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					  The Optimist Club of St. Thomas
   P. O. Box 20014, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada, N5P 4H4
 Volume 1, Issue 2                                                                                          May 2009

             Looking Forward with Optimism
                      Officers                        Election Report

                                                                he nominating committee submitted its list of nominees to
President                           Donald Sievers              the executive still looking for members to fill the positions
President-Elect                       Mark Shriver              of Treasurer and Third Vice president. At the meeting,
Past-President                       Theo Golding               Secretary Brian Clements conducted the election process.
Executive Director                   Benny Ellerbe
Vice President                      Richard Bloom           All volunteers who had agreed to fill executive positions as
                                                      recorded in the last newsletter were acclaimed. Current President
SWONT DISTRICT OFFICERS                               Dan had graciously offered to accept the position of secretary prior
                                                      to the meeting, if no other members stepped forward to volunteer.
Governor                            Doug Kinchen      None did! So Pres. Dan will be assuming the role of chief financial
Governor-Elect                   Marty Quenneville    officer for the club next year, as well as that of Past-President.
Past-Governor                         John Sanders
Past-Governor                           Jim Howie          Bob Jackson was nominated for the position of 3rd VP at the
Past-Governor                           Max Wood      meeting, accepted the nomination and was acclaimed. His
Past-Governor                      Dwight Phillips    acceptance created a vacancy for a one year directorship, as he had
Secretary-Treasurer                  John Ewanick     already been nominated for this position previously.
Lieutenant-Governor                        Bill Lee
                                                            Nominations were opened for the position of two year directors
CLUB OFFICERS (2009 - 2010)                           and Gar Shaw was nominated and accepted. This created a situation
                                                      where four members were nominated for the three positions
President                              Dan Clarke     available. Scrutineers were appointed and we came dangerously
Past-President                     Chuck Gratton      close to having an election (!) until Opt. Gary Wren offered to
President-Elect                         Bud Willis    relinquish his nomination for the position of two year director in order
2nd Vice President                         Al Holt    to fill the vacancy at one year director... thereby avoiding the
3rd Vice President                  Steve Malone      necessity of an election! His offer was met with hearty applause by
Treasurer                                  Al Holt    the members present and the club now boasts a full slate of officers
Secretary                         Brian Clements      for its executive as listed below for the coming 2009 - 2010 year of
Directors (1 year)                 Brad Fishback      Optimism. The list of elected officers includes:
                                  Kevin Kernohan
                                       Gary Wren      President:                                                Bud Willis
Directors (2 year)                 Bill Schleihauf    Past President                                           Dan Clarke
                                     Bob Jackson      President-Elect                                               Al Holt
                                      Ed Monteith     2nd Vice-President                                    Steve Malone
Sergeant At Arms                  Steve Ferguson      3rd Vice-President                                     Bob Jackson
                                                      Treasurer                                                Dan Clarke
                                                      Secretary                                  (Appointed by President)
                                                      Directors (1 year)                                   Bill Schleihauf
                                                                                                                Gary Wren
                                                                                                              Ed Monteith
                                                      Directors (2 year)                                         Gar Shaw
                                                                                                                Colin Cluff
Newsletter Editor                  Kingsley Irvine                                                         Steve Williams
                                                      Sargent-At-Arms                                     Steve Ferguson
Volume 1, Issue 2                                                                                                May 2009

Ace of Spades                                                        Upcoming Events

    T                                                                T
             he card still keeps                                         he club still has a busy calendar of events
             gett i ng      more                                         ahead. Several new items have been added
             valuable as each                                            since the last newsletter. Mark up your
             meeting goes by!                                    calendars so that you don’t miss out on any of the
Plan to attend the next regular                                  important engagements listed below.
m eeting on May 25 t h . have to be at
the meeting to be a winner! We                                   Tues. May 19           Executive Meeting
have just two regular meetings
left after this one, so let’s hope                               Wed. May 20            Homedale Track Meet 10:00 - 2:00
that this highly sought after
card will show up in some
                                                                 Mon. May 25            Regular Meeting - Pickerel Night !!
lucky member’s hand before
the end of the year!
                                                                 Sat. May 30            NIAGARA CASINO TRIP

                                                                 Sat./Sun. June 6/7     Railway Museum 11:00 - 2:00

‘NOW’ REPORT ON MEMBERSHIP                                       Mon. June 8            Regular Meeting

                                                                 Mon. June 15           Executive Meeting
At our last regular meeting, SWONT Secretary-Treasurer,
Optimist John Ewanick, reported that three new, paid up
members had joined the club as a result of the membership        Sat./Sun. June 20/21 WINGS AND WHEELS
drive, two others were considering joining and one or two
more were to receive phone calls etc. from John enquiring        Mon, June 22           Regular Meeting
as to their intentions with respect to becoming members.
                                                                 July 8 - 11            91st Optim ist I nt er nat i onal
The club extends a hearty welcome to all new and                                        Convention
prospective members and trusts that they will seek an active                            Kissimmee, Florida
involvement in club activities at their earliest convenience.
Several activities and projects are in the immediate offing      July 17 - 19           Thomas The Train in St. Thomas
and any and all help will be gratefully appreciated by the
organizers of these activities and projects. These individuals   July 25 - 3:00pm       ANNUAL OPT. BBQ - $25/couple
will, no doubt, extend a personal invitation to our new                                 at home of Opt. Pres. Dan Clarke,
members to get involved with these important events!                                    225 Sunset Drive, St. Thomas

                                                                 Aug. 21 - 23        SWONT District Convention,

Up-Coming Trailer Events                                                             Oaks Inn, Wallaceburg
                                                                 Meet Optimist International President, Don Sievers

Two events are close at hand that will involve the use of the
food trailer. The first is at the Homedale Track Meet on
Wednesday, May 20th from 10:00am to 2:00pm. The second           President Dan ‘Goes to Jail’
will take place on Saturday and Sunday, June 6th and 7th at
the Railway Museum. If you can offer assistance at either of     President Dan will be paying a visit to the ‘crowbar hotel’ at
these events, contact Treasurer, Opt. Al Holt.                   the annual Crime Stoppers Fund Raiser, and is anxiously
                                                                 looking forward to your financial support to make his stay as
                                                                 short as possible. The more we ante up, the sooner we get
Wings and Wheels                                                 our pres. back! Be ready for his desperate phone call!

Contact 3rd Vice President Elect, Opt. Bob Jackson to offer
your services in the Food Trailer for this event on June 20th
and 21st.
Volume 1, Issue 2                                                                                                    May 2009

Ploughing Match - Sept.2010                                        Message from the Secretary
Optimist Leo Lynch made an inspired presentation on this           Secretary Brian Clements announced to all at the meeting
somewhat distant, but highly potential event for the Optimist      that if any member would like to place an item or items on
Club of St. Thomas. He has been in contact with the                the regular meeting agenda, they can email him with the
organizers of last September’s match in Teeswater, Bruce           information at any time prior to the Friday preceding the
County, and had many facts and figures that he presented to        Monday meeting.
members at the meeting.

At Teeswater, large financial donations were made to each
of the areas hospitals, and 1500 volunteers were ‘paid’            Initiation of New Members
$10.00/h. These decisions were made after the match and
all      accounti n g h a d b een c o m p leted. No                This is a ‘probable’ agenda item for the next regular meeting
promises/guarantees can be given ahead of time, due to the         on May 25th.
nature of the event. There is always the possibility of a ‘rain-
out’, which equals zero dollars!

Many variables can affect this outdoor event, especially in        Niagara Casino Trip
the form of adverse weather, but despite some unfavourable
weather last year, the event generated many hundreds of            This outing is less than two weeks away, so if you would like
thousands of dollars and close to 100 000 attendance over          to go and haven’t made arrangements you need to do so
the duration of the match (four days?).                            asap. Contact Bill Lee to see if there is still an opportunity to
                                                                   make the trip!
After some discussion, it was recommended by the executive
that rather than try to operate the food trailer at the            Related to this trip, an item moved and passed was for the
Ploughing Match, we, as a club, could volunteer to work at         club to provide the princely sum of $50.00 for ‘prizes’ for
‘set up’ and ‘take down’ for two to three weeks, and all going     whatever ‘intellectually challenging’ activities are planned for
well, we would be handsomely recompensed for our efforts.          the bus trip to the Falls and back. The suggestion was also
We can even volunteer our spouses and offspring in an effort       made that local merchants and/or optimist members be
to maximize our fund raising capabilities!! Training would be      canvassed to see whether any donations might be
provided to anyone working in any of the varied jobs to be         forthcoming for this purpose!

We will be hearing much more from Opt. Leo in the coming           Pickerel Night - May 25th
months on this topic and will look forward to watching plans
take shape.                                                        This is, reportedly, a much anticipated dining fare for
                                                                   members of the club, so the executive is looking for a robust
                                                                   turn out of members on Monday evening. When Joanne calls
                                                                   to see if you will be in attendance, be sure that your answer
More Food Trailer...                                               is YES.

The Club has purchased a new freezer for the trailer, but
requires a volunteer to purchase food for each event that the
trailer is operative.
                                                                   Optimal Optimism.....
If you would like to take on this responsibility or share the
responsibility with another Optimist, please let Opt. Al Holt
or Opt. Pres. Dan know of your interest in helping out.            I love cooking with wine! Sometimes I even put food in

Thomas The Train...                                                I intend to live forever. So far, so good!

                                                                   Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again!
Thomas will be arriving in town to do what he does on
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 17 - 19 from 1:00 -              Consciousness: that annoying time between naps!
                                                                   Procrastinate NOW!
Opt. Steve Williams is looking for volunteers to be present at
the passenger loading area to assist adults and children,
                                                                   He who dies with the most toys is, nonetheless, DEAD!
especially the latter, to board and exit the train. Please give
your name to Opt. Steve if you would like to help out on any
                                                                   Ever stop to think, and forget to start again???
or all of these days.

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