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					Avon and Somerset Probation
–Response to Corston Report

     Marilyn Harrison Area Performance
 Manager, Avon and Somerset Probation.
National Framework and Guidance

• National Service Framework (improving services
  to women offenders)2008

• The Offender Management Guide to working with
  women offenders 2008
The Key Recommendations for
Probation Services

• Bail information and accommodation services.
• Advice to Magistrates and Judges - Reports
• Sentence planning objectives
• Community Interventions ( Gender Specific)
• Women’s directory of services
Avon and Somerset Probation Area
November 2009 local data

• 5261 offenders, 564 women on orders and
  licences. 10% of the area caseload.
• 300 in Bristol.
• 23% in Drug Management Team
• 2% prolific
• 10% community Payback
• 3% High risk cases
What We Do At Court

• Interview all women on overnight arrest list who are
  appearing at court and where bail may be opposed.
• Offer a female offender manager to do pre-sentence
• Use all court specialist services
• Consider specific needs and propose requirements that
  reduces risk of further offending.
• Quality assurance on all reports on BME and Women
What we do in sentence planning

• Complete full assessment of needs
• Offer specialist female offender managers.
• Ensure offender managers are aware of
  service provision in the local area both
  voluntary and statutory organisations for
  women on supervision.
• Work in an integrated way with Eden House.
Community Interventions
• Ensure that appropriate support in place to aid
  compliance of the community orders.
• Ensure equal opportunity for women to have all
  requirements available and tailored to meet
  specific needs.
• Ensure use of both Voluntary sector and
  women’s centres.
• Ensure women are not disadvantaged and can
  benefit from accommodation, employment, and
  other services.
Directory of Women’s Services

• Offender Managers direct women to the right
  interventions, access and support networks.
• More work with voluntary sector to ensure
  continued support after completion of order.
• Work with women’s day services and out-reach
• Ensure continued development of the services
  needed based on information and direct
  feedback from women offenders.

• Development of key services based on Corston
  recommendations for women.
• Magistrates having understanding and
  awareness of specific services for women and
  confidence in community sentences.
• Probation Services working in a multi-agency
  way to meet women’s needs.
• Less remands in custody and use of short term
  sentencing for women for non-violent crimes.