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									Get Eyeballed with Facebook and LinkedIn
Published on Tuesday, April 21, 2009, 12:17 PM Last Update: 10 day(s) ago by Bob Corcoran
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                     Lots of old-fashioned thinkers and marketers are asking the same
                     exact question: Where are all the eyeballs these days?

                     And I’ve met my share of agents and brokers who’ve been
                     asking that question, too. It’s a key question because when all is
                     said in done in the marketing arena; it’s the number of eyeballs
that really matter.

Ask folks in the newspaper business, they’ll tell you all about it while they
stand in the unemployment line. For the last 15 years, eyeballs have been
rolling away from print and to the Internet. And that fact has left newspapers
out in the cold – quite literally, outside on the driveway and unread.

Because my job as coach and consultant depends on agents and brokers being
profitable, I like to share what helps them. And here’s a piece of information
you can’t afford to ignore (unless you’re looking to get out of real estate): Go
where the eyeballs are and you’ll succeed in real estate.

Yes, the answer is the Internet. But specifically, they’re showing up more and
more on Facebook and LinkedIn, two of the more popular social networking
sites on the Internet.

At the end of February, Facebook reached 275 million users (that’s 550 million
eyeballs for those of you counting) around the world, according to research
firm comScore.

And LinkedIn reports it has over 38 million members worldwide. A new
member joins LinkedIn approximately every second. What’s more, executives
from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members.
Real success stories are starting to emerge. I read about an agent in Missouri
who, days after getting a LinkedIn profile, connected with a client who ended
up listing with the agent twice in three years, and he got $3 million in referral
sales just by having the profile.

So how can agents and brokers benefit from Facebook? Here are a few thingss:

1. Market properties to a specific group or friends. Plus, share your listings with
other agents -- before they land on the MLS.

2. Increase contacts by getting past and current clients to add you to their
networks. And include links to your profile in all your online marketing

3. Create defined groups such as first-time homebuyers. For example, you can
start a “St. Louis Homebuyers” group and answer first-time buyers’ questions.
You can also start a referral group with hundreds of agents.

4. Consider pay per click Facebook ads, typically .10 per click and you can
send visitors directly to your listings. What’s more, you can choose the
demographic you want to target.

And for LinkedIn, consider these ideas:

1. Build your database of contacts. Simply invite LinkedIn people to join your
network with a quick note, something like, “I’m glad to see you’re on
LinkedIn. Maybe we can connect to help each another in our businesses. Can
you add me to your network?”

2. Find the big hitters. Because LinkedIn is business oriented, you can connect
with decision makers such as the relocation coordinators, human resource
managers and others.
3. Get (or give) answers. LinkedIn has added a feature called LinkedIn
Answers so folks can network with their questions and answers and share

4. Publish your online resume to help better define who you are and your
business niche.

A final note about LinkedIn and Facebook: You get out what you put in, just
like a live networking event. So be proactive, outgoing, persistent, and of
course, charming.

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