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Accounting Candidates Prepare to Join Growing Industry


Join a growing accounting industry with CPA preparation. Keller Graduate School of Management offers a graduate certificate in CPA preparation. Get started.

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									Accounting Candidates Prepare to
Join Growing Industry

While many industries have shed jobs in the face of a shrinking economy, the
historically stable accounting profession is expanding as regulatory scrutiny
increases and baby boomers in the field retire.
Bachelor’s degree holders are flooding back to school to advance their careers
and secure high-level positions now available in accounting. If you’ve earned
your bachelor’s degree in accounting or business administration with an
accounting focus, you can move ahead in your career by acquiring your CPA
designation. The first step toward achieving this professional goal is passing the
Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam.
The CPA exam is extremely challenging, and according to a study conducted by
the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), approximately 28
percent of candidates who took all four sections of the Uniform CPA Exam
passed all sections on their first try. To bolster their skill set and increase their
chances of success, many CPA candidates enroll in CPA preparation.
But what about CPA candidates who also want to pursue their Master of
Business Administration (MBA), or may decide to in the future?
Some higher education providers offer CPA prep coursework that may count
toward the 150 hours required to satisfy CPA exam and/or licensing
requirements in most states.
Eligible students save time and money by simultaneously preparing for the CPA
exam and earning credit toward graduate-level academic degrees, such as an
For instance, DeVry University’s Keller Graduate School of Management recently
began offering an innovative new graduate certificate in CPA Preparation with
two tracks: Professional Leadership and Advanced Accounting. This new
graduate certificate prepares candidates for the CPA exam while earning
academic credits.
“Graduate certificates are a cost-effective way to earn academic credentials and
address current industry demand in a short time frame,” explained Jesus
Fernandez, associate provost for curriculum at DeVry University.
The 30 credit hour program builds on previous undergraduate accounting
studies, educating students through the real world experience of highly
knowledgeable faculty. The advanced accounting coursework can stand alone as
a relevant academic credential or become a stepping stone to an MBA.
The Keller Graduate School of Management Graduate Certificate in CPA
Preparation integrates Becker Professional Education’s CPA Review
Methodology. Best of all, it is available on campus, online, or both, an ideal
offering for working professionals looking to gain a professional edge with an
additional credential.

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