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                                                                                  Annual Review 2008

Peace Parks Foundation facilitates the establishment of transfrontier conservation areas (peace parks) and develops human resources,
            thereby supporting sustainable economic development, the conservation of biodiversity and regional peace and stability.
PEACE PARKS FOUNDATION                                                                                                   Annual Review 2008

BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                           FOUNDING PATRONS                                              CLUB 21 MEMBERS
Mr JP Rupert (Chairman)                                      HRH Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands † 1 December 2004      Chairman: Mr Johann Rupert
Prof GJ Gerwel (Vice-Chairman)                               Dr Nelson Mandela                                             HRH Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands † 1 December 2004
Prof WF van Riet (Vice-Chairman: International Relations)    Dr Anton Rupert † 18 January 2006                             Absa Bank
Mr W Myburgh (Chief Executive Officer)                                                                                      Sir Richard Branson
Mr JA Chissano (Mozambique)                                                                                                Cartier
Mr A Hoffmann (Switzerland)
                                                             HONORARY PATRONS                                              Chrysler Corporation Fund
                                                             President José Eduardo dos Santos (Angola)
Dr HL Hoffmann (Switzerland)                                                                                               Daimler
                                                             President Armando Emilio Guebuza (Mozambique)
Mr HM Hölz (Germany)                                                                                                       De Beers
Drs JHW Loudon (The Netherlands)                             President Lt Gen SKI Khama (Botswana)                         Deutsche Bank
Dr MD Mabunda                                                His Majesty King Letsie III (Lesotho)                         Edmond and Benjamin de Rothschild Foundations
Mr M Msimang                                                 His Majesty King Mswati III (Swaziland)                       Donald Gordon Foundation
Dr FE Raimondo                                               President Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe)                            Dutch Postcode Lottery
Ms CC Rupert                                                 President Hifikepunye Pohamba (Namibia)                        Exxaro
Mr DF Strietman (The Netherlands)                            President Dr Bingu wa Mutharika (Malawi)                      Mr Paul Fentener van Vlissingen † 21 August 2006
Mr P van der Poel                                                                                                          Fondation Hoffmann
Mr JJM van Zyl                                                                                                             Dr HL Hoffmann
Mr PJ van Zyl                                                                                                              Philips
                                                                                                                           The Rufford Maurice Laing Foundation
                                                                                                                           Rupert Family Foundation
                                                                                                                           Ms Pierrette Schlettwein
ADVISORY COMMITTEE                                                                                                         Swedish Postcode Foundation
Mr Ezekiel Dembe              Director, Planning and Projects Development: Tanzania National Parks                         Turner Foundation
Mr Titus Dlamini              Director, Parks: Swaziland National Trust Commission                                         Total
Dr David Mabunda              Chief Executive: South African National Parks (SANParks)                                     Venfin
Mrs Mamoruti Malie            Principal Secretary: Lesotho Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment                    Vodafone Group Foundation
Dr Bandile Mkhize             CEO: Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, South Africa                                                     WWF Netherlands
Dr Morris Mtsambiwa           Director-General: Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority
                                                                                                                           Club 21 consists of individuals or companies supporting peace through
Dr Lutete Nzinga              Director: Angola Ministry of Hotels and Tourism
                                                                                                                           conservation in the 21st century and have contributed $1 million or more to
Dr Lewis Saiwana              Director-General: Zambia Wildlife Authority                                                  the work of Peace Parks Foundation.
Mr Leonard Sefu               Director: Department of National Parks and Wildlife, Malawi
Mr Emmanuel Severre           Director: Wildlife Division, Tanzania
Dr Bartolomeu Soto            Director: TFCA Coordinating Unit, Directorate of National Conservation Areas, Mozambique
                                                                                                                           COVER PHOTOGRAPH: KOOS VAN DER LENDE
Mr Jameson Vilakati           Director: Swaziland Environment Authority                                                    MAPS: PEACE PARKS FOUNDATION
     Message from the
Chairman and the CEO
The Peace Parks Foundation has now
reached its first decade – a milestone
    it has much to be proud of. There

                                                                                                                                                                                        Henk Badenhorst
  have been great achievements and
 many lessons learned. Above all, as
            the vision of a network of
   Transfrontier Conservation Areas
    (“TFCAs”) in Southern Africa is                         It is now recognised that this network of peace parks, span-   When measuring the development of Southern Africa’s
                                                            ning more than half the sub-region’s formally protected        TFCAs against these indicators, it is clear that much has
  slowly but surely realised, there is                      areas, could play an increasingly important global role in     been achieved but also that much more needs to be done.
the certain knowledge that lives have                       ecosystem services through the provision of clean air and      It has always been understood that the development of peace
     been changed for the better over                       water and the maintenance of vital natural                                  parks is such an enormous challenge that it
                                                            processes such as pollination. Peace Parks Foun- ...transfrontier transcends the capacity of any single individual
                             the years.                     dation, working with communities on the ground, conservation                or organisation. Fortunately, transfrontier conser-
                                                            listening to their needs and incorporating them
                                                            in planning processes, has brought positive results
                                                                                                                                                                              success story
                                                                                                                  development is vation development is a partnership conservation
                                                                                                                                        – partnerships with governments,
                                                            for local people and conservation agencies alike. a partnership             agencies, communities living in and around the
                                                            All this, combined with training opportunities success story... protected areas, NGOs, donor organisations,
                                                            provided by the Southern African Wildlife College                           individuals and the business community.
                                                            and the SA College for Tourism ensures that, as well as the
                                                                                                                           These partners understand the benefits that increased tourism
                                                            environment, it is the people who are reaping the benefits.
                                                                                                                           will bring to the peace parks. Over the years, the Southern
                                                            Of utmost importance is that every donor’s investment in       African countries have embarked on a series of unique and
                                                            the peace parks’ concept of developing human and natural       encouraging initiatives aimed at improving the region’s tourism
                                                            capital must be maximised. To this end, the Foundation,        potential. Recently, the Boundless Southern Africa project
                                                            together with conservation agencies in the partner countries,  was launched in an effort to secure private sector investments
                                                            has developed a set of indicators to measure the status of     and facilitate cross-border tourism for the seven peace parks
                                                            each peace park. This is a powerful tool that allows the       which straddle the subcontinent from the mouth of the Orange
                                                            peace parks’ concept to observe results and provide solutions. River on the arid west coast to the lush and sub-tropical
                                                            It helps to quantify progress, whilst informing and reassuring coastal dune forests of the Lubombo TFCA in the east.
                                                            investors and decision makers at the same time. Some of
                                                                                                                           Every success brings Southern Africa closer to becoming a
                                                            the key indicators include the maturity of every peace park’s
                                                                                                                           competitive force in the global tourism market. Each positive
                                                            legal status and the extent to which joint planning and inte-
                                                                                                                           message is the bearer of hope and prosperity that will see
                                          Michael Viljoen

                                                            grated management structures and sustainable financing          Africa’s people develop whilst conserving and making the
                                                            mechanisms have been developed. In addition, policy            most of the region’s vast but fragile ecosystems.
                                                            harmonisation in the partner countries and the unimpeded
                                                            movement of wildlife and tourists across international         We thank you for your support.
                                                            borders provide further signs of progress.                     Johann Rupert and Werner Myburgh

                                                     1      Peace Parks Foundation Annual Review 2008
Facilitating Peace Parks                                                   |Ai-|Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Park
                                                                           (Namibia/South Africa)

    Thanks to the successful public                                        A key figure in any transfrontier conservation area
                                                                           and/or park is the international coordinator who serves
      and private partnerships that                                        as the driving force of its development. Among other
          exist to create and develop                                      things, that person encourages the effective functioning
                                                                           of the Joint Management Board (JMB) and its man-
     southern Africa’s peace parks,                                        agement committees that discuss and resolve matters
           much has been achieved.                                         pertaining to conservation, tourism, security and
       Highlights of the past year’s                                       finance. For the first time since 2003, the coordination
                                                                           rotated to Namibia in May 2008 and in the ensuing
       accomplishments, where the                                          months international coordinator Karl Aribeb expended
   Foundation was involved through                                         a lot of energy on strengthening existing structures
                                                                           and enhancing new opportunities. Processes are under
        its support of governments,                                        way to register a legal entity that will own and manage
               include the following:                                      the JMB’s joint assets, oversee its joint business
                                                                           operations and manage its funds.

                                                                           Following the opening of the Sendelingsdrift Joint
                                                                           Tourism Access Facility in October 2007, South African
                                                                           National Parks (SANParks), the pontoon operator
                                                                           and the JMB’s security working group have been
                                                                           regularly reviewing its functioning. Positive reports
                                                                           were received from both Namibia and South Africa’s
                                                                           police and immigration services and a total of 2 757
                                                                           vehicles and 7 102 people crossed the Orange River
                                                                           on the pontoon during its first year of operation.

                                                                           On the Namibian side, a multi-faceted tourism product
                                                                           that will focus on river-based adventure activities and
                                                                           limited luxury accommodation was presented at the
                                                                           Boundless Southern Africa Investors’ Conference in
                                                                           October 2008. The Namibian government is presently
                                                                           reviewing a potential investment proposal of R20
                                                                           million emanating from this process.

                                                                           Donor funding will be raised to build a bridge at the
                                                                           confluence of the Orange and Fish rivers, on the

                                                      Koos van der Lende
                                                                           arterial road traversing the Ai-Ais Hot Springs Game
                                                                           Park. At the moment this road becomes impassable
                                                                           for up to four months every time the Fish River is in
                                                                           flood. A management plan for the game park is also
                                                                           being developed, as well as an access control point on
                                                                           the eastern boundary of the park.

          Peace Parks Foundation Annual Review 2008                  2
                                                                                                                               Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park
                                                                                                                               (Botswana/South Africa)

In August the JMB approved the joint management                                                                                Since its opening in October 2007, 5 582 visitors have
plan as a guideline document. In terms of article 4 of                                                                         made use of the Mata-Mata Tourist Access Facility on
the treaty, the JMB has also been investigating the                                                                            the Namibian border of the park. Visiting Kgalagadi has
feasibility of establishing a TFCA in order to cooperate                                                                       been made a lot easier for travellers to or from South
with adjacent freehold and community landowners                                                                                Africa thanks to the new asphalt road between Askam in
involved in compatible land-use practices. Their                                                                               the Northern Cape and the Twee Rivieren rest camp.
research was based on the integrated conservation
development plans of Namibia and South Africa, and                                                                               It will be the first               The Joint Access Facil-
the Lower Orange River Management Study. The                                                                                                                       ity at Twee Rivieren has
                                                                                                                               facility to be jointly              also been completed and
studies identified biodiversity, cultural and economical
justifications for expanding the project to cover selected                                                                      manned by customs                   is awaiting its official
                                                                                                                                                                   opening in 2009. It will
areas from Oranjemund in the west to Augrabies Falls                                                                            officials from both                 be the first facility to be
National Park in the east, and found that a phased
development of the area would be feasible. This
                                                                                                                                          countries.               jointly manned by cus-
culminated in the JMB’s decision at its November                                                                                                                   toms officials from both
meeting to extend work to areas beyond the boundaries                                                                          countries. With this, the last vestige of two separate parks
of the Transfrontier Park.                                                                                                     will fall away as visitors to Kgalagadi, whether to the
                                                                                                                               Botswana or the South African side of the border, will
On 1 August 2003 the |Ai-|Ais/Richtersveld Inter-                                                                              enter Africa’s first transfrontier park here.
national Treaty, as well as a memorandum of under-
standing (MoU) to develop the Iona/Skeleton Coast
TFCA were signed. The Ministers for the Environment
at the time expressed the idea of creating a conservation
area that would stretch from |Ai-|Ais/Richtersveld
along Namibia’s coast into Angola. The subsequent
proclamation of the Sperrgebiet
National Park on 1 December Namibia’s
2008 was therefore of great entire coastline
significance. Namibia’s entire
coastline is now protected and is now
the Sperrgebiet, having been protected...
closed to the public for so long,
is a biodiversity treasure trove with about 1 050 plant
species, 56 vegetation types, 35 coastal and marine
bird species, 60 wetland and 120 terrestrial bird species,

                                                                                                                                                                                          Koos van der Lende
80 terrestrial and 38 marine mammal species, 100
reptile species and 16 frog species. The Namibian

                                                                                                             Michael Viljoen
government is considering a conservation area that
links the Sperrgebiet National Park to the envisaged
|Ai-|Ais/Richterveld TFCA.

                                                             3   Peace Parks Foundation Annual Review 2008
                     Limpopo/Shashe TFCA
                     (Botswana/South Africa/Zimbabwe)

                     As part of the development of the transfrontier conservation        International coordinator Johan Verhoef has had a pro-
                     area (TFCA), Peace Parks Foundation is supporting the               ductive year and good progress was made with the TFCA’s
                     rehabilitation of components of the Shashe irrigation               integrated conservation and development plan (land-use
                     scheme in the Maramani Communal Area in Zimbabwe,                   study), alternative livelihoods
                     close to the confluence of the Limpopo and Shashe rivers.            study, elephant conservation ...proper zoning
                     The Shashe irrigation scheme is being fenced to protect             management policy, predator
                     it from elephants. Furthermore, proper zoning and planning          management plan and cultural
                                                                                                                          and planning of
                     of the area would encourage the reduction of dry-land               heritage plan. The drafting of the area would
                     cropping in sensitive wildlife dispersal areas, a key element       an integrated management encourage the
                     to the TFCA’s functioning. Certain areas within the                 plan is still in the preparation
                     communal area could thereby become a conservation area,             phase, but terms of reference reduction of dry-
                     forming a link between the wildlife farms on the                    for the various planning pro- land cropping in
                     Zimbabwean side, the Northern Tuli Game Reserve in                  jects, including their funding
                     Botswana and Mapungubwe National Park in South Africa.              and implementation, have been
                                                                                                                          sensitive wildlife
                     This would also increase the potential for nature-based             finalised.                        dispersal areas...
                     tourism activities.

                                                                                                                                            Peace Parks Foundation
Koos van der Lende

                                      Peace Parks Foundation Annual Review 2008      4
                     Maloti-Drakensberg Transfrontier Conservation and Development Area
                     (Kingdom of Lesotho/South Africa)

                     At the Lesotho government’s request, Peace Parks Founda-             The Foundation also assisted with the completion of the
                     tion is facilitating transfrontier conservation related projects     joint management plan for Sehlabathebe National Park and
                     in the Kingdom of Lesotho with the assistance of Lesotho             uKhahlamba Drakensberg World Heritage Site, more
                     TFCA facilitator Dr Gideon Groenewald.                               formally referred to as Maloti Drakensberg Transfrontier
                                                                                          Park. There is good cooperation between the two entities
                     With Global Environment Facility (GEF) funding for the               and a joint fire management plan is being implemented.
                     Maloti-Drakensberg Transfrontier Project (MDTP) coming
                     to an end in 2009, an exit strategy includes the continued           June 2008 saw the opening of the Ongeluksnek Nature
                     functioning of the project coordination unit, the project            Reserve, situated along the southern Drakensberg in the
                     coordination committee and the bilateral steering committee,         Eastern Cape and forming part of the Maloti-Drakensberg
                     with funding from mainly the Lesotho and South African               Transfrontier Conservation and Development Area.
                     governments. The 20-year strategic plan also includes the
                     continued functioning of the government implementation                   ...overall        As the overall success of transfrontier
                                                                                                                conservation development is depend-
                     agencies that were established during the first phase of the           success ... is       ent on the successful involvement of
                     project. The Foundation is facilitating the processes necessary
                     for the continuation of this transfrontier conservation and
                                                                                          dependent on          communities, the Foundation has
                     development initiative and was co-opted as a member of              the successful         fostered a good working relationship
                     the project coordination and bilateral steering committees.                                with the Batlokoa people in QwaQwa
                                                                                        involvement of          and assisted with the formalisation
                     The Foundation facilitated the completion of the manage-           communities...          of an MoU between the Batlokoa
                     ment plan for Sehlabathebe National Park and contributed                                   people and the developer of the Wit-
                     to the implementation of its strategic development plan.             sieshoek Mountain Resort tourism project. The latter was
                     The government of Lesotho requested further assistance               successfully presented by the authorities at the Boundless
                     with its future management, as well as the MDTP pro-                 Southern Africa Investors’ Conference, and an agreement
                     gramme. The upgrading of Sehlabathebe’s road infrastructure          on investment is being finalised.
                     is at an advanced stage and contractors have been appointed
                     to build the Maluti environmental centre.
Koos van der Lende

                                                                                                                                                    Koos van der Lende
               5     Peace Parks Foundation Annual Review 2008
                                                              Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park
                                                              (Mozambique/South Africa/Zimbabwe)

                                                              The Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park (GLTP) treaty
                                                              provides for the development of both the Great
                                                              Limpopo Transfrontier Park and larger transfrontier
                                                              conservation area (GLTFCA). The GLTP will form
                                                              the core area of the GLTFCA, and together they will
                                                              represent seven different land-use categories, namely
                                                              national parks, private game parks, private conservan-
                                                              cies, safari hunting areas, government-controlled
                                                              hunting areas, proposed ecotourism development areas
                                                              and communal areas.

                                                              On the Mozambican side, land-use planning assistance
                                                              was given to the Licoturismo initiative, a consortium
                                                              of private landowners that lies south of Limpopo
                                                              National Park and east of Kruger National Park. A
                                                              current landscape character will be compiled by means
                                                              of GIS, leading to detailed regional planning and

                                                              The good working relationship between the Limpopo
                                                              and Kruger national parks continued on an operational
                                                              level. The joint security committee meets regularly
                                                              and in November Kruger National Park loaned a patrol
                                                              boat, donated by the SANParks Honorary Rangers,
                                                              to Limpopo National Park for regular patrols on the
                                                              Massingir Dam to control gill netting in the Olifants
                                                              Gorge. Limpopo National Park is also cooperating
                                                              with Kruger in investigating
                                                              the cause of crocodile deaths ...about 4 600
                                                              in the Olifants Gorge, as well animals ... have
                                                              as combating poaching.
                                                                                             been translocated
                                                              As a further mark of cooper- to Limpopo
                                                              ation, another 380 impala,
                                                              85 zebra, 27 wildebeest and National Park.
                                                              20 giraffe were translocated from Kruger to Limpopo
                                                              National Park. To date about 4 600 animals in total

                                            Michael Viljoen
                                                              have been translocated to Limpopo National Park.
                                                              Phase two of tourism development in the park began
                                                              in the early part of 2008. This entails developing con-
                                                              cessions in the Boala and Madonse areas, as well as
                                                              a further concession at Massingir.

Peace Parks Foundation Annual Review 2008              6
  Good progress was also made with the tender process for            Also in September, 4x4 enthusiasts were given the opportunity
  two major consultancies whose results will guide the Agence        to explore Limpopo National Park and at the same time
  Française de Développement investment. The latter will be          participate in a census that would have a meaningful impact
  focused on the planning and development of the so-called           on the knowledge base of the park. Dubbed Census on
  ‘buffer zone’, the area where communities live along the           Safari, data collection encompassed plants, reptiles,
  Limpopo and Olifants rivers, as well as infrastructure             amphibians, birds, mammals, insects and fish. The Foundation
  development in the park.                                           assisted in the compilation of a database that would stan-
                                                                     dardise the means by which the contestants captured data
...five new chalets          The construction of the second           from the field. The database includes a spatial reference by
                            phase of the management infra-
      were built at         structure is under way. This
                                                                     means of GPS location and associated multimedia data,
                                                                     such as photographs, video footage and audio files.
Campismo Albu-              includes two additional staff
    feira and four          houses, a workshop/store complex         At the end of 2007, the Frankfurt Zoological Society
                            and an arrival centre. Further-          commenced a 10-year project with the Zimbabwe Parks and
    more at Aguia           more, five new chalets were built         Wildlife Management Authority to assist with the manage-
        Pesqueira.          at Campismo Albufeira and four           ment of Gonarezhou National Park, a Zimbabwean
                            more at Aguia Pesqueira. Good            component of the GLTP. The project will focus primarily
  progress has also been made on the construction of the main        on support for park management, with a component of
  access road between Kruger National Park and Massingir.            ecological monitoring. To date a general park management
                                                                     plan has been completed and work has started on upgrading
  In September, project manager Derek Potter and park                the workshop and office facilities at Chipinda Pools.
  warden Baldeu Chande were appointed to head the project
  implementation unit. With the assistance of the latter, the
  first 18 families were resettled successfully upon their request
  and compensation provided.

                                                                                                                               Koos van der Lende

                                                                                                                                                    Koos van der Lende
                                                                 7   Peace Parks Foundation Annual Review 2008
                                                                 Lubombo Transfrontier Conservation
                                                                 and Resource Area
                                                                 (Mozambique/South Africa/Swaziland),
                                                                 which includes five distinct TFCA projects:
                                                                 - Lubombo Conservancy-Goba TFCA
                                                                 - Usuthu-Tembe-Futi TFCA
                                                                   (Swaziland/South Africa/Mozambique)
                                                                 - Ponta do Ouro-Kosi Bay TFCA
                                                                   (Mozambique/South Africa)
                                                                 - Nsubane-Pongola TFCA
                                                                   (South Africa/Swaziland)
                                                                 - Songimvelo-Malolotja TFCA
                                                                   (South Africa/Swaziland)

                                                                 The Lubombo TFCA has had an eventful year with
                                                                 international coordinator Wisdom Dlamini at the helm
                                                                 since January 2008.

                                                                 In April the World Bank that
                                                                 expressed satisfaction at
                                                                 the Foundation’s progress
                                                                                              would benefit the
                                                                 regarding the implemen- communities were
                                                                 tation of a community identified for
                                                                 development project in
                                                                 and around the Maputo development.
                                                                 Special Reserve. During
                                                                 the year numerous meetings were held with community
                                                                 leaders, district government representatives, NGOs
                                                                 and national government representatives to raise
                                                                 awareness of the TFCA project and obtain input on
                                                                 its development. A desktop situational analysis of the
                                                                 Matutuíne community and the area was also
                                                                 undertaken. Appropriate nature-based tourism,
                                                                 community-based conservation enterprises and joint
                                                                 ventures that would benefit the communities were
                                                                 identified for development. These include a luxury
                                                                 beachfront lodge at Ponta Chemucane inside the

                                            Koos van der Lende
                                                                 Reserve, a 4x4 wilderness trail with campsites, a
                                                                 beachfront campsite at Ponta Dobela and a walking
                                                                 trail. Tenders that focus on community benefits have
                                                                 since been issued for the concessions at Milibangalala
                                                                 and Chemucane.

Peace Parks Foundation Annual Review 2008                  8
 A procurement process to repair Lubombo TFCA’s existing
 infrastructure was completed and work began on maintaining
 existing roads and tracks. Electricity was installed in the
                           project manager’s camp and the temporary office building, which
  members were now serves as park headquarters.
positioned along           Progress was also made with the
                           elephant-restraining line, with the
 the fence line to         aim of completing the fence on
      maintain it,         the western boundary of the Futi
following on-site          Corridor and completing the
                           fencing of the northern boundary
   training in the         of the Maputo Special Reserve.

                                                                                                                Matthew Prophet
 maintenance of            A maintenance and logistics
                           manager has been appointed to
   solar stations.         oversee a team of staff, and com-
 munity members were positioned along the fence line to
 maintain it, following on-site training in the maintenance
 of solar stations.
 Still in Maputo Special Reserve, December saw the appoint-
 ment of project manager Gilberto Vicente and park warden
 Custodia Banze.
 For the third year running, scientists and conservation
 management staff from Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, Maputo
 Special Reserve and Peace Parks Foundation completed a
 successful aerial count of game in the Usuthu-Tembe-Futi
 TFCA, with the results showing a very healthy core animal
 The establishment of the Lubombo TFCA’s marine protected
 area is gaining momentum and was given impetus by WWF
 Netherlands and the Principality of Monaco’s support to
 the Mozambican side. A proposal was drafted whereby the
 areas in need of protection were identified, management
 areas were zoned and a map was developed to address the

                                                                                                                Matthew Prophet
 biodiversity conservation objectives of the area. Key scientists
 were consulted in the development of this proposal and
 Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife assisted by surveying the proposed
 restricted area to demarcate it.

                                                                9   Peace Parks Foundation Annual Review 2008
A highlight of the marine programme was the conclusion          The Nsubane-Pongola TFCA is set to become the Lake
of the first season of the joint turtle-monitoring project in    Jozini Transfrontier Park in 2009 at a ministerial fence-
which nesting sites for 700 loggerhead and 20 leatherback       dropping ceremony. As a precursor to this, game was intro-
turtles were observed. The turtle-monitoring programme          duced into the area from other reserves in Swaziland,
has also been restructured to create a larger, more coordin-    including impala, wildebeest, waterbuck and warthog. South
ated programme between Ponta do Ouro and Santa Maria.           Africa has donated addition-
Annual training for the community monitors conducting           al game that will be brought ...the Bhekula
daily patrols in breeding season is provided by Centro Terra    in at the fence-dropping
Viva in Maputo. Interesting marine sightings are also           ceremony. The integrated community decided
recorded and plotted with a GPS. All data collected are         tourism development frame- to form a community
reported back to newly appointed marine manager Miguel          work for this TFCA was also
Gonçalves. Two marine rangers have been appointed to            completed and aims to har- conservation area ...
assist the marine manager with increased patrols and the        monise marketing and com- thus adding 2 000 ha
monitoring of marine activities. Thanks to a good working       mercialisation strategies.
relationship with the local Ponta do Ouro maritime authority,   Meanwhile, work has begun to the Usuthu-
regular joint patrols were also conducted. Following an         on a joint management plan Tembe-Futi TFCA.
agreement with the Instituto de Investigação das Pescas e       for the TFCA.
do Mar (IPIMAR), an observation programme to monitor
local fishermen has been set up.                                 In the Songimvelo-Malolotja TFCA, it was agreed to include
                                                                the Hawane Nature Reserve and Wetland, as well as
To the south in northern KwaZulu-Natal, the Bhekula             community tourism and conservation areas in north-eastern
community decided to form a community conservation area         Swaziland into the TFCA. The drafting of the TFCA’s joint
that links to the Tshanini Community Conservation Area,         management plan was also finalised.
thus adding 2 000 ha to the Usuthu-Tembe-Futi TFCA.

                                                                                                                        Matthew Prophet

                                                                                                                                               Michael Viljoen
                                                                                  Peace Parks Foundation Annual Review 2008               10
                   Malawi/Zambia TFCAs

                   In 2007 the Malawi and Zambian governments identified           The Foundation, with the mandate of ZAWA, is working
                   the sustainable management of the Nyika TFCA for World         with the Wildlife Conservation Society to support the
                   Bank/GEF support. The Global Environmental Facility sub-       implementation of their successful community conservation
                   sequently approved a project preparation grant of $328 000,    farming initiative, COMACO, in the Mwasemphangwe area
                   which the two governments requested the Foundation to          between Kasungu National Park in Malawi and Lukusuzi
                   manage and oversee to implementation phase. The legal          National Park in Zambia in the Kasungu-Lukusuzi TFCA
                   agreement between the World Bank and the Foundation has        (the second component of the Malawi-Zambia TFCAs).
                   since been signed, as has the letter of agreement initiating   The aim of the support is to assist people living in this area
                   the process to establish an endowment fund for the project,    to improve their livelihoods. This will assist in efforts to
                   which will receive a capital injection of $5,9 million once    secure a wildlife dispersal area between the two parks, thus
                   established.                                                   contributing to the development of this TFCA.

                   Nyika TFCA project coordinator Humphrey Nzima will be
                   responsible for the overall development of the Nyika
                   Foundation, the development of sustainable financing options
                   and the design of the project. The Nyika Foundation is a
                   bilateral structure with representatives from Malawi and
                   Zambia overseeing the management of the TFCA.

                   Lackson Mwenya was appointed as internatonal coordinator
                   when the coordination of the Malawi/Zambia TFCAs rotated
                   to Zambia.

                   In May, the ministerial committee approved the investment
                   framework and logo for the Malawi-Zambia TFCAs, as well
                   as the Nyika TFCA joint management, integrated tourism
                   development and restocking plans, and the Kasungu-
                   Lukusuzi project plan.

                    ...the wildlife        Regarding the restocking of the
                                           Nyika TFCA, the wildlife sanctuary,
                     sanctuary ...         including the electrified fence, is
                         is wholly         wholly managed by a fully integrated
                                           transfrontier management team that
                   managed by a            includes officers from both the
                  fully integrated         Malawi Department of National
                     transfrontier         Parks and Wildlife and the Zambia
                                           Wildlife Authority (ZAWA).
Michael Viljoen


           11      Peace Parks Foundation Annual Review 2008
                                                              Kavango-Zambezi (KAZA) TFCA

                                                              Following the signing of a memorandum of under-
                                                              standing (MoU) toward the establishment of KAZA
                                                              TFCA on 7 December 2006, the year 2008 was a
                                                              most productive one. The secretariat, under the
                                                              guidance of regional coordinator Sedia Modise, focused
                                                              its attention on drafting key discussion documents to
                                                              assist in taking KAZA TFCA to the next level of
                                                              development. Some of the important documents
                                                              produced include the following:

                                                              • A financial sustainability strategy and terms of
                                                                reference for its implementation that offers the
                                                                partner countries a variety of options they can use
                                                                to attain a greater degree of financial independence;
                                                              • A treaty development framework that outlines key
                                                                issues and concepts to address the promulgation
                                                                of the treaty and provides timelines for the treaty
                                                              • A protocol on project implementation and guidelines
                                                                for preparing project proposals that describe possible
                                                                scenarios to follow when using implementation
                                                                agents as intermediaries of funds secured from
                                                                donors. This is to ensure that the partner countries
                                                                continue to drive and own the TFCA planning and
                                                                development processes;
                                                              • Terms of reference for the preparation of an inte-
                                                                grated tourism development plan, as one of the
                                                                fundamental objectives for establishing the TFCA
                                                                is to generate socio-economic returns through the
                                                                development of tourism;
                                                              • Terms of reference for a development partners
                                                                coordination forum as a follow-up to the June 2007
                                                                donor conference held in Gaborone, Botswana,
                                                                where several donor agencies recommended the
                                                                establishment of a forum to harmonise and coordin-

                                            Michael Viljoen
                                                                ate their support for the TFCA in a coherent and
                                                                synergistic manner; and
                                                              • Guidelines for the working groups on communities,
                                                                conservation, tourism, and safety and security that
                                                                act as advisory bodies to the technical committee.

Peace Parks Foundation Annual Review 2008              12
These discussion documents were reviewed by the technical

                                                                                                                                                                                       Peace Parks Foundation
committee and recommended to the Ministers’ committee
for adoption. The KAZA TFCA Ministers adopted the
documents as recommended and they now guide the TFCA’s
development activities.

The Ministers confirmed that Namibia would take over
from Botswana as coordinating country starting January
2009, as per an earlier decision to rotate the coordinating
role in alphabetical order every two
years. The Ministers also accepted a               The process was As was the case with the IDP process, the                  four days to hand in their submissions, some including
recommendation from the officials that
the Secretariat should be permanently
                                             characterised by high handing-over ceremonies were inclusive and
                                                                            guests comprised representatives of the com-
                                                                                                                              sketches with suggestions of the zoning of their areas.

based in Botswana. Thanks to a revised        levels of interest and munities involved in the process, notably                The IDP document consists of three main chapters: The
budget for the Secretariat’s operations, enthusiasm by all, with senior representatives from traditional author-              Place, The People and The Plan. The document highlights
a programme manager and an admin-                                           ities, community resource boards, community       89 action projects that were identified during the integrated
istration officer/Portuguese translator         certain participants trusts, key government and local government               planning process, relating broadly to natural resource con-
                                                                                                                              servation and use, community development and benefits,
will be appointed, as will a KAZA TFCA       walking for four days agencies, NGOs and the private sector.                     and planning and infrastructural requirements.
liaison officer in each of the partner
countries. To promote awareness of
                                                     to hand in their The ceremonies followed more than a year
                                                                                                                              Pilot projects were also identified, the detailed planning of
KAZA TFCA within the respective                        submissions... of comprehensive and participatory planning             which will form part of the IDP. These include wildlife-
partner countries, the Ministers directed                                   processes by ZAWA, facilitated by Peace Parks
                                                             Foundation, during which all affected communities and            restocking proposals, interventions to reduce human-wildlife
their officials to set up national steering committees which                                                                   conflict, enterprise development, capacity building and land-
would also increase stakeholder involvement in the planning  stakeholders identified their needs and priorities for develop-
                                                             ment. The process was characterised by high levels of interest   use planning initiatives at various game management areas.
and development of the TFCA.
                                                             and enthusiasm by all, with certain participants walking for
KfW has agreed to an €8 million grant for the development
of the TFCA and negotiations on its implementation are in
the final stages.

June 2008 saw the culmination of the Zambian Integrated
Development Plan (IDP) process which was a partnership
between the government, local communities and the private
sector. With the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) in the
lead, it was financed by Peace Parks Foundation, WWF
Netherlands and The Rufford Maurice Laing Foundation.

                                                                                                                                                                                       Koos van der Lende
The IDP, which will ensure the sustainable and equitable
development, utilisation and management of the Zambian
component of the Kavango-Zambezi TFCA, was handed to
Mr Michael Kaingu, the Zambian Minister of Tourism,
Environment and Natural Resources.

                                                         13     Peace Parks Foundation Annual Review 2008
  Following the successful completion of the IDP, several
  integrated management plan meetings were held with
  traditional and community leaders, with the objective of
  sensitising communities on the development of the TFCA,
  as well as ensuring that communities living in and around
                            Sioma Ngwezi National Park
     After Victoria understood the concept of the
Falls, the Ngonye IDP. The development of the
                            Ngonye Falls National Park was
   Falls ... are the the first project arising from these
second largest in discussions. After Victoria Falls,
      the Zambezi the Ngonye Falls in thelargest in
                            Province are the second

               River... the Zambezi River.
  Once the approval of the local community was obtained,
  the Foundation, with the community’s assistance, erected
  fences to enclose the approximately 200 ha surrounding the
  falls. All building materials were sourced locally and the
  team built a campsite with kitchen and ablution facilities,
  as well as an entrance gate to the park. The Zambian
  government is in the process of proclaiming the Ngonye
  Falls National Park.

  In the latter part of 2008 the Foundation started assisting
  the Angolan government with the development of an IDP
  for that section of the Kavango-Zambezi TFCA.

  Overall, KAZA TFCA continues to raise a lot of interest
  from local and international development partners as well
  as NGOs. This is primarily because of its potential in meeting
  the objectives of various conservation conventions and
  protocols, as well as becoming southern Africa’s largest
  regional conservation development initiative.

                                                                                                                    Michael Viljoen
                                                                   Peace Parks Foundation Annual Review 2008   14
 Liuwa Plain-Mussuma TFCA                                                         Lower Zambezi-Mana Pools TFCA
 (Angola/Zambia)                                                                  (Zambia/Zimbabwe)

 Mr Lackson Mwenya was appointed as international                                 The Lower Zambezi-Mana Pools TFCA between Zambia           of years ago as it changed its course. Hippopotamus,
 coordinator to oversee the development of the TFCA. The                          and Zimbabwe lies in the Zambezi Valley, which since the   crocodile and a wide variety of aquatic birds are associated
 Foundation, in consultation with the governments of Angola                       dawn of time has been used by wildlife as a thoroughfare   with the pools. Long Pool, the largest of the four pools, has
 and Zambia, has appointed a consultant to undertake a                            between the escarpment and the Zambezi River. The two      a large population of hippo and crocodile and is a favourite
                               project plan for the Liuwa                         national parks lying opposite each other                                     of the large herds of elephant that come
     The TFCA will Plain-Mussuma TFCA. The                                        make for a massive wildlife sanctuary on The two national                    out of the thickly vegetated areas in the
   protect the third proposed TFCA encompasses                                    both sides of the Zambezi River. Mana Pools parks ... make for a             south to drink and bathe.
largest migratory Liuwa Plain National Park,
                               its surrounding game manage-
                                                                                  was proclaimed a World Heritage Site based
                                                                                  on its wildness and beauty, together with
                                                                                                                                massive wildlife               Following a request by the two govern-
population of blue ment area in Zambia and the                                    the wide range of large mammals, over 350 sanctuary on both                  ments for the Foundation’s assistance in
                                                                                                                                                               developing the TFCA, a process of stake-
       wildebeest in contiguous area to the north                                 bird species and aquatic wildlife.            sides of the Zambezi holder consultations to discuss the develop-
                               of Mussuma across the inter-
                Africa... national border in Angola.                              The name Mana means ‘four' in the local River.                               ment of the TFCA commenced in the latter
                                                                                  Shona language and refers to four large pools                                part of September. An MoU toward the
 The TFCA will protect the third largest migratory popu-                          inland from the Zambezi River. These pools are the remnant TFCA’s establishment and a project plan for its develop-
 lation of blue wildebeest in Africa after the ones in the                        ox-bow lakes that the Zambezi River carved out thousands   ment are being finalised.
 Serengeti-Mara ecosystem in East Africa and in southern
 Sudan. Every year massive herds of blue wildebeest migrate
 from Zambia to Angola and back again, traversing the plains
 in their thousands and very often mingling with zebra along
 the way.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Koos van der Foundation
                                                         Dr Anthony Hall-Martin

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Peace Parks Lende
                                                                    15            Peace Parks Foundation Annual Review 2008
           Special projects                              Climate Change Programme in southern Africa’s TFCAs

Thanks to a €1 million donation by                       An initial desktop study indicated that an opportunity existed    For the successful implementation of a taking-carbon-to-
                                                         to implement climate change mitigation projects in southern       market project, it is necessary to comply with stringent
    the Dutch Postcode Lottery, the                      Africa’s TFCAs. Three main types of projects were identified,      standards and build strong partnerships with advisory
Climate Change Programme started                         namely the rehabilitation of forests and degraded areas, the      institutions. To this end the Foundation and the Climate
                                                         avoidance of deforestation, and fire management. It is             Change Action Partnership co-hosted a successful two-day
   in earnest during 2008. The year                      envisaged that these projects will be implemented in the          climate change standards workshop in Cape Town in Sep-
served as a preparatory stage to plan                    identified areas with financial support from investors over         tember 2008. The workshop focused on project verification
     the roll-out of the first of many                    the longer than 30-year duration of such projects.                through the Voluntary Carbon Standard and the Commu-
                                                                                                                           nity, Climate and Biodiversity
pioneering taking-carbon-to-market                       As a result of the development and signing of the Zambian         Standard. The Foundation also By the end of this
                                                         Integtrated Development Plan (IDP), combined with the
 projects. The year was thus mainly                                                                                        established a partnership with
                                                         quantity of its carbon assets, Zambia was selected to roll out    the UN Food and Agriculture exciting year a
       spent on research, planning,                      the first taking-carbon-to-market project. Significant time         Organisation, with a view to strong climate
       infrastructure development,                       was spent on researching how to develop these projects. Part      creating a globally accepted
                                                         of the development of the project plan was to familiarise the     carbon-monitoring methodol-
                                                                                                                                                           change team had
       networking and relationship                       team with the host country and its particular carbon stocks,      ogy. This partnership will be been established...
                             building.                   and to identify relevant host-country stakeholders. In order      formalised by way of an MoU
                                                         to do so, a field trip and aerial survey were conducted in         in 2009.
                                                         Zambia during August 2008. This was followed by a two-
                                                         day meeting of Zambian stakeholders in Livingstone to obtain      By the end of this exciting year a strong climate change
                                                         the support of all role-players to implement climate change       team had been established, comprising an operations officer,
                                                         mitigation projects in the Zambian component of the               a scenario analyst, a community project developer, an
                                                         Kavango-Zambezi TFCA. Subsequently a memorandum of                ecologist, a logistics and communications coordinator and
                                                         understanding (MoU) was drafted and submitted to Zambia           an administrative assistant.
                                                         for signature.
                                         Shayne Fuller

                                                                                                                                                                                   Shayne Fuller
                                                                            Peace Parks Foundation Annual Review 2008     16
Conservation Areas
in Southern Africa
1. |Ai-|Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Park
   (Namibia/South Africa)
   Treaty signed
2. Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park
   (Botswana/South Africa)
   Treaty signed
3. Limpopo/Shashe Transfrontier Conservation Area
   (Botswana/South Africa/Zimbabwe)
   MoU signed
4. Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park
   (Mozambique/South Africa/Zimbabwe)
   Treaty signed
5. Lubombo Transfrontier Conservation and Resource Area
   (Mozambique/South Africa/Swaziland)
   MoU signed
6. Maloti-Drakensberg Transfrontier Conservation
   and Development Area
   (Kingdom of Lesotho/South Africa)
   MoU signed
7. Iona-Skeleton Coast Transfrontier Conservation Area
   MoU signed
8. Liuwa Plain-Mussuma Transfrontier Conservation Area
   MoU pending
9. Kavango-Zambezi (KAZA) Transfrontier Conservation Area
   MoU signed
10. Lower Zambezi-Mana Pools Transfrontier Conservation Area
   MoU pending
11. Malawi/Zambia Transfrontier Conservation Areas
   MoU signed
12. Niassa-Selous Transfrontier Conservation Area
   Conceptual phase
13. Mnazi Bay-Quirimbas Transfrontier Conservation & Marine Area
   Conceptual phase
14. Chimanimani Transfrontier Conservation Area
   MoU signed

                                                               17   Peace Parks Foundation Annual Review 2008
Training               SA College for Tourism

                       In November 2008, 83 women hailing from                                              The level of theory papers was raised to match the
                                                                                                            level set for second-year diploma students at the Central
                       rural areas across southern Africa left the                                          University of Technology’s School of Tourism, Hospital-
                       College as professionals, ready to enter the                                         ity and Sport, the external examiner of the College,
                                                                                                            while the content of the practical exams was raised to
                       hospitality industry. Their year’s training                                          that of third- and final-year diploma students at the
                       resulted in their obtaining the Certificate                                           same institution. The students nevertheless performed
                        in Small Accommodation Establishment                                                well with three obtaining distinctions (exceeding 80%),
                                                                                                            11 exceeding 75% and 17 exceeding 70%.
                              Operations and four national skills
                                                                                                            The students also gained good practical experience
                           development certificates in hospitality                                           throughout the year, having participated in food
                         services conferred by the South African                                            preparation and service for six conferences for between
                        Tourism, Hospitality & Sport Education                                              30 and 40 guests each, five wedding receptions for 160
                                                                                                            guests each, a school reunion for 65 guests, and at two
                               and Training Authority (THETA).                                              successful steak restaurants at the College, which
                                                                                                            catered for 80 patrons each. Students also assisted
                                                                                                            with food preparation and served guests on an ongoing
                                                                                                            basis at restaurants and other public venues throughout
                                                                                                            the year. For their finale, they hosted a successful five-
                                                                                                            course pre-graduation banquet for 80 VIP guests and
                                                                                                            a luncheon for 150 guests on graduation day.

                                                                                                            The graduation ceremony was kindly sponsored by
                                                                                                            Absa, a major donor of the College. Other key sup-
                                                                                                            porters of the College are Mrs Gaynor Rupert and
                                                                                                            the Ruper t Family Foundations, Peace Parks
                                                                                                            Foundation, the Anglo American Chairman’s Fund,
                                                                                                            JH Bemberg, Baroness Ariane de Rothschild, the DG
                                                                                                            Murray Trust, the Embassy of Finland, Rosmarie
                                                                                                            Meier-Berchtold, Dott. RF Magnoni, Mercedes-Benz
                                                                                                            South Africa, MB Technologies, Maskew Miller
                                                                                                            Longman, J Ogilvie Thompson, the Ovland Group,
                                                                                                            Dr MA Roˇ, SA Breweries, Simone Rawlings Social
                                                                                                            Investments, Ms Pierrette Schlettwein, Vacheron
                                                                                                            Constantin and MP von Mautner Markhof-Cassis

                                                                                             Mark Senekal
                                                                                                            Mr Jabu Mabuza, CEO of Tsogo Sun Group, executive
           Absa Bank

                                                                                                            chairman of Southern Sun Hotels and chairman of
                        Mrs Gaynor Rupert        Mr Jabu Mabuza         Mr André Kilian                     South African Tourism, delivered the keynote address.
                        Chairperson              CEO, Tsogo Sun Group   Executive Director

                                            Peace Parks Foundation Annual Review 2008             18
  Mr Werner Myburgh, CEO of Peace Parks Foundation, said                   The ceremony concluded with a wonderful bonus for the
  the graduates could look forward to joining an industry that             top student, Ms Kahimbi Kaingu of Zambia and her runner-
  was increasingly contributing to southern Africa’s economy.              up, Ms Rose Kamumvuri of Zimbabwe. Mrs Barbara Pudell
  In South Africa alone, the industry’s contribution to the                from Switzerland announced that the two students would
                               GDP had increased from                      receive an all-expenses-paid visit of three months to the
...graduates could R137,6 billion in 2006 to R159,6                        Pudell family’s exclusive guesthouse, Casa Montefino, in
   look forward to billion in 2007. Furthermore,                           Portofino, Italy. The prize also includes visits to other famous
                                               were joining the
            joining an the graduates exciting time with
                               industry at an
                                                                           Italian tourist destinations, where they will observe the
                                                                           operations of a number of hospitality institutions.
industry that was the advent of the 2010 FIFA
                                                                           This crowned another successful year for the College, which
         increasingly World Cup. He said this event                        also achieved an excellent rating in an audit of the full scope
                               afforded unrivalled opportuni-
    contributing to ties to the subcontinent’s tourism                     of its operations by the Education and Training Quality
                                                                           Assurance. For six of the eight
southern Africa’s industry. Not only those in the                          audit categories, ranging from ...these marks
             economy. main urban centresinstood to
                               benefit, but also those the rural            assets, financial and general placed the College
                                                                           management to the training
  areas, as large numbers of soccer enthusiasts were expected
                                                                           programme, policies and
                                                                                                              at the top of all
  to also experience one of southern Africa’s unique features:
  its transfrontier conservation areas or peace parks, home to             procedures, the College was training institutions
  many of the graduates.                                                   awarded a mark of five, which of its kind.
                                                                           is the highest possible mark
 Dr Paul Bayliss, corporate social investment manager,                     denoting a so-called best practice. For the two remaining
 handed the Absa Top Student Trophy to Ms Kahimbi Kaingu                   categories, both concerning human resources, the College
 of Zambia. He said Absa’s continued support of the College                received a mark of four, i.e. meeting all the national
 would contribute towards biodiversity conservation and                    requirements. In the remarks following the audit it was
 that ‘the skills development interventions will improve the               pointed out that these marks placed the College at the top
 lives of rural communities, which will in turn help to foster             of all training institutions of its kind.
 the economic well-being of the entire region’.
                                                            Mark Senekal

                                                                                                           Mark Senekal

                                                                                                                                       Mark Senekal

                                                                                                                                                      Absa Bank
                                                                   19      Peace Parks Foundation Annual Review 2008
                    Training                                                    Southern African Wildlife College

                                                                                Since the College opened its doors
                                                                                 in 1997, more than 2 400 students
                                                                                       from 37 countries have been
                                                                                    trained. Last year park rangers
                                                                                from conservation areas stretching
                                                                                   from the Cape to Kenya came to
                                                                                  study at the College to obtain the
                                                                                    Certificate in Natural Resource

                                                                                The College’s unique training focus aims at equipping
                                                                                field staff of Africa’s transfrontier and national parks
                                                                                with the necessary skills to
                                                                                manage their areas more ...the necessary
                                                                                effectively and deal with
                                                                                the challenges facing these
                                                                                                               skills to manage
                                                                                conservation areas at pre- their areas more
                                                                                sent. Most of the students effectively and deal
                                                                                had been working as field
                                                                                rangers in their respective with the
                                                                                parks for several years and challenges facing
                                                                                underwent the training to
                                                                                strengthen their field and
                                                                                                               these conservation
                                                                                management skills.             areas...
                                                                                The year got off to an exciting start when a memo-
                                                                                randum of understanding between Kruger National

                                            Southern African WIldlife College
                                                                                Park and the College was signed, designating the
                                                                                College as Kruger’s in-house conservation and tourism
                                                                                training provider.

                                                                                In April a very successful gala dinner, hosted by the
                                                                                Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa,
                                                                                raised just over R900 000 for training Southern African
                                                                                conservation staff at the College. Klaserie Game Con-
                                                                                servancy, Kruger National Park, Swaziland National
                                                                                Trust Commission, Timbavati Private Nature Reserve,

Peace Parks Foundation Annual Review 2008                  20
  the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) and the Zimbabwe           region’s wildlife sector, their tenure at the College also
  Wildlife Authority all donated auction items that raised        strengthened cross-border relations and facilitated
  funds to allow students from their organisations to train at    negotiations once they returned to office in their respective
  the College. The Foundation supported the event and Distell     countries.
  kindly donated wine for the evening.
                                                                  The College underwent significant changes during 2008.
 During August a conservation outreach, sponsored by              Dr David Mabunda, chief executive of SANParks, became
 Toyota, enabled a group of game rangers and representatives      the new chairman, while Peace Parks Foundation and WWF-
 from the College to embark on a monitoring and evaluation        SA jointly funded a new business plan for the College. The
                          trip across Mozambique, Zambia          diploma course is also undergoing changes and will be
   ...the College and Botswana. The aim of the                    offered again in 2010 once it has been aligned to the National
       provides a outreach was to meet up with as                 Qualifications Framework.
                                     students as possible and
            unique many pastwhether they and their
                                                                  Peace Parks Foundation and WWF-SA are the main sponsors
                                                                  of the College, while bursaries were kindly donated by
opportunity for organisations had benefited from                   Afrisam, Anglo American, De Beers, Daimler, Fondation
 students from the training received at the College.              Hoffmann, the Tony and Lisette Lewis Foundation, the
                          A simple training needs analysis was
           various also conducted to establish their              McKenzie Foundation, the Mitsubishi Corporation Fund
                                                                  for Europe and Africa, KfW, Rallen, Swedish Postcode
      countries... present needs. In total, the visiting          Foundation and the Tusk Trust.
                          team met up with 26 students from
 13 different wildlife areas, 23 of whom had been promoted        The graduation ceremony was again sponsored by Absa.
 since completing their training. Past students reiterated that   Dr Paul Bayliss, corporate social responsibility manager,
 the College provides a unique opportunity for students from      re-enforced the bank’s commitment to building the capacity
 various countries, cultures and backgrounds to share ideas       of future managers of natural resources by providing a
 on the management and sustainable utilisation of resources       bursary to the value of R70 000 for one of the top graduates
 in the region. As students were already employed in the          to attend further training at the College in 2009.

                                                                                                                             Southern African WIldlife College

                                                                                                                                                                 Southern African WIldlife College
                                                             21   Peace Parks Foundation Annual Review 2008

The financial results of Peace Parks                            Donors are the lifeblood of Peace Parks Foundation. Donor           Reed play in raising funds and recruiting new Club members.
                                                               investments generate all the financial resources required for        We are honoured to welcome Dr Eberhard and Mrs Charlotte
Foundation in 2008 clearly indicate                            the full range of activities necessary to support the Foundation    von Koerber, as well as Mrs Brigitta Blangley to the Peace
  the level of investment that donors                          in delivering results. We value our donors immensely and            Parks Club, but sadly had to bid farewell to her husband,
                                                               have a deep appreciation of their continued support. A              the late Mr Cristoph Blangley, who will always be remembered
are prepared to make in supporting                             sincere thank you to everyone who has made a contribution           for his support.
 the bold vision of linking protected                          to the Foundation over the years – your support is much
                                                                                                                                   Our thanks go to the donors who recognise the importance
        areas and ecosystems across                            appreciated. We assure you of the efficient and correct use
                                                                                                                                   of developing the skills of young rural women to enter the
                                                               of funds, complying with the highest standards of good
   international borders in Africa in                          governance.
                                                                                                                                   hospitality industry at the SA College for Tourism, listed
                                                                                                                                   on p 18, and the supporters of the Southern African Wild-
        order to create jobs, conserve                         A key aspect of the fundraising history of Peace Parks Founda-      life College, listed on p 21.
  biodiversity and promote regional                            tion was the development of Club 21. Special mention must
                                                                                                                                   Peace Parks Foundation is most grateful for growing inter-
                   peace and stability.                        be made of the Dutch Postcode Lottery, whose donation to
                                                                                                                                   national support. WWF Netherlands has been a staunch
                                                               date exceeds R75 million. Part of this amount is allocated
                                                                                                                                   supporter since 2001. We thank the Max and Victoria Dreyfus
                                                               to covering the shortfall in the management budget, which
                                                                                                                                   Foundation, the Alexander Forbes Community Trust, the
                                                               ensures that the vision of the Foundation can be realised
                                                                                                                                   Principality of Monaco, the Tusk Trust, Goldman Sachs and
                                                               well into the future. The Swedish Postcode Foundation,
                                                                                                                                   Co and ExxonMobil for their contribution to the Foundation.
                                                               welcomed to Club 21 in 2007, donated over R8 million in
                                                               2008. Opening a Peace Parks Foundation office in Sweden             The kind gift of a legacy from the estate of the late Kate
                                                               will help deepen a support base in that country. Absa Bank          Isabella Sanderson was received by Peace Parks Foundation
                                                               and the Edmond and Benjamin de Rothschild Foundations               in 2008 with much appreciation. A legacy programme will
                                                               continue to be stalwart Club 21 supporters, as do the Turner        be established in 2009 to ensure that supporters of Peace
                                                               Foundation, Total, the Donald Gordon Foundation, Ms                 Parks Foundation have every opportunity to leave a legacy
                                                               Pierrette Schlettwein, Exxaro and Fondation Hoffmann.               to the Foundation in their wills.
                                                               Exciting news is that Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed of Abu                Internationally, legacies have We thank our
                                                               Dhabi has pledged to become a Club 21 member. We welcome            become a vital source of support donors who
                                                               His Highness to the Club, which cements his international           to organisations that donors
                                                               reputation as a champion of the environment. We are                 favoured during their lifetimes.
                                                                                                                                                                     continue to fund
                                                               extremely grateful for the continued support of all of our                                            Peace Parks
                                                                                                                                   Working with our loyal interna-
                                                               Club 21 members.
                                                                                                                                   tional allies and Club members, Foundation despite
                                                               Members of the Peace Parks Club provide invaluable                  we are determined to ensure that the present erosion
                                                               support to the Foundation. Mrs Magalen Bryant has been              the vision of Peace Parks Foun-
                                                               a most loyal supporter and we were delighted when she               dation continues to be realised of wealth.
                                                               renewed her membership, along with Ambassador Timothy               well into the future. We recognise that, as the world economy
                                          Koos van der Lende

                                                               Towell and Mr Dominique Rochat. We thank Mrs Bryant,                takes a turn for the worse, it is a challenging time to provide
                                                               Mr JJM van Zyl and Mr Louis Nielsen for their donations             support. We thank our donors who continue to fund Peace
                                                               and for the active role they and Mr Hansjurg Saager, Ms             Parks Foundation despite the present erosion of wealth. We
                                                               Pierrette Schlettwein, Mr Jeffrey Blumberg and Mrs Yvonne           are deeply grateful to each and every one.

                                                                                   Peace Parks Foundation Annual Review 2008      22
Sponsors & Donors

Ms Sander Bakker

                                                                                                                                                                                           Roy Beusker/NPL
Mrs Magalen O Bryant
The Bryant Crane Charitable Fund
Ms Magriet Burger
Dutch Postcode Lottery
Estate of the late Kate Isabella Sanderson
ExxonMobil                                           On 5 February 2009 the Dutch Postcode Lottery beneficiaries jointly received a donation of a record high of more than
Goldman Sachs & Co                                   €244 million from the 2008 revenues. Since the Postcode Lottery began 19 years ago it has paid out almost €2,9 billion to
Rupert Nature Foundation
                                                     good causes.
Mr JJM van Zyl                                       2008 Sponsors                                            Projects supported
Ms Nathaly Wagner                                    Alexander Forbes Community Trust                      – University of Pretoria Chair in Wildlife Diseases
                                                     Anglo American Chairman’s Fund                        – SA College for Tourism
Donations-in-kind                                    Dutch Postcode Lottery                                – Climate Change Programme
Africa Imagery                                       The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation               – Nyika TFCA Law Enforcement and Wildlife Restocking Programme
African Renaissance Productions                      Embassy of Finland Local Cooperation Fund             – SA College for Tourism
Asher House                                          Fondation Hoffmann                                    – Hans Hoheisen Research Facility, Southern African Wildlife College
AVIS                                                 KfW                                                   – Southern African Wildlife College
CODEX dds                                            Louis A Nielsen                                       – Nyika TFCA Law Enforcement and Wildlife Restocking Project
Distell (including Amarula)                          The Mitsubishi Corporation Fund for Europe and Africa – Southern African Wildlife College
ESRI                                                 Principality of Monaco                                – Maputo Special Reserve Project: Marine Programme
Homebrew films                                        South African Breweries                               – SA College for Tourism
Internet Solutions                                   Swedish Postcode Foundation                           – Climate Change Programme; coordinators for |Ai-|Ais/Richtersveld TFCA,
                                                                                                             Limpopo/Shashe TFCA, Lower Zambezi/Mana Pools, Malawi/Zambia and
Koos van der Lende Photography
                                                                                                             Liuwa Plain/Mussuma TFCA; development of |Ai-|Ais/Richtersveld TFCA,
Marais Muller Yekiso Attorneys at Law                                                                        Kavango-Zambezi TFCA, Limpopo/Shashe TFCA, Malawi/Zambia TFCAs,
Mercedes-Benz South Africa                                                                                   Liuwa Plain-Mussuma TFCA, Lower Zambezi/Mana Pools TFCA; programme
                                                                                                             manager for Lesotho TFCA; SA College for Tourism; Southern African Wildlife
Michael Viljoen Photography                                                                                  College; TFCA Wildlife Veterinary Programme; Zambia IDP implementation;
Remgro                                                                                                       Zimbabwe IDP.
Southern African Natural History Unit (SANHU)        The Rufford Maurice Laing Foundation                  – Sioma-Ngwezi National Park management support
Toyota                                               Turner Foundation                                     – Hans Hoheisen Research Facility, North/South Korea DMZ
Heinrich van den Berg                                Tusk Trust                                            – Southern African Wildlife College
Venfin                                                Walton Family Foundation                              – Support to African Parks Foundation
Tony Weaver                                          WWF Netherlands                                       – Kavango-Zambezi TFCA, Lubombo TFCA, Malawi/Zambia TFCA

                                                23   Peace Parks Foundation Annual Review 2008
Peace Parks Club Members

Argentina Mr Franco Fava | Austria Swarovski Optik KG             Hughes; Mr Ian WM Hurst; Mr DD Jooste; Mr Dylan Lewis; Mr             Mr David L Burt; Mr LCN Bury; The Marquess of Cholmondeley;
| Belgium Mr GHM Maas; Mr Ben M Pon; Mr MJF Westheim              AC Liebenberg; Mrs E Liebenberg; Mr PRJ Liebenberg; Mr DL             Viscount Cowdray; Mr Simon J Critchell; Mr JA de Gier; Mr W de
| China Mr CHC Fung; Mr RW Miller; Her Honour Judge Esther        McCay; Mrs M McCay; Ms Tanya McKenzie; Mrs E Meaker; Mr               Gier; Mr John-Laffnie de Jager; Sir Michael O Edwardes; Mr GM
Toh | Denmark Mr CB Linde; Mrs AH Linde | France Baron            John Meyer; Mr Andrew Muir; Miss B Neethling; Mr PJ Neethling;        Fordy; Ms I Goldsmith; Mr ZF Goldsmith; Dr Allan WB Gray; Mr
Alain de Gunzburg; Ms Brigitte Deplante; Dr M Soares | Germany    Mr Julian Ogilvie-Thompson; Dr Ian Player; Mr Neil Ponting; Dr        Peter H Henderson; Sir Mick Jagger; Mr S Kerzner; John Laing,
Mr Claas Daun; Mr Georg C Domizlaff; Mr Günter Gösmann;           FE Raimondo; Brian and Carol Ratcliffe; Mr G Ravazzotti; Mr           Brigadier JTW Landon; Mr GE Loudon; Mr Colin W McKerrow;
Charly Gräf; Mr Ferdi Gräf; Mr J Haape; Mr C Nordmann; Mr         Mark M Read; Mrs JM Relly; Mr PF Retief; Mr HR Rokeby-                Dr G Moufarrige; Mr Charles J Nickerson; Mr Louis A Nielsen;
Wilfried Pabst; Consul Bruno H Schubert; Mr G Veller; Casimir     Johnson; Dr Karen Ross; Miss CC Rupert; Mrs Hanneli Rupert-           Mr NF Oppenheimer; The Rufford Maurice Laing Foundation; Sir
Prinz Wittgenstein | Greece Mrs PE Mouzaki | Ireland Mr Jeremy    Koegelenberg; Mr Gerhardus J Schoemaker; Mrs Januska MA               David G Scholey; Lady GA Sergeant; Baron Jan OW Staël von
Higgs | Italy Montegrappa 1912; Ms Giorgia Bertorello Varese;     Schoemaker; Mr Hank Slack; Mr Simon J Steward; Mr PG Steyn;           Holstein; Mr NF Swart; Mrs SC Synnott; Mrs C Turnbull; Mr
Mr SCP Bloch Saloz; Dr F Cologni; Dott. RF Magnoni; Mr E          Adv Frans H Stroebel; Mrs Rosemary Sturgis; Mrs GM Swart; Ms          Johan A van Zyl; Master Ernst G von Weyhausen; Ms Vianna von
Porta; Mr Paolo Risso; Dott. LM Saidelli; Mrs MP von Mautner      M Swart; Mrs A Townsend; Mr Francois van der Merwe; Mr Henk           Weyhausen | United States of America The Edmond de
Markhof-Cassis Faraone | Monaco Mr P Quirk; Dr M Smurfit |         van der Tak; Mr G van der Veer; Mr Alexander P van Heeren; Prof       Rothschild Foundation; Tudor Investment Corporation; Rick
Mozambique Banco Internacional de Moçambique; Mr A                Wouter van Hoven; Mr AJ van Ryneveld; Mrs Caroline J van Zyl;         Barongi/Diane Ledder; Estate James U Blanchard III; The Bruner
Frey; Ms Luiza Pestana | The Netherlands E-On Benelux BV;         Mr JJM van Zyl; Ms Laura C van Zyl; Mr P Viersen; Mr E von            Family Foundation, Inc; Ms MO Bryant; Mr Judson A Crane; Mr
NH Hoteles; World Trade Center Amsterdam; Captain JA              Weyhausen | Spain Mr CB Schlettwein; Mrs Gemma Schlettwein            W Carey Crane III; Mr K Cyr; Mr John T Dow; Ms Erpf van de
Broekhuysen; Mr DCG Dam; Mr AG Faber; Baron C Kraijenhoff;        | Sweden Mr L Rahmqvist | Switzerland AWP AG für                      Bovenkamp, The Armand G Erpf Fund; Mr Wayne K Ferreira; Mrs
Mr FJ Loudon; Drs John HW Loudon; Mr Victor L Molenaar; Mr        Wirtschafts-Publikationen; Vendôme Luxury Group; Volkart              DL Fleischmann; Mr JH Flemer; Mr Christopher Forbes; Prof
JDT Paarlberg; Dr FJ Philips; Dr JM Schröder; Mr FW Sijthoff;     Foundation; Mr N Asimakopulos; Mrs JE Bar-Segal; Mr JH                Wayne M Getz; Mr Steven F Goldstone; Mr Robert B Haas; Mr J
Mr LHJM van Asch van Wyck; Mr PJ van der Krabben; Mrs B van       Bemberg; Mrs B Blangey; Mr MA Burgauer, The Marcel Burgauer           Hanna; Steve and Diane Haze; Ms Janine K Iannarelli; Mrs PA
der Linden; Mr JD van Karnebeek; Drs C van Zadelhoff; Mrs J van   Foundation; Mr YP Burrus; Mr W Clausing; Baron Benjamin de            Isdell; Mr Robert I Israel; The YA Istel Foundation; Mr Paul Tudor
Zadelhoff-Hortulanus; Mr Willem Willemstein | New Zealand The     Rothschild; Mr JCR Fothergill; Ms Elske Frost; Mr AS Hoffmann;        Jones II; Mrs Jorie Kent; Mr RM Lee; Mr E Lifmann; Mr Scott F
Hon Ruth M Richardson | Norway Mr AR Bjercke | Pakistan           Dr HL Hoffmann; Mr K Janjoeri; Mr Joseph Kanoui; Mr AM La             Lutgert; Mr Earle I Mack; Mr Vance G Martin; James A McDermott
Mrs P Ali; Dr SB Ali | Saudi Arabia The Foundation of HE          Roche; Mr JJ La Roche; Ms Rosmarie Meier-Berchtold; Mrs V             and Therese M Hansen; Mr Rowan Mickleburgh; Mr DC Murchison;
Sheikh Mohamed Ali M Alhamrani | South Africa Abercrombie         Michalski-Hoffmann; Mr W Müller; Mrs Adrienne Oltramare; Mr           Mr Mark Patterson; Mr Alan G Quasha; Mr Thomas C Quick; Mr
& Kent; Absa Group; The Ackerman Family; Alexander Forbes;        Fernand Oltramare; Mr Jaime Ortiz-Patiño; Mr BM Otto; Mr Yves         Donald C Reed; Mrs Yvonne C Reed; Ms Lynn Regnery; Mr Stephen
Anglo American Corporation of SA; BoE Charitable Trust;           G Piaget; Mr G Pictet; Mrs B Pudel; Ms Helma Reiche; Mr A             F Riley; Mr David Rockefeller; Mr Laurance S Rockefeller; Mr LR
De Beers Consolidated Mines; Distell; Eskom; FirstRand;           Reinhart; Mr G Reinhart; Mr M Reinhart; Ms M Reinhart; Dr             Seelig; Mr George L Small; John and Carol Thompson; Ambassador
Iscor; Nampak; Nedcor; Rand Water; Sabi Sabi Private Game                                                       s
                                                                  Thomas CD Renz; Dr DF Rochat; Dr MA Roˇ; Mr H Saager; Mrs             Timothy Towell, The WILD Foundation; The Hon Russell Train;
Reserve; Sanlam; South African Airways; SA Breweries; The         RFJ Saager; Miss A Savoretti; Mr Amedeo Andrea Savoretti; Mr          Mrs L Vaughan-Flemer; Mr HG Walter (Jr), RP Walter Foundation;
Standard Bank of South Africa; Taeuber Management Trust;          Arnaldo Ildebrando Savoretti; Mr M Savoretti; Mr Carl Schlettwein;    Ted and Nancy Weyerhaeuser; Mr David J Winters; Mr J Zaltzman
Vodacom Group; Mrs PM Barlow; Mr G Bertrand; Mr David             Mr Carluccio Schlettwein, Mrs D Schlettwein-Gsell; Dr J               | Zimbabwe Dr CR Saunders, Malilangwe Conservation Trust
Cruse; Mr Donald Currie; Mr Richard Currie; Mrs E de Klerk; Mr    Schlettwein-Jarchow; Ms Pierrette Schlettwein; Dr N Senn; Mr
John Dewar, The John Dewar Family Trust; Dr CH Duisberg; Mr       HAH Sijthoff; Ms Marie L Sulzer; Mr Peter G Sulzer; Mr Simon
Pio Eggstein; Mr Jan Erasmus; Mr Peter H Flack; Mr Anthony        Uhlmann; Mrs Charlotte von Koerber; Dr Eberhard von Koerber
Fleischer; Mrs MI Gawith; Mrs Pam Golding; Mr PM Goss; Mr         | United Kingdom BHP Billiton; Dr TG Ashworth; Mr CAR
Richard A Goss; Mr NJL Hancock; Mr PL Heinamann; Dr E             Asprey; Mr RJR Asprey; Mr HN Astrup; Claudia and Jeffrey J            Text in bold: Corporate Founder Members
Hertzog; Mr D Heywood; Ms AE Hoffman-Beels; David and Carol       Blumberg; Mr Anthony M Bor; The Hon Caroline S Brougham;              Other: Individual Founder Members

                                                                                       Peace Parks Foundation Annual Review 2008       24

                                                                                                                             On 5 February 2009, Peace
                                                                                                                             Parks Foundation was the very
                                                                                                                             fortunate recipient of €1 million
                                                                                                                             from the Dutch Postcode Lottery.
                                                                                                                             The Lottery, which is the largest charity lottery
                                                                                                                             in the Netherlands, contributes 50% of its annual
                                                                                                                             profits to carefully selected aid organisations and
                                                                                                                             charities concerned with bettering the lives of
                                                                                                                             people and of nature.

                                                                                                                             Since Peace Parks Foundation became one of
                                                                                                                             the Postcode Lottery beneficiaries in 2002, it has
                                                                                                                             received over €8 million, which has had a major
                                                                                                                             and positive impact on the development of
                                                                                                                             southern Africa’s Transfrontier Conservation
                                                                                                                             Areas (TFCAs).

                                                                                                                             Peace Parks Foundation is very grateful to be
                                                                                                                             one of the 66 beneficiaries, who this year received
                                                                                                                             donations totalling a record disbursement of
                                                                                                                             more than €244 million from the 2008 revenues.

                                                                                                                             The Postcode Lottery has, for the 19th year,
                                                                                                                             increased its support to its beneficiaries and has,
                             Business address and registered office:                                                          during those years, paid out a total of almost
  Peace Parks Foundation, Millennia Park, 16 Stellentia Avenue, Stellenbosch 7600, South Africa                              €2,9 billion to good causes.

                                            Postal address:                                                                  The Postcode Lottery’s support is a vital part
                        PO Box 12743, Die Boord, Stellenbosch 7613, South Africa                                             of Peace Parks Foundation’s work and has con-
                                                                                                                             tributed to many successes in the facilitation of
                                        Telephone: +27 (0)21 887 6188                                                        southern Africa’s TFCAs.
                                            Telefax: +27 (0)21 887 6189                                                      To learn more about charity lotteries, please go
                                             E-mail:                                                        to

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