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              ,   t-.



                         Feminine Eau De Parfum

      As a bell flower blossoms, so does the fragrance of First Love.
     Perfuming the air with the promise of a new beginnings. Evoking
   the blush of innocence. Enveloping me in a world of romance. And
 as I wander through my day, through my life, everything that touches
me, is no more beautiful, no more lasting, than my First Love.
              PO\MER, PLUS
               Masculine Eau De Parf um

                      Power Plus pour homme. A new design
                     object for perfuming yourself. Experience the
                    fusion of design and functionality in its unique
                  form. Far from the beaten track, explore the
                 reality with a defrnite taste of originality. Live life
                surrounded by your dreams which are populated
               by real beings.

           The unique design is inspired from the active lifestyle
          sought after by the modern man who understands and
       appreciates the importance of physical ftness. Leading an
     active life is beneficialforthe body aswell asthe mind. Men of
   all generations can identify with Power Plus because whatever
their ages are, Power Plus will remind them of physical frtness
             Masculine Eau De Toilette

The rich compositions open with fresh sparkling aromati( and citrus
accords of mint and mandarine. The aromatic theme continues into the
heart of the fragrance with coriander. Floral notes of rose and jasmine
are present and these mingle with Seranium and pepper. The warm
and retentive dry down notes of precious woods and amber adds to
the originality and    luxuriousness   of this   unique lragrance.

              This Frag.ance is also available in
      2oo ml Deo spray and 50 ml Roll    on Deodoranl
I         evoking
                 A Lady        attired in a classy blle outft with a soft sheen. Cheerful,
                      a youthful feeling of "JOY OF LlFE". The blue.olour theme

I      expresses a sensual boldness. The fragrance is bottled ina gracefully curued
      blue   SLass   bottle with a golden collar accentuated with a light blue ribbon
     symbolizing a stylish scail around her neck. A clear (ap resembles Lady's hat,
    while the classy blue box fealures a lady's shape in a (ontrasting white colour.

    A very fresh floral bouquet with citrus notes and fruity touches, The
    green note gives more freshness and more diffusion. The accord finishes
    with a soft musky powdery effe(t and a lasting woody                            note.

                               This Fragrance is also available in

I                      2oo ml Deo spray and 50 ml Roll On Deodorant
                                                    Feminine Eau De Parfum

                                                  \ f!*
                                                 f\. ,,-.
   There has never been a human mind that does not hold memories ol
   special moments or special people in their lives. The whiff of your loved
  ones, bring back memories that you never want to lose. Such cherished
 memories make you hold those moments, reminding you of your loved
 ones, who maybe far yet feels so near.

 "Cherish" comprises of just the right perfume ingredients to bring back
those enchanting moments, it brinSs your loved ones so near, you can
almost feel them even when they are far away.
Rasasi   wishes you   to   "Cherish" those special moments with your loved
ones, now and forever.

                      Ihis fragrance is also availablc in :oo rrl
                      Deo spray and 5o ml Rol On Deodorant
       Masculine Eau De Parf                   um

             5h IT

What does it take to make a man irresistible? To make
him stand out in a crowdl To acquire the special aura
that can draw eyes to him and to him alone?

Discover the four magic keys to Male
Charismawith Rasasi's "Chastity'r. A manrs
appearance is defined by his Clothes Sense.
lmpeccable dressing, whether formal or
casual, is the first key to irresistibility. Let
your choice of colours and fabric speak
for you. Let your accessories complement
your style. Keep up with the fashion of
the day, but also venture out to set new
trends for others to follow. Perfume-one
of the essentials of physical appeal --
never to be compromised upon. Select the
best with Rasasirs perfume par
excellenceJChastity"! Let the Tangerine
from Brazil and Lime from Haiti envelop you
in an aura of Suave Masculinity.

       This Fragrance is also available in
2oo ml Deo sprayand 50 ml Roll On Deodorant.
Feminine Eau De Parfum

  A fragrance that epitomizes a striking new
   image of a fresh young woman that
      matches the essence of purity. A clean
      and transpdrent frdgrance that Bives a
       lot of freshness enlivened with green
         fruity top notes. The dry down has a
           lasting (haracter and power.

                        This FraBrance is nlso
                 available in 20o mi Deo spray
                and 50 ml Roll   on Deodorant
         A warm, rich and sensual fragrance that captures the
       different facets of a woman's emotion. A very rich floral
  bouquet where the blending of different flowers gives        a
very     harmonious and             sensuous fragrance.


Jewel means Beauty, Wealth & Passion.
Jewel a dangerously seductive fragrance
from Rasasi with swaying Pearl and
Gemstone mounted on silver cap, Jewel
is the echo of a dream after a sudden
reawakening in a lively reality. A silky
smooth purple glass, caressed by the
faceted stones creates an expression
of Rasasirs craftsmanship and fun for a
modem take on traditional Jewel. The
pearls on glass design and contrasting
create hypnotically iridescent webs of
light. Jewel    creates a shimmering
interplay of tonal variations with silver
cap mounted on purple glass bottle.
Jewel, a rare collection rooted in'true
luxury, which sets out to overcome
conformism. Hence, the impeccable &
fresh elegance of this new fragrance is
distinguished by ultra-luxurious pearl with
implicit values. Unravel the mystery of this
Jewel beauty thru the notes of intricately
designed fragrance foming hues of nature. Jewel
eau de parfum, an embodiment of ethnic, beauty
and modern views of today's                  women.

       This Fragrance is also available in
2oo ml Deo spray and 5o ml Roll On Deodorant.
                            Feminine Eau De Parfum

      Freshness, youth, pure emotion is the universe       of   lnnocence. The
     image of an ingenuous woman. An invitation to live the life with the
    heart, a romantic smell for the romantic side of                         life.
   The fragrance opens with a feminine radiant burst of flowers      -   opulent
  Rose, sumptous Jasmine. Then it continues with a spicy accord in the
 heart note. An explosion of noble spice such as Clove combined with
pamento leaves. The background is refined, the image of an unexpected
sensuality, a veil of vanilla enhanced by subtle musks, an unforgettable trail.
Discreet but        very present the              fragran(e is           classic.

              This Fragrance is also available in 20o ml Deo spray
                          and 5o ml Roll On Deodorant
                         Masculine Eau De Toilette

Royale pour homme. His quest for a perfect fragrance has now been
fulfilled. The fragrance of the Royale........ the unimaginable scent
with power.....lays the stone paved path to overcome the blues.
Now he knows looking at the air around him... ...... ..the scented
grasping a feeling, would not leave him
through the breaking twisting of a macho man's life;
reluctant to part, the fresh smell of Royale

It embraced him all the trme, the good  me,
feeling... ... ....the presence of the real essence of th(
                                        Through tl life'
life..............around him always. Thr(
tapestry, the Royale him the r
ultimate man... .....The Royale Man.
                                                  e )t the
                                            ough t:he I ife'!
                                        he power to be th
                                                  t,      th(

This Fragrance is also available in 20o ml
Deo spray and 50 ml Roll On Deodorant
                                            Feminine Eau De Parfum

                         Royale is the new charming princess from Rasasi. The
                         maiestic jewel in the crown of Rasasi. ln the quest for
                         "Royale" no stone was left unturned in perfecting this
                          masterpiece. lt is the progeny of four years of perseverance
                          during which more than hundred design themes and close
                           to two hundred fragrances were evaluated.

                            Here comes our little princess. An exquisite outer chamber in
                           an ornate shade of gold representing the richness of your
                         perfume, side walls of an irresistible metallic purple with
                       artistic motifs on it allures you to reach the inner realm of the
                    princess. A waistband, which slides over the box, guards the Royale
               box, the two flaps of the box slide open smoothly to reveal the bottle.
     The dainty crystal like bottle is like a Royal princess -'delicate and ravishingly
 beautiful. She takes your breath away, attired in a soft, refreshing shade of pink giving
the countors of her body a new meaning to beauty. Her fragrance fills up your senses
and your heart wishes to reach out and touch this princess


                        This Fragrance is also available in 2oo ml Deo spray
                                   and 50 ml Roll On Deodorant
                  Masculine           Eau De Parfum

   Whether it is a child striving to take his first step or a young man
   dreaming of fame and recognition, ambition is the driving force
  behind everybody's success. lt is what detemines our destiny. lt is
  what makes us work single-mindedly to achieve our              goals,
  A partially frosted bottle with the product name in bold shiny silver
 and mahagony wood lacquered shoulder assembled in rich aluminium
 collar and cap make the otheMise simple bottle chic. An innovative
outer box in a new metallic covering material is not only spectacular
but high'tech as well. The steel gray outer 5leeve of the box has the
duplicating effect of expensive metal and iewel visuals. Dark copper
main box material has got inspiration from Egypt's age old papyrus.

                 This Fragrance is also available in
          i50 ml Deo spray and 50 ml Roll On Deodoranl
      Masculine Eau De Parfum

You     are        courteous,        masculine,
well-mannered, charming, classic and
elegant. You are aware of the trends but
cultivate your own style and personality.
Deserye pour homme eau de parfum expresses
the spirit of Rasasi captured in a bottle exclusively
made for men who know how to bring elegance into
each moment of their lives. That's the essence of a true
gentleman, You deserye the best from                   Rasasi.

                 This Fragrance is also available in
      2oo   ml   Deo spray and 50 ml Roll On Deodorant
                    9nteaueFeminine Eau De Parfum

           The fragrance is a floral, sparkling and enveloping. tt is a
          touch of madness with a little provocation, a surprising

         Deserve is presented in a bottle of clear flint glass with
        frosted highlights. The purity of our desires and the secrets
       that we all cherish close to our hearts are reflected in this
      design, whose soft contours convey a sensual femininity. A
     touch of gold at the shoulder, like a beieweled necklace around
    a woman's neck and a cap in a joyous peach are the perfect
  finishing touch to the bottle. Deserve comes in a box of the
 happiest of colours - orange, with the cap motif repeated all over in
yellow signifying the seemingly countless things that we all deserve.

                 Tlris Fra€{rance is also available in
         zoo nrl Deo spray and 50 ml Roll On Deodorant
                  Feminine Eau De Parfum


The Amazing Secret   of the Soul is born. lt will
truly transcend you and become the persona
that you truly are. The Fragrance that spread
the vibration of unconditional Love, The Scent
that whispers through the Heart the Secrets; To
see Light in all angles          of Lite: Happiness, Joy and

Soul's Secret - The waiting has come right in your
hand. Let's embrace ourselves with sou|s secret...
and enioy life.

                    ir Ir.r,1.frr,,     !.L),r\,,rrl.rl)l(' il
        'L,o   rir l)r,).1)r.rf,iil1l ,o Il] [i.)l] I )r {)c{)ri,)r,rn1
                     Feminine Eau De Parfum


Confidence is a very strong character trait, giving the courage to face
 all odds of life. This quality in a woman is the backbone of her
  multifaceted role which needs boost to face the challenge of the
   world. Confidence eau de parfum is for the self-assured woman
     who love to be the center ofattention.

       A richly seductive floral oriental opens with wave of aqueous
       accords followed immediately by Mandarin, Lemon, Pink
        peppercorn and Plum. At the fragrance's heart you will find
         Jasmine, Orange blossom and Orris supported by rich
          seductive base notes of Vetiver, Vanilla and Musk,

             Masculine Eau De Parfum

From the time immemorial mankind has tried hard in fiShting
temptation. Now again just another challenge to all those
entranced by the MAN brandishing the waves of "FiShting
Temptation". Fighting Temptation is a truly classic fragrance
with an overpowering ability to kindle your passion and provoke
your secret fantasies. This masculine fragrance is so enticing that
it creates an aura of magnetism around you that is hard to resisl

co on! Let the    charm   of real man in you      unleash the captivating and
uncontrolled temptation around you. Dare to be a man to cast the powerful spell
of "Fighting Temptation". Fighting Temptation is playfol yet innocent, pervasive yet
reserved, tempting but irresistible               .after all   it   is about temptation.

This Fragrance is also available in 2oo      ml   Deo spray and 5o ml Roll On Deodorant
                                             Feminine Eau De Parfum

                            Temptation is a fragrance that cannot                             be
                            resisted. She has the ability to tempt and allure,
                                   unlocking the magic of provocation,

                                         Narcissus, Jasmine, Lily of the valley and Rose.

                                    Temptation is the heart and soul of Eden and her
                          irresistible fragrance captivates all that encounter her. The
                   fragrance base is given a woody and musky note coming from
              Sandalwood, Cedar, Amber and Musk giving her depth and body.
        Temptation i5 a stylish and fascinating, the modern essence of nature,
  Experience the dulcet, spirited nature of youth. Yield to temptation. Temptation is
                       for the young woman, who need not attempt to                      tempt,

                                      Thi5   Fragrin(c   is nlso   availnble in 20o ml Deo spray
                                                                   ancl 5o ml Roll On Deodorant.
   Masculine Eau De Parfum


Instinct is the inherent disposition of a living being to a particular
behavior. Trust your deepest instincts, to find what is really true, ln art as
in love... lnstinct suffces (by Anatole France) to know the value what we
cherish the most.

Rasasi has created   a perfume to increase the intensity of this inherent
disposition to search for that which is in each one of us. THE PERFUME

This Fragrance is also available in zoo   ml   Deo spray and
50 ml Roll On Deodorant
          Feminine Eau De Parfum

A free spirit, the lnstincts woman aspires to be
swept away and acts on impulse. Authentic,
 open-minded, captivating, a bit wild, she'll try
 anything once, and she knows how to take
  advantage of the surprises life can offer!

  A perfect balance among the lush natural
  ingredients that make a marvelously feminine
  perfume. The top notes are composed of
  Jamaican pepper and purple freesia accords. ln
  the middle, white heliotrope and Jasmine
  accords go beautifully with hibiscus blossom and
  Bulgarian rose and Amber. At the base,
  Himalayan cedar wood and Mysore sandalwood
  accords        blend       with       incense.
           VAN I'I-'Y
            (ra!u    dt]        lliltlLlllt

she is uncompromising in her demand and choosy in
her choice. She is hard to please and easy to inflame.
She wants promises   to be kept in time. she has a set of
                                         fulfill. she
expectations, that only who understands can
      to take nothing less than valued vanity. Vanity
is ready
worn on her defines her individuality. The extent of
individuality is one's view on another character.

This new collection interprets the         Art for aesthetically pleasing
and contemporary women. VANITY by Rasasi transcends this
iudgment of Character and makes it a sign of a womanis

                           iil:.r)   iv:ril;rblc r),liri:r nr: ilerr ii)i:li
                                                                 j["b/"                 Eau De Parfum

        /t't '/rtt
           /,             17   t'


I*,                                                 The early showers of spring have gently moistened. The hushed
                                                  breath of a soft breeze has tenderly caressed. lt is time for the
                                                blossoming of feminity. An awakening of senses a discovery of
              60   trrl
                                            The rising tempo of sensuality begins to pulsate. With Feelings so

      \*                  -/            whimsical that they lend you wings. With Feelings so mischievous that they
                                      make you scintillate. With Feelings so volatile that they storm your being. with
                                    FeelinSs so exciting that they set you aglow. Only with                   Rasasi.

                                                  This Fragrance is also available in 2oo ml Deo spray and
                                                                  50 ml Roll   on Deodorant
R.g N4AI\ EE

Masculine Eau De Parfum

The blue theme of the packaging is very
modern. The transparency of the bottle
brings purity and freshness to the product.

The fragrance is fresh, floral and musky. The
top notes are composed of                  Bergamot,
Ceranium and Lemon. The Middle note are
Spicy with floral elements from Rose and
Jasmine. The bottom notes are of Amber, Sandal
and Musk

lhis [:rr[lrrncc   s   also nvarlab]e rn
?oo   ml Deo sprny ancl 50 rrl Roll On Deo(lorant
                                Feminine Eau De Parfum

                         Romance is for the woman who loves to explore
                       the world of fantasy, who likes to take a voyage to far
                    beyond, it is for the naturally shining woman who enioys
                 life and fun. Fresh and sparkling top notes lead to        a

              sumptuous bouquet of rose and iasmine, harmoniously
           combined with the fruity, woody, powdery notes in the dry down


liiirtrlqrril(eit.rlsoavailablein:oom DcosprayJr)d50il)lRollOfDeodorant
           Masculine Eau De Parf um

           #           Knowledge is power
                       acquire it, the more powerful you

                      ALL MEN BY NATURE
                     KNOWLEDCE      - Aristotle.
                    When knowledge and peace
                                                   -   The more you


                   constructive, is it not the obligation of each
                  of us to attain   as much as we can        of   this
                 knowledge? For the attainment of Knowledge
            in this life which leadsto peace.

       With knowledge comes truth and it is this quest for
     truth which pushes us to want to know more about
   all things.

Here we present you, the      "Book" with "Knowledge"......

         This Fragrance is also available in
 2oo ml Deo      spcy and 50 ml Roll On DeodoEnt
  Feminine Eau De Parfum

Admire by Rasasi ushers in a new definition of
 contemporary fragrance. lt is stylishly chic
   without being audacious. Created on the belief
    that fashion trends always pass by but style
      remains unchanged. lt highlights that luxury
       is as   spiritual a need as love.
        The product is sculptured by a Paris,an
          designer and infused with the acclaimed
           French flair. Luxury is when         the inside   is

               as beautiful as the outside. Just              a
               parting line of wisdom      --   "The secret
                of   happiness is   to   admire without

                ThIs Fragrance is dlso available             rn

                2oo ml Deo spray and 50 ml Roll On

              I          6:ii

Jabber, chatter, babble, burble, gibber,
gabble, tattle, rattle...       Vivacious,
dynamic, vibrant, perky, lively,.. Are the
facet of a Subbly Cal
                 - revealed thru
the appearance, body language,
gestures, demeanor, posture and

A ultra-feminine silhouette of the
Rasasirs Bubbly gal is traced
contemporary, precise yet delicate,
reprising & exploring. Rasasi's scent
specially designed, transmits the Bubbly
gal presence. she makes friends         and
influence people with enthusiasm,
charisma, poise and cham.

Bubbly, a daring new fragnnce for gals is all
about being gutsy, seductive with a pleasant
touch of mischievousness and having zestfor life.

Bubbly gal Eau de Parfum, for girls iust wanna have funl

        This Fragrance is also available in
2oo ml Deo spray and 5o ml Roll On Deodorant,
 Feminine Eau De Parfum

Rasasi unveils     the passion for women. "Twinkle"
 the fragrance which lingers.... the invisible
  delightful new spirit in fragrance... fresh as
 flowers that follows to reflect a modern women's
  desire   to experience life's little pleasures.... giving
  her the winning confidence        to stretch the   mind
  into ideas one didn't know existed.
 This new creation     from Rasasi with the interesting
 unusual and refreshing smell of the fresh flowers
of spring....... that refuses to give way. Twinkling
around her and lifting the winning spirits of
                        Masculine Eau De Parfum

                    e            r

       Emotions are unique to Man. He feels and, therefore, he
     is, Tender, Protective, Vulnerable, Romantic. One whiff is
    all it takes to waft you over waves of                  Emotions...
   The   wam   clasp of hands under a moonlit sky. The soft whisDer caried
  by a tender breeze. The ardent shimmer in the meeting of the     eyes, Let
 the fragcnce of Emotions weave a spell of pure magic. After all what is life
without Emotlons? Live and Feel Life....,With none other than          Rasasi.

            This Fragrance is also available in 2oo ml Deo spray
                        and 50 ml Roll On Deodorant
                    Feminine Eau De Parfum


                   Emotion. The queen of          conscious.
                   When fine emotions twinkle within, feelings
                   turn supreme. "EmotionI from Rasasi is a
                   tribute to fine feelings; a fragrance to
                    experience. The perfume created to initiate
                   the feminine moods and arouse the playful
                  minds. Graceful excitement is the secretl Just
                 to share with you.

              The mystery unveils when the silvery tongue on
            the face of the package is gently slipped out. Right
           away a preview of the natural spray commences. A
         bottle with a kiss of regal hue shows up, elegantly
        designed to fall into the lap of the tender hand, only to
      hiss out a womanrs pride. The crown of it is a modest cap,
    deliberately understated to celebrate the feminine charm. All
   enveloped in an argent duo-tone with a refreshing dash of
 suggestive purple. After all lEmotion" has been created for the
precious gender. Truly, a             conscious experience.
        Feminine Eau De Parfum

               A delicate floral     and fruity
            fragrance blended with the finest
          quality of essential oils. The Top notes
       are a transparent accord of Muguet
      which glides smoothly into the Middle
    notes of White Peach. The Bottom notes are
  very sensual and rich, using a skilful blend ol
creamy musks, Vanilla and traces of fine woods.
              rolationMasculine Eau De Parfum


The universe is run by a single principle - The great ultimate
which devided into two opposite forces which can not
exist without the other, they need each other for a
balance in all things        -   HAN PHILOSOPHY. The
continual movement of the two energies is what
keeps the world going. These two energies,
the Yin and the Yang together                 are
synonymous of a perfect whole, one is lost
without the other and causes turmoil in
our day today behaviour and attitude.
Man and Woman however different need
each other Ior the perfect balance in life.
And together they form a unique force,
which can even create Iife. To cherish this
alchemy Rasasi has created two distinct
perfumes for him and for her respecting
e.rch onc's individuality but which create a
symbiosis of            well-being together.

This Fr.rgr.rn(c is
also available in zoo   ml   Deo
spray and 50 ml Roll On Deodorant
                Feminine Eau De Parfum

fhe universe is run by a single principle - The great ultimate
   which devided into two opposite forces which can not
      exist without the other, they need each other for a
         balance in all things , HAN PH|LOSOPHY. The
           continual movement of the two energies is
             what keeps the world going. These two
              energies, the Yin and the Yang together are
               synonymous of a perfect whole, one is lost
                without the other and causes turmoil in
                our day today behaviour and attitude.
                  Man and Woman however different need
                 each other for the perfect balance in life.
                 And together they form a unique force,
                 which can even create life. To cherish this
                 alchemy Rasasi has created    two distinct
                perfumes for him and     for her respecting
               each one's individuality but which create a
             symbiosis of         well-being together.
                                        g'{*,*ll    Feminine Eau De Parfum

      I   V'
          \,                     You can entice............ You can charm.. ..              ...   You    can

                                 fascinate.........And when you look into the eyes                . .    lT'S

                                 HYPNOTlZlNC........... Only You,         the woman, can do               all

                                these....... That's what makes you the "ADORABLE"

                                The FOUR versatile forms of   woman: Mother, Sister, Daughter and
                            Wife... ...... .. Only you can create life and Sive life      to life. You   are

                           the complete woman...... ComPletely ADORABLE .... And no [4an                   is

                           complete without     a   Woman in his life.

                      It   is   for the completely ADORABLE Woman that we submit this special
                     Fragrance...... A fragrance that is woven with the threads of
                    perfection......ADORABLE. Nature has been our best !our(e of
                   inspiration, in all our creations......      1ike... ....,       When the Sun rises in

                 the East, The lotus blooms.., ...... to      say   "You are   so   ADoRABLE",

               this fragrance is for that complete Woman, to say......"You are AD0RABLE"
                    Feminine Eau De Parfum

   The fragrance is the reflection of a woman's mysterious
   moods and the sensuousness of the variety of her
  emotions. lt is a personification of her enchanted and
 undisclosed feelings of hidden passion. A creative expression of
elegant flowers, fruits, green elements and precious woods.

          Ihis Fragrance   is also available in 2oo   ml Deo spray
                     and 50 ml Roll On Deodorant
               @"/"/t @o**:%rr                                   t
                      Feminine Eau De Parfum


          A woman living under a lucky star. She is unique, ioyful,
          strong, passionate and always undoubtedly - herself, The
           packaging is very luxurious having a rich pearl box. The
           violet and green colours of the bottle create          a
            mesmerizing fusion of metal and glass. The fragrance is
            luxurious, powerful and sensual, A mdlange of heady
             flowers and fruit nectars.


                              This Fragrance is also
                          available in 20o ml Deo spray
                          and 50 ml Roll On Deodorant

                                                              li   [E
                      .rru" ,**"
                    ..r!'' .,ld''        ,,rj'
              -.*' , ''


        ,r''    f               .t ,;"                             u
       c"d                  ,
11 /" l#i
    ".;' d

                          ,.u .,
/                f,#                i                              f
                                                   RASASI LIF'E
                                                 Feminine Eau De Parfum


      -rh.*                 L.AUNcHft

                                      lhe essence of a modern woman. The one who goes
                                     beyond hers goals and has the soul of a champion. lt is
                                    a fragrance that invites her to express the many facets
                                   of her personality.

                                  Rasasi Life is a fragrance par excellence. Aimed at
                                 self confident, determined women, it gives the strength
                                to make her dreams come true and to aahieve the
t                I


    ..l'         ,!
                               The composition blends warm accords with fresh notes. The

      'lirr{t   ,l "1          result is vibrant and magnetic, without being aggressive.





                                              RASASI             PEARL
                                                   Feminine Eau De Par{um


                                 Pearl signifes the most refined adornment what can be
                                presented on anything from queenly crown to a simple
                               pendant to complement the refined femininity. Rasasi Pearl for
                              women tries to convey this concept in its transparent bottle
                             with a stylish, bit futuristic and elegant metallic champagne
                            coloured cap adorned by the perfect pearl,

                       It is a wonderful bunch of Chypre Floral notes. The warm and
                      obstinate lncense and rose oil is surrounded by the vibrating
                     Bulgarian rose and Orange blossom note which brings sensuality to
                    the perfume. The background built with Patchouli and various Rose
                    notes    makes this perfume defrnitely substantiate.

       ,',1.    J
                                          Masculine Eau De Parfum

Royale Blue pour homme. His quest for a perfect fragrance has now been
fulfilled. The fragrance of the Royale Blue........the unimaginable scent
with power.....lays the stone paved path to overcome the blues. Now
he knows looking at the air around him... ........the scented grasping a feelinS, would not leave him through the
breaking twisting of a macho man's life; reluctant to part,
the fresh smell of Cavaillon melon, Mandarin orange,
Cucumber mellowed by the scent of ceranium, Basil, t::
Sage absolute and finally the aroma of delicate musky i]
sensual woods that persists......
It embraced him all the time, the                                     good
feeling..........the presence of the real essence of the
life..............around him always. Through the life's
tapestry, the Royale Blue ......8ives him the power to be
the ultimate man........The Royale Blue                               Man.

    I   lr, I r,r!lr.       irr r rs also,lvJildblc in loo nrl
i       lr:o   sl rr   .ry ,ill(1 ,)(J fr l{()ll ()f l)eo(jor aillt
                                                         : ,. t,-.\,        , 'r ir i.,
                                                        Feminine Eau De Parfum


                            The quest      for   a   perfect fragrance has now been fulfrlled.

                             The fragrance of the Royale Blue,......,.the unimaginable scent
                              with power......lays the stone paved path to overcome the

                               Now she knows looking at the air around her.........the scented
                              grasping a feeling, would not leave her
                            thro!8h the enchanting of a woman's life; reluctant to part, the
                         floral smell of a garden in bloom, the intermingling of floral note
                      with a musky notes and sensual woods that persists.,......

     It embraced her all the time, the good feeling.......the presence of the real essence
of the life... ... ...around her always,

Through the life's tapestry, the Royale Blue                  .gives her   the power to be the ultimate
woman........The Royale Blue Woman.
 {s'$E                  Masculine Eau De Parfum

The golden dusk is melting on the river............... the graceful
stream flowing gently into the heart of the purple horizon....,
the flowery landscape waving with a thousand rainbows....
the nature looked truly overjoyed.... the sky is               a

luxurious canvas, painted in golden orange. I stood in
awe ...,.,.....,...,.. at the golden c|ouds.......... aren't
these proofs that Eternity exists....? the cold
waves ofthe stream kissed my toes..., the gentle
breeze caressed my hair.............. the fragrance
of my Prince embraced me gently.... is this
the fragrance of true 1ove.................,...,.? or,
the fragrance of TRUE NATURE.,...,..,.....?

                         of aqueous
The fragrance opening notes
Cactus and dynamic juicy fruits like
Mandarin and Kiwi...............

The heart of the fragrance is aromatic
and spicy, thanks to the presence of
Clary sage and resin notes..........

The base blends warm notes of
exotic woods, Rose and Musk

         IIrr\ I r,r11r,ilr(, 1\rl\(),rviilil)lo   in

r()o nrl l)i,() \l)r.ry,rr(l,Jo rill l{()ll On l)r,o(lorint
                Truly               for          Men
                 Masculine Eau De Parfum

                            lri r
                              !l     Y.s

 Out of the storm, and in to calm waters, Truly for
Men has the look of a helmsman. Who believes in the
spiritual apprehension of riSincerity" those are
beyond the understanding. The fragrance is clear &
precise, at the same time evocative of the sensual and
spiritual roots of the tradition.

Truth & Sincerity are sine qua       non.   Eelieving in the
mystical powers that heal, transform and empower
humanity. "Truth & Sincerity" are completely
indissociable. Where there is truth, there is sincerity.
 Truth & Sincerity makes great couples.

  A maior, full blown fragrance is launched as               a

   homage to "Truth & Sincerity", created by

                                                  Yours Truly,

                       This Fragrance is also available in
                                      2oo ml Deo spray and

                                   50 ml Roll   on Deodorant
                DEO ROLL-ON

                            t         -

                                                               b     \

                                                               fi    ,'ia,nn

    Endeavor the variety    of   your favorite fragrance by
    applying Deo roll On, its deodorizes 6ently and delivers
    lasting freshness and spraying the same perfume to
    hold the charisma.




t               Rasasi's long lasting Deodorant sp.ays to keep you dry,

t               cool and fresh, its rich formulation will also remind you
               the fragrance of Rasasi, and your personality will remain
               wherever you are.

I              Rasasi deodorant-sprays are designed mainly from the
              personal hygiene point of view, it contains special

I            ingredients which work best when used directly on skin by
            spraying liberally.

t          The time of the thrill that last forever, even more exciting
          than the sensation of achieving is the sensation of experienc-
        ing the Deodorant Sprays from Rasasi.

I    The Rasasi EDP & Deodorant spray together gives the dynamics of
    sheer extraordinary power for all day freshness.



Rasasi presents perfume Talc -. a moisture
absorber. The formulation of natural fine
grained mineral that has a smooth sjlky feel
and Rasasi's own delightful fragrances.
Rasasi Perfume Talc deodorizing effect
ieaves you fragrant all day long, creatjng an
impression wherever you                  go.
The modern dandy - consumer who is
devoted to fragrance & fashion is the
inspiration behind Rasasi perfume Talc.

An exquisite body lotion, rich in natural plant extracts
and packed with the nutritious and restorative
 qualities of Aloe Vera, provides the skin long lasting
  hydration, leaving it soft and replenished.
  Action: lt moisturizes the skin intensively (by
   impregnation of the upper layers of the epidermis),
   giving it an immediate sensation of freshness and
   vitality that is ideal for skin needing tender and
   healthy care,
   Results: lt hydrates the skin while making it
   smooth, radiant and toned. ln a long term, the
  skin's pores are refned, the complexion               is

  revitalized and its resistance to the effects of time
 and environmental factors is significantly improved.
         Concentrated Perfume

'*\ t)fiw

  lncrease the strength of your favorite
  Fragrance by applying Concentrated Oil on
  your pulses & spraying the same fragrance
 for intense pleasure.

               10 nrl
               I.lau   l)c l)arlunr


Rasasi has launched its bestseller fragrances in
10 ml pack. Designed mainly for the
con5umer's convenience, driven by its core
values to cater costumer's need & their
satisfaction. Now Rasasi's bestseller Perfumes
in 10 ml convenient pack can be carried and
used anywhere and everywhere. lt is a perfect
pack designed to carry in your pocket & purse
for you to refresh and re-splash with the
desired fragrance. lt is also a perfect trial pack
for you to experience and enjoy various
fragrances designed to suit your preferences
and moods. And it is an ideal pack for your
overnight outings.          Making sure the
convenience is always on top of mind, thus
loml pack is called "Consuvenience". Rasasi 1o
ml pack represents twenty-four most coveted
Perfume brands in the world. Adorn Rasasi,s ''
'Admire', 'Adorable', '8lue for Men', Blue Lady',
rCatheriner, rChastityr, rDeserve,,,Emotion,,
'Feelings','Fighting Temptationr,         rHope',
'Seduction','Twinkle' and'Ambition' in loml
all'time favourite fragrances for Men &


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