Glenn Wagner letter by keralaguest


									Dr. Glenn Wagner
San Diego County Medical Examiner
9320 Farnham St.
San Diego, CA 92123

Dr. Wagner,
      In light of the fatal shark attack off Solana Beach
April 25, we are writing to ask you to take another look at
the accidental death finding in the case of Michelle Von
Emster, whose remains were found floating off Pt. Loma
on April 15, 1994.
      The previous Medical Examiner was quoted saying
she was killed by a white shark while swimming. But
neither the International Shark Attack File nor the Shark
Research Committee accepts her death as a shark attack.
And after the recent fatality, it was widely reported that the
last confirmed shark attack here was in 1959 off La Jolla
Cove. Why is Von Emster not being counted?
      We are writers with special interests in the Von
Emster case. One of us dated Michelle briefly before her
death, and the other investigated the case for a story
published in Boating magazine in 1994.
      Her autopsy revealed a broken neck and broken pelvis,
plus broken and bruised ribs -- injuries we’ve been told are
more consistent with falling and car collisions. These types
of injuries have never been documented in a shark attack
before or since. Not a single bite on her could be attributed
to the distinctive deep gash made by white shark teeth,
which you recently witnessed.
      Despite several questionable circumstances, such as
the fact that her clothes were never found, she was wearing
jewelry in the water, and that she was swimming in a
60-degree ocean without a wetsuit, homicide investigators
declined to investigate her death. Instead, they handed the
investigation over to Dr. Blackbourne, who didn’t try and
determine time of death, and failed to check for sexual
      There are many other open questions about how she
died. We respectfully request that you reconsider the
finding of accidental death in the Michelle Von Emster


Neal Matthews
Edwin Decker

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