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					                                    Electronic Technician I
                                         Position # 11540

A full-time position is available at the Cannon Mountain Ski Area in Franconia, NH. The
position is a Salary Grade 17 with a salary range of $34,382.40 - $40,372.80 (40 hours/week).

SCOPE OF WORK: Performs varied and diversified duties of management, repair and
maintenance of electrical, telephone and electronic components associate with a ski area.


Maintains the electronic and electric controls of a Nuova-Agudio 80-passenger aerial tramway. This
includes an Elin electronic contactless rope monitoring systems for cabin control, communications
and passenger saftey; a BMG electronic programmable controller for cabin location, speed and zone
control; a BMG electronic controller for a 500 HP DC generator and drive motor for speed and
braking control; and various other electronic controls for Tramway operations and safety.

Installs and maintains a computerized point-of-sale ticketing system and data network for a campus
environment, including data to the Flume Gorge.

Installs and maintains electronic DC drives for Zoomer, Hong Kong, and Cannonball Express chair
lifts including a full digital Fincor DC drive. Maintains an electronic tower monitoring system for
all fixed grip aerial lifts to ensure lift and passenger safety.

Maintains and installs snowmaking control and pumping systems including a 500 HP electronic
variable frequency drive, 400 HP electronic starters, electronic programmable logic controllers for
system operation, 4-20 millampere electronic controllers for valving and flow control, and various
electronic and electrical equipment for system control and safety.

Maintains an AT&T Horizon PBX telephone system. Maintains and installs communication network
for telephone system including all single- and multi-line phones and credit card machines.

Maintains all generators, electronic transfers, and electromechanical transfer controls for all
emergency generating units.

Maintains electronic intrusion and fire alarm systems at various building locations.

Maintains all electronic and electromechanical controls and motors for a number of effluent pump

Installs and maintains all electrical distribution systems for all base and summit lodges, maintenance
facility, administration building, and miscellaneous buildings including associated building HVAC
and lighting emergency systems.

Maintains two-way radio system including a 100 watt repeater.

Manages the Tram operational crew in the absence of the supervisor, 2 days per week.
Responsible for reviewing quality and job completion, and work done by electrical contractors on
lifts, snowmaking controls, motor generator sets, and other electronic devices.

LICENSE/CERTIFICATION: Valid New Hampshire driver’s license

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: Journeyman Electrician’s license.

SPECIAL QUALIFICATIONS: Must be able to climb and have no fear of working in high places.

All interested applicants should submit an Application for Employment to Sandra Adams,
Human Resources Supervisor, Department of Resources and Economic Development, P.O.
Box 1856, Concord, NH 03302-1856 by close of business on July 24, 2009.

If you have any questions regarding this position, please contact John DeVivo at (603)823-7722,
extension 750 or by email at EOE

As a condition of employment, required to pay agency fee or union membership.

                                  STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE
                                     HUMAN RESOURCES


Class Code: 4032-17                                Date Established: 08-21-70

Occupational Code: 9-5-4                           Date of Last Revision: 06-06-06

BASIC PURPOSE: To install, program, maintain and modify electronic communication,
detection and signaling systems within an agency.


             Detects electrical or mechanical deficiencies and takes appropriate action to
         effect repairs or services.

             Makes frequent contact with officials within and outside agency for purpose of
         discussing problems or securing services.

             Insures that electronic test equipment is in proper working order.

             Installs and maintains a variety of electronic security and safety equipment.

             Programs and updates computer controlled electronic systems.

            Performs inspections and maintenance work to insure electronic systems are in
         proper working order.

Skill: Requires skill in developing formats and procedures for special applications OR in
investigating and reviewing the use of equipment and data for a specialized function.

Knowledge: Requires knowledge of business practices and procedures or technical training
in a craft or trade, including working from detailed instructions, to apply knowledge in a variety
of practical situations.

Impact: Requires responsibility for contributing to immediate, ongoing agency objectives by
facilitating the direct provision of services to the public or other state agencies. Errors at this
level result in inaccurate reports or invalid test results and require significant investment of time
and resources to detect.

Supervision: Requires direct supervision of other employees doing work which is related or
similar to the supervisor, including scheduling work, recommending leave, reviewing work for
accuracy, performance appraisal, or interviewing applicants for position vacancies.

Working Conditions: Requires performing regular job functions in an environment which
includes exposure to continuous physical elements or a number of disagreeable working
conditions with frequent exposure to minor injuries or health hazards.

Physical Demands: Requires medium work, including continuous strenuous activities such
as frequent reaching, bending, or lifting as well as performing work activities which require fine
manual dexterity or coordination in operating machines or equipment.

Communication: Requires explaining facts, interpreting situations, or advising individuals of
alternative or appropriate courses of action. This level also requires interviewing or eliciting
information from state employees or members of the general public.

Complexity: Requires a combination of job functions to establish facts, to draw daily
operational conclusions, or to solve practical problems. This level also requires providing a
variety of alternative solutions where only limited standardization exists.

Independent Action: Requires a range of choice in applying a number of technical or
administrative policies under general direction and in making routine decisions or in
recommending modifications in work procedures for approval by supervisor.


Education: High School diploma, G.E.D. or its equivalent, supplemented by appropriate trade
school training in electricity plus a standard apprenticeship under a Master Electrician or
completion of a two year college or technical institute course or equivalent education with
major study in the field of electronics. Each additional year of approved formal education may
be substituted for one year of required work experience.

Experience: Three years of experience in the field of electronics, electronic security systems, electricity,
radio, wire communications or similar activity, sufficient to provide a good technical knowledge of
electronics equipment. Each additional year of approved work experience may be substituted for one year
of formal education.

License/Certification: Valid driver's license if necessary for performance job responsibilities.

RECOMMENDED WORK TRAITS: Working knowledge of theoretical and practical
application of design, functioning, operation and capabilities of a wide variety of electronic
equipment (including related test equipment). Demonstrated skill in the utilization of small
tools required in maintenance and repair of delicate electronic equipment and in the use of
computers to program and update computer controlled systems. Ability to recognize potential
problem areas and to take appropriate action. Ability to communicate effectively. Ability to
deal with authorities of federal and state agencies. Ability to establish and maintain
harmonious working relationships with other employees. Must be willing to maintain
appearance appropriate to assigned duties and responsibilities as determined by the agency
appointing authority.

DISCLAIMER STATEMENT: This class specification is descriptive of general duties and is not intended
to list every specific function of this class title.

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