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					         Volume Eighteen                          Breaking news...                                  Fundraising Phenom
A family tradition in chocolate since 1921
                                                  Wolfgang launches its all-new ONLINE PRIZE        Virginian Chris Marshall shares his secret.                          Program for fund raisers             See below.                                           See page 2.

    50 East 4th Avenue, P.O. Box 226
        York, Pennsylvania 17405
                                                                                                    Online Fundraising
 1.800.248.4273                                                              All across America, people are raising funds
                                                                                                                                           See page 12.
      What’s Inside ?
    Prizes Now Online .......1
    Fundraising Phenom ...2
    Traditional Prizes ........4
    Remember “Thanks” ..4
    New Spring Brochure ..4
    Behind the Scenes .....6
    Sale Schedule ............9
    Online Prize Sheet .... 10
    Traditional Prizes ..11
    Online Fundraising ... 12
    School Box Special ... 13

       Wolfgang’s Anytime ONLINE PRIZE Program
We here at Wolfgang thought it was high time to give hardworking fundraisers a very special thank you. That’s why we designed
fantastic ONLINE PRIZE program –where fundraisers can earn points toward cool prizes like gift cards and electronics anytime
just for buying delicious Wolfgang Candy to raise money. (Wolfgang’s Traditional Family Fun Prize Program
is still available as an added incentive program for your school or organization.)
You can earn money and prizes for your pocket.Your kids will
love to log into Wolfgang Candy’s Online Fundraising
Program and start earning redeemable prize points in
their account.

                         It’s safe. It’s fun.
                          And, yes, it’s
                                   Read more
                                    on page 10.
                                                      This coastal Virginia school exceeded their fundraising goal.

    If you are having one of those days            belly up three times. The third time
    when you feel like nothing is working,         it was so close that the local Sherriff
    talk to Mr. Chris Marshall. He is one          actually served foreclosure papers on       Chris also helps to promote
    of those energy-infusing people who            their facility in Cape Charles, VA.         fund raising with Wolfgang and
    make you think, “Hey, I can do it.” In                                                     introduced Wolfgang Candy to a coastal
    1997, Chris and his mom Deborah, had           Faced with failure, and literally packing   Virginia school, Kiptopeke Elementary
    a sweet dream of selling Delisheries, a        up supplies, Chris and his mom tried        School in the harbor town of Cape
    non-refrigerated cookie dough made             one last effort to sell some cookies.       Charles, North Hampton County, that
    from his mother, Deborah’s, special            They washed out a white plastic             needed to raise money for its Fourth
    recipe. An Archeologist by profession,         container used for margarine, created a     and Fifth Graders to take a field trip to
    Chris quit his job and risked everything       quick Delisheries label, threw together     places many of the children had never
    to start a cookie business, including          the fastest (and ugliest by his account)    seen.
    his mother’s retirement funds as well          sell sheets ever made, and mailed them
                                                   to every fundraising company he could       Sharing the budget constraints of most
    as significant investments from his
                                                   find.                                       schools, Kiptopeke Elementary PTO
    grandmother and in-laws.
                                                                                               needed to raise $2,000 so the Fourth
    Ready-to-bake Delisheries products             The phones were scheduled to be shut        and Fifth Grade students could visit
    are made with all-natural ingredients,         off. Suddenly they started ringing….        Natural Chimneys and Grand Caverns
    Kosher Certified by the Orthodox               and ringing with orders. The change of      located in the beautiful Shenandoah
    Union, and produced in a peanut-free           packaging and enticing the right niche      Valley, Virginia.
    facility. They continue to be the only         market made all the difference. In 2003,                        Continued on page 3.
    peanut-free, non-refrigerated cookie           Clabber Girl Corporation purchased
    mix in the fundraising industry. The           Delisheries, Ltd, and Chris’ mom
    cookies were delicious, the packaging          could then enjoy retirement. Chris still
    attractive, but sales were nothing but         serves as a broker and consultant for
    stale to the specialty gift and food stores.   Clabber Girl.
    So stale, that the business almost went

                                                   Sign up for your profitable
                                                   Spring 2009 Fund Raiser with
                                                   Wolfgang Candy. You can                     Pictured above: The Natural
                                                   download our new brochure                   Chimneys of the Shenandoah
                                                   at under                  Valley, Virginia
                                                   Fundraising Programs. You will
                                                   love how simple raising money
                                                   toward your goal can be. Call toll
                                                   free 1.800.248.4273 today!
Mississippi Muddles                       Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie Snickerdoodles Cookie Dough
Brownie Bar Mix #529                      Dough Mix #101               Mix #102
Pastelillos de chocolate “Embrollos de    Lacas triple de chocolate                   Galletitas de azucar cubiertas de canela
                                          Treat yourself to an ultimate chocolate     A premium cookie dough mix that bakes
We’ve “muddled” this mix with dark        cookie dough mix with three kinds of        into a delicate sugar cookie. Sprinkle
and white chocolate chips in an out-      chocolate chips stirred into the batter.    with cinnamon and sugar and you have
rageously delicious, dark and fudgy       What a scrumptious cookie! (Makes           the perfect homemade snickerdoodle.
brownie bar. (Makes two 9x9” pans).       6 dozen 1/2 oz. cookies.) #101              (Makes 6 dozen 1/2 oz. cookies). #102
#529 $14.50                               $14.00                                      $14.00


Fundraising Formula
1.   Sell a high quality fundraising
2.   He sent a parent letter home         Fundraising Phenom continued
     with each student introducing
     Wolfgang Candy.                      So, Chris Marshall introduced Wolfgang      to spend some time at The Frontier
3.   This letter introduced the plans     Candy as a fundraiser. Chris, however,      Culture Museum of Virginia during
     for the field trip so that students   used a very specific fundraising formula    their Virginian tour, all because of their
     and parents could share the
                                          for success at Kiptopeke Elementary.        amazing effort that raised the funding
4.   The parent letter also listed the    (See the formula at left.)                  for their own trip.Way to go, Kiptopeke
     goal amount that each child                                                      kids!!
     would need to raise in order         It was a recipe for success. Kiptopeke
     for the field trip to become a        students were incredibly motivated.         In a sense, Chris Marshall is still
                                          Parents loved delicious Wolfgang            practicing Archeology. He certainly
5.   Use the magic number of a two-
     week sale.                           Chocolates. Blending those elements         knows how to unearth delicious sweets
6.   Because the purpose for raising      into Chris’ fundraising formula resulted    and really understands a human being’s
     the funds—the field trip—was          in the school raising $600 more than        passion for a good treat, including his
     already exciting, prize incentives   their goal and a memory of a lifetime       favorite Wolfgang Chocolate, Dark
     weren’t used. Chris recommends
     using sales incentives with fun      from a trip to the Shenandoah Valley,       Chocolate Dipped Blueberries. Thanks
     prizes when a clear use of the       once the site of a magnificent inland sea   for your great story, Chris, and bringing
     funds cannot be defined or is         from which the seven Natural Chimneys       Wolfgang Candy to Virginia schools.
     not captivating to the student
     fundraisers.                         were carved.
7.   Send a letter home thanking the
     students and parents for helping     The limestone towers rise an awe-           You can find Delisheries in Wolfgang Candy
     the school meet its fundraising      inspiring 120 feet above the Shenandoah     Fundraising Brochures. See page 25 of the
     goal and telling them about the      Valley, a site very few of the children     Wolfgang Fall/Christmas 2008 Program.
     field trip.
                                          had ever seen and one they will never
                                          forget. The students also were lucky

    Wolfgang’s Traditional Prize Program Still Rocks!
    Kids across America love Wolfgang’s Traditional Family Fun Prize Program. When schools or groups participate, students
    can earn cool prizes based on their sales levels and are automatically entered to win Wolfgang’s Grand Prize, becoming a
    Chocolatier for a day in Wolfgang’s York Historic Chocolate Factory, complete with a paid weekend at a nearby local for their
    immediate family and so many more surprises.Top fund raisers from all participating organizations who sell 100 or more items
    will automatically be entered to win Wolfgang Candy’s Grand Prize Weekend!

    The Prize: The winner and his or her immediate family will spend a half day at Wolfgang Candy in York, PA, learning to make
    chocolate candy with an expert candy maker in the actual Wolfgang Chocolate Factory. The prize for the entire winning family
    includes two nights at a local hotel, two breakfasts, one dinner, a delicious Wolfgang gift basket and “Got Chocolate” tee shirts.
    Transportation to and from Wolfgang Candy not included.                             See the Family Fun Prize Sheet on page11.

    Remember To Say “Thanks”
    When that hectic two or three week          from the student also adds a nice
    stretch known as “the fall fundraiser”      personal touch.
    is over, many parent groups are
                                                Send Home Fundraising
    understandably ready to move forward
    with other plans for the school year. But   “Report Cards”                               “We Couldn’t Have Done It Without
    it’s important not to overlook the last     On the last day of school or the last day    You!” Be sure the ad mentions how the
    item on the fundraiser to-do list: saying   before winter break, send a letter home      fundraising dollars will be spent, plus
    thanks to all of your supporters. Once      with students listing the enrichment         the names of volunteers. And don’t
    a fundraising campaign is complete,         programs, school activities and              forget the school marquis. It’s a perfect
    it’s important to thank everyone            classroom purchases funded by your           spot to say thank you to the masses (and
    involved – especially the parents. Use      parent group. Be sure the letter includes    it’s free!).
    the opportunity to show-off and show        a personal thank you from the president
                                                and the principal and include all of your
                                                                                             Send Constant Reminders
    appreciation to the families whose                                                       Consider investing in some customized
    support the school will need again          recent fundraising activities along with
                                                                                             t-shirts, coffee mugs, pens, bumper
    during the next fundraiser. Here are        the name of the volunteer responsible
                                                                                             stickers, etc., and mail them to your
    some suggestions:                           for coordinating each project.
                                                                                             top supporters, along with a thank you
    Send Personal Thank You                     Take Out an Ad                               letter. This will help continually remind
                                                Purchase some space in your                  them of your group and your gratitude.
    Notes                                       community newspaper to run a thank           Your fundraising professional may have
    Encourage volunteers to thank family
                                                you ad. Suggested headlines: “Thank          some suggestions for low-cost items
    members and friends that purchased
                                                You Westwood Elementary Parents” or          that say “thanks.”
    items. A hand-written thank you note
                                                                                             Credit: AFRDS Fundraising (http://www.

                                                             Download Wolfgang Candy’s Fundraising Program
                                                             Brochures at and call toll free
                                                             800.248.4273 to speak with a fundraising specialist
                                                             who will guide you through the simple steps of
                                                             Fundraising with Wolfgang Candy.
My Remembrances - Getting Ready for Market - By Bill Schmid
                                           capabilities for the hot summer months.    was used so the carts could be pushed
                                           The York markets were serviced by the      to and from the loading platform and
                                           company truck. The other mentioned         the truck.
                                           markets were serviced by the vehicles      The markets were an important part
                                           of the persons “tending” those stands      of life for the purchase of fresh and/
                                           using their own vehicles.                  or home grown fruits and vegetables,
                                           The products for each market were as-      locally butchered meats, home crafted
                                           sembled the day before and stored on       clothing, household goods, homemade
                                           wheeled trucks in the cooling room.        baked goods, and of course Wolfgang’s
                                           On Saturday mornings, and Tuesdays,        candy products.
The most lucrative retail business for     Thursdays, and Fridays, the company        Saturday market was always the biggest
Wolfgang’s Candy in the 1940’s through     truck would be loaded for the specif-      because all of the markets were open.
the 1960’s was via the farmers markets     ic markets. There were two Wolfgang        And, more people were available as
in the South Central Pennsylvania area.    stands in the Central Market, one at       customers on Saturdays. Many of the
Getting the candy products to and from     the Philadelphia Street entrance and       persons working during the week for
those markets was quite an undertak-       one at the Beaver Street entrance. The     the company were also employed as
ing.                                       Saturday morning loading and deliver-      “clerks” for the markets. This gave the
Since the markets opened early in the      ing was an exciting endeavor. Since the    employees additional income. And for
morning the persons tending the mar-       company had but one truck, a sedan         some it was the only employment they
kets had to rise very early. The markets   delivery style, not all of the markets     had in the Summer months when the
attended in those years were the City      could be loaded at one time. Therefore     candy company’s production was ac-
Market, Central Market, and Farmers        returning to the factory for additional    complished by fewer people.
Market in York city. There were times      deliveries had to be done.
                                                                                      It was mentioned above that since there
when markets were attended by mem-         Early on it was some undertaking get-      were no refrigerated cases ice had to be
bers of the Wolfgang family in Hanover,    ting the candy from the truck to the       made available for the positions on the
Columbia, Red Lion, and Harrisburg,        stands.                                    market stands where chocolate prod-
PA.                                        All of the candy filled “stock” boxes      ucts were displayed. This was another
The markets of the city of York had        had to be carried in from the truck to     job for the truck driver. A trip to the
market days Tuesday through Saturday.      the stand by hand. However, the Cen-       York Ice Company was required so
Each of the three markets were open        tral and City Markets did have large
on specific days of the week. City Mar-    trucks available for use by any and all
ket was open on Wednesday and Sat-         vendors. Most often all of them were in
urday, Farmers Market on Friday and        use when the Wolfgang driver wanted
Saturday, and Central Market Tuesday,      to use one. Later on, the company used
Thursday, and Saturday. They were all      laundry carts for both loading the truck
open the day before specific holidays,     and delivering the candy to the stands.
i.e., Christmas, Easter, Memorial Day      Obviously this made this job much eas-
(when it was celebrated on the 30th of     ier. The driver had to learn how to best
May) and July 4th.                         use his leverage for loading and unload-
Most of the markets stands utilized by     ing the carts at the Market Houses.
the company did not have any cooling       That was true when he had no one to
                                           help with the loading and unloading. At
                                           the factory, a special aluminum ramp

Meet the Fundraising Team                                                BEHIND THE SCENES
                                           CSR Supervisor Sandy Stauffer has served Wolfgang Candy fundraising customers
                                           for 23 years, so she knows a lot about chocolate, volumes about fund raising and
                                           even more about how to keep customers happy. While the process of ordering has
                                           become more efficient and streamlined over the years, customers compliment
                                           Sandy’s team for their personal touches, how quickly they respond to email and
                                           calls. Sandy says that they make sure that Wolfgang Candy customers know that
                                           there is a caring human being working behind the scenes. At home, Sandy has a
                                           green thumb and a knack for nurturing plants at home, that is when she and her
                                           husband Michael are not too busy with their Yorkies, Murphy and Lucy, their Lab,
                                           Indi, and three grandchildren, Kenedie, Karter and Evie.

    Sandy Stauffer, CSR Supervisor

Ron Seufert began working at Wolfgang                                             Rockingham, Stafford, Spotsylvania and
Candy in September 1995, calling                                                  King George Counties Virginia. This year,
exclusively on customers in Central                                               Ron would like to introduce Wolfgang
Maryland. After six years with Wolfgang,                                          Fundraising to new Virginia schools and
Ron left for another opportunity, but to                                          nonprofits.
Wolfgang’s delight, returned May 2005.
His customers can be found in New                                                 Ron loves to golf, play cards with his card
Castle County, Delaware the Eastern                                               club and work on home projects. He and
Shore of Maryland and the far western                                             his wife Diana have recently celebrated
portion of Maryland as well Berkeley,                                             their 40th Wedding Anniversary. They
Morgan, Pendleton and Jefferson                                                   have two married sons, Chuck and
Counties West Virginia and Loudoun,                                               Robert, and four beautiful grandchildren,
Clarke, Frederick,Warren, Shenandoah,                                              Benjamin, Alexander, Amelia and Cara.
                                                      Ron Seufert
                                            Customer Service Representative

                                              Pat Forry has been working in sales for Wolfgang Candy since 1996
                                              serving fundraising customers throughout twenty counties of
                                              Central Pennsylvania area. Over the years, Pat has become good
                                              friends with many of the chairpeople with whom she has shared
                                              Wolfgang Candy. Pat especially loves helping schools create exciting
                                              programs that help to insure successful fundraisers with Wolfgang.

                                              Pat and her husband Randy have been married for 31 years and
                Pat Forry                     have a son, Shawn, and daughter and son-in-law, Melissa and Lee.
     Inside Sales/Customer Service            When away from Wolfgang, Pat may really be “away” for her favorite                pastime is traveling.

Steve Schmid, grandson of D.E.Wolfgang Candy Company Co-founder Ruby Schmid,
is a results-oriented, bottom line-driven professional with extensive experience in
generating and qualifying leads, negotiating with high-level decision makers and
producing revenue. In October 2002, Steve joined Wolfgang Candy Company as a
fundraising sales representative. Steve holds a bachelor’s in business administration
with a major in marketing from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.

Steve and his wife Jamie have homes in both Canton, MD, (he’s a Ravens fan) and
Philadelphia, PA, with their Chihuahua, Roadie, and Black Lab, Porter. When Steve
is not traveling for work or commuting between the his two urban homes, you
might find him playing softball or kicking around with on the Adult Kickball League
in Baltimore..
                                                                                                   Steve Schmid
                                                                                               Managing Partner, Sales

                                                 Donna Trach, Fundraising Sales Representative, started working
                                                 with Wolfgang Candy in February 2006 with a widespread
                                                 territory that includes the Lancaster to Philadelphia area up
                                                 through the Poconos including Reading, Schuylkill and Lebanon
                                                 Counties. “Biking is my passion along with enjoying kayaking,
                                                 painting, tennis and hanging out with family and friends. I
                                                 just started to take up golf (the most challenging of all sports)
                                                 I have two wonderful boys Joshua, 15, just entering high school
                                                 and, Daniel, a senior at Penn State University. I enjoy helping
                                                 schools and organizations raise funds to support their efforts
                                                 to reach their financial goals. Each of the chairpersons deserve
                                                 a lot of credit for their dedication in helping their schools and
           Donna Trach                           organizations run successful fundraisers.”
 Fundraising Sales Representative

      Asking Harry Brown, Customer Service and Inside Sales, about his role
      (ROLL) at Wolfgang Candy, he did not miss a beat and responded, “Well
      pretty far----sometimes 15 or 20 feet, it all depends on the grade of the land,
      I am a pretty husky guy. Harry is a recognizable voice and face at Wolfgang
      Candy, often answering calls and charming customers with his witty one-
      liners blended with his knowledge of Wolfgang Candy, having worked for the
      company since the Easter season of 1990, joining full time in 2005. Harry just
      became a grandfather to Aidan Charles, this past August. Harry’s daughter,
      Kristy, lives nearby, so he can enjoy his newest role as often as he likes. Stacey,
      Kristy’s twin, and son Derek also live close by. Harry and wife Jolie also have
      two Yorkies, Tink & Max, and a cat named Lulu.
      Harry says “What do I love best about Wolfgang Candy? Talking with the
      customers, working with the Wolfgang family who are very sincere about                        Harry Brown
      their product, giving tours and eating candy, why else would I work here?             Inside Sales/Customer Service
My Remembrances continued
chopped ice could be purchased to be        the person’s parked car. Many people        who worked at the City and Farmers
placed on the stands, in special pans, to   had their “favorite” boys who waited at a   Markets for their lunch breaks.
keep the candy cool enough to eliminate     particular spot outside the market house    The Wolfgang Candy Co. Inc. attends
the possibility of the chocolate melting.   waiting to be of service. Some shoppers     only 2 markets today: The New East-
Sometimes it became too hot in the af-      were known to go the extra mile for         ern Market in East York and The Farm-
ternoon so the chocolate candy had to       their “boys” by not only paying them for    ers Market on West Market and Penn
be returned to the factory. Nowadays,       carrying their basket but to feed them      Streets in York.
all of our market stands have refriger-     lunch as well. It was neat to hear these
ated cases.                                 young entrepreneurs referring to their      The Farmers Market is open on Fridays
                                            employers by name very respectfully.        and Saturdays while the New Eastern
The farmers markets in York were                                                        Market is attended on Fridays only.
quite an attraction up until the advent     And the same was true with the shopper
of the Super Markets and today’s Super      referring to their hires.               These “Farmers Markets” are still a very
Stores. Many people used mass transit       When I started tending the Central special part of many peoples’ weekly
(local busses) to travel from home to       Market (circa. 1949) it was a real fam- itinerary. And, for the most part, the
and from the markets. Therefore there       ily affair. Uncle Cleve Innerst (Grand- people have their favorite venders from
were often young boys (early teens and      ma Wolfgang’s brother) and two of his whom they purchase their food stuffs.
some younger) who would provide their       children, Lloyd “Amos” Innerst and Pat Wolfgang Candy is very happy that the
services to “carry your basket” Miss        Burk, comprised the worker list. Uncle company stands are a part of that special
or Sir? These youngsters would carry        Cleve and Amos worked in the kitchen itinerary.
the shoppers’ baskets throughout the        in the Fall-Spring candy making season.
market house and to the bus stop or to      Pat packed assorted candy under the Fundraising in Philly
                                            leadership of my mother, Ruby Wolf-
                                            gang Schmid during the same season.     “We would like to sign up now
                                                                                        for the Spring Sale of 2009. We
October is National                         My job at Central Market was sort of        have had your product as one of
                                            twofold: I had to tend the stand with the   our fundraisers for several years
Breast Cancer Month                         aforementioned people and also relieve      and the quality and pricing help
Wolfgang’s Breast Cancer Awareness          my cousin Dorrie Wolfgang Whorl for         make it a good fundraiser for our
candy bars will be available late                                                       school.”
                                            lunch who attended the other stand at
September at the following locations:       the same Market house. When I started       Kathy Rayca, Good Shepherd
                                            driving the company truck for the mar-      Lutheran School in Philadelphia,
Wolfgang Candy Sweet Shoppe and             kets, it then became my job to relieve      Pennsylvania
online at                the workers at that same stand and those
• 50+ Rutter’s Markets
• Judy Nace Hair Salon
• Leader Surgical Associates
• York Health Boutique
• Latte Da Coffee Shop
For each peanut butter bar purchased,
a donation of $.50 will help support
breast cancer patients in your

Thanks for supporting the Cancer
Patient Help Fund thru the York
Cancer Center!

Schedule for a Successful Wolfgang Fundraiser
Week 1: Prepare for Sale                                      Week 6 – Late Orders
•   Recruit a committee of 4-5 volunteers                     •   Collect late orders for one week after your sale and
•   Communicate the purpose of the fundraiser,                    fax or e-mail them to Wolfgang Candy all at one time
    reference                                                     (no later than one week prior to delivery).
•   Go to             •   Second orders are those received after the original
    cover_letter.pdf for a sample cover letter (all checks        order has left Wolfgang Candy; they will incur a freight
    are to be made payable to your organization)                  charge (actual UPS charge).
•   Establish sale dates and delivery/pick up date
                                                              Week 7: Send Reminders and
Orders are due at Wolfgang by November 17, 2008, in
order to guarantee delivery by Christmas and by March 12,     Coordinate Volunteers
2009, in order to guarantee delivery by Easter. However,      •   Wolfgang Candy processing order
if your sale and delivery dates have been established with    •   Send reminders 2 – 3 days prior to the delivery date
your Sales Representative, your orders are due three          •   Coordinate volunteers to help on delivery or pick up
weeks prior to your scheduled delivery date.                      day

•   Ready materials for distribution                          Week 8: Delivery or Pick Up
Week 2: Distribute Materials                                  Order
•   Distribute materials to sellers                           •    Delivery by Wolfgang Truck
•   Promote sale, i.e., posters, e-mail, displays, school         • Have volunteers help the driver unload skids
    announcements and newsletters                                 • Unload the order and arrange by group
                                                                  • Have volunteers verify orders before sent/taken
Week 3: Promote Sale                                                  home
                                                                  • Delivery by Common Carrier
•   Continue to promote your sale, i.e., posters, e-mail,
    displays, school announcements and newsletters                • You must have volunteers to help unload the truck.
                                                                      If not, the common carrier will bill you for this
Week 4: Collect Orders/Money/                                         service.
                                                                  • Count and verify all cartons before signing the
Submit Order to Wolfgang Candy                                        delivery receipt
                                                                  • Unload the order and arrange by group
•   Send a reminder letter, e-mail, or announcement to
    sellers that sale is ending                                   • Have volunteers verify orders before sent/taken
•   Collect the top 3 (white, yellow, pink) copies of the             home
    order form from all sellers (seller keeps gold copy)      •    Pick Up
•   Review the order forms for legibility, completeness           • Determine the size of vehicle needed
    and accuracy                                                         Car – 200 packages
•   Verify that the free gift is listed correctly                        Station Wagon/Small Truck – 300 packages
•   Verify that the dollars remitted are correct                         Minivan – 300-450 packages
•   Organize the order forms with paper clips by how you                 Open ½ ton truck – 350 packages
    want your order received from Wolfgang Candy                         Closed ½ ton truck – 550 packages
•   Complete the Pick-Up/Delivery Form and send it with           • Unload the order and arrange by group
    your order                                                    • Have volunteers verify orders before sent/taken
•   Return the top 2 (white and yellow) copies of the order          home
    form to Wolfgang Candy. Keep the pink copy for your
    records.                                                  Week 9 – After Delivery
•   Use the UPS envelope provided and affix the UPS            •   Wait 3-5 days before reporting missing or damaged
    prepaid address label.                                        items, report all missing items at one time.
•   DO NOT take the UPS envelope to the post office;           •   Thank all who were involved with fundraiser, i.e.,
    SEND VIA UPS ONLY.                                            sellers, parent, teachers, volunteers
•   If you choose to send your order via U.S. postal          •   Evaluate your Fundraiser
    service, you must pay the cost. Do not use the UPS
    provided label.                                           Week 10 – Payment
•   Mail order to Wolfgang Candy so that it arrives 3 weeks   •   Submit payment to Wolfgang Candy
    prior to your delivery or pick up date

Week 5: Order Received by Wolfgang
•   Wolfgang Candy will confirm receipt of your order via
    email/phone and verify delivery/pick up date
•   Data entry and processing begins.

             Your kids will love to log into Wolfgang Candy’s Online Fundraising Program.
                                  It’s safe. It’s fun. And, yes, it’s FREE!

     How to Register for the Online Fundraising
                        1. Find your account number on your parent letter. You can also ask your organization’s
                            fundraising representative or call Wolfgang Candy at 800.248.4273, “0,” “3.
                        2. Go to
                        3. Click on the Sweet Shoppe Tab
                        4. Click on the On-line Fundraising Registration tab.
                        5. Fill out the online form.
                        6. You must be 13 years old or have your parent’s or guardian’s
                            approval to participate. Select “Yes” or “No” to con rm.
     7. Record your Wolfgang Fundraising username and password for future use.
     8. Click on the “My Wolfgang Candy” tab.
     9. Select “Send Email” from the dropdown menu. Now that you are logged into the
         Wolfgang Candy Fundraising website, you can send emails to friends and family.
     10. Invite your favorite people to shop online at the Wolfgang Candy Sweet Shoppe for your organization.
         Each selection they make can earn up to 50% of the purchase price toward your fundraising goal.

     How to Use the Online Prize Program
     1.   Click on the “My Wolfgang Candy” tab.
     2.   Select “Prize Store” from the dropdown menu to enter the Online Prize Store.
     3.   See your available Prize Points at the top of the page.
     4.   Cash in your points for cool prizes like movie and store gift cards, electronic games and gadgets, and so
          much more. The prizes will change, so check back often for the latest cool stuff.

     Account Management
     You can update your contact information,
     change your account number or unregister
     after you are logged in simply by clicking
     on “My Wolfgang Candy” and selecting
     “Update Pro le” from the dropdown

10                                                                                                              09-08
            A   Squish Ball Keychain                    B   Wolfgang Candy Bar                C    Light-up PomPom Pen
                  SELL 1 ITEM                               SELL 2-5 ITEMS                           SELL 6-10 ITEMS
                  +                +                         +              +                          +                 +

            D    Gummy Bears                            E     Sports Game                      F         7” Disco Ball
                SELL 11-16 ITEMS                            SELL 17-24 ITEMS                         SELL 25-35 ITEMS
                  +                +                         +              +                          +                 +

                                                                       $10                                          $15
                                                                       GIFT                                         GIFT
                                                                       CARD                                         CARD

            G Sun Shades w/Radio                        H     $10 Gift Card                    I        $15 Gift Card
                SELL 36-49 ITEMS                            SELL 50-64 ITEMS                         SELL 65-79 ITEMS
                                                             +              +                          +                  +

                                                                       $25                                          $40
                                                                       GIFT                                         GIFT
                                                                       CARD                                         CARD

                                                        J     $25 Gift Card                    K        $40 Gift Card
                                                            SELL 80-99 ITEMS                        SELL 100 ITEMS +

                                                            Do you want to be a Chocolatier?
                                                          Top fund raisers from all par-   The Prize: The winner and his or her immediate
                                                           ticipating organizations who    family will spend a half day at Wolfgang Candy in
                                                             sell 100 or more items will   York, PA, learning to make chocolate candy with an
                                                                                           expert candy maker in the actual Wolfgang Chocolate
                                                               automatically be en-
 Win the GRAND PRIZE                                             t
                                                                 tered to win Wolfgang
                                                                                           Factory. The prize for the entire winning family
                                                                                           includes two nights at a local hotel, two breakfasts,
NOTE: Please indicate the letter next to the item level you        Candy’s Grand Prize     one dinner, a delicious Wolfgang gift basket and “Got
have achieved in the appropriate box on bottom of your                                     Chocolate” tee shirts. Transportation to and from
order form. The colors of the prizes shown will vary.                                      Wolfgang Candy not included.                      11
      Let someone else do the fund raising work for you with Wolfgang Candy’s
      effortless online fundraising program. Just visit and
                  click on the Fundraising Tab to get started today!

     A Family Tradition in Chocolate Since 1921.

                                     Dear Aunt Mary,                           1. Launch your Internet browser.
                                     Bobby would like to invite you to visit   2. Direct your Internet browser
                                     the Wolfgang Sweet Shoppe. Bobby is
                                     raising money for new playground
                                     equipment. You should know that up        3. Click on the “Convenient
                                     to 50% of the proceeds from any
                                     purchase you make from Wolfgang              Online Fund Raising” link at
                                     Candy online benefits Big Round Top          the bottom of the page.
                                     Elementary School directly. So,
                                     please help by clicking on the Sweet      4. Follow the easy directions and
                                     Shoppe button below.                         send your personalized
                                                                                  message to as many contacts
 You are                             You can also reply directly to this
                                                                                  as you wish!
     invited!                        email and Bobby will be happy to
                                     place an order for you.
                                                                                 Same great brand, same great
                                     Thank you and enjoy your delicious          products, same great service
                                     Wolfgang Candy!
                                                                                 Orders are shipped direct to
     Secure                                                                      the purchaser’s door.
     Global                                                                      No more order forms. No more
                                                                                 stressful ”delivery days.”
     eBusiness                       This message was sent to you by: Bobby
                                     Fundraiser Account Number: MJPO15           It’s as easy as POINT, CLICK,

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