Future Perspectives of Management Development by ibl20093


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									Course Title                Provider             Target Audience                               Duration
Top Management Programme (TMP)                   Very senior positions                         19 days over 6 months
Senior Strategic Leadership LFHE                 Experienced senior and strategic leaders      7 days over 2 modules
                                                 Those new or about to take up a post
                                                 as academic, administrative or
Preparing for Strategic Leadership LFHE          professional service leaders                  7 day over 2 modules
                                   Sheppard      Managers/Directors who hold a pivotal role
Directors Positive Power & Influence             in their organisation                         5 days residential

                                           Senior Leaders from all sectors who have or
                                           will be taking on roles with a national or
20:20                        Common Purposeinternational remit                                 5 day residential
                                                                                               3 mandatory course days
                                           Those who have experience at                        +
                                           middle/senior management level, may be              participants must attend
                                           taking on new responsibilities, need to fast-       a
                                           track their leadership development and              minimum of 60 huorse
Meridian                     Common Purposeneed to broaden their perspectives                  from
                                           Those at an early stage in their role as            6 days in total delivered
Head of Department Programme LFHE          Head of Dept or considering such a role             as 2 modules over 3 days
                                                                                               36 hour residential
                                               Those at an early stage in their role as        followed by 2 half day
Head of Department (Scotland)    LFHE          Head of Dept or considering such a role         seminars
                                               People in the early stages of their career
                                               already have some management
International Navigator          Common Purposeand are tipped to be leaders of the future
                                               Managers or senior supervisors who are          50 hrs (6 days equivalent)
                                               likely to have direct responsibility for        3 days plus 2 hour
Leadership Skills                RP Training   managing                                        1:1 coaching
                                               Lecturers, senior lecturers or readers
                                               recently appointed as principal investigators
Research Team Leadership         LFHE          or currently leading small research teams       2 day residential
                                                 Lecturers or academic teachers with
                                                 responsibility for leading academic
Leading Teaching Teams           LFHE            and modules                                    2 day residential
                                                 Managers at the beginning of their career
Introduction to Higher Education LFHE            in higher education administration             3 days
                                               Leaders who need to build a rapid
Profile                                        of
                                 Common Purpose a place, as an introduction or an update        2 days
                                                People who are either new to the role, or
                                                been in the role for some time but have had
Essential Management Skills      RP Training    limited management training                     2 1/2 days
                                                University Researchers who are managing
                                                one or more projects with at least one
                                                member in their team. Or those new to
Leading Research Projects        20:20 Business research or those with experience who wish
Successfully                     Insight        to develop their projecet management skills     2 days
                                 20:20 Business Staff who have recently been given
Team Leader Training             Insight        responsibility of leading a team                2 days
Middle Management                Universities   Staff within Administration who have some
Development                      Scotland       responsibility for supervising/managing staff   3 day residential
Practical and Effective Project  Universities   Anyone involved with work that could benefit
Management                       Scotland       from a project management approach              2 day residential
                                                Individuals who have been recently
                                 Universities   to Management, Professional and
Introduction to Higher Education Scotland       Adminsitrative                                  2 day residential
                                                Managers or line supervisors who are new
                                 Chamber of     their role or who are preparing to move into
Essential Management Skills      Commerce       a managerial role                               2 days
List of coaches that we have used for 1:1 coaching and Team Development
SYT Coaching & Development
Garth Associates
PMCS Consulting
Mark Lough Consulting

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