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					Mar 06

                     Take Advantage of Bennett Verby

Six months have passed since leading Stockport Accountancy firm
Bennett Verby LLP launched its new Wealth Management Division.
Since the division was first established in August 2005 it has had
remarkable success, with the team already doubling in size.

Clive Naylor, a fellow member of the Chartered Institute of Accountants and a
highly experienced Financial Advisor heads the division. The specialities that
Clive and his team have to offer are Trust and Estate Planning, Inheritance
Tax, Key Man and Shareholder Risk Management, Retirement Planning,
Pooled Investments and Employee Benefits.

Clive states, “My purpose within Bennett Verby is to help clients develop a
strategy that will help them make smart financial choices and thereby help
them to achieve the success and financial security they want, providing them
with a personal wealth management service, which we work together, in order
to satisfy their immediate and long term financial goals.”

For further information on how Bennett Verby can help you take advantage of
opportunities that can secure your wealth please contact Clive Naylor on 0161
4769000 or email

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