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                    New York                                April 2011


                                                              Photo by Gerry Marsh

           ~ 2011 NYSSA Award Winners p. 2
           ~ NYSSA Scholarship Winners p. 6
           ~ 2nd Annual NYSSA Vintage Sled Show Winners p. 7
           ~ SAE Clean Sled Challenge Winners p. 12
           ~ 2011 OCSA Super Raffle Winners p. 13

The Official Publication of the New York State Snowmobile Association
                                                   NYSSA Online Magazine

2011 Award Winners Named at NYSSA Educational Forum
                                                              NYSSA‘s educational Forum and Annual Meeting was held
                                                              April 15 - 17 at the Holiday Inn and Conference Center in
                                                              Liverpool, New York. Nearly 900 voting delegates, pre-
                                                              senters, vendors, staff and guests attended this annual
                                                              Friday Classes a big success
                                                              A Chainsaw Safety class was held on Friday, with the
                                                              classroom portion held at the Forum hotel and the field
                                                              work a short distance away on National Grid property. The
                                                              NYS Groomer Operator & Safety Training course, offered
                                                              by experts from the Salisbury Ridge Runners, was jam
                                                              packed! And new for this year, Defensive Driving course
                                                              sponsored by Liberty Mutual, and the CPR/First Aid Blood-
                                                              borne Pathogens Course offered by CNY First Aid drew
                                                              record attendance.
                                                              Friday evening was the annual social event, generously
                                                              sponsored by Insurance carriers Exemplar International
                                                              and Franklin-Case. DJ Fast Eddie, also known as the hard-
                                                              working snowmobiler Ed Zalar of Allegany County. Eddie
                                                              returned Saturday evening to entertain everyone once
  Sandy Bliven of the 1000 Islands Snowmobile Club accepts    again.
  the 2011 Most Valuable Snowmobiler Award .

  Saturday, a busy day!
  A record 27 educational sessions were held throughout the day on Saturday, including two presentations by the
  New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation‘s Snowmobile Unit.
  Award Luncheon
  In attendance at the noontime banquet were Assemblyman Bill Magee, and Kyla Clark, from Senator Gillibrand's
  The annual NYSSA Awards were presented at Saturday‘s Award Luncheon:

       Club Of The Year                                                        Inlet Barnstormers

       Groomer Of The Year                                            Jim Donath / Toad Hollow Trailblazers

       Legislator Appreciation - NY Snowmobiler of the Year              Assemblywoman RoAnn Destito

       John Albert/Ed Dutcher Most Valuable Snowmobiler                Sandy Bliven / Thousand Islands SC

       Family of the Year                                       Hank and Judy Dashnaw / Kingsbury Barnstormers

       Dealership of the Year                                           Country Powersports, Greenwich

       President's Award                                                    Dave and Debbie Perkins
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Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com                  April, 2011 - Page 2
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                                                                  From the Executive Director
                                          April 2011                                              Dominic Jacangelo
                                                                                                  dominic@nysnowmobiler.com 888-624-3849 x104

                                                                               It seems like just a few short weeks ago NY was snow covered and our trails were open in
                                                                               much of the state. Now that I think about it, I took my last ride on Saturday, April 9th up in
                                                                               Newcomb joined by two NYSSA past Executive Directors, Jim Jennings and Dave Perkins
                                                                               and our current NYSSA President Gary Broderick. It was so nice to see Jim and Dave smil-
                                                                               ing. I found it somewhat ―out of place‖ to stop for a sandwich and be sitting there in a tee
                                                                               shirt and boots.

                                                                               The ride was a warm up to the 4th Annual Adirondack Snowmobile Trails Conference held
                                                                               at the Adirondack Hotel in Long Lake. The apparent success of this event is a tribute to
                                                 New York Snowmobiler Online

                                                                               how hard Dave Perkins and Jim Jennings have worked on improving snowmobiling in the
                                                                               Park. More about the conference in Jim Rolf‘s report.

                                                                               The 15th New York State Snowmobile Association Forum and Annual Meeting* is now be-

                                                                               hind us. As your new Executive Director, I can‘t begin to tell you how excited I am about
                                                                               the upcoming year. It has only been three short months since I joined the organization but
                                                                               during that time I have been working extremely hard with NYSSA President Gary Broderick,
                                                                               the Executive Committee and the membership on setting the stage for the upcoming year.

                                                                               I have set four primary goals for the upcoming year:

                                                                               ●         Ensuring the integrity of our trail development and maintenance funds,
                                                                               ●         Undertaking a new economic study of our sport and related businesses,
                                                                               ●         Improving the operations of NYSSA and how we communicate with each other,
                                                                               ●         Maximizing the political power of snowmobilers.
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                                                                                Inside this issue:                                     Another entry in our March 2011 photo
                                                                                                                                          contest is featured on the cover.
                                                                                NYSSA Award Winners & Forum Report           P. 2
                                                                                                                                      Cover Photo: “The photo was taken
                                                                                NY Snowmobiler Print Magazine                 P.9     by my Canadian buddy Gerry Marsh.
                                                                                                                                      I had just driven four hours from my
                                                                                President’s Message                         P.10      job in New Jersey straight to my camp
                                                                                                                                      on Tug Hill. It was Snirt Run week-
                                                                                Clean Snowmobile Challenge Winners          P. 12     end, and I was just so happy to see
                                                                                                                                      snow I couldn’t resist taking a lap
                                                                                2011 OCSA Super Raffle Winners             P. 13      around the lawn!”

                                                                                                                            P. 15
                                                                                                                                      -- Joe “JerseJo” Belfiore
                                                                                Trail Coordinator Report                              Kearny, NJ
                                                                                Bulk Sign Order Forms                       P. 18
                                                                                                                                      Note: NYSSA advocates safe snowmo-
                                                                                                                                      biling at all times. Although we under-
                                                                                Will you help a wounded veteran?            P.24
                                                                                                                                      stand Joe’s exuberance, please always
                                                                                GM Corner                                   P. 25     wear a helmet!

                                                                                                                           P. 27      Q: What Economic Impact do out-of-
                                                                                Director at Large Notification Form
                                                                                                                                      state and Canadian riders have on the
                                        Anne O’Dell, Editor                     News from NYS OPRHP                        P. 28      New York Economy?
anne.odell@nysnowmobiler.com                                                                                                          A: We need to find out!
                                                                                Charities of Choice & Member Discounts    P.29-36
                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine

  (Continued from page 3)

  Ensuring that trail development funds are not diverted to any other use by the State has got to be the number one
  goal of NYSSA, its members, its staff and its lobbyist. You have or you will be hearing of a proposal that promises
  to eliminate this risk for good. In simple terms the proposal will move trail development funds from the State to the
  Association, to be distributed directly to the clubs for trail development and maintenance (this is how Vermont oper-
  ates, for example). If the state does not hold the money, the state cannot divert the funds. Read carefully the
  information that is presented on this proposal (see the previous two issues of the Online Magazine) Read with an
  open mind. Ask questions. State the problems you see with what is presented. Offer suggestions and be engaged in
  the discussion. This effort is being undertaken for your benefit but it will only benefit you if you participate in the
  process. If over the next 6 months you don‘t have an understanding, then give us a call and we‘ll answer your

  My number two goal for NYSSA over the coming year is to undertake a new study of the economic impact of snow-
  mobiling in the state. The last time an actual study was undertaken was 1998. That study which was initiated by
  the Association has been quoted too many times to count over the years. We have the money in the 2011-12
  NYSSA Budget and we have SUNY POSTDAM interested in doing the work for us. Updating the study will be invalu-
  able in continuing to grow our sport.
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Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com              April, 2011 - Page 4
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                  NYSSA Online Magazine

  (Continued from page 4)

  My third goal has to do with the operations of NYSSA itself. NYSSA is the largest statewide snowmobile asso-
  ciation in the country. Our membership fees are also the lowest in the country. As the largest association we
  should also be offering the membership the best services possible. This is where we have to hear from you. We
  can guess at what services members want or you can tell us. This is an area where I think we need to improve, so
  let us know what you want.

  Part of this goal, improving the operation of NYSSA, is the most difficult element because it is an intangible. It is
  the issue of how we perceive and treat each other in this Association. This Association is built on club and individual
  memberships. Our power comes from our common interest in this sport. We need to all recognize that we are in
  this together. No matter what part of the state we come from, this is not an ‗us versus them‘ competition among
  clubs and riders. There are enough groups out there who would love to separate us from our sleds. We should
  never give them the hope that we are not all united in our vision for the sport. At all times we should treat each
  other with respect and with the knowledge that we have a common interest.

  My final major goal for the Association has to do with ―power,‖ the power to make friends and influence enemies.
  Some of you may know that I am also a Supervisor of a small town in Rensselaer County. Since my eighteenth
  birthday I have been registered to vote and have voted in every town, county, state, national, school district, fire
  district, etc…every election that I could get to. If you have not guessed it is something I feel very strongly about.
  Yes, we have a lobbyist, yes we have a PAC, yes we have been fairly successful in getting what we want. But here
  is the dirty little secret that no politician will ever state, if you don‘t vote your squeaky voice will fall on deaf ears.
  The Association‘s true power will be realized when every snowmobiler has on the back of his car or trailer a bumper
  sticker that says, ―I snowmobile and I vote.‖ So with that in mind I showed a group at the Forum the following:

  Do you want one? With enough requests I think I can get them printed. Send us an e-mail with how many you
  want and we‘ll try to get them for you.

  Stay safe!

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com                   April, 2011 - Page 5
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                    NYSSA Online Magazine

 2011 NYSSA Scholarship Winners
 Congratulations, 2010-2011 Scholarship Recipients!
 In 2011, two scholarships were awarded! Thank you to all those who applied. The deserving winners for
 2010-11 are:
 Norris Brusoe Scholarship                             Brenton Wilcox, Cassadega, NY
                                                       (Cherry Creek Sno Goers)
 Joan and Digger Vriessen Scholarship Luke Taverne, Vernon, NY
                                                       (EZ Riders Snowmobile Club)
 The Top 5 applicants have been forwarded to the Northeast Chapter and are eligible for their Scholarship award! They include the
 two recipients above, as well as Casey Lee of Lowville, NY; Krista Baxter of Downsville, NY; and Rollin Hellner of Burt, NY. We’ll
 know the results in June.
                         Norris Brusoe Scholarship                       Joan & Digger Vriessen Scholarship
    2009-10                   Katelyn Peaster                                       Kelsey Donoghue
                     (also won the $500 NEC Scholarship)

    2008-09                     Megan Nuffer                                           Brett Leidner
                     (also won the $500 NEC Scholarship)

    2007-08                    McKayla Nuffer                                        Chelsea Shaw
                              Amy Renee Moore                                       Amanda Nevlezer
                     (also won the $500 NEC Scholarship)

                           April 2011                                                      March 2011
             Daiker’s Bar & Restaurant                                   Brodner Equipment - Arctic Cat Dealer
       161 Daiker’s Circle, Old Forge, NY 13420                          3918 Lyell Road, Rochester, NY 14606
          www.daikers.com * (315) 369-6954                                 www.brodner.com * (585) 247-5218
             Holiday Inn Resort - Hotel                                      Country Inn & Suites - Hotel
      2223 Canada Street, Lake George, NY 12845                         130 N. Main Street, Mt. Morris, NY 14510
         lakegeorgeturf.com * (518) 668-5781                              www.countryinns.com/mountmorrisny
     Mohawk Ltd. Groomer Sales & Maintenance                                        (585) 658-4080
      One Newell Lane, Chadwicks, NY 13319                          Fisk Distributing Inc - Triton Trailer Distributor
      www.mohawkltd.com * (315) 737-7328                           1274 N. Lyndonville Road, Lyndonville, NY 14098
        Prinoth LLC - Groomer Manufacturer                                          (585)765-2466
       264 NH Route 106, Gilmanton, NH 03237                        Marlo Enterprises - Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants
          www.prinoth.com * (603) 267-7840                               2701 Short Road, Newark, NY 14513
         Town of Long Lake, NY - Tourism                              www.superoilcentral.com * (315) 331-4642
      1130 Deerland Road, Long Lake, NY 12847                             Voss Signs, LLC - Sign Manufacturer
       www.mylonglake.com * (518) 624-3077                              112 Fairgrounds Drive, Manlius, NY 13104
                                                                          www.vossigns.com * (315) 682-6418

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com                        April, 2011 - Page 6
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine

  (Continued from page 2)
  New York Snowmobilers again stepped up in supporting our Charities of Choice: Easter Seals, the Pink Ribbon
  Riders, and the USO. A Chinese Auction of gift baskets and unique items donated by member clubs raised $2,900
  to be divided among the three Charities. Our members are clearly dedicated to helping with local, state, and world
  wide needs. Thank you to all the clubs who donated not only to our three charities of choice, but to their local
  We were honored to have Ed Klim, President of the International Snowmobile Manufacturers‘ Association be our
  speaker at the Saturday Dinner Banquet. NYSSA recognized and honored Assemblywoman RoAnn Destito with
  the NYSSA Snowmobiler of the Year award for her sustained efforts over the years.
  The 2011 Super Raffle winners were drawn Saturday night – The complete winners list is in this issue, and is
  posted prominently at www.nysnowmobiler.com. Thank you to all who sold tickets for this important fundraiser; and
  to our sponsors for their continued support!
  The Long Island Sno-Seekers, and the Tawaeri Taqui Trailblazers again were able to make cash donations to
  several trail producing clubs. Members selected the recipients based on the quality of the trails they enjoyed during
  their club trips throughout New York State.
                                                                                          Attendees were able to wander
                                                                                          through the NYSSA Expo and
                                                                                          visit displays both from Clubs
                                                                                          across the state and snowmo-
                                                                                          bile industry vendors.
                                                                                          Vintage Sleds!
                                                                                          The second NYSSA Antique
                                                                                          Snowmobile Show was held
                                                                                          in conjunction with the Forum.
                                                                                          Trophies were awarded in five
                                                                                          Oldest Original Sled (1969
   Super Show Sled Winner!                                                                and older) - Collin Cihock,
                                                                                          1969 Scorpion Mark I.
  Oldest Restored Sled (1969 and older) - Garrett Coe, 1969 Arctic Cat Panther 303.
  Most Original Condition Sled (1970 -1990) - John Cuotis, 1970 Scorpion Mark II 300.
  Most Unique Sled (All sleds eligible) - Ed Stubb, 1972 Motojet 340.
  Super Show Sled (All sleds eligible) built beyond show room—‖show me the bling‖ - Joe Rachel - 1974 SkiDoo
  Elite with EBoose.
  A plaque was awarded to the entrant that traveled the furthest to display their machines: Joe Clarke, 351 miles -
  from Quebec!
  The 2011 Annual Meeting
  During the Annual Meeting on Sunday, NYSSA By-Laws committee chair Jason Kowalzck presented two by-law revi-
  sions for approval by the 569 voting delegates. 2011-01 was withdrawn by its submitter; 2011-02 combining the
  Membership and Communication committees was approved; and 2011-03 which would have changed the ratio of
  Club members to Delegates was discussed at length, and defeated.
  Four resolutions were presented for consideration. The first authorizes NYSSA to ―assume jurisdiction, control and
  administration over that portion of the Snowmobile Trail Fund that should be paid to the clubs for trail development
  and maintenance‖. Delegates voted in favor of this resolution. The second, offered by the membership committee,
  was defeated (―all NYSSA memberships received using the Internet shall be using the NYSSA membership system,
  and that system shall provide a voucher immediately to the member‖) as some clubs also sell other items such as
  maps and shirts via their website, collecting funds via Paypal. The third, offered by Keith McKittrick, would have
  raised dues for one season by $5 to initiate a fund for Public Relations. It was defeated. The fourth, offered by
                                                                                                        (Continued on page 8)

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com               April, 2011 - Page 7
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine

  (Continued from page 7)
  Sean Mullen, would establish the fund for Public Relations by
  levying a $500 charge on Clubs. It was amended that NYSSA
  was to fund its own Public Relations effort; and subsequently
  Elections were held on Sunday. The 569 voting delegates
  present re-elected Gary J. Broderick to the office of President
  for 2011-2012. Jim Elmore was nominated from the floor for
  Vice-President, and defeated incumbent Jason Kowalczyk for
  that position. Roger McCabe was re-elected (unopposed) to
  the office of Treasurer. Virginia (―Ginny‖) Ivison was
  re-elected Secretary, also unopposed.
  Sponsors and Volunteers!
  Our sponsors provide funding to help defray the high cost of
  this event, and we owe them our thanks.
  Each year, the Forum is put together by NYSSA Staff and
  Volunteers, who spend hundreds of hours in planning months
                                                                                     Photos by Jane Chaddock
  in advance. Once again the online registration system Re-
  gonline.com was critical to the Forum Team‘s management of
  the event. This system enabled Forum attendees to register, select courses, indicate meal choices, and even pay
  online. This in turn enabled planners to determine room assignments, meal counts and adequate materials, based
  on expected attendance.
  This year Gerry and Ginny Ivison led this effort, and did a superb job. Sean and Carolyn Mullen were tireless along
  with their team at the Registration Desk. So many people helped -- Thank you to all who participated in creat-
  ing this spectacular Annual Event!

     2011-2012 NYSSA Officers
        The Nominating Committee
         is pleased to announce
      the results of the election of
     2011—2012 Officers, held at the
     2011NYSSA Annual Meeting, Sun-
               day, April 17:

                     Gary Broderick

                        Jim elmore

                        Ginny Ivison

                      Roger McCabe
                                                                    Many hands make light work - no matter what the
                                                                    season. See Facebook for more photos!

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com               April, 2011 - Page 8
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine

  As many readers may have heard, The New York State Snowmobile Association has entered into a partnership with
  North America's largest audited circulation snowmobile enthusiast publication, SUPERTRAX International Magazine.

  Supertrax Publishing will produce and distribute 2 issues of the New York Snowmobiler Magazine this year: one in
  October and another in December. Supertrax Publishing also produces Supertrax Go Snowmobiling Magazine, the
  Official Publication of Canada's largest snowmobile sanctioning group, the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs

  NYSSA president Gary Broderick stated: "Supertrax Magazine's reputation in the snowmobile industry as the leading
  enthusiast publication gives the NYSSA confidence in this partnership. The Supertrax team has earned credibility in the

  Supertrax Publisher Kent Lester added: "Our team of committed snowmobilers are excited to be accepted by the
  NYSSA as its partner. As a result of our 3-year relationship with the OFSC we're able to fully understand the NYSSA's
  communication needs. The NYSSA has experienced incredible growth and is a vibrant and well managed sanctioning
  body representing the sport to more than 69,000 snowmobiling families. We are proud to be taking messaging to its
  growing membership."

  The New York Snowmobiler Magazine will be polybagged with issues of Supertrax International magazine and sent to
  the NYSSA's membership free of charge. Articles and contributions are being solicited for the first two issues, and can
  be sent to nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com.

  Supertrax Managing Editor, Matt Lester added: "We reach over 60,000 snowmobiling households in Ontario with
  Supertrax Go Snowmobiling Magazine polybagged with the Canadian Edition of Supertrax four times annually. Now
  with the New York Snowmobiler Magazine included with the US edition of Supertrax Magazine mailed to the NYSSA's
  membership, we will be reaching more snowmobilers than any other enthusiast publication and that does not include
  our strong audited circulation to the rest of the US and Canada."

  The New York Snowmobiler Magazine provides businesses direct access to the NYSSA's huge membership. National,
  regional and local snowmobile related businesses and tourism operators are invited to receive rate information on the
  Supertrax New York Snowmobiler Magazine.

  Please contact Cathy Light, Advertising Sales Director at 518.605.3668 or at cathy@supertraxmag.com. Best locations
  are now being offered to those businesses making the earliest commitments. Special rates available to Chamber o
  rganizations and tourism boards throughout New York State. A delayed payment plan, postponing payments until
  2012, is available for these organizations is available should budgets for the 2011 season already have been commit-
  ted. Cathy will meet personally with any business to review advertising options, which can also be found posted on
  our Facebook page (New York Snowmobiler Magazine).

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com              April, 2011 - Page 9
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine

              President’s Message
              by Gary J. Broderick               NiagaraDirector@roadrunner.com           716-807-7002

          For us anyway, it‘s a new year. Yesterday we concluded the Annual Meeting and today starts our work for
  this coming season. We had almost 900 attendees at the 2011 NYSSA Educational Forum and 569 delegates in the
  Annual Business Meeting. Much was discussed, much was argued about and many things were decided. Next year,
  the Forum will be at the Convention Center in Lake Placid, New York. Please start planning now; it‘s a beautiful
  town and a great area. Bring your spouse, significant other and your kids and turn it into a mini-vacation!
            Once again, The Budget and Finance Committee, led by John Occhino, delivered an on-time and Positive
  Budget (‗In the Black‘) that was passed by the delegates. We discussed the need for a Public Relations Campaign
  and discussed (at length) how to fund it. We worked on the always contentious issue of Delegate Ratios-I‘m going
  to ask our Government Affairs Committee to take on the task of finding a truly equitable proposal to modify the
  delegate ratio and to work on that throughout the year and ask them to provide input far enough in advance that
  we can field this via the magazine to get your input. We need to make sure that the small clubs along with the mid-
  sized clubs, all the way to the large sized clubs are all fairly represented. I‘ve said before that I would love to have
  all available delegates at a forum-we‘d probably have to hold the meeting at Ralph Wilson Stadium, but we all know
  that isn‘t possible. My own club was qualified to send 32 delegates-the club decided to fund 10 slots-as the use of
  our funds is better directed towards trail building and maintenance. Out of those 10, we had 6 people volunteer to
  come to the Forum. So, please, put some thought into this and send me what you think is right. I will pass this
  your thoughts and proposals on to the right people.
            The delegates voted to support NYSSA‘s initiative to find a way to properly protect the Trail Fund. We will
  be working with NYS OPRHP Snowmobile Unit, our lobbyist, Capitol Group and the Ad Hoc Committee on Trail Fund-
  ing to find the best way to do this and to initiate the next steps in this process and will be reporting back to you on
  this initiative.
                                                           Special Presentations
                                                                    On Saturday night, we did a couple of presentations
                                                           after our guest speaker; Ed Klim, from the International
                                                           Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA), gave a very
                                                           interesting and funny talk on the past, present and future of
                                                           snowmobiling. After that, the first presentation was to As-
                                                           semblywoman RoAnn Destito-a longtime friend and sup-
                                                           porter of organized snowmobiling in New York State. After
                                                           she spoke, we presented her with the award of ‗New York
                                                           State Snowmobiler of the Year‘ for her many years of help
                                                           and support. The Assemblywoman is leaving the New York
                                                           State Assembly shortly to take a post as Commissioner of
                                                           the Office of General Services of New York State. We will
                                                           miss her and her clear and candid support of our sport, but
                                                           wish her well in her future. We also announced, much to
                                                            her surprise, that NYSSA will, starting next year, in addition
  Assemblywoman Destito was surprised and touched!          to the William Sears Legislator of the Year Award, award the
                                                            RoAnn Destito Legislator of the Year Award annually.
           This led into our next presentation. One of the more pleasant things the President gets to do, once a year,
  is to select the awardee and present the NYSSA President‘s Award. This year, I chose to honor Dave and Debbie
  Perkins for their long and tireless service to NYSSA and more importantly, to organized snowmobiling in New York
  State. They‘ve been ‗involved‘ since the 70‘s and now are moving on to the next chapter in their lives. Thanks to
                                                                                                         (Continued on page 11)

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com               April, 2011 - Page 10
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine

 (President, Continued from page 10)

 voluntary donations made by members, clubs and associations
 throughout the state, Dave will be able to pursue a new interest in
 his life-kayaking-whenever Debbie lets him out of the house long
 enough to paddle off into the sunset. I‘m sure I speak for all of
 our members in saying, Thank you, Dave. Thank you, Debbie.
 We will miss you, but you will always be in our hearts and minds.
 And don‘t hesitate to stop back, we have many positions avail-
 District Director positions
          Speaking of positions available, if your county is short a
 Director or an alternate Director, please consider making the next
 step and joining the NYSSA Board. We always, always can use
 another opinion and fresh ideas. Even if you have a District Direc-
 tor and an alternate and still would like to be involved, please con-
 sider applying to become one of our three Directors-At-Large.
                                                                          Debbie and Dave Perkins.
 The application can be found on page 25. These are positions that
 assist the Board and in some cases, are asked to assist counties/Districts with no District Director. The Board of Di-
 rectors will consider the applications received and will make their selection at our Board Meeting on Saturday, May
 7th at Driver‘s Village in Cicero, NY. If you are going to apply, please come out to the meeting and you‘ll get a
 chance to speak to the Board. This is your chance to make your voice heard! Come on out.
 One last gasp of winter
         On the 9th of April, I had the pleasure of taking a ride with Dominic Jacangelo, Dave Perkins and Jim
 Jennings and we rode the new Indian Lake to Newcomb Trail and back. It was a great ride and a nice way to spend
 some time with our staff (and former staff) enjoying snowmobiling-something many of us, including you, end up
 missing out on.One of the items I noted in the Groomer of the Year Award Package, was that Jim Donath, our award
 winner, has 3 years of dust on his snowmobile because he is too busy doing snowmobile business to ride his own.
 Sometimes it‘s great to take a ride to remind us why we do what we do.
 Indian Lake to Newcomb trail is a wonderful example of how clubs, working with the DEC in the Adirondacks can
 make great community connector trails. I stopped for lunch at ‗The Bear Trap‘ in Indian Lake for lunch before joining
 up for the ride. The people at restaurant said that having that trail open this year was a boon to business and one of
 the best things to happen to Indian Lake in many years. I‘d like to thank the Essex County District Director, the
 Newcomb Club, the DEC and the regional Forrester, Tom Martin, for making this a ‗dream come true‘ for both towns
 and for the people that ride inside the blue-line. The next day, I attended the NYSSA sponsored 4th Annual Adiron-
 dack Snowmobile Trails Conference at the Adirondack Hotel in Long Lake. We met with and discussed the present
 and future of snowmobiling in the park with folks from all over the park, outside the park, Regional Foresters, Steve
 Lewis and our staff-you‘ll see more in Jim Rolf‘s Trail Coordinator Report about this meeting.
 Well, we are off and running-we have many things to work on, based on the decisions you and your delegates made
 at the Business Meeting. I want to take this opportunity to thank Jason Kowalczyk for his work with NYSSA and for
 the past year he spent as NYSSA‘s Vice-President. Jason has done many things for you over the years, including
 heading up the Insurance RFP Ad Hoc Committee-our insurance policy premium has dropped from $965,000 per year
 when we started, down to $347,000 for this year. Jason has been working on Membership and Communications and
 will continue on that committee. From all of us and from me, Thank you Jason. We will be working on many items
 and we will keep you apprised of what we are doing, right here every month and in the printed copies of the New
 York Snowmobiler Magazine that will be coming to you this fall and winter! Please have a great spring (believe it or
 not, it‘s snowing as I write this) and stay safe-keep the rubber side down!

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                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine

  Clarkson Claims Top Spot in Clean Snowmobile Challenge
  By Dennis Walikainen, Senior Editor, Michigan Tech News
  March 13, 2011— Clarkson University won the overall competition in the
  12th Annual Clean Snowmobile Challenge held over the past week at Michigan
  Technological University‘s Keweenaw Research Center (KRC).
  Clarkson took top prize in the internal combustion category and third place in
  the zero emissions category. The University of Wisconsin-Madison took second
  overall (and first in the zero emissions category), with Idaho, SUNY Buffalo,
  and Wisconsin-Platteville rounding out the top five overall. McGill University
  took second place in the zero emissions category. The local team, Michigan
  Tech was sixth overall.
  NYSSA supported both teams.
  The Clean Snowmobile Challenge is a collegiate design competition of the
  Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Engineering students from
  participating schools take a stock snowmobile and re-engineer it. Their aim: to
  reduce emissions and noise while maintaining or boosting performance. The
                                                                                  Clarkson’s winning machine.
  Challenge also has a division for battery-powered sleds: the zero emissions
  Seventeen teams competed in the event, including five in the zero emissions category.
  ―It was a great week of snow and cold for the Clean Snowmobile Challenge‖ said Jay Meldrum lead organizer for
  the event and director of the KRC. ―It is amazing to see the different approaches to the same design challenge of
  making snowmobiles cleaner and quieter.‖
  Anne Hawn, team captain for Clarkson, was elated with the results. Besides their first overall and third in zero
  emissions, her team claimed the Gage Products Award for Fuel Economy, PCB Group Award for Quietest
  Snowmobile, Polaris Industries Award for Best Handling, and DENSO Corporation Award for Best Ride.
                                                                    ―We were prepared,‖ she said, as she sat sur-
  SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge 2011 (Fueled) Final Results:
                                                                    rounded by teammates and trophies at Saturday
                                                                    night‘s awards banquet. ―We didn‘t have any major
                                                                    crises; it all came together. We worked hard; we
                                                                    worked together.
                                                                    It was a great team.‖
                                                                    For the fourth straight year, SUNY-Buffalo had
                                                                    the only diesel sled.
                                                                    Complete official results, video and other
                                                                    competition info are on the KRC Clean Snowmobile
                                                                    Challenge Site:

                                                                     Zero Emissions Final Results:

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com             April, 2011 - Page 12
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                                                    NYSSA Online Magazine

       Prize #   Sponsor & Prize Description                            Winner                 Selling Club
         1       NYS Skidoo Dealers                                     Linda Bilohlavek       Salmon Creek SC
                 2011 Skidoo MXZ Sport                                  Holley, NY
         2       NYS Polaris Dealers                                    Brett Baker            YASTA
                 2011 Polaris 550 Shift 136                             Dundee, NY
         3       NYS Arctic Cat Dealers                                 Steve Turbyfill        ?
                 2011 Arctic Cat F570                                   Doylestown, PA
         4       NYSSA                                                  Dave Hammond           ?
                 $1,500 Cash                                            Bemus Point, NY
         5       Fisk Distributing Inc                                  Todd Reynolds          TC Riders
                 2011 Triton XT 10-101 Trailer                          Westfield, MA
         6       Sledventures - One day professional guide service      Thomas Yarcaso         Minerva Snow Travelers
                 for 4 & $100 NYSSA Cash                                Troy, NY
         7       Woody’s International                                  Mike Eschborn          Pendleton
                 Woody’s Race Suit & Gift Certificate                   North Tonowanda, NY
         8       Village Rentals & Village Motel - Sled Rental and      Paul Couch             Salmon Creek SC
                 2 night Stay & $100 NYSSA Cash                         Holley, NY
         9       Ponderosa House                                        Bill White             Frontier Snow Riders
                 3 Night Stay $100 NYSSA Cash                           Albany, NY
         10      Club Sled                                              Sharon Silfer          Whitesville
                 24 karat Gold plated snowmobile figurine               Couldersport, PA
         11      The Edge Hotel, Inc - 2 night stay in aJacuzzi         James Taormina         Penn Mountain
                 Suite & $100 NYSSA Cash                                Saddlebrook, NJ
         12      Northern Erie Sno-Seekers                              Shayne Rondeau         Penn Mountain
                 Clarke Weld Professional Welding Kit                   Remsen, NY
         13      Northern Outdoors - 2 nights logdominium lodg-         Mr & Mrs John Fowler   Lake Shore Snow Devils
                 ing for 2 & $100 NYSSA Cash                            North Rose, NY
         14      Knights Inn of Little Falls – 2 night stay with 2      Nathan Witherhead      Punchlock Travelers
                 breakfasts, dinners, movie theater tickets & $100      Ogdensburg, NY
         15      Byrncliff Resort – one night in the Jacuzzi suite, 2   Jeff Wager             Kingsbury Barnstormers
                 green fees & cart, & $100 NYSSA Cash                   Greenfield, NY
         16      Allegany County Federation                             Ronnie Swem            Edwards SC
                 $300 Cash                                              Antwerp, NY
         17      Makovic Homes                                          Mary Ellen Callaway    Lehigh Valley
                 Jacket, Pants and Hat                                  Phelps, NY             Snow Riders
         18      Charlie’s Inn – 2 night stay & dinner for two &        Jackie McLaughlin      Lakeshore Snow Devils
                 $100 NYSSA Cash                                        Wolcott, NY
         19      Stillwater – 2 night stay mid week &                   Edward Weeks           Penn Mountain
                 $100 NYSSA Cash                                        Westmoreland, NY
         20      Castle Sales Co., Inc                                  Scott Brunea           Genesee Sno Packers
                 Choice of Jacket                                       Oakfield, NY
         21      Headwaters Motor Lodge - 2 night stay                  Steve Barr             Dairlyand
                 Sun-Thurs for 2 & $100 NYSSA Cash                      Ogdensburg, NY
         22      Shawnee Sno Chiefs                                     Dave Gotler            Grand Island SC
                 $250 Cash                                              Grand Island, NY
         23      DDS Motor Sports                                       Joe Faher              Tully Trailblazers
                 $200 Gift Certificate                                  Fabius, NY
         24      Hebeler Sales & Service                                Mike Willard           Centerville Hill Riders
                 $200 Gift Certificate                                  Buffalo, NY
         25      Hudon’s Sled Salvage                                   Chris DeLong           Genesee Sno Packers
                 $200 Gift Certificate                                  Batavia, NY

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com                  April, 2011 - Page 13
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                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine

     Prize #   Sponsor & Prize Description                       Winner                        Selling Club
       26      Tek Rider                                         Gary Van Valen                Summit Sno Riders
               $200 Gift Certificate                             Summit, NY
       27      Caledonia Trailblazers Snowmobile Club            John L. Feick                 Square Valley
               $200 Cash                                         Northampton, PA
       28      Cattaraugus County Federation                     Ben Meyers                    Ridge Runners
               $200 Cash                                         Cortland, NY                  of Groton
       29      Cranberry Lake Mountaineers                       Andrew Adner                  ?
               $200 Cash                                         Sandy Creek, NY
       30      Erie County Federation                            Jeff Kehl                     Thousand Island SC
               $200 Cash                                         Wellsville, NY
       31      Ful-Mont Snow Travelers                           James Scholler                ?
               $200 Cash                                         Lockport, NY
       32      Niagara County Snowmobile Federation              Denis Richard                 ?
               $200 Cash                                         Mannville, NY
       33      Onondaga County Snowmobile Assn                   Brian Taber                   Cattaraugus County
               $200 Cash                                         S. Dayton, NY                 Federation
       34      Oswego County Snowmobile Assn                     Mark Garinshek                E. Herkimer Sno Riders
               $200 Cash                                         Little Falls, NY
       35      Penn Mtn Snow Riders                              Deb Dymond                    Big Valley
               $200 Cash                                         Prattsville, NY               Trail Breakers
       36      Seven Valley Snow Goers                           Kevin Wickers                 ?
               $200 Cash                                         ?
       37      The Trailer Connection                            Dave Rolland                  Delaware Valley
               $100 Gift Certificate                             Walton, NY                    Ridge Riders
       38      Sled Insure                                       John Hamilton                 Edwards SC
               $100 Cash                                         Massena, NY
       39      Sled Insure                                       Jerry Liord                   TC Riders
               $100 Cash                                         Camden, NY
       40      Cayuga County Snowmobile Assn                     James Watkins                 Fulton Area
               $100 Cash                                         Fulton, NY                    Snow Travelers
       41      Oneida County Area Snowmobile Assn                Dennis Kramer                 Dairlyand SC
               $100 Cash                                         Watertown, NY
       42      Washington County Assn of SC                      Timothy Sheehan               Minerva Snow Travelers
               $100 Cash                                         Olmsteadville, NY
       43      Wyoming County Federation                         Calvin DiMarolf               Missing Link SC
               $100 Cash                                         Carthage, NY
       44      NYSSA Cash                                        Kelly Holliday                Milford Snow Travelers
               $100 Cash                                         Milford, NY
       45      NYSSA Cash                                        Tom Lennon                    Penn Mountain
               $100 Cash                                         Barneveld, NY
       46      NYSSA Cash                                        Jerome Damboise               Quad County SC
               $100 Cash                                         Atlanta, NY
       47      NYSSA Cash                                        Helen Exner                   Valley Snow Travelers
               $100 Cash                                         Woodbourne, NY
       48      NYSSA Cash                                        David Bulia                   Trail Finders SC
               $100 Cash                                         Peru, NY
       49      NYSSA Cash                                        Bud Meyers                    Summit Sno Riders
               $100 Cash                                         Knox, NY
       50      NYSSA Cash                                        Samathan Nuner                TC Riders
               $100 Cash                                         Camden, NY

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com                    April, 2011 - Page 14
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                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine

                 Trail Coordinator Report
                 by Jim Rolf, NYSSA Trail Coordinator
                 888-624-3849 x 102                jrolf@nysnowmobiler.com

  This first full month in my new job has sure been interesting, educational, and long. Many more hours are put into
  this position than most will ever realize. Meetings with representatives from DEC, APA, Canal Corp, DOT, OPRHP,
  our lobbyists, different committees within NYSSA, elected officials, vendors, our insurance company, the other staff,
  and so on makes for more than each full week‘s worth of hours. Add that to the many hours spent preparing and
  working at The Forum, …with much more to do on trail meetings. We have meetings scheduled with new DEC
  Commissioner Joe Martens, APA Deputy Director Jim Connelly, Canal Corp Director Brain Stratton and more in the
  coming weeks.
  I am definitely getting much more comfortable in this position and its many requirements. Dave has been a tremen-
  dous help in this transition.
  I want everyone to know that they are able to contact me on any trails issue via my e-mail address
  (jrolf@nysnowmobiler.com) or the NYSSA toll-free number at 888-624-3849, Ext 102.
  Phase III paperwork
  Clubs should be well underway to finishing their 2010-11 expense justification paperwork by now so that it can be
  turned in to their local Sponsor to close out this past season‘s application and to qualify for the remaining 30% &
  High Snow checks. Remember, the Sponsors need time to go over the contents, incorporate a single report for
  OPRHP, and to make copies of all the receipts, so be sure to contact your respective Sponsor to know for sure when
  they are requiring clubs to get them this information. REMINDER: Please turn in 100% of your clubs ex-
  penses and all volunteer hours on trail work this year, as we are attempting to gather accurate information
  to ascertain a better reflection of what it truly costs to maintain the trail system we have here in NYS. We need ALL
  clubs to help out honestly in obtaining this goal.
  Phase I Prior Approval Application, for 2011-12
  OPRHP‘s snowmobile unit has listed the application on their website, at
  http://www.nysparks.state.ny.us/grants/documents/SnowmobileTrailsGrantPhaseI.pdf. Clubs should be well aware
  the requirement of GPS'ing trails, so make sure you all follow the Guide provided on the NYSSA website by Jim
  Bode. OPRHP will not be approving new or re-routed trails that have not been GPS'ed or if the information provided
  with the Phase 1 submission is not in the format as outlined in the NYSSA/OPRHP "Guide to Trail GPS Mapping".
  This information must go through your local Sponsor, not directly to OPRHP or NYSSA. The guide is clear, simple,
  and concise on the requirements needed to have an accurate depiction of the trail system. OPRHP‘s snowmobile
  unit simply does not have the staff or time to make adjustments to inaccurate submissions if we expect them to
  meet the tight approval s deadlines.
  Bulk Sign Order
  This is the time of the year when clubs should be looking at their existing trail signage inventory to determine what
  signs they will need to purchase for next season. The bulk sign order (BSO) was established to give clubs an oppor-
  tunity to secure approved trail signs at the lowest possible cost. In the past 5 years, participating clubs have saved
  considerable amount of money on trail sign costs. Take advantage of this program by submitting your order (with
  check and all applicable sales tax) before the deadline of 7/23. The program details and order forms can be found
  at http://www.nysnowmobiler.com/trail-info/annual-bulk-sign-order.
  Directors, please encourage your clubs to be thinking about trail signing needs now so that participation in this
  year‘s bulk sign order program can be accomplished on-time.
  Signs will be picked up by me at VOSS Signs and sorted in early September for distribution at the September 10th
  BOD meeting. I will need some help that weekend sorting/distributing to the Directors.
                                                                                                       (Continued on page 16)

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(Continued from page 15)

Canalway Trails Meetings
I have been attending CTANY‘s, PTNY‘s, as well as ―Closing the Gaps‖ meetings to further our sport‘s participation and
interest in obtaining snowmobile trails on lands under the control of The Canal Corp. These meetings have resulted in
clubs becoming familiar with the permit process in place as well as other parties realizing that being involved with snow-
mobile clubs on these projects will be a benefit to their desires as well. Our involvement has been very well received.
Forum attendee input on High Snow and Staking Methods
At the Forum, the 2 issues that were brought up to me the most in discussions were single vs. double staking and the
High Snow formula.
OPRHP has used the same map to determine the basis for High Snow funding per area, with the cut-off for high snow
funding being at ―over 110 inches‖, questioned by some areas on the accuracy and/or blatant missing information due
to the ―snowfall tally methods‖ being utilized to produce this map. ORPHP has previously indicated that it would look at
other sources of average snowfall depths as a means to identify areas with high snowfall amounts, and NYSSA‘s Trails
Committee has indeed looked at other NYS maps depicting average yearly snowfall. These other maps were shown to
also be questionable in some areas, so the work to continue to look for a better method and more accurate map is on-
Single-staking vs. double… the debate goes on. One thing we must all remember is that WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME
TEAM! We all need to strive (remember that word) to make our trail signage as consistent, uniform, and less confusing
to our riders as we can all across the State. Here are some facts for club trail workers to consider on this issue:
1. The SRRA Bill of 2005 states the following in its wording: Section 21.02 ―Snowmobile trail maintenance entities play
   an important role in the trail system. As general guidelines, to further promote the proper and safe operation of
   snowmobiles and the other purposes as set forth in section 21.01 of this article, snowmobile trail maintenance enti-
   ties should strive to … clearly mark and delineate state designated snowmobile trails for which they are responsi-
2. Furthermore, in the Phase II application, club Presidents must sign the following statement for their Sponsor and
   Parks in order to qualify for funding: ―The (Name of TME) _______________________________ states that it has
   received permission from all private and public landowners that allows NYS OPRHP funded snowmobile trail(s) to
   cross their property. It is acknowledged and accepted that the NYS OPRHP trails have been and will be signed in
   accordance with the New York State Snowmobile Trail Signing Handbook.‖.
3. Lastly, the Signing Handbook states that ―In forested areas, following the trail may be a fairly obvious and straight-
     forward task. However, when trails cross fields or other large cleared areas, trail routing may not be obvious. Rely-
     ing on the groomed track for trail routing information is inadequate since even a well-established trail can be quickly
     obscured by heavy snow fall. Both snowmobilers and groomer operators need continuous reference points to navi-
     gate the trail confidently. Standard two-stake configuration leaves no doubt as to the intended trail route…‖.
Please read this information carefully when determining how your club will sign and stake your trails. Making
obscure or threatening statements in public about INTENT could jeopardize your club‘s liability and its funding. Let‘s
allow cooler heads to prevail and think about the word ―STRIVE‖ as it is used above as guidance on this issue.
I will be out viewing and working alongside some clubs this fall when signing is being done. At the ACSA International
Snowmobile Congress in early June, I will also be attending meetings with the IASA where they will once again be re-
visiting signs, staking, and other trail issues that NYS OPRHP may be taking into consideration for the future. The
IASA‘s version of the ―single-staking method‖ is able to be viewed on page 19 at http://www.snowiasa.org/guidelines-
resources/sign-guidelines.pdf. Utilizing this method is not that far a change from ―true single staking‖, but combines the
outside boundary markers to meet the term ―delineate‖ in the SRRA Bill text. The Trails Committee has submitted to
Parks their recommendation to include this method, allowing clubs that wish to have a choice in the ability to select from
full double-staking to this method. Parks is currently reviewing these recommendations along with seeing what IASA
does with their guidelines. "

                                                                                                          (Continued on page 17)

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  (Continued from page 16)

  Trails Fund
  Equipment usage rates have not been released for the 2011-12 season yet, but ORPHP has assured me that they in-
  tend to look at them realistically and adjust for current economic costs to clubs. Clubs are to complete as much of
  their work-logs as possible for now when performing trail work and then fill in the rates for equipment once they are
  made ―official‖.
                                                                     Adirondack Park Snowmobile Trail Conference
                                                                     The meeting is a means to provide information from
                                                                     DEC, TNC, DOT, and OPRHP to snowmobile club &
                                                                     municipal representatives about snowmobile trail
                                                                     regs in the ADK Park. This event was attended by 55
                                                                     interested individuals from clubs all across the ADK
                                                                     area, as well as 2 attendees from the Catskill Mt. re-
                                                                     gion. 35 of the attendees signed up to be informed
                                                                     of the new NYSSA Trails Steward program that Dave
                                                                     Perkins initiated, working with DEC to accept and
                                                                     train. More info on this new Trail Steward Program
                                                                     will be announced once DEC officials come up with a
                                                                     date for their educational class and certification.
                                                                     DEC UMP Process meetings
                                                                   Many UMPs are coming up for review and public
                                                                   comment all across NYS. It is my personal belief that
                                                                   the local club officials should be front and center at
  Adirondack Park Snowmobile Trail Conference                      these meetings with NYSSA. Many times, local issues
                                                                   can be addressed by that local input better than on a
  State-wide basis, so clubs will be asked to attend with me and be pro-active in these meetings. I will forward all UMP
  press releases to the all-Directors list and anyone from anywhere interested is asked to attend or comment. The more
  input the better our chances are having our needs recognized.
  STEP Signage Program
  Satellite programs through Counties are needed for this next season. Indications are that the program in those Coun-
  ties that signed up is accomplishing what was set out. Several Advisors have also completed their reports and sent
  them into Dave.
  Several people have inquired to me about serving as a STEP Signage Advisor/Inspector this year as well as the rules
  on renewing. Anyone that took a course 2 years ago, you MUST take this course again. The certification is only good
  for 2 seasons. Anyone interested should contact me over the summer and look for the upcoming fall schedule of
  classes on the website.
  At this point there are not enough STEP Signage Instructors that have participated in the past, so we need a few
  more. Each instructor presents the same PowerPoint program to help ensure consistency. Please let me know if you
  or someone you know is interested.

        What did you do
        to help your Club this season?                                                    HEL
        Send us your Volunteer Stories!

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com             April, 2011 - Page 17
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Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com   April, 2011 - Page 19
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Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com   April, 2011 - Page 20
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
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Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com   April, 2011 - Page 21
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Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com   April, 2011 - Page 22
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                  NYSSA Online Magazine

                           Dedicated to Improving Our Sport
                           Jim Elmore, NYSSA VP 585-813-4610 jelmo@buffalo.com

                         I am not very comfortable writing about myself but I would like to introduce myself as the
                         new Vice President of NYSSA. My name is James Elmore and I currently reside in Batavia,
                         New York, Genesee County. I am past President of the Oakfield, New York based Genesee
                         Sno-Packers, yes the club with a bridge to no-where. I am honored to serve all the snowmo-
                         bilers of the State with my new position. I have a very strong passion for the sport and I
                         hope to be able to help with its exposure and growth.
                         The reason I got involved with this great sport is because of a good friend of mine Doug
  Hagen who constantly put pressure on me to come to a meeting and see what it was all about. At the time I had
  many other things going on raising my 2 children Joe & Sarah and working. Coaching youth hockey at Riverside
  Rink in Buffalo and helping out Batavia High hockey team. I did both in the beginning hockey and snowmobiling but
  after my son joined the Navy I backed off from hockey and dedicated myself to the Sno-Packers. The first meeting I
  attended was fun but there was core of 30 members that wanted to build and maintain trails.
  This small group of members worked hard and was able to raise their own funding for 15 years with out the State
  program. They did not use the many signs we see now on the trail but you did see a lot of pink ribbons hanging
  from tree branches in the 90`s in the Oakfield area. This small club at the time had less than 50 miles of unmarked
  but known trails to the locals. They had $1500.00 in the bank and they donated it to worthy causes. I was very im-
  pressed with their commitment to the sport and helping their community in a whole different way.
  I felt their commitment and decided to run for President of the club and was elected from 2002 to 2006. I had a
  great group of people to work with. My start was very rocky because I was going in a different direction then what
  they were use to the past 15 years. I made it a goal to talk to all the board of directors and I personally mailed let-
  ters to them with club information. The one item I was very proud of was making a monthly newsletter, it was 2
  pages long but everyone loved it. As it turned out my newsletter was taken over by another member who in turned
  makes this one of our largest fund raiser, one year it brought in $10,000 in advertizing.
  Even thought the Sno-Packers were a small club at one time and when I stepped down this club owned 3 Class A
  groomers, 2 maintenance buildings and 150 miles of trails. I am very proud of these hard core snowmobilers and
  many of them are personal friends now. I would like all NYSSA members to know that I am very pro snowmobile
  and I am very active in protecting the current trails and clubs. All clubs need to have no fear that others are waiting
  or plotting for their demise.
  In my final words I would like all clubs to recognize a new group of snowmobilers -- Vintage sled owners -- that
  want to help out and are able to fund raise with. I would suggest to all clubs to hold an event to show case these
  machines of the past. We need to remember our past to be able to move forward. I look forward to the upcoming
  year and if any one has any concerns please email or call me.

  “Old Dog” Vintage Ride photo by Jane Chaddock

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com              April, 2011 - Page 23
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine

                 Will you help a wounded veteran?

  There are many vets returning home that need to recover from wounds to their mind and body. Many of
  you probably know one or more. Whatever your stance may be on the current conflicts, you must realize
  that these young people have sacrificed for us and our country.
  What will you do for them?
  This survey is being circulated to see whether there would be enough support from our clubs to proceed
  with an effort to host wounded veterans at our 2012 Forum in Lake Placid.
  The proposal
  The proposal is to provide transportation, meals, lodging and some appropriate activities. Bringing these
  folks together in a great locale like Lake Placid would give them an opportunity to bond with each other
  and get a sense of our appreciation. It is a given that most clubs cannot afford the cost of sponsoring an in-
  dividual, but your local businesses would certainly support a cause as worthy as this. To support your ef-
  fort, an information sheet will be provided with details, including cost.
  We already have a preliminary indication that Lake Placid would support this effort. Now we need to see
  if there is enough support from you, the Snowmobile Clubs of New York, to proceed with the project.
  Please respond today.
  Please respond by checking yes or no below. Your written comments would be appreciated (mail to the
  NYSSA Office, address below), or you may respond directly to Ernie Roosevelt, erooseve@twcny.rr.com,

  □ YES                    □ NO                              Please add comments below.

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com      April, 2011 - Page 24
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine

                  GM Corner
                  by Anne O’Dell, NYSSA General Manager 888-624-3849 x 101

   2010-2011 Season in Review *
   This winter, we had snow on HILL AND GULLY, from the THOUSAND ISLANDS to TOAD HOLLOW to PENN MOUN-
   and the FRONTIER, but never hit a PLATEAU, RIDERS. It was like being in the garden of EDEN.
   They started out in BARNES CORNERS, headed toward BRANTINGHAM, got lost somewhere between PULASKI and
   DEERFIELD, and again between EDMESTON and ILION.
   AND SOUTHERN TUG, and making a special appeal to SAINT LAWRENCE, they headed X-COUNTY through BOON-
   DOCKERS and the BIG VALLEY, missed the SUMMIT, LOST TRAILS and found the MISSING LINK...between the HIL-
   TON and the HUDSON VALLEY, and from NEWCOMB to MINERVA.
   and hit SNOW VALLEY on the SLEDS OF STAFFORD. Meanwhile, the SNO ROVERS were chasing the SNO KATS that
   were trying to corner the SNOW RATS.
   stuck, and the SHAWANGUNK SNOWMOBILE & RESCUE CLUB pulled em out...POOR FOLKS. But they are PLEASANT
   RIDERS. At least they didn't break through the ice on CRANBERRY LAKE.
   Well, with that I'm off with BC, TC, NICK STONER, his wife HENRIETTA and their son ELLERY to ROCK TAVERN.
   * This message is made up of many of the clubs represented at our 2011 Forum!               ~ Anne

                                                                      Feeling left out?
                                                       Couldn’t make it to the 2011 Forum?
                  On the
                                               The Forum Notebook, a 260-page binder jam packed with
                                               information highlighting this season’s snowmobiling efforts,
                                               is given to each attendee.
     NYSSA has made the Forum Notebook from this and previous years available on its website,
     www.nysnowmobiler.com in the members-only section.
     Coming soon are handouts from the presentations that were given, where the Speaker has given
     us permission to include them.
     If you don’t already have an account at www.nysnowmobiler.com, you must create one. That
     also means you must be a current member (for the 2010-2011 season). Join your club today
     online at https://membership.nyssnowassoc.org/ — and you’ll have your voucher for the
     upcoming season! Then go to www.nysnowmobiler.com and create your account.

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com       April, 2011 - Page 25
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine

Stay and Play an Extra Day at the

           2012 Forum

           Friday April 20 – Sunday April 22, 2012
  Nestled within the Adirondack Park's six million acres of natural beauty, Lake Placid is paradise for the
  outdoor enthusiast, the adventurous heart and the romantic soul. Offering endless opportunities,
  attractions, shopping, dining, and family activities, Lake Placid encourages you to invent your own
  perfect day.
  We recommend trying something new, whether it's climbing the Adirondack High Peaks, skiing or
  boarding down the highest vertical drop in the East at Whiteface Mountain, or simply strolling down
  Main Street mingling with local shopkeepers at one of the unique shops in Lake Placid.
  Whatever you decide to do, you'll find the atmosphere here is liberating... because Lake Placid is more
  than pristine waters and majestic Adirondack Mountains. It's a real community filled with passionate
  people who are united by shared interests, a common perspective and immense enthusiasm for the
  beautiful area they inhabit.
  You'll find the mood is infectious and your stay in Lake Placid will be invigorating. Relax and embrace it.
  Welcome to the Adirondacks.

      Lake Placid Hotel Info - NYSSA Forum 2012                           Single         Double      Triple         Quad
      Art Devlin's Olympic Motor Inn, 2764 Mirror Lake Drive,
      Lake Placid, NY 12946-3593 Phone (518) 523-3700
         Traditional Rooms                                                      $88           $88          $98             $108
         Specialty Rooms                                                       $122          $122         $132             $142
      High Peaks Resort, 2384 Saranac Avenue,
      Lake Placid, NY 12946 Phone (518) 523-4411
      http://highpeaksresort-px.trvlclick.com <-- FORUM HQ
         Traditional Rooms                                                         $99         $99        $119             $139
         Suites                                                                    $99         $99        $119             $139
      Northwoods Inn, 2520 Main Street,
      Lake Placid, NY 12946 Phone (866)294-7171
         King Rooms or Doubles                                                     $81         $86            $91           $96

                                  1 - 8 0 0 - 4 4 P L A C I D (1-800-447-5224)
                           Lake Placid/Essex County Convention and Visitors Bureau
                                            49 Parkside Drive, Suite 2
                                              Lake Placid, NY 12946
                                     Tel: 518-523-2445 Fax: 518-523-2605

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com                    April, 2011 - Page 26
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com   April, 2011 - Page 27
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine

                         News from NYS OPRHP
                         Contributed by Stephen C. Lewis, Director of Snowmobiling
                         Stephen.Lewis@OPRHP.State.ny.us * 518 - 474 - 0446

  The season and the Forum are over, but the Phase 3 Documentation submission, the Audit, trail approvals, internet
  discussions are raging and the inevitable changes ahead remain.
  I hope your season was longer than expected, your trails were truly appreciated and that you all acted responsibly
  on the trails. You have a right to ride the trails, once registered, but you are also expected to ride RESPONSIBLY. If
  you do not or if you encounter someone who is not; actions must be taken to insure a safe and enjoyable system.
  We hear from many riders that there is still a need for more and better enforcement of the laws and responsible
  For those who attended the Forum, did you receive all that you expected, were you able to receive answers to all
  your questions and did you have an enjoyable time. If you can‘t answer yes to those questions, then reach out to
  your NYSSA District Director and tell them what you want to see in Lake Placid next year. If you attended my pres-
  entation and want more or better information send me an e-mail. If there are issues you need addressed then ask
  away, I‘ll do my best to provide timely answers. Bear in mind we are down to just two people over here.
  ORPHP has been taking numerous calls on the Phase 3 process as well as the Phase 1 submission and welcome
  your calls. We cannot give out enough information on how the process works. REMEMBER all new trails, reroutes
  and reclassification requests must be submitted with correctly formatted GPS data. Visit the NYSSA website to get
  the GPS instructional guide on how to GPS your trails. All trails are to be GPS‘ed by the the Phase 1 in 2012/13. We
  need to have accurate trail locations and we will have accurate locations to provide to first responders!
  I found and still find, the discussions at the Forum and on the internet regarding the Resolution to Protect the Trail
  Fund most interesting. There is much to get accom-
  plished to better snowmobiling in NY.
  May all be working cooperatively toward better trails,
  increased ridership and improving snowmobiling‘s con-
  tribution to your local and NY economy. Stay tuned and
  participate in the discussion.

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com              April, 2011 - Page 28
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine

  Easter Seals New York Walk With Me Events!
  Featured Event: Walk With Me Rochester 2011
  Schedule: Check In: 10:00am; Start Time: 11:00am
  Date: 5/14/2011
  Location: Meridian Centre Park
  Course Route: 2 Mile Family Fun Walk
           Please join us for a morning of excitement and community engagement at Easter Seals New York's Annual
  Walk With Me Rochester on Saturday May 14th, 2011 at Meridian Centre Park in the Town of Brighton. By participat-
  ing in our signature charitable stroll, you will be helping Easter Seals New York provide life-changing services to
  adults and children with disabilities and special needs in the Rochester community.
         The day begins with registration at 10:00am followed by the walk start at 11:00am. All participants will have
  an opportunity to meet our Walk With Me Ambassadors who are local adults and children with a disability or special
  need who benefit from Easter Seals services.
           Following the walk everyone is invited to enjoy refreshments and participate in fun entertainment and activi-
  ties for all ages.
          Parking for the event is free.

  More events are coming soon:

  Walk With Me Albany 2011                                     Walk With Me Long Island 2011
  Schedule: 10:00 a.m. check in; 11:30 a.m. start time
                                                               Date: Saturday, September 24, 2011
  Date: Saturday, May 21, 2011
                                                               Details coming soon.
  Location: Washington Park
  Course Route: 2.5 mile Family Fun Walk                       For more information contact Danielle Abramson at
                                                               585-957-9247 or dabramson@eastersealsny.org.
  Walk With Me New York City 2011
  Schedule: 10 AM Registration Opens; 11:30 AM Walk Start
  Date: Saturday, June 11, 2011
  Location: Battery Park, Castle Clinton
  Course Route: 5K Family Fun Walk

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com             April, 2011 - Page 29
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                 NYSSA Online Magazine

                                   NYSSA CHARITIES PAGE
                                   NYSSA encourages its individual members and its Clubs to support
                                   the following charitable organizations:

                                   Pink Ribbon Riders www.pinkribbonriders.com
                                   The Pink Ribbon Riders mission is to promote awareness of breast can-
                                   cer in the motor sports industry for both men and women while raising
                                   funds for those in need.

                                   Easter Seals www.easterseals.com
                                   Easter Seals has been helping individuals with disabilities and spe-
                                   cial needs, and their families, live better lives for over 85 years.

                                   The USO                   www.uso.org/howtohelp

                                   The USO is a private, nonprofit organization whose mission is to
                                   support the troops by providing morale, welfare and recreation-
                                   type services to our men and women in uniform.

      Safety Question

                                                                                                                                  Safety Question Answer: A
      Where is the only safe place to stop
      along the trail?

      A. At the right side along a straight
      B. In the middle of an intersection
      C. On a corner
                                                                        This stop has good visibility. Just don’t stand in
                                                                        the middle of the trail for too long!

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com                    April, 2011 - Page 30
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
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  NYSSA members save 20% on overnight lodging Sun-Thurs (excluding holi-
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  Adirondack Region. Fireplace-sauna-heated garage for sled storage & repair.
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                                     tures. A Bonvoyage trip is not merely a trip, but an unparalleled adventure
                                     experience. Our tours are the direct result of nearly 30 years of exploring
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                                        From the consumer to the professional athlete, Whiplash will help you support the
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                                         Wide Open Expeditions has 4 cabins-each have 2 sets of bunk beds, futon, bathroom
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                                         the Tug Hill Snowmobile Trail Map for 2010-2011 (we are # 90). Call us at
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Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com                          April, 2011 - Page 34
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
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                               Oscars has been in business for over 60 years offering a great selection of quality products. We wel-
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                               Johnstown, NY - 121 N. Comrie Avenue - 518-762-4609
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                               only minutes from the Northway and the NYS Thruway. Otto Cadillac, 1730 Central Avenue,
                               Albany, NY 12205 518-869-5000 www.ottocars.com

                               Trappers Tavern at The Copperfield Inn, where quality comfort food & drink is served in a casual
                               rustic Adrirondack style. Featuring oversized appetizers, over-stuffed sandwiches & memorable sig-
                               nature entrees.
                               SAVE 10% off your meal when you present your NYSSA membership card. The Copperfield Inn,
                               307 Main Street, North Creek, NY 12853. 518-251-2200. www.copperfieldinn.com

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                                    For More Information, e-mail us here,
                                   or contact our office at 1-888-624-3849.

Contact NYSSA: PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040 * EMAIL - nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com                        April, 2011 - Page 35
TOLL FREE: (888) 624-3849 * FAX: (888) 317-2441 *    www.nysnowmobiler.com
                                                As the unified voice for NY Snowmobiling, NYSSA works year-round to promote
                                                the sport and protect the trails needed for winter enjoyment. NYSSA is recognized
                                                and accepted in Albany, across the state, and nationally as the organization that
                                                represents the rights and needs of New York’s snowmobilers.

                                                Season 2011-2012 NY Snowmobiler Publication Dates:

                                                (10 days after each BOD Meeting).           September 21, 2011
                                                2011-2012 Season:                           October 11, 2011
            ASSOCIATION                         May 17, 2011                                November 15, 2011
                                                June 14, 2011                               December 13, 2011
PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566-1040           July 19, 2011                               January 17, 2012
  888-624-3849 / Fax 888-317-2441
 E-mail: nyssaoffice@nysnowmobiler.com          August 16, 2011                             February 14, 2012

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             NYSSA Calendar of Events
   May 7, 2011                 NYSSA BOD Meeting                                             Driver’s Village, Cicero, NY

   June 2011                   BOD Meeting CANCELLED

   June 1-4, 2011              43rd Annual International Snowmobile Congress                 Calgary, Alberta

   June 30, 2011               Trail System Phase I (Prior Approval) Application deadline - see
                               http://www.nysparks.com/grants/snowmobile-trail/default.aspx for grant forms.
   July 9, 2011                NYSSA BOD Meeting                                             Driver’s Village, Cicero, NY

   August 6, 2011              NYSSA BOD Meeting                                             Driver’s Village, Cicero, NY

   August 15, 2011             Trail System Phase I applicants notified by OPRHP of
                               conceptual approval status.
   September 1, 2011           Phase II Trail Funding Application deadline - see
                               http://www.nysparks.com/grants/snowmobile-trail/default.aspx for grant forms.
   September 10, 2011          NYSSA BOD Meeting                                             Driver’s Village, Cicero, NY

                       Club Events are listed on our website: www.nysnowmobiler.com
     Safety Courses are listed at http://nysparks.state.ny.us/recreation/snowmobiles/safety-courses.aspx

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