could be considered painful---even a minor anxious, growing
pain. This can become so habitual that nearly all suggestions and offerings to
Light are deflected and self-development comes to a near halt.

Many perspectives, although quite valid, can serve to stop incoming information
contrary to existing mindsets. Simple acceptance of incoming information
ensures that each piece will have its fair hearing in the Spiritual Judgment room
of mind. Rationalizations are wonderful tools of deflective defense. Self
righteousness is a very successful defense, as is suspicion, prejudice, justification,
explanation and self-deprecation. These are all seemingly innocent acts which are
forms of mental resistance that keep incoming information at bay. They refuse to
accept accountability of situations that arise. They keep potentially painful
information safely hidden outside the walls of the house of mind, by insisting that
the source of the problem exists externally.

Mental receptivity is essential for self development. Allowing in feedback
information, no matter how painful, is the first step to heeding and acting upon
the voice of spirit---living in the light. It is crucial to honestly observe your
interactionary behavior and carefully note whether or not any thoughts, actions,
or comments seek to deflect information rather than allow it in. Resistance
defense maintains mental boundaries by keeping the conscious focus upon
existing ideas so that incoming information is simply not absorbed or even heard.
Such defense habits comprise a great deal of "normal" human interaction. They
can be quite subtle but every bit as detrimental as the most dramatic forms of

Resistant Self-Deception
By far the most insidious habit of resistance is that of self-deception. This is the
simple act of lying to one's self and pretending that certain experiences are simply

                                                         Gamma – New Beginnings

not occurring. Self-deception keeps the bad feelings at bay by blatantly denying
the reality of the experience.

One of the most effective ways to deceive one's self, is to tell lies to others. In
fact, every act of deception, every spoken falsehood, whether harmless or violent,
is an act of self-deception. At its source, a lie seeks to convince all concerned that
circumstances are not as they are. To bear false witness is to exploit the
vulnerability of human mind, both its unlimited capacity to create reality and its
helpless reliance upon external sensory information. Deception is a violation of
the trust necessary for civilized, cooperative living. Of the broadly accepted
religious commandments, this is the most spiritually legitimate.

Although the power of creative reality is such that creative visualization can
actually alter probable events, there is a huge difference between creative thought
and self-deception. Creativity fully acknowledges the degree of challenge
necessary to obtain a desired result. It allows in all information signals and
utilizes them to build the best mental skills to make it actual. Deception seeks to
minimize the challenge or get around it in a lazy sub-spiritual attempt to reduce
the necessary effort. Even "little white lies" are deceptive and dishonoring. They
ignore the impetus to honestly express and are best converted to honest truths,
couched in the most compassionate and cooperative terms, and offered as Light

All forms of resistance share the common goal of leaving the incoming
information outside the mental door so that any pain can be avoided. These habits
can bring human evolution to its knees. But resistance is not the only problem.
For information can be allowed in, "truths" imparted directly into the gem room
without having gone through the spiritual advisory. This inserts slivers and
allows them to drive the actions and minimize the choices of its master. These
slivers are allowed to fester and bring the next class of deadly habit---resentment.

Once the faulty ideas have been allowed into the mind, they continue to frustrate
the spirit. Like resistance keeps things out, resentment holds them in. The beauty
of the spiritual wisdom, however, is that it responds to slivers pronouncing its
negative judgment upon them through feelings of emotional pain. So even though
these ideas have bypassed the conscious judgment process, they are still subject

Gamma – New Beginnings

to its safety-net effect. Thus, the negative feelings will build into a new energy
called resentment.

This condition allows the individual to harbor ill will toward the falsely identified
source of his or her troubles, never considering the possibility that a change
within self is necessary, nor utilizing their rightful power. This habit springs from
lack of understanding of the personal will power and the flexibility of mind.
Resentment is counter to spiritual intention, it is competitive and self-
preservationary, so it creates further pain. This energy builds and haunts the mind
and creates victim-like events to bring the slivers to the attention of the master of
the mental house.

Resentment is a lingering feeling of frustration which prompts new ideas to
counter them. Oftentimes, instead of removing the first slivers, new ones are
added like a scaffolding of mental explanations for one's woes. Oftentimes other
people or situations are cited as responsible for the unpleasant events in a given
person's life. When there is a perception of an external limitation, spiritual anger
will be experienced. Resentment allows the anger to stew inside when one insists
an outside source is responsible for an inside problem, bringing further negative

Resentful Blame
Eventually this resentment will bring about mental changes. But most often, it
brings further faulty explanations for bad events and assigns distorted "meaning."
This type of psychic finger-pointing is another of the deadly habits. It is known as

Feelings of anger, guilt, envy, anxiety, or shame often motivate a blaming
response. The act of blame is a maladaptive Flight Response in which the
external realm is held accountable for internal problems. To blame, is to think
that it might be due to Karma, or the weather, or the configuration of the stars, or
the secret government, that things are not going as the individual plans. Such
finger pointing can bring temporary postponement of feelings but never true
spiritual fulfillment. For the underlying dissonance always remains, creating
further negativity in feeling and experience.

The tone and personality of the habitual blamer, will be angry, frustrated,
impotent and often a martyred victim. There will be ongoing helplessness,

                                                        Gamma – New Beginnings

disempowerment and negative emotions since the problems will never be
adequately addressed. Modern society often promotes blaming, with its fault-
finding judicial system and general misconceptions regarding the mind's potential
to create reality.

In sum, resistant blame is counter-productive. It defends internal limited mindsets
by creating false external limitations. The appropriate response to any true
external limitation is the Light Response, wherein cooperative alternations to the
situation are achieved. This could be through persuasion of another person whose
limited perspective does not honor nor accommodate your needs. Blame,
however, does nothing but ensure further limitation.

With continuing habits of resistance to incoming feedback, resentment grows
into contempt---and the next deadly habit hostility . With this shift, a permanent
assessment against another person or situation is incorporated into the mind,
Eventually the energy will build to the point that genuine hatred will be felt
toward those who have been blamed. This will allow the formation of certain
strategies to counteract the evil efforts of the agitator, no matter how unrealistic
this assessment is in the perspective of others.

The harboring of ill will toward another does nothing but channel that energy
inward and disrupt the natural flow necessary to maintain positive balance and
physical health. But the energy continues to build since the actual source of the
problem has never been addressed, ushering in the next class of deadly habit.

When the lingering resentment and hostility builds to unbearable proportions,
some external outlet is necessary to ensure self-preservation. The remaining
deadly habits fall into the category of external venting and seeking revenge upon
the blamee. Blaming and hostility lie in the mental realm---revenge takes the
Fight Response into the physical realm. To think it is one thing, but to further act
upon hostility is quite another. Many reprehensible and evil acts follow the
habitual motive to get even.

Revenge often seeks to lower another to a less intimating level of comparison.
Revenge is to inflict pain back upon the one that has been assumed to have
caused it. It is the urge born from hurt to hurt back. When the spirit feels lowly

Gamma – New Beginnings

and small, trapped within its mental straight-jacket, the feelings can prompt
changes which bring others down to the low and small position rather than
elevating the self.

Revenge always directly springs from anger which often grows from unexamined
and misdirected feelings of guilt, envy, anxiety or shame. But this form of anger
springs from the limitations and expectations of mind, rather than any valid
external obstacle. As long as the human race continues, there will always be
plenty of opportunity for people to be hurt by others. Whether the hurt is one
from misconceived ignorance or comes from a deliberate act of aggression, pain
upon human interaction is inevitable.

Vengeful Gossip
Revenge can often masquerade as seemingly harmless acts and comments. It
starts with small external comments, remarks, and suggestions, not directly
focused upon the source. Gossip is a form of revenge. Often times when one is
hurt by comparison to another, no matter how mildly, it is often the act of choice
to belittle that person behind their back. This is an act of cowardice which does
not clear the air with the person believed to be at issue, but rather allows the
gossip to feel escapist pleasure in the position of power that their words assume.
The initial painful feeling should have instead motivated an inward reflection and
the addition of a conscious goal to either gain the desirable quality, or a mental
shift to truly accept the impossibility of doing so. With this type of internal
adjustment, future situations are not likely to invoke the same feelings.

For example, a woman feels envy upon meeting another who is a particularly
beautiful and an accomplished artist. With this feeling, the spirit within is
suggesting "you can do that too!" Instead of bad-mouthing the artist, the woman
commits herself to practicing and studying ways to express her own artistic
talent. Such an adjustment should not include trying to convince herself of her
own inferiority by comparison in the beauty department. The physical
embodiment is part of spirit and cannot, nor should not, be changed, defiled, or
rejected for any reason. Certain physical forms are often chosen for specific
purposes aligned with the Destiny Path. Adopting the freeing attitude of
developing all those talents and abilities that can be brought forth and accepting
the physical form as is, is the most beneficial strategy. Remember, the spirit as
well as its body, its appearance, its needs and desires, cannot be changed by

                                                        Gamma – New Beginnings

anything mental. Only the mind can change by adding new ideas, strategies,
perceptions, values, and skills.

It takes particular strength of spirit to reject the many judgmental ideas from mass
consciousness regarding the human form, its appearances and processes. Existing
society prompts many envious feelings. Certain unrealistic standards are foist
upon individuals and accepted, pitting mind against spirit. Such an act always
leads to further emotional pain and self-depreciation and eventually depression. If
such ideas are not rejected, unrealistic comparisons are inevitable, eliciting
negative emotions. Such feelings when misunderstood, motivate escapism and
vengeance instead of the necessary self-development (a Right Response).

Eventually, even the most adept practitioner of vengeful gossip will need a more
direct outlet. The anger will continue to build until it is expressed. The emotional
system is such that the spirit will never be satisfied until the actual source of the
dissonance has been addressed. And, of course, the mind can declare what that
source is, depending upon its contents. It will decide the source of dissonance,
whether it be right (in accordance with spiritual intention) or it be wrong (as
perceived through a distorted mental lens) due to continuing resistance.

But right or wrong, if the mind is utterly convinced in its belief, the spirit will
motivate external changes upon the source directed in the Fight Response.
Although this will perpetuate survival, it is not appropriate unless the response
rules have been observed. In the situation of building resentment, all behavioral
motivations are based upon faulty information that has never been fully
examined, acknowledged or understood.

Vengeful Aggression
If the mental corrections are still not made, eventually the energy will build into
direct expression of anger against the persons or situation believed to be at issue.
This is known as the deadly habit of vengeful aggression.

Such aggression can take the subtle form of passive aggression, or it can be more
direct. But in each case, the anger is directed outward before any internal work
has occurred. For example, in the case of the enviable woman, the envious one
might make some back-handed complement which actually insults or judges the
woman harshly. Such as, "Your use of color is surprisingly sophisticated".

Gamma – New Beginnings

Vengeful aggression is successful at venting the emotion, for it does indeed
address the perceived source of the problem. But it has violated the response
rules; it serves only self-preservation, and it is only a temporary fix. The true
source of the problem lies within the beliefs and limitations of mind, not in the
external other or situation. Nevertheless, with pent-up emotion, humans will
inevitably lash out at those whom they have blamed.

These mini violations upon another generally remain in the verbal realm. They
are serious enough in their effects. But when enough emotional energy is
accumulated, there will be an external explosion in the physical realm of much
greater significance.

Vengeful Violence
This is the deadly habit of vengeance violence. It is due to vengeful violations
that laws and punishments have arisen. It is the source of the human reputation
for evil capacity. It has become accepted as an inevitable human action, although
it is truly a habit born of ignorance within a misguided mind, that is learned and
can be unlearned.

When anger is vented physically upon another person or a group of people, this is
the ultimate maladaptive, anti-spiritual human act. It obliterates any semblance of
cooperation and reduces everyone involved to self-preservationary stances. What
is truly evil, is that vengeful violation can be taught as perfectly respectable and
necessary. Beliefs can be instilled which manipulate the emotional fight and
flight responses to gain certain ends. Fear and anger can be invoked and
marshaled by strong and charismatic leaders to gain compliance and participation
in quite heinous acts.

This can be done with such effectiveness, that the anger may not even be
associated with the act itself. Instead, temporary feelings of loyalty
connectedness, and the fulfillment can come from committing atrocities while
following advice of such a master. Thus it is essential to become a powerful
master over one's own mind.

Not much needs to be mentioned about vengeful violation, since human history
speaks of its peril endlessly. But it is essential to make the connection between
mental resistance and where it leads. It is also important to know that it is

                                                         Gamma – New Beginnings

spiritually necessary to vigorously defend one's self against such violation by
another. If Light Responses are insufficient, turning the other cheek against a
motivated violator will not suffice. This is when a Fight Response for self
preservation of spirit is in order. Until civilization becomes just that, this will be
the case. In time, as more enlightened ideas are incorporated into mass
consciousness, there shall begin a trend of fewer and fewer violations.

In the current state of humanity, it is imperative to draw attention to the fact that
each of the deadly habits are just that, unconscious, repetitive acts that bypass the
consciousness and wreak havoc upon individuals and humanity.

The Cycle Of Resistance
What is most devastating to human purpose, progress and evolution, is that the
eight deadly habits combine together into a vicious and self-reinforcing cycle of
behavior. This is when the emotional signal sounds, informing the mind that spirit
is frustrated. This signal is met with some form of resistance, in which the
feedback is not allowed into consciousness and the message of the spirit is lost.
When this is allowed to occur, the original problem remains and the emotion
lingers causing further agitation and motivation to fight and take flight.

As long as the emotion remains blocked, the energy will build, allowing the mind
to haphazardly make assumptions that assign meaning where none truly exists.
The building emotion is held as resentment, and eventually expressed outward in
some form of vengeance against the assumed source of the problem. Whoever is
the target of the vengeance will, of course, respond to it in some way. If this
response is resistance and the mind is not righted to accept the limitations of the
vengeful one, the habit would be to return the vengeful favor. This second
vengeful act will most likely be experienced as negative feedback, provoking
further emotional pain within the original person. Again, the pain may be met
with habitual resistance, then resentment and with vengeance, cast back upon the

The anger will bounce back and forth between the two like a Ping-Pong ball in a
deadly game of self-preservation. This is an incredible expenditure of energy. It
diverts the attention away from stated goals and allows the entities to spin their
human wheels---to while away their potential and live in pain and frustration, as
well as allowing the creation of a hellish world.

Gamma – New Beginnings

Sadly, this is how more humans operate than not. Civilizations are based upon
this cycle of behavior, in the "knowledge" that this is the extent of human
potential and that their only purpose is one of self-preservation. This is why
systems of external control have arisen. From religious moral dictates, all the way
to lengthy legal codes, such external controllers of the evil human exist in each
and every grouping. These "truths" of mass consciousness continue to perpetuate
the learning of the habitual cycle of self-preservation. It is no wonder that humans
born into such structures learn to rely upon external control. With such ingrained
truths, the concept of internal control is foreign, and the concept of internal
guidance, innate morality, and spiritual intention even more so. These "truths" are
the seeds that grow into habits of human disempowerment.

To weed these habits from the mental garden is the first step to re-empowerment.
This cycle is learned. It can---and must ---be unlearned. For it is essential to
reconnect with the internal guidance and begin to live as fully functional human

To break the habits and stop the cycle, the answer is human purpose. Resistance
is learned and becomes habitual only because there is no understanding of the
message of emotion. The self-preservationary impulse overtakes mind and body.
Acceptance is the antithesis of resistance. Acceptance based upon clear
knowledge and faith in human purpose is the counterpart habit needed to replace

When a human being understands that the true purpose is self-development and
expression, each situation is interpreted through this lens. Self preservation is
seen for what it is---limiting. Each daily occurrence becomes highly significant
and each piece of incoming information is welcomed with open mental arms. For
each moment of each day can allow the opportunity to self-develop; to adjust the
mind in concert with the incoming information, rather than to resist its validity.

This continues to broaden its boundaries, adding gems to the ever-expanding
mental house. With each successful act of self-development comes a counterpart
potential for additional self-expression. With each act of self-expression comes
the resonance of fulfillment in Universal Joy. This is living in the light. This is
living on purpose. This is the human experience as the Creator intended it to be.
Breaking the deadly habits will take serious effort, but progress can flow quickly
and naturally when the focus remains upon purpose. We can now discuss the

                                                    Gamma – New Beginnings

more positive habits that are developed in concert with spirit that foster the
maximum levels of human joy possible in earthly experience.

Gamma – New Beginnings

Lesson Three-A: The Life-Giving Habits of Self-Development

The deadly habits spring from resistance to incoming information. This touches
off a cycle of struggle as humans defend the inaccurate mental boundaries instead
of identifying and removing them. The experience is then one of fear, self-
preservation, and competition as prime motivators, and the creation of chaotic,
"random," and often unpleasant events which seem to come out of nowhere.
Resistance to incoming information is resistance to experience, and ultimately
resistance to spiritual intention. Living from an operational base of deadly habits
has reduced the human condition to a perpetual state of spiritual frustration---a
state which is screaming "FIX THIS!!!"

The solution is simple and profound. The answer is the antithesis of resistance---
it is acceptance. Acceptance reverses the misplaced impulse to defend or self-
preserve a limited mind by opening it wide to experience. Open acceptance faces
the fear and moves through it, finding the belief source which is festering in the
mind. Acceptance heeds the message of the fear and acts upon it correctively.
Open acceptance allows the Earthly experience to be evaluated by spirit,
liberating it from the judgments, physical illusion, and isolation of mind. When
unimpeded by resistance and respected as the messengers of spirit, the feeling
signals can at last be allowed to do their job. Then--- and only then ---can
purposeful, meaningful, fulfilling experience begin.

Once restored upon the intended path, the individual is then reconnected with the
Spirit and living in the Light. Human feeling then takes its rightful place as the
internal guide. Its signals are carefully analyzed and acted upon, following the
response rules. This tremendously speeds progress, leads to the intended joyous
feeling state, the creation of desired meaningful events, and fosters an ever-
expanding arena for spiritual development and expression. Fear becomes only a
casual visitor, and only when learning is in order. And resistance is cast aside as a
vestige of ignorance.

Open acceptance creates a positive cycle of thought and action that can become
habitual to instantly deliver optimal responses and experiences. Acceptance opens
the door to each and every incoming experience, regardless of whether it feels
good or bad. In fact, the earliest acceptance of the stuff that feels bad affords the
quickest response time. This allows levels of fear and other pain to remain

                                                        Gamma – New Beginnings

relatively minor and never to build to the horrific proportions now routinely
experienced by far too many humans.

The Role of Judgment
The key to building the habit of acceptance lies in understanding the nature of
judgment. Many great leaders have heralded the warning message of human
judgment, but it has not yet been correctly absorbed and applied. A clear
understanding of the problem must start with a review of the capacities of mind.

The mind is a tremendous gift with incredible capabilities designed for the task of
creating optimal spiritual expression in human experience. Mind as a receptacle
acts as gatekeeper, defining the bounds of individual self-identity. Mind as a
computer performs rational, informational processing to store, classify, sort,
merge and utilize ideas in incredibly useful ways. Decisions and conclusions
result from such processing, which in turn, motivate thoughts and actions which
are tested in the world. These thoughts and actions are then evaluated against the
external results that they achieve. If the strategies behind the actions are sound,
they would meet with success in fulfilling spiritual needs in the world. This
success would be signaled by good feelings. If mental belief strategies were not
adequate, they would meet with failure and bad feelings. Such successes or
failures then are remembered, and taken into the self-identity of the human.

The evaluation step is where the confusion over judgment lies. The mind is
unlimited in what it can contain and how complex it can become. It can creatively
evaluate any scenario based upon its beliefs---including rationalization, psychic
blaming, and even delusion--- virtually anything goes within the powerful
"brain". Mind has no way within its own boundaries to determine the accuracy of
its evaluation. Mind, by itself, cannot measure the rightness or wrongness of its
choices. It requires the spirit; an understanding of its intention, and how it speaks
through the language of human feeling.

The dangerous kind of human judgment is that which allows mind to perform the
evaluation all by itself. This is a profound point: Mind alone cannot---and
therefore should not---judge.

Recall the problem of Emotional Boundaries. The purpose of mental boundaries
is to separate one human from another, to provide a uniquely individual focus of
experience, and to allow that focus to freely direct and choose life events.

Gamma – New Beginnings

Boundaries of mind are intended to continuously expand as the purpose of self-
development is carried out. In contrast, boundaries of spirit are those defined by
the Creator and encoded within the body. They must not be changed. They must
be actively maintained, protected and defended to ensure at minimum, self
preservation, and ultimately, the intended purposeful self-expression. The mind
must be as actively developed as the spirit must be actively defended to
accomplish the fully-intended human experience.

But motivation to defend spiritual boundaries can mistakenly direct the mind to
stop developing and defend its current state. This creates the problem of human
judgment. A defensive mind closes itself to experience and cuts itself off from the
necessary spiritual evaluation. For the mind cannot go outside of itself to bring in
new information without conscious involvement of its master. It can only base its
decisions upon that which already exists as knowledge, belief, attitude or habit.
As we know, there are no garbage chutes in the house of mind where the faulty
ideas are automatically shuttled away. Slivers can sit side by side with gems until
they are noticed and actively removed. They are noticed only through conscious
feeling experience. Such evaluative information must be actively invited---
accepted---into the mind.

The feedback cycle is dependent upon action. Action, and the feeling experience
that follows, is the only way to invite new evaluation information. Test actions
invoke the spiritual judge and allow feelings to determine how well the mind is
equipped to meet spiritual needs. Then corrective actions ---Right, Light and
Fight responses---follow the feelings which adapt the mind or alter the world to
facilitate spiritual expression.

The judgment problem arises when the mind evaluates---judges---a situation by
itself before active experience, in a habitual sequence of thoughts that result in
limiting action choices. Such habit can allow the mind to direct actions which
avoid and resist the very experience for which the spirit cries out. But since mind
creates events, based upon its contents, it will also attract unpleasant events
which point out the same inadequacies it is defending. Such a person will fall
"victim" to "bad luck," accidents," or "misfortunes"---all of which mirror
perfectly the limiting beliefs that create them. This is a dangerous cycle of
misdirected will energy and self-preservationary impulse, which relegates
humans to a brutish and minimal physical experience now the norm on earth.
This is the condition which must be relieved. It is now time to heed this timeless
message: judge not.

                                                        Gamma – New Beginnings

In short, the mind must accept---even seek out---experience in order to keep itself
aligned with spiritual intention. Mind simply must be actively developed. It is a
common understanding that the human brain only uses one tenth of its
capabilities. This is simply due to the lack of adequate mental self-development.
Until the mind is harnessed, the feeling route to spiritual intent must be fully
utilized, for the actual percentage of harnessed mind power is much lower.
Humans have not yet even imagined the mental potential which awaits within.

Clarity of Purpose
Building habits of acceptance rely upon clarity of purpose. The only way to rise
above the automatic, biological imperative of self-preservation of body, is to
actively focus upon the higher purpose of self-development of mind for
expression of spirit. This is the true goal of the preservationary impulse---to keep
humans alive until they finally answer the jammed signal of spiritual feeling and
awaken to their intended purpose---the Divine human purpose of self-
development and expression.

It bears repeating that the human purpose is to fully express spirit in the
physical form. This requires first the development of mind---the vehicle of
expression in the physical experience. Cultural, mental self development is the
only route to physical, genetic, spiritual self-expression.

To focus with clarity upon purpose is to see beyond the momentary impulse to
self-preserve, compete, or violate. With consciousness of purpose certain feelings
automatically signal the need for mental development. The mind can then seek
and create strategies which broaden its boundaries under the ever-present
direction of spirit. Purpose is the shining beacon which pierces the darkness,
guiding humans toward spiritual reward.

Faith in Spirit
From purpose springs the next replacement belief---foundational faith in spirit.
Purpose points the way but faith empowers the movement. Faith allows spirit to
energize the body and mind. Faith in individual spirit is faith in Universal Spirit.
Those who live in faith, bear life's challenges without the draining heaviness of
doubt and fear. Faith in spirit brings optimism, energy, vigor, and vitality to every

Gamma – New Beginnings

Faith in spirit already belongs to each and every human being. Although it may
be buried deep beneath the trappings of belief, or the pains of fear and doubt, it is
there. Recognition of spirit is hardwired into the human body and it is "felt" in
many natural, universal, human experiences. It comes in a flood of feeling---that
swell of love and joy from within upon connecting with Universal Spirit.

This feeling may have been associated with any number of experiences, but each
held the common quality of resonance with the Creator---that unmistakable
feeling of divine joy upon recognition and attunement to the ever-presence and
intention of All That Is. It is a feeling which begins in the solar plexus, the energy
center just below the heart, and washes through the body-mind, bringing a peace-
like contentment, and an instantaneous unshakable knowledge of the meaning,
wisdom, beauty, order and rightness of the universe.

This feeling may have accompanied an interaction with nature's wonders of
creation, in a moment of awe and appreciation of a fawn in a thicket, a magic
sunset, the unfolding of petals of a flower, or a starry night sky. Or it may have
been associated with the unmistakable communion of spirits, that deep
connection experienced as love. It may have been a moment where the soul was
moved to tears by a powerful, creative expression of another kindred spirit, be it
musical, artistic or poetic. Or it may have been experienced through a moment of
creative insight---a breakthrough in understanding.

It may have been experienced through a religious framework, wherein the
presence of the Creator or other higher powers are simply known and felt within
each fiber of the being. The unmistakable presence of spirit may have poured
forth from the eyes of a newborn child whose ancient wisdom and powerful soul
now lie swaddled within soft fresh pink flesh. It may have come in the form of a
miraculous event or the message of a dream or from another altered state of
consciousness. But the spirit has been ever-present, and may be revealed through
a review of each and every life experience that has moved one to tears in
resonance with universal joy, with each recognition strengthening the power of

The spirit is hardly a foreign concept---it is a familiar presence. Each and every
human being is already on some level attuned to the presence of spirit, with a
corresponding level of faith.

                                                          Gamma – New Beginnings

This attunement must be identified, reinforced, and credited for that which it is,
for the faith to strengthen. Regardless of the cultural trappings or disguises, spirit
itself is the root source of each incident of illumination, of raw joy, and of
inspired awe. When the trappings are stripped bare, particularly the ones which
carry religious dogma, a pure and deep concept of spirit shall emerge. All faith in
a God or Creator should be clearly understood as faith in spirit---Universal Spirit
in each of its individual apportionments. Faith in spirit is the trust that spiritual
knowledge lies within, not without. It is not dependent upon any one thought
system, religion, culture, political perspective, leader, supernatural entity, or any
other intermediary. It is rightful, reachable, and ever-present within each human
being. Connecting to the Universal Truth is to once and forever establish faith in

To have faith in Spirit is to have faith in the Creator and the Creations. It is to rest
assured that chaos and suffering is an aberration of the physical experience, not a
naturally intended condition. To have faith in spirit, is to know without doubt,
fear or hesitation, that there is meaning in each and every life event; that each
experience is a message from Spirit to mind that can reveal its rightful intention.
To have faith in Spirit is to search for the spiritual wisdom in each physical event.

Accountability & the Law of Attraction
Faith in Spirit leads to more ready acceptance of each and every opportunity to
learn. It provides the courage to push past the growing pain and into broader
mental and physical horizons. Acceptance is faith in the Spirit's presence within,
and feeling signature upon every physical experience. Faith in Spirit recognizes
the creative power of mind. Thus, acceptance begins with a mindset that each and
every experience is one that has been attracted by that human being. Acceptance
begins with accountability for life's events.

For indeed, the creative mind attracts experience which perfectly reflects its
beliefs and intentions. There are no accidents, evil or mysterious forces that
decide which probable event will occur physically. It is simply mind creating
that which it thinks the person desires. It can only do this based upon what it
knows and believes. It can do no more or less. One of the rare guarantees in life is
that physical experience will always accurately reflect the parameters of mind ---
slivers and all.

Gamma – New Beginnings

Desire is the emotional spiritual force---the Will energy---which has remained
misunderstood. Thus, each emotion--- whether positive or negative---is
interpreted by mind as desire. Desire is intention and feelings communicate
intention. Emotion empowers the belief that signals it and creates that event.
Given the fact that most mental contents have bypassed the spiritual judge, many
beliefs are not aligned with spiritual intention. This means the events they create
are not those actually intended by Spirit, they will be unpleasant and will bring
emotional pain.

The mind is the controller; it holds the ideas, beliefs and values to create
experience. Feeling is the key to unlock the creative power of mind. Thus, the
mind will continue to create that which it holds, pain and all, so that humans can
recognize and accept accountability for the cause and effect relationship between
belief and experience.

Remember, once Spirit enters flesh it delegates the creation of reality to the mind-
--the portal of individual human experience. The pain of spiritual frustration
exists to inform mind that its contents need re-examination. Instead of
understanding this message, humans have created many wildly exotic---yet
faulty---beliefs to explain why "bad things happen to good people". Superstitious
meaning is assigned, external controllers are identified and the internal power
remains unclaimed. This adds further limitation to mind, and sets up the cycle of
blame and victimhood. This is the norm of human consciousness at this time. Is it
any wonder then, why humans only use a mere one tenth of their mental

The following idea bears repeating---heed this crucial universal truth: There are
no accidents, evil or mysterious external forces that decide which probable
event will occur physically. It is simply mind creating that which it thinks the
person desires. Desire is communicated through feelings. Feelings spring from
beliefs. Beliefs must be carefully selected under the direction of Spirit, for mental
belief creates physical reality. This is the Law of Attraction.

Individual mind is the creator of individual experience and should be held
accountable. With this ultimate truth, the most beneficial mindset is to take
immediate ownership and responsibility for each experience so that it can be
used to find limitations of mind. This is the habit of accountability.
Accountability honors the incoming voice of Spirit by looking to mind for

                                                         Gamma – New Beginnings

answers. Accountability respects the Law Of Attraction. Accountability is
seeking mental cause through faith in spiritual effect. Accountability counteracts
the psychic blaming which creates the cycle of resistance, limitation and pain.
Accountability is looking to self for learning opportunities. Accountability is the
habit of mind that ushers the Right Response to emotional pain. To be
accountable is to think and live by the credo: "I attract that which happens to

Accountability provides its own reward. For example: Recall our person driving
to work, relying upon many physical and mental habits. Recall how another
driver dangerously cuts in front, grabbing our driver's attention for corrective
action. This situation would most certainly bring sudden emotional arousal within
our driver, first fear, and then likely anger. It would be very easy and quite
natural to direct the anger at the errant driver, and perhaps a physical retaliation
of fist shaking or other such gestures.

Although this would have a certain valid justification, it gives the power of the
moment to the errant driver. This would reinforce the belief that the world is full
of idiots whose ignorant actions can leave devastating effects upon innocent
others---in this case a potential car "accident". There is utter powerlessness in this
belief, which will be echoed by anger which might spoil an otherwise lovely day.
Most competent human drivers have experienced such a moment, and can
recognize how they have allowed such oafs to drive away with their power. This
is simply due to the unconscious, habitual response of resistance and blame.

Now imagine instead, at the moment of the incident, our driver uses the emotion
to examine the existing beliefs. Accountability is to think---the moment
composure is regained---"Whoa! What did I do to attract that into my life???"
Was I paying adequate attention to the road? Do I believe that accidents can
occur? Do I believe the "laws of probability" I was taught in the school, that I
must have a certain number of accidents corresponding to number of miles
driven? Do I secretly want to get my money's worth out of my insurance
payments? Do I believe in karma? Did I wrong that jerk in another life? Do I
expect such things to happen inevitably? Do I have adequate tolerance and
compassion for such people?"

Any of these self-reflective thoughts can lead to mental housekeeping. Even the
slightest liberating mental shift is highly beneficial. Looking to self for cause
keeps the power and uses the emotional arousal to develop the self, not preserve

Gamma – New Beginnings

self-limitation by blaming another. Perhaps our driver ended the event by
reaffirming the dominant mindset of compassion for those less enlightened, and
eliminating a lesser, but conflicting, belief in the power of ignorance. The feeling
of fear or anger would cease and the day could continue as planned, or perhaps
with the energy retained and the mood protected, it would unfold with even more
positive events.

The reward is the feeling that follows the accountable Right Response. Not only
does positive emotion reflect the success of the accountable action, it also brings
closure to the event and frees the mind for its next experience. But the mind is
now that much less limited. Even very minor shifts can be quite powerful, and
they build upon one another with incredible results. When enough such shifts
have occurred, the mind is allowed the freedom to quickly show the cause and
effect relationship between belief and action. This is what is referred to as "the
raising of consciousness." This is the ultimate empowerment, because the mind
can see more clearly and create more spiritually desirable experience. Such a
mind creates a life that is, and feels, GOOD.

Accountability is a very powerful mindset. It is the key strategy of empowerment.
Several habits of acceptance can bolster and support this strategy. Breaking the
habitual cycle of blame can be quite a challenge; for Mass Consciousness teaches
humans limitation, judgment and blame at every turn.

Genuine human compassion is a spiritual tool of acceptance. It is a component of
innate morality and counterpart of the connection need. Despite the most
successful attempts to look within, there will be genuine times when an external
limitation is the source of your spiritual frustration. It is often the case that
prejudgment or the beliefs of another causes resistance within them, in turn
having a direct effect upon your need-meeting efforts. This will be experienced as
an external obstacle and will prompt feelings of anger. In sum, internal
accountability needs an ally---external compassion.

Although the limitation is a genuine one, compassion recognizes and absolves the
other for their limitations while retaining the power to act and respond. To
maximize compassion, an essential mindset is the understudying that change can
only be accomplished with guaranteed results within the self. The spiritual need

                                                        Gamma – New Beginnings

of freedom to choose the contents of mind is indeed every human's right. So
ultimately, it must be accepted that no matter how well-meaning, no matter how
uplifting, no matter how truly valuable, significant and wonderful offers of Light
can be, they may not be accepted. This is right and good in the eyes of the
Creator, for it preserves the mental freedom that defines the individual human

And with such freedom, rest assured unenlightened choices will be made. This is
the condition of ignorance . Ignorance results from misunderstanding and misuse
of the self-preservationary impulse. It results from the habit of resistance and of
defending limited mental boundaries. The spiritual right of freedom to choose
ignorance is why humans are in their current predicament.

The best habitual response to the swell of anger and frustration which follows an
interaction with an ignorant one, is to immediately understand and respect the
right to self-develop at one's own pace. Accept the other, warts and all, with
human compassion and empathic understanding of their experience. Then use the
emotional energy to develop skills and strategies for dealing with them in ways
that match their mental environment. To stand in the shoes of the ignorant one
and to truly accept their present state of development, is to recall your own time
spent there. For an enlightened perspective has surely sprung from having been in
a similarly narrower state of awareness at some point. Compassion is to accept
and meet the mind of the other and operate from the base of experience or focus
on reality. Compassion offers the challenge of learning to express your
suggestions to those at many levels of awareness.

Compassion springs from spiritual recognition of the one-ness and
interconnection of each spirit. Compassion is the resonance of respect for each
individual journey of discovery. Compassion is not judgmental, condescending or
patronizing, it need not even be communicated to the other. It is simply a mental
tool to immediately accept the situation as is, to right the self, and to channel the
anger productively. Compassion flows naturally from faith in the integrity of
spirit---each and every spirit, regardless of how tightly swaddled they might be
within ignorance.

Respectful compassion is also an essential ingredient for offering successful
Light Responses to others. Although expression can always be rejected, offerings
of Light will meet with far less resistance within the resonance of compassion.
Each human responds to genuine compassion on a cellular level. There can be

Gamma – New Beginnings

no ingenuous manipulation, persuasion, control, or even legal constraint over
another without the energy of genuine compassion in validation of their
experience behind it. Compassion is the very secret to sharing the Light.

Another life-giving habit is that of forgiveness. Compassion for the ignorance
and foibles of another can reach a limit, if forgiveness does not follow. For
ignorance can lead to the most heinous and evil acts of violation by human upon
human. This is where the most powerful mental adaptations are necessary.

Take the example of murder. The anger that springs genuinely from such evil
violation is the true voice of spirit. Such acts are truly inhuman and frustrating to
spirit. Such feelings are not based upon limited beliefs or faulty perceptions;
these feelings voice legitimate, righteous, spiritual anger. Anger shouts its pain,
declaring the violation of every human need when a life itself is taken. It warns
that ignorance is threatening the very preservation of the species if such acts are
permitted. It is the anger that has moved mountains and defined "civilization".

But anger must be utilized in productive ways or it can eat away at the soul of the
violated one. This is where finding compassion in ignorance and closure in
forgiveness can restore power. This is not always easy. For example, it is much
easier to find compassion for a man who commits murder from the mindset of his
mother, than it is from the perspective of the mother of his victim.

Forgiveness allows the anger to be converted into impassioned energy that can be
directed at the source of the true problem, the limitations within Mass
Consciousness that allow and perpetuate such ignorance. The perpetrator himself
is a symptom. Thus, the victim will never be free until the perpetrator is forgiven.
Anger misdirected is the giving over of the power. To retain the power is to
forgive. To channel it productively is to remove the beliefs and limitations within
human cultures which reduce humans to such sub-human ignorant conditions. It
is to build structures of enlightenment within the educational, social, political,
judicial and religious institutions and traditions. It is to remove the lingering ideas
that perpetuate limitation, spiritual frustration and self-preservationary ignorance.

                                                        Gamma – New Beginnings

Competition within Self
One final habit to develop and hone is a healthy, challenging, internal
competition. The habit of competing with others is very rooted within individual
and mass consciousness. Be they families feuding, Gladiators fighting, religions
warring, political parties arguing, even athletic opposition, human history is
peppered with evidence of the broad acceptance and encouragement of external,
win-lose competition.

Such competition springs, of course, from innate spiritual purpose. This has
translated into self-preservationary directives, where humans must compete for
"survival of the fittest". But in an enlightened society, competition with others
wherein one must lose for another to win, is not appropriate. Yet humans will
always have the urge to compete, due to the higher spiritual purposes of self-
development and expression, and they must be reinterpreted in that context. Thus
a new form of internal, personal competition should replace the old.

With the most primitive directive of external competition, individuals simply
fight to forcefully overcome the challenges of the environment in remedial
caveman-like responses. By placing the competition on the inside, humans can
adapt themselves to be successful within every kind of world, as well as make
positive changes upon them. Adaptations within the mind and corresponding
creative actions in the world are the stuff of human evolution and the only route
to enlightened civilizations.

With the habit of self competition, the individual holds the continuing challenge
of personal betterment, with the goal of attaining ever higher levels of skill, ever
more valuable and accommodating beliefs, higher levels of acceptance and
compassion, and a broader, more inclusive world view. Winning is bettering the
self and spreading the unique gifts far and wide. And there can be no more deeply
rewarding sense of accomplishment.

Instead of measuring one's self against the successes or failings of another, it is
far more useful to pit them against earlier versions of one's self. This simple
mindset can profoundly increase the human connection as well as empower
individuals to answer their higher purpose. No longer will it be necessary to beat
and humiliate one another in order to attain status or regard. No longer will it be
necessary to define rigid categories of value that only honor and value a few. No
longer will humans experience the frustration of being measured on scales

Gamma – New Beginnings

irrelevant to their own spiritual inclinations, gifts and destiny paths. No longer
will humans give up altogether in the face of overwhelming competition. No
longer will humans have to elevate themselves by lowering another. No longer
will one have to lose for another to win. True cooperation means win-win
expressive scenarios for all involved.

A daily directive of personal development and improvement can provide an arena
to meet all the needs within the context of cooperation, compassion, acceptance
and natural morality. When humans finally break free from the illusion of
necessary competition, evolution can flourish.

So feel free to engage in mental and physical sparring, debates, games and
exhibitions of challenge and accomplishment, but do so in the spirit of
cooperation with humankind, and only in true competition with yourself.

With the life-giving habits of self-development discussed, we can now turn to the
life-giving habits that promote self-expression.

                                                        Gamma – New Beginnings

Lesson Three-B: The Life-Giving Habits of Self-Expression

Although acceptance has already been discussed as a life-giving habit of self-
development , it is a habit with additional value in the realm of self-expression.
Acceptance within the realm of self-development allows all incoming
information to be evaluated without resistance or limitation, to allow an internal
communication or dialog that results in learning, gaining mental additions, shifts
and alterations to belief systems---Right Responses.

In contrast, the realm of self expression is at its core, the arena of external
communication. The goal of self-expression is to effect positive changes to the
outside world and the people in it---Light Responses. Spiritual expressions of
human creativity which help shape the world to better meet human needs, are the
fuel of human evolution.

Acceptance in the realm of self-expression is the understanding that people in the
external environment have a unique mental skill set and focus upon "reality" that
may be grossly different than your own. Acceptance means attempting a meeting
of minds with such a person, and respectfully working within the existing mental
framework to effect changes. A single change within a human mind, provides the
bedrock for the eventual achievement of massive ideological changes within
human cultures and beliefs of mass consciousness. Empires can rise and fall by
the effective expression of but one human being. In short, there is no other way
for humans to evolve without the capability of expressing themselves in thought
and deed.

Understanding and acceptance of the requirements for self expression will speed
up all individual and group evolution. This requires acceptance of: 1. The rightful
uniqueness of each human mind. 2. The power of free will and how it can create
limits; 3. The responsibility to empathize and understand one another's
perspective. 4. The spiritual imperative of voicing one's insight; 5. The inevitable
conflict and resistance that can arise; 6. The responsibility to minimize the self-
preservationary impulse within self and others. These are the keys to successful

To accomplish the needed acceptance, one must simply not deviate from the
understanding of the interconnectedness of all spirits. To gaze upon another, is to

Gamma – New Beginnings

gaze upon one's self in an alternate form, for indeed, "All Are One." To
recognize the kindred spirit, to extend compassion and patience with the level of
development they have achieved, regardless of where you might be yourself, is to
maximize your chances of broadening their world as well as your own. Each
interaction should be like that of a loving parent imparting guidance to a child
without any sense of competition or resistance. (This has the corresponding
benefit from the receiving end to also listen without resistance, with the trust and
faith of a child in receiving Light from the wisdom of loving parents. To trust that
there is some benefit in the offer, no matter how much variation or distance
between the two minds.)

Acceptance and compassion can allow you to stand in the shoes of your other and
view the incoming information from that perspective, so you can tailor it to fit
that frame of reference. To turn on the light of honor, empathy, cooperation, and
compassion in each interaction with another, is to be fully human in the highest
spiritual sense. This light can cut through the darkness of the communication
challenge with far more intensity and success than can any fancy words. When
one expresses from a truly spiritual level, the spiritual intention is felt within the
receiver and the doors of resistance automatically respond.

Even sworn enemies, following the dictates of mind, resonate to each other's
spirit. This is why a primary rule of combat is not to fraternize with the enemy.
Such human directives are clearly outside of the spiritual intent of the Creator.
Communication without an underlying spiritual intent will most likely be
interactions with another who is resistant, driven by fear rather than faith, and
acting upon self-preservationary impulses rather than self-developmental and
expressive ones. Most interactions considered ordinary between humans contain a
very high degree of resistance, and self-preservationary acts.

They are so abundant in human history that they have become standards for
entertainment. One need simply look to literature and dramatic arts to find a trove
of examples of humans exhibiting the deadly habits of self-preservation. What
interesting tale does not contain the pain of betrayal of trust or the joy of success.
Instead, the simple attitude of acceptance can allow your spiritual feelings to
dictate exactly how and when to offer Light, and how and when to respond when
resistance is encountered. Acceptance assures that your efforts will have been
those dictated by spirit, regardless of the immediate outcome.

This brings us back to the habit of Faith in Spirit, for it also will be a powerful

                                                         Gamma – New Beginnings

tool in self-expression. For with faith, and in understanding the time lag between
mental change and physical change, one can be patient and move through one
situation and onto the next, without lingering in frustration due to the fact that the
Light may not have been received in full.

Patience & Faith
The key to successful self-expression is to know when it should be offered and
how much is enough. It is to understand the ebb and flow of the spirit, the
continuous expansion of the mind, and that the appropriate amount of light will
be received for that person at that time.

Even the most resistant of humans cannot help but open to the truly
compassionate and spiritually intended offering. The biology ensures this. But the
mind has the rightful control and the beliefs can be like a garden thick with weeds
so that the incoming seedlings of spiritual intention have a difficult time taking
root. Faith and patience flow from the knowledge that the seed has been planted
and that is all that was required---that the expression has been made, the Light
has been offered. It then can percolate within the mind of the receiving
individual. The feelings will most assuredly call the attention to it again and again
through the experience of this person. For if it is truly Light, it cannot help but be
validated by the emotional system, the voice of the Universal Spirit.

As each such feeling spurs this person to examine and reexamine the beliefs and
strategies, the seedling will blossom to the full intent of the offerer. But this
might take a lifetime. And if immediate results are expected, then offers will be
less likely to occur. Faith in the Spirit will bring the accompanying patience and
understanding to allow you to let the Spirit move you toward offering Light when
you know it can be used and trusting the universe to follow its natural course
from there.

For example, a young teacher feels moved to share personal insights with a child
she observes to be receiving very limiting beliefs from her home environment.
The child has been taught to fear and suspect authority figures other than those
who advise her at home. Religion has been used to intimidate the child into
conforming to the lifestyle and wishes of her family, often against the wisdom of
her own spirit.

The child believes herself to be sinful for feeling an attraction to friendship with a

Gamma – New Beginnings

new classmate from a different culture and an opposing religion, but she is happy
despite being "different". (Her spirit tells her that this person can offer new ideas
and beliefs which is good for self-development, but her mind, through its veil of
belief, tells her this is wrong and signals a feeling of fear as this belief is
reinforced).The child wrestles with conflicting feelings and ends up bullying the
would-be friend. (The automatic response to the fear is to make the outside world
match the expectation of mind, by making the child an enemy to match the belief.
Then anger will be experienced, but its message will go unnoticed. The rejection
of the spiritual signal results in a self-preservationary Flight Response, a pattern
of deadly habit).

The teacher recognizes what is occurring and decides to offer her Light. She
brings the two girls together and offers a story of how she and a similarly
"different" classmate joined forces against an aggressor who had been picking on
them both, when she was a girl. This story allowed both girls to feel a similar
position, like sisters---the connection between spirits was suggested and
accomplished. The two girls responded differently to this offering in later
behavior. For although a seed was planted, each attracted events which matched
the mental landscape.

The first, continued to needle and demean her classmate for a short period of
time, and then became withdrawn and angry. Her family moved away shortly
thereafter. The second experienced a stronger connection and began to interact
more with other classmates and became accepted. The teacher felt a sense of
frustration at not having been able to get through to the first girl, and a bit of her
idealism was rubbed away, keeping her from so freely offering her Light in future
situations and dropping a veil of sadness upon her.

]But if faith and patience had dictated, she would have instantly known that the
seed has been planted. Regardless of the short-term outcome, the frustration and
sadness would not have arisen to the point of misinterpretation of the experience,
nor would it have interfered with future self-expression.

For the actual outcome was different. The first girl continued to be heavily
influenced by the conflicting dictates and limitations of her family, and her mind
created the same conflicting situations reflected by evermore intense negative
emotions. During her adolescence, certain rebellions turned her anger upon
herself. She acted out her spiritual frustration in self-destructive behaviors that
were evermore unacceptable in her family's limited viewpoint. Their mechanisms

                                                        Gamma – New Beginnings

of control could no longer work against the power of her spirit. Her misguided
actions to gain freedom landed her in the juvenile justice system. She was
resistant to every external counselor or advisor. She even attempted suicide to
"break free". Then she had an encounter that changed her life.

She was appointed a probation officer who was truly compassionate and
exhibited faith in spirit. But most importantly, she was of the same culture as the
classmate from her early years and touched the spirit, creating a connection like
the first teacher had. This person offered, for the first time, alternate beliefs and
world views that allowed the girl the freedom her spirit longed for, but the mind
with its existing limitations, would not allow. Had the seed not been planted, this
offer would also have met with resistance, but it had had time to percolate and
find its space among the many debilitating ideas and beliefs which ruled her

The truth is that the spirit will always reign supreme, even working within the
most limited of mindscapes, and that the timing of progress is insignificant in the
grand scale. Faith in spirit and patience will bring forth the best results and more
complete spiritual expression. Breaking free from the limitations of mind is the
challenge of each human , and regardless of the timeliness or circumstances that
bring this realization, it will come in its own time to each human no matter how
many lifetimes it might take. Once the enlightenment is gained however, it can
never fully be reversed. Humans are at various places of understanding and even
the slightest offering can become a base for a break-through. Then the reclaiming
of the incredible power of the mind can begin.

The simple attitude of faith and patience will assure that each entity will act upon
the spiritual directive to offer the Light---no matter how much darkness it is
attempting to pierce. After each such offering has been made, the spirit will
faithfully reward the entity with the loving feelings of divine resonance. Thus
acceptance, compassion and faith in spirit will provide the foundation for the
maximum avenues for fulfillment of the human purpose of spiritual expression.

Another life-giving habit of self-expression is gratitude. Since the feedback cycle
depends upon a flow of energy from within to without and back in again, it is
essential for entities to express back to others those actions and offerings that

Gamma – New Beginnings

have been beneficial---that have brought the spiritual feelings of happiness and

All too often, resistance and competition keep humans from admitting when they
have gained from the help of another, let alone asking for it. Successful self-
expression then includes acknowledgment and recognition of those and their
offerings. This springs from the cooperative rather than the competitive spirit,
wherein credit is given where credit is due, even when a mentally misguided
attempt is made.

Although individuals do not have a spiritual need for recognition and
acknowledgment, this does affirm the need for connection and verifies publicly
that self-expression has occurred. It is through active, vocal gratitude that mass
consciousness can be altered to bring out self-expression, to reward it rather than
stifle or even punish those who dare to follow the advice of their spirit.
Expressions of gratitude for even the slightest offerings should become habits
institutionalized within every human culture.

Another gift of spirit, and tool for successful self-expression, is humor. Humor is
that mysterious, yet ever-present capacity for humans to experience fun and
spontaneous spiritual creativity. It is the Creator's directive to find new and
creative perspectives and meaning and to share them. Humor reframes a mundane
thought into something unexpectedly meaningful and inexplicably delightful. The
spirit experiences joy upon creating, delivering and accepting the creative
humorous insight.

Humor is a very pure form of spiritual expression. It relates directly to the level
of liberation experienced by Spirit and reminds humans to think "outside of the
box." Freedom and spontaneity of spirit allows the humor and fun to flow. A
spirit relatively unfettered by mind, secure and exalted as the valuable and ever-
present driver, will be one capable of spontaneous delightful humor. Genuine
love and acceptance by the outside world fosters this ability within each human
being and empowerment releases it.

Humor greases the wheels of acceptance. It is an avenue of self-expression that
is counterpart to the automatic Flight Response relating to anger. Humor is the
antithesis of the angry expressive response. It can be developed to replace angry

                                                        Gamma – New Beginnings

expressions and deadly habits. Humor is also the ally of the ever evolving mind.
It allows acceptance and understanding of temporary self-limitation so that
learning can then be sought. It is the innate gift of humility connecting humans at
every level or grouping. Humor is the great equalizer resonating within each and
every spirit.

A human who meets resistance, rejection and frustration early in life is less likely
to develop the ability to express through humor. Yet, it is a gift that lies well
within the capacity of each and every spirit and one that can be a tremendous aid
to self-expression. As entities remove the internal and external limitations that
create fear and anger, they will open their innate corresponding abilities to be
humorous. Humor is to the liberated spirit what anger is to the frustrated one.
Humor is the ability to view a frustration in alternate terms, to quickly disarm a
situation by reframing it creatively. Humor can tremendously reduce resistance
both from within and without.

Humor can accomplish tremendous movement toward self development, if it is
used to remove the emotional boundaries that often protect a limited mind.
Humor can communicate the humanness and commonalties that usher in the
sense of connectedness and cooperation. Humor can open the entity to the
continuous change that is mental evolution. To be able to laugh at one's self is to
be open to all necessary growth.

Humor can also facilitate communication and self-expression. It can soften a
harsh message when the learning need level is very high and the growing pain is
intense. Humor can persuade and eliminate resistance to offers of light. The
more internal and external mental limitations are removed, the more humor can
manifest in each and every individual, and eventually pour forth to delight the

But humor in those that are particularly gifted, can also become a crutch to allow
resistance and avoidance. Or it can be used to communicate "passive-
aggressively" if the consciousness is not fully engaged. This is true of any human
ability, it can either work toward the human purpose or against it. This minor
caution should take its rightful place in the consciousness, without minimizing or
detracting from the truly incredible power of humor.

Gamma – New Beginnings

Self Promotion
Another habit to cultivate is one of telling the world who you are and asking for
what you need ---the habit of self promotion. This is not to be confused with self
aggrandizement, egomania or boorish narcissism, but it is an essential ingredient
to successful living in the Light.

It has been a habit for humans to hold for themselves a standard of selflessness to
counteract what they believe to be an innate selfishness that will run amok
without external control. This would be true if they were correct in the
assumptions that: 1. The only human purpose is self-preservation and that
"natural" competition will always reign supreme over "cultural" cooperation; or
2. That humans are naturally evil and need to be controlled by external dictates
and rules in order to live civilly; or 3. That humans are severed from the guidance
of the Creator and cannot act morally.

Although such ideas have helped humans through some difficult times, they have
been accepted to an extreme degree that is no longer desirable. It has been carried
to an extreme known as martyrdom, wherein the needs of the self are
dramatically and self-righteously removed from the picture, creating pious
victim-like suffering. In this scenario, the martyr denies and suppresses personal
needs in order to attempt to fulfill the needs of others. This is based upon the
faulty assumption that someone can better understand and meet your needs for
you than you can for yourself. They often suffer in silence and frustration,
motivated only by some promise of eternal reward in the afterlife.

The martyr role has also become a weapon of resistance and even not-so-subtle
aggression. Pious selflessness is actually used to generate guilt through which to
manipulate others. The underlying message is that if you martyr yourself,
someone else is now obligated to do the same for you. Or that your beliefs, or
your religious ideals, or your political views, reign superior over those of the
other whom you pretend to help. This goes against the Creator's intent that each
individual develop a mindset for themselves without unnecessary external
intervention. It negates the gift of Free Will and frustrates the need for freedom
and self-determinism.
This also sets up the individual to experience continuing emotional pain, due to
the fact that they have cut themselves off from the required spiritual need
fulfillment. The silent sufferer never voices or attempts to meet the needs
themselves and anger inevitably results. The martyr can then blame those

                                                          Gamma – New Beginnings

expected to reciprocate when they do an inadequate job of guessing and
satisfying the martyr's needs. The cycle of resentment and revenge can ensue
when the person the martyr holds responsible to reciprocate does an inadequate
job. This prompts automatic defensive and self-preservationary responses that are
hardly in keeping with the original intent.

The directive of "honoring others above self" should be replaced with the
understanding that self-needs cannot be denied, nor second-guessed or filled by
others; that cooperation with others should always replace competition; that every
other self is indeed part of the totality of self---of All That Is. The directive of
"Honoring self while honoring others" is far more aligned with Divine Intention.

To reverse the trend of the martyr, humans must learn to respect and honor the
boundaries of spirit, those innate genetic aspects of self that are right and good in
the eyes of the Creator. They must not only honor, but actively promote
themselves through Light Responses which remove obstacles and increase
opportunities to express and contribute to the total human evolution. They must
actively develop skill to communicate their needs and to find and open doors of
need-meeting opportunity. They must speak and act upon their spiritual truth, to
develop the life-giving habit of self-promotion.

This brings us to the third application of the Faith In Spirit habit. The act of self-
promotion can be likened to the identifying and knocking on doors of
opportunity. The more expression, the more doors opened, the better. Surely not
all can open at the same time, nor could an earthbound human possibly pass
through them simultaneously, nor can every opening match exactly the
exceptions of mind. This is when flexibility of mind is essential. This is when the
mind must adapt to the dynamic changes necessary to proceed through unknown
doors. This is when the mind must accept when a door slams in the face of one's
plans. This is the point at which probabilities alter, sending a rigid mind into
growing pain and resistance.

But such shifts in course often take the person far beyond the original
expectations. This is when Faith in Spirit is essential. Faith in Spirit, following
self-promoting, acknowledges that life can unfold in delightfully surprising ways.
This is the letting go to a higher power. This is the trust that the mind has the
ability to create reality and the spirit will have a hand in its direction that creates
the courage to venture into uncharted territory. Faith allows the letting go of long
held goals with the faith that something even better will surely result---for it will.

Gamma – New Beginnings

No matter how it may appear in the short run, the long term outcome will be far
better for Spirit than the plan of the limited mind. Maximizing opportunity
through self-promotion and letting go and trusting, will allow the most complete
and rewarding life paths to unfold. Responding with acceptance and effective
learning (Right Responses), the mind can adapt to match the new direction.

This can require great courage when enduring long-term goals and dreams seem
to be suddenly dashed by the winds of fate. When marriages fail, loved ones die,
jobs are lost, economies collapse, and countries go to war, faith is the only
salvation. Faith in the Light will be a primary driver through even the darkest
hours. Rest assured that the combined strategies of self-promotion, faith in Spirit
and flexible Right Responses to growing pains will ensure the maximum life
experience. Spirit will create that which is desired as long as you are doing your
best at self-promotion and mental development, but it may come in forms beyond
the limits of imagination, though sure to be delightful and rewarding. Self-
promotion can open worlds far beyond your imagination---go with it in faith.

Most of the habits discussed thus far have involved interactions and
communications with other humans, but there are other habits of self-expression
that are also very beneficial and more singular in nature. They can also be more
immediately rewarding, for they do not depend upon an external other effecting
change as a result. These are the physical, dramatic and artistic creative spiritual
expressions that make the world go around. These are the types of spiritual
expression that are immediately rewarding to mind, body and soul---because they
perpetuate the intention of All That Is.

Creative Artistic Expression
The Creator intended humans to pursue that which brought pleasure and avoid
that which brought pain, but not merely for simple survival. For this method also
determines what contents of mind to choose in order to live the most complete
and fulfilling life. Pain and pleasure, when understood are the essential learning
tools of self development so that maximum spiritual expression can result. Since
humans have not yet understood this simple truth, there exists far more pain than
was ever intended.

Yet, since the dawn of humankind, there have existed outlets for such pain,
inborn escape hatches through which pleasure can be experienced simply by

                                                          Gamma – New Beginnings

resonating to the spirit within others. For this reason, pleasure is automatically
experienced through the successful spiritual expression of others. Of course,
resistance and beliefs can always still get in the way, but this ability to connect
and resonate to the experience of others is quite powerful. And this ability gives
birth to what is known as art in all of its forms.

Throughout the most painful of human eras, with violation, war, fear and want,
there have always been the arts. The basis of art is when the individual connects
with the spirit of the moment allowing the divine spark to flow unabated,
expressing itself outward. It matters not whether anyone responds, or is even
present at that instant. Creative expression is a highly personal act, yet leaves a
legacy so that the divine spark catches the spirit of all who witness it at some later
point. This is why the arts are found to be so enjoyable; they connect with the
kindred spirit within and affirm the universal validity of the necessary expression.

Creative expression occurs when the mind temporarily steps aside and allows the
spirit to reign superior over the consciousness. Creative expression is when the
spirit-body is alive without interference of the mind. It is an energy that flows
through the cracks of mind, winding its way through the dense network of
limiting beliefs, like a river flows through a thick forest to the sea. It is actually a
slightly altered state of consciousness that scientists are just now beginning to
notice. This state has been called the flow state. In this state, the mind does not
attend other stimulus; its focus is away from the happenings of the world and
honed in on the person's creative expression. And in this state there is an
unmistakable feeling of pleasure.

Although the feeling is most powerful for the individual doing the creative act,
those witnessing such expression can also be pulled into the spiritual flow. This is
a wonderful, vital and health giving ability. And it has rescued humans from the
depths of despair time and again--- for the Creator does not intend such pain and
suffering. It is only due to the human choices, the slivers of mind, that lingering
pain has become a fact of life. But enlightened ones understand how pain is
merely a signal to be acted upon to right the mind to free the spirit. And creative
expression is a powerful liberator.

Humans have an incredible flexibility with which they can handle huge amounts
of pain in their lives. But perhaps most beneficial, is the fact that they can get by
with a minimal amount of need fulfillment. They can channel the energy from
one unmet need into another for which they have developed a successful outlet.

Gamma – New Beginnings

They can use spontaneous creative expression to give regular release to frustrated
spiritual energy.

This is the reason why every cultural tradition has incarnated some expressive
form into its institutional framework. Be it oration, music, singing, group
movement, chanting, drumming or any other form, it endures because it is
aligned with spiritual intention. But self-expression is not at all limited to such
traditions or activities.

In fact, any creative pursuit that involves using the hands to manipulate matter
and changes its external form to match some internal vision is highly pleasurable
and rewarding. Such creative pleasure drives human evolution itself. For spirits in
flesh are intended to use the power of mind and the inspiration of Spirit to design
and create a physical world of their choosing. Such creations do not have to be
considered artistic to be highly rewarding. Most professional pursuits allow
freedom of the creative impulse as well as provide the rewards of connection and

The only caution is that human creations should flow from spiritual intent, or they
can create undesirable physical results. Creations that follow cooperation,
pleasure, and love will endure and create further experiences of cooperation,
pleasure, and love. Creations that follow competitive impulse, fear and anger will
always create further competition, fear, and anger. But no matter how long they
are allowed to endure within mass consciousness, they will eventually give way
to more enlightened forms of expression, as individuals, one by one, learn to heed
and actively express the Spirit within.

Unfortunately, this will not occur without the conscious choice of humankind.
For within consciousness lies the ultimate freedom. The Creator gives all the
necessary guidance through the feelings of pleasure and pain and the mental
ability to create and actualize that which is chosen by mind. The creations then
reflect their level of need-meeting success through resulting feelings of pleasure
or pain. Thus, the cycle of development and expression continues. Just as the
inner mind is developed within each individual, so follows the external evolution
of human mental and physical technology or mass consciousness.

The life-giving habits of self-expression can bolster every other effort toward
living in the Light. Self-expression is the integral step that unites humans within
the physical realm. It is the driver of experience and the mechanism to solicit

                                                         Gamma – New Beginnings

feedback from spirit regarding how well the mind is doing in its task of
continuous development and meeting its needs in the world.

Creating with the hands brings us to another powerful life giving habit of self-
expression---that of touch . The energy that flows through the hands in artistic
creation, is that same energy that can be exchanged between life forms through
the laying on of hands. The physical, emotional and therapeutic benefit of touch
is already fairly well understood within mass consciousness, but basically only
because humans find it mysteriously pleasurable to touch one another. What is
not understood consciously, is the expressive value, spiritual fulfillment and the
physical exchange of energy that accompanies human touch.

Humans have discovered---in spades---certain pleasurable gifts of the flesh, such
as human sexuality. The innate pleasure centers that motivate procreation have
become the fodder of many limiting thoughts, beliefs, and systems of living that
seek to tame the wild beast within. But the sexual experience is also a highly
spiritual one wherein energies are exchanged between truly loving entities. This
creates a deeply spiritual connection where energies meld again into one another,
recalling the consciousness to the fact that we are all intermingling energies.
There should be the highest respect for this act, and an honoring of its spirituality,
instead of the simply physical excitements and releases. For this type of
expression without the presence of love can be spiritually frustrating and
damaging physically, psychically and emotionally, not to mention the problem of
procreation outside of the original spiritual intent of loving interactive
developmental connection.

The benefits of touch, however, have far more applications. This simple touch of
the shoulder of one who is in distress can communicate the empathic
connectedness of spirit and loving compassion quite healing to one experiencing
pain. To stroke a child or a pet is intensely rewarding to both parties. Overall
massage of the body also provides actual therapeutic benefit to the cells as well as
the energy system.

As humans develop less limited mindscapes, they will become attuned to the
more subtle and powerful aspects of human touch. For now, like many other
natural gifts, touch speaks for itself. Humans the world over are encouraged to
exploit its physical and emotional benefits as much as possible.

Gamma – New Beginnings

Self expression is about getting yourself out there, about telling the world what
you think, dream, and desire. Humans rely mostly upon words---the gift of
language, no matter what tongue. But self expression is any action or utterance
that meets needs or shows gratitude when they have been met. It is how the
individual creates change in the environment, how evolution proceeds. Thus, as
part of the human natural motivative system, it has some built-in features. The
Creator endowed humans with several kinds of innately rewarding vocal methods
of spiritual expression.

The most rudimentary vocal form of self-expression is the ability to shed tears.
Like every other inborn gift, the ability to cry is part of the Spiritual safety net,
wherein physical processes take over and respond to spiritual frustration in
necessary ways. For example, take a newborn. Crying is the first tool a human
has to communicate distress and frustrated needs. The parents relate emphatically
to the distress and then act in ways which solve the problem. Without such
assistance, helpless newborns could not survive. (The sound of an infant crying is
also innately aversive and humans are immediately motivated to make it stop.)
The parents must have a high degree of attachment to the infant to respond to its
needs, or the spirit will vacate the body. Such inter-dependence of humans is one
of the physical requirements of the Creator.

Crying not only happens when self needs are frustrated, but it also happens
spontaneously when empathic pain of others is experienced. And crying is not
limited merely to negative experiences, for humans can also weep with joy.
Humans often weep over deep and abiding human experiences, rights of passage,
and common situations of success and pleasure. Humans often weep when they
experience the deeper meaning, or rhythms within daily living. For this system
communicates the connectedness and intent of the spirit when the experiences of
others touch the universal sameness and resonate with the knowledge that All Are

Crying is often associated with new beginnings, when the spirit swells with faith,
hope and optimism. Such milestones are often marked with traditional
ceremonies such as weddings, rights of passage, graduations, promotions, births,
etc., as the spirit resonates, validates, and encourages movement along the path of
life. Tears can mark the final breakthrough of consciousness into awareness of
long held, yet denied conflicts, self-doubts and beliefs. Tears often accompany

                                                        Gamma – New Beginnings

such personal rebirth, as spirit basks in enlightening self-development. Spirit
sings its song of hope through tears.

Crying is often also associated with closure, in universally human situations of
endings---funerals, good-byes, relocations, divorces, or any other transitions that
mark the end of one phase and the beginning of another. Tears punctuate the
human cycles of birth, death, and rebirth offering physical release in lieu of clear
understanding of the ever-evolving dynamic nature of the mind and of life itself.
When these understandings are absorbed, crying will result less from resistance
and more from the acceptance of the connection and universality of spirits.
Humans shall instead cry tears of joy.

Crying continues to act as a human connector and a vent for frustrations
throughout the entire lifetime. Crying is a very healthy activity, despite its
aversiveness and corresponding reputation within mass consciousness. Men in
particular need to learn how to understand and appreciate its benefits.

Allowing yourself to be carried away within a good cry is tantamount to going
into a healing altered state of consciousness. The body takes over and allows the
emotional energy to pour forth in physical reflexive lurches and uninhibited tears.
Crying is psychically and physically cleansing. It allows the body to cast off
pent-up emotional frustrations and right itself, regardless of the limitations of
mind which continually fuel the fires of frustration. The crying response
automatically calls forth the necessary hormones and chemicals that actually
wash away toxins and impurities that contribute to physical stress and decay.

Thus, humans are encouraged to cry with abandonment. Seek out opportunities---
go to see sentimental movies, enjoy the literature, and other art forms which bring
on tears. Cry when you are moving and dancing about, allow your spirit total
liberation. Cry when you find yourself in deeply spiritually pleasing places, when
you meditate, or when you gaze upon nature. Crying is the spirit resonating---so
let the tears flow freely. Of course, private personal crying will be easier to
accomplish than public releases. But let it be known that even big boys should
cry with reckless abandon to help affirm and preserve their physical and spiritual

Laughter is another of nature's gifts of vocal expression. It relates to the mystery
of humor as well as to the crying response with equally cleansing and curative

Gamma – New Beginnings

benefits. Laugh loud and often. For laughter also sings the Spirit's song of hope
and oneness. Laughter speaks for itself.

But it is all too easy for humans to become so entangled within the limits of their
own minds that they forget to laugh. It takes conscious focus to remember to find
the humor within, and to respond to it heartily. Thus, humans should also seek
out opportunities to laugh, to find the fun in the unexpected and note it with a
hearty burst of laughter---no matter how challenging life might be at any point.
Laughter feeds the mind, body and soul.

The final form of vocal expression is song. What human has not felt the physical
effects of meaningful tones and vibrations upon the body? There is some form of
uniform vocal expression in each and every human culture, which evidences its
universal benefit. Song has been used throughout human history to invoke
spiritual resonance and to connect it with religious teachings, political alliances,
and community groupings. To experience the harmony and passion of voice
raised in song, is to know in the fiber of our being the tremendous
accomplishments that humans can achieve with cooperative expression. So, like
laughter and tears, sing loud and sing often. (And remember not to mentally
judge how it sounds!! Let the spirit squeak and howl freely.)

For the sounds of song also have direct effects upon the energy system of the
body. The vibrations of certain tones correspond with major energy centers
within the body. There is much to be learned in this area regarding physical
transmutation and manipulation of matter with the use of sound. As the many
limitations within mass consciousness are reduced one by one, new creative
insights and approaches will be allowed to unfold in this area. At this time,
suffice it to say that singing is nourishment for the body, mind, and soul.

In sum, all vocal expressions can serve positive purposes. Be they words of
kindness, or rejection of injustice. Be they tears of frustration or joy. Be they
laughter or song. Use them and enjoy them, for they are the gifts of the Gods.

Expressing Within the Creation
One final comment in the area of self-expression relates to being at one in spirit
with the Natural Creation. It is innately pleasing to express through interaction
with other life forms within the creation. Creative expressions and art forms
which interact with other organisms achieve a special emotional reward. To

                                                       Gamma – New Beginnings

create with flora, to garden, landscape, or even simply to walk among the trees of
a forest, are actions which strike a deep chord within the spirit in affirmation of
the inter-connectedness of every apportionment of spirit.

Interaction with animals is particularly pleasing, generating a physical, mental,
emotional and spiritual response universal to all humans. Such forms of
appreciation and interaction with all of creation are innately rewarding.

Thus, there is a counterpart responsibility for humans to ensure that their own
creative technological expressions are limited to those within the cooperative
spirit that does not infringe upon any other form of life. This is a responsibility
that should be accepted and honored at its highest levels. Humans should ponder
this challenge and begin immediately to act upon it.

With the understandings in place to begin replacing the deadly habits with life-
giving ones, we can now turn the discussion to the human needs themselves.

Gamma – New Beginnings

Lesson Four-A: Universal        Values & Needs

The Scientific Authority
Science is often considered the most acceptable source of human knowledge. A
reputation well deserved for the most part. But scientists might teach you that the
universe and all of life is some sort of big cosmic accident. They might say that
consciousness itself arose from the primordial soup only after centuries and
centuries of "evolution." Perhaps the worst advice they offer is that there is no
greater purpose than simple self-preservation, that life at its core is brutish
competition for survival of the fittest.

They offer such advice without acknowledging the overpowering evidence that
the universe and all of the natural creation operates instead upon a directive of
cooperation toward a higher, divine purpose of self-development and self-
expression . Science is cautious in its assertions because it holds to objective,
empirical standards which seek to avoid the limiting influence of existing
subjective beliefs---a most noble goal. For the existing beliefs within the cultural
memory run the gamut from the sublime to the ridiculous. They declare wildly
conflicting truths and righteousness about human values, purpose, and morality.
Many place negative value judgments upon human nature itself. There are no
limits to humanity's creative interpretations. Any such belief can be entertained
and passed down through the generations. Many such limiting assumptions are
passed along through religious frameworks as unimpeachable and unquestionable
truths. Therefore, there are many conflicting, inaccurate beliefs that need to be
sifted and classified. Science seeks objective laws upon which to base such
subjective classification.

To this end, scientists look to the natural world to find evidence that can explain
life---but without assuming that a Creator exists. Much to the chagrin of many
atheistic scientists, this approach will lead humans to the unmistakable,
irreversible conclusion that there does exist such a force with intention, value,
and divine purpose.

When scientists become acquainted with human nature and the emotional system,
they will have all the evidence they need to conclude the presence of a higher
intelligence at work. For indeed, "God" is alive and well. The intention of the
Creator is evidenced in the creation with far more integrity, validity, and truth

                                                        Gamma – New Beginnings

than any human philosophical or religious rendering. Indeed, any "truth" put forth
that is not aligned with actual human nature is simply inaccurate. For God does
not play dice with the universe. There is order, cooperation and intent.

Scientists are finally on the verge of discovering that the emotional language
unites the intuitive (spiritual) qualities and the rational (mental) qualities. This
has been the missing piece of human puzzle since time untold. Once recognizing
this natural, elegant mechanism, they will be led to higher and higher levels of
objective understandings. They might be resistant at first, due to their own
particular brand of dogma, which seeks to fit evidence into overly narrow
paradigms. But those that heed the inner desire to know, more than they fear
where it might take them, will succeed.

Much to the chagrin of religious zealots, these discoveries will alter the face of
God as they know it. Nonetheless, great knowledge and guidance can then
emerge which can influence mass consciousness quite profoundly. And it will be
knowledge that provides far more fulfillment than any truths or values which will
have to be abandoned.

Spiritual Intention Vs Human Mental Values
What they (scientists) will discover from finally coming to understand the human
feeling feedback system, is that there are indeed certain hardwired, biologically
intended, universal values. Values are levels of quality which are desirable and
have intrinsic worth. Although virtually anything goes in the realm of mind, the
realm of spirit knows---and desires humans to know---inherent universal values.

Humans may place value upon any arbitrary traits, behaviors, or objects as long
as they are in agreement. Although human values can come and go, changing
with the times and varying widely across cultures and human history, the spiritual
values are those that are non-negotiable, and everlasting. They have always
existed and they always will in their purely elegant but simple form. The
difference is that universal, spiritual values are the same for each and every
human being and perhaps every form of life itself.

These universal values can be found underlying many cultural traditions, rules
and codes. Many human values are, in fact, symbolic representatives of these
spiritual values. For example, dollars, ducats, francs, pesos, lyre, pounds,
wampum, etc., are all representatives of monetary value. The money itself has no

Gamma – New Beginnings

inherent value. But as an agreed upon medium of exchange, it often provides
power, freedom, and can bring fulfillment. The only reason money succeeds as a
human value is because it hooks into the higher, spiritual values and brings
emotional rewards. On the other hand, if the human value conflicts with a
spiritual value, it will cause emotional pain. Many aspects of money do, indeed,
conflict with certain spiritual values. The relationship between human and natural
values is captured in the expression: "money cannot buy happiness."

Thus far, many human values conflict with spiritual values, due to our lack of
understanding. Many teachings and world views do not recognize all spiritual
values and overemphasize some at the expense of others. This creates conflict in
experience and bad feelings to such a high degree that humans think such
negative experience is normal. There is thought to be no sense, meaning or order
in the universe and that life itself is meant as a torturous series of painful events,
or that suffering is somehow good for the soul. When in actuality, suffering
merely signals when human choices are hurtful, so immediate corrections can be
made, restoring the intended state of enlightened bliss.

Spiritual Values Embodied In Human Needs
Such suffering is no longer necessary. Now, with understandings of how the
emotional language speaks the intention of spirit, observing what happens
emotionally when certain conditions exist, reveals exactly what that divine
intention might be. For the Creator's intention is hardwired into the human being
at the physical, mental, and emotional level in what is called universal human

Human needs are about human purpose. They are designed into human nature to
internally orient each upon the Destiny Path. Each need plays its own unique role
in the basic purpose of self-preservation, as well as in guiding humans to their
higher purpose of self development and expression. Each need derives from (and
points to) the spiritual values of self worth, divine joy, self expansion and
cooperative unity. When human needs are fulfilled in a balanced manner, the
natural, divine human morality emerges in every thought and deed.

It bears repeating that these values are translated into biological human needs.
They have been previously introduced in two categories of Individual (power)
Needs and the Group (connection) Needs. Now they can be examined more
closely. Understanding the needs themselves can explain a great deal about

                                                       Gamma – New Beginnings

human behavior and why certain actions happen instead of others. They can
provide key information that helps accurately interpret feelings and identify the
casual beliefs that need to be altered. For oftentimes, the beliefs place the needs
in conflict with each other. Yet the impetus to fulfill them is so powerful that it
motivates choices often outside the conscious awareness of the individual. This is
because the spiritual needs, biologically impressed upon the human being, play a
very important role in the feedback information cycle of the language of emotion.
Listening to the language of feelings will lead you to your chosen beliefs of mind,
but they will also lead to your inborn values of spirit experienced as the needs of
the flesh.

The Role of Human Needs
There are many ideas and beliefs regarding human need. Many such dictates and
values spring from human culture, from mass consciousness, rather than from
spiritual validity. Which means, of course, that there are many distortions put
forth about human need in general. One such distortion is that it is considered a
good thing for one person to "need" another. A second distortion is that each
person is supposed to fulfill the needs of others, in selfless charity, while their
own needs go unmet. This only brings confusion, martyrdom, co-dependency,
unhappiness, resentment and conflict. For each individual is intended to fulfill
his or her own needs.

This spiritual directive is so non-negotiable, important and powerful, that each
human is born with preset biological self-protecting reactions to ensure that they
will be met. If self-needs go unfulfilled, the emotional signal will sound. If the
corrective message is ignored, the emotional intensity will continue to build,
motivating the person to seek relief in any way possible.

This basic connection between need, emotion, and the urge to act sets the stage
for many actions which seek escape from the painful emotions. This is the basis
for nearly every competitive, violent, aberrant, compulsive, or addictive behavior
perpetrated by mankind. Thus, it is imperative for humans to understand their
needs, be empowered to meet them in any manner they so choose, and to listen to
the emotional signals for guidance and feedback.

As we have become acquainted with the language of human spirit, we have
learned how the human feelings provide continuous guiding feedback
information. We know that the goal is to compare and balance mind and spirit. At

Gamma – New Beginnings

this closer level, we can see exactly what gets compared. These needs are the
internal spiritual standards against which the emotional signals compare external
results. These needs are the measures against which the beliefs are evaluated. In
short, the emotional signal in any given moment tells us how well our needs have
been met by our beliefs. The feelings compare our needs with our beliefs and
constantly inform us which beliefs help meet our needs and which frustrate them,
so that corrections can be made. Bear in mind that our needs flow from our
destiny and intuitive knowledge of spiritual intention---a source far wiser than
our minds. They drive us toward divine intention no matter where the mind
thinks it ought to go. This way, the desires and actions will steer the mind in
choosing the best beliefs.

The best belief systems, of course, are those built upon this spiritual feedback.
The best mindscapes will allow all needs to be met in some balanced manner,
without neglecting some to meet others. In the course of the learning experiences,
the safety feature of the emotional system will motivate automatic physical
corrective actions, if the mind does not choose successful ones. These responses
will often occur before the mind is even invoked. They are intended to ensure
survival long enough to ponder how and why such a situation came about to
foster mental correction. If no correction ever comes, the human is reduced to a
basic instinctive, reactionary level of experience which does not utilize the
rational capacities.

Thus, the universal needs are the basis for all directed human action---whether
consciously chosen or unconsciously habitual. Emotion is the force that moves us
to action, the need provides the direction. When actions meet the needs in a
balanced manner, the "golden mean"---the intended state of balance, decreed,
desired and dictated by the Creator---has been achieved.

The needs are the Creator's delightful, ingeniously designed insurance policy that
humans would never completely distance themselves from the guiding wisdom of
their spiritual source. The needs are designed to lead us to our highest purpose.
No matter how long humans may flounder in limiting choices of belief, their
feelings will urge them toward this state of balance. No matter how ignorant the
application of free will, the inner guidance back to the light is always available.
The biological needs, empowered by frustrated feelings, will drag humans---
kicking and screaming if need be---in better directions than the limited mind has
been able to provide.

                                                        Gamma – New Beginnings

Only when all the needs are respected, and beliefs and strategies are in place to
get them met, are humans allowed to be fully human. The course of human
evolution will only move toward this eventual outcome. The ultimate, truly
civilized, systems of living---those that will not self-destruct or suffer the social
symptoms of fear and anger---will recognize and provide a balanced approach
where all of the needs are continuously respected and met.

The Dynamic Flexibility of Needs
The wisdom of the Creator allows tremendous flexibility in how humans choose
to meet their needs. Free will means just that. There are no rigid rules. The
human needs can be met in any number of imaginably creative ways. Simply
looking to the many diverse human systems of thought and living will attest to
the tremendous freedom the Creator allows humans to chart their own course.

The level of need fulfillment in a given individual or society reflects the level of
understanding of human purpose. To date, most human civilizations and systems
of living do not meet all of the needs all of the time. In fact, some needs are not
recognized nor respected at all. Often, the individual needs are pitted directly
against the group needs, or one is ignored so that the other can be emphasized.
This sets the stage for failure, emotional pain, and defensive self-preservationary
responses which seek to remove self chosen roadblocks. It is only through
creative, if not deviant, behavior that much fulfillment is accomplished at all.
This is why science has declared, if not relegated, human purpose to be that of
mere survival or self-preservation. (Religion, however, for all its mistakes, has
kept the faith of a higher human purpose alive until science can catch up).

For humans are a hearty species indeed. Temporary retreats can help them
survive intense amounts of mental and emotional conflict and pain while they are
finding their way. This human tenacity can be credited to the wisdom of the
Creator, who offers timeless patience and faith in human nature. This inner
strength, resiliency, and self-protection was a gift to match that of free will,
giving humans the ability and strength to endure while learning for themselves
how to restore the inner guidance.

But there are definite limits to any such flexibility. Although feelings will always
sound the alarm, they can be ignored for only so long until the needs are
neglected beyond even the Creator's tolerance level. The self-preservationary

Gamma – New Beginnings

reactions of flight and fight occur when this limit has been reached. These inborn
self-preservationary mechanisms will ensure that a minimum amount of need-
meeting will happen, regardless of how conflicted the realm of mind might be.
These defensive responses will ensure that some of the needs will at least be met
all of the time, and that humans don't dip below the minimum level, threatening
preservation of the species. This is why the self-preservationary impulses to fight
and take flight are so powerful. Humans are not intended to tolerate such
continuous pain and suffering. These responses ensure that the individual will at
least physically react to meet the needs regardless of how well the mind or world
honors them.

Like anything else, need fulfillment itself can be used as a strategy of escape and
denial of the bigger challenge at hand. It is all too easy to seek refuge in the
emotional pleasure of meeting one need to soothe the frustration of another. This
is how need-meeting behaviors often become compulsions. Impulses to overeat,
drink or self-medicate nearly always spring from unmet spiritual needs. As
debilitating as this can be, it is not without temporary benefit. For until the system
is understood, it is often necessary to seek refuge from overly intense emotional

But all defensive responses are merely temporary fixes. As always, the feelings---
when understood---continuously ask for permanent correction in any and all
circumstances brought about by limiting beliefs which have left needs unmet.
Hardwired responses only meet some immediate needs, while rational,
emotionally directed responses address all needs on a long-term basis. Self
preservation is only a stage or stepping stone to the higher, purposeful responses
of self-development and expression. Thus, it is essential to become very well
acquainted with each of the needs, so that the messages of emotions can bring the
maximum progress.

In sum, emotion moves action toward meeting needs. For emotion addresses
beliefs in relation to these needs. The need lies under the feeling representing the
voice of spirit, just as the belief lies under the feeling representing the voice of
mind. The feeling then motivates the action. Thus, emotion is very powerful and
the primary force behind every human action, with each feeling addressing one
of six, core, rudimentary, basic, spiritually ordained, and biologically imbedded
human needs. Understanding needs is the final piece of information to ensure
maximum use of the emotional message. The needs are not complex, nor
mysterious. In fact they are quite simple and clearly recognizable, once we make

                                                        Gamma – New Beginnings

their acquaintance. To this end, we will now discuss, in detail, the needs

The Need for Power
This is perhaps the most basic of all human needs. It is the essential requirement
that each human being be able to control his or her destiny. Power is the
unrestricted ability to act , and to have the world respond to those actions.
Individual empowerment is the divine conduit of free will. Each human being
must be able to act in ways which allow them to succeed in getting what they
need. Power in its most basic form provides the safety of knowing that you can
fend for yourself and make your life work.

Without the power to exercise our "Free Will", it would soon atrophy.
Likewise, without "Free Will", there would be no purpose in exercising our
power. To the degree that we retain and utilize our "power", we create our

The need for power is perhaps the most basic, most rudimentary and non-
negotiable of the human needs. If the power need goes unmet, all other needs will
be subordinated immediately to restore this most essential degree of control and
safety. The power need reflects the universal spiritual values of cooperation, and
self determinism. Without the cooperative give and take between individual and
environment, life simply cannot happen.

Whenever human beings experience a lack in the power need, they will feel fear .
They will be physically motivated to immediately remove themselves from that
situation or to fight to change it to ensure survival. The basic social conditions
must allow humans to have enough empowerment to act upon their thoughts and
feelings and be able to learn through their experiences.

From the very moment of birth, humans need to experience their power and
ability to control the environment. Even a helpless infant exerts power by
expressing the feelings through vocal outbursts until a parent or caregiver comes
to satisfy the need. If no one responds to the crying, the infant simply does not
survive. If the crying is only successful some of the time, the infant is not assured
of its own power, and emotional dissonance immediately begins, setting the stage
for inadequate emotional development. (Many disconnected souls spend their

Gamma – New Beginnings

lifetime seeking power in violent angry outbursts due to this initial condition of
questionable power within a non-cooperative foster environment.)

Power and personal control over one's destiny is often confused with other
trappings of power. Money, position, status, and control over others often
compensates temporarily for a lack in the personal empowerment need. If
someone does not feel safe, then they might be motivated to find temporary
escape or pseudo-safety in any ways their distorted beliefs might dictate. But
such responses to emotional pain are simply flight responses and not those that
will ensure development and expression. Adding knowledge which has passed
emotional muster is far more empowering. Knowledge is, indeed, power.

The most important point about the power need is that it is an essential need that
opens doors to the meeting of all other needs. The need for personal power and
control over one's destiny is simply non-negotiable. Individual empowerment is
the naturally ordained right of each and every spirit in flesh. Thus, it is essential
to honor this need and establish internal beliefs and external social structures
which allow the maximum self empowerment. It goes without saying, of course,
that with such naturally ordained power, comes the corresponding naturally
intended responsibility for chosen actions. This is why the life-giving habit of
accountability is so important.

Humans often give their power away due to misunderstandings of the choices of
belief. They often channel their power indirectly through other people or through
social structures that severely limit their fulfillment. This error will be signaled
by anger, frustration, and eventually the sadness and depression of self-loss.
These feelings all scream for the power to be restored, for the beliefs to be altered
(with Right Responses) from those that have allowed it to be given away. True
empowerment is reflected in beliefs which rarely invoke anger or frustration.
Power is not simply being able to control the angry feelings; it lies in structuring
the mind with beliefs which restore control over the daily challenges, so that they
are never even elicited. Instead, the threat to personal power often allows the fight
response to take over, regardless of what the best response might be.

Suffice it to say at this point, that the need for power will overcome the other
needs if necessary. For self-preservation can only occur if the individual has the
power to act upon the environment and meet the innate needs. If conditions are
such that competition is necessary---"so be it" deems the Creator. It is, indeed, the
individual that will make changes in the world, not the group. The group can

                                                      Gamma – New Beginnings

never change or fully control the individual in ways that prevent these innate
human dynamics. Evolution happens at the level of the individual, and thus, it is
imperative to ensure maximum empowerment of each. If relative empowerment
for safety and control is not achieved, there will be chaos and eventual demise.

Gamma – New Beginnings

Lesson Four-B: Universal Needs Continued

The Need for Freedom
Beyond the power to control one's destiny, lies the freedom of movement and
thought with which a human can both broaden the mind and alter the world. One
can have control, yet not have the freedom to expand the internal and external
worlds. Once self-preservation is assured (the power need met) the human is
immediately motivated to begin self-development with the urge to be free. But
the urge to be free is also very basic and non-negotiable. The human value of
liberty embodies both the power and freedom needs. The words: "Give me liberty
or give me death"...were deeply and spiritually accurate. The need for freedom
ensures that humans will be able to think for themselves and decide how to
design their mindscape to best fulfill their innate value.

The need for freedom was the Creator's insurance that free will would be honored
and nurtured. Life is meant to be experienced in the present moment, with
spontaneity and enthusiasm supported by constantly evolving, unlimited mental
structures. Learning is intended to be an individual experiential trial and error
process---and never to be replaced by a limited or singular way of understanding
and interacting with the world. Although human education and the passing on of
culture is very helpful for shared living, it has also, over time, profoundly reduced
other options of thought and action. Life is not meant to be learned from the
experiences of others. Divine intention is that learning will occur only through
the experiences of the self acting upon the world in trial and error behaviors, with
the ever-present guide of human emotion judging progress.

The intention of the Creator is born out in the adolescent years of developing
human beings. What has become feared as the inevitable, willful rebellion of
teens is simply the Creator's inborn desire for each person to learn for themselves
through their own experiences. This is why humans often reject the advice of
their elders, even good advice from those who are very respectable. For the urge
springs naturally from the right and true, deep and abiding need for freedom of
thought and action. They must learn certain things for themselves, despite all the
frustrations of those who have already had similar learning experiences. Thus, the
need for freedom and individual experiences must be honored, accepted and
accommodated within each individual mind and in all social structures.
This does not mean that all structured learning and education should be thrown
by the wayside. Instead, it should be tailored to allow individuals experiential

                                                       Gamma – New Beginnings

learning within the existing structures to strike the needed balance. All
"knowledge" should be offered as flexible and consensual and treated as a
suggestion or a framework of reference from which individuals can create and
imagine bigger and better explanations. Nothing should be offered as an
unimpeachable "Truth," but instead as a potentially useful tool for self-discovery.
Education and knowledge should be offered in the context of Socratic
questioning and discussion, along with situational dramatics which honor, respect
and facilitate each person's right to experiential learning. (Situational dramatics
and role-playing are very powerful and underutilized tools for experiential,
precautionary learning. They can bring about vicarious, yet painful, messages of
emotion without the actual experience itself, imparting wisdom without paying
the price of learning the hard way).

Simply put, societies that do not allow freedom for all of their members, will not
survive. Any human grouping which seeks to contain and control its members by
erecting mental and physical walls, can never succeed in the long term. When
societies provide the right amount of freedom, there will be far less violent
rebellion, anger, fear and manipulation. For, when freedom is suppressed, the
need becomes magnified to the point of a compulsion. This can bring exaggerated
defensive responses which are not at all in the best interest of the individual or
the society.

The Need for Creative Expression
Once the need for freedom has facilitated movement, growth and mental
flexibility, the urge to self-express becomes readily apparent. Although all of the
needs are always present, the power and freedom needs will come to the surface
immediately, usurping all others, should they become frustrated in any way. Only
when there is a minimum amount of power and freedom can humans fully focus
and become conscious of other, higher needs. The word higher in this context
means merely that these needs are removed from the automatic self-
preservationary mechanisms and can relate more to "higher" human purpose. For
they will remain at the edge of consciousness until the basics of survival are in

The need to create reflects the spiritual values of self-worth and self-expression.
Creativity is about making internal visions and dreams actual in the physical
world. The creative need motivates achievement, and the attainment of all goals.
It is about being the most complete form of your spiritual self and acting it out

Gamma – New Beginnings

upon the world in truly unique and valuable ways. Creativity is an ability often
thought to be limited only to artists and musicians. But this is a far too narrow
way of thinking about creative self-expression. For each and every action, each
word, and each motion is an outward creative reflection of the inner creative
spirit. Those expressions that reflect limits of mind, of course, will also be
apparent. Any such inadequacies, however, will in turn elicit the necessary
feedback, once the feelings are understood. Then, with accurate interpretations of,
and responses to the emotional signals, the inadequate beliefs of mind will
gradually give way to better versions, such that each and every action becomes
the creative expression of true spirit.

Creative expression melds the spiritual values of self-development and
expression into the motive to achieve bigger and better results; to build a
mindscape of knowledge, skills and abilities to express and create in all realms or
find success in a wide variety of challenging environments. If creativity and
growth is stifled, boredom will surely set in as a spiritual reminder toward
continuous evolution and expression.

The creative expression of such a spirit would consistently exhibit joyous,
spontaneous, meaningful, cooperative and exuberant thoughts, words,
movements, actions and interactive deeds. Any other types of expression still
contain the effects of a limited mindscape, with negative emotional experiences
and responses asking for the needed corrections toward this ideal spiritual
existence of creative expression in flesh.

Thus, each and every human being has the inborn need to express one's self. This
is experienced as an inner understanding or knowingness regarding one's
universal value. It is also the irresistible urge to do whatever is necessary to know
that valuable self, to develop that self, and to go forth and share that self with the
world. The sense of committed contribution springs from this urge to create. That
inner inspiration to achieve, to change the world, to make it a better place, springs
from the spiritual creative need. The work ethic that has built civilizations is
based on the need to create. The need to create motivates individuals to go to
work each day and leave their unique mark upon the world. And each creation, no
matter how seemingly insignificant in human terms, holds tremendous value and
cosmic significance in the spiritual realm.

                                                      Gamma – New Beginnings

The Need for Connection
The human individual needs are, indeed, very powerful motivators, and they will
come to the fore if they are not met, to ensure self-preservation. But in order to
truly and fully be human, the need for group connection cannot be denied. This is
the need reflected in the urge to commune, affiliate and share life with others.
Indeed, the overwhelming feelings and urges to love and be loved spring from the
connection need.

The connection need embodies the spiritual values of unity, love, and
cooperation. One can only find fulfillment in temporary ways when seeking only
to fulfill the individual self needs of power, freedom and creativity. Such a soul
would be quite lonely indeed. Many such souls, motivated by fearful competition,
keep themselves from finding broader creative fulfillment of true cooperation.

The need for connection ensures that great spiritual offerings will meet with the
highest and broadest levels of creative expression, for more people will be around
to help. A magical thing happens when groups of people set out to achieve a
common goal, when the creative and connection needs merge into a singular
motive. The whole is often better than the parts. A certain synergy is sparked
wherein each person's creative thrust adds to the original vision, making it far
richer than first imaged. In fact, the universe is designed for like energies and
entities to attract each other to intermingle and reconnect in new and unique

Humans have a deep and abiding longing to love and to be loved. This need
springs from the connectedness of each and every spiritual apportionment and
speaks its truth through the spark of human (and even animal) connection. When
the connection needs are denied, even in the best of individual circumstances, the
soul suffers its lonely sense of loss. This is why the accepted strategy of
competition should give way immediately to the understanding of necessary
cooperation. In fact, most "competitive" win-lose human situations are actually
based upon agreed on, cooperative rules. Thus, the connection need underlies any
seemingly successful or fulfilling competitive activity.

Nonetheless, the connection needs can be subordinated and postponed for quite
long periods of time if the survival need for power has not been attained. Humans
can be driven away from one another, into violent competition when the rules for
connection become too steep. For the connection need can also work in negative

Gamma – New Beginnings

ways. For example, the martyr dutifully strives to satisfy the needs of all the
loved ones, oftentimes at the expense of one's own hopes, dreams, and needs to
creatively express. The martyr then experiences frustration and resentment, since
their own needs are neglected. Such frustration often results in passive-
aggressive, back-door, power-seeking dynamics.

For the individual needs must always come first. Resentment often results, and
subtle and then perhaps violent outbursts will be played out upon the loved ones
of the group if this imbalance continues to exist. Warm fuzzies and recognition
from cohorts should not be accepted in lieu of basic power, freedom or
opportunities. Like every need, the connection need must be honored, understood
and respected without sacrificing another.

The connection need has its abuses as well. It can be used by some seeking power
over others. Relinquishment of freedom of thought can be the price charged for
admission into a "loving" or "safe" group. Cult-like mentalities often result from
humans who huddle together in their own darkness rather than risk being lonely.
Yet, freedom and control is often traded away to join such groups as well. This
breeds yet another brand of emotional problems, with such symptoms as
paranoia, anger and social disconnection. In any grouping where external control
seeks to replace internal control, you will always find dissonance and maladapted

The power of love and attraction includes a hardwired urge to nurture, to
procreate and live communally. Oftentimes these physical urges can be
confounded by limited beliefs, leaving humans in compromising positions which
require need tradeoffs. Solid relationships are based upon mutual understandings
which recognize and honor each of the self needs and allow each member to meet
them in ways they so choose. Compromises between two conflicting perspectives
which make both sacrifice for some third middle-ground alternative are not
recommended, for no one's need is satisfied with such a compromise. The
connection needs must not on a long-term basis, usurp the individual needs.

The connection need often serves as a refuge when other needs are not met.
Subcultures spring forth as defensive responses from those who have not been
allowed sufficient individual freedom and empowerment within the accepted
cultural framework. Although often temporarily necessary, such fractionating
between peoples does not work well over time. For, as with any need, it urges
humans toward the truth of universal values. Fragmenting humans into separate

                                                        Gamma – New Beginnings

groups only achieves disconnection that promotes hatred and violence against one

The Need to Find Meaning
The urges to survive, to creatively express, and to love and to be loved go a long
way toward helping humans find their higher course. But without a doubt, the
need that will give them the most rapid success in solving the secrets of the
universe and understanding the mind of the Creator, will be in answering the
inner urge to find meaning.

Again, the Creator was ingenious in encoding the chemical cloak with the need to
discover, to understand, to know, and to make sense of the world. Humans are
curious beings, born with the desire to seek solutions, to solve riddles and
puzzles. The need to find meaning evidences the spiritual value of self-
development and expansion of human experience, as well as universal order and
meaning itself. Like any other need-meeting experience, it brings a degree of
emotional joy. When humans learn their inner truths, they experience that
unmistakable resonance, a very pleasurable chord struck within them that
validates their finding. The need for meaning spurs humans to know self, know
their world, and know their place in their world.

In the meantime, religion, science and world views provide meaning in a
seemingly meaningless universe. Science has yet to connect the dots and see the
greater order, wisdom, and cooperation---the meaning within each and every
physical interaction from microbes to universes. Religion has yet to realize the
consensual nature of its chosen beliefs and to understand that truly spiritual
cooperation does not pit one against another, nor hold a monopoly on truth, nor
attempt to defile or alter their GOD-given nature.

Yet, despite humans' struggle to attain enlightenment, they are rallied each and
every day when they find meaning in their deeds, the events, and the actions of
their lives. They find meaning in the order, value and beauty of nature. To gaze
upon a golden sunset evokes the resonant meaning or order and validity of the
universe. These tidbits keep us going until we finally find what we are supposed
to find. Until we finally stumble upon the connection between our beliefs, our
needs, our feelings and the events that occur in our lives. Until we finally live and
breathe the Creator's intent.

Gamma – New Beginnings

To date, humans experience frustration in wondering why things happen.
Particularly puzzling is why bad things happen to good people. For the
connection has not yet been made that humans do, indeed, create their own
reality, quite literally attracting each and every event that they experience. Such
events actually reflect, with crystal clarity, the beliefs chosen by the human being.
Such reflections are intended to be acted upon as feedback with feeling signals to
address needs and direct the refinement of beliefs to achieve more rewarding
results. This is the ultimate meaning that the Creator intends the creations to

When the light begins to shine, humans take great delight in everyday
occurrences, for they realize that each and every event holds hidden meaning and
perhaps opportunity to develop and express. They will begin to recognize how
the most surprising, unlikely and unexpected of events can open doors that will
greatly increase their own successes and move them quickly toward their stated
and envisioned goals. Each day is filled with wonder and anticipation as events
are recognized beyond the confines of time as those specifically requested by that
spirit. With meaning, life becomes an exciting and wonderful adventure wherein
positive feelings attract the entities to their highest experiences. Without it, life is
a cycle of misguided action, pain, and reaction to avoid further pain. Events are
created that seem chaotic, random and pointless.

But humans can also misunderstand and abuse the need to find meaning. Humans
can create world views that explain why things happen the way they do. Many
such philosophies provide meaning at the expense of other more urgent needs
such as control and freedom. The group goals can often conflict with the
individuals needs and the rules will ask for individuals to sacrifice for the good of
the group. This is counter evolutionary and destructive.

The Need to Build Self-Esteem
The higher purposes of self-development and self-expression are attained through
each of the basic needs. Bur perhaps the most direct contributor to the balancing,
growth and expansion of self is the powerful human need to achieve self-esteem.

The term "self-esteem" captures every such concept that recognizes the value of
the collection of beliefs, skills and strategies that have been assembled and
willfully chosen by a given individual. Since the mind is also the Cultural Self,
the identity of the individual is intimately connected with the level of efficacy the

                                                       Gamma – New Beginnings

mind has attained in the world. Self esteem naturally follows when a person
knows that they can handle life's challenges. When they know that they have
worked hard to learn from the world and to adapt themselves accordingly.

True self-esteem can only be earned by making the necessary Right Responses
and learning the lessons from life's challenges. True self-esteem cannot be built
upon empty compliments, unfounded sentiments from others, or self-deceptive
beliefs. Self-esteem must be based upon actual adaptations and expressions
accomplished by that given individual. Although the mind can adopt inaccurate,
unrealistic or skewed beliefs about one's self from such sources, the spirit cannot
be fooled.

The reward from each learning experience is felt through the positive emotions.
Each such experience adds to an ever increasing level of self-esteem that both
celebrates successful interactions with the world and builds confidence in
achieving future successes. Indeed, the Creator gives the nod when the high road
has been taken by offering joyous emotional reward.

It is also important to recognize how taking the low road to a false elevation of
self-esteem can also be a seductive trap. True self-esteem is based upon
successful self-development and expression. But false or temporary self-esteem
can also be attained through self-preservationary responses as well. For example,
actions of retaliation for a wrongdoing, getting even, or deliberately demeaning
another can all momentarily give one a sense of superiority over that person. This
can bring an accompanying good feeling of justice in having successfully
defended one's self against an aggressor. But superiority assumes a competitive
relationship, not one of truly rewarding connected cooperation.

When examined closely, many human interactions are based upon the jockeying
for superiority, and a great deal of energy is wasted upon self-preservation, when
self-development is the true desire of spirit. Many reactions are those that deny
and defend limited boundaries of mind, or strike out against the bearer of the
feedback message. Both reactions are of course, the limited, self-preservationary
responses of Flight or Fight.

Thus, it is particularly important to understand the many automatic responses that
occur which use the esteem need in this way. Each interaction with another
human being pits one mind against another, with each person experiencing
emotional signals about how well they stack up in that particular "world."

Gamma – New Beginnings

Choosing Right Responses which broaden the boundaries of mind, automatically
expands and strengthens the self. These feelings about the self are a constant and
powerful motivator, usually residing just below the conscious focus, yet
underlying each subsequent action. Casting the conscious focus upon them can
avoid a great deal of unnecessary, hurtful human interactions.

The need for self-esteem is quite powerful indeed. It ensures that self-
development and self-expression will occur. It reflects the spiritual values of self-
worth and the continuous expansion of All That Is. Like all needs, it must be
honored, understood, and met in ways that do not compromise any other need,
nor settle for actions of mere self-preservation.

Summary of Human Needs
These are the six basic human needs that lie within each human being: The need
for power, for freedom, the need to create, to connect, to find meaning, and to
build self-esteem. They all ensure survival of the species. They all steer humanity
toward discovery of self-understanding and guidance toward their highest
purpose. They underlie all human action, whether consciously chosen or
habitually acted out. They are the spiritual values and boundaries against which
the emotional message measures the success or failure of beliefs and strategies of
mind. They can be met in a wide variety of ways and are quite flexible. They can
be used to achieve peak performance or they can be misused as mechanisms of
escapism and violation.

It is imperative to recognize, honor, and respect each of the human needs and
design strategies of living that allow them all to be met simultaneously. This is
the true intention of the Creator. Genuine happiness, fulfillment and growth can
only be experienced on a long-term basis when each need is honored. The life-
giving habits of self development and expression are all based upon balancing
these human needs, just as the deadly habits of self-preservation spring from
misunderstanding and denying them. The feeling signals themselves each address
these needs. The very universe itself rests upon the values they embody.

Understanding the universal human needs completes the information cycle of
human spiritual communication. We can now refine the understandings and
address its implications upon humanity--- for restoring spiritual guidance will
forever alter every area of mass consciousness.

Delta – Implications for Personhood

                                              Delta – Implications for Personhood

Lesson One: Implications for Self Concept

The wisdom within these Lessons is self-evident, upon a bit of experimentation.
Yet, due to the many limiting ideas that exist within the Mind of Man, it is
essential to point out each and every implication of having access to the voice of
spirit. For until this time, humans have been left to their own devices and the
creativity resulting has left a jumble of conflicting factioned groupings which
need to be reassembled into the Family Of Man. Thus, each individual within the
world, each and every belief system, each institution within each culture, need
now be cleansed with the knowledge that comes from the voice of spirit.

This global cleansing is the challenge of each Earthbound entity. It is not to be
accomplished with darkness or violation of any type. It cannot be accomplished
with competition, battles, or Holy Wars, It can only be accomplished through the
cooperative, developmental efforts of individuals redefining the mental landscape
under the direction of the spiritual guide, followed by expressive efforts to alter
the cultural landscape accordingly, to accommodate the nature of humankind.
The task is a daunting one, yet the time, the energy, and the human receptivity to
internal guidance is at a peak point. The patterns of resistance, competition, and
self-preservation have been repeated so many times throughout human history
that the futility and negativity of such a course is now apparent to all. Humankind
now experiences en masse the effects of lack of evolution, the effects of
disconnection from the spirit within, the effects of separation from the Creator,
and is now trapped within the gross limitations of their own creations. Such a life
of pain, guilt, and futility is hardly the intention of the Creator.

Thus, the spirit urges from within, through feelings of frustration, signaling the
need for individuals to rise to the challenge at hand. In response to the inner
feelings, civilization can now be accomplished through each individual effort---
and even the slightest, most seemingly insignificant successes impact the energy
far more than might be suspected. Indeed, world peace can be accomplished
through the accumulation of such efforts. The seeds planted now by the
enlightened ones will flourish, and in time the garden now choked with weeds
can return to its original Edenlike state of creative freedom and spiritual

All accomplishments of self-development and expression rest upon the ability to

Delta – Implications for Personhood

rise above the self-preservationary reactions that now hold most humans captive.
Understanding the self will reconnect humans with the universal values so they
no longer must argue over which political, economic, religious, educational,
social, and ethical ideas and approaches should be pursued. With mind, anything
goes. Minds will always disagree until spiritual values are understood and

With spirit, there is a correct, purposeful course---one deemed so by the very
Creator. It is written on the wind, evidenced throughout all physical nature and
encoded within each cell. It presents itself as innate needs which cannot be left
unmet. It is evidenced by the natural repercussion from biological safeguard
systems. It follows the pleasure and pain principle, the approach and avoidance
action impulses clearly observable in every physical unit, from human beings to
subatomic particles.

Tremendous progress can be made. A true and empoweringly great leap forward
can be made, but there is a particular sequential order to this global
transformation. Thus, the first step is to attain the total and complete
understanding of the "Self". For it is the many muddled ideas about the self that
keep humans from claiming their spiritual birthright. To this end, we will now
pull together and discuss existing concepts of self.

We have acknowledged the problem of how all beliefs become associated with
the self-identity and signal the feeling system. We provided the solution to this
problem by establishing the crucial division between mind and spirit, and of how
different feelings relate to these different aspects of self. With these
understandings in place, it is now useful to add the body back into the mix.

It's crucial to remember that the mind still holds the focus upon the physical
realm and can greatly distort the perceptions and restrain incoming information,
skewing the impressions of the physical world. It's also essential to know that the
energy of spirit contains all information from both mind and body. But now,
clarifying within the self concept the exact role of body, can usher in less abstract
understanding of the self-preservationary impulse. For although it is disruptive
when misunderstood, it is the basic, safeguard system, level of human purpose.

                                                Delta – Implications for Personhood

The Self and Human Purpose
The human is actually comprised of a trinity of self. The spirit is the energy, the
life force which carries information between the twin physical and nonphysical
realms. It has access to all available information from both realms. The mind is
the vehicle of free will through which the individual can design the life
accouterments to their liking and to best fulfill their destiny path. The mind has
the express purpose of self-development. When the mind does its job, the spirit
can meet its purpose of self-expression in ever-expanding areas of experience.

With adequate information exchanges and feedback between these "Twin Selves"
humans can enjoy the maximum most rewarding physical experience. The life
giving habits are all designed to meet these higher purposes.

Unfortunately, the mind has complete free will and can develop itself with slivers
that can take humans in less rewarding directions, should the communication
with spirit somehow breakdown. This is the risk of physical existence and the
downside of free will. This is why the wisdom of the Creator has been imbued
into the body itself. This is the safety feature that can save humans from
themselves by keeping them oriented upon a purposeful path. The body contains
the needs to move humans forward, and its physical responses of fight and flight
to move them back when they stray from their intended course. The body's basic
purpose is to self-preserve so that the human is kept alive long enough to
discover and act upon its higher purposes. Thus there is a trinity of purpose
swirling within humans at their present level.

The human race has not yet reached sufficient self-understanding necessary for
the cooperative level of existence which they now are faced. They remain at
cross purposes within themselves because the emotional self-signals have three
distinct meanings which need to be understood. The feelings tell body to self-
preserve . They tell mind to self-develop in ways to ensure the body's purposes
are met. They speak the truth of spirit for its purpose of self-expression.

Local Self Distinctions
So it is now useful to recognize the trinity of self, to best understand each feeling
signal as it is experienced at this quite primitive level of human existence. Thus,
all other terms used to capture any concept or portion of self will fall into one of
these three simple self-categories of body, mind and spirit. It is essential to define
this trinity of self to decipher the language of human feeling.

Delta – Implications for Personhood

There has been a tendency for humans throughout their history to theorize and
dissect the human self and declare certain portions to have specific functions.
Although incomplete or inaccurate, many have been quite elaborate, and have
created further confusion. This tendency has been rooted in the very real
distinction between body, mind, and spirit, yet was always clouded by the
knowledge of the day, mental judgments and the perspective of the theorist.

Many theorists identified three major categories, but there was so much fuzziness
and overlap that the role of feeling signals in the spiritual self-regulation system
could not reveal itself. Many of what was supposed to be higher divine values,
were simply the passing fancies within mass consciousness. As we know now,
any such belief taken from the cultural storehouse of mass consciousness, is
freely and willfully chosen and maintained by its owner.

For example, the historically accepted Freudian distinction between Ego, Id and
Superego. The Ego represents the individual's conscious mind. the Id, which he
defined as an inborn, unconscious, impulsive portion of the personality,
represents the body. The Superego, which was thought to be a sort of conscience
or higher inner guide, was a combination of external social dictates, mores, and
rules from the realm of mind, mixed together with a vague concept of inborn
internal spiritual directives, inaccurately entangling them into a third fuzzy
category. Such is also the case with the early philosophy of Plato, with his
rational (mind), spirited (spirit) and appetitive (body) portions of the human self
that based (were the basis for) the later Freudian thought.

The result has been a great deal of terms, each used to describe various portions
of the human psyche. With the precise clarity of redefining each aspect of self,
cleansed of its cultural judgments, the feelings can begin to take on their
purposeful meaning. To this end, each term now must be relegated to the proper
category of Body, Mind or Spirit to further cement this critical distinction. Thus,
the following is offered:

                                          Delta – Implications for Personhood

        BODY                     MIND                      SPIRIT
    Inborn qualities       Learned, developed       Enduring divine qualities

   Self Preservation       Self Development             Self Expression

      Genetic Self            Mental Self               Nonphysical Self

 Id/Superego(internal,            Ego                Superego(divine rules)
     natural rules)

Unconscious(hardwired       Conscious Focus         Collective Unconscious

   Mass Consciousness      Unconscious Soul           Appetitive Rational
(info beyond space/time)                                   Spirited

     Evolving Self            Actual Self                  Ought Self
                                                       Ideal/Destined Self

  Intellectual Intuitive    Beliefs/Cultural             Truths/Divine
  Natural Knowledge           knowledge                   Knowledge

  Plans/Expectations        Divine Intention                Mission

    Temperaments            Attitudes /Mood            Divine Exuberance

         Talents                 Skills                Soul Development

     Drives/Needs                Goals                    Destiny Path

    Physical/Natural       Nurture Influences         Spiritual Influences

Delta – Implications for Personhood


Each and every aspect of a human being that is learned and changes after birth
resides in the realm of Mind. Each and every aspect that is innate and hardwired
belongs in the realm of Body. Each and every aspect that is enduring, divine and
life giving belongs in the realm of Spirit.

Other terms commonly used to describe aspects of self, often combine and
overlap between these realms causing further confusion. Examples include:
personality, character, mentality, psyche, and even brain. The term personality
for example, is a combination of innate spiritual tendencies acted upon by the
specific experiences and beliefs held in mind which shape behavior choices. The
word brain is a uniquely confusing word. For of course, all aspects of self are
manifested within the physical structures. The brain is clearly part of the body. It
comes with its own abilities and temperaments and talents. But the brain can then
be expanded upon and developed through experience. Quite literally, as humans
learn and have experiences, the brain structures themselves change and grow in
ways specific to that individual's experiences. But it is the energy of spirit that
pulses the brain with life, giving rise to mind.

Interpretation of Feelings and Attribution
An instantaneous recognition between the purposes of body, mind and spirit is
crucial to the accurate assessment of the feedback offered by the Spiritual
adjudicator, the emotional information system. The feelings take on the three
distinct levels of meaning to the enlightened mind. But without adequate
understanding of the separate functions of each aspect of self, the system falls
into automatic mode to ensure survival.

In this mode, (automatic mode) the system operates upon the self/not-self
distinction with body, mind, and spirit lumped together motivating actions
toward a singular goal of self-preservation. Self preservation of mind creates
limitation and emotional boundaries and stifles the spirit's purposeful expression.
Evolving humans must rise above the automatic cycle by mindfully intervening
and rising to the higher purposes of self-development of mind and self-
expression of spirit. Thus, it is essential to correctly understand which portion of
self any specific feeling addresses.

This is a process called attribution. Attribution is the part of the Right Response

                                                Delta – Implications for Personhood

which acknowledges the specific portion of self which has elicited the feeling
signal being interpreted. This is a relatively simply task when one understands
the difference between body, mind, and spirit, and will eventually become
virtually automatic for enlightened ones. But what happens without such
information, is that the entire self gets credit or blame for each and every feeling,
and automatically seeks to preserve itself by avoiding situations that invoke bad
feelings, or automatically approaching those that bring pleasurable ones---
oftentimes not at all the best choice of action.

Actions which meet one need at the expense of another provide a benefit of
momentary relief from bad feelings or pleasure from good ones, but at a cost of
future problems. Lacking this ever-present boundary and the correct attribution
of the feeling signal, the message of Divine Intention is far less accessible, and
the human needs can become mental enemies instead of spiritual allies. If the
feelings are mis-attributed or unexamined they can work against the spiritual
goals by helping instill slivers rather than removing them. Partial, temporary, or
artificial need fulfillment can perpetuate misconceptions that set the stage for
future pain.

For instance, the need for Self Esteem. Self Esteem and the feelings of joy, hope,
trust, honor, pride, faith, and the confidence it brings, are the spiritual rewards for
successful developmental and expressive responses. They are the validation that
willfully developed beliefs, skills, and strategies of mind that have allowed the
spirit to shine upon humanity. But such feelings must be attributed to their
correct source, or confusing, conflicting, and inaccurate beliefs and ideas can
result. Such slivers, in turn, create future situations which will signal far less
pleasant emotions.

For example, a spirited young girl of eleven tender years dances into the living
room of her parents, displaying adept and imaginative choreography. Even as she
dances, she experiences joyous emotion for the creative expression she is
achieving. Her spirit sings its happiness as she meets this essential need, to which
she rhythmically and energetically responds. The joy is intensified due to the fact
that she is also meeting her connection need by performing for others. When her
performance is complete, her parents give raves and applause, and again her
spirit soars in reward for her skillful accomplishments, and her sense of self is

But among the praise for her creative expression, her tenacity in practicing, and

Delta – Implications for Personhood

her innate talent, come other, perhaps more sinister, praises: "What lovely golden
curls, you are so beautiful, just like a lady!" Or comparisons might be made:
"You're so much better than your cousin Jane!" The positive emotion that
accompanies such a glowing review prompts an automatic response, where these
new concepts of self, "beautiful," "ladylike" and "better" are added to the tools of
mind. This is also known as conditioning or positive reinforcement. Like all
needs, the esteem need ties directly with the feedback system and its objectives to
identify things that are good or bad for self. Without conscious mental
intervention, all portions of self will be included in any situation of positive
reinforcement. Recall that true self esteem is based upon self-development (of
mind) and self-expression (of spirit), both of which are purposeful, individual
actions. But recall also that esteem needs can be met in other temporary or
artificial ways through self-preservation of existing ideas or mindsets. There are
several potential problems in this situation:

Positive Feelings & The Self
This example brings to light how positive emotions play their role in the learning
cycle. Although the negative emotions are the most problematic, it is essential to
understand the subtleties of the positive ones as well. Since all feelings can be
attracted to contents of mind or self concept, the pursuit of pleasure is also
wrought with potential self-preservationary responses.

We have discussed in detail how each of the emotions speak from different
aspects of self, how the primary emotions of joy, anger, fear and sadness spring
directly from a frustrated or expanding spirit which brings bodily safeguards into
play. But joy is also intimately connected with any contents of mind that have
met with success previously. And joy takes on many subtle shadings in the form
of the learned emotions such as pride, confidence and even hope that operate in
the mind. Although temporary and misleading, it is far easier to retain slivers
which bring pleasure than those that bring pain.

Thus, to be just as cautious in understanding the positive emotional signals is to
be truly enlightened. The best advice is to think about the incoming positive
feedback and scrutinize just what belief it is suggesting or what need it is
fulfilling, like the young lady in our example. As you go through this process,
pay particular attention to any bad feelings that arise, for they will expose
limitations to the incoming or proposed "gem." If the pleasure does not allow
denial or an escape response from something that causes pain, if it doesn't

                                               Delta – Implications for Personhood

compromise one need to meet another, or if it shows promise of a truly better
approach, let it in. Let it become associated with your sense of self---in full
awareness that this is the mind which is always purposefully seeking change and
improvement. For the beauty of the spiritual adjudicator, is that if it is truly a
sliver it will create future negative feelings such as anxiety, fear, frustration,
guilt, or sadness, which will then expose it for removal or alteration.

In sum, each incoming feeling, good or bad, and the experience or incoming
feedback information that spurred it, should be pondered and applied to its
correct source. With a few conscious interpretations and attributions, these
thought processes will soon become as unconscious as the ones which now
automatically attribute every feeling to the entire self.

Each feeling, indeed, springs from an aspect of self and should be recognized as
such. For mind is the pinnacle of physical existence, but it also stands directly
between spirit and the body in its physical world, placing the responsibility upon
the mind to resolve its own complications. All humans simply must apply this
knowledge to each and every feeling as soon as it is experienced. If the source is
mind, the best response is to adapt beliefs and learn. If the source is body or
spirit, the best response is to honor the need, express the higher ideal, faithful in
the wisdom of spiritual intention. Of course when the mind is enlightened to the
degree that it can direct actions within all three purposes, such conflicts do not

Other Self Goals
There are also other terms regarding the self and its goals tossed around which
can be clarified as well. Some examples are: self-efficacy, self actualization, self-
love, self-hatred, etc. At this point applying them to the correct aspects of self
should be relatively easy. As long as the understanding is in place between the
developing and enduring qualities, interpretations of self become the proverbial
piece of cake.

For example, self efficacy is defined as the effectiveness or ability of an
individual to make things happen. It is related to self-esteem and belongs in the
realm of mind. Self actualization, on the other hand, is about allowing the spirit
to fully express its gifts upon the physical realm. It speaks of something that
already exists within the body that needs to be developed and actualized or made
apparent in the world. This of course is the spirit. But without development of

Delta – Implications for Personhood

mind, without skills and strategies with which to express spirit, self-actualization
is not as likely to occur.

Self love should always be above spirit. Self love is about valuing that which you
are despite the illusions of the physical realm, the slivers of mind, the limitations
of body, and the judgments and injustices of mass consciousness. Self love marks
faith and trust in the Spirit and in its higher wisdom. It is strengthened by the
absolute certainty that spirit is one with the Creator and All That Is. Self love is
not conditional upon anything that might rest in the realm of mind, or body. Love
for self and others flows naturally when the needs are met. Patience, compassion,
humor and self-acceptance regarding the body, the mind and its developmental
progress are also such expressions of self love.

Self hatred should never exist. But it is an easy tendency when blaming is a
chosen strategy. As we now know, any legitimate negative feelings about the
self, point to deficits within the realm of mind and beg for learning experiences
and corrections of conflicting beliefs. Many cultural systems instill such conflicts
by asking individuals to believe things that go against their spirit and their natural
bodily inclinations. Guilt almost always is the result of such conflicting
information and external dictates. When spirits choose their own actions which
do not agree with the mind's chosen religious tenets or moral view, they
experience guilt and self-loathing.

It must be completely accepted by the mind that the spirit, the body, and all of its
inherent nature, are good and beautiful and natural as defined by the Creator.
They should be loved and celebrated and placed as superior to any man-made
ideas or methods which deny, defile, control, or attempt to overcome the spirit's

Feelings of guilt and self-loathing should automatically be examined to find the
underlying slivers which pit mind against body or spirit, and demand that nature
bend to the ideas of mind. This is an affront to the Creator, and this is why it is a
violation of the response rules. It never works, for the spirit will continuously
offer its message of disapproval through the subsequent negative feelings. This is
as close to "sin" as humans can come---to deny the Creator's intention. True
doctrines which celebrate spirit do not even attempt to legislate natural behavior,
instead they attempt to understand the wisdom of the Creator by honoring the
creation and accommodating each of its natural working systems.

                                               Delta – Implications for Personhood

In sum, the distinction between the trinity of self is the basic foundational
understanding which can unlock the complex meanings contained within each
emotional signal. It can demonstrate how all three purposes are suggested within
each feeling. It can show how each feeling suggests the sequence of specific
internal or external corrective actions set forth in the appropriate response rules.
It can unlock the mystery of how the safeguards of body are forced into action
when the mind is not sufficiently developed to lead humans along the destiny
path. It can expose the folly of such concepts as evil and sin.

It can acknowledge the existence of the spirit and its special functions and divine
wisdom. It can give the spirit credit as the ever-present life force that
communicates information from all physical and nonphysical realms. It can
acknowledge how the spirit provides the insights and inspirations from the
wellspring of universal consciousness, once humans unblock the mind. It can hint
of a grander more purposeful level of existence than that which now exists.

This first level of self understanding provides the foundation for further
implications upon personhood, as we now turn to the process of learning culture.

Delta – Implications for Personhood

Lesson Two: Implications for Childrearing

The Parental Responsibility
The implications of spiritual reconnection have profound impact upon how
humans treat their offspring. Each interaction between parent and child will be a
formative one, from the very moment of conception, throughout the first several
decades of life. In the womb, the emerging spirit will be slipping on the chemical
cloak which can be severely influenced by the actions of the host mother. Later,
upon birth, the spirit's dependence upon the state of the body will be
compounded by its complete reliance upon the caregivers to instill the
preliminary contents of the mind. If that weren't enough for concern, the entire
emotional relationship with the world will depend upon the early relationship the
infant has with the caregivers.

At present, conditions for an incoming spirit are far from optimal. Confused
parents have no universal guidelines and are left to fall back upon patterns from
their own upbringing---both good and bad. Most parental missteps are self-
preservationary fight and flight responses: The venting of emotional frustrations
in explosive outbursts; or the attempt to exert control through fear and violent
punishment; or the escape from parental pressures through denial, compulsive
activities, substance abuse or outright abandonment. Sadly, many parents do not
even exercise free will in the decision to become a parent. Many seek to fulfill
connection and esteem needs through sexuality, resulting in unwanted
pregnancies. Just as many more start a family simply because it is expected of
them. The enlightened approach is for parents to fully embrace and to
purposefully commit to their responsibility for the physical, mental, and
emotional development of their children.

The Parental Choice
The first optimal condition for bringing forth life is when the role of parenthood
is purposefully chosen by two loving, bonded entities, who have made prior
preparations of mind and body. The mind is prepared by enrichment with
prevailing wisdom, evaluated of course against the wisdom of spirit. Prior to
conception, the body can be prepared by fortification, fitness, and enriched
nutrients within both mother and father, as well as a period of abstinence from
any debilitating activity or substance. Such conditions are continued by the
mother throughout the pregnancy and duration of lactation.

                                               Delta – Implications for Personhood

There is, fortunately, a tremendous amount of spiritual resilience and a level to
which the incoming spirit can directly influence the physical development,
despite a lack of preparation on the part of the parents. Many spirits work behind
the scenes, making deals with familial entities on other levels of consciousness to
ensure a destined conception will occur, and imparting feelings within both
parents to make the parental choice, as well as to impart urges for the mother to
eat or do certain things that will help the developing form. But the level of
parents' receptivity to such actions dictates the level of success, and is dependent
upon their own level of enlightenment. The influence of the incoming spirit can
range anywhere from a complete and total cooperative effort between parents and
child, to a complete competition between parasite and host.

In the latter case, the free will of the mother is primary and a choice to
discontinue any pregnancy should remain within the realm of option. For even a
mother who chooses to offer an unplanned infant for adoption after birth, has a
tremendous role in its proper physical development. This means a committed,
cooperative effort at least through the duration of pregnancy to ensure a normally
developed body for each incoming spirit. Anything less would be a violation
upon the child as well as upon unsuspecting adoptive parents.

The choice to parent is clouded with many limiting beliefs and myths which
unnecessarily challenge nontraditional families. Despite such obstacles, there are
many variations upon the family unit that can meet with equal success in
childrearing. Assumptions that only the biological parents should raise a given
child are inaccurate and limiting. As long as a support network is in place
wherein the child has the opportunity to learn from many loving adults, it matters
not what style of family is involved. The cooperative nature of conception
between mother and father and again between mother and child evidences the
Divine intention of cooperation in general, and the desirability of both male and
female influences, not necessarily that they are to be the only potential parents to
the incoming spirit.

The power of procreation should be highly respected, with the right to choose,
the accountability and responsibility of the choice widely available to all
involved. Should the potential parent not yet be ready to take on that
responsibility, replacements can and should be made wherein one abdicates to
another who offers a full commitment. In such cases, the earlier the chosen
parents participate, the better, to ensure adequate physical development of the

Delta – Implications for Personhood

child. The best case scenario is to provide wisdom, assistance and support and
make the pregnancy a cooperative effort within the host mothers and minimize
the chance of careless activities which could adversely affect the developing
child. In short, if a child is to be invited into the physical realm, the biological
mother must be willing and able to fully commit to the needs of the child within
throughout gestation. Anything less justifies ---and indeed justly requires---the
option of abortion.

The Parental Role - Physical Development
The conditions of gestation must ensure the presence of an adequate amount of
nutrients and the absence of toxic substances within the maternal system. There
is no need to go too far in the opposite direction in an attempt to improve the
internal conditions, flooding the body with excessive amounts of vitamins or
other "enhancing" substances. This would be the mind, again attempting to
second guess the wisdom of body and spirit, wherein the best of intentions can
actually backfire.

With an adequate chemical balance, nature's miracle of reproduction unfolds
quite naturally, but its inherent biological projections cannot prevent external
chemical assault caused by the mother herself. To date, many infants are born
with compromised bodies and brains due to self-destructive tendencies of the
mother. Many toxic substances are routinely ingested which create weakness and
developmental delays and disallow the spirit a full and complete chance at
physical viability. Drug and alcohol abuse create insurmountable conditions and
often irreversible effects, underscoring the crucial commitment to the child
beginning with conception.

In addition to a balanced chemical environment, the incoming spirit can also be
benefitted by mental, visceral, and verbal expressions of love while still in the
womb. The brain itself can be developmentally reinforced by external stimulation
from the parents. Activities such as creating or listening to music, speaking
soothingly, and reading to the developing fetus can all bolster the brain
development. Visualization of future family harmony and subjective
communications wherein love energy is directed toward the incoming spirit are
also very powerful. The love energy spans space-time, it beacons and welcomes,
attracting those with chosen destinies matching the conditions offered. Adoptive
parents can also interact in these ways during gestation to begin spiritual and
emotional bonding.

                                               Delta – Implications for Personhood

After birth, the parental responsibility for the child's physical development will
continue in the form of lifestyle choices. These choices include nutritional
support through intelligent approaches to diet, the physical safety through
instructional awareness of environmental hazards, and musculoskeletal vitality
through regular creative movement.

Most parents have access to information through the health care professions that
can allow a fetus and infant adequate physical development. The bottom line is to
ensure a normally developed body, followed by providing the necessities to meet
basic survival needs. The lesser understood and more challenging parental
responsibilities lie in the realm of mental and emotional development.

The Parental Role - Mental Development
There is substantial overlap between physical brain development and mental
development. Brain development is synonymous with mental expansion and is
tremendously influenced by the people who comprise the foster environment.
Brain cells bud and branch forth as mind expands. Scientists are correct when
they note that memory nodes exist which can by physically manipulated
influencing the state of mind. But they are incorrect to assume that consciousness
arises from brain tissue alone. For mind is far more than brain tissue, it is alive
with the voice of spirit which spurs it toward purposeful development. Thus,
children are far more capable of understanding and decision-making than most
parental myths might suggest.

In order to fully accommodate free will, the brain will expand or contract upon
the chosen contents of mind. It will be stretched to accommodate the most
technologically complex mental scenarios, or it could be prepared for a far
simpler approach to life. The mind, of course, is the constellation of all contents
of belief, knowledge, and strategies learned throughout the life which
characterize an individual. This mental flexibility ensures that any lifestyle
choice, worldview, or culture can be chosen as the primary focus of a given life.
The brain is primed to absorb a great deal of information as early as possible to
set the primary mental stage. But there is a limited window of opportunity during
this period, a window which narrows after the initial mental stage is set. This fact
of biology evidences the Creator's intention for each spirit's choice to enter and
focus within a particular space-time cultural scenario and the Divine effort to
facilitate their particular destiny path.

Delta – Implications for Personhood

Thus, early mental development depends upon stimulation. Despite notions to the
contrary, the child can take in and understand far more, if challenged than when
being shielded from anything "too complex." The best rule of thumb for parents
is: the more early intellectual stimulation, the better. There are neural circuits in
the brain that will quite literally shut down if they are not stimulated during the
early years. Providing a rich array of sensory stimulus can switch them on, and
allow them to branch forth into complex neural networks that can later be utilized
for more complex thought.

The more direct complex communication, the sooner language can be acquired.
(Each parental expression of "baby talk" actually robs the child of an opportunity
to grasp adult language). Reading aloud throughout childhood is a powerful
positive interactive activity, to stimulate imagination and diversity of thought as
well as to facilitate language skills. Likewise, subjective imaging, dream
interpretation and manipulation, meditative visualization, and telepathic exercises
and games can develop neural networks and mental abilities now largely
dormant. Any such activity that exercises the mind's ability to focus in altered
states of consciousness can ignite many hidden inner mental abilities. This is not
to say that a child should be over-stimulated. Following a child's cues and
allowing the natural curiosity to blossom in individual pursuits will ensure the
necessary balance.

Beyond these implications upon brain development, lie the equally important
implications of the parental role upon imparting the specific contents of mind:
the artifacts of culture, the beliefs, truths, and traditions that are imparted from
one generation to the next. The parents cannot help but pass along their own
cultural wisdom and values to the child. The child observes the caregiver's
actions and each will model and display their mental strategies---complete with
each gem and sliver. But it is a dangerous myth that only one set of ideas is the
best and only to be offered. Or, that children can be protected from the realities
of a cruel world, sheltered within a family or religious cocoon. For to under-
stimulate or under-expose a child can do more damage than good.

In the complex world that exists today, mass consciousness has an inescapable
effect upon children. The mind of man is the complex mass reality, the
cooperative product that humans have created and are quite literally limited
within, until they design it to be free of all limitation. The challenge to each
incoming spirit is to develop the mind to work within the existing limitations and

                                               Delta – Implications for Personhood

achieve individual expressions which remove unnecessary limitations. The
illusory trap of mass conscience as a singular unavoidable reality, often mires the
mind to the degree that it loses touch with its very free will.

But humans are indeed in creative control over defining the earthly experience.
The cultural creations---the mental and physical man-made technology---now
overrule many natural processes. Humans have devised a phenomenal
technological capacity to share information. They share through newspapers,
magazines, televisions and computers, bringing mass consciousness to the
doorstep of many who were once isolated. Ideas, actions and truths from many
conflicting perspectives now bombard and confuse. Humans are often unaware of
their own free will to accept or deny such information, and are continuously
stressed with conflicting feelings and information overload.

This is not to condemn the human ability to share information, but to point out
that it has replaced much of the interaction with the world that is necessary to
impart individual beliefs tailored to the unique spirit. Human technology has
empowered mass consciousness often at the expense of individual consciousness.
As well as offering confusion, it can perpetuate a singular, limited worldview
rather than facilitating the diversity of thought, belief, and choices of living that
are optimal for earthly spirits.

Children---now more than ever---must be taught to utilize the internal spiritual
adjudicator in order to sift through the mountains of existing choices to design a
mental landscape that matches the desires of spirit. Instead, mass consciousness
presently sets forth values, views, assumptions, and activities which become
cultural norms with which individuals feel compelled to conform. These norms
close the mind to other values and ways of thinking and acting, many of which
are far more desirous by spirit. Many such norms hold unrealistic standards of
appearance, morality, and behavior which defy the standards and diversity of
nature. A mind that attempts to adopt ways that go against its natural leanings is
doomed to create emotional pain, as the slivers signal the ongoing disapproval of

The parental task is to ensure the exposure to many ideas---resisting the fear-
driven temptation to control information or to shield the child---and instead to
help the children to enlist the emotional system to guide their willful choices.
Ultimately human technology, when utilized under the direction of spirit, can be
tremendously valuable in imparting universal understandings and focusing

Delta – Implications for Personhood

humans upon group goals. When the species has reached this level, the
corresponding feelings of joy and happiness will replace the present emotional
pain and stress that accompanies complex technology.

But until then, this poses the unique challenge to parents of instilling a breadth of
understanding and the importance of free will, yet realistically balanced within
the existing limitations, structures, and rules of mass consciousness. It is to teach
them how to utilize the inner system to adapt to existing conditions in order to be
successful and to make individual spiritual expressions which creatively change
the world for the better.

Thus, an essential offering from parent to child is the understanding that all
incoming information is conditional upon validation of the emotional
adjudicator. When knowledge is offered, for example, a parent might preface it
by saying: "This is what I have learned, and works best for me, and you might
find it helpful." and follow it by saying: "How do you feel about it?" Or when
watching TV, "This is what the creators of this program have found to be true for
them. Try it on for size and see if it feels like it fits." This approach sets the
mental stage for the child to understand the complex intermingling realities, the
flexibility and power of mind, the essential evaluation role of spirit, and to
maintain individual choice in all situations.

Questioning and debate should then be encouraged and facilitated in many
forums. An open, flexible mind should be assumed and perpetuated at all times.
It is critical to understand that the parent is simply assisting in the choices of free
will for the child until the child is capable of doing so for his or her self. The
purpose of self-development of mind should permeate the life and traditions of
all within the family community.

Drawing the child's attention to how each situation feels, relating it to the chosen
beliefs which guide the actions, is to bring awareness of the importance of the
voice of spirit. Any incoming information that is natural, enduring, and spiritual
will be validated by the internal voice of spirit through the feeling system.
Likewise, any cultural knowledge that is helpful toward meeting needs and is
consistent with other beliefs, will also be validated by the emotional system as
long as it remains effective.

An enlightened lifestyle is one which also incorporates open, regular,
communication in which the expression of dreams, goals, thoughts, feelings and

                                               Delta – Implications for Personhood

experiences creates discussion, reflection, and the sharing of insights among
loved ones. This type of activity facilitates the development of individuals as
well as the development of family and group goals. The dinner hour already
provides a group forum where daily activities are shared. Adding self-knowledge,
feedback feelings and what they mean can foster connection, understanding,
social skill enhancement, fulfillment, and family cohesion. Drawing connections
between daily actions, feelings, outcomes, and needs can tremendously empower
a child. Examining daily events wherein the actions of others seek to manipulate
the emotions or seek self preservation can bolster understandings and identify
effective strategies for interacting with less enlightened others. Parents can point
out and safeguard against the deadly habits of resistance, resentment and
revenge, as well as their effects upon the spirit. Reflecting upon unacceptable
anger-invoking events with humor, compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness can
instill life-giving habits.

Parents who begin an early practice of such analysis of feedback cues, the
identifications of source beliefs which bring emotional signals, and suggesting
improved strategies for reducing painful feelings and increasing joyous ones, set
the stage for continuous internal self-analysis within a healthy child. Such an
approach can quite quickly attune an individual to the spiritual information cycle
such that even without a group forum, the child will automatically conduct the
self-analysis to constantly live under the direction of spirit. Each daily experience
can be analyzed to mine spiritual wisdom to achieve the maximum self
development and expression. The child is then prepared to understand, adapt, and
succeed within diverse environments, as well as to build solid, supportive,
enlightened, rewarding relationships with others, and share his or her light with
the world.

An enlightened family lifestyle also provides broad and open physical boundaries
and many opportunities for experience outside the comfort of the home
environment. Just as the mind is stimulated by ideas, the spirit is stimulated by a
wealth of experiences. Once the cycle of internal thought, external action,
external result and internal feeling feedback is embraced, the more external
experiences the better. Every child should be traveled so that they are apprised of
conditions existing in many diverse environments. These include anything and
everything from work places, museums, shops of commerce, artistic events, halls
of academia, halls of justice, places of religious worship, political forums,
community action events, multi-cultural systems of living, diverse ethnicities and
world views, distant geographic locations, places of natural beauty, and even the

Delta – Implications for Personhood

positive and negative groupings which represent the successes and failures of
group mind. the footsteps of experience should meander into all walks of life.

This external exposure provides a mechanism wherein the child can reconcile the
differences between the ideal and the actual, between the family environment and
those with any disparity outside the door. The idea that a child can be sheltered,
or isolated from the shortcomings of the world is an antiquated, misguided, fear-
driven practice, and one that can leave a child ill-equipped. Optimistic realism is
the key. Exposure can also bring understanding, tolerance, and appreciation for
the broad choices available to humans, as well as the effects and limitations of
such choices. It can offer opportunities to recognize and fend off efforts of others
to control or to emotionally manipulate. Broad experience will greatly reduce
fear and increase courage. For invalid fear inducing beliefs will naturally give
way to more spiritual knowledge as the emotional system faithfully and
accurately reports the positive and negative aspects of any given situation, and
the mind correctively responds.

In sum, the parental role in mental development is to create as many
opportunities as possible to take in, analyze, and discuss various beliefs,
strategies, and actions. This will maximize formative brain growth and set the
mind on a life-long course of self-development.

The Parental Role – Emotional Development
Even within existing limitations, development of body and mind are already far
less mysterious to parents than the development of spirit. Despite the best
intentions of the religious community, spiritual development is not about church,
rules, and holy books. Spiritual development remains a mystery due to the
predominant misunderstandings about the voice of spirit, the emotional system.
Thus, spiritual development begins with emotional development.

The spirit, from the moment of birth, already knows what is best for itself. If
caregivers provide a stimulating and accommodating environment, the child can
safely experiment with the growing knowledge, heeding the feelings as a guide.
They can test skills and beliefs in the world and constantly refine and build upon
them. Within this framework, the child can come to know the individual needs as
they naturally unfold as motivators to action. But none of this is possible unless
emotion is allowed to play its proper role. And very specific experiences must
occur for the emotional system to fully engage.

                                                Delta – Implications for Personhood

Engaging the Emotional System
The secret to understanding emotional development begins with the basic cycle
of need, feeling, expression and feedback from the world. For example, if the
infant child (a boy perhaps) is hungry, lonely or unduly constrained, his needs are
not being met momentarily. Thus, his spirit is frustrated and the emotional signal
sounds. He feels bad, so he uses his innate expressive response to those bad
feelings; he cries. His behavior of crying acts upon the environment, and
generally the caregiver responds by satisfying the need. When his survival needs
are satisfied, all is well again, the child feels good. This cycle is repeated many
times in a given day. With each successful cycle, he gains confidence in his own
abilities to meet his needs and control his destiny.

When the cycle is consistently successful and the infant's actions create the
desired changes, he will begin to recognize the cycle (and it can be pointed out
directly by the parents when language is in place). The parents can talk about
needs, connecting them with the child's actions, and how they feel when satisfied.
They can casually, yet consistently, refer to the child's mind, or to the spirit, or to
the body, so that he will grow up with the natural understandings of the division
between these aspects of self. As the child becomes more sophisticated, the
parents can clarify the three purposes and connect them to the needs and the
behaviors, so that the child understands the whys, the hows, and the whats of
being human.

Such development of emotional understanding engages the spiritual adjudicator,
and allows the higher purposes their rightful place in motivation. Thus, emotional
development depends upon this cycle and the child recognizing and embracing
all that it means. A child with adequate emotional development will be prepared
to undergo the lifelong development of emotional intelligence that characterizes
an evolved human being.

Unfortunately, a more normal state of affairs on Earth at this time is one in which
humans are inadequately emotionally developed, unable to tap the wisdom of
spirit, and are separated from the higher purposes. They are then limited only to
the basic purpose of self-preservation of body, imprisoned within predominately
painful emotional signals of fear and anger, and their choices driven by
competitive fight and flight reactions which perpetuate individual and social
chaos. Such a state is separation from Divine will and loss of individual will and
purposeful application of power. This is why the parental attention upon

Delta – Implications for Personhood

emotional development is now essential. For there are profound implications and
painful outcomes of inadequate emotional development at the root of most "evil"
human actions.

Attachment, Trust & the Learned Emotions
A crucial understanding for anyone taking on the parental challenge is to
recognize that without adequate emotional development, certain feelings will
never fully arise. Complex emotional signals are learned and must be
purposefully and carefully instilled. Recall that the primary emotions of spirit,
(i.e. joy, fear, anger, and sadness) combine and mingle with the local customs
and beliefs to develop the learned emotions of mind. The emotions of mind
include all other subtle shades of emotional feeling (i.e. guilt, confidence, hope,
envy, pride, shame, remorse, etc.) These feeling signals are learned through
experiential interactions with the world.

The emotions of mind come quite naturally when the child's needs are
accommodated, so there is no huge task involved other than setting up the proper
conditions. The conditions mentioned above are optimal, but in any environment
where there is reasonable freedom, need-meeting opportunity, and exposure to
ideas, these emotions will arise. This is why so many humans with widely
varying cultural traditions have successfully learned these feelings despite the
many obstacles.

However, it is also why many have not. This is why some humans have not
learned hope, confidence, or remorse. This is why there are often artificially
created feelings of shame and guilt that drive humans to hate themselves. It is
also why there are artificially created feelings of false pride, envy, fear, and anger
which create emotional boundaries between groups and drive humans to hate and
violate one another. Certain mental and criminal conditions spring not fully
engaged. Mistrust and disengagement comes when the world does not
consistently allow the needs to be met, or the feedback cycle to return to the state
of fulfillment.

The critical concept here is trust. It shouldn't seem unreasonable for an infant to
expect to be able to trust the words and actions of those in the family home or
foster community, nor for loving parents or caregivers to consistently deliver.
The dependent nature of humans upon one another is the Divine way. Trust is the
understanding and faith in the cooperative nature of the world. This is why

                                                Delta – Implications for Personhood

without a cooperative, trustworthy early environment, the spirit will simply
vacate the body. Those that are born to chaotic worlds where a minimum level of
cooperation does not exist, will die. Those that are not fed will starve. Those that
are not handled, loved and stimulated will fail to thrive and die of loneliness.
Those who must constantly compete for basic survival will lose to the "fittest"

Thus, a basic trust that the world will respond to one's efforts is part of the Divine
plan. Unfortunately, trust can be compromised and not allowed to fully develop
due to inconsistent actions of parents or caregivers. Consistency is the key.
Ideally every interaction would build trust, and every cycle would end with
fulfillment, with only an occasional lapse. But when the cycle ends in repeated
frustration more often than fulfillment, trust is compromised. Trust is also
compromised when parental strategies include physical punishment for ordinary
learning errors rather than corrective feedback. Violent punishment is rarely
necessary within the enlightened approach. Simple removal of freedoms, time-
outs, and consistent restrictions, can allow a child to recognize quite quickly that
the amount of freedom and power depends upon the amount of responsibility and
accountability to that freedom. Violent punishments can only emotionally
confuse, negate trust, and invoke survival defenses.

Once trust is compromised it is very difficult to fully restore. The body will not
let the mind forget anything that has threatened it. Without a sufficient level of
trust, the individual is condemned to a life of dysfunctional relationships of a
singular existence wherein self-preservationary motives undermine cooperation,
communication, and intimacy. The worst outcome, however, is that a lack of trust
does not allow the emotional system to fully engage, and the voice of spirit
remains inaccessible.

Many anomalies of human behavior spring from this basic lack of emotional
attunement and development. Scientists have already recognized that there is an
essential attachment period wherein an infant bonds with caregivers and learns to
trust. This period falls within the window of opportunity of brain development to
establish the relationship with the specific cultural world. Trust must enter
through this window or forever be questionable or conditional. Trust is the
foundation for all cooperative impulses and the precursor to hope, confidence,
pride, self esteem, and faith in spirit. Trust is the assurance that one's actions will
have a predictable impact, on the world. It is the foundation upon which human

Delta – Implications for Personhood

intimacy, communication, and cooperation exists. Without trust there can not be

The attachment period facilitates the successful learning experience wherein the
cycle of action and reaction is established, and predicts each success for future
interactions. It is where one is assured of the rightful power to control and
influence one's world. It is where one is assured of the Divine meaning and
spiritual connection within existence. Attachment occurs through a process of
repeated successful interactions between the infant and the caregiver, wherein
each responds to the other's words, cues, and actions. When parents consistently
respond to the needs, over time, the child begins to experience a deep,
affectionate, close and lasting tie. This loving tie evidences spiritual fulfillment
and the trust that the environment will continue to provide opportunity for this
type of need satisfaction.

Over years and years of successful trust-building interactions, the child develops
a healthy connectedness to the caregivers and other people that constitute this
community, as well as hope for the future. Trust becomes interwoven with all
mental beliefs and strategies. Eventually this connectedness will generalize to all
humans. This sense of connectedness perpetuates what we generally call "a
conscience," which makes us accountable for our actions upon our loving others.
It instills the understanding that we are all part of a greater spiritual whole. With
conscience, a violation upon another is equal to a violation upon the self. Valid,
natural guilt is when a person feels the very pain they have inflicted upon
another, experiencing remorse, resolving to never repeat the violation. The mind
that violated did not yet know, and the remorseful mind has learned a better
approach. A mature conscience needs no external controllers whatsoever. Such a
conscience is the Divine innate seed of natural morality lying dormant within
each human, desired by the Creator to bloom forth.

Conversely, if a child survives being raised in a chaotic, neglectful, rejecting, or
abusive environment, the message received will be that cooperation is not to be
expected or relied upon. It breeds the fear-driven belief that needs cannot be
consistently fulfilled, control is only intermittent and the spirit is disempowered,
even violated. Since the child is powerless to alter these conditions, the spirit will
continue to shout its message through feelings of anger. Since the child can not
yet interpret the anger and choose a developmental or expressive response, the
anger is utilized by the body to ensure self-preservation through primitive
versions of the fight or flight responses. (Remember, the body will bypass the

                                                Delta – Implications for Personhood

mind if it does not hold beliefs that will ensure survival.) Competition for scarce
resources, for opportunity, for need fulfillment, and for love, will dominate each
thought and deed. The higher purposes of mental development and spiritual
expression will always take the back seat to physical preservation. The
conscience of such an individual will motivate a morality of "every man for

Just as competition will be the main motivator in such cases, the predominant
feeling will be anger. The anger can be expressed in one of two directions. The
child can turn it inward toward himself, by choosing to accept the limitations of
the world, effacing the spirit and losing touch with his needs. Strategies of self-
deprecation, learned helplessness, martyrdom, and self-hatred can become
enduring personality traits. Such a choice can lead to an ultimate state of
depression or even dissociation and the dependence upon escapism from the
ongoing spiritual pain. Compulsions, addictions and self-destructive behaviors
can then occur. Suicide is the ultimate act of internally directed anger.

The other option is for the child to reject the conditions and turn the anger
outward in explosive or violent acts that can be quite anti-social, if not
pathological. He might never develop trust, conscience, remorse, nor
connectedness to his fellow human beings. Never being able to achieve intimacy
or love outside the family, or to build support networks, this child (and
eventually this adult) will be quite capable of acts that effectively cultured people
would perceive as unconscionable or evil. Most such acts would be misguided
competitive attempts to meet needs in some manner or simply express the pent-
up anger. Murder is the ultimate act of externally directed anger. The effect upon
the world of such an individual will be most damaging. The effect upon mass
consciousness of such individuals will be the mass belief that humans must be
controlled by society. Thus, all social controls (i.e. rules, mores, religious
dictates, laws, and prisons) have arisen due to this condition.

It is essential for individuals and societies to understand the critical nature of this
early period and to accommodate and ensure paternal efforts to adequately
complete this bonding period. For a child who is not attached to others, cannot
fully hear the voice of spirit. Such a child will suffer continuous emotional
problems and lack the compunctions of conscience, necessary in a cooperative
world. Anything less will breed criminals and other social outcasts, doomed to a
future of alienation, isolation, retribution, and pain. Creating trust-building

Delta – Implications for Personhood

conditions is not a difficult task. In fact, it takes quite a bit to disallow the trust to
develop, yet far too much neglect and abuse still exists.

In sum, if the foster environment does not provide opportunity for its individuals
to meet their needs, human beings cannot properly develop. Such a tragedy is
quite avoidable, yet its results can drive humans to quite inhuman acts against
one another. Scientists are not convinced that such misalligned people are
redeemable. Yet the power of spirit can heal all wounds if given its proper voice.
In fact, there are some very enlightened spirits who even, in childhood, enlist
self-love, compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness who can overcome quite severe
conditions of neglect and abuse. The voice of spirit is loudest and most clear in
such hearty children even if a minimal connection is allowed. But once
disconnection occurs, an effort to reverse the condition requires intensive long-
term restructuring of the entire mental realm.

However, this is not to say that children should be molly-coddled and that parents
should jump at their every whim. Indeed, there is a very important difference
between needs and wants. If the environment is unchallenging and over-
accommodating, the child will be robbed of developmental opportunities.
Emotional signals of boredom and contrived annoyance will then arise. Or, if the
freedoms offered or challenges undertaken are more than the child is equipped to
handle, anxiety and fear will be elicited. Both broad and safe boundaries must be
defined and maintained.

In this case, other kinds of emotional problems will result. Such unrealistic
expectations can become firmly rooted maladaptive beliefs which also generate
feelings of anger. This would be the case of the "spoiled brat" who lashes out in
tantrums against a world that is not immediately accommodating all whims and
wants. Indulgent conditions can instill false pride, vanity, envy, and hubris. Such
a child has developed a very unrealistic view of the world, which may set them
up for a big fall in other, more challenging or dangerous environments.

Essentially, parents could achieve a balance by providing opportunity to
accommodate all human needs, and offering the tools to the child to develop
skills to attain his or her wants. With age, the children should be increasingly
responsible to meet their needs themselves. Genuine pride and esteem are the
natural rewards for such developmental successes.

                                               Delta – Implications for Personhood

Cultural Manipulation of the Emotional System
The latter example calls attention to the fact that culture can taint feeling. It is
crucial also for parents to understand how the emotional system can become
entangled with the local values, truths, and activities of the culture. All emotions-
--even the emotions of spirit---can be affected and elicited simply by the contents
of mind. (Remember, feelings help the mind to learn. Any cultural truth will
work unless it violates a natural one or conflicts with another). This is why the
rules of response require looking first to mind before looking to the outside world
for needed changes. Anything the mind chooses to believe goes, and takes on
positive emotion as a gem, until it is proven otherwise by spirit. As conditions
change in the world, such beliefs are meant to give way to improvements.
Instead, they can linger and cause pain. If not discovered, similar slivers will be
added, building upon the faulty foundation, creating complex belief systems
which ensure disempowerment. An imagined limitation is every bit as emotion-
invoking as a real one. Imagined demons can elicit powerful self-preservationary
responses upon innocent others.

Thus, the most important implication is that parents understand that what they
teach will take on emotional flavor. The primary challenge is to turn on the inner
voice of spirit within the child. The secondary challenge is to minimize the
passing on of any beliefs which go against spirit. Instead of being understood as
an internal control and advisor, emotion has often been used by parents in ways
intended to impart external advice and control. Parents should avoid such
emotional manipulation in every way. Although punishment remains a primary
strategy of parenting, it should now be apparent that fear and anger should not
be motivators while parenting. Adjusting the boundaries of freedom and level of
parental intervention to match the level of responsibility and accountability is the
key. But one emotion in particular has been used as a time-honored tool of such
manipulation and deserves special mention.

A Word about Guilt
This is the emotion of guilt. It is a common practice in many, if not all, social
systems to set behavioral rules and codes to which a member must conform. A
connected and healthy individual will then experience guilt if their actions do not
conform to the rules.

Guilt is intended to help the mind find conflicting beliefs that go against the
needs and workings of spirit. It is intended to point out where the action choices

Delta – Implications for Personhood

have not aligned with the beliefs and values. It is intended to be used to elevate
the needs of spirit above the unnecessary limits of local tradition. Guilt is not
necessarily indicative of an active conscience. People can learn to attach guilt to
virtually any activity judged to be unacceptable by their local society. Guilt often
exposes an inner motivator that is simply more powerful than the external
controller. The intended message of guilt is to straighten out the priorities and to
drop any rules that are limiting to the needs of spirit---often exactly the opposite
of its culturally implied meaning.

But guilt has become a powerful manipulative tool which pits humans against
their nature to the end of perpetuating certain cultural traditions, mores, and
rules. Guilt is one of the most powerful tools of religion. Thus, feeling guilty has
become a routinely accepted part of human existence. An enlightened mind never
accepts external dictates, ideas, or "truths" which dishonor or reject internal
(physical and spiritual) needs.

Yet guilt is rampant and often compounded by another emotion of mind---shame.
Guilt and shame are often associated with normal bodily drives and functions.
Some local traditions adopt extremely limiting and rigid beliefs which
institutionalize shame. For example, a belief exists known as "feminine shame"
wherein an entire sex is taught to be ashamed of their very bodies. A web of
customs is built around the "dirtiness" of being female, complete with body
coverings, subservient behavior, and a rank status below that of males, and even
the acceptance of violation and abuse---a web which entraps and disempowers
any spirit born into a female form. Each tradition is empowered by
institutionalized guilt.

A more generalized guilt has been established throughout many local
communities regarding sexuality. Human sexuality is a Divine gift, the ultimate
act of mental, physical, and spiritual connection between humans in the flesh. It
is such a powerful force that almost every society believes that external control
must be placed upon humans lest all sexual hell break loose. Sex has taken this
bad rap due to the self-preservationary responses. Like any joyful or pleasurable
experience, it can become a compulsion if used as an escape, or a violation if
used to seize power or vent aggression. But like any natural process, when
allowed to work in concert with all three purposes, human sexuality needs no
external limits. Instead, children should enjoy an open, respectful, anticipatory
understanding of the natural beauty and divinity of sexuality---in whatever form

                                               Delta – Implications for Personhood

the spirit has chosen---balancing the joys of spiritual, physical pleasurable
communion of flesh with the responsibilities of health and procreation.

The bottom line is that most guilt and shame is unnecessary. Parents must pay
particular attention to guard against the perpetuation of any cultural directive that
pits the mind against the needs and purposes of body and spirit. The only durable
cultural truths are those that allow all purposes to work together. A child should
be made aware of the Divine nature of the body, its processes, and its needs, and
never to feel guilt or shame over the physical form. Any such cultural
assumptions should be soundly rejected. (This goes for any and every religious
dictate that instills guilt over any naturally ordained Divine process. Any such
assertion defies the intention of the Creator it claims to serve).

And finally, parents must resist the temptation to utilize guilt as a mechanism of
control. Such a strategy is not only doomed to failure, but it perpetuates needless
pain. Mechanisms of external social control are not necessary when the social
system has been designed according to the voice of spirit. Forgiveness is the key
in learning situations. Errors signal opportunity to learn. Any actions of the child
which elicit feelings of remorse should be interpreted as those of spirit asking for
integrity, accountability, and consistency between thought and action. Parental
faith, compassion, and forgiveness allow any missteps to be kept in proper
perspective and the child to use this information to further develop the mind.

Such a parental approach will foster the faith, compassion and forgiveness of self
that are necessary for any human to thrive and creatively express self in the
chaotic world of daily trial and error learning. Indeed, it will be those who
reconnect with spirit and follow its urgings who will change the very world.
Thus, it is essential for each enlightened one to ensure the enlightened
perspective is carried forth throughout subsequent generations. Therefore, the
paternal role in inculcation is a particularly important one.

In sum, the role of parents can profoundly influence the incoming spirit. Thus,
some primary conditional prerequisites for anyone choosing to be a parent are:
the understanding of the importance of the parental role, the lifetime commitment
to the child, the ability to provide a safe, accommodating environment, essential
need-meeting opportunities, enlightened self-understanding, a network of family
and community support, the faith in the integrity of the spirit, a faith in the
divinity of life's natural thrust, and a wellspring of pure spiritual, unconditional

Delta – Implications for Personhood

love. Once adequate inculcation has been attained, the human is then ready to
pursue a lifelong course of development, which we can now discuss.

                                               Delta – Implications for Personhood

Lesson Three: Implications for Human Development

The Developmental Responsibility
The implications of spiritual reconnection also have impact upon how humans
view the developmental cycle. Although the body goes through a recognizable
growth pattern and most societies deem an age of "adulthood," there is no magic
point where the development stops. Never. Indeed, mental development
continues on a daily basis throughout each day of the entire life.

But the growth cycle that continues does not do so automatically. It happens
deliberately at the direction of the human being---for it is growth within the
realm of mind. The true mark of adulthood is the acceptance of, the
accountability to, and the active participation within one's own continuing mental
developmental processes. Each human being has the power to expand the mind
and hone it to the maximum fulfillment of spirit, or to resist change altogether
and maintain narrow boundaries of mind. Of course, the latter choice will lead to
further emotional pain, for it will delay the desired spiritual expression.

It is crucial to recognize that a choice of resistance to mental development, will
lead to discomfort in any arena outside the boundaries of mind. Such a person
will be imprisoned within a limited familiar home-base locale, where routines
and distractions mediate experience. Outside the boundaries of habit and routine,
there will be stressful life experience. A static mind will prompt feelings of being
out of control and the anxiety of not knowing how to handle situations and
events. The feelings will be subtle or quite dramatic, but they will drive actions
from just beneath the awareness. There will be pain of sadness, guilt, shame,
anger, fear and any other subtle shades of unpleasant feeling tone. If these signals
are continuously ignored, it becomes too painful to even venture about in the
world. The personality can harden into habits of thought and action that defend,
retreat, and reject other human beings. There will be no mistaking the less
spiritually fulfilled human beings, for they will not be happy nor attractive. Their
pain will be difficult for others to be around.

It is also crucial to recognize how mind, complete with its boundaries, will create
the life events to match its contents. A reality conducive to each and every
limitation will most certainly manifest, along with the painful signals to point
them out. If not corrected, such events will prompt further actions of flight and

Delta – Implications for Personhood

escape, in a self-perpetuating cycle which further narrows experience. Creating
the illusion of escape from spiritual pain is only that---an illusion.

Even if defending mental boundaries narrows the world so that all people are
avoided, a completely solitary life is nearly impossible in the modern world. And
even interacting with one person with broader mental boundaries will challenge
the limits and signal a subtle negative feeling and motivate further avoidance.
Such avoidance is an act of body wherein the mind has abdicated its choice and
even its conscious awareness of its own motivations, since its existing beliefs are
insufficient, yet considered otherwise. Of course, rather elaborate resistance
strategies can exist wherein nearly everything is rationalized to exist within the
limitations of mind, but the feelings will never go away. Nor should they,
because they reflect the integrity of spirit and its intentional contrast between the
actual physical arena of successful expression and the unlimited one that is
divinely desired. Creating a mental fantasy about one's physical level of
expression is simply that---a fantasy.

Although resistance can become a lifetime strategy, the spirit yearns for self-
expression. And the more the better. The level of individual spiritual expression
achieved will relate to the overall expansion of universal Spirit. The spiritual path
is far more rewarding than the temporary relief from pain the avoidance provides.
For just as pain from spiritual frustration will linger, the rewards of spiritual
expression are everlasting. In fact, the more the spiritual expression, the easier
the physical experience will be in current as well as alternate lifetimes, past,
present, and future. The resonance of spirit within flesh is a feeling that will be
clearly recognizable within alternate existences, helping that individual to
reconnect with inner guidance and to find fulfillment.

Development and "Karma"
There are many beliefs within mass consciousness that set forth conditions of an
afterlife complete with elaborate declarations about the meaning within "serial
lifetimes". They often seek to explain mysterious unexpected events, or justify
the unjust, by drawing cause and effect relationships between the current and
"previous" lifetimes. In doing so, they often mistakenly declare that the control
lies outside of the human mind.

The Law Of Karma can be better understood not just as the force that creates the
outcomes of divine evaluation and spiritual justice---but as a force that lies

                                               Delta – Implications for Personhood

within, and can be utilized to the advantage of an enlightened mind. The mind
creates life events and experiences through its present beliefs, which are
constantly evaluated by spiritual feeling signals. If its beliefs promote disunity
within self and disconnection with All That Is, the life will be reflected as such---
complete with ever more powerful painful signals so that corrections can be
chosen. The term karma captures the inevitability of repeated cycles of creating
frustrations until understanding the nature of ones own creative power is attained.
Development in its grandest sense is learning to harness the creative power of
will energy.

The crucial understanding is that beyond space/time, the moment of all correction
is in the present moment, with the goal of divine balance met through eliminating
any pain-inducing belief structures. When such changes are affected by any given
portion of the entity, emotional energy surges are felt within all aspects of the
entity. Each physical incarnation will experience "good luck" and joyous floods
of insight and spiritual resonance. Thus, "what goes around" emotionally "comes
around" to all aspects of the entity, for joyous resonance and full creative
empowerment is the way of Divine Justice. It is only because of the lack of
understanding within any given mindscape that such events are thought to come
from outside of the self, or as some form of external judgmental punishment.

The stronger the presence of spirit has been within a given physical existence,
will make it correspondingly less likely to become mired within the limits of
illusory reality and Mass Consciousness for any aspect of the entity. Thus, those
that postpone the fulfillment of spirit and resist the needed development of mind,
will continue this postponement in alternate physical existences. There is no
escaping the nature of spirit to seek fulfillment and expansion---no matter how
many life experiences it takes.

On the other hand, if acceptance, accountability, faith in spirit and personal
empowerment are the main life strategies, life becomes an ongoing learning
process. The entity is challenged to attain the maximum number of strategies and
skills to allow spiritual expression in as many environments as possible. Rising to
the challenge is rewarded by the spirit's joyous feelings. The better equipped the
mind, the more active expression can happen. Imagine a mind expanded as far as
the physical horizon, as far as the eye can see. A mind filled with a rich
collection of ideas and finely honed strategies for interaction with spirits with all
variations of mental expansion in all arenas within that boundary. Imagine
further, a mind as wide as the earth, wherein comfort is experienced in any and

Delta – Implications for Personhood

every location, any imaginable group, with any imaginable doctrine. Such a mind
is indeed enlightened, aglow with spirit and the predominant feeling in each
interaction is joy.

Such a person enjoys tremendous mental, physical, and emotional freedom.
There would be no culture-shocking experiences that could not be handled while
meeting all three proposes. Such a person would exhibit very few self-
preservationary actions or deadly habits. Instead, the life-giving habits, the rich
and numerous skills, the human compassion, and humor would be used to
minimize creating pain for others, and light would exist in every human
interaction. Such a mind clearly focuses and best utilizes its will energy attracting
and creating events matching the breadth of mind. Such a mind can create far
more rich and rewarding events than most humans now imagine, as well as
recover its own untapped abilities. As mind expands, life expands in kind. As
each life expands, universal spirit expands and fulfills Divine Intention.

It will be easily recognizable when such expression has been achieved, both from
the inside and from the outside. From the inside, joyous resonance with spirit is
experienced consistently, life is meaningful and filled with loving, productive
interactions. From the outside, there is a distinct glow of spiritual presence within
the eyes, and actions which show the fearless loving bond with each and every
human being. Such a person recognizes each day, indeed each moment, as an
opportunity to further refine the mind and to live and act in ways that leave the
personal expressive mark upon the world, their unique spiritual expression. The
world notices the departure of such entities, for it recognizes their valuable
contributions and even Mass Consciousness feels its own lack by comparison.

Development and Divine Judgment
Human concepts of life assessment by deities are also related to the
developmental responsibility. If there are to be any after-life judgmental
processes, they will relate directly to the level of spiritual fulfillment and
expression rather than any conditions that human religions have set forth. It
would be far more useful to embrace the fact that this judgment is ongoing
throughout the life course ---for indeed this is the case. It would be far more
pleasing to the Creator if free will were utilized in each moment, in ways that
meet all three human purposes, than for humans to limit themselves within rigid
man-made doctrines and guidelines. For the spirit speaks its evaluations through

                                               Delta – Implications for Personhood

feeling signals of pleasure and pain each moment of every day, leading humans
to divinely intended, purposeful actions.

Anyone wishing to know the evaluative judgment upon themselves from the
Creator can have it at any time, simply by acknowledging their level of pain.
Anyone wishing to please the Creator, or to do "His work" can readily do so by
designing a mind which reduces pain and actively expresses the spirit in ways
that reduce pain for others as well.

Thus, the responsibility for human development falls to the individual. Instead of
waiting for development to happen as automatically as a body maturing, the mind
needs active, purposeful, hands-on application of free will. It requires unfailing
self-honesty, heeding the voice of spirit, and understanding of the trinity of
human purpose. It requires designing strategies for daily living that allow all
three purposes to be fulfilled within each action.

It's Never Too Late
The beauty of the natural system is that no matter how long a human being has
lingered in resistance and emotional pain, each day brings a new opportunity to
totally redesign the life. There is no need for any human being to suffer in
darkness even one moment longer, once they possess the self-empowering
knowledge of the spiritual light within.

There have been amazing examples of humans who have had life changing
experiences and have undergone dramatic alterations in personality. Complex,
house-of-cards belief systems, defended and strengthened by years of resistance,
can come tumbling down with liberating, enlightening purposefully chosen
changes of mind. Many limited minds have unknowingly created dramatic
illnesses, personal crises, even near-death experiences for themselves to
reconnect with spirit. But such drama is not necessary. Nothing is set in stone
except that which is chosen, yet lies outside the owner's conscious awareness.
The spirit constantly points to such slivers with feeling signals that beg for
learning more wholly successful strategies.

Indeed, cosmic awareness begins with internal awareness. It connotes the
broadening of the mind to become aware of the meaning within each moment of
life experience. It means freely choosing to sculpt the mind until it can direct the
actions which can best express the spirit. Once the limitations are removed from

Delta – Implications for Personhood

mind, many yet untapped abilities can begin to emerge. Once awareness of the
meaning has been attained, the individual can set about immediately making the
desired changes to create the life events that will bring the maximum level of self
expression. The mind has just begun its possible expansion. Tremendous
empowerment awaits the species as entities develop mind so that it reflects
spiritual intention. Dormant brain functions can open wide to the mind's true and
astounding potentials. This is the most direct route from here to there.

Indeed, the human examples of directly accessing universal consciousness
continue to dwindle. Those pioneers, seeking wisdom through adventures in
consciousness that set aside individual mind, cannot help but be stymied by the
interference of mass mind. For the energy networks of mass consciousness
permeate in ever increasing densities, as humans continue to produce cultural
creations without the direction of spirit. Instead of accessing universal
consciousness as directly as some cultures have in days gone by, the density is
now much more difficult to permeate by spirit without the help of mind. It is now
imperative to actively access universal consciousness through developing the
individual mind at the direction of spirit as divinely intended.

Armed with the knowledge of these Lessons, humans can begin active
development immediately. Each moment becomes an opportunity to identify
slivers and remove them. Free will can never fully operate as long as slivers exist
within the realm of mind. Slivers must be removed first from individual minds.
Then the clear thinking, unlimited spirits can offer light responses which can
remove them from mass consciousness. Once this finally occurs, newcomers to
the physical experience will enjoy far less limitation and pain, and a far more
instant and lasting connection with the direct voice of spirit.

Self Evaluation - Getting Started
To get started it is essential to know the learning cycles and get comfortable with
each part. In brief summary: We know now that the Divine Spirit desires both
biological destiny of body and free will of mind for a full and complete human
experience. We know that individual spirit is not separate from Divine Spirit.
Individual spirit communicates divine intentions to both mind and body through
human feeling signals. We know now that at every moment the actions are driven
by motives of mind and body relating to their specific purpose and are mediated
through human needs.

                                                Delta – Implications for Personhood

The needs are the divinely designed, unchanging motives of body and need never
change or even be questioned. But the motives of mind---the basic knowledge
and understandings of life, the strategies for action, the plans and expected
outcomes---are based upon the current mindscape which must constantly change.
The feelings which accompany each action inform the individual of exactly how
well that action, and its underlying beliefs, have accomplished the purpose of
spirit. Having knowledge of the needs and purposes provides a context within
which to analyze each feeling signal and know which correction it suggests. If
the right response is needed, the mind can then identify and rethink the beliefs
and strategies, remove slivers, add skills, and try again. It can purposefully react
in corrective ways that meet all purposes, not simply those survival purposes of
body. If the sliver lies in mass consciousness, then a light response is needed in
which it is rejected and actively removed from the world.

With enlightenment, comes the awareness of this cycle and the sensitivity to feel
the most subtle of feelings in self and others. With this level of sensitivity,
corrections can be made at the very seed of a limitation, solving it before it even
takes root. But best of all, as slivers become fewer and fewer, this level of
sensitivity brings joyous feelings and positive, purposeful movement along life's

The best starting point to assess the current level of development is to take a look
at how well things are going in general. The rule of thumb for evaluating one's
development, is to note the level of pain in one's life. The level of negative
emotion experienced is the best measure of how well the spirit is faring in its
physical existence. For emotional pain reflects its level of frustration and lack of

True adulthood is to maturely embrace the developmental responsibility by
recognizing, becoming accountable to, and making corrective changes for each
and every bad feeling experienced. Adulthood is the ability to accept and adapt to
the events that occur, and to ultimately take accountability for their creation. It is
to ensure that the purposes of body do not override the intentions of mind with its
hardwired responses of fight and flight, which cause disconnection and violation.
It is to actively self-correct through right responses and to actively express its
empowering discoveries through light responses in the physical world. Adult
behavior is to allow each human being the respect and dignity of evaluating
themselves in a like manner, without judging their progress or comparing it to the

Delta – Implications for Personhood

progress of others. With these commitments, one can then embark upon the
continuous examination of how well the needs of body are being met at any
given point by the strategies of mind.

Awareness of Needs
A crucial component to developing inner awareness is becoming familiar with
one's needs. The universal needs present themselves uniquely in each person's
life. To understand exactly how each is played out upon life's stage will be a
tremendous aid in identifying the exact source of emotional pain. The choices of
partners, profession, and recreation all provide clues to how beliefs are currently
meeting needs, as well as shedding light on those needs which are less fulfilled.
Even better indicators, are those choices and habits that might not be good ones
by external definition---the compulsions, the addictions, the habits that feel good
in the moment, but prevent humans from meeting their long-term goals. These
are the need-meeting action choices which are driven by faulty beliefs that are
often outside the conscious awareness, or those driven solely by bodily
responses. Identifying needs can be accomplished then from both good and bad
experiences and can allow adults of any age to understand and take control of
their current developmental challenges.

We know now that the human needs drive humans to serve their three purposes.
Beliefs are formed based upon need-meeting experiences. Nothing should be in
the mind except that which has helped to meet the needs. However, this does not
mean that every belief ever adopted is worth having. Developing the mind is like
building a wardrobe. Beliefs are like clothing that suit the occasion, the climate
and the tasks at hand. The moment the belief is no longer sufficient, it will elicit
emotional pain when it is worn in public. Likewise, any belief that is a classic,
that serves all three purposes, will never go out of style by eliciting emotional
pain in any environment. These are the gems to collect and share with the world.
The old outdated beliefs never reused can simply rot away on old hangers in the
mind for lack of use. Memory is very flexible this way.

But any garment of belief can be donned at any moment, depending on the need-
meeting requirements of the situation. The enlightened adult will automatically
tailor the beliefs as needed. A belief may have been adopted that was useful in
some past situation that is no longer applicable, served a purpose at the expense
of another, or is could be a piece of cultural knowledge that limits or rejects some
aspect of human nature. Any of these kinds of beliefs become slivers, red-flagged

                                               Delta – Implications for Personhood

by emotional pain. The needs themselves, when examined at any point upon the
life path, will provide patterns to assist the tailor in all such mental redesign.

Accessing Core Beliefs
We have just discussed how early enculturation can set the mental stage, in both
good and bad ways. The early learning experiences will fill the mind's closets
with garments of belief. Any painful belief still employed from childhood, will
offer a potentially dramatic opportunity for learning and self empowerment.
There is a common myth that access to these beliefs is difficult, if not impossible,
without advice and counsel from therapists.

But this myth has endured not because such beliefs are truly inaccessible, but
because they are often carefully defended and protected from examination. These
core issues are at the center of very complex edifices of belief and lie hidden
from the conscious awareness by years of resistance and defensive habits. It is
simply that if the mind has certainty about any belief, it no longer needs to look
at it. Certainty is not a desirous aspect of a dynamic ever-changing mind. Simply
looking at those steadfast certainties with newfound self-understanding will be
very enlightening. It is not necessary to spend hours upon a psychoanalyst's
couch revisiting childhood to find these sources, particularly if there are slivers
within the belief systems of such therapists, or if they seek to create a market for
dependence upon their services.

This is a misguided approach, unless the therapeutic helper is offering self-
liberating and empowering information such as that contained in these Lessons.
Far more damage than good can come from delving into the supposed dark
recesses of one's "subconscious" mind for hidden and repressed experiences and
memories, or covering emotional pain with chemical prescriptions. For any
problem that exists, any sliver held in the mind, will surely present itself in daily
living. Any garment that is not needed will never be taken from the closet and
will naturally fade from memory. More enlightened therapeutic approaches
already embrace this universal truth, and look to the present life events for clues
of the faulty contents of mind. What they do not yet know is how easily the
accompanying emotional cues lead to these sources.

When humans begin to embrace the voice of spirit, they reclaim an internal
guidance counselor far superior to even the most revered doctors of mind. All the
information they need will come straight from the signals of spirit, through the

Delta – Implications for Personhood

feelings of pleasure and pain. From there, they will immediately examine the
situation that has just occurred and see which needs and which belief systems are
involved. The logical, organizing, and deductive powers of mind can be utilized
to think through new strategies which can replace the old. Recognizing the
meaning of emotional signals alone can immediately bring awareness of
strategies that deny, defend, or resist the reality of a given situation---many of
which create the problems that arise in daily living.

A good starting place is to first examine the daily life events for any situation that
invokes the feeling of joy. We know now that joy is the spirit's song telling us
that plans worked out even better than we had expected. It is the signal from
spirit that needs have been met at even higher levels than we'd hoped. This
feeling tells the mind that something just worked, and worked very well. It asks
the mind to do more of this, and to come up with other similar strategies that
allow this feeling to come more and more often. The feeling of joy can relate to
any of the needs. Identifying and establishing a lifestyle filled with healthy
pleasures can reduce pain levels substantially, as well as reduce the motivation
toward unhealthy momentary escapist pleasures.

But the most revealing and urgent feelings will be those that hurt. Each will be
connected to one of the innate needs of body. Many unnecessary limitations exist
within every cultural tradition which deny legitimate human need-meeting
choices. It is important to keep in mind that truly adult choices of mind do not
accept unnecessary limitations placed upon the desires of spirit, no matter how
convincing and culturally accepted. The choices for some may not be the choices
for others, and the Divine right of free will is the gift of the Creator. To date,
many activities which are judged as unacceptable, or morally wrong by some are,
in fact, very legitimate choices according to spirit. Any activity or lifestyle that
meets all three human purposes without violation of another is a perfectly
acceptable choice. It will prove itself as such by not invoking painful feelings.

The positive and negative emotional cues will paint a picture of how well the
needs are currently being met. The key to the most broad and inclusive
development is to maintain a balance between and among the various needs.
Some can be postponed for long-range goals, while others come to the fore. But
in a larger sense, all must be met in a balanced way, or there are likely to be
telltale signs in patterns of behavior. We now know of the meaning within events
that are attracted and the challenge of finding the limiting beliefs which

                                               Delta – Implications for Personhood

empowered them. And of course, the telltale feeling signals of spirit accompany
each such experience, so that we can make corrections.

Needs and Life Stages
The universal human needs drive actions and the actions result in learning
experiences. A learning experience imparts something into the mind of the
learner, right or wrong, good or bad. Some vestige of the experience stays behind
in memory to provide information for future strategies. When these pieces of
lingering information are not passed before the spiritual adjudicator, they become
foundations for related beliefs, creating quite complex ways of thinking and
acting, which may very severely limit the spirit. The earlier the sliver is allowed
in, the more important it will be to find it and remove it and all of its relatives.
When such basic foundational beliefs/slivers are removed, there can be quite
dramatic life changes, all resulting in additional enlightenment and

They will each relate to needs, and will correspond to what have been called life
stages. There have been many ideas set forth about the stage of human
development beyond the early years, the most famous of which is the inevitable
"mid-life-crisis". The age-groups for stages offered here are very loose and
general, for there are no truly universal patterns. The progress of each individual
is solely dependent upon the free will and choices of mind. Also, the human body
can live a great deal longer than is currently the expected norm.

But looking to the milestones of life for relational patterns can greatly increase
self-understanding and development. Most important is the common thread
between them---how they relate to human needs. By grand design, fulfilling the
needs of the body is the stepping stone to purposeful living. The needs will
motivate all three purposes, yet the beliefs of mind may only allow them to be
partially met. In such cases, body might take over with self-preservationary
responses to meet the needs temporarily in ways that go against long-term goals
or other needs. For an adult body cares less about connection than it does
freedom and power, if the prevailing conditions for connection compromise
them. Oftentimes, choices of mind force the body to choose and its prime
directive is simply survival.

All needs will be apparent at every life stage, but over the lifetime, there are
periods where certain needs take center stage. They are punctuated by periods of

Delta – Implications for Personhood

self-reflection which are meant to foster corrective action for debilitating patterns
that have emerged over time. The individual is intended to be able to notice
patterns of frustration, long-range moods, learning personality traits and attitudes
which bring emotional pain that has emerged from slivers that have not yet been
corrected. There is a spiritual significance in the number four. There are four-
day, four-month and four-year cycles in which the spirit will allow certain
building up of frustration, and then a necessary venting. These cycles are
intended to draw attention to the cycle of human action, the feeling signals and
how the beliefs are at the core of any problem. Each cycle offers a pattern that
the need for meaning motivates the individual to notice and explore.

For each day provides a chance for a new beginning, and the needs interact over
the life course to bring conscious awareness of the developmental challenge. We
will now discuss each of the needs and how their frustration presents itself in
certain patterns and life experiences. This information can further assist in the
individual's development process, with additional methods to find and correct
mental slivers.

Earliest Years: Trust & Connection
The first to consider is the connection need. We have just discussed the infant
vulnerability, the enculturation process, and the early developmental challenges.
The earliest of developmental milestones includes the primal connection with the
world and trust that it will accommodate efforts by the individual. If the child
survives neglect or abuse, there will be incompletion and lingering doubts about
the depth of a loving connection. They will manifest in situations of fear,
mistrust, and a lack of faith. This sliver will be built into the very definition of
the intimate relationship, affecting communication, cooperation, and intimacy.
Not all such humans will become criminals and outcasts, but all subsequent
relationships will be affected to some degree by such slivers.

The unmet need for connection will become a prime motivation, even
exaggerated in ways that a neediness and fear of abandonment will drive the
individual to neurotic actions to keep such things from happening. Strategies of
deception, people-pleasing, and avoidance will replace the faithful and trusting
intimacy necessary for communication and love. Yet the very beliefs that base
the fears, will motivate actions that will most surely manifest abandonment and
loss situations.

                                                Delta – Implications for Personhood

Thus, life situations that arise can provide additional clues to expose the
underlying beliefs. There are no accidents. Each event will accurately reflect the
beliefs of the mind that called it forth. Events which affect relationships are likely
signs to examine the strategies for meeting the connection need. Divorces,
breakups of partnerships, scrapes with the law, even very dramatic, complex loss
situations will be manifested---all so that the connection need can be noticed and
met within all three human purposes.

Fear, ranging from mild anxiety to blinding fright will characterize this
unsatisfied developmental need. Fear of vulnerability and abandonment might be
buried quite deep within layers of avoidant strategies, bravado, or image, but it
will surely be there, interfering with each and every intimate relationship. It will
also interfere with normal day-to-day cooperation among humans. For
underneath the surface beliefs will be the nagging "truth" that others will take
advantage of you if you choose to fully trust and cooperate. Evasive actions will
be taken to ensure the vulnerability is never exposed, or angry explosive
rejections will create chasms between "us and them". But, of course, true
connection and intimacy and the joyous loving rewards of spirit will remain at

Ages 1-20: Freedom & Power
Another early formative belief is how one views their freedom of movement and
personal power. A faulty belief structure regarding one's freedom will result in
angry rebellion and a lack of ability to adapt and cooperate within normal, non-
threatening constructions and guidelines. Slivers regarding one's power will
result in a motivation to over-control self or others, or to resist any form of
control placed upon themselves. Slivers can spring from early life experiences
that lack freedom or opportunity to learn that one's destiny is their own. Over-
controlling parents, rigidly limiting worldviews, and lack of just and equal
opportunities, can all convince a human that one must compete and win, lest
someone dominate and control their choices. This strategy sacrifices true
connection and cooperation, and limits life's purpose to that of self-preservation.

Instead, the early learning experiences must deliver the gems that each individual
is the sole determinant of their life experience. First, there must be a healthy
separation or sense of individual identity within the context of connection with
others. This is a healthy sense of self value and respect offered by the world, a

Delta – Implications for Personhood

rightful assurance of mental and physical freedom. Second , there must be a
sense of accountability for one's actions, with the understanding that one takes
the initiative to make things happen and then takes responsibility for what has
happened. And third, that the effort to honor the inner destiny is always put forth
to live fully, to create and express their unique gift.

Together, these gems meet power and freedom needs and manifest into a strong
sense of self-purpose, a solid work ethic, and an inner reward system to allow
efficient success in purposeful living. Without them, there will be feeling
experiences of doubt, guilt, shame, inferiority, and lack of self-esteem. The
events and patterns of life will be those of dependency, blaming, lack of faith,
resistance to learning, an exaggerated longing for external approval, and a
general lack of self-sufficiency.

These primary needs for connection, freedom, and power are best accommodated
by developing successful strategies of mind during the first two decades of life.
This is the period that is normally considered childhood, adolescence, and the
teen years, which mark the successful transition into adulthood. This period
varies, depending upon the complexity of the culture, with some systems
instilling the basics much earlier. Disruptive, chaotic and non-accommodating
experiences will leave need deficits, faulty beliefs and strategies, and their telltale
actions and feelings.

When one is seeking enlightenment and empowerment, looking to these
fundamental needs can be a most beneficial approach to ongoing development of
mind. For most every human being, born of the modern world cannot help but be
influenced by the many slivers held within mass consciousness. It can be
extremely beneficial to look to problems in areas of intimacy, control and self-
confidence to identify and correct any limiting contents of mind.

Independence, Creativity & Early Adulthood
In early adulthood, the 20's and 30's, each of these fundamental need-meeting
strategies will be called upon during the primary choices of partnership,
professional direction, and the starting of a family. Dreams are declared, plans
are made and alliances are formed. Problems and issues that arise during this
time period can call to light the early slivers. Parenting one's own children offers
a second chance to purposefully instill the most rewarding mental landscape as
previously discussed.

                                                Delta – Implications for Personhood

But parenthood also provides an opportunity for a rebirth of sorts. A mature
commitment to self-development can allow the young adult to analyze and
recreate within their own mindscape those desirable traits they seek to offer their
children. If there are any emotions connected with the parents of those now
parenting themselves, these can be excellent clues for the need to address these
issues. This time period can provide an opportunity to review the early years with
compassion, forgiveness, and faith in spirit.

Then, toward the end of early adulthood, there will come a time of settling into
making conscious choices and productively creating. The plans will be carried
out during this period. The need for creativity will come to center stage. The
spirit will yearn for purposeful living and producing something lasting and
meaningful. This will be the time when the urge to start a family will come to the
fore, if it has not already. Biological clocks will begin ticking and life will be
examined for additional outlets for creative impulses. The urge to make
something of one's life will dominate.

If creativity is stifled within the lifestyle choices, the need will manifest in other
ways. Hobbies and artistic outlets can be helpful when added to the primary
profession, as long as they don't become escapes themselves. Any strong
compulsion to do something shows that it is meeting a need. If the creativity need
(or any need for that matter) is stifled, that emotional energy might be channeled
into any other type of need-meeting or escapist activity.

This stage of life is a good time to ensure that balance is attained between and
among all needs and purposes. A telltale sign of emotional frustration will be any
one activity or tendency that takes more time than its products might warrant. Of
course, the destructive activities are already acknowledged as those to eliminate,
but some positive ones can also begin to go beyond their own needed purpose if
balance is not achieved. An analysis of one's daily time schedule measured
against its effectiveness for meeting each need and serving each purpose can be
an excellent way toward improving balance.

Midlife Evaluation: Meaning & Esteem
Then will come a period of self-reflection and life analysis. During the 40's, 50's,
or even the 60's, the inner urge for meaning will come to the fore to analyze and
evaluate the first half of life. Emotional frustration in many areas will become

Delta – Implications for Personhood

less tolerable as the spirit yearns for purposeful living. Feelings of sadness, loss
of hopes and dreams, and general discontent will motivate new beginnings. If
continuous self-development has not been occurring, the level of spiritual
frustration will build until perhaps some crisis event forces the issues to center

A revisiting of early dreams and an assessment of what went wrong are now in
order. Self esteem and confidence should be propelling one along the destiny
path at this point. Life revolves around successful relationships, professions,
community leadership roles, active parenting and other creative pursuits. If the
professional avenues are not creatively rewarding, new challenges might be
assumed. This will be a time when mental and physical tolerance for unhappiness
is particularly low, and conscious, purposeful changes must be made.

In fact, physical malady and illness might present itself as the body's way of
expressing its emotional frustration of any unmet need. The body can assume
exaggerated or weakened immune responses, create tumors, or otherwise scuttle
itself if emotional frustration has become a daily reality. Special care and
attention to the maintenance and respect of the body is particularly important.
Such physical clues can also shed light upon the underlying belief sources and
need deficits. Information of this nature is readily accessible, should humans
choose to analyze their own needs, their strategies for meeting them and how
well they feel they are being met.

The Golden Years
Upon retirement from workaday activities, there will come a time for reflecting.
Although it is never too late to make dramatic changes in one's life, with the
Golden Years comes a certain acceptance about how the life has unfolded. The
spirit still yearns for development and expression, but it relaxes a bit. It
recognizes the inevitable ending to the life and accepts the inevitability of certain
limitations of mind, yet it desires a great deal of reflection at this point. This will
be a time to find patterns of meaning, the gleaning of wisdom from the life
experiences and expressing them in new ways.

The Golden Years are a time of peaceful reflection and sharing of wisdom. They
enjoy the maximum level of remembered experience, wherein generations can be
seen and the major patterns of life lie before the mind of experience. It will be a
time for tremendous connection with loved ones and with the world. It will be a

                                                Delta – Implications for Personhood

time of powerful leadership, wisdom and guidance for the most spiritually
fulfilled. There may never be an official period of retirement, yet the activity
level and participation takes on a more guiding rather than driving role.

Or, it will be a time of pain and despair, if deadly habits have survived this long.
There will be a necessary isolation from humanity, even misanthropy if a
measure of spiritual peace has not been attained. The stereotype of the crotchety
old person captures such a path. The particular patterns of emotion will still offer
a wealth of self-evaluative information, and it will spill over onto others as the
elders become ever more dependent. This is a time when younger generations
can play active roles in the reopening of minds and fostering purposeful living in
their own parents.

Death & Dying
The final stage of life is the transition from the physical realm and is known as
death. Human beings are meant to be aware and in control of the time to let go of
life. An enlightened mind will intuit the coming event and allow sufficient time
to wind down and achieve closure on any life projects. (When the species evolves
in its mass enlightenment, death itself will take on new meaning.) In the present
world, this final stage is a time of the most profound need for meaning, and of
attaining a spiritual connection.

The death process need not be fearsome or painful, or resisted. Yet, limiting
beliefs and misguided cultural traditions and technologies of prolonging life at all
costs, have virtually redefined it. Instead, the process can be a joyous culmination
of the life experiences, the opportunity for accomplishing a final and everlasting
connection with loved ones, replete with any ceremonial, ritualistic or traditional
trimmings imaginable by the individual.

The final period of life will offer a mental flexibility in ways likened to the
plasticity of consciousness upon the birth. The dream-world will become more
significant as the mind experiments with altered states of conscious focus.
Individuals who practice and become comfortable and gain a degree of conscious
control during dream adventures can aid their transition. The mind might slip in
and out of its normal focus quite often, as the spirit flexes and alters its vibratory
rate, in preparation for its journey home.

The current mass consciousness in most cultures promotes the denial of the death

Delta – Implications for Personhood

experience altogether. Etiquette books suggest pretending that health will be
restored in even the gravest of cases. But such advice wastes a powerful
opportunity for humans to reach out and to achieve closure and reconnection, and
especially to heal old wounds with compassion and forgiveness. This provides
emotional rewards to all involved, for if such is not achieved, the ones left behind
are to linger in guilt, fear, anger and sadness noting their spiritual frustration. The
entity passing on, however, will leave behind the limitations of mind that created
the life experience. The experience will broaden as consciousness becomes
reoriented. The spirit returns to its unrestricted arena beyond time/space, but in
which spiritual wisdom and feeling tone remains everlasting. Communications
expressed to the dearly departed enveloped in love energy will most certainly be

Loved ones left behind experiencing any lingering pain can attain closure by
promptly utilizing verbal or visualization techniques enveloping the
communications and images within love energy. Faith in spirit, compassion and
forgiveness can allow each and every painful memory to be replaced by more
spiritually desirous understandings and interpretations of interactions with the
departed one.

The essence of each stage of human development is the challenge to attain life
strategies and activities that allow purposeful living. At every point in life,
embracing developmental responsibility and all that it implies will keep the
individual upon the Destiny Path. Understanding the unique purposes of body to
survive, of mind to learn and create, and of spirit to express, can guide each
decision to consciously, purposefully and cooperatively act rather than
unconsciously, indiscriminately, and competitively react. Understanding how the
six universal needs move the body and mind toward purposeful choice of thought
and action can provide information in each moment that will allow for maximum
happiness and spiritual fulfillment.

The life-course, however meaningful to its owner, beyond time/space has its own
brand of significance. The past, as humans think of it, matters not to spirit in the
grandest scheme. It matters not how the early development proceeded, even if
there were serious violations, injustices and lacks of freedom and opportunity,
that the urgings of spirit could not correct at the time. For each entity has the
power in every moment to develop and even re-invent the mind. It matters not to
spirit the prior levels of frustration and pain, the amount of misguided thoughts

                                              Delta – Implications for Personhood

and actions, or even the enduring personality patterns that have emerged from
such limitations. Development and renewal awaits in every moment.

What does matter is that spirit is eventually heard. This can occur at any point
along the life path. To begin immediately to allow the feeling signals to lead the
mind to its most ingrained, foundational beliefs for an audience with the spiritual
adjudicator, is to reclaim the willful design of mind and to honor the spirit. The
spirit patiently awaits its opportunity to begin to live.

Accepting developmental responsibility can offer just that. With understandings
in place regarding what it means to be human, we can now proceed to discuss,
what it means to be human among other humans in Earthly experience.

Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

                                   Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

Lesson One: Implications for Morality


The implications of spiritual reconnection have profound impact upon how
humans think of morality. Morality is that which seeks to distinguish the right
from the wrong and the good from the bad, so that right and good actions can be
chosen, and wrong and bad actions can be avoided. Morality is a virtue that
operates as an inner behavioral guide.

Although morality should spring from within, human groupings have devised
rules, codes and laws which set forth externally controlled morality. Privileges,
perquisites and promises of spiritual reward are offered to those who follow the
moral path. Likewise, punishments are doled out for breaches of conduct ranging
from the painful disconnection of shunning to the vengeful act of capital murder.
But this human form of carrot and stick, bribe and threat morality has only been
necessary since humans have not yet understood how to connect with their inner
natural morality. Indeed, humans are born equipped with an innate morality
predicated upon unison between the purposes of body, mind, and spirit. The
voice of spirit endows humans with an innate morality, complete with
safeguards, which is far superior to any human attempt at defining external
behavioral controls or guidance.

The external moral and legal rules conflict with one another in the modern
interconnected world, and can wreak havoc upon the emergence of the necessary
global consensus. But worse yet, behavioral dictates which ignore, deny, or judge
any aspect of human nature, will interfere with the biological legislation of
human nature. Moral codes which are based upon inaccurate declarations about
humanity, masquerading as cultural "truth", only further erode the connection
between body, mind, and spirit.

In doing so, they continue to pit humans' minds against their own bodies and
short circuit the emotional communication between them, ensuring that the
bodily safeguards will rule human action. Until humans achieve understanding of
the inner guidance, they are doomed to a never-ending cycle of inappropriate
self-preservationary actions that keep them at a moral level far beneath their
potential. Unenlightened behavioral codes set in motion a cycle which guarantees
purposeless, amoral actions in the truest sense of the word.

Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

Morality is ultimately about judgment, and as we now know, only the spirit with
its knowledge of divine intention can accurately judge. It is simply a matter of
restoring the self-understandings which reunite body, mind, and spirit and align
the purposes in each action. Phase one of this restoration will be the removal of
any inaccurate, judgmental beliefs about human nature. One particularly
damaging assumption about humanity deserves first mention in the moral

Biological Hedonism
The English word hedonism has become tarnished by dogmatic assertions of
religion. So much so, that its original enlightened offering is now lost. But those
that coined the term, had captured a universal truth. That which feels pleasant is
intrinsically good. These original ethical philosophers had embraced the idea that
the Creator knew best how to orient human beings, and endowed the human
creation with pleasure and pain as guidance. They had an intuitive awareness of
an intentional, biological, divine predestiny despite the heavy misconceptions of
external morality offered in their day.

They understood that emotion was somehow meaningful. Unfortunately, they did
not yet understand the divisions between body, mind, and spirit, nor the potential
conflicting purposes, enough to explain the self-preservationary impulse.
Pleasure and pain seemed instead to only motivate selfish, competitive, basal
pursuits which did not bode well with the social order. Thus, their work was
largely rejected for the less-challenging concept of sin. It was easier to explain
pleasure and pain within a universe of good and bad forces, evidencing a flawed
nature wherein humans succumb to the temptations of evil. But as should be
clear, human actions follow pleasure and avoid pain---without exception. Until
this is accepted, evolution will be stymied.

The word hedonism should take on its rightful and just divinity. For it is the
mechanism which provides an unerring guide toward purposeful self-discovery,
yet without interfering with complete freedom of will. It is only in freely bringing
the mind to this understanding that the guidance can emerge. Mindfully
observing the meaningful patterns, the hardwired reaction of body, coupled with
the mental analytical abilities, and the spiritual need for meaning, will lead
eventually to the messages within these Lessons. (For each of the Creator's

                                     Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

systems comes complete with its own evolutionary wisdom and balancing thrust,
either leading to its purpose, or a cleansing to start over).

The basic impulses toward the good and away from the bad provide the most
supreme guidance, regardless of what laws or Holy books might declare.
Hedonism merely follows the six basic human needs, calling humans to approach
that which feels good and to avoid that which feels bad. These forces will lead to
the discovery of the higher purposes, and to the recognition that all amorality
springs from action strategies that do not meet all three purposes.

Psychological---indeed biological---hedonism is the essential, first foundational
principle upon which any social grouping must be built. In fact, it was one of the
primary reasons for the unit of the United States, which now exists as a
microcosm for the global community. This particular community arose with the
express goal of avoiding the historical limitations of forms of government that
prevented the necessary freedom and empowerment of its people. Therefore, the
official legal documents set forth the intention for life, liberty, and the pursuit of
happiness. This has been the unrecognized basis for most of this country's
successes, although much progress is still needed.

Multiple Meanings of Emotional Signals
The validity and divinity of hedonism has remained elusive because the role of
emotion has not been discovered. Since the signals themselves have been falling
upon deaf ears, their complex messages have not been able to provide their
purposeful guidance. The message is only complex to the degree that it addresses
all three purposes. It is not difficult to understand them, unless it is unclear that
they have specific meanings for body, for mind, and for spirit---all of which must
be considered to guide any action choice.

We know now that the emotional signals mean to body: "Act in ways that will
self-preserve." We know that the emotional signals tell the mind: "Act in ways
that will self-develop." And that they urge from spirit: "Act in ways that self-
express within the world." Although this is fairly straightforward, there are so
many limiting ideas set forth about emotion, human nature, and the need for
external controls, that it is no surprise that this fabulous gift from the Creator has
gone unnoticed.

Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

There now exist so many conflicting behavioral directives about how to go about
the pursuit of happiness, that the United States is crippled within its own
confusion. Hedonism, is but one of many whirling, swirling, conflicting,
judgment calls within mass consciousness--- cultural "truths" about human
nature. They are more accurately described as spiritual falsities that perpetuate
this self-limiting cycle of infighting and self-preservation. The result is another
emotion laden concept. For this cycle creates the illusion of "evil."

The Concept of Evil
Evil springs from the valid idea of purposeless or backward living---even the
word live spelled backward becomes evil. Evil is simply the outcome of when
something prevents the natural morality from leading humans upon their intended
life course. Evil is anti-progressive, and anti-purposeful living, nothing more, and
nothing less. There is no evil force that doles out rewarding good feelings for bad
actions. Good feelings always serve some intended purpose. But they can
motivate violations upon self and others unless all levels of purpose are
considered simultaneously. There is no room for the concept of evil when the
body, mind, and spirit work together in each action. It becomes as obsolete as the
stone knife, for it is but a temporary bridge to the higher understanding of natural

The concept of sin is its counterpart, which captures any behavior that violates
the purposes of self or others. Sin, of course, is nothing more than a self-
preservationary action outside of the higher purposes. Many humans think
themselves to be sinful, weak, flawed creations, who must throw themselves on
the mercy of some higher power simply for being what they are. Any hope of
learning or purposeful self-development then falls to rigid forms of external
control which further confuse and short-circuit the feeling system, leaving such
humans virtually disempowered. The concept of sin itself is far more evil than
any action labeled as such.

Excitement And Morality
Sin has been attributed to many of the most basic of human processes which
operate upon the principle of pleasure and pain. Thus, hedonism has taken the rap
for the inevitable pitfalls which spring from misunderstanding the emotional
system. The emotional system is indeed the intended guide to natural morality,
but its arousal and action components have drawn human suspicion since time
untold. For it is often the excitement of body that dictates behavior when the

                                    Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

mind is not purposefully engaged, throwing fear into the hearts of those who seek
to control human action.

Humans love the thrill of excitement. This is the energized, alive feeling that
accompanies emotional arousal. Whether it is great love, great anger, great joy,
or great fear, the body revs up for action. The heart races, the hormones flow, the
endorphins surge, and the muscles receive energy to act. The experience itself
can be quite intoxicating and rewarding. This is why there have arisen so many
activities for thrill seekers, and just as many aspersions cast upon excitement

Throughout the world, the universality of human excitement can be seen, from
artistic and literary offerings for vicarious passion and excitement, to daredevil
exhibitions and roller-coaster theme parks. There are entire industries based upon
thrilling competitions, from the early arenas of the gladiators to the modern
sports stadiums brimming with emotional spectators. With the technology of
today, television and computers bring all types of vicarious interactions right into
the home.

Excitement itself has become associated with the confusion about feelings. This
is because of the inaccurate interpretations of feeling and the inevitable self-
preservationary reactions that follow. Accurate understanding of feelings is the
only way out of this dilemma. Indictment of the arousal system or excitement in
general is foolhardy. There shall be no moral judgments cast upon any such
activity, so long as it does not violate another, just the required awareness of
what is actually occurring.

In addition to the problem of interpretation, creating vicarious excitement also
amounts to manipulation of the emotional system. For it creates an emotional
response outside of the purposeful interactions in which they are intended to have
the most meaning. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. Indeed, any such
activities can offer emotional refuge from a world not yet ready for enlightened
ones. These activities often allow for the vicarious venting of emotional energy
and the necessary and welcome, but temporary, escape from overly stressful
environments and situations. They can make the difference between faithful
perseverance and giving in to fear and defeat.

The key to keeping exciting events within the realm of moral behavior is to
ensure they are mindfully chosen within the context of all three purposes. This

Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

means that they do not take the place of actual connections and external
expressions or violate the needs of others. This will also ensure that they are kept
within a supplementary area, in designated times of relaxation and leisure within
the daily routines, and never to become time-bandits which rob precious
moments of physical existence from the purposeful destiny path---or worst of all,
become compulsive or additive mechanisms of escapes from the spiritual
challenges. Like any other physical pleasure, excitement can become an escape
response in order to avoid emotional pain, or a pale substitute for truly rewarding
purposeful activities.

It is helpful to make a conscious distinction between temporary and divine
pleasure. All pleasure is good, but the temporary excitement of short term
pleasures which might potentially have long term pains, should be kept in their
proper perspective. They serve best as temporary bridges to more long-term
purposeful paths, and should be respected for their allure as well as their potential
to thwart higher more divine pleasures. These are often the "guilt pleasures" we
choose knowingly which do not hurt others, but might not be the best long-term
choices for ourselves.

All concepts of morality should shift to accommodate the inevitability of the
manipulation of the emotional arousal, and relax any judgments against it.
Humans should feel no pangs of self-reproach when indulging within most any
activity, as long as violations of self and others do no occur. All concepts of
morality should then instead facilitate accurate understandings, interpretations
and responses to the three messages contained within each feeling.

Guilt and The Human Conscience
Pangs of self-reproach bring us to the next aspect of morality---human
conscience. Acting purposefully, is acting morally, is acting within conscience.
To act within one's conscience is nothing more than to listen to the voice of spirit
and to act upon it within all three purposes.

Breakdowns only occur when the feeling signals are misunderstood, leaving
confusion and conflicting impulses between body, mind, and spirit. Any action
which ignores or denies any one of the divine purposes is truly amoral. Self-
preservationary reactions based upon fear and anger are amoral for they place
body above mind. They choose to fight to change the world to match an
undeveloped, distorted, or unbending mindscape, instead of allowing the mind its

                                    Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

moral, purposeful, and necessary self-development. The result is a "loner"
strategy that frustrates spiritual expression. It is fairly easy to see how fear and
anger can lead to violations upon self and others. But the more insidious and
potentially hurtful emotion of moral concern is the feeling known as guilt ."

Although guilt is commonly thought to be the emotion most linked with
conscience, this is simply not so. Most events which elicit guilt are in fact
amoral, but for entirely different reasons than might be suspected. They spring
from amoral mental shifts which incorporate ideas into the mind which place
mind above the body . This is when a learning experience, a right response is
chosen, but one which lets in a sliver.

Instead, guilt has become a much misunderstood and overworked emotion. Guilt
has become a favored and powerful tool of manipulation by mass consciousness,
particularly in the realm of religion. Once humans instill the idea of sin and evil,
"the devil" gets in the door. Then they attach many natural drives and bodily
functions to the concept of evil, pitting mind against body, setting the stage for
the bodily safeguards to dictate seemingly evil behavior. This is self-fulfilling
prophecy at its worst. The irony is that humans have the audacity to second-guess
the Creator, and in His name, create and manipulate guilt feelings within their
adherents. And then to reinforce the slivers by utilizing the very guilt signals they
produce, as a constant reminder of the weakness and "amorality" of the person.

But in reality, any directive that elicits guilt remains in the realm of mind and has
solely to do with cultural trappings which are learned. Mind should no more be
elevated above body than body should be elevated above mind. Both must work
in concert in order to serve spirit. The instillation and manipulation of guilt is a
heinous, power-stealing practice, which misses the message of emotion entirely.

Humans should pay particular attention to any idea which invokes guilt feelings
and identify the underlying needs which are at issue. The concept of a guilty
conscience should be changed to the more accurate guilty mind. Then they
should wholeheartedly reject any doctrine or idea that does not embrace the
divinity of their God-given nature. Humans are no more meant to experience
lingering guilt, than they are meant to experience lingering anger, fear, or
sadness. Acting purposefully upon all emotional signals can allow humans to
remove the limitations that created the signals so that they can attain the intended
lingering state---that of joyous loving spiritual fulfillment.

Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

Learning Error vs Sin
Guilt, like all emotional signals, should be recognized for its role in the learning
cycle of self-development. Sin is simply an error in trial and error learning
wherein feeling signals evaluate action outcomes. Course correction begins with
feeling signals that follow mistakes or successes.

The flexibility within natural morality, complete with the Grace of the Creator,
ensures that humans can easily recover from the inevitable mistakes. Even
humans acting within all three purposes can easily perpetuate minor violations
upon themselves or others, simply because they are in need of further self-
development. If each individual greets the actions of others with humor, faith,
compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, and expressions of light, the learning error is
quickly overcome and all concerned are restored to the purposeful track.

Purposeful self-development will break the cycle of self-preservationary
violation and liberate humanity from such limiting self-concepts such as evil and
sin. All sin is simply learning error, on the road to strategies that satisfy all three
purposes simultaneously.

Sin is simply a misstep from which important learning can be attained. It is not
an inherent flaw within the design of the human being, for which any relative
deity must die in order to save souls. Such terms as sin and evil arose only
because they served the limited purpose of providing temporary meaning. They
offered believable explanations for when humans choose hurtful behavior. But
they evidence a great distortion of the early messages, wherein the message
became the answer, not the message of self-understanding itself.

The Power Of Apology & Forgiveness
The religious message that humans who follow divine dictates will be "forgiven
for their sins" carries this distortion. On the other hand, it also has spiritual
utility, for forgiveness does indeed mesh with divine intention. But it is not the
religious dictates that make this true, it is because forgiveness brings powerfully
positive feelings both to the forgiver and the forgivee. Forgiveness is a right and
purposeful strategy because it brings divine pleasure. It is a life-giving habit.

But forgiveness does not mean that humans can do any old thing, and rest on
their laurels because they can forgive themselves and others for any indiscretion.

                                     Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

This attitude toward forgiveness only breeds further feelings of self-reproach, for
it is the lazy man's way to the light. Apology and forgiveness take on very
powerful meaning in the context of accountability. Most any learning error, even
violation can be redeemed when apologies contain an expressive, active effort to
restore the one violated to his former state or to one even better. Cultural forms
of restitution flow from this truth, yet they include anger and retaliation rather
than true forgiveness and restoration of grace.

True expressions of regret spring from the higher state of understanding, from the
learning that followed the violation; they come from the heart. The receiver
knows when this is the case, for they will resonate to the apology and offer
forgiveness. Not only is the offender accountable to expressively apologize to the
offendee, but the offendee is also accountable to receive these expressions as if
he sought forgiveness himself. True connection with another recognizes the
pitfalls of humanity and does not assume evil intent; for the learning error is
inevitable and the shoe will soon be on the other foot. If all humans embrace the
nature of trial and error learning and utilize the life-giving habits, then all will be
forgiven and can quickly restore themselves upon the destiny path. Rest assured,
far fewer violations will occur when this is the normal state of humanity.

The Historical States Of Moral Interaction
It is helpful to instill universal forgiveness for human frailty upon understanding
that certain stages of moral development dictate different moral actions of their
day. Competition was once the moral choice, for biological predestiny utilizes
competition to effect human evolutionary movement. We will later discuss this in
detail, but for now understand that the only true original sin is in lingering within
early stages of human moral development.

Biological predestiny is hardwired into all species as an orienting mechanism,
each interacting in the overall evolutionary process. The essential dynamic is
how an individual organism is moved from within to survive in any given
environment. This movement might come from generic predisposition or
adaptive mutation in other organisms, but in humans, it comes from free will.
With all humans buzzing about with everyone pursuing pleasure and avoiding
pain, there are bound to be some bumping into one another. When this happens
they can willfully choose to either interact competitively or cooperatively. Free
will is meant to be guided by the innate morality within the wisdom of spirit,

Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

which means to operate within all three purposes, and act upon the emotional
signals in their multiple levels of meaning.

There is then a natural moral progression from the singular self-concept to the
plural connected self-concept. At each stage of moral development there will be
certain needs coming to the fore, as well as an evolving understanding of the
meaning of the emotional signals. Until humans awaken to the power of free will,
they are safeguarded against their ignorant choices of mind by the self-
preservationary reactions of body---serving the first stage of human purpose.

Caveman Morality
At this first stage, humans respond exactly like other animals, influenced first and
foremost by emotional memory and hardwired instinctual responses. This relates
to the human pre-cultural "caveman" level of morality. Humans at this stage are
likened unto singular, lone wolves, competing against one another for scarce
resources, be they food, land, power, money, etc. With competition, there is a
win-lose outcome: one will get all of the resource, and the other will get none. At
this stage, fear and anger are the predominant motivators, fight and flight are the
common actions, as the stronger often overpowers the weaker to the victor goes
the spoils. At this level self-preservation is the singular purpose, the level of
conscience now known as "selfish".

At this early, pre-cultural stage, competition is the right and good choice of
action, due to the fact that the individual needs take precedence over the group
needs. The emotional signals are interpreted to ensure survival and that the basic
individual needs for power, freedom and creative expression are honored. Once
these needs are accommodated in the mind and world of such humans, then the
other needs can come to the forefront of consciousness and motivate further

For competition is not the only choice when humans interact. The resource can
go to one, or to another, or it can be shared by both. The sharing is known as
cooperation. The emergence of cooperation is inevitable, for the need for
interconnection is built into the human system in many other ways. For example,
the cooperation necessary for procreation becomes an immediate hint of the
higher, more rewarding approaches. Images of pre-cultural females dragged into
the caves conjure still valid emotional signals that simply could not have allowed
the lone wolf lifestyles to continue for long.

                                    Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

Cooperative Morality
In answer to the connection need, humans begin to develop the mind to include
others in the self-concept. This ushered in the secondary cooperative level of
conscience wherein self-development and right responses became the moral
action choice, in lieu of fight and flight. Thus, the earliest forms of cooperation
began to flourish, resulting in shared culture that would bring a lasting condition
of interdependence. With cooperation, there is a win-win outcome. Although
neither will get all, both will get half. The trade-off of receiving only half the
spoils comes from the emotional reward of connection, and in the increased
ability to gain through subsequent cooperation.

At this stage, the higher "group needs" are considered in addition to the basic
individual needs. Emotional signals begin to take on the added meaning of self-
development of mind and to embrace the group connection need, the need for
meaning and the need to achieve esteem-building expressions among others.
Loving connection, and the fulfillment from meaningful, creative expression
become the dominant motivations as right and light responses become dominant
action choices.

Before this stage is fully attained, some will still choose to compete, while others
begin to cooperate. At this transitional state, there is both the chance to win-lose,
or to negotiate a win-win. When some trust others to cooperate, and those others
breach the trust and compete, win-lose and disruption occurs. In this stage,
cooperation is the right and good, the correct moral choice, and those who
compete at the expense of the cooperative other are thought of as cheats. Thus,
external rules and laws to protect the cooperators from cheats become necessary.

The third and ultimately necessary stage is wherein all competition between
humans gives way to true cooperation: all self-expression is accomplished in the
context of cooperation. This is truly civilized morality. All emotional signals are
interpreted within all three purposes, and all six needs are accommodated. All
major motivations spring from the approach emotional signals and the avoidant
ones are rare, corrective and evolutionary signals. In this final stage, each
emotional signal is fully understood within the connection between all. To hurt
another would equally hurt the self, this is the complete and mature state of moral
development. This is the healthy conscience. Violations need not be controlled,
because they simply occur only as learning missteps and are met with tolerance,
compassion and offers of light.

Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

But transition to this stage is not yet complete. The movement away from fear
and anger toward hope and trust is now occurring. Human groupings have not
sufficiently embraced the self knowledge, and even enlightened individuals are
stymied in their cooperative efforts by a world that embraces and declares
competition to be "the way." Spiritual frustration is experienced at every turn. To
end this cycle and embrace cooperation, one must understand the necessity of
moving from fear, to trust.

The Role of Trust
This macrocosm of humanity can be reduced to the microcosm of moral
interactions between two human beings. Interactions will be motivated by pain
until pleasure takes its rightful place. Fear is the dominant motivator in the stage
of competition. Moving from competition to cooperation is based upon mutual
trust. Trust is a necessary perquisite for cooperative moral action. For the cave
woman could just as easily have slit the man's throat with his stone knife while
he slept, as she could have arisen early to build him a comforting fire.

Trust is a touchy thing, for in a win-lose competition, one who violates the
cooperative trust can nearly always emerge victor of the spoils. Thus, there is
always room for violation to exploit vulnerability inherent in trust. It is very easy
to take advantage of the trust of another. Yet, it always comes with the price of
living in fear, isolation and loneliness, not to mention facing the wrathful anger
of the violated one. Fear and the self-preservationary impulse alone never brings
true fulfillment until the body's needs are fulfilled in the context of spiritual
connection. Despite this fact, those who retain a singular concept of self, and
choose to compete and endure such feelings will certainly lose out when
competing with groups choosing cooperation. Fear driven strategies will ensure a
hellish fearful existence.

Until the pleasurable path of trust can be truly embraced, humans are relegated to
the transitional stage between fearful competition and faithful cooperation,
between self-preservation and self-development, between the purposes of mind
and body, with conflicts resulting both internally and externally.

A major influence upon this condition has to do with the economics of scarce
resources. When there are insufficient resources to be shared, fear will motivate
competition. Resources are most scarce when there is overpopulation, or when

                                    Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

communities do not have equitable systems for the freedom and empowerment of
their members. Moral progress can also go backwards---when resources are
scarce, cooperation gives way to competition. (Since humans have become the
dominant species and exercise free will in cultural transformation upon the
ecosystem, they have taken on the responsibility to ensure fair allocation of
resources to any embodied spirit, of all species, or they will feel the competitive

Tit-For-Tat Morality
Thus, morality is inextricably entangled with opportunity, and these predictable
stages can point to the social changes necessary. Until adequate opportunity
occurs, however, there will be a rather fixed state of affairs. This state brings a
correspondingly predictable stage of morality. One in which there is a stand-off
between the negative, competitive and the positive, cooperative impulses where
many animal species, and the majority of humanity, is now poised. This pattern
can be seen through the entire animal kingdom, wherein varying stages of
competitive and cooperative efforts yield the most success for the species.

This pattern is a mish-mash of both, wherein a moral rule of thumb is as follows:
First, attempt cooperation. If the other cooperates, then both can win. Next, if the
other chooses to break the trust and compete against you, you will lose to him.
But your task is to then withdraw your cooperation with him and deal with
another (more honorable) fellow, and the first will lose your help, becoming
isolated. Eventually he will come calling again, following a learning experience.
Trust again, and if he has truly learned, he will cooperate. The feeling signals all
around will reward this more purposeful path, and the group effort will be
stronger than any one isolated effort.

This pattern is also apparent in the animal community, but they do not have the
mental abilities of humans to remember and plan interactions as thoughtfully.
The body alone, via the feeling system, guides their choices. In this case, the
animal has memory enough to recall only the emotional outcome of the previous
interaction. It is very common for such mindless violators to come around again
with every intention of perpetuating another violation, for the previous winning
of all the spoils felt great. But the duped one also recalls his own emotional
outcome, one of sadness over the loss and anger over the violation. He then plans
on doing the same himself, perpetuating a violation back upon the violator, in an
"I'll show you how it feels" retaliation.

Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

This is called the tit-for-tat strategy that works best when competition has not
been completely overcome. In this case, the violator comes calling with an offer
of a second cooperation and trusts the first. The first in this case, violates the trust
and wins the spoils for himself. The second round often reinforces the soundness
of the cooperative choice within the original violator and promotes cooperation
in future interactions. Otherwise, fear and anger drives a perpetual cycle of
getting even---a deadly habit among humans. Tit-for-tat means simply: First
cooperate, and then in any subsequent interaction, do the same as the other
formerly did to you.

Although tit-for-tat has its place, humans are intended to discover their higher
moral guidance. They are not simply limited to the emotional memory of the
experience, they can invoke the mind. If the higher purposes are heeded, trust
outweighs fear, the connection is preserved, and winning half---plus the
emotional reward of connection---brings repeated cooperation that yields far
more long-term benefit for all concerned. The less cooperation among all species,
the more fear and self-preservation will be apparent. The more spiritual
connection that exists, the more trust and cooperation can be observed, and more
faith and personal fulfillment is experienced.

Understanding the patterns of competition and cooperation can help individuals
determine the moral course of action when dealing with others who are driven by
competition alone, as well as underscore the most spiritually rewarding choice of
cooperation. It should be readily apparent, however, that humans who keep to
their fear-driven competitive level of self-preservation are no more evolved than
the animals over which they claim superiority.

The Golden Rule
With these historical interactions in perspective, we can now see how they led to
early forms of moral guidance. This first step from competition to cooperation
was captured in the early moral directive: "As ye would that men should do to
you, do to them likewise." This reflected the tit-for-tat strategy of the animal
kingdom and the human desire to overcome the cycle of retaliation. For to follow
this directive, both would initially cooperate rather than to go through a wasteful
series of competitive retaliations. This directive is still inherent in most major
religions, commonly known as the Golden Rule. It has also been restated:

                                     Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

"Do unto others, that which you would have them do unto you".

This moral advice has endured because it dovetails with many elements of innate
natural morality. The Golden Rule assumes that there are some universal right
and wrong behaviors, clearly understandable by all humans---which there are. It
assumes that all humans can recognize "rightness" within others and in
themselves---which they can through their feeling system. It is right-minded,
basing morality upon the emotional evaluation of the act, and the purposeful
pursuit of happiness.

But this rule is only part of the picture, and its use as a moral directive is limited.
For it assumes that everyone has the same values, which is never the case in a
multicultural diverse world. It does not embrace the free will given to each
human being to design values and beliefs according to their individual spirit.
(What brings happiness to a member of one culture, might bring great
unhappiness to a member of another.) It embraces the contrived emotional
boundaries which result from lack of continuous development of mind. It honors
only those with similar, local values, and does not embrace the entirety of
connected humanity. (It is quite easy to do horrible things unto others, if one does
not consider certain humans as "others"---witness the Holocaust).

Nonetheless, with some simple variant twists, it can be a far more useful moral
tool at the current state of the moral development of the species. The first twist
would be to recognize it in the context of all humans, indeed to every spiritual
embodiment, not just humans within any specific spiritual grouping. This fully
honors the connection need, bringing all spirits together in the self-concept,
making it a truly universal dictate.

This brings the next essential universal twist which adds far more sweeping
application. This flips the rule around to utilize avoidant impulses as universal
guidance, using what humans don't like as a guide. Although a wide variety of
diverse ideas, strategies and choices, can bring pleasure, it is the truly universal
limitations and frustrations of spirit that bring pain. With these added
understandings, this golden advice becomes far more useful in the form:

"Do not do unto any others that which pains thyself."

Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

This most simple of moral guidance allows humans to know in any moment what
not to do and it frees the feelings of spirit to lead them toward actions to which
they are morally invited---indeed divinely destined.

The final word about natural morality is that it suggests that far fewer controls
need to be placed upon human beings. Instead, energy and resources should be
invested in ensuring that there is adequate opportunity for each member to meet
needs without competitive impulses coming to the fore. Humans can simply let
go of all ideas about what is right and wrong and allow their spirits to guide
them. The self-righteous ones must step aside, taking their cultural judgements
with them, and allow each human the dignity, the privacy, and the freedom to
pursue happiness in their own way. For vitality and behavior, when chosen
within all three purposes, which does not frustrate any of the essential needs, nor
intend to consciously violate another, and is chosen within the response rules, is
moral in the eyes of the Creator.

With these essentials of right action in place, we can now look more closely at
human to human personal interactions.

                                    Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

Lesson Two: Implications For Interpersonal Relationships

The Cooperative Level of Existence
The implications of spiritual reconnection have profound impact upon how
humans think about, and interact with, one another. Once humanity has been
reconnected with the inner moral guidance, the next step is to build cooperation,
intimacy, and community with others.

As humans successfully interact and connect with one another, they begin to take
each other further into their own self-concept. They begin to respond to each
other's thoughts, feelings and actions as if they were their own. For once the
connection need is discovered and honored, there can be no turning back to the
conditions of isolation. Indeed, a new stage of existence unfolds, one which
coincides with embracing the higher purpose of self-development.

At this stage, not one, but two purposes are accommodated with thought and
action. Each emotional signal not only tells the body to self-preserve, but it also
now tells the mind to self-develop in ways that now and forever consider the pain
of all others before each action. At this stage, each human relationship is based
upon the understanding of the interrelation and inescapable spiritual
interconnectedness that is The Way. Strategies of competition and violation are
simply outdated ways of thinking when one truly embraces the spiritual
connection. Actions which hurt another are felt as painfully as hurt to the self and
become outdated vestiges of an uncivilized past.

This self merging is a necessary accomplishment for the divine path to unfold.
The complete individual self, the mind, body, and spirit, must be brought
together first and foremost, and then melded with the purposeful motion of each
and every other mind, body, and spirit for true progress to occur. This was the
intended message of the earlier wisdom offered, but its meaning became
distorted. Self-melding should now replace any mutated ideas about self-
sacrifice, martyrdom, and rising above self. With self-development, nothing need
be lost, and everything can be gained.

When this transition has been successful, the dominant feelings become trust and
faith which motivate the higher actions. The grander, larger sense of time and
meaning begin to come to the fore as the chaotic, fear-driven life of self-
protecting isolation is overcome. Reclaiming the meaningful messages within

Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

each emotional signal, will direct the choice of actions within all three purposes.
As mindscapes are further refined, fewer distress signals are necessary---because
life is working as it should be. This is a state of unimpeded energy flow within
and between all spiritual embodiments and brings its own emotional rewards.

Intimacy & Community: The Gift of Sharing
There are tremendous individual and group benefits at this level of existence.
Two heads can do far more than one, and the more they interact the more
progress can be made. Cooperation is the most basic level of interpersonal
relationships, and the next is called intimacy.

World peace rests upon international community. Community rests only upon the
strength of cooperative intimate trust between its individual members. It is easy
to cooperate with another human being toward some common goal; yet it is quite
another matter to remove all defenses, share your darkest secrets, and bare your
soul before another. The more successful this melding of spirits, the more
trusting and intimate the relationship can be. The more intimacy, the more
potential information for self-development and expression of both parties

Intimacy means far more than the commonly accepted definitions which capture
the physical component. It is the condition wherein there has been a meeting of
two individual minds, or more accurately, building of a common-ground third
cooperative mind, thought of as "us." This is the basic building block of all mass
consciousness, which is the culmination of all such common-ground agreements
within all communities of humans. Intimacy can be thought of as "into-me-see."
It is about honesty, integrity and of opening one's self to the view of another.

Intimacy can be built within any relationship. Building intimacy begins with
perspective taking. It begins with standing in the other person's shoes and
becoming acquainted with their particular unique worldview and mental lens. It
involves the connection to another without resistance, pretense, power games, or
false image. For it involves the open, trusting, compassionate, and faithful
understandings of true spiritual connection.

Universal love energy itself bases the connection which completes a circuit. Once
loving connection is established, it can never be severed, regardless of any
temporary violations or limiting conditions. Such a connection exists regardless

                                    Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

of minor disagreements or even mistakes and self-preservationary actions which
reduce the flow. Such a connection can be---and should be---remembered in each
moment. Intimacy is the condition which allows the most freely flowing spiritual
energy between two entities. The more complete the energy flow, the deeper the
connection and the greater the benefit.

The Energy Dynamics of Intimacy
Specifically, when the body, mind, and spirit within any two individuals are
aligned in a singular purpose, there is maximum expression possible by both. The
mind contains the gems that allow the spiritual its free expression. When the two
are united in a relationship, a common goal, or even a simple conversation, there
will be a circular flow of spiritual energy exchanged between them. Spirit itself is
energy; energy which contains information that when adequately expressed
becomes part of mass consciousness. Or in other words, to the degree that
common understandings are attained, that energy is manifested as a physical
cultural condition. Such energy networks form the basis of all spiritual
expression in the physical realm.

This flow can be likened unto a circulating river of spiritual energy. As the
purposeful expressions of one are received by another, it is clearly resonant and
recognizable in joyous pleasure. This is the spiritual validation of true connection
and meaningful expression. This river can be slowed down or sped up depending
upon the amount of expression and receptivity of both parties---determined solely
by the beliefs of mind.

To those fear-driven entities that seek to hide from the vulnerability of open
intimacy, let it be known that there is no such escape. Spiritual energy that is put
forth is unmistakable to the feeling systems of others. The energy put forth
cannot be falsified, it either flows freely or is prevented. It flows freely bearing
the information of all combined beliefs of mind and needs of body. The more
enlightened the entities, the more conscious awareness and sensitivity to this
energy correspondingly develops. But regardless of conscious awareness, the
emotional system will move the body to respond to what energy is put forth.

When either party has a sliver, or any strategy that is not within all three
purposes, it will invoke resistance that can slow the flow until it is discovered
and removed. When the expression is slowed, limited or reduced in any way,

Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

feelings of frustration will naturally result. This is the external manifestation of
conflict. The same type of conflict can exist between mind and body, or within
the mind of any one individual; but this is the external manifestation of
conflicting beliefs which lie between two people. The negative feeling signals
remain exactly the same, as do the optimal responses.

But the body's common response to such fearful or angry frustration is to invoke
the urge to fight or to take flight. With both parties feeling the frustration, there
are twice as many chances for unhealthy reactions. These urges bring about
resistance and the deadly habits which are the enemies of intimate connection
and the antithesis of spiritual intention. The physical result is the shutting down
of the energy flow, causing backlogs which must be then expressed in some other
way. Such resistance and closing off to one another is the basis for most all forms
of distancing, conflict, arguments, and losses of intimacy, as well as a great deal
of unnecessary emotional pain. The innate natural morality that arises from
mindscapes designed to honor all human needs and purposes can direct actions
which can avoid disconnection.

Resolving these external conflicts requires the same examination of the events,
the existing beliefs and the identification of the conflicting ideas. Then, and only
then, can resolution occur. There can be respectful ways of approaching such
conflicts, but communication and resolution must occur if the energy flow is to
be restored and progress is to continue. Following the rules of response, having
faith and invoking the life-giving habits can mediate conflicts quickly and clearly
and keep all such connections strong. These guidelines will allow the innate,
natural morality to emerge and dictate action choices.

Although natural human morality is the same in every interaction, intimacy is
more of a selective choice. The choice for an intimate relationship will relate to
the spiritual fulfillment and longevity found in the friendship or union. There are
levels of intimacy that one can choose, depending upon the nature of the
relationship. The same actions and choices would not necessarily be the best ones
at different levels of intimacy. Less intimacy is necessary for temporary, distant,
public, or professional relationships, while the deepest intimacy would be called
for in a loving, committed union. There are four basic classes of relationships,
each with its own, most effective, level of intimacy.

                                     Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

The Fellowship Relationship
This is the broadest, perhaps least personal or intimate relationship of the
physical realm, yet it is the one that exists between fellow spirits. The
enlightened approaches to this most basic of relationships, are those set forth
within these lessons. Enlightened interactions and choices are those that consider
all humans within the sense of connected self. One that does not limit the sphere
of self-fellows to anything less than one that contains each and every human
being. One that does not resist or deny rightful human respect.

There need not be any direct interactions within the fellowship relationship. In
fact, related fellows need never even cross physical paths. But they do affect one
another. All actions and expressions which become part of the external world can
affect human fellows. The energy contribution alone will have its effect upon
everyone physically encountered. With connection, a sneer from a bitter, angry,
isolated human is felt as keenly and understood as keenly by a passerby as is a
friendly smile or kind word. But this is particularly true for humans whose
destiny paths have taken their expressions into the public spotlight. These will be
the most influential contributors to the mass mind.

With this influence comes the responsibility to put forth expressions in keeping
with enlightened, connected, cooperative humanity and away from those of the
limited, competitive, survival level of existence. Expressions--- whether they be
words, songs, books, poetry, stories, news, counsel, or legislation---should
promote all universal spiritual values. They should advocate maximum freedom
for choice of cultural values, and establish the most possible need-meeting
opportunities, and exchange of spiritual resources. Those that set forth
expressions, opinions, and values which promote resistance, division, or remove
freedoms or opportunities from others do dishonor to their fellow humans.

The Professional Relationship
This is the least intimate of the direct personal relationships. It encompasses what
is termed an "acquaintance," wherein the paths have crossed for any particular
reason, yet no intimate action has occurred. But generally at this level, humans
have come together united for some group purpose, whether it be a business
corporation, a political group, an educational goal, a public event, an artistic
effort, or one of religion. But at this level, there is not much intimacy at all, there
is no need to share as many aspects of self. Nor is much necessary, as long as it is

Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

understood that the rules of emotional response should always be honored, and
all life-giving habits utilized.

Clear communication of all goals and processes toward achieving them, is the
emphasis at this level. The challenge is in accomplishing group goals without
compromising any rightful individual purposes or needs, and without violating
the rights of others. Individuals will constantly need to learn and rely upon adept
social skills, tactful communication, conflict negotiation, and persuasion to attain
consensus without compromising honesty or integrity. Solid bonds and powerful
group actions can result with hardly any level of intimate, personal exchange.

In fact, until civilization fully embraces the enlightened understandings, there
will be an intense need for privacy between these public and private spheres of
interaction. This springs from the freedom need, freedom from a world far too
limiting. This condition also creates an even more intense need for intimacy and
honest open sharing within the safety of home environments. Every entity needs
a place of beauty and intimate sharing. A respite, a haven of intimacy to return to
after a harsh day of taxing professional interactions in the world choked with the
limitations of mass consciousness.

Most human job opportunities involve this type of more external relationship.
The contractual obligations and time allocations of the standard workday do not
lend themselves to more intimate interactions. But mistakes are made in both
directions by those involved in professional relationships. Some attempt to build
inappropriate levels of intimacy is time-consuming and can work against the
performance requirements. But by far, most errors come from the lack of
connection, cooperation, and trust. Defensive territoriality keeps many such
group efforts from attaining anywhere near their most effective level.
Insubordination, infighting, and even sabotage are common occurrences. There is
no room for such survival level strategies and reactions within cooperative
frameworks. They are simply like cancers that stop energy flow in its tracks by
denying the connections.

Entities involved in professional relationships should make contributions that
establish group values and frameworks wherein each individual can meet their
needs and purposes within the context of the mission and goals of the group.
They should build group values and standards that encourage self-development,
the most free-flowing communication, and conflict negotiation to gain the
maximum value from expressions of each member. From such strategies will

                                    Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

come tremendous success toward group goals and minimize any self-
preservationary reactions. Such a climate can also build bonds which might move
some to step up to the next level of intimacy, that of friendship.

A friend is one who can freely exchange personal experiences with another in an
unimpeded way. A friend is a comrade and compassionate confidant in the game
of life. A friend can offer a broader and less restricted form of interaction that is
more intimate, more safe, more honest and free-flowing. There will be no need
for many intermediary forms of communication and negotiations, for the realms
of the individual minds will overlap far more. There can be a more immediate,
unimpeded, and rewarding flow of energy between friends.

Friendships usually occur based upon some mutual commonalties and interests
which operate as boundaries for interactions. The more intimate the friendship
and the more common choices and interests, the deeper that friendship can be.
Interactions between humans at this level involve some form of regular exchange
of energy which springs from conversations, recreational activities, educational
exchanges, Socratic discussions---any activities wherein there is some meeting of
the minds and sharing of experience.

In the discussion of human development, such interactive forums were
recommended within families for the maximum self-development of incoming
children. Through friendship, all the same benefits can arise through an entire
lifetime of adult development. The benefit being of course, that you can freely
choose who comes into the sphere. The intimacy of friendship offers new arenas
for self-development, wherein the feedback from intimate others can often point
out patterns kept hidden by resistant tendencies within the self. It takes faith,
honor, trust, and courage to be, and to have, a true friend.

When humans come into contact with one another, they will feel attractions to
those that can most freely exchange energy with them. The more the energy is
allowed to flow, the more the spirit expresses, and the more attractive this person
will be to others, and vice versa. Friendships can be built with most anyone,
depending upon the rate of mutual self-development and energy exchange. There
will also be natural, spiritually familiar relationships wherein a nearly
instantaneous recognition and attraction occurs, allowing intimacy to begin
immediately. These are often the result of creative energies following the

Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

spiritual destiny path, combined with the existing conditions of mind. Such a
friend can enter a life and dramatically alter its course and be off again on a
different track.

There will also be certain relationships where there are inexplicable repulsions
and dislikes, also relating to certain challenges along the destiny path. Situations
wherein people will be thrown together with little in common, yet entangled in
necessary relationships. In either case, the rules of emotional response and
avoidance to deadly habits will facilitate the most productive and fulfilling

But when creative reality is fully understood, humans will begin to see exactly
how both positive and negative kinds of people are attracted into the life. For if
the mindscape insists that some people must always be in one's life, existing as
the proverbial thorn in the side, such will be the case. If there was some
inescapable annoying or hurtful person in the early life experience, this belief can
take root. Even if the original antagonist moves on, another will quickly manifest
to fill the void. Humans can be especially enlightened by finding the meaning
within each such person who enters this life. There will always be powerful
learning potentials, for angels can come in some challenging packages.

In the world at present, there will be immediate obstacles to friendship due to the
many existing territorial, competitive rituals common among humans. One area
from whence comes a good deal of this resistance deserves special mention. This
happens in the male-female relationship. Before we can discuss the next level of
intimacy, we must first address one interference factor that effects all levels of
intimacy. Whole communication patterns and less functional styles have long
been accepted which virtually guarantee obstructions to the spiritual energy flow.

Gender Roles
The major impediment to self-development, communications, and the free-
flowing energy of purposeful living, has been the nearly universal pattern of
humans defining gender roles. Every culture seems determined to divide up
human potential and allocate certain attributes to women and others to men.
Although it is true that there are some basic biological differences between the
sexes, a very large percentage of this variance is due to limiting ideas---slivers---
from human culture. Until they are removed, they will have profoundly limiting
effects upon the intimate energy exchange.

                                    Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

Humans need not worry about the real biological sex differences, they will take
care of themselves. But they should take vigorous steps to find and eliminate as
many of the unnecessary cultural judgments about gender as possible. For the
spirit will unfailingly speak of painful limits placed upon needs and desires for
every human regardless of the physical form they have donned. This condition
sets the stage for energy to seemingly switch on and off, as habitual patterns of
thought and action send signals which have distinctly different meanings for
either sex.

The gulf between the sexes began innocently enough, in the form of shared labor.
It is much easier for two to accomplish a task when each is responsible for a
specific part. Since the female of the species carried and nursed the offspring, the
duties revolving around the home became her domain. She began to be
dependent upon the man for more external functions, as well as to become the
keeper of all domestic and family operations---even communication itself. The
female was also associated with dark, internal, receptive energies, intuition,
submission, and cooperation. And most importantly, she became the keeper of
emotion, as the singular receptacle for the realm of spirituality.

The male of the species became the active one, the aggressor, the hunter, the
provider, even the creator. Man would use the logical mind to create the tools and
build the communities and compete for scarce resources. Man was dominant and
powerful, strong, silent, enlightened, and independent. He was associated with
the external, rational, objective, physical world. Man laid claim to most attributes
of both body and mind. And in time, his manliness was defined by them, and
questioned if he exhibited signs associated with "femininity."

The cultural institutions would encourage this division between the sexes through
social convention, religious teachings, and even laws which would subjugate and
disempower women. Such limits would spur women to develop backdoor
methods and even skills of manipulation to gain their needed power. The same
institutions would deny spirit itself and would separate men against their own
emotions, dooming them to a competitive level of behavior. Each new generation
born into such cultures would find a certain limited reality associated with their
sex. There are many accepted situations of Earth today, wherein women are not
even allowed to educate their minds or freely control their own bodies. And
perhaps many more wherein men are not encouraged to even experience their

Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

emotions---the very voice of spirit---let alone seek to understand the messages
they bear.

Unquestioned slivers would become self-reinforcing, and self-preservationary
actions would result. For what has actually happened through this gender typing
has been an institutionalized separation between the certain aspects of self. This
only offers the opportunity for some of the people to meet some of the needs only
some of the time. No entity should be born to such unnecessary and correctable
limitations. Certain separate types of "energies" are now assumed and associated
with masculinity and femininity, yet there is only one pure spiritual energy. Such
self-disconnection would become so profound, that the spirits of both sexes
would eventually rebel with both social and biological results. The modern
movement toward freedom, equality, and androgyny within gender roles
evidences this needed rebalancing, as does the biological shift toward alternate
forms of sexuality.

One consolation is that women have kept spirituality alive and helped it to
flourish. This is quite an accomplishment considering that the entire realm of
spirit has been long relegated to religion and dominated mostly by the males of
the species. But spirit exists within all and is now on the verge of rediscovery. It
must take its rightful place in both sexes if civilization is to evolve.

Each entity desiring to be restored upon the destiny path must first reclaim the
entire self. The gender roles must be revisited within the context of separation
between mind, body, and spirit, in consideration of the six human needs, and the
purposeful messages of the emotional signal. It then becomes readily apparent
that both sexes need all human attributes in order to even have a chance to know
how to approach life. Expressions from fully restored, enlightened humans, can
alter the traditions and consciousness at quite rapid rates.

Each entity following these messages of spirit and acting upon them within all
three purposes cannot help but change the world for the better. All the best
concepts within both "masculinity" and "femininity" are important, necessary
attributes to bring daily fulfillment. For together they constitute the potential
whole of human body, mind and spirit. Each forges a link in the chain of mind-
body communication through the voice of spirit. To disconnect a man from his
spirit, or a woman from her mind or body is to maim. Each quality is necessary
for the functional unity, intercommunication, and flow of energy within the

                                     Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

trinity of self. Only then can the flow be restored between members of any given
sex and between members of the opposite sex.

To even begin to have a chance, each entity of any biological sex or sexual
orientation should have equal opportunity, freedom, and power enough to control
their own destiny. This basic universal right should be self-evident. It is the
essential first link in the chain. For one who must compete for basic freedom or
power, one who cannot even direct the life events, has no hope of acting
purposefully or cooperatively. This means that neither sex should seek to escape
into the comforting limitations of either sex role, but to consciously accept
responsibility for personal control of the destiny, and attune, with commitment
and integrity, to the spiritual voice within. The emotional rewards of such a
choice will far outweigh the feeble, temporary comforts of dependence, fatalism,
machismo, femcheesemo, and martyrdom.

When all aspects of masculinity and femininity are considered, the chain of
mind-body communicative interaction can commence. There is a special place in
the cycle for each passive, active, receptive, aggressive, rational, and emotional
thought or action.

First, each member of both sexes must be earnestly, passively, openly receptive
to even the most subtle of emotional signals. This receptivity is awareness itself,
this is intuition, this is heeding the voice of spirit. Without the receptive quality,
no such guidance can occur, and the chain is broken. With passivity and
receptivity associated only with femininity, men are instantly left limited to self-
preservationary reactions of fight and flight, for the cycle of spiritual information
stops before it can even begin. Resistance and defense is the masculine norm.
Thus, the reputation for man as warrior, or those of porcine mind who can easily
succumb to the motives of the flesh.

Next, each entity must enlist the mind to rationally analyze the meaning of the
feeling signals in the context of all three purposes and in enlightened
understanding of the universal needs. The mind is the most essential component
and is quite often left out of the feedback loop, and body is allowed to
automatically respond to emotion-invoking situations. Without accurate
interpretation of each emotional signal, the chain is broken. Acting upon the
emotional signal alone, the mind is bypassed, relegating humans to a level
beneath their birthright. Women should no more abdicate their rationality than
men should abdicate their emotion. This means that the maximum amount of

Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

self-development of mind should be available to, and embraced by, each of the

Next, each entity must again actively enlist the mind to consciously choose the
most appropriate corrective response. For the mind alone can only know when
the fight response is in order. The mind must first eliminate the other options by
directing a right or light response. If the mind is not actively engaged, the chain
is broken once again, and the body will respond in fight or flight or appropriate
approach reactions. Worse yet, without actively engaging the choices of mind,
humans remove themselves from rightful free will. Disempowerment always
results. Only through aggressive spiritual expressions can progress be made.
Feminine passivity prevents women from the persistent, active expressions their
spirit demands. It opens the door to a reputation for femcheesmo, and for mind
inclined toward feline, sneaky, manipulative power plays. Masculine competition
and independence prevents the necessary communication, connection and
cooperation needed to achieve the higher purposes.

Thus, before intimacy or cooperation can be truly achieved, entities must remove
the garments of masculinity and femininity that have been handed down
generation upon generation, and dismantle any closets that may have resulted.
Entities who are true to their spirit in this manner can enjoy the much greater
heights of intimacy, and even sexuality, when one creates wholeness of spiritual
fulfillment within themselves. Entities who are tolerant, compassionate, and
spiritually connected will no longer feel compelled to cast judgments upon the
unique spiritual propensities of one another.

Intimacy and Sexual Love
Once these limitations have been removed the next level of intimacy can be
attained. Love is the ultimate pleasurable human experience. Friendship at its
highest level can include that spark of physical attraction and the desire to
commune physically with one special person. Although humans can engage in
sexual activity with others outside of the bond of love and intimacy, the highest
emotional rewards come from an intimate sharing with a singular loving other.
When one is in love, no other can be but a pale substitute. The connection need
and profound pleasure of spiritual love brings humans together in these special
physical couplings. This is part of the grand design to perpetuate the species
within the most enlightened of conditions.

                                    Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

Sexuality is good evidence by the natural pleasure it produces. It is a gift from
the Creator, not just simply for procreation but as part of human creative
expression. Sexuality outside of procreation is also intended to be chosen within
all three purposes and in conditions of intimate love of souls in flesh. It can
greatly facilitate the spiritual connection and communicate energy exchange
between two humans and is a physical celebration of love. It can also induce
altered mental states of consciousness and strengthen psychical energy centers.
The physical need for sexual activity, and the pleasure it can bring, is the
insurance that the species will continue.

Such couplings also serve the higher purposes. They offer a loving, intimate,
common world to be designed and shared, a mini self-designed mass reality in
which offspring can be raised. The spirit soars to the degree that such common-
ground worlds allow for fulfillment of the six universal needs. Children thrive,
and energy flows best between two such lovers under such enlightened and
empowering conditions. There is such universal agreement about the positive
value in the longevity of such couplings that some form of marriage, or
formalized coupling, has arisen in each culture.

Love As Distinct From Need
Yet certain spiritual conditions must exist or the longevity and success of any
such union will be severely limited. These are the conditions wherein each
member of the unit has the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills, and
freedom and power to actively express in ways that meet the six universal human
needs. Each individual is intended to do so for themselves under the direction of
their own spirit.

Indeed, these free and opportune conditions must exist throughout the world for
humanity to succeed as well. But change begins within individuals, moves
outward in concentric circles, into their familial units, and then into their
communities. Thus, couplings and domestic partnerships can provide the testing
ground for spiritual expressions and purposeful change.

One very limiting result of centuries of gender typing has been the idea that other
persons are responsible to fulfill one's needs. Men have traditionally been held
accountable to provide certain things for women (perhaps economic freedom and
power), while women have been required to provide other such things (perhaps
nurturing, meaning, and emotional support), to men. There is a misguided

Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

acceptance that loving someone is synonymous with needing someone. There are
mores and even laws which perpetuate a state of codependency between couples.
Indeed, the lasting, stable, loving, cooperative efforts of unified spirits allow for
fostering of the most enlightened and fulfilled children.

Yet the divorce rate, neglected children, domestic violence, and spiritual malaise
is evidence that mandated mutual dependency is not the way. It will only be
through the rejection of any sliver which limits and disempowers any individual,
regardless of their sex, that the most successful loving unity can emerge.
Independence within a cooperative unit is highly spiritually rewarding, for it
fosters the freedom and empowerment for each individual to pursue their
purposeful path. Yet doing so in the context of love, connection, intimacy and
shared experience, allows the two paths to dovetail.

The Myth Of Love As Codependency
The division between men and women, and the lack of self-understanding, has
perpetuated many limiting ideas and strategies toward love and marriage. Many
unions do not survive due to role limitations and dependency upon one another,
including the unspoken expectation of one member to have the other member
meet their needs. Resentment, anger, and contempt are inevitable if one plays the
game, and the other benefits but does not reciprocate. Dysfunction will most
certainly result unless both parties are responsible for and expressive about
meeting their own needs. What happens then is the energy flow narrows and
eventually closes off and love diminishes.

Many recommended, but limiting, rules of the marital union reinforce the
confusion. The word compromise, for example, means to negotiate a common
win-win solution. Compromise does not mean one gives up what they need in
honor of another. It does not mean meeting someone half way, somewhere
between what each desires, for neither is a single lifestyle. "Self-less" living does
not mean giving up one's needs in order to serve those of another---it is not about
martyring one's self, gracefully losing a win-lose competition, so another can
win. It means rising above the competitive self-preservationary impulses to
accommodate all three purposes for self and others. It means melding all parts of
each self and designing a lifestyle of common cooperative goals.

                                    Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

Love And Its Pitfalls
Yes, emotion pushes and pulls humans toward their destiny, with good and bad
results. The more the mind is actively involved, the more rapid and purposeful
the directions can be. It is easy to see how negative emotions and the self-
preservationary avoidance responses can wreak havoc upon individuals and
societies. But what can be more insidious are the automatic approach reactions to
positive feelings that pull people toward each other. Love, in particular, should
be carefully understood within the context of these Lessons. For love, with its
propensity to entanglement with sexual procreation, is among the most powerful
and volatile of human experiences.

Love is that unmistakable spiritual resonance with another human being. But like
all emotions, love exists in both mind and body, and if either seizes full control,
trouble can result. In the mind alone, love can be attached to a love object that is
a fantasy or image which matches one's ideal mate, having nothing at all to do
with true expressed external connection. Love can motivate delusional fantasies,
with compulsive, even violent results. Love can be mistaken for need fulfillment,
when other needs for power, freedom or meaning are met within the context of a
relationship. Love can be associated with pain, wherein you only hurt or get hurt
by the one you love. Love can arise for all the wrong reasons, yet its force of
attraction is just as powerful when it is based on slivers, as when based upon

But perhaps the most all-consuming power of love, is when the body is in full
control; when the mysterious spark ignites the body into its sexual mode,
bringing love or raw desire into the physical dimension. This is the arena wherein
humans succumb to the pleasures of the flesh in the immediate moment. The
ideal conditions of procreation are when each party chooses the sexual act within
all three purposes, wherein the body, mind, and spirit of each are aligned in the
decision. Unfortunately, in the confused modern world, this is more the exception
than the rule. Sex outside of purpose can wreak havoc. So much so, that the
activity itself has been defiled, controlled, and judged, and it is now laden with a
tremendous amount of excess baggage.

But the baggage has come from the fallout from the distorted motives and actions
resulting from misunderstanding the force of sexual desire. Indiscriminate sexual
activity, devoid of love always seeks to address other needs beyond procreation,
among the six psychological human needs. A female giving in to sexual conquest

Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

in order to gain self-esteem is as equally empty a reward as the momentary power
gained by the male conqueror who truly seeks more general life control.
Combining strategies of competition and anger with the quest for power can
motivate rape. Any number of misguided motives and actions can result from the
lack of self-understanding and purposeful guidance---many of which result in
unwanted pregnancies.

Cultural Conditions Placed Upon Love
Historically, the love force has proved to be a powerful, yet mysterious and
uncontrollable aspect of human nature. Thus, there has been an outcropping of
external controlling directives and myths which are designed to counteract the
inevitable disruptive and painful events which spring from self-preservationary
sexual impulses. There are many useful beliefs about love throughout mass
consciousness, but there are just as many myths that do far more damage than
good. Love is indeed a gift from above, but not nearly with so many conditions
and trappings as might be believed.

Each mind contains a unique mixture of impressions from role models, learned
information, and spiritual creative and intuitive insights about the meaning of
love. Whole lives can be put on hold due to ideas which limit the suitability of a
love object, or they can be filled with the dramatic turnover of many unrequited,
or short-lived loves. Each individual has the responsibility of knowing what their
mind contains and purposefully designing the most fulfilling strategies. Each
belief about love must be carefully granted an audience before the spiritual

But there are some basic misconceptions and popular myths about love and
marriage that can be immediately dispelled. The first is that everyone must meet
and marry and procreate. If the spirit does not desire marriage, then this message
should be heeded first and foremost; for the intended destiny path might
necessitate freedom from such entanglements. A spirit forced to conform to
normal family standards against its own yearnings will suffer cruelly, as will the
others trapped in such a unit.

Wrapped into the myth is another which insists that one male and one female are
necessary to produce and parent healthy offspring; when in reality, the loving
contributions of many enlightened adults of either sex can foster an enlightened,
connected child. The conditions (those described for optimal human

                                    Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

development), rather than the players is what determines a successful "parental
unit". Even a single parent with a good and stable support network can achieve
success far easier than two competitive, fearful, conflicted biological parents.

Another, is the romantic myth of a singular soul-mate, that basic missing half of
one's soul with which each person is destined to find and reconnect. This myth is
meant to promote monogamy and longevity of relationships, but can also set
impossible expectations. This is not to say that there are no spiritual destiny paths
meant to cross, for this is a common occurrence.

But it is to say that there are many potential soul-mates and that progress along
the destiny path will be a predictor of who is right for whom at any give point in
time. It is to say that the free will and the pitfalls of an unenlightened physical
existence can greatly influence the progress. It is to say that humans can cross
paths and give each other what they have to offer and then go in alternate
directions, that free will can alter paces and probable paths. It is to say that even
when a spiritual "soul-mate" recognition occurs, this does not mean an automatic
"happily ever after." It is to say that such a person can be a good choice to
attempt to build intimacy with, but if one such party is not ready to do so, or are
too limited by their own mindscape to the illusions of mass consciousness, it is
best to understand this and move on. There should not be shame or guilt when
full and purposeful living takes lovers in alternate directions. The marital union
should hope for lifelong affinity, but make no promises for enduring the death of

It is also true, however, that spirits who recognize one another have a stronger
potential of sharing enlightenment with one another. The existing connection can
help transcend existing limitations if both are committed to doing so and capable
of the trust, intimacy and expressive efforts necessary. Following feelings of
approach and love in such cases is a good practice, as long as the spirit is allowed
to communicate the right time for letting go should either party be unready for
such growth. For purposeful love is only created when completing the circuit of
intimacy between two melded souls.

Any worldviews that put stipulations upon whom one can marry should also be
rejected. Religious prejudice, racial tension, and socio-economic class
distinctions can all limit the potential pool of love objects. Tremendous limitation
has occurred due to such practices. Entire gene pools have been created due to
such limitation; some complete with genetic mutations which have been

Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

detrimental to the species. A healthy, unrestrained mixing within the diversity of
genetic combinations will assure the necessary diversity continues.

Ultimately, so much of human destiny rests upon the unimpeded flow of energy
between two individuals. No matter which level of intimacy exists, each will play
an important role in the evolving of individual minds and of mass consciousness

When energy is allowed to flow within and between each individual, the spiritual
expression is maximized, as is the expansion of the experience of All That Is. But
individuals alone are not the only active players in this process. We can now
proceed to examine how groups of individuals interacting, can take on lives of
their own, creating unique energy dynamics and avoidable obstacles.

                                    Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

Lesson Three: Implications For Group Relationships

Why Groups?
The implications of spiritual reconnection have extreme impact upon how
humans think about themselves as members of groups. Ultimately, humanity as a
unified whole, is the highest group to which each individual belongs. The
spiritual connection impressed upon the body as the powerful urge to commune
and interact with brothers and sisters, moves humanity to discover themselves as
members within this singular group.

Ultimately, the human hedonic design pushes and pulls humanity toward
connected cooperation as an entire species, but such movement occurs whether or
not the mind is engaged in the process. All purposeful movement is predicated
upon following spiritual wisdom. Until full self-understanding is attained, there
are predictable patterns and pitfalls which will emerge.

The modern world revolves around the human group. There are many good
reasons to form and belong to groups. People are not only pushed together by the
pains of loneliness and isolation, they are pulled together in order to meet all
their human needs in cooperative ways. There is power in numbers. There is
loving connection, opportunities to earn esteem, find meaning, and a great deal of
creative energy possible. The group can attain far more than any one of its
members alone. There is a veritable magic that can happen in the cooperative
sharing of resources, a synergy of energy wherein the whole becomes more than
the sum of its parts. There is a divinely intended balance and vitality when all
organisms freely interact to meet their needs. Indeed, the entire physical world is
based upon cooperative interactions between and among individual spirits.

By offering need-meeting opportunities, each kind of group plays its own unique
part in the cooperative purposeful whole. Family units are the core of society,
greeting incoming spirits with open arms and orienting them along their destiny
path. Membership in workgroups can provide basic survival resources, as
employees toil and earn resources to provide for their families. Membership in
support or friendship groups can satisfy needs for connection, meaning, and
creative expression. Recreational, sporting or entertaining group activities can
satisfy personal needs for power, fun, freedom and excitement.

Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

Educational groupings, book clubs, and discussion groups can greatly assist in
self-development. Health groups can offer connection and support, and motivate
more healthful life choices. Religious groups can provide spiritual guidance and
meaning. All groups that allow individuals to develop and express can help build
self-esteem. Political groups, advocate groups, and workers' unions can help
solve problems, and protect one another from unjust conditions.

But there are also some predictable and avoidable traps of group memberships.
When armed with the wisdom in these Lessons, one will be aware of the many
pitfalls, and the painful prices one can potentially pay for group membership, and
can take the necessary actions to ensure that they do not occur.

The Group Organism
At present, all of the maladies that haunt the unenlightened individual, also
plague the groups they form. The resulting social symptoms have become so
routinely accepted that they are never noticed to be symptoms of deficit states.
Thus, the corrective signals are never received or acted upon.

When reclaiming the voice of spirit, individuals will begin to recognize that the
groups to which they belong are also like individual organisms. Each group has
unique features, like genetics of an individual, its own language, rules, and power
hierarchy. It matters not if the group is a family, a sports team, a professional
business, an artists union, a governmental agency, a gang, a church group, a local
community, a country, or a planet---each group has its own developmental cycle,
purposes, and pitfalls, likened to those of the human being.

For just as cells come together in forming organs, and organs come together in
forming systems, and systems come together in the whole that is a human body,
human minds come together in creating new group organisms. This fact is the
basis of all mass consciousness, and can be seen in the various groups that have
arisen. Each group will have the same functions and the same purposes of the
human being---the trinity of purpose---to self-preserve, to self-develop and to
self-express. And each group will have the exact same pitfalls and challenges as a
living, breathing human being.

Fortunately, each group will also suffer the same painful emotional signals and
can gather the wisdom and take immediate corrective actions. But this will
necessarily change the face of many human groupings as they now exist. For

                                    Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

many groups are alive due to their ability to manipulate and misuse the emotional
system rather than align with it. Some groups take on a life of their own,
outliving the original purposes and minimizing rather than enhancing humanity.
Some prey upon human weakness and take power from their willing, but
unaware, members. Others simply suffer conflict and dysfunction because there
is not unity within.

The first of the pitfalls of group membership arises immediately upon entry. For
once one joins a group, the group and what it stands for becomes part of the
person's self-concept. And, as we know, anything that is taken into the mindscape
and becomes "self", will then become subjected to the self-preservationary
responses of the body. The group will then seek to preserve its unique identity in
several ways.

Depending upon the levels of the self-needs that are satisfied within the group,
there will be a corresponding emotional value of the membership. The value of
the membership plays out in a group as the need for conformity. The ideals,
rituals, and activities of the group all become rather sacred and in need of
preservation in order for the group to survive as an entity. This means that certain
rules will be followed, certain assumptions will be taken for granted, certain
symbols have specific meanings, perhaps even certain clothing will be worn that
distinguishes the group. There might be a special initiation, or a secret
handshake, a unique language, or any other kind of distinguishing commonalty
that one can imagine.

The urge to conform springs from the connection need as well as the pressure
from the group to match its expectations, and creates the force which
continuously regenerates the group bond. It is often so powerful that it can
override the thoughtful choices of the individual. Thus, the price one pays for the
pleasures of group membership comes with a potentially steep cost of individual
will and freedom of thought.

The urge to conform is quite intense due to the general human lack of self-
understanding. Thus, in terms of individual purpose, conforming to a group can
bring one either up or down depending upon its beliefs and values. The urge to
conform can bring an individual into the rewarding embrace of those who can
offer self-development, or refuge from an abusive or unenlightened previous

Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

group. Or it could be merely to serve a frustrated power need, and provide an
allegiance to a gang which seizes power through drive-by shootings and random
acts of violence. Either way, there are ongoing positive and negative forces that
will bond members within their groups.

This continuous emotional bond works in two directions. Conformity brings
pleasurable positive reinforcement, tapping the inner pull of purposeful need-
fulfillment, wherever a member behaves in characteristic ways of the group.
When members display the correct values and actions, they will be rewarded by
smiles, pats on the back, high fives, or some other sort of recognition for their
conformity, and they will feel good.

The opposite force appears with nonconformity. Depending upon the value, there
will be the corresponding threat of rejection, the ever-present possibility that the
group will ask a member to leave. This will compound the positive desires to
conform by adding the fear component. Different actions and beliefs are instantly
trounced upon by negative reinforcement in order to preserve the group identity.

Thus, any group will also be maintained by the force of negative emotions. There
will be fearful feelings within each member to follow the path of the group, as
well as an anger which ensures that other members do as well. This aspect can
bring about some quite negative outcomes. For where there is emotional force,
devoid of understanding of its purpose, there will be mindless self-
preservationary responses.

For with fear, it becomes an individual motive to stay within the group---at all
costs, including doing things the mind would not direct. With this added force to
conform can come a shift toward risky behavior to prove one's mettle as a worthy
member of the group. Hazing and other dangerous initiations into the groups and
acts of allegiance often end in tragic events as well.

Such challenges of group membership which go against the spirit will also
motivate anger. This will also spur all group members to ensure that their own
sacrifices and risks are matched by all other members or retaliations might result.
This can show up in either very subtle or dramatic ways. But there will be
constant maintenance of the boundaries of the group, the prodding and cajoling
by members for each to prove their allegiance, to measure up. And if any one
dares to act differently than expected, they will be immediately cajoled back into
compliance. Particularly if they imply in any way they might be thinking original

                                   Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

thoughts which might go beyond the established guidelines or boundaries of the

For example, a gang member begins to be interested in a community youth
dramatic program offered by his local library. The program offers brief classes in
dramatic acting, and a loose and informal setting for its members to put together
creative plays. It only takes one evening out of his week, and is on a night that
his gang isn't together anyway. He finds many rewards in this new creative
outlet, and wants to share his enthusiasm with his gang.

But when he begins to describe his experiences, his fellow gang members will
respond to this nonconformity as a threat to the group. Without even mindful
awareness, they will automatically respond in defensive ways. They might
interrupt, ridicule, and chide him for using new words, and tease him about
becoming a sissy actor. As they do so, they will give each other high fives and be
less interested in what the actor is saying. They are simply maintaining the unit
of the group, for his new activities have threatened its "self-concept".

If any member actively pursues individual self-development, then he must either
hide it, or somehow convince the entire group to develop along similar lines. For
the self-preservationary impulse of the group organism is every bit as powerful---
if not more---than that of the individual, and defensive responses will occur as
predictably as the moon does rise. And where there are self-preservationary
responses outside of emotional understanding, there will always be breakdowns
in purposeful movement.

The Developmental Cycle Of A Group
To address where each of these breakdowns occur, one can look to the natural
developmental cycle of any human grouping. The first group to which any
individual will belong is that of the family. This group is unique because it is
already established and does not go through the formative stages. But each
spiritual principle and emotional dynamic has particular meaning within the
family unit, for it is the vehicle for adequate emotional development and the
climate that can make or break the spiritual connection.

For humans are born immediately into a specific group, within a specific
community, within a specific cultural heritage, and within a specific accepted
worldview. (Ultimately, the largest grouping is the current level of mass

Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

consciousness itself.) The family group will bear the responsibility for imparting
the initial frames of reference, the first beliefs, for the entire reality of the
incoming entity. These early beliefs affect the very brain structures, as they form
the lens of the reality that is offered.

Of course, in an enlightened world, the necessary flexibilities and self-
understandings will be the first and primary offerings, but until then many pitfalls
will continue to occur. These will involve the actual development of the
emotional signals themselves. A child can be taught enlightened, connected,
cooperative, life-giving habits which allow the natural feelings to flow, and a
lifetime of pursuing the higher pleasures will be fostered. Or the child can learn
that the world is a dog-eat-dog competition for survival, where fear and anger are
one's only true friends.

Most of these other groupings can be changed through choice, but the family
cannot. This is not to say that one cannot build a new family community to
replace one that has been escaped for necessary reasons, not that one's birth
family was not chosen through prior arrangement: it is simply to note that an
incoming infant is fairly well stuck with the initial group. It has no say-so upon
arrival, aside from departing the physical realm entirely.

The developmental task of any group is to establish the conditions for true,
connected cooperation within and between its members, in order for any group
goal to have and enjoy the synergy of the combined energy of its members. This
means that there cannot be competition within and between members, or certain
predicable patterns will arise.

Power Dynamics
The first will have to do with the one's relative power in a group. If this is not
stated upon entry, then it will emerge through struggle. Entities are not always
consciously aware of the struggles, but they participate in them constantly. This
is particularly apparent when a group is forming.

Groups form when people come together for some common purpose. They each
will be drawn to the group by inner knowledge that they have something unique
to offer, and something to purposefully receive. If they feel frustrated in any way
while trying to make this exchange, they will experience some mild form of
anger. This anger will move them to express themselves to remove whatever

                                    Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

obstacle is in the way. These expressions will be how a group develops its
language, negotiates its rules, and power hierarchy. It will not be until each
person has found their place of necessary fulfillment within the group, that
cooperation can begin.

Many existing groups have never truly reached this cooperative state of being. If
any member is not adequately fulfilled within their place within the group design,
they will be motivated to find alternative ways to meet their needs. This sets the
goals of an individual against, and in competition with, those of the group. This
is likened unto the disconnection between mind and body in an individual, or
even dysfunction between the heart and lungs of a human body. Competition
ensures that only some of the needs will win and others will lose.

Yet, the competitive mindset that is the accepted norm within mass
consciousness does not recognize that embracing win-lose competition is like
allowing a cancer to grow within the organism. This limited belief often accepts
and promotes an adversarial position between individual and group needs, which
is spiritually and biologically unsound. For the needs of one are the needs of all,
without exception.

The need for sufficient power to control one's destiny in a group is just as
powerful as everywhere else. Likewise are the needs for freedom, connection,
creativity, self-esteem and meaning. The task of the group is to design a structure
in which each member can actively meet adequate levels of these needs to ensure
the maximum contribution from each member, and to facilitate the maximum
progress toward the group goal. If not, the negative impact will be seen in direct
relationship to the level of frustrated need fulfillment.

When breakdown occurs, the emotional forces leave the members torn between
the need for power and the need for connection. We know now that the power
need will always win out. Freedom and power ensure survival, and if the group
does not allow them, the member can simply leave the group. But more often
than not, particularly in work groups, the primary economic power of
membership itself forces employees to stay. This leaves the individual divided
within himself and against the group, stranded in a deficit state, lingering in
painful unanswered corrective signals, and doomed only to hardwired self-
preservationary responses. For as we know, the body will overtake the mind
when necessary.

Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

For example, perhaps the group endeavor is a business and the individual is an
employee who belongs to this group in order to make his living. He will be given
the free authority and the resources to perform his job. He will be told of the
requirements and expectations, given the equipment, supplies, training, and he
will agree to a specific salary package. These will cover his first basic needs for
freedom and power, particularly if there is room for promotion and advancement.

Suppose that our worker was unhappy with the amount of pay that his job
provides. (As is the case with most workers, in an unenlightened world with
imbalanced worldly conditions and limited opportunities). But since there were
no other available jobs, the worker agreed to the salary. In the world that exists
today, money has become synonymous with freedom in many ways. Economic
freedom is tantamount to the freedom of movement as well as providing the
resources to meet other needs.

If the arrangement was not considered fair and just, this worker will experience
anger and might be motivated to cheat or steal to get what he feels is rightful, or
it might move him to do little things to get even with the group and sabotage the
group goals. These kinds of self preservationary responses, of course, show that
true cooperation has been overridden by survival competition. When this
happens, the lower needs of body win out over the higher ones of mind, and both
the employee and the company will suffer.

Other symptoms and informal power hierarchies will also arise. If there is
inflexibility and inadequate freedom to communicate, negotiate and control one's
destiny, then underground grapevine lines of communications and gossip, fear
and mistrust begin to breed. If contributions are not recognized or valued, then
anger, envy and hostility can arise. Sneaky acts of retaliation and sabotage
against group goals will occur. There can be thefts, embezzlements, the designing
of destructive computer viruses, even territorial urination in the corporate water-

The Group Structure
These painful symptoms are exactly like the corrective emotional signals
experienced in an individual. Any group must have the enlightened leadership to
ensure that a structure evolves which accommodates the needs of each of its
members. Each and every such symptom should be acted upon immediately to
restore frustrated need-meeting opportunities. Each group should ensure its

                                    Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

continuous purpose of self-development and expression. The leadership of any
group should respond exactly like an enlightened mind, to adapt itself to each and
every incoming piece of information and design the organizational structure and
rules to best allocate resources and eliminate internal competition.

Failing to respond to such symptoms is like closing the door of the mind in a
flight response to denial, and all the problems inherent in that choice will befall
the group. Such dysfunctional groups can be identified for their dependence upon
ideological, emotionally manipulative, psychological or physical walls to contain
their members. Such walls are erected to keep individuals from escaping into
more rewarding and spiritually fulfilling groupings. In an enlightened group or
world, no such walls need ever exist. All such walls, of course, are spiritually
unsound, for they will eventually be broken down by the safeguard angers of
those frustrated spirits imprisoned within.

Dysfunctional groups are far less likely when the structure facilitates the most
natural and purposeful contributions from its members. Any group desires, of
course, that each of its incoming members to be as capable, resourceful, and
functional as possible; but some qualities are far less important when the
environment is fertile. For the group can bring out the best, or worst, in any
member, depending upon its structure.

The inevitable struggles occur in order to eventually bring about the just and
spiritually desirable structural conditions. The more the structure accommodates
human nature, and allows each individual to fulfill the trinity of purposes, the
more successful it will be in its group endeavors. First and foremost, the structure
must accommodate the basic individual needs for freedom and power or there
will be the corrective feelings of fear and anger in its members, and retaliatory
self-preservationary acts against the group.

Fear and anger are not to be accepted or tolerated over long periods of time. Yet,
they are often embraced and even manipulated by group doctrine and leaders.
Many human groupings do not understand that leading through fear and
intimidation will never work well. For these are deficit states indicative of an
arena where justice does not dwell. External justice is the social counterpart of
individual purpose. Until humans embrace this natural truth, all group
organizations will have to deal with continuous anger and fear. Justice is simply
the external condition in which each individual has the rightful freedom of
movement, and the opportunities for empowerment to meet the needs.

Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

It is quite easy to see how most groups, be they families, communities, religions,
political groups, businesses, governmental organizations, schools---any type of
grouping finds its own way of utilizing rather than eliminating fear and anger.
These feelings are used not to give the necessary power, but to take away even
more. Indeed, emotional manipulation is a major strategy in an unjust world.

This is a subhuman state of living but has been accepted as the norm among
humans. Religions used fearsome fire and brimstone to force moral actions;
businesses use threats and power-wielding to get the most effort out of workers;
governments pass laws restricting freedoms and threatening fines and
imprisonment, but nothing will work except a structure that provides natural
justice. For the human spiritual system is designed to pull individuals forward
along the naturally moral purposeful destiny path. The push of painful feelings
only ensures that there will be no backward movement allowed.

The ideal structure instead assures each group member the necessary freedom to
move about, to do what is necessary to meet needs and challenges of the
environment. There must also be an adequate balance of resource allocations
such that each member can both draw from and give to, the group unit. These are
the only two required conditions of justice, and when they exist, the inner
positive feelings drive purposeful movement.

An enlightened leadership, aware of the pitfalls, would build a structure which
would assure that the positive feelings always remain stronger than the negative
ones. Although money might be tight for salaries all around, there can be
allocations of projects which can offer added empowerment and creativity,
special incentive and recognition programs which build self-esteem, informal
business activities that allow connection, and group missions which offer
meaning. The structure can provide for all the needs and salary itself becomes far
less important.

Any group organization can dramatically improve its internal relations and its
external successes, by structurally tending to the emotional needs of its members.
This is the only way to foster trust, connection, and true cooperation. Soliciting
constant communicative feedback and attending to the emotional information is
essential. There are many deadly habits routinely undertaken by both leaders and
members when fear and anger are allowed upon the premises.

                                    Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

The enlightened leaders that have discovered these patterns, have found that the
resources invested in attaining such enlightened structures, have been far
surpassed by the values of the positive changes within the workforce. The
employees of such organizations find true joy and pleasure in going to work each
day, and are more aligned within themselves as individuals, simply due to the
structure of their working world. They bring home enhancements, as well as
bacon, to their families.

The opposite is also true. To the degree that fear and anger are simply
incorporated into the system, there will be an eventual downfall, for it does not
jive with the spiritual nature of humanity. Even if members are forced to remain
within religions, workforces, political parties, countries, or even families that
deny them basic freedom and power, there will be symptoms within the group
which point to the necessary corrections. Thus, there will be systems which arise
to handle the steady discontent rather than to effect repair. The only long term
solutions are those which follow the guidance of spirit and engage the inner
natural morality.

Every such grouping can benefit profoundly from this same principle. Heeding
the wisdom within each of the negative feelings that arise individually and en
masse, and correcting its source immediately can allow every type of group to
evolve as dynamically as can individuals themselves.

The Isolated Group
Regardless of the level of inner harmony of the group, it will still behave like an
individual entity---complete with a version of each of the same pitfalls. Another
error that commonly occurs among human groupings is that they can try to
isolate themselves from incoming ideas. This is the counterpart of the individual
who seeks to avoid incoming information, and preserve the mind in its existing
state, rather than adapt and develop purposefully.

If a group functions reasonably well as a unit, then it becomes likened unto a
separate mind. It quite literally does take on a mind and a life of its own. But
with the choice of isolation, it attempts to disconnect itself from the grander
cooperative whole of humanity. It closes its doors through walls of rules and
codes that are intended to keep members in, and the rest of the world out. Such
isolation, of course, denies the spiritual interconnection between all humans and

Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

automatically sets the stage for a whole new series of painful symptoms. (For the
grand cooperative spiritual interaction is the only Way).

The first symptom is known as "groupthink" wherein the minds of all begin to
meld together and form a unique view of reality. And although this is not
necessarily a bad thing, in the isolated form, it breeds profound emotional
boundaries and a warped sense of reality. What happens is that as the members
embrace the rules of the group, their emotional systems become entangled with
the ideas, values and cultural knowledge held therein. They learn to feel good
about certain ideas and feel bad about others---but based only upon the rules of
that particular isolated environment---without the input from their experience and
interactions with the rest of the world. This can spur a cult-like mentality,
detached from its larger family of humanity, lost within its own delusions.

Membership in this type of distorted reality is often taken on by personal choice,
and is later perpetuated by naive belief that free will still actually exists. Power
mongering violation can then occur. But the spiritual feeling system is alive and
well. Its frustration will signal fear---an inherent quality in all such groups. The
fear will then become part of the driving force of the group and nearly always at
some point, the group will begin to take action within the larger community.
They can turn to actions which follow this contrived worldview and act out upon
that fear against the others in their world community, in a warped sense of self-

This error is apparent in hate groups that hold ideas about racial or ethnic
superiority, terrorist groups that hold ideas about right and just political
conditions, and whose members have no logical qualms about unjustly violating
others to attain them. It is apparent in jingoistic propaganda of communities
which persuade their members to view their ideas as superior, and worthy enough
for which to fight and perhaps to die. It is apparent in religious groups that shun
members for individual thought or non-compliance and close the door to
incoming perspectives and legitimate, spiritually directed questions. It is apparent
within cults who take up arms in the name of their faith. This kind of damage is
the strongest in those groupings which deliberately manipulate the emotional
system of its members, to take for themselves their power of choice.

For the emotional system is the only safeguard system that saves humans from
faulty choices of the free mind. If the mind is filled with ideas that exploit the
defenses of the emotional system, that take power through instilling fear, guilt,

                                    Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

anger, and hate, they can effectively turn the system against its master. Although
the concept of "brainwashing" is a physical impossibility, the exploration of the
emotional system in this way happens quite regularly. But those who become
victimized will know by the level of fear and other negative emotion that the
spirit is suffering under oppression. Entities are encouraged to heed the feeling
signals, the true voice of spirit, above and beyond faithful adherence to any group

Indeed, isolation is no longer possible in the global community. Enlightened
ideas must spread from individuals and flow freely throughout all human
groupings for true civilization to emerge. No mind can be any more isolated than
can a person, a country, or a spirit---for all are connected at the most essential
levels of being. There is to be no turning back from the emerging global
marketplace, but the spiritual guide must take its rightful place.

The root source, as well as the most damaging of group pitfalls, are these
powerful emotional boundaries that are erected between groupings. Emotional
boundaries unchecked within the individuals will inevitably lead to emotional
boundaries with groups. These are the walls of shared belief that keep members
in and new ideas out.

We have seen how, when the mind follows the body's urge to self-preserve, it
will interpret each negative feeling as one to close the mind and defend its
presents contents. This is exactly the opposite of its purposeful message to mind.
We have termed these emotional boundaries, since the feelings always point
them out, but they are actually boundaries of the mind and its beliefs.

The worst effects come from groups who have decided through their own
distorted lens that other specific groups are the dogs to be beaten. This is how
hate is learned. This is how intolerance, social judgement, racial discrimination,
and holy wars are born. Since the dawn of humanity, the reality of emotional
boundaries has been continuously overlooked, and powerfully exploited. Most
humans know intuitively that hating others is wrong, for the spirit desires no
boundaries between individuals, let alone groups of them. But we don't think
twice about seeing others as different than ourselves because of their free

Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

Social Stratification
Just as conformity urges boundaries from the inside, there is an opposite effect
which also maintains the boundaries from the outside. Just as members cajole
each other to stay the same, there is also a tendency to compare themselves to
outsiders, and feign a certain superiority. This also strengthens the perceived
value of the group.

When the group survives over a long period of time, its need begins to take on a
life of its own. Individual members come and go with time, but the values
become institutionalized, and rarely questioned. This can be likened to the
Frankenstein monster that can aggress against its members, the first of which
were its master designers. Some groups have become so unquestioned, that their
original purpose no long exists, and its values have mutated into those that divide
and drain humanity at large. Certain government and religious bodies have fallen
into this category.

Yet, these groups are still preserved through the emotional forces effected upon
their members. Lines are then drawn and institutionalized insiders and outsiders
arise. The group remains strong through belittling outsiders, who are not group
members. Weakening the outsiders then strengthens the unity of the self within
the group. These lines establish long-term competition instead of enlisting
connection and cooperation within humanity. It is simply a grand scale deadly
habit which is the motivational force behind all sorts of social stratification.

This is how nearly permanent lines get drawn---and maintained---between groups
of people, whether they are based upon race, culture, family, socio-economics,
geography or any other arbitrary sort of classification. This is the emotional root
of all prejudice. This is how the family of humanity became fragmented,
disconnected, and relegated to a state of spiritual frustration. For such
classifications also come with their own limitations, particularly in the areas of
freedom and opportunity for empowerment. Whole subcultures thus arise that in
some way push against the whole, just as cancers are allowed to grow and fester
within individuals.

Any cultural ideology, system or law that is based upon a required division of
peoples is spiritually and biologically unsound. For the individual spirit will
continuously rail against any constraint upon its spirit, creating the predictable
social symptoms too prevalent in the world today.

                                    Epsilon – Implications for Human Interactions

Enlightened Group Affiliation
The solution to each of these pitfalls, lies within each and every individual spirit.
For at the heart of all groups is the individual, and at the heart of the individual
lies its innate feeling guidance system. Each and every interaction, when guided
by the spiritual evaluative information can ensure maximum individual
purposeful progress, as well as that of any group to which that individual might
belong. Once bad feelings are recognized for the corrections they suggest, the
deficit states that have long been accepted as necessary evils will begin to
naturally disappear.

Indeed, group efforts can move mountains when each member is moved from
within by the pulls of spiritual pleasures rather than pushes of its pains.

Spirit leads. Mind and body can but follow.

With these fundamental understandings in place, we can now discuss the
enlightened changes necessary to the specific human social structures.

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

                                          Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

Lesson One: Implications For Religion

Religious Purpose: Divine Connection
The implications of spiritual reconnection offer tremendous insights for human
religious institutions. Religion has remained the one bastion of spirituality that
has been kept alive in the face of humanity's tremendous disconnection from
spirit. Religion has sought to foster Divine Connection.

The benefit of religion has been to provide meaning, and a direct connection with
the higher powers and forces at work in the universe. Religions seek to define All
That Is, and explain life events so that humans can find guidance in daily living,
and peace in times of suffering. They seek to decipher and share God's Word, to
ensure that it is carried out to the best of human ability. Many entities rely quite
heavily upon religion and can now find a far richer spiritual liberation and Divine
Connection through the natural inner pathways.

Thus, religion is not a requirement of enlightened living, but it can be an
empowering supplement when aligned with the purposes of spirit. Religion can
take a central role in the spiritual education and in promoting lifestyles and
community actions that can allow the natural morality to unfold. They can
accomplish preventative spiritual attunement so less governmental "curative"
measures are necessary. (An ounce of spiritual prevention is worth a pound of
governmental cure).

The best contribution of religion can then be to focus upon Divine Connection
within and between spirits, and to mine the meaning of life experiences to align
with the trinity of purpose in individuals and en masse. As entities regain inner
harmony, the self concept naturally expands to enfold all other spiritual
embodiments, leaving no room between religions for tensions, competition, or
even the oxymoronic concept of a "Holy War". Divine connection is The Way,
no matter the race, the creed, the religion, the sex, the age, the language, the
culture---Divine Connection means just that.

But like all human thought systems, each religion has arisen without the full
understandings of the nature of spirit. Religions have evolved, utilizing the
symbols and major assumptions within mass consciousness. Instead of
awakening the connection within, they have served as a go-between, and
inadvertently, often a barrier. They have been heavily influenced by the

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

restrictions and power struggles of the historic conditions, so each will address
the universal human needs and purposes through its own unique collection of
gems and slivers. Many will have strayed into the realm of power and freedom
due to wrongful cultural judgments about human nature with tenets that actually
weaken the Divine Connection and create additional spiritual pain.

The enlightened attunement divulges the misconceptions within any religion
while validating spiritual principles. Any slivers will be readily identifiable
through the negatively toned feelings of fear, guilt, or anger, and each religion
must be cleansed of each painful tenet. Fortunately, there is sufficient spiritual
validity within each of the major religions for individuals to build upon the
foundational truths, to ensure that uplifting religious structures need not be
abandoned. Nonetheless, there are some essential understandings which must be
part and parcel of any religion if it is to do more good than harm.

Divine Freedom
The first is the ground level understanding that free will is a gift which indicates
the Creator's desire for every mind to create its own experience. Therefore no
religion can insist that followers blindly believe what they are told, for valid faith
embraces the evolving and open nature of the mindscape. Human minds are
designed to interpret and utilize religious teachings in highly individualized
ways, and there need be no valid concern about blasphemy by allowing the
feeling signals to pick and choose the tenets themselves. The result of such
flexibility will be the creation of as many unique approaches as there are unique
minds---each infused with evermore creative inspirations and insights that
unfold. There can be no declarations of singular truths (like those so readily
made), for such is not aligned with the willful creative nature of reality.

Entities are far more validly serving All That Is, when they utilize the gift of free
will, than when they mindlessly follow anything passed off as the "Word Of
God". The Word of God exists in its purest form within the natural creation itself.
It is spoken directly to each individual mind through feeling signals unique to the
personal destiny path. It is far too rich and complex to be held in a single book or
thought form. Thus, every entity should creatively design within themselves, by
passing each belief before the spiritual adjudicator, the most meaningful,
spiritually pleasing form of communion, and participation within All That Is.

                                          Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

Divine Freedom is based upon Divine Connection. This kind of mindscape
includes the divine tolerance and compassion for the rightful freedoms and
choices of others and the peaceful coexistence of an endless variety of religious
interpretations and persuasions. Ultimately, as light responses are made within
such a freely evolving system, the commonalities between each thought system
will become part and parcel of all other social structures. They will be those
universal ideas and beliefs which consistently promise spiritual pleasure within
every human being and foster natural morality. The extras, the rewarding colors
and flavors of any particular worldview, and the individual touches unique to
each developmental level and destiny path, can be added by choice. If certain
rituals, traditions, and concepts bring long-term pleasure, they can be retained; it
matters not whether they are included in anyone else's structure .

What should always be discarded is any idea of ritual that brings spiritual pain,
for each limiting tenet, rule, or code will signal the objections of Divine Spirit.
And there are many, for the churches have added unnecessary limitations by
straying from their purpose of connection and meaning, and involving
themselves in the business of power and control.

Divine Empowerment
Divine Empowerment is the spiritual intention that every individual shall
personally control his or her own destiny. Such empowerment is inherent in free
will, and humans are designed to be biologically "controlled" only by their
internal natural morality. The highest power comes with unifying the self and
expanding the self concept to include All That Is. It is in the recognizing and
being accountable to the immense power that lies at the fingertips.

There is no valid place in an enlightened religion, for placing power outside of
the trinity of self. Yet, a major defining characteristic of religions has been the
reverence of a superman or higher power that is unreachable and separate from
the lower human self. This happens during times of injustice, and competition for
survival, when anger and fear mark the day, leaving chaos in lieu of any
understanding. Since the corrective messages remain unanswered, the hardwired
fight and flight responses to fear and anger perpetuate further chaos and
confusion, and forms of external control will predictably arise. Emotions are
often used as tools of manipulation and their messages remain undiscovered. This
is how religions began to remove individual power, placing it instead in the
hands of a vengeful God, in an attempt to legislate external, unnatural morality.

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

Divine Goodness
An enlightened religion, instead, understands internal control and promotes the
unfolding of the natural morality that is Divine Goodness. This includes
embracing power, freedom, connection, and meaning through internal controls,
and the selection of self-understandings and belief structures validated by the
spiritual adjudicator. Although this is an individual process, there are some
common, deeply rooted assumptions within mass consciousness which are
clearly slivers.

The first is the concept of evil. Such an idea was prompted partly by ignorance,
but also partly by the leaders in order to keep individuals locked into a rigid
pattern of fearful ignorance and blame, which keeps them from discovering their
inner power. (Religions are every bit as self-protecting as governments or gangs,
and control over one's members ensures job security). The early forms of such
manipulation offered such mythic characters as Satan, and demons who would do
his bidding. Such a scapegoat would prevent the anger of disempowered spirits
from being directed at those leaders and social structures that were actually
responsible for the lack of the necessary power and freedom.

As humans became more complex and less easily distracted, the focus went from
external evil to internal evil in the concept of "original sin". This was partially
due to deliberate manipulation, and partly influenced by the need to provide
meaningful explanations for self-preservationary actions that were disruptive to
the whole. Any amoral act is simply one not aligned within each of the three
purposes, yet religions blame both the mind and the body in various ways, and
claim that the human design is sinfully flawed. (Such a declaration hardly
suggests faith in the Creator.)

Instead of recognizing this divine system which unites body, mind, and spirit,
religions offer ways to appease the evil and flawed nature, either by having a
divine one martyr himself for human sins, or through strict controlling codes of
action that prevent sin from rearing its ugly head. Religions assume that purpose
and goodness must be forced upon the followers from the outside, since it was
assumed that evil will surely come from within.

The idea of sin has only endured because there has not yet been a suitable
replacement which can shift the idea away from a world of external controlling
forces and chaotic and meaningless actions, to one where each action has purpose

                                           Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

and is driven by divine, internal control. When the trinity of purposes and their
potential conflicting nature is understood, there is no need for such a concept as
evil or sin.

Divine Desire
Instead, the concept of Divine Purpose, shall be that which shifts the focus of
religious followers from one of flawed disconnection, in need of supernatural,
external guidance and rigid control, to one of Divine Connection through which
one can attune to inner guidance and control, through natural explanations and
understanding the force of Divine Desire. Divine Desire is that force of spirit
which is omniscient. It all-knowingly communicates divine intention through the
experience of pleasure and pain. It carries wisdom from all aspects of existence
and offers its constant energy to evaluate each experience against spiritual
purposes. It is the only valid judgmental process, for it feels and shares the divine
intentions. Divine Desire is inseparable from individual desire. Having
misunderstood it, religions have judged it, defiled it, and have made it their
enemy. They try to control the evil hedonistic tendencies in their followers, and
instill guilt by telling them that they are separated from their Creator, hopelessly
dependent upon religious leaders to interpret "his word". This, of course, is the
exact opposite of divine intention, as evidenced by the guilt and fear that such
ideas produce.

Divine Desire is that which will naturally unfold into human experience when the
natural emotional developmental process is no longer obstructed, driving
humanity toward its intended Destiny Path. Acknowledging the wisdom of the
spiritual adjudicator is to embrace Divine Desire and to rise above the mindless
cycle of simple bodily safeguard responses to spiritual signals.

Any religious structure should replace each and every cultural judgment with the
concept of Divine Desire and build its tenets accordingly. But whether or not the
religion itself accomplishes the necessary changes, the individuals can proceed to
do so themselves. For it is pleasure which judges a belief as spiritually valid, and
pain which begs for spiritual correction. The mind cannot judge its own contents,
but unexamined experiences can be filed away in the mind with the corrective
signals still attached. Although some experiences bring empowering beliefs and
good feelings, far many more bring painful slivers.

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

Many existing teachings intentionally instill cultural judgments, painful beliefs,
such as sin, and of hierarchical levels of accessibility to the Divine. They then
manipulate their followers by using these painful feelings of guilt and fear with
images of fire and brimstone, of hell and damnation, in order to gain further
control and power. But as should now be apparent, each and every belief with an
attached negative feeling, has not been consciously processed through the
spiritual adjudicator and the mental judgment remains, the body will defend
itself, creating the illusion of amorality. The power of spirit can truly liberate
followers from this cycle by identifying each idea that is anti-spiritual, and can
allow them to more fully embrace those that will set the spirit free.

The Power Of Prayer
One very rewarding and powerful ritual common among religions, is some form
of prayer. Prayer is the accepted pathway of communication with All That Is, and
can be a very effective facilitator of spiritual insight and focus of creative will.
Verbal affirmations are useful and the Meditation of the Clock has been offered
as a form of secular prayer, and such a structure can help focus the will energy of
individual desire. Either can be used in any degree of regularity, with each
session adding emotional energy to the image vividly desired.

But the crucial understanding is that the prayers are actually answered by the
creative capacities of mind. The Creator has honored humans with the blanket
power of creative will, to be actualized through chosen belief structures of mind.
If entities are to verbally affirm, or supplicate to "The Lord" for that which they
truly fear they can not have, no such prayer will be answered. In fact, quite the
opposite will likely occur. For the emotional energy and the thought to which it is
attached is the mechanism of creation in the physical realm. Intensity, rather than
positive or negative poles, will energize the mind's choices.

Prayer occurs with each thought that is laden with pleasure or pain---whether
intentional or not. Fear can answer a prayer as surely as can joyous desire, but the
fears are often attached to unexamined thoughts which will deliver realities far
less desirable than conscious, joyous choices. Creative prayer will be most
effective if energized with the most joyous and faithful feelings riding upon
meaningful beliefs in one's individual power and accountable role within the
creative process. This can gather additional spiritual energy to infuse into such
visions and verbal renderings. The more energy, the sooner the critical mass, and

                                            Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

the more likely the event can occur in the physical realm. Urgent and highly
desired events can be facilitated by a thrice-a-day prayer session or meditation.

It must be recognized that prayer works in both directions, for it is that same
thought/feeling combination that rides the stream of energy flow and is
constantly available. It is the Divine Desire of self from beyond space-time that
brings purposeful information regarding the status of purposeful living. Likewise,
judgment day lies in each moment, for fear-driven experiences are received as
underenergized in the spiritual realm, and joyous, purposeful experiences are
received through the fullness of Divine Desire. Entities are challenged to remove
each belief structure that stands between aspects of self and the totality of All
That Is.

Thus, prayer sessions should accommodate both incoming and outgoing desires.
In addition to moment-to-moment attunement to spiritual feeling signals, a quiet
reflective time period scheduled daily apart from the creative meditations or
prayers, is also beneficial in helping entities attune to the intuitive voice of spirit.
For just as the creative words and visions send forth messages from the physical
realm, the reflective meditation period opens the door to incoming visions,
intuitions, and insights. Most entities are naturally open to such pathways
immediately upon waking, and can bring revelations fresh from the dream realm,
but a concerted effort to attune can also assist the unfolding pathways. Spiritual
insights are always accompanied with joyous tinges of feeling. The louder they
are heard, the more the resonant joy.

As feeling signals are followed to their source and good beliefs are developed
and limiting beliefs are discarded, entities will naturally begin to notice more and
more receptivity to the stream of universal consciousness that courses through
the mind. They will know that impulses spring from spirit rather than from the
frustrated needs of body, for the mind has accomplished full energy passage in
both directions. Entities need no church, nor congregation, to attune to Divine
Guidance, but such creative and receptive reflective periods, when organized
toward group goals, can be quite powerful indeed. Such synergy can be a
powerful offering of an enlightened religious structure.

The Temple of Light
Spiritual principles are one and the same for each physical embodiment. The
bodily desire for, and the deep intuitive understanding of, the connection between

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

all humans brings unifying urgings to each mind. The frustrations of Earthly
struggles are felt by all. These feelings encourage entities to set aside surface
differences and unite in spirit to make corrections. No matter which faith, what
creed, what worldview, all entities can participate as one in group efforts to
creatively alter the probable path of humanity.

The Temple Of Light has been established as a conceptual meeting place for
entities to gather and participate in enlightened pursuits--- regardless of where
they might also go for Sunday service or daily worship. Despite any surface
appearance of isolation and differences, entities can come to the Temple and
enjoy the resonance and participation within focused efforts to alter mass
consciousness. Individuals visiting the Temple can both leave offerings as well as
obtain benefits. They can participate as individuals or en masse.

The Temple is "located" between space-time and can be accessed through
imaginative pathways, with specific images open to the design and choosing of
the individual. But a simple meditative exercise such as the following can

Meditation for The Temple Of Light
While seated in a comfortable upright position, in a quiet place of little
distraction, close the eyes and relax within. Focus the consciousness inward, and
further the depth of this relaxation within a series of (minimum of ten) deep
cleansing breaths, allowing each exhalation to wash the relaxation throughout the

Create the image of a golden path with a winding staircase of ten stairs (leading
either up into a cloud-like world, or down into a glowing subconscious realm
whichever is most pleasing). Slowly imagine yourself progressing upon the
staircase. Take another ten deep breaths, one for each step toward this realm,
slowly and deeply relaxing the consciousness into this image.

At the final stair awaits a golden door behind which lies the Temple Of Light.
(Create ornate markings, and other sensory accouterments to further involve the
feelings and imagination.) Gather the feeling of love to gain entry. (Recall, or
recreate a moment when love swept over the mind/body and recreate this
vibratory feeling). All who enter the Temple acknowledge the loving connection
between spirits and carry it with them within. With the power of love, the door

                                           Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

can then be opened, revealing a world of brilliant sunlight and natural beauty, in
the midst of which sits the Temple Of Light.

It can take the form of something akin to the Taj Mahal, a Greek temple, a
palace, a futuristic edifice, an alien outpost, or any other image pleasing to the
spirit. But there is a noticeable radiant energy funneling between the highest peak
of the Temple and on upward toward the Universal Source, a vortex wherein
energy is constantly cycling upward and downward. There are healing pools,
waterfalls and fountains to be seen, you might encounter other visitors and enjoy
a peaceful telepathic resonance with them. Take flight upon the wings of desire
and be transported to the Temple itself, and again the feeling of love will part the
golden entry gates. Beyond the gates, spiritual resonance overpowers any tinge of
fear or negative emotion.

The vast entryway is bathed in golden light and can be constructed with
brilliantly crafted stonework, carved woodwork, golden metalworks or in any
pleasing way. There will be flora and fountains, and endless hallways to rooms
which beckon, where virtually any energy exchange can take place. There are
rooms with libraries of books with all the answers necessary to daily problems.
Healing rooms with libraries of books with all the answers necessary to daily
problems. Healing rooms with magical amulets and wands and lasers that can be
both energized and utilized by all who enter. Rooms with healing pools which
immerse the body/mind within the life force itself; youth fountains wherein one
can bathe; rooms limited only by the desires and imaginations of all who enter.

There is a central theater, wherein groups of entities, or individuals can creatively
participate in international and local physical dramas conducted upon the screen.
Entities can create images of existing problems and choose enlightened
outcomes, and create alternate probable historical courses. The feelings of love,
connection, and intuitive understanding permeate this theater. Even the most
fearsome events are viewed with the detached, compassionate understanding of
the evolving nature of mass consciousness and within the firm belief in the
ability of Divine Desire to bring purposeful outcomes and infuse the images with
empowered love energy. (Those yet outside the Temple will see an outflux of
light rising upward from the Temple as your energy joins with others, passes
through the vortex, and energized the probable outcomes which can then become
actual in the physical realm.)

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

There are unlimited private theaters wherein each individual can play out the life
events desirous in a like manner, in the recognition of the cumulative power of
all entities who enter. Everywhere in the Temple, individual contributions
synergize exponentially, making a vast power source available to all. Meetings
can be arranged with difficult relationships; calls can go out to find soul mates;
loved ones can be touched and healed; there is no limit to the uses of the Temple.
The more empowered love energy that is experienced while in the Temple, the
more is left behind for others to share. When the spirit feels a degree of
fulfillment, the reverse path can be taken back to the physical realm, the breaths
can each restore the conscious focus to the physical realm, and the experience is

Entities can visit the Temple as often as desired, expanding upon its structures,
rooms, functions, accouterments, etc., in any and every way imaginable. The
joining together of group efforts to gather for specific reasons at the mass theater
can be tremendously helpful in altering probable courses of humanity, and are
heartily encouraged. Such visits will also reinforce individual plans and heighten
the spiritual signals surrounding those thoughts and beliefs which will help or
impede them. They will heighten the senses to the subtle insights and impulses
that can be acted upon to contribute energy to the physical manifestations of all
goals. Such activities can accomplish the valid goals of organized religion
without the inherent competition and isolation that much of the existing dogma
demands. Entities of all faiths who feel limited in any way by their chosen
worldview are invited to find release in the Temple. Such visits are perfectly
compatible within all forms of religion, and need not even be confessed.

Religious Transcendence
Once individuals have removed each of the slivers from their worldview, (such
concepts as sin, of martyrdom, of evil, of the mind's capacity to judge, of the
need for spiritual intermediaries of any kind), the valid transcendence can begin
to unfold. The concept of transcendence is implicit, if not explicit, in most
worldviews and formal religious structures, and is held out as a goal for human
potential and development. This common strand with the transcendent experience
relates, of course, to the emotional development, the natural expansion of the
self, and the trinity of purpose.

The trinity of purpose has been couched in symbolism such as the trinity of the
Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, which respectively represent the mind, the

                                          Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

body, and the spirit within each individual. The unity within and between has
always been the goal of religious transcen-dence. Such unity is accomplished by
an enlightened mind (the Father) attended to the feeling signals of spirit (The
Holy Spirit) that has chosen beliefs at the direction of spirit which fulfill the
needs of body (The Son). The natural developmental process is the ongoing
expansion of self to eventually merge with All That Is. The unity within the
trinity of self can accomplish the trinity of purpose in each and every action, and
open the mind to transcendence.

The unity is designed to unfold when the incoming spirits undergo the natural
emotional developmental process. The body feelings of joy, fear, anger and
sadness drive the earliest understandings of the ability to control one's destiny
and gain a mindful sense of rightful power and freedom within the context of
cooperative connection. This is the contribution of The Son, wherein the
biological predestiny ensures that purposeful courses will be known (despite the
other portions of self) to ensure the primary purpose of self-preservation. The
Son represents the singular self-concept that is the necessary foundation of all
further self-growth. When the feelings have done their job, there will be the first
of the emotions of mind; those of trust, confidence, and frustration when
obstacles arise.

These basic feelings are then further tempered by learning experiences wherein
they differentiate into the more subtle feeling tones which address the beliefs of
mind and promote the higher needs for creativity, esteem, and meaning, while
retaining freedom, power and connection. These feelings are the contribution of
"The Father" which relate to the teachings of the local culture and the beliefs held
within mass consciousness. These feelings address the care and feeding of the
mind, wherein each with a positive tone connotes a belief that is spiritually
desirous, and a negative tone connotes a limitation. These signals allow the mind
to achieve its purpose of self-development as well as continuing to honor the
purposes of body. This self-development fosters a plural self-concept to enfold
external others within the feeling system as well.

The full purpose of spiritual self-expression can begin when both body and mind
are in unison. Then the contribution of "The Holy Spirit" can fully come into
play. These will be marked by the highest feelings, the most rewarding and
positive resonance with All That Is. These highest feelings will pave the way for
and accompany intuitive insights, telepathic communications, reception of
energies from beyond space-time and the information held within each energy

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

unit. They will complete the expansion of the three-fold self-concept by merging
it with All That Is. (The expansion of the self concept in the transcendence
process has often been mistaken for the surrender or destruction of self. This has
been another misconception that must be purged from religious structures.)

When the mindscape accommodates this reception of spiritual flow, the
transcendent process can begin. It will lead each individual to the highest levels
of meaning and the most direct actions for the maximum purpose and reward in
the physical experience. It can apprise earthbound entities of the relationship
between physical actions and creations and their greater cosmic validity and
purpose. Transcendent moments and states are characterized by such feelings as
compassion, faith, divine love, bliss, devotion, courage, gratitude, and

Religious Community Service
One final value of the institution of religion is that it can serve as an individually
driven community support resource. As individuals gain enlightenment, they can
go forth into communities and help organize uplifting structures that can offer
empowerment and freedom to all members of the human family.

In sum, the more enlightened the religion, the more it can support the internal
controls inherent in spirituality. The more it embraces the trinity of self, Divine
Connection, Divine Freedom, Divine Empowerment, Divine Goodness and
Divine Desire, the more valuable it will be. The more valuable the religious
institution, the less external governmental controls will be necessary. We can
now discuss what the unique role of government might be in an enlightened
society. There are powerful implications for the economics of human purpose.

                                           Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

Lesson Two A: Implications For Government - Economics of

The Grand Game
With individuals reattuning to the divine inner guidance, they will immediately
be confronted by certain mistaken assumptions---slivers which have been
incorporated into many social structures. The central primary mistake, has been
the persistent mass belief that humans need external control. This inaccurate idea
has left humans shackled within a world filled with all forms of controls which
actually foster just what they seek to prevent---amorality. As the entity Jean
Jacques Rousseau once said: "Man is born free, but everywhere is in chains."

Governmental structures exist to provide an organized way to establish agreed
upon public policies that reflect the desires and contributions of the people they
serve. It is the official way of determining what will become part of the rules of
the social game in any particular local, collective consciousness. Governmental
structures are like shoes that should fit their people. The shoes must be generic
enough to fit everyone, but flexible and adaptive enough to be altered and
adorned by willful choice of each human. But instead, many try to force human
feet to fit in ill-designed confines. The fact is that any ill-conceived governmental
shoes will rub and pinch until their cultural rules match the biological rules in the
grand natural game.

Indeed, the spiritual corrective signals will arise when individuals are confronted
with each ill-fitting confine, for the physical experience is designed with its own
universal, and inescapable, structures and rules. When the innate motions of
humanity are understood, far more flexible, liberating, creative and supportive
rules for the game will arise. These rules will replace the guesses and
assumptions with the self-understandings of universal human needs, and how
they relate to human rights which must be protected. They will not be limited to
any one locality of government, but will be embraced on a global basis. For they
are the biological boundaries of all human spirits. They are the rules for the grand
game of purposeful energy exchange.

This game of energy exchange is played upon several stages, at biological, ideal,
and spiritual levels, corresponding to body, mind, and spirit. Each kind of life
form has its unique role and inner impetus to play it out upon the physical stage.
Some life forms, such as basic elements and plants, are limited to the biological

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

level, where energy exchanges are physical transfers of matter often in response
to the willful thoughts and actions of other life forms. Others, including the
higher animal forms, enjoy a bit of mental participation, where an ideal realm
allows individual thought and mental energy.

Each kind of life form offers a unique physical experience in space-time, from
which spiritual apportionments of All That Is can choose to consciously
"embody". Each such life form has an essential biological role and right to its
being within a grand balance. Each has its unique perspective and participation to
yield meaningful understanding in the earthly learning ground of creative energy
manipulation. But no matter what kind of life form, each will be moved from
within to carry out its unique purpose.

Humans enjoy the most complex forms of energy exchange, wherein spiritual
energy is received in mind and willfully manipulated. Humans have the utmost
conscious freedom to convert and exchange energy on the physical level by
designing the most purposeful and rewarding mental conduits to full spiritual

Economics of Resource Exchange
To design an optimal governmental structure, the true nature of the physical
game must be understood. Although humans enjoy mental free will, every
physical creature has innate biological orienters, the inner movers and shakers,
which lead it toward purposeful action. These are the spiritual signals of pleasure
and pain. The intention is that the pleasure will pull all organisms toward basic
survival, reproduction and any higher purposes encoded into the genetics. Or, if
there are deficit states, wherein certain balances are disrupted, at minimum, each
organism can ensure its own survival by pain reduction. Physical pain reduction
should be able to suffice, unless the deficit states become more long-term. Then
psychological forms of pain arise, manifesting as fear, anger, sadness, and the
defensive responses they bring.

These same inner movers and shakers are built into all life forms in varying
degrees of complexity. Each organism in the simple acts of freely following its
inner urges, becomes its genetic potential, and in doing so, contributes to the
interactive environmental whole of nature. The hedonic patterns of all life forms
demonstrate the unified cooperative nature of the physical experience---the
Creator's intention of a grand, purposeful, cooperative, interactive game. No

                                          Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

cultural laws will suffice which violate these natural spiritual motions, for they
will prompt fear, anger, and natural safeguard defensive responses.

All such movements interacting with one another define the grand game of
energy/resource exchange. The divine dance of all organisms freely moving
about meeting their needs is the way of the natural, physical world. The living
world turns on its axis empowered by the energy expended as each organism
goes forth into the world to meet its needs. The "Creation" is the unique balance
of life forms which provide resources to one another so that all needs can be met
by each life form. This balance is designed down to the chemical and even
atomic level, where atoms move forward and backward in terms of their own
inner purposes, as consistently as metal filings are attracted to magnets, and
humans are attracted to the pleasure of fulfilled needs.

In the grand game of resource exchange, each individual is likened to a buyer and
a seller in a marketplace. Each goes forth into the world to fulfill its needs, by
"purchasing" or otherwise obtaining the necessary resources. (These are the basic
survival needs for food, warmth, safety, etc.) It expends its own energy in doing
so, whether it be physical energy, time, or money---some cost is always paid. All
expended energy becomes a resource available to others in the grand
marketplace. In fact, may the buyer beware, for he himself might become an
edible resource to something else in the grand marketplace.

This is the most basic physical level of the game. But the rules are the same in
the realm of human culture---the realm of mind. Ideas are exchanged which build
the cultural world. The information-energy within human thought becomes
transferred through thought and action into physical events, structures, buildings,
and entire governments. Yet it is all a grand game of energy exchanges and
conversions, dependent upon each individual freely following the internal
urgings and purposeful self-regulation systems. A plant is fulfilled by growing to
its full height, an animal by daily survival and seasonal cycles, and a human by
actualizing the most of its developmental and expressive potential.

Universal Human Rights - Basic Self-Determinism
The entire game is based upon the fundamental natural right of unrestricted
movement of the organism or entity. No player can hope to understand or
succeed in the grand game, if not freely empowered to control one's own destiny.
In humans, this right of self determinism is experienced as the basic need for

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

freedom and power. As we know, these are the first priority needs to fulfill, for
they are essential to the bodily purpose of self-preservation.

In humans, this essential freedom and empowerment is the foundational basis
upon which all other needs and purposes must be built. Our attempts at social
unity based upon external control will merely become chains which enslave us.
As we now know, the inner self-regulation for humans is the feeling feedback
system which leads humans to broader bands of consciousness and creative
internal "control". The trial and error nature of human self-regulation depends
upon the mind's free thought and the body's free action necessary to call forth the
subsequent spiritual evaluation, to guide mindful corrective adaptations. Thus, if
basic freedom and empowerment is stifled, the whole design will be scuttled.
Then the spirit remains frustrated, the mind cannot self-develop, the body will
fall back upon safeguard defenses which severely limit purposeful experience.

Without the basic freedom and empowerment, true connection and cooperative
living will always be just out of reach. Competition and power struggles will
become the norm, for it is a biological certainty that the group needs will fall if
the individual needs are unsatisfied. Just as any human will stop working to eat
when hungry or sleep when tired, when the body is unduly restricted, it will stop
win-win cooperation, and defensive win-lose competition for basic power and
freedom will ensue. Anything less than free movement will relegate humans to
inner motivations more likened to animal instinct.

The Biological Condition of Justice
Free movement and empowerment are essential, for they are part of the physical
design, and part of a divine natural, state of balance. This balance occurs when
all organisms are interacting and purposefully exchanging energy within the
grand need-meeting marketplace. When inner need-meeting balance is attained,
external actions are purposeful and when all purposeful actions dovetail together
in the grand marketplace, there is an optimal divine external balance.

This divine external balance is the biological condition of justice. Biological
justice is the state wherein all organisms are free to move about and empowered
to control their own destiny, and that there is sufficient influx of available
energy/resources to compensate for the required outflux. Justice allows balances
between supply and demand in the marketplace of physical and mental resource

                                          Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

This means that humans are not designed to be limited or externally controlled in
any way. We should not be prevented from choosing any experience, exchanging
any resource, as long as in doing so they do not violate the same rights within
others. For if any human need is involved, it will be a necessary experience to
meet it, and any need-meeting resource will create such a demand. Instead, social
structures should strive to provide as many avenues for self-development and
self-expression as possible.

Indeed, biological justice is the external counterpart of internal natural morality.
When just conditions exist, each life form can follow its inner urges and will be
guided toward moral actions. There are no implied rights or wrongs in what takes
place in the physical need-meeting arena---other than that which creates pain.
There is no more or less implied significance in the death of a spider than the
death of a human. In time, all forms go back into the earth and enrich its
chemical resources, and non-psychic spirits reunite with All That Is.

But humans have been given the gift of free will and the most power of all life
forms in terms of affecting the divine natural balance. Through the use of culture,
we have radically redefined the natural marketplace by adding cultural resources
which create a group mindscape, alter the landscape, dominate all other species,
and build social mini-markets, all within the grand marketplace of resource

Biological justice must underlie any successful form of social justice. Instead,
through our historical lack of emotional self-understanding, humans have upset
the natural biological justice, causing further disturbances that we then must also
scramble to control. We have only but to listen to the messages inherent in all
pain to live up to the honorable gift.

All forms of psychological pain, fear, anger, sadness, and disgust are based upon
long-term deficit states of injustice. When the mind remembers past injustice and
anticipates future injustice, the safeguards kick in. Anger, in particular will
ensure that the man-made chains will not be tolerated for long. Anger is the force
which forces countries to move in more just directions, often through painful
revolution, instead of the more pleasurable evolution. But either way, positive
change will eventually result. Until the spiritual message is answered and justice
restored, humans will linger in painful experiences and remain shackled in self-
made chains and will be painfully dragged to their destiny.

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

Social Justice
These simple biological economic realities of hedonic movement have been
overlooked by most forms of government. Needs for freedom and power must be
accommodated before cooperative structures can evolve. All social structures can
be likened to organisms, for they reflect human nature. Any form must address
the body, (the needs of its people), the mind, (its mass knowledge and values),
and the spirit, (its unified cooperative interactive whole.) Ensuring the basic
human rights to free self-determinism ensures that bodily purposes can be met.
Attempting to skip over them, and structure life around the mind, will only bring
further inner and outer conflict. But this has been what many governments have
done---attempting to enforce cooperation, while inadvertently setting the stage
for competition and struggles for basic freedom and power. Until there were two
predominant world governmental strategies, which have broken free from those
that rule through rigidly controlling religious ideologies. They are generally
known as Communism and Capitalism. Both try to make up rules for the game of
life by which individuals are forced to play, yet both leave out some aspect of the
biological needs and scuttle the self-regulating process.

For example, Communism embraces the connection need, and seeks a
cooperative, socialistic structure based upon equal empowerment of its citizens.
They attempt to provide equal access to education, job opportunities and health
care to all citizens. Establishing cooperative structures for individual self
empowerment is an enlightened idea, but it often comes at the expense of the
need for individual freedom. Their desire for equal results does not recognize the
rich diversity of human creative focus, the many destiny paths; nor does it
accommodate the necessary free movement. They often offer a bland limited
menu of resources and opportunities which stifles creativity, esteem, and the
ability to find meaning in one's existence. This puts the cooperative cart before
the horse of justice, and the citizens suffer in silence until they eventually revolt.
This approach also recognizes that group ideals are necessary and has often
attempted to control ideologies and religious choices of its members, through
controlled information, media, and propaganda. This requires a certain amount of
isolation, which immediately severs the connection with other humans, as well as
violating the free choices and developmental opportunities required for a fulfilled

Capitalism, on the other hand, embraces individual freedom, but fosters
empowerment through win-lose economic competition, often leaving many

                                           Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

unempowered. The misunderstandings about the true nature of competition
discourages true connection and promotes individual and group isolation. (It
should be recognized that all American competition relies upon cooperative
frameworks. Raw win-lose competition is seldom allowed.)

Win-lose competition in terms of freedom and empowerment will not work.
Basic opportunities to learn how to meet needs, and job opportunities are often
linked to financial economics, but are essential to biological justice. It sets people
apart and allows individuals to run roughshod over one another, and to assume
that some are capable of taking care of themselves and some are not. They
celebrate the diversity and do not seek equal result, but use it to rationalize away
equal opportunity. They ignore huge pockets of the disempowered and
disenfranchised, and allow subcultures to arise which will work against the
cooperative whole. At least building from the initial priority of individual
freedom satisfies one of the conditions of justice, but the full concept of freedom
and all its implications have yet to be embraced. Even Americans profoundly
limit human freedom unnecessarily, which correspondingly limits the
opportunities for empowerment.

Both forms are guilty of limiting individual liberty with all sorts of cultural
judgments which attempt to legislate morality and limit certain activities. This
violates the individual's right to privacy wherein any choices and learning
opportunities should be available for any developmental experience. If any
activity is chosen within the three purposes, it is a moral choice. Even if any
activity is chosen through unconscious hardwired defensive responses, it is still a
learning opportunity. With adequate education and social safety-nets, any
"amoral" or corrective experience can offer the necessary insight, without the
ongoing cycle of repeated learning errors that currently plagues most societies.
(As we now know, this is a source of the illusion of evil). The natural result of
restricting freedom is prevalent everywhere, yet most societies do not recognize
the symptoms and simply deny that their controls are ineffective. If ideas are
restricted, there will be underground sources of information. If religion is
restricted, there will be underground religious networks. If any specific resource,
commodity, or service is restricted, a black market will surely emerge. With
humans, when there is demand, there will be a supply. Such is the need driven
behavior and creativity of humanity. This is the lesson not quite learned by the
American experiment of Prohibition of alcohol.

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

Thus, both Communism and Capitalism have part of the human story, but neither
has it all. Both groups suffer social spiritual corrective signals of fear, anger,
crime, violence, revolution, and emotional malaise. For all life forms are
intended to be free and empowered within the context of connected cooperation.
And the feelings will settle for nothing less.

Communistic attempts at cooperative living will immediately dissolve if either
freedom or empowerment is compromised. Likewise, although individual
freedom is essential, Capitalistic "competition" is not the way to get the highest
kind of freedom in an interconnected cooperative world. Disempowerment
occurs frequently under the guise of innocent competition, and despite jingoistic
affirmations to the contrary, American competition only ensures "liberty and
justice for...some". Those without it will rebel and secede from the cooperative
unit. Where fear and anger exist, free-flowing justice is sure to be missing.
Where justice is missing, defensive self-preservationary, amoral actions will be
commonplace, as will external forms of control seeking to prevent them.

Justice is the required global condition that must be promoted by all world
leaders. Justice ensures the fundamental respect and defense of natural biological
boundaries that are valid for every human being despite the rich cultural
diversity. In fact, justice encourages diversity of thought and action and life style,
for it allows the freedom of each individual to creatively self-express in its own
unique way. Justice opens doors and never closes them, unless to enforce the
prevention of violations, (which are far less likely, when justice prevails). Justice
provides to the world what bodily boundaries and safeguards offer the trinity of

Justice ensures that humans will be free to move about and feel the evaluative
outcome of their thoughts and actions in order to find and progress upon the
developmental path. Justice will ensure that humanity can lift themselves beyond
the survival level, and discover the much fuller potential of the being and
transcendent levels of human experience. For indeed, humans are intended to be
pulled toward their purposes by positive feelings instead of being pushed away
from misguided thoughts and actions by painful experience. In short, a society is
not just if it denies the universal rights and freedoms that the Creator has
bestowed. Such arrogance should be self-evident.

                                          Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

The Biological Condition of Civilization
Connection without justice is simply not possible. Only when the environment is
structured in ways that ensure basic freedom and empowerment to control one's
own destiny, can it begin to evolve into a true civilization.

The biological condition of a true civilization, is one wherein justice prevails at
all times, and individuals can then unite into a cooperative, connected social
whole. Civilizations are advanced kinds of social structures that offer
opportunities for their members to meet all six of the universal human needs.
There are no right or wrong ways to do this. In fact, the more imaginative and
creative the structures, the more opportunities they can provide. Civilization is
not dependent upon technological advancement, only the effectiveness of its
cooperative nature. Contrary to popular belief, the most technologically simple
"savages" that have attained true cooperation are far more civilized than even the
most technologically advanced warrior competing for basic power.

True civilizations have social structures which enhance the life experience with
many opportunities for self-development and self-expression, emphasizing the
higher needs for connection, esteem, creativity, and meaning. There are free
flowing ideas and myriad---unlimited---opportunities to meet needs and fulfill
purposes. In a civilized community, all needs are met without violating the needs
of any others, hence the natural morality of "do not do unto others that which
pains thyself". This includes the pains of injustice perpetrated upon life forms by
human folly.

Any enlightened global social structure must ensure that it provides justice alone,
and allows each individual community to devise the desirable civilized
structures. The rich cultural traditions that have arisen are testimonial of the
human creative expressive abilities and the natural enjoyment from tasting the
fruits of many diverse customs and values. A cultural civilization can be likened
to a mind---ever evolving, improving, and expanding in ways that allow for the
maximum spiritual expression and fulfillment of its members. And many minds
are, of course, better than one.

A civilized society is a purposeful society. For when all six needs are met, all
three purposes can be met. For example, libraries, educational and technological
systems exchange mental resources, share the knowledge we gather, and ensure
avenues for gaining esteem and self-development. Our social, economic and

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

political structures promote connection, cooperation, and accommodate the
ongoing creative resource exchanges and social refinements. Our arts, religions,
and sciences facilitate creativity and provide meaning. The flexibilities within
our justice system ensure that cooperation is the #1 rule, violations are not
tolerated, and just conditions are maintained.

The Role of Government
Recognizing the simple economics of need-meeting can define the role and
dramatically enhance the effectiveness of government. A government is simply a
structure through which the cooperative choices of the people can be carried out.
If it becomes a controller or manipulator of freedom and power of its people, it
shall never work, and should be heartily rejected---in revolutionary ways if need

Government at its raw essence is an organized structure which ensures that the
cooperative unit is established, maintained, and continuously improved, based
upon individual contributions which increase freedom and add opportunities.
Good government adds resources, and facilitates that maximum creative, and
ingenious forms of resources exchange. If it works with human nature, and
succeeds in its role of facilitating justice, the economic and social health will
naturally improve. It will promote far more pleasure than pain. (In fact, economic
shifts accompany all social change and a healthy economy in the global
interconnection is a sign of enlightened progress.)

Good government will provide additional resources and opportunities for all
members to freely meet their needs. For it will not promote isolation of present
methods, but will assist each individual in self-development and self-expression
and to be embraced within the cooperative whole.

Good government will focus only upon ensuring justice. The focus will remain
upon individual freedom and empowerment. Opportunities will be built into the
structure wherein each and every human can find avenues to meet their needs
within the structures, regardless of money, family birthright, sex, age, race, or
any other arbitrary distinction between spirits in flesh.

Bad government will attempt to interfere with and control the natural flow of
resource exchange. It will attempt to limit, to legislate external morality, control
free information and resource exchanges, invade privacy, and cause far more

                                           Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

harm than good. It will attempt to judge and prop up "the weak" while at the
same time disempowering its members, creating man-made victims, martyrs and
criminals. It will experience inner conflict, warring factions, and gridlock to the
point that cultural evolution grinds to a halt. Over-regulation, welfare states,
prohibition, victimless crimes, over-crowded prisons and even revolution will all
result; as well as fear-driven, volatile or black market economies, and the
subcultures, crimes and isolation they promote.

In a general sense, government must ensure structures which facilitate and
protect self-determined actions of need-meeting self-preservation, while fostering
the maximum opportunities for self-development and self-expression for each of
its members. It should not attempt to externally control or remove power beyond
the ensuring "liberty and justice for all". For without liberty and justice there can
be no individual value fulfillment, without which there can be no expansion of
the consciousness of the species, without which there can be no unobstructed
expansion of All That Is.

With these simple principles of self-regulated self-determinism in place, we can
now turn to the specific activities of enlightened, twenty-first century

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

Lesson Two - B: Implications For Government - An
Enlightened Government Structure

The Governmental "Body"
The most essential tasks of an enlightened governmental structure are those
which mirror the hardwired tasks of the body within the trinity of self. As we
now know, the role of the body within the divine self-regulation system is to
ensure the minimum standards necessary for self-preservation. The body will
overrule free will of mind with purposeful biological predestiny whenever its
most basic needs are left unfulfilled. The mission of good government should be
to establish external structures which prevent the needs of body from being
overrun by the misguided choices of mind. Like the human body which contains
the seeds of all needs and purposes, enlightened governmental structures use the
natural attraction of positive emotion to guide and pull citizens in the highest
directions, and use the push of pain as a fail-safe only to correct a misguided
course. A successful government will acknowledge, value, and nurture the inner
seeds of human purpose within a global citizenry.

This mission translates into several goals common among all enlightened
governments. First, that individuals are all afforded the essential informational
resources to: Understand themselves, to understand the grand game, and to take
accountable control of their own destiny. Second, that structural opportunities
exist which allow each individual to: Join the cooperative unity, to freely and
creatively engage in need-meeting resource exchanges; to enjoy ongoing self-
development and self-expression; and to begin contributing as soon as possible.
Third, that structural safeguards are in place to: Protect the freedoms and rights
of all within the cooperative unity from isolation and competitive violation.

Enlightened governments accomplish these goals by allocating the shared
resources of their citizens into creative infrastructures which accommodate and
stimulate these inner guidance mechanisms. The role is better one of temporary
guidance than ongoing regulation. Those who attempt to repress or control
through rigid external laws will only create predictable forms of malaise and
revolt, for humans are not designed to ensure artificial (external) control or
accept institutionalized pain. The human spirit will not tolerate being forced into
submission, and will move the body to burst free from any such chains. Many
governments have fallen or become massive, unwieldy, monsters because they

                                          Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

fail to understand or accommodate basic biological justice. Thus, true civilization
cannot arise until the condition of justice for all is achieved.

Safeguarding - Ensuring Global Justice
For maximum benefit, governmental budgets must be prioritized just as the
trinity of self priorities its needs. The safeguards must come first with the
foundational assurances of basic freedom and empowerment of all people. Only
when rightful self-preservation is cooperatively accommodated can true self-
development and self-expression be fostered. But only recently in human history
has the concept of freedom even begun to take root. But without the enlightened
understandings, freedom leads to natural evolutionary breakdowns which are
perceived as threats of disorder and create the fearsome image of a sinful people
run amok. The fear of disorder then causes defensive responses which pile on all
forms of external control, which only erodes the fledgling freedom.

Like individual development, all defensive responses within an organization
simply scuttle the natural learning cycle, impede growth, and create further
emotional pain. As this painful cycle continues, it is only a matter of time before
any such government or group will collapse under their own excess weight.
Governments that cling to any political or religious doctrine of rigid external
control are biologically destined to fail socially and economically. It is only
through rightful freedom and empowerment that this cycle can be broken.

The most recent historical forms of government, including the American
community, have taken an enlightened step forward. They have arisen due to the
growing recognition that liberty---both freedom and empowerment---are the only
way. The early American visionaries held a faith in the laws of nature and the
inherent rights and abilities endowed within human nature. The organizing and
constitutional documents recognize the universal equality of human beings,
honor the basic urge to pursue happiness, and set forth protection of individual

But like all other governments, they have failed to recognize the role of negative
emotion as a driver of both freedom and power---power devoid of unenlightened
external controls. Somewhere along the line, the misguided notion that humans
have a sinful or animalistic nature replaced the idea of divine providence and
faith in nature. The result is the attempt to grant freedom, but without any real
empowerment of the people, and competing political factions which can be

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

likened to the conflicting purposes of a self-preserving body and a self-
developing mind.

This is simply due to the lack of understanding of human purpose. Until the
understanding is in place that humans have not one, but three purposes such
infighting will continue. Rightful empowerment must be based upon the inner
accountability to use freedom in purposeful ways that bring long-term pleasure.
Until humans know of their inner goodness, how to follow divine guidance, and
how to avoid animal level fight and flight responses, there will be the illusion
that they cannot control themselves, the perceived need for external controls, and
all kinds of competitive advise on how to attain such control.

Separation of church and state in America has been successful in disentangling
the government from the rigid and competing belief structures which caused
most historical revolt, and it has encouraged cultural diversity and tolerance. But
it has also created an attitude against any natural purpose, values, or morality,
which in the context of competition becomes a free-for-all of ignorant moralistic
passions which further divide the union. All political factions which pit
conservatism against liberalism, equality against freedom, competition against
cooperation, one moralistic doctrine against another, or rights against
responsibilities, are misguided and will ultimately be forced by its citizens to

The acceptance of inner conflict between body and mind actually bases the
concept on good-old-American competition. It is revered as a pillar of national
economic success, yet it denies equal opportunity. This is a grand illusion, for it
is the cooperative freedom that makes the capitalistic marketplace a success.
Global freedom and empowerment can only be attained if external controls are
removed, the concept of purposeful inner directed cooperation embraced,
opportunities created, and the rights of all protected against violation. Ironically,
the misguided ideas about competition actually perpetuated a great deal of
violation that would not otherwise exist.

Global Cooperation without Violation
Rightful freedom and empowerment will minimize competition because it will
minimize anger. Anger is that force which draws the line in the sand, and
safeguards our innate rights by moving us to fight for them. Once the line is
drawn---for all the world to see---rights are acknowledged and protected through

                                          Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

just social structures, competitive anger and win-lose scenarios are no longer
desirable or necessary. In short, there is no need---nor impulse---in a cooperative
world for disruptive, defensive aggression. Then, as the feeling signals are
allowed to accomplish their purposeful tasks, the self-concept naturally grows
and expands to enfold the needs of others. To the enlightened mindscape,
perpetuating violations to one is emotionally understood as a source of pain for
all. Nonetheless, until mass consciousness embraces the essential human
knowledge, defense from violation is a necessity.

As part of the safeguard systems, any government must have structures in place
which discourage and negatively sanction survival-level competition or any
action which results in violation. Violation is basically the infringement upon the
rights of others to freely control their own destiny, or any acts which obstruct
another's free engagement in purposeful, cooperative resource exchange.
Violations are acts of singular self interest which deny the interests of others.

Humanity has yet to evaluate the very concept of violation and to extend it to all
life forms in the political structures that they willfully design. These reflections
will lead to values which recognize that global resources are limited, should be
respected, shared, replenished, and conservatively utilized in social structures
that balance resources with those that rely upon them to meet their needs.
Runaway population, inadequate resources, and cultural values which consume
more than they contribute, are all states of imbalance which enlightened
governmental structures can avoid. For when balance in the resource marketplace
is attained, emotional energy flows freely, win-win cooperative exchanges
become the natural norm and violations are greatly reduced.

Reducing and eliminating global violation must focus upon establishing the
global values of cooperative resource development, sharing, replenishment and
free exchange. With the freedom and empowerment for each country to develop
and share their unique resources, global economic health and development can be
assured, without overtaxing the environment or institutionalizing violation of
other people or species. Successful economics will always ensure that they do not
consume more resources than they produce, nor squander valuable assets. For
example, with enlightened global values, countries that now have economic
dependence upon the export and exploitation of exotic but dwindling animal
species, can instead develop specific exotic experiences by attracting paying
visitors who can find discovery and meaning in the local nature and culture.

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

Photos, books, cultural traditions, and stories can be shared instead of pelts,
bones and blood.

Fostering Global Connection
When leaders of the free world recognize the biological human blueprint, the
greatest achievements of all forms of government can be culled into some basic
global principles that underlie the development of structural opportunities to
empower and connect all individuals. Freedom and empowerment can establish
justice, but when the connection need is also satisfied, true civilization can

Like any group, each nation, in its own way, seeks to foster connection amongst
its people for cohesion and cooperative living. But it is the concept of global
connection that is yet to come. Connection cannot occur without justice, for if
basic power and freedom is compromised, individuals will necessarily break
unity and self-protect at the expense of cooperation. This is a biological certainty
and an important safeguard for any individual---from cell to country. But the
highest pleasures and the long-term rewards of purpose will only be met through
global cooperative connection.

Attaining connection translates into global governmental efforts to unify and
unite individuals and to reduce the isolating roadblocks that are now so prevalent
within and between human cultural and geographical communities. At present,
the fledgling NATO community is laying the first foundations for what will
become a global constitution of sorts. It will set forth a mission of universal self-
determinism and cooperative dictates just as the body sets forth the universal
human needs.

If enlightened, it will not attempt to regulate, moralize, or otherwise interfere
with the individual choices within the resource guidelines. It will ensure the basic
freedom and empowerment of each individual country to control its own cultural
destiny and to cooperatively contribute its unique creative, cultural, and natural
resource offerings for exchange in the global marketplace. Such a document shall
contain the general tenets suggested in the Global Government Mission
Statement, and Declaration of Unity offered herein. (See conclusion of this

                                          Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

Such a document can base an enlightened, cooperative world marketplace,
wherein individual countries choose to participate and to play by the scant, but
effective, global rules. Members accept freedom as well as the responsibility and
accountability for its purposeful, cooperative use. Official participation can take
the form of economic membership contributions which support the minimal
administration of such a world government.

There can be varying levels of recognition status that can be earned within the
world community, based upon the positive contributions and the level of
cooperation acted upon the world stage. Positive sanctions and esteem can be
offered for exceptionally enlightened contributions, as well as corrective
sanctions when necessary. Such a structural strategy would set the stage to
accommodate the present tit-for-tat morality until full cooperation is attained.
Eventually all countries will see the tremendous benefits of global membership
and willfully choose to partake, rather than be bullied into compliance by even
the most well-meaning of countries.

The American government, which has helped give birth to the enlightened global
order, has also interfered with its natural evolution by overzealously exporting
the concept of freedom in an unenlightened guise also promoting unbridled
competition. Those countries that recognize the value of equal empowerment,
feel genuine fear and anger over such imprudent use of aggression, and have
resisted cooperation within the NATO unity in defense of their value of equal
opportunity. For no global cooperative can work without freedom, equal
empowerment, and connection among its empowered parts, or the oppressed will
rightfully aggress and defense will be necessary.

Competitive Vs. Cooperative Defense
But just as the human body is designed to accomplish defense by cooperative
self-regulation, so does a government require a cooperative form of self-defense.
Competitive forms of self-defense are the kind wherein the mind tries to bully the
body into conforming to misguided beliefs. The deadly habits are all strategies of
competitive defense, wherein one appears to win temporarily, but both actually
lose in the end. Resistance and revenge upon the legitimate interests of any
country are tantamount to revenge by the right hand upon the left. Competitive
defense is simply a manifestation of the fight and flight responses, symptomatic
of a world without mindful understanding and control of itself. The level of

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

competitive defense can be assessed at any time by the amounts of both
weaponry and prisons.

Instead, cooperative forms of defense are those which seek out informational
signals from all realms and act upon them with Right and Light responses.
Cooperative defense will bring lasting changes that come from global efforts of
self-development. All such efforts will build opportunities which empower,
rather than disempower and destroy people in denial of the messages of their
voices. Defense will take the form of enlightened prevention and avoidance of
conditions which create painful individual and social symptoms. Cooperative
defense will be far more effective at resolving the root source---the lack of
freedom and empowerment---rather than simply flailing against the symptoms

The time is past when humans can deny their brotherhood. The evolution of
human technology has forced humans to confront their need for global
connection and cooperative defense, there can be no more competitive jungle
struggles in a nuclear age. Most countries already recognize how fight and flight
defense can easily become global annihilation, yet many still scramble for the
power and safety of a hearty nuclear arsenal in a world that does not yet ensure
biological justice. With enlightened global guidance, countries will be pulled into
the unity for the pleasurable, synergistic benefits of cooperation, rather than be
forced into compliance with painfully competitive threats and bombs.

Cooperative defense consists of a two-pronged approach, of adding unifiers and
removing dividers. Unifiers facilitate the cooperative whole and utilize positive
emotion as an inner motivation to guide purposeful living. Dividers are those
beliefs, (individual and en mass), which promote inner personal disunity which is
then experienced as outer, social disunity. Indeed, "no man is an island".

Unifying structures are those that force healthy emotional development, self
unity, expressive opportunity and social cohesion. They find and impart common
understandings, allow all citizens to join the community family, to freely and
consistently meet the basic survival needs in the marketplace of resource
exchange, and find and refine avenues of self-development and expression. They
are common systems of enculturation which share common values, methods,
strategies and impart knowledge and skills. They are common infrastructures to
facilitate maximum opportunity through communication, mobility, productivity,
creativity, and potential resource exchanges in local and global marketplaces.

                                          Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

They are mechanisms to ensure access to minimum standards of living, public
safety, and prevention of and defense against competitive violations. Unifiers
will foster and usher the emergence of natural morality.

Dividing structures are any and all which counteract true inner and outer
connection. They are the institutionalized slivers, the worldviews, educational
systems, political persuasions, religious beliefs, economic institutions that
misunderstand the trinity of self, and/or divide humankind into fragmented,
isolated, competitive groupings. They are external attempts to regulate behavior,
legislate morality, prohibit certain experiences, thoughts, and/or actions, and
justify the disempowerment and relegation of some humans to positions of
isolation or dependency. Dividing structures ensure that natural morality will be

Such basic and loose guidelines for resource conservation, freedom,
empowerment, connection, and cooperative defense within the global community
shall be sufficient to reestablish biological justice. Once these fundamental needs
are met, the only necessary limits to individual offerings are the boundaries of
insight, creative imagination, and spiritual feedback. From there, individual
countries can enhance the global structures with creatively diverse forms of
civilizations and technological ingenuities which meet the cultural and creative
desires of their citizens. Each country can establish civilizing structures of their
choosing which can foster the meeting of needs for self-esteem, creativity, and
meaning---all of which should contribute significantly to the resource pool and
economic health of the country.

Sanctioning Violations
Once a global cooperative agreement with just parameters is in place, there will
arise a world self-regulating feedback mechanism wherein continuous
communications, evaluations, and corrections can be made. This will include a
feeling-driven judicial court of sorts, wherein grievances can be heard, mediated,
and violations negatively sanctioned. It becomes the responsibility of each
country to actively express in this manner when any violations are perceived, in
order to reduce pain of any life forms.

The most effective "punishment" for violators, is not punishment at all, but
negative sanctions which communicate the non-acceptance of the violation and
which actively enlighten the violator about the nature and responsibility of free

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

will. Once a violator truly understands the concept of connection, his or her own
emotional system will guide the moral actions, for they will know with fearless
trust that their rights are also protected in this manner.

The tit-for-tat moral structure can be accommodated within the membership
status classes, wherein trust is assumed, but status is commensurate with the level
of cooperation actually displayed in resource exchange interactions. With varying
levels of membership which reflect the global esteem earned through cooperative
contributions, countries can earn global respect and leadership positions. The
learning component in all sanctions is necessary, since development is an
individual process, and trial and error learning with pleasure/pain feedback, is the
most direct route to purposeful self-development. Just as a child should be given
as much empowerment as can be responsibly used, so then can developing
countries be offered conditional membership, and allowed their normal growing
pains as they learn.

This form of global sanctioning can also be used locally to replace many
unnecessary, expensive, and excessive forms of punishment---which are, at heart,
competitive forms of defense. The concept of incarceration is wrong-minded for
many violators. Safeguard protections would be far more beneficial wherein the
violators were educated, and able to redeem themselves in ways that positively
affect the victim or community. Giving such a learning experience constitutes an
expressive correction, a Light Response, as well as a Right Response and is far
less costly and far more aligned with the spiritual system. The popular idea that
redemption and rehabilitation are not possible is a severe limitation within mass
consciousness perpetuated by the myth of sin and evil and fostered by structures
which deny equal opportunity. Humans can become convinced of their own evil
if never offered an alternative, more enlightened explanation for fight and flight

The educational system alone can accomplish many such safeguards and will be
discussed separately, but self-regulation information can be made available in
many existing systems and outlets wherein entities can continuously have access
to higher and higher levels of self understanding, and be given opportunities to
choose the more purposeful and rewarding life track.

                                          Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

Local Government & The Feedback Cycle
As should now be apparent, all organisms operate upon the self-regulating
principles of cyclic interaction, feedback, and correction, and government is no
exception. These natural patterns will guide the most effective forms of any
human grouping and should be recognized as the Creator's divine blueprint. At
present, even with its limits, the American form of government with its three
branches illustrates this emerging pattern:

The legislative branch sets forth the laws of public policy which can ensure
certain constitutional rights of its people. This policy is likened to an individual
mind's chosen mental motives which seek to meet the body's needs. The
administrative branch carries out the policies by establishing and maintaining
avenues of opportunity while ensuring the public safety. These activities are
likened to the behavioral actions in the feedback cycle, where the motives are
tested in the world to see if they attain the desired outcomes. Then the judicial
branch has the task of evaluating that outcome. Finally all three play roles in
correcting strategies and policies.

This form of government has several of the enlightened puzzle pieces in place,
yet still contains judgmental assumptions and unclear lines of responsibility that
promote infighting, conflict, ineffective communication and development---all of
which can be rectified with the precise understandings of the trinity of self.

The first of which is the entanglement of economics and the legislative process,
which limits the amount of feedback that is considered in the policy making
decisions. Another is the removal of unnecessary controls that attempt to legislate
morality or cultural value. Another still, is the removal of excessive regulation
and taxation which interferes with, an often prevents, free enterprise. All such
changes flow from the spiritual adjudicator, and eventually will come about
through the internal forces of the needs of the people.

At present, the judicial branch can only evaluate against existing, often
conflicting policies, and is severely limited in its empowerment and often does
more harm than good. Many such judges, base decisions upon doctrine of sin and
evil and further stymie the developmental progress of the nation. This branch has
now become entangled with more administrative functions in carrying out
corrective actions according to existing, and often flawed policies and laws.

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

Their evaluations and suggested corrections often breed further intolerance,
victimization, isolation, and loss of personal freedom.

If this branch is to be at all effective at balancing power, it must clarify its role of
evaluation. It must have ultimate authority to render decisions that are fully
aligned with the spiritual adjudicator to ensure that legislation---even the
constitution itself---and all forms of correction stay within the bounds of the
divine design. With the final authority of natural law as evidenced in the
emotional patterns, all cultural laws can be correctly evaluated so that all guiding
policies continuously evolve to match the divine design.

Representative Government - The Value of Each Voice
Like a body attuned to all of its cells, a government is indeed "of the people, by
the people, and for the people." Enlightened governments are based primarily
upon the input of the people they serve. Those that are based upon rigid
worldviews, competitive economic interest groups, and limited ideologies
discourage the purpose of self-development and shall relegate their members to
daily doses of spiritual pain. Indeed, like the body, a government guides the
development of the public mind---a mass reflection of the individual minds
which comprise it, with equally important fluidity in its chosen beliefs and
cultural strategies. Most governments remain in rigid adherence to value
judgments handed down from earlier days wherein religious worldviews
dominated governments.

At present, those governments based upon this democratic input process have
enjoyed the most success, but many still suffer the pitfalls of excess economic
dividers. As long as representative government promotes competition at the
expense of cooperation, there will be factions of power instead of the free
opportunity for all to become empowered. The laws will follow the
reinforcement of the "haves versus the have-nots" as those empowered become
the loudest voices in the input process. These are the modern vestiges of
institutionalized dividers along lines of blood and class, which forced many
historical revolts as human voices raged in spiritual anger.

An enlightened government must also embrace the true meaning of freedom and
equal empowerment and fully honor the spiritual meaning implied therein. These
judgments automatically stifle many voices whose individual destiny paths
necessitate experiences deemed to be off limits by the cultural moral choices of

                                          Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

some which become local law. Laws which deny the free-flowing patterns of
human trial and error experience merely thwart their own best interest.

Whether or not the contribution of each member is officially offered in a political
process, all voices can easily be heard to an attentive ear. A truly representative
government listens to all voices by attuning carefully to the spiritual feedback its
structures bring. Market fluctuations, public opinion, cultural themes and trends,
crime levels, mental illness, and every form of human pain are all voices to be

Each community can readily observe the spiritual symptoms of its folly should it
choose to avoid resistant defense. Black markets, economic subcultures,
overcrowded prisons, exorbitant health care costs, welfare states, self-abuse,
addiction, and violence comprise a veritable chorus of resounding voices which
now falls upon deaf ears. Each social problem contains its own solution when the
underlying needs and emotional patterns are addressed rather than ignored,
denied, or written off as sinful or incompetent human nature. Good governments
actively seek out these voices and effect immediate resolutions to the lingering
malaise following the needs and purposes of spirit.

For example, most governments struggle against the human desire to experience
altered states of consciousness by imbibing chemical substances. Likewise, many
struggle helplessly to combat the sale of sexual services. They struggle because
these offer, at present, necessary human learning experiences. As long as there is
a demand for certain experiences, there will be a supply in the grand
marketplace. This is simply in keeping with the trial and error nature of human
learning, the hedonic inner movers, and the nature of free resource exchange---all
inherent in the Divine Design.

As we now know, all experiences are moral if they serve as learning experiences,
and steps in natural individual development. In fact, many of the current desires
are based in defensive escapism due to the lack of self-understanding and the
predominance of institutionalized disempowerment and pain. The demand for
such experiences will dramatically reduce once more unifiers are in place.

Although the answer of simple removal of unnecessary restrictions would
profoundly improve the efforts of government, these symptoms are ignored and
denied. The voices are given no official validity. Likewise, there are many
positive voices which speak of systems, ideas and values which are working

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

because they bring long-term pleasure. Thus, a truly representative government
must actively search, listen, and decode each of its positively creative as well as
negatively symptomatic voices. Fortunately, despite historical upheaval and
revolution, many of the enlightened ideas have taken root here and there, for
spirit does indeed push humanity in purposeful directions.

The modern technological advances are beginning to facilitate the kind of
communication and information exchanges that can yield a far more
representative government which can Although the answer of simple removal of
unnecessary restrictions would profoundly improve the efforts of government,
these symptoms are ignored and denied. The voices are given no official validity.
Likewise, there are many positive voices which speak of systems, ideas and
values which are working because they bring long-term pleasure. Thus, creative
as well as negative, a truly representative government must actively search,
listen, and,decode each of its positively symptomatic voices . Fortunately, despite
historical upheaval and revolution, many of the enlightened ideas have taken root
here and there, for spirit does indeed push humanity in purposeful directions.
attune to and synergize all such voices. These information exchange technologies
will begin removing the judgmental and divisive ideas and mechanisms and can
open the floodgates. Administrative governments can interact within their various
institutions to gather and analyze each kind of feedback and incorporate it into
evolving policies. Then through the ongoing attunement and analysis of the
feedback, governments can shape and develop themselves as effectively as the
most enlightened mind. It can then allow its people to freely evolve and
accomplish the maximum self-development and expression to hurtle humanity
forward in enlightened cultural evolution. The government that follows the
principles of unity of purpose cannot help but blossom and provide enriched
opportunities for fulfillment.

Financing Good Government
The current situation of humanity is still far afield from the potential experience
of full creative manipulation of energy and physical matter. The constant energy
conversion and physical manifestation is now mostly accomplished through the
earning and exchange of money. Thus, the grand natural marketplace has become
an economic cultural resource arena wherein individuals work to receive the
financial freedom to design the life course. The empowerment comes through job
opportunities to create and contribute in the grand marketplace. Thus, freedom
and empowerment now revolve around the ability for each individual to find an

                                           Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

economic niche and make a living. Government then garnishes a bit of these
earnings to contribute to the cooperative structures, or attempts to redistribute
resources to the "needy" who are often not held accountable for any form of

In lieu of enlightened guidance, most governments thwart themselves with
conflicting assumptions that cause them to squander the available resources on
ventures not aligned with natural emotional patterns. There is infighting and
shifting of political tides wherein one party reverses a course, and then another
reverses it yet again. Entire agencies are born and take on self-protecting lives of
their own. Government can then become an unwieldy spendthrift, causing a
citizen backlash of fear, anger, and mistrust against the government.

When governments actually find out and provide what people are willing to pay
for, they can earn the public trust and can easily sustain themselves upon a
minimal monetary contribution from each member. Such contributions will be
happily offered, for the fruits they bear will be apparent. Eventually, when a fully
cooperative unity has been attained, the financial institutions will be deserving of
the term "public trusts" and can serve as direct collection points for governmental
taxes, dramatically reducing the need for entire collection and enforcement arms.
The elimination of black markets makes all commerce above board, legitimizes
each enterprise, and brings all humans into the cooperative whole, and thereby
dramatically increases available resources. Once all individuals enjoy just
freedom and empowerment, taxation can be likened to a simple banking service
or a percentage interest rate charge. Public trusts and representation can even
come together into some form of individual designation of how the tax dollars
are to be spent. This can allow individuals to put their money where their mouth
is. In this way the values which bring the most cooperative empowerment will
naturally emerge.

Public Infrastructures
The government can provide many unifying pathways between citizens which
can bring the maximum freedom and mobility to each individual life experience.
The public educational system provides a fundamental unifier and the most direct
avenue to the task of providing unifying informational resources. It will be
discussed later in some detail. But there are also other structural unifiers that the
government can foster and even support if necessary that not only provide
safeguards, but facilitate empowering opportunities.

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

Major infrastructures such as transportation and communication networks, public
works, public health, and community utilities are all necessary to an unconnected
body. Governmental guidance and assistance can develop and link private
enterprises and increase need-meeting opportunities for all and ensure equal
access to survival resources. They will draw upon the inner motivations to
welcome all citizens into the collective, cooperative fold and foster the honor and
responsibility of creative, meaningful membership in the world community.

The primary governmental task is to open the free market doors and ensure that
the maximum amount of resource exchange and trade can occur. At present, a
great deal of infrastructure is controlled by administrative government, which
could just as well, if not better, be taken on by private enterprise. The
governmental hand is best when gentle, temporary, and guiding rather than firm,
permanent, and controlling. A government that forms itself around these innate
tenets, shall arise as the most effective, economically successful, and creatively
helpful to the unfolding evolutionary destiny of the human species.

We can now examine the specifics of the cornerstone equalizer of any good
government, an enlightened public educational system.

Global Government Mission Statement
To faithfully, actively, and cooperatively honor divine providence by offering
universal guidance in all ways which safeguard the natural interactive processes
and resources of the planet, and foster purposeful, connected, creative evolution
of the human species.

Declaration Of Unity

In acknowledgement of alliance with divine biological predestiny, we the people
of the planet Earth declare that:

1. By divine providence all humans are created equal; with the innate biological
goodness, impetus, ability, guidance, and rights to freely control their individual
destiny in cooperative concert with one another.

                                          Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

2. With the right of willful destiny comes the self-evident responsibility for
humanity to purposefully, intelligently, and responsibly use culture to design
systems, technologies, social structures, and cooperatives that align with and
enhance natural predispositions in order to provide the most fulfilling experience
for all life forms.

3. Creative diversity shall be encouraged, in agreement that any cultural
assumptions, values, beliefs, institutions, and activities shall strive to rest upon
the solid foundations of natural universal principles found in the creation itself,
and no longer seek to judge, defile, or deny the divinity, purpose and sacred
value potential of all living beings.

4. There shall be no undue organized interference with the exercise of individual,
willful acts of purposeful self-preservation of body, self-development of mind,
and self-expression of spirit, within the guidelines of the global cooperative unity
and dictates of natural emotional dynamics of adaptation and evolution.

5. There shall be active, cooperative, and creative efforts to establish global
freedom and equal opportunity to every human being as basic, just conditions
which meet the non-negotiable inborn needs for freedom, power, and connection;
toward the goal of reducing deficit states which prompt fear, anger, isolation, and
competitive defensive responses, and enhancing those desirable states which
prompt joy, trust, compassion, and unified purposeful responses.

6. There shall be active cooperative, and creative efforts which foster social
structures to enable all humans to meet the secondary needs for esteem,
creativity, and meaning which foster desirable states of faith, inspiration,
courage, honor, and creative delight, without undue interference with the cultural
choices of other members of the global community.

7. There shall be a global effort of cooperative defense to prevent, reduce and
correct any violations which interfere with the free empowerment for individual
countries and persons to pursue the happiness derived from purposeful value
fulfillment in manners they so choose.

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

Lesson Three: Implications For Education

Developing The Public "Mind"
Just as the government must facilitate the needs of body, it also must assist in the
establishment and ongoing development of a common public mind. Public
transportation, technological, and commercial infrastructures can unite
individuals physically, but it is through public education that they are united in
thought and action. Public education provides the essential communicative
pathways which transmit and enhance culture in the organized, purposeful
manner. Mass consciousness exists without public intervention, but it can be
guided away from limitations and developed to its maximum value potential with
enlightened approaches. As a top priority, the public mind must embrace and
instill the basic self understandings within citizens to begin purposeful
development of each individual mind.

Self-development is the most critical purpose for humanity to discover at this
time, given the dogmatic assertion of science that survival is the only life
purpose. The admission that "natural selection" evidences pre-determined
direction will bring the next wave of official progress. But it is self evident that
humans, by virtue of this natural capacity to remember and learn, have the dual
purpose of self-development. Learning allows adaptation to any external
challenges far better than waiting around for genetic mutations. It will also allow
deeper understandings to unfold concerning why such mutations occur and how
they can be consciously controlled.

The public mind is at present a loose conglomeration of conflicting bits of natural
and cultural knowledge, attitudes, trends, and values, steered by the scientific
community and limited by governmental defensive safeguards. External legal
controls, and prepackaged value judgments become incorporated into educational
approaches as educators scramble to balance conflicting ideals and offer
"official" information. This problem is compounded further with the recent
explosion of available information which often competes with---and wins out
over---official declarations. As a result, the public mind presently flounders and
individual minds are left with conflicting and limited guidance.

This situation will continue until there is an enlightened awakening to the
emotional patterns of human nature which expose the inner guidance, the divine
system of self regulation that drives all purposeful learning. The line must be

                                           Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

drawn between information that promotes versus the destructive path. The
relative nature of reality, information, and individuality must be embraced. For
the mind is not a vessel to be filled with useless facts and figures, but a receptive
canvas whereupon each of inch individual life unfolds, with experience and
spiritual evaluation as the brush which colors, shades, defines, and creates
meaning. Such a natural portrait brings forth the most beautiful and complete
expression of the innate value potential, symbolic of the most purposeful
rewarding and most expansive life experience. This approach satisfies the recent
request of the Dalai Lama to enhance education of the mind with "education of
the heart".

Creative Experiential Learning Vs Receiving Judgments
A fundamental change in educational approach involves understanding the nature
of judgment. As we now know, the mind has no capacity to make judgmental
evaluations, due to the unrestricted nature of free will. Likewise, the creative
nature of mind leads to unique, individual realities which will unfailingly
replicate themselves in physical experience---slivers and all. For this reason, the
mind is not designed to simply accept and absorb the conclusions and
experiences of others, such would violate free will. Memory is as fluid and
creative as reality. Historians are beginning to recognize that any given account
of historical events is colored by the perspectives of the day and that as such,
history is not fixed. This understanding, taken to its natural conclusion beyond
the limitations of space time, recognizes that the power of mind is always in the
present moment and to clog it with unnecessary limits defeats the very purpose of
the creative physical existence.

An enlightened educational approach must rest upon the trial-and-error nature of
experiential learning rather than the one-way teacher-to-student flow of
information. At present, many systems waste a huge amount of time and
squander the potentials of great minds by failing to recognize the natural cycle of
action, evaluative feedback, and adaptive learning. Boredom, loss of passion for
discovery, acceptance of meaninglessness, and angry acts of rebellion are all
symptoms of systems that fight the natural propensities of purposeful self-
development. Many so-called "learning disabilities" would be far less debilitating
if natural experiential, interactive, trial-and-error learning were allowed to occur.

The emotional system will continue to reject much of what is offered under the
present systems, for the spirit fights to keep the mind free for its own creative

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

sake. Of course, this is not to say that the idea of sharing the experiences of
previous generations is not valuable and necessary. For the mistakes of the past
can offer a wealth of strategic information. But it is to say that each individual
must pass any incoming information before the spiritual adjudicator. The spirited
mind seeks to find the patterns within the stories, the meaningful transitions, and
feeling experiences emphatically and intuitively shared. The only way to
discover innate values is by sharing experiences in such a way that vicarious
feelings alert the mind of the personal interest or aversion to any given
experience. Long-term learning comes only from impressing the mind of its duty
to discover and create strategies that bring long-term pleasure and avoid all but
learning pain. It must first be allowed to self-direct and create in order to evaluate
and correct its work.

With this essential information in place, enlightened educators will focus far
more on how to understand and embrace the natural learning and self-regulation
process. In fact, they will distinguish immediately between mental value
judgments and emotional evaluations, truly willful gems and conditioned slivers,
and help individuals find and resolve existing judgmental slivers they may
already hold. They will instill with mantra-like constancy the understanding of
the experiential learning cycle of "motive, action, outcome, evaluation, and
correction". They will provide active, expressive opportunities to learn why
things hurt and why they feel good, and how each feeling holds meaning at each
step of this ongoing cyclical process, as they evolve evermore complex
understandings of themselves, their world, and their purposes within it.

Classroom hours will be spent in far more interactive cooperative, experiential
processes, and far more outer excursions and hands-on activities will take place.
Meaningful transitions will be embraced and celebrated as abilities and
boundaries expand, but without long periods of separation between grade levels.
Opportunities to contribute will abound from the earliest ages, wherein peer
counseling, tutoring, and mentoring allow mutually beneficial exchanges, skill
modeling and plenty of practice communicating, negotiating, and creatively
expressing. Public education can provide the safety-net for any citizen who may
seek escape and solace from any ongoing situation of violation.

There will be constant focus upon the natural developmental track that each
human being proceeds along. It will stand in stark contrast and constant
comparison with the wrong track of survival's competitive defense. There will be
encouragement and opportunities to attain the highest and broadest level of self-

                                          Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

development and self-expression. Trust will develop through the organized,
synergistic, cooperative support networks wherein humans help each other along.
All forms of resistance and defense are well known as roadblocks to long-term
reward and students offer one another structured support with feedback when
defenses are displayed in any form.

Such an educational environment will provide the common understanding and
acceptance of the uniqueness of each person's reality and the sharing of
perspectives with the goal of broadening each person's self-concept to include
perspectives, needs, and purposes of others. This inclusion can range from
anything from merely respectful, nonjudgmental detachment which allows very
different individuals to respect each other's willful choices from a safe distance;
to compassionate tolerance for varying developmental levels which foster
cooperative interactions; to creative compassion wherein action choices pull
vastly different individuals together in common cooperative developmental and
expressive exchanges.

The Scope of Public Education
The enlightened self-understandings will suggest immediate changes in the scope
and structure of public education. The educational institution can play a primary
role in ensuring the just conditions of equal empowerment. Thus, its scope must
expand to ensure as many avenues of unifying developmental experiences and
expressive opportunities as possible. This will involve cooperative purposeful
structured interactions with the economic marketplace and all other social
institutions. Government can play a leadership role in terms of setting policy,
structures, and initial funding, but eventually the educational systems can be run
by unified networks within private enterprise.

First and foremost, an enlightened educational system must embrace each and
every citizen--- with equal access at any and all ages. Access to unifying and
empowering information and developmental opportunity is the best form of
cooperative, preventative defense against a tremendous amount of individual and
social pain. At present, the prohibitive economic dividers against equal access to
educational opportunity have squandered a huge percentage of creative value

Another obstacle is the institutionalized belief that development is one
dimensional, automatic, and stops at some magical age of adulthood, perhaps at

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

age 18. In fact, if adequate emotional development is not in place by such an age,
then it is all the more essential to offer educational support. Each and every
individual who roams the streets of any village in the world, driven by corrective
pain rather than being pulled by purposeful pleasure is symptomatic of this need.
The world has not only been deprived the synergy of many ingenious offerings,
but has been dragged further down, defending itself against the resulting
competitive criminal approaches to basic need fulfillment created by injustice
and emotional isolation.

The most fundamental goal of public education is to provide orientation and
practice into the workings of one's self and the workings of the world in general.
With enlightened education, each individual is awakened to his or her own
purposes, value potentials, rights and responsibilities, and provide opportunities
to develop and freely pursue them in any manner of willful choosing. It will find
incredible success in engaging the inner self-regulating mechanisms and pulling
individuals toward their value fulfillment with the positive emotional reward of
connected, esteem building, meaningful, creative experiences.

The most successful structures will be those designed to accomplish the
maximum opportunity for need-meeting, those that offer hands-on ways to meet
the six universal needs and embrace the purposeful development within each
experience. These experiences will facilitate understanding of universal needs
and foster the cooperative respect for the needs of all others as well as crystallize
understanding of how each feeling signal offers corrective guidance.

This would include the earliest possible recognition of the connection and
emotional universality between humans and foster cooperation, tolerance and
compassion for the choices and errors of others. It would honor the inherent
value potential in each human being, respect that the creative power lies in the
present moment, and create an urgency for it to manifest itself in the world. It
would make the mind aware of how esteem is earned through purposeful
development and expression, and not through defensive superiority of
belittlement, idle indulgence, family connections, materialistic competitive
consumption, or empty external praise. It would release the mind from its chains
of bondage, teach it to remove any existing slivers, and set it free to create.

                                            Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

The Structure of Public Education
This expanded scope can be facilitated by added structures which network
individuals and groups and remove as many isolated conditions as possible.
Public education would blend both purposeful self-development and self-
expression. The expressive, experiential component can be facilitated by student
networks throughout all age-levels who offer guided support to one another
through structured community service requirements. Such roles as school bus
helper, playground negotiator, cafeteria litter patrol, nurse assistant, art assistant,
peer counselor, office assistant, language helper, math helper, etc., can all be
structured into the daily educational experience. A shifting schedule of assigned
roles can allow students to engage in varying levels of challenge and explore
areas of interest that dovetail with the real-world of marketplace resource

At the earliest ages, this provides immediate understanding of how the interactive
resource exchange occurs and engages the emotional system in the context of
cooperative interaction. This affirms immediately that when one takes, one gives
back to the best of one's ability, immediately embracing the esteem of being an
active, contributing part of a cooperative whole. To the youngest students, each
can pass equally through a set number of diverse "jobs" wherein they all gather a
wide exposure, begin to feel attractions in special directions, and recognize that
equal opportunity implies equal value, no matter what dividers might otherwise
exist. Such experiences can bring positive emotional rewards at even the most
tedious and "lowly" of jobs. For the feeling of connection and contribution alone
can embrace even the most isolated individuals when they recognize their value
and the rewards of contribution.

A wide variety of such community service jobs should be offered at each age
level, with more variety and diverse levels of challenge offered as the students
progress to higher grade levels. This flexibility can provide opportunities for
many levels of ability, interest, learning styles, backgrounds, and individual
inclinations as well as encourage the taking on of increasing levels of challenge.
Such community service structures can also provide significant manpower and
resources to enhance learning without equally dramatic cost increases. Higher
level students' regular structured learning would include assisting in the
education of lower level students in cooperative resource. This can provide big-
brother/sister mentoring and unions which can fill voids within family structures
as well as provide enriched learning experiences for both parties.

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

As the educational scope broadens, so can the actual structures utilized within the
educational process. Interactive networks within and between all public and
private need-meeting organizations can facilitate synergistic benefits and
profitability for all concerned. For example, if it were to begin at much earlier
ages, public education could provide quality, structured, enriched environments
in lieu of day care for working parents, with emphasis upon early emotional
engagement, self unity, and cooperative trust. This could provide safeguards
which could dramatically reduce the isolating effects of family dysfunction as
well as provide enrichments for the most fertile developmental periods. Likewise,
senior citizens could share their wisdom and find purpose instead of isolation.
Transitional housing, hostels and even long-term living arrangements can be
incorporated into the educational network to provide the open-armed welcome
social embrace of safe escape from situations of injustice and violation. Similar
interactions with the judicial system can provide far more successful
rehabilitation than can incarceration alone.

Once education is extended to individuals of all ages and circumstances these
community service jobs can include actual apprenticeships and positions within
the public marketplace. Within a continuum of complexity, the community
service jobs can simply transition into established positions structured for the
purpose within and throughout the larger community under the educational
umbrella. Temporary, transitional, educational positions pave the way for gainful
employment into private professional relationships. Open door education could
facilitate adaptation to life-changing events, offer ongoing retraining, and offer
opportunities for career changes at all ages.

Interim systems of transferable monetary vouchers wherein students seeking any
form of education can participate in interactive apprenticeship programs which
provide labor in exchange for hands-on experiential learning. These specific
"educational" jobs, designed for specific and myriad skill levels would offer
increasing levels of challenge throughout the resource marketplace. Such
strategies not only can balance the needs of all, but can accomplish mutual
profitable benefit. Such cooperative structures could first be supported through
tax breaks to participating businesses and alignments with non-profit charitable
organizations. Eventually, such guided educational opportunities could be
interwoven and solely supported by private enterprise.

                                         Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

For example, each business could structure 20% of its work-force to interact with
the educational system to an equally valuable percentage of tax benefit. Hotels
and living complexes that participate in educational safety-net housing would
enjoy similar tax benefits or subsidies. Eventually, the wisdom and benefits of
such cooperative interaction will eliminate the requirement of monetary
exchange , for they will become integral profit enhancing parts of the resource
marketplace, naturally improving upon existing systems and filling social voids.
The ultimate governmental role would be only to provide the structural guidance
of educational policy and to ensure the maximum avenues of educational
opportunity are established. Just and equal empowerment is the ultimate
educational goal.

Such a structure would far more validly align with human need, purpose,
diversity and biological justice. It would acknowledge and facilitate the ongoing
nature of self-development, acknowledge the long-term rewards of cooperative
interaction and not confuse equal empowerment with equal result. It would
celebrate and encourage individual proclivities and offer multitudinous avenues
of opportunity most suited to any particular destiny path. It could prevent the
continuing contraction of public education and replace musical and art programs
that have gone by the wayside and aggressively increase all avenues and
opportunities for creative expression. Rather than try to force individuals into
narrow molds, such a structure would honor and encourage the diversity of
thought and expression necessary to drive purposeful evolution.

The additional work force from community service and training programs can
also resolve unaddressed problems at their source, ultimately replacing many
existing corrective social programs through successful prevention of the
emotional disunity that creates most every social ill. It can even eventually
replace much of which now goes into prisons and in global competitive defense,
and shall remain the cornerstone of good government---indeed the foundation of

Such systems which attune all individuals to the way life works, the way body,
mind, and spirit each offer united and unfailing guidance, and provide the
maximum amount of interactive opportunities can allow all people to understand
and passionately follow the bliss that will manifest the maximum progress along
the destiny path.

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

Early and Elementary Education
The earliest education should provide the enrichments which can allow hungry
minds to flourish and the development of complex and balanced brain structures.
The earliest school years will focus upon emotional attunement and early mental
development as discussed previously. These are the spiritual fundamentals which
must underlie all methods of transferring important cultural knowledge---
teaching the standard reading, writing, and arithmetic. By combining these
principles with early learning opportunities which exploit the brain's plasticity,
incredible learning can occur---which includes dormant multi-lingual, musical,
and artistic talents, and manifests dazzling potentials and creative inclinations
which would boggle the present day public mind.

Spiritual understandings can be presently instilled without upsetting any existing
doctrines which separate church and state, if the emphasis remains upon
biological self-regulation of the dual-self model (body and mind). But one major
change will be understanding that experience and emotional feedback are the best
teachers, and the purpose of self-development insists upon an open, liberal, and
individually designed mindscape. The idea of mind control, sheltered protection,
censorship, and the filling of an empty vessel with "the right ideas" is quite
limiting. Instead, classrooms will offer safe and structured real world interactions
that immediately orient the child to their ability to control their own destiny. No
legitimate controversy need arise from practices which facilitate cooperation,
connections, empathy, respect, responsibility, and self control.

Curriculums, exercises, cooperative projects, field trips, stories, presentations,
"job" experiences, and routines will seek to instill basic self-regulatory
information, an empowered sense of unique value potential and willful
perspective; an equal, universal, sense of belonging within a welcoming world;
awareness of life along purposeful developmental paths, and the evaluating role
of feelings. Contrasts will be made continuously between the right track of
purpose and the wrong track of deadly habits. Mistakes become laughable
growing pains and opportunities.

Providing an unwavering cultural expectation of mutual acceptance for all human
mistakes as inevitable to the learning process, combined with communal
agreement to support each other to make corrections, can build cooperative trust,
empathy, and mutual respect, as well as minimize defensive responses which
might otherwise become habitual. Making a clear distinction between meanness

                                          Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

and kindness and emphasizing the feelings produced from both strategies will
minimize the competitive and isolating defensive and offensive actions.
Humorously contrasting effective communicative techniques with ineffective
ones, both verbal and nonverbal, that contrast feelings of giver and receiver can
foster solid expressive skills and awareness of how others' perceptions might
vary. Enjoying ongoing repetitive cyclic experiences where plans are carried
forth to completed outcomes will instill the understanding of how keeping
organized and on top of all challenges keeps the stress and pain of unfinished
business at bay.

Recognizing the role and power of fear and anger as signals of deficit states that
need immediate correction, and how they lead to hurtful defenses can keep even
the youngest children aligned to the purposeful path. Offering clear
understandings of how self-deception, even little white lies, are actually methods
of defensive escape which create painful distance instead of enhancing happy
connection. Play-acting scenarios which demonstrate tit-for-tat morality and
vividly depict how lies always bring pain in the end can help curtail the
development of many common deadly habits. All such self-regulation
information will foster the emergence of natural morality and allow the unfolding
of the higher feeling signals of trust, confidence, compassion, pride and courage,
and prevent learned shame, guilt, arrogance, or hatred.

People are always characterized as good, yet necessarily subjected to human
learning error as the price paid for free will. Violations are treated as learning
mistakes. Positive inducements are used to open inner motivations, and
withdrawal of pleasure is used when corrections are necessary. Intimidation,
ridicule, corporal punishment, and any form of negative, pain inducing
motivators are contradictory, and even destructive to an evolving sense of value
and cooperative trust. They demonstrate a lack of faith that the child can exercise
self-control and are contrary to purposeful self-development.

It shall be readily acknowledged that grownups can make mistakes too, and
neither teachers---nor parents---are ever excluded from the feedback process.
Indeed, children have much to teach their elders about openness, spontaneity and
discovery. The absence of blame and the presence of empathy shall allow
exploration of alternative choices to any traditional approaches. Habit patterns
from dysfunctional homes can be discouraged through "time-out" isolations
where the child feels the loss of companionship and the benefits of cooperation,
but the belief behind the behavior is discussed as well. Drawing comparisons and

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

constant references to how each action puts one either on the right track or the
painful path can quickly reorient the mind to the spiritual feedback cycle.

The daily routine will be punctured with many hands-on, interactive projects and
activities. There will be an emphasis on problem solving, puzzle completion,
artistic creation, musical appreciation, and every form of experience through
which meaningful patterns can be discovered. Recognizing patterns and rhythms
within sound and light will create neural synapses which recognize and intuit
patterns of meaning. Experiencing plenty of both linear and gestalt patterns will
unite and strengthen the dual hemispheric functions within the brain.

Reading and other exercises with vivid imaginative visual imagery and powerful
emotional resonance can stimulate untold brain networks which would otherwise
lie dormant, and open young minds to many of their highest capabilities. Physical
movement, vocalizing, and the broadest variety of new and diverse activity
experiences can all maximize physical, as well as mental, and spiritual health.
Curriculums will include regular, fun, and actively shared dreams and detailed
images of what children want to become in the future, how they want to live.
Dramatic role playing or otherwise depicting or sharing the most exotic of
fantasy potentials are "games" with very powerful and very real positive effects
upon the developing mindscape, and the realities created.

There will be regular and diverse treks into nature to explore and discover
meaningful patterns and dispel fearsome myths. Resonating with nature and
feeling a sense of belonging can rapidly facilitate respect for and attunement to
the inner abilities and guidance. Pattern recognition is the most awe-inspiring
within nature, wherein the mathematical precision of natural processes and cycles
inspires the highest faith in the integrity and intelligence within creation, which
transcends to the self as part of that creation. Children need never fear, but to
respect the power of nature. They can find both safety and power in discovering
the night sky, witnessing the foraging of nocturnal creatures, planting seeds in the
dirt, being drenched by rain, and whipped by wind. Such exposure develops a
healthy sense of unwavering faith, connectedness, and respect for the goodness
and power of nature.

As self-development unfolds in the context of freedom, power, and connection,
the self concept of each child naturally expands to enfold an ever broadening
range of "'others". Empathy and compassion deepens as the pains and pleasures
of others are vicariously experienced. Competitive games of win-lose superiority

                                          Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

will lose their allure, as the truly cooperative nature of playing by the rules and
taking turns is recognized. Acceptable forms of competition will be those that pit
any child against only himself as additional motivation to continuously better his
skills and abilities. Win-win solutions are encouraged within all interactions, and
activities structured to demonstrate that when someone a child cares for has any
success, that success feels good to both. This vicarious pleasure indicates a
healthy connection while the pain of jealousy or guilt is recognized as an
indicator that further self-development is necessary.

Early education can instill freedom and empowerment to create within the
context of trust and cooperative connection in ways that can release humanity
from its chains of survival-level competition. It can rapidly usher a far more
civilized, cooperative state of existence.

Intermediate and High School
As each grade level is completed, higher levels of both freedom and
responsibility are to be the rewards of such rites of passage. At these older ages,
children are ready to absorb more abstract and symbolic concepts, although the
experiential and interactive strategies shall continue. The emphasis becomes
providing a myriad of structured opportunities for students to independently
manage, and learn from their experience---to try their wings and get support,
corrective advice, and encouragement when they make learning mistakes or
"fail". Cooperative empowerment is enhanced by more challenging and diverse
opportunities to create, express, build esteem and be able to find meaning in each
experience to further hone the budding mindscape.

The most enlightened structures will allow for a blend of short-term and long-
term goals which will allow the student to advance at any pace possible. Such
advancement comes with the completion of structured challenges and within the
broad array of experiential opportunities to test one's wings. There shall be no
limits externally placed upon the desires and efforts when accountability and
success is demonstrated, nor should there be judgmental sanctions placed upon
paths which might meander or need additional time to recover from previous
limits or deficits.

Curriculums in traditional middle and high schools can build upon the earlier
base with the finer and evermore complex points of the divine spiritual feedback
system as well as share all forms of cultural knowledge and experience. All

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

delivery of cultural knowledge can then be accomplished without the normal
pitfalls of force-feeding facts, figures, and prepackaged judgments which are
quickly forgotten, but rather emphasizing the dynamic patterns of human
adaptation and creative change. All "information" should be acknowledged and
treated as conditional, to be offered as potentials which might be useful upon the
purposeful path at some point. Instilling the necessity of the complete openness
of mind, how value is relative to the universal needs, and individual value
potentials will be far more effective. Tolerance for the choices of others will lead
to a natural state of open friendly banter, feedback, mutual respect, and
agreement to disagree while remaining truly open to all potentially rewarding
information and strategies.

Job opportunities, direct and vicarious learning experiences, and general
curriculums could revolve around the purposes of body and mind, the conflicts
between them, the innate defenses and distorted mindscapes, and the deadly
habits they create. Dramatic play-acting of undesirable as well as purposeful
experiences can instill the preventative gut-level understandings of how short
term pleasure can bring long-term pain, and develop life-giving habits which will
endure short term pain to gain long-term purposeful pleasure.

The mind's evolving ability to recognize and intuit meaningful patterns will
become ever more adept as deeper patterns within nature and within the
mathematical and logical harmonies rise within the conscious awareness.
Mindscapes freed from time consuming slivers, create realities and further
developmental experiences which can instead expand upon themselves in
astounding ways.

At these stages, the complex emotional signals are deciphered and each feeling
tone is seen in the context of self-development and self-expression as well as the
complex emotional patterns of others. Clarifying the two good and bad life tracks
can expand to include the stages of human evolution and how living within
purpose naturally brings one from the survival level, to the being state on to the
transcendent destiny potential. The specific pitfalls (cognitive distortions,
deception, resistance, and revenge) of the wrong track of defensive responses
become more complex, as students begin to grasp the higher level of the directive
to "judge-not". Exercises which give plenty of experience with uniqueness of
other's reality, and how honest intimacy builds and deception breaks down trust
and communication can prevent a myriad of painful learning experiences in the
real world. Developing specific expressive communication skills, win-win

                                          Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

persuasion and conflict negotiation can foster success in all real-world

This is also an appropriate age to discuss relationships and family life, love and
its pitfalls, and the life-long developmental path. Sharing and discussing
biographical life experiences of historical and current public figures (both
successful and the infamous), can offer emphatic resonance to the tenacity
needed for overcoming challenges, and the clarity needed in avoiding treacherous
choices. Blame-free sharing and contrasting of parents' individual and
generational challenges with levels of potential value fulfillment can both foster
respect, forgiveness, and ways to hold fast to and accomplish the highest of

Reinforcing the equal value of each unique spirit in each structure and interaction
will ensure that all students are embraced within the community of humanity
through an enlightened public mind. With such a mass consciousness, the kinds
of isolating and violent outcomes of fear and anger which exist now as scourges
upon humanity will become virtually extinct.

Continuing Education
The most valuable structural change in public educational systems would be to
ensure that each and every citizen has the opportunity to continue on to the
maximum level of education desired, free of economic obstacles. When the
government prioritizes its structures around the human needs and ceases
squandering its resources on conflicting strategies and competitive defense, its
first and foremost priority will become ensuring all citizens---of all ages---
organizing educational opportunities. When the networks are in place with
private enterprises, the transitional community services, projects,
apprenticeships, and internships are established under this umbrella, the costs
will be far less than might be suspected. This will not only allow any student to
progress through to the PhD level, but it will also allow returning students of all
ages and situations.

With enlightened understanding of the biological self-regulation system, the
academic community can overcome the need of separation between church and
state by acknowledging the emotional process as a feature of the third self-
component of spirit. At the college level, the body-mind dual model of self can
be fleshed out to contain the highest levels of meaning and implications which

Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

might formerly have been relegated only to religious discussion and found
objectionable in the lower levels of public education. The separation being made
between spirituality as attunement to the natural inner guidance, and religion
being any specific set of beliefs in a supernatural higher power outside of the
self, will more than adequately draw the necessary line between church and state.
It would also acknowledge within the theory of evolution that consciousness
indeed underlies all matter rather than being a product of it. This would liberate
frustrated research scholars who are now forced down wrong-minded tracks of
inquiry which only allow the public confusion and social pain to build.

The acknowledgment of conscious intention within natural selection will open
many new areas of study wherein the inner self-regulatory system leads to the
unfolding of the transcendental inner sensitivities and abilities that now lie
dormant. There can then be experimentations with the boundaries and focus of
consciousness that will unite and resolve many existing conundrums such as
mechanical versus quantum physics. When the secrets of the mobility and
connectedness of all consciousness begin to unfold, there can be tremendous
breakthroughs in the approaches to space and time travel that cannot otherwise
take place with physical technology alone. The universe cannot be understood
until such inner pathways are utilized. As emotion becomes understood as the
basic physical manifestation of spirit in pleasure and pain, it will allow the mind
to open its intuitive pathways to more direct energy/information which resonates
with the unmistakable validation of universal joy.

In such a structure, scientific academicians at the college level would take the
reigns of the ongoing development of the public mind. Their activities and
findings will not be limited to dusty unintelligible journals, but will be shared
through many avenues of communication as the private media become aware that
good news can help reduce the horrors of shocking violence of present headlines
and televised stories. These networks will provide continuous updated self-
developmental information to the public and directly to policymakers which
would weigh much more heavily than the desire of special interests.

The structural opportunities for learning specific technical skills and job training
will ensure that justice is attained wherein each citizen is rightfully enabled to
join in the resource exchange marketplace in any way that the spirit directs.
Unique lifestyles, work schedules, and need-meeting approaches are not only
tolerated, but actively encouraged throughout the entire structure. The most
creative and visionary contributions will be actively facilitated and valued within

                                         Zeta – Implications for Social Structures

such a system so that entities such as Albert Einstein need not squander precious
life hours in boring classrooms or menial jobs in order to simply meet survival
needs. Special think-tanks, artist communities, and other such structures will be
encouraged to allow the most fertile and synergistic ground for fine minds to
flourish. Likewise, special recovery communities shall serve those needing the
most assistance. All structures will promote maximum value fulfillment and the
most direct and personally rewarding destiny path for all citizens.

The educational system will be the crowning glory and the hope for humanity as
the facilitator of cooperative defense and mindful development. We can now turn
the discussion to the implications that enlightened self-understanding bring to
concepts of mental and physical health.

Eta – Implications for Health

                                                      Eta – Implications for Health

Lesson One: Implications for Mental Health

The Concept of Health
Throughout history, humans have struggled within mental prisons of their own
making. The legacy of judgment, misunderstanding, and distortion befalls
incoming humans immediately, crippling them through the well intended but
unenlightened actions of parents. At present the human experience is but a pale
comparison to that which is intended, and to many an utterly hopeless and hellish
karmic sentence. Until understanding of the human self-guidance system is
firmly embraced within mass consciousness, the very concept of health will be
distorted by the judgmental interference with the natural developmental system.

Health is a reflection of how much energy spirit can bring through to its physical
body-mind. The vibrant high energy, happiness, and creative enpowerment of an
unimpeded spirit is a state of holistic vitality nearly unrecognizable to a species
who believes firmly that health is simply the absence of disease. Indeed, health is
ease of spirit flowing through an ingenious mindscape designed to its evaluative
specifications. Health is an easy mobility of consciousness that accesses many
alternate focuses and sources of intuitive information. Health is the experience of
few and irregular painful feelings, for the mindscape and the cultural landscape
are intended to be designed to minimize and eliminate these deficit states. It is
folly to simply allow them to exist and assume that suffering is part of the natural
experience. Such an idea is like a cancer, and indeed can bring about such

All pains are symptomatic of dysfunction within natural systems that seek
immediate correction. When these symptoms are examined within the lens of
self-understanding, many truths about health will become apparent. First, we will
address the concept of mental health, for emotional self-understanding will
forever alter the present concepts of "sanity", "normalcy", and "evil". Mental
health, as suspected, does indeed reflect the state of mind, for it is the mind that
holds the slivers that prevent the growth that is necessary for a vital and complete
existence. Until the boundaries of body, mind, and spirit are clearly recognized,
mental health will remain entangled with judgmental beliefs, confused with
emotional dysfunction, and shrouded in mystery.

Eta – Implications for Health

Biological Flexibility and Destiny Challenge
Both mental and physical health are essentially rooted within the working and
safeguard mechanisms of the body. As we will see, good mental health springs
naturally from the unimpeded cognitive, emotional, and intellectual development
that unfolds through experiential trial and error learning. But all humans are
bound to the uniquely specific genetic package inherent within the cloak that they
have donned for each specific lifetime. Indeed, spiritual entities choose specific
physical features, sensitivities, and challenges when designing the chemical cloak
to ensure the maximum possible success in overcoming both the general and
specific destiny challenges. The evolving mental personality then works within
that specific range of biological predestiny to maximize and express the innate
value potential.

The range of biological predestiny is linked to the specific areas of focus of the
spirit/entity. The entity desires that its multiple aspects enjoy the broadest and
most well-rounded experiences in order to continue the expanding expression of
consciousness. As we now know, the body is designed to pull and push the
mindbound individuals in purposeful directions which fulfill these larger destiny
challenges. These inner movers and shakers come in the form of human needs
which when met in an ongoing manner, accomplish the destiny challenges of the
earth experience. The needs guide the developing mindscape to create evermore
successful beliefs and strategies. As the mind responds to the direction of its
spiritual feeling signals, the mindscape becomes more and more attuned to the
intuitive knowledge of other aspects of its spirit to further assist in a creative,
purposeful life of self-development and expression. When bod