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					           Attention Fashion and Jewelry Designers
      Do you LOVE to design/redesign clothes?
      Does everyone tell you how talented you are?
      Do you pour over the fashion magazines?
      Are you studying fashion design in school?

    Why not show off that talent in the first ever fashion and jewelry design competition. If
you’ve ever watched Project Runway and dreamed of what it would be like to watch your
collection go down the runway, this competition is just for you.

   Not only will you get a great deal of recognition just by entering, but if you win, you’ll get
some really nice prizes also. There’s no cost for you to enter!

    Peers Cosmetic of Goshen is partnering with goodwill of Michiana to sponsor this runway
event on May 21, 2011. It is a fund raiser for 2 local charities, but it’s also a chance to showcase
the design talents of local designers. You will be given $50 Goodwill of Michiana bucks to buy
clothes/jewelry to repurpose/redesign for the runway.

   While it might not be Bryant Park in New York, we’re planning as fun of an event as
possible. 400 -500 people are expected to attend and we want to promote your talent.

   Here’s what you get if you win:

          $300 in cash
          $300 in Peers Cosmetic gift certificates
          A professional photo shoot with Peach Carr (fan favorite
           from season 8 of Project Runway) and your model
          Fashion spread in our upcoming magazine
          Your collection on display in at least 5 locations for a week
           (with your name and contact)

       AND POSSIBLY… a contract with a local boutique, dress store,
       or other business.

   But to get local exposure and possibly win, you have to enter.
   Deadline to enter is April 30, 2011

                                                                           Sample Magazine
                              Fashion Designer
                            Competition Application
Welcome to the Peers Runway 2011 Show competition. The date of the competition is May 21, 2011 at
the Peers Cosmetic location at 2012 S. Main Street. Show will begin at 1:00, but your models will begin
to get hair and makeup at 11:00 a.m.. We’re looking forward to having you compete.

There is NO FEE to enter the competition, but 2-3 pictures of your work must accompany application.

Email the application and pictures to

Application deadline: April 30, 2011


Name (may be a team also)

Address 1

Address 2

City                                                           State           Zip

Cell phone

Email address

Number of years designing clothes / jewelry

Website for your fashions /jewelry (if you have one)

Have you ever competed in a fashion design contest?

   If yes, where and when

Which category would you like to compete in (you can compete in all three if you wish to)

   ____ Every Day Wear

   ____ Wedding Dress

   ____ Jewelry

Are you under 18? ____ Yes      ____ No (If yes, will need parent’s permission to enter contest)

        Email this application to
or fax to 574-262-2314 or mail to 725 Violet Road, Elkhart, IN 46514
Runway Show Details
Date of Runway Show: May 21, 2011

Event Coordinators: Kathy Friend (Emcee) and Nina Hershberger
Phone number for questions: Nina Hershberger, 574-320-2522

Purpose of the event

  This event has multiple purposes.

         #1 is as a fund raiser for
               o Heart Strings Sisters (an Elkhart County organization who provide mammograms for
                   women who cannot afford them)
               o and Bridges of Hope (a St. Joe County organization that supports women in danger
                   of becoming homeless).
         The primary source of money raised to support those two non profits will be through an
          auction for an extreme makeover for the winner. The makeover will include
               o personal trainer,
               o cosmetic procedures,
               o dental whitening,
               o wardrobe coaching,
               o accessorizing
               o and more.
          o The winning designer will also be asked to create 1 “look” for the extreme makeover
               winner that will be featured in an upcoming fashion magazine.
         To support Goodwill of Michiana
         Besides raising funds, though, we want to showcase the talent of designers both in the local
          area and designers who may choose to travel from a distance away. We want to help you
          become known and will be doing a lot of publicity for the event. This is a competition. Take
          it seriously. This could be a changing point for you in your career.
         Finally, we are putting together a judging panel from local dress shops and boutiques and
          bringing in a celebrity judge. All our judges, boutiques, and people involved will also get
          recognition and exposure.


      $10 for General Admission

      $25 for VIP Seating with a photo shoot with Peach Carr after the event
Event Details

  We're looking for fashion designers who would like to showcase their talent for repurposing/making
  over older clothes to transform them into a modern, hip look and jewelry designers who are fashion
  forward and are excited about creating the next big trend. You will be given $50 Goodwill bucks and
  must shop at Goodwill to buy all the items you need for your redesign (except the jewelry category)

         To ensure we have talented designers, we're asking each to fill out a short questionnaire and
          email it back. You will be notified within a couple of days if you've been accepted into the
         The sooner you apply, the more time you'll have to produce your collection.
         Each designer will need to find their own model.
         Each designer will be responsible for hair/makeup, shoes and accessories to complement their

  You will be sent the $50 Goodwill bucks through the mail as soon as you're accepted into the
  competition and MUST take "before" pictures of each outfit before beginning work. If you’re
  entering the jewelry category, we would also like you to use some pieces purchases from Goodwill,
  but may also use new items.

  Shop on ½ day off and you can turn those $50 into $100 goodwill bucks.

  We'd love to have you shoot videos of you shopping and working on your collection. We will be
  posting bios and videos from each of the designers on our website and getting you alot of publicity
  (possibly national publicity) and recognition for your work.

  Please send all videos and pictures to

Design Categories

  There will be three design categories you can enter (and yes - you can enter all three if you chose to.

      1. Every Day Wear. You must repurpose/make over 3 looks. A day time look. an evening
         look, and a casual look. Just like at the high fashion runways, your "looks" will come down
         the runway as a collection.
      2. Wedding Dress. You must find your wedding dress at Goodwill also. This category is to
         take an old dress and remake the entire thing to make it something a young, modern bride
         would love to wear at her 2011 wedding.
      3. Jewelry. We’re looking for an entire collection. It must include at least 4 pieces such as
         earrings, necklace, bracelet, pin, or ring. Jewelry will not be displayed on the runway, but will
         have a special setup for all the attendees to look at them closely. Voting for the jewelry will
         be done by the audience – not by the judges. Jewelry designers do not have to have
         everything from repurposed Goodwill jewelry, but they are encouraged to use as much as
         possible. We’re looking for modern, trendy, forward thinking pieces that showcase the
         designers own personal style.

        The competition will be held at Peers Cosmetic Laser Care at 2012 S. Main Street, Goshen, IN
        46526. Models will dress and have their hair and makeup done in the offices and the show will
        be held in a tent in the parking lot (next to the offices) large enough to seat 400-500 people. The
        tent will have a stage, long runway, and a large screen (to show the “before” pictures of the

        The jewelry will not go down the runway. We will set up a special table display and voting will
        be done by the attendees.


  There are very few rules.

  The whole purpose of this event is to spotlight the great things you can find at Goodwill and
  showcase fashion designer's talent for taking what someone has given away and turn it into a fun, new

  Designers who are willing to travel at their own expense can come from all over the country, but the
  Goodwill bucks can only be sued at the local goodwill of Michiana locations.

  You'll have bragging rights that you were in a fashion competition and judged by Peach Carr.

   If you're the winner, there are some nice prizes.

  All designs must fully cover the model. No see through material or front plunging necklines are
  allowed in this competition.

Judging and voting

        There will be 5 judges for this year’s competition. Owners of 3 local
        boutiques will be judging along with Peach Carr as our celebrity
        judge. Kathy Friend will be the master of ceremonies and the 5th judge.
        The judges will chose the top 3 in each category and then the audience
        will vote for the final winners. The jewelry category winner will be
        selected by the attendees only.
                                                                                        Peach Carr, Fan favorite
The Prizes                                                                              from Season 8 of Project
  There will be 1 winner in each category. The winners will win

           $300 in cash
           $300 in Peers Gift Certificates
           a professional photoshoot with Peach Carr and your model
         and a fashion spread in our upcoming Beauty Times Today Magazine.
         Your winning collection will also be displayed for a week at 3 area boutiques/high end dress
          stores, and two Goodwill stores with your contact information displayed with the collection.
         You will not get your collection back at the end of the event.

  All designers will be featured on our website for a whole year (until next year’s contest) with links to
  your website and all your contact information.

  As designers, you will also be recognized in the show’s program.


      9 a.m.-11 a.m. Open house at the new Peers Cosmetic Facility. Will have demonstrations and
      refreshments all morning

      11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Designers get models hair, makeup and dressed – ready for the runway
      show. HDesigners are responsible for their models hair, makeup and accessories.

      1:00 – 2:00 runway show and judging

      2:00 – 2:30 Peach Carr will speak about her experience on Project Runway

      2:30 – 3:00 Final voting by audience for the winning designers and announcement of winners and
      raffle winner of the Extreme makeover

      3:00 – 4:30 Professional Photo Shoot with winners and Peach Carr, all the designers, and VIP
      ticket holders


      If you have any questions, please email our runway coordinator at
      or call Nina Hershberger at 574-320-2522.