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									                   Hillsborough Community Traffic Safety Team
                         Meeting Minutes of May 28, 2008

Chairperson Susan Joel called the meeting to order, welcomed everyone and
introductions were made around the room. The meeting minutes for April 23, 2008 were
accepted with the following changes on page 1 change him to “her” referring to Julie
Bond and on page 3, there was a typo in the word scrapping.


DUI Task Team Report: The Sheriff’s Office held a checkpoint in Temple Terrace
with Tampa PD and TTPD last weekend. Upcoming checkpoints include: 6/6 at SR 60
and Parsons in Brandon with the ending of school, 6/13 in Plant City, 6/20 Tampa PD
will host on the Courtney Campbell Causeway at Ben T. Davis beach with the east bound
traffic. You can check the complete 3D calendar on the HCSO website.

Engineering Issues Update: Peter reported no outstanding issues.

Safe Kids Walk This Way Pedestrian Safety Task Force Report:

Julie Bond with CUTR discussed the Walking School Bus program that they are trying to
implement in five schools during the upcoming school year. Chiles Elementary has
agreed to participate. Greco Middle School’s crossing guard at Fowler Avenue is being
eliminated. All students on the north side of Fowler Avenue will be bused. Therefore,
they are not interested in participating.

Gary Tait mentioned that the school board has a new busing plan that was implemented
in the south part of the county this past school year. The plan includes fewer stops,
longer walks, and less service to areas within two miles of a school. The plan will be
implemented in the northwestern part of the county for 2008/09.


Susan met Earl Back at a meeting with Pasco Safe Kids and asked him to speak to the
Hillsborough CTST on the subject of tire safety. Earl is an ex-truck driver who feels the
rubber from recapped tires is causing a great problem all up and down our interstate
highways. He is trying to work on legislation to prohibit recapped tires. Earl also feels
that reinstating vehicle inspection stations would be a good idea. FHWA and NHTSA
would be the governmental agencies to make a decision on the recapped tire issue
according to Lt. Daley.

Bicycle Month - May

Julie Bond discussed several events that occurred during the month, including urban
cycling courses for adults and businesses, photography contest, Proclamation Day.
CUTR has developed bicycle routes to/from various locations throughout the county.

Click It or Ticket It
A press conference was held on May 16 in the vicinity of the St. Pete/Clearwater airport
with over 100 attendees. The event was covered by two TV stations, TeleMundo and
Channel 8. FHP reported 26 fatalities over the Memorial weekend statewide.

Buckle Up Florida
Jeanette Rouse has numerous Buckle Up Florida campaign materials that she needs to
distribute. She has banners, fans, bumper stickers, car clings, and yard signs. Please
contact her at 975-6256 to arrange for pickup.

Guard Your Life safety campaign
The next safety campaign will be on I-75 from Hillsborough County through Hernando
County. The website is being developed; check it out at www.drivealert75com.
Common summer safety tips will be included in this safety educational campaign. This
campaign is in conjunction with the installation of median guardrails along I-75 in
Hillsborough, Pasco and Hernando counties in an effort to reduce head-on collisions.

Motor Carrier Compliance – Truck Safety
Lt. Pat Daley discussed several issues with loads going through the US without making a
stop in the US. These loads can not be stopped by US law enforcement. He also
discussed problems with foreign drivers. They do not possess US driver’s licenses, but
still operate tour buses. Contact Lt. David Harrison in MCCO’s training department for
enforcement training.

Battle of the Belts
St. Joseph’s Hospital has donated $5,000 for the upcoming school year. More sponsors
are being identified. COX Radio is trying to find additional sponsors.

Other News
    Ellen Snelling reported that the Alcohol Coalition received a $5,000 donation
      from Seminole Hard Rock. TAC has no June meeting and will meet on July 15th.
    The FDOT Road Rangers have received 50% of their current funding levels.
      They are looking for private sponsorships.
    Hillsborough County has officially begun their Sign Watch program. The County
      makes their own signs and has a sign crew for installation. If you see a sign
      knocked down or missing, please call 813-.635-5400.
    Tampa Bay has been identified as the worst area for teen drivers according to a
      recent study released by Allstate.
    National Walk Like MADD will be held on June 28, 2008 at 7:00 AM at Lowry
      Park Zoo. This is the only location in Florida for the national event.

Calendar of Events
July 14, 2008 - CTST Coalition meeting – Tampa at FHP
Next Meetings –    June 25 and July 23, 2008

Members Present:

Paul Alessandri           Hillsborough Co Sheriff’s Office     247-8115
Teresa Amin               Hillsborough Co Sheriff’s Office     247-0920
Lea Ann Barlas            DUI Counterattack                    875-6201
Susan Boda                Tindale Oliver                       224-8862
Julie Bond                USF/CUTR                             974-9799
David Brunner             Tampa Police Department              276-3716
Vicki Castro              Vanus, Inc.                          986-4692
Tanya Cielo               Cox Radio                            727-587-2055
P.O. Daley                Motor Carrier Compliance             352-588-5599
Stephen Decatur           Hillsborough Co Sheriff’s Office     363-9629
Patty Fernandez           Tampa Area Safety Council            248-1567
Scott Friedman            URS Corporation                      675-6562
Helen Justice             DUI Counterattack                    875-6201
Janice Lackey             More Health, Inc.                    287-5032
Carlos Martes             City of Tampa                        274-8828
Tom McMullian             VMS, Inc.                            980-0586
Joe Michler               Hilsborough Co Traffic Engineering   272-5912
William Linney            MacDill AFB Safety                   828-3385
Todd O’Hehir              Hillsborough Co Sheriff’s Office     627-1061
William Porter            Hillsborough Co Sheriff’s Office     247-8555
Melissa Reiss             CW-44 WTOG                           727-570-4307
Jeanette Rouse            FDOT Safety                          975-6256
Genie Short               Partners in Prevention               727-542-3537
Scott Skolnick            Hillsborough Co Sheriff’s Office     247-8555
Ellen Snelling            Tampa Alcohol Coalition              983-1939
Gary Tait                 Hillsborough Co Public Works         307-1871
Gregory Wynn              Hillsborough Co Sheriff’s Office     247-0402
Jason Jackman             CUTR at USF                          974-6065
Mike Hudson               Hillsborough Co Sheriff’s Office     247-0927


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