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									       Cost of Living

       The study itself is free of charge, yet each student has to cover his or her expenses of
accomodation, transport, insurance and other general costs of living.
       Accomodation is available at the University Student Hostel ( approx. € 40,00 per
month). As the capacity of the Student Hostel is limited and it generally does not satisfy the
demand, students will be assigned rooms in the order of the Student Hostel receiving the
application (which means that the sooner you apply, the better chances are you will be
assigned a room). Other accomodation opportunities include private – rented rooms. Their
prices range from € 210,00 to € 250,00 per month for a single room or € 300,00 to € 350,00
per month for an accomodation consisting of two rooms. Nevertheless, the prices are subject
to individual arrangement.
       The University canteen charges approx. € 2,00 per lunch and the overall dining costs
can be estimated at € 7,00 € to €10,00 per day, which makes € 270,00 to € 300,00 per month.
That estimate is very rough, as individual preference can change the costs substantially.
       Holders of an ISIC - card pay 7,00 Slovak crowns (20 €cent) for public transport (one
bus journey). In the case of accommodation at the student hostel, the total costs of living can
be estimated at some € 400,00 per month. In the case of a single room private accommodation
it can rise to some € 550,00 per month and with a two-rooms private acommodation the living
costs about € 650,00 per month.

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