AGPS-Ditch by zhangyun



•   Software systems for many applications
•   Use GPS only or GPS & Laser--many brands supported!
•   One of the first Machine Control systems
•   Specializing in Agriculture Soil & Water management
    –   Mapping
    –   Drainage pipe installation
    –   Drainage ditches
    –   Land leveling/contouring
    Utilize the power of RTK GPS
• GPS has errors without correction, caused
  when the signal comes through the
• With RTK X, Y, & Z accuracy +/- 2cm
• 2 GPS receivers, one Base one Rover
• The Base knows that it is not moving
  although GPS readings show movement.
• This error is sent via radio to any Rovers
  in range, which then corrects the error.
                GPS vs. Laser
• +One set up a day        • -Often need to be
• +Works in fog and          moved
  great distance with no   • -Accuracy degrades at
  line of sight              great distance, requires
• -Needs clear view of       line of sight
  sky, accuracy            • +No problem with
  degrades by trees          overhang trees
• +As built tracking       • -No tracking
              Base station setup:
         Only required one time for the day!
Then you can work accurately anywhere within 2 miles.
AGPS-Topo:First rapid survey system with
         Auto Capture at user set interval
AGPS Topo map-
  created by
 AgData Viewer
   Benefits of GPS Topo mapping
• 3 hours to survey 40 acre field
• Would you rather get detailed data or spot
• Entire map before getting to the field…
• No further spot checking required with
  GPS…you know where you are & at what
• Begin Ditching immediately vs. 1 hr re-
  spot check with laser!
2006 AE50
Award winner
• How unique AGPS-Vertical Curve Technology™
  (VCT™) works:
• Users set preferred parameters (requirements)
• VCT™ creates a drainage solution that uses a finite
  number of grade breaks automatically.
• In the case of a drain tile application, VCT™ allows
  pipe to be placed at optimum depths in unfavorable
• This saves considerable time over conventional
  laser systems that require a point to point drainage
• VCT™ allows a drainage path to be designed
  without regard to axis alignment as laser systems
        How it will benefit you:
• Design your drainage ditches with AGPS-
  Vertical Curve Technology™
  – Move less dirt and still achieve minimum
  – Create ditches in any directions, no straight
    line required
  – Save time that would be needed to calculate
    grade and position a laser
  – 3D Machine control-moves the hydraulics
    automatically for an easy cut
 Instant Calculations on the job!
1. Drive the ditch in survey mode.
2. Push the Ditch Mode button
   *The ditch is automatically designed.
3. Start Ditching!
       Instant design calculations

AGPS-Ditch Pro allows you to set custom parameters
for every ditch, even multiple times in the same ditch!
   Screen visual aids
include Grid, Topo Map,
Guidance bars, and user
  defined dump areas.
Import GeoReferenced
 image as background

                       GeoReferenced images
                        can be anything from
                         Flow patterns, Aerial
                       photos, depressions, etc

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