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Subcommittee                                           Title                                   Note
     C         Considerations for Use of Disturbance Recorders                                 WG Report
     C         Protective Relaying and Power Quality                                           WG Report
     C         Wide Area Protection and Emergency Control                                      WG Report
     C         Relay Engineering in Power Engineering Curricula                                WG Report
     C         Cybersecurity Issues for Protective Relaying                                    WG Report
     C         Performance of Relaying during Wide-Area Stressed Conditions                    WG Report
     D         High Impedance Fault Detection (link broken)                                    WG Report
     D         Impact of Distributed Resources on Distribution Line Protection                 WG Report
     D         Loss of ac Voltage Considerations for Line Protection                           WG Report
     D         Power Swing and Out-of-Step Considerations on Transmission Lines                WG Report
     D         Results of the 2002 Distribution Protection Survey                              WG Report
     D         Transmission Line Relay Loadability                                             WG Report
     D         EMTP Reference Models for Transmission Line Relay Testing                       WG Report
     D         Justifying Pilot Protection on Transmission Lines                               WG Report
               Summary of C37.230-2007, IEEE Guide for Protective Relay Applications to
     D         Distribution Lines                                                              WG Report
     D         Cold Load Pickup Issues                                                         WG Report
               Application Considerations of IEC 61850/UCA 2 for Substation Ethernet Local
     H         Area Network Communication for Protection and Control                           WG Report
     H         Application of Peer-to-Peer Communication for Protective Relaying               WG Report
     H         Digital Communications for Relay Protection                                     WG Report
     H         File Naming Convention for Time Sequence Data                                   WG Report
               IEEE C37.115-2003 Standard Test Method for Use in Evaluation of Message
               Communications between Intelligent Electronic Devices in an Integrated
     H         Substation Protection, Control, and Data Acquisition System                     WG Report
     H         Special Considerations in Applying Power Line Carrier for Protective Relaying   WG Report
               Using Spread Spectrum Radio Communication for Power System Protection
     H         Relaying Applications                                                           WG Report
     I         CT Saturation Theory and Calculator                                             WG Report
     I         Intertie Protection of Consumer-Owned Generation                                WG Report
     I         Manufacturer’s Service Letter Database                                          TF Report
     I         Relay System Performance Measuring                                              WG Report
     I         Summary Paper on C37.90.1-2002                                                  WG Report
     I         2001 Survey of Relaying Test Practices                                          WG Report
     I         Transmission Relay Systems Performance Comparison                               WG Report
     I         Transmission Relay Systems Performance Comparison                               WG Report
     I         Understanding Microprocessor-Based Technology Applied to Relaying               WG Report
               Overview on C57.13.3, "IEEE Guide for the Grounding of Instrument Transformer
     I         Secondary Circuits and Cases"                                                   Presentation
               Event Reconstruction Using Data from Protection and Disturbance Recording
     I         Intelligent Electronic Devices                                                  WG Report
     J         Performance of Generator Protection During Major System Disturbances            WG Report
     K         Breaker Failure Protection - Power Point presentation from the WPRC             Presentation
     K         Protection of Phase Angle Regulating Transformer                                WG Report
     K         Relay Trip Circuit Design                                                       WG Report
     K         Transformer Thermal Overload Protection                                         WG Report
     K         Voltage Collapse Mitigation                                                     WG Report
 TUTORIAL      Overview on C37.92, Standard for Low-Level Analog Interface between Electronic Sensors and Protective Rela
 TUTORIAL      Presentations - Chapters 1 to 4                                                 EMTP Tutorial
 TUTORIAL      Presentations - Chapters 5 to 9                                                 EMTP Tutorial
 TUTORIAL      Presentations - Chapters 10 to 13                                               EMTP Tutorial
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TUTORIAL   Presentation - Web Based Review of Papers - Sidhu                                 Presentation
           Presentation - Rogowski Coils as presented to the working group "Application of
TUTORIAL   Rogowski Coils for Protective Relaying Purposes"                                  Presentation
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