Poll shows Canadians evenly split on end of life decisions by liuqingyan



                           Poll shows Canadians evenly split on
          By Joanne Byfield
                                   end of life decisions
                                                                                                                                             Only the federal government can
                                                                                                                                       grant legal protection or restrict legal
      The latest poll on Life Issues,                                                                                                  abortion through legislation that would
commissioned by LifeCanada, is out and                                                                                                 make it an offence to perform abortions
the results give us clear direction about                                                                                              past a certain stage. Informed consent
where to focus our educational efforts.                                                                                                and tax-funded abortion depend on the
The 2008 Focus Canada poll, conducted                                                                                                  support of provincial governments.
by Environics Research, found Canadians                                                                                                Informed consent is already required but
evenly split on the question of whether                                                                                                it is up to doctors to decide in the case
they would choose palliative care or                                                                                                   of abortion, what that means. Women
euthanasia at the end of their lives.                                                                                                  are not required to see an ultrasound
Forty-four percent of the 2023 polled said                                                                                             scan of their baby and do not have to
they would choose palliative care and                                                                                                  know or be informed about stages of
44% said they would opt for euthanasia,                                                                                                fetal development. Over half of Alberta’s
defined as “intentionally ending another                                                                                               abortions are performed at private, for-
person’s life, in cases where the person     it. Much has changed since then but do       a law requiring this kind of consent.        profit clinics and they are the ones who
is sick, dying or disabled.” In Alberta,     Canadians know what palliative care does     Thirty-two percent of Albertans opposed      decide what information on risks and
48% of those polled said they would          and are they aware of what services are      it compared to 30% of Canadians.             health complications women hear about.
choose palliative care compared to 43%       available for them? Many Canadians fear            The poll also asked opinions about           Our educational pro-life groups need
who would choose euthanasia. These are       an agonizing and painful death or being      tax-funded abortion. Currently in            to find ways to get this information, on
sobering statistics.                         hooked up to monitors and machines that      Alberta, and in most of Canada, taxpayers    both palliative care and abortion, to the
      There are some interesting elements    will prolong their death unnecessarily.      pay the full cost of abortions through       general public. Does your community
to the results. For example, people over     Proper palliative care can alleviate most    the publicly-funded health care system.      have palliative care services? Do people
60 were much more likely to choose           pain and provide comfort and support         That’s over 100,000 abortions a year with    know about them and what they offer?
palliative care than younger Canadians.      throughout the last stages of life.          a more than one-third repeat rate. So if     Do your churches have any pamphlets
Just over half, 51%, of the over 60               The LifeCanada survey also asked        it is a woman’s first or fourth abortion,    or information for families who might
crowd said they’d choose palliative care     questions about the beginning of life and    taxpayers pick up the tab. In Alberta,       be struggling with an ailing spouse or
compared to 42% of 18-29 year-olds and       when there should be legal protection for    only 20% supported this policy. Fifty-       parent?
41% of the 30 to 59 age group. This could    human beings. As in previous years--this     four percent thought abortions should be           There will undoubtedly be an
suggest that younger Canadians are not       is the seventh annual poll--a majority of    paid for only in medical emergencies in      attempt again in this federal parliament
really focused on end of life and dying      respondents, 57%, thought there should       which the mother’s life was threatened       to have euthanasia and physician assisted
even though the question was: “If you        be legal protection at some point before     or in cases of rape or incest. Another       suicide legalized. Let’s try to ensure
had the choice, at the end of your life,     birth. In Alberta, support was even higher   22% thought all abortions should be          that our citizens know about the option
which would you choose?” Those over 60,      at 65%; 38% said life should be protected    paid for by the patient or through private   of palliative care and encourage our
on the other hand, closer to or in some      from conception on; 18% said after three     health plans. So 76% of Albertans would      politicians to expand those services so that
cases already dealing with end of life       months; 9% said after six months. Only       deinsure almost all of the 10,000 or more    our health workers focus on healing and
issues, may be far more engaged in these     27% of Albertans supported current policy    abortions performed in the province each     doing no harm.
decisions about their own lives. They may    in Canada which denies any rights to         year.
also have more experience dealing with       unborn babies until the moment of birth.
family members or friends who have died           On the issue of informed consent,
and may be more knowledgeable about
palliative care.
                                             which involves informing women of the        May the joy of the Christmas celebration brighten each day of your life!
                                             stages of fetal development, risks and
      A report by a Senate committee in      complications and viewing an ultrasound
2000 found that only 15% of Canadians
who needed palliative care had access to
                                             before consenting to an abortion, 76% of
                                             Albertans (65% of Canadians) supported
                                                                                           Glory to God in the

                                                                                                                                                               Luke 2:14
                                                                                                                                                              By Dayna E. Mazzuca
                                                                                                                                                         President, Alberta Pro-Life

                                                                       Taking Time Out to Listen Well
                                                                      With the advent of a winter season, activists by                 Let’s Talk. It’s a beautiful beginning. I’d love to
                                                                 nature retreat. This is a wonderful time of year to reflect      see those words flying high over each of our events,
                                                                 on the fruits of our labours. I trust it will be clear to each   meetings, offices, and rallies. Let’s talk. If there’s
                                                                 one of us the value of our work, our contributions and           one consistent quality I’ve noticed in my short time
                                                                 our prayers. The tide continues to turn. Opportunities           volunteering for Alberta Pro-Life, it’s that pro-lifers are
                                                                 to speak life and constancy into an ever-changing world          willing to both talk and listen. They do not hide; they do
                                                                 situation abound. Be bold.                                       not judge. They do not shrink from what they hear. They
 What is Alberta                                                      I’d like to share a story. This year I was able to join
                                                                 the Life Chain hosted by Edmonton Prolife. It was a
                                                                                                                                  are bold and courageous and full of grace.
                                                                                                                                       I’ve never a met a pro-lifer who wouldn’t be a good
 Pro-Life?                                                       well-organized and well-attended event. Kudos to EPL!            person to talk to. Neither have I met a pro-lifer who
                                                                      I came to the event with two friends from church,           is not willing to listen. To the angry passerby, to the
  Alberta Pro-Life represents the                                who I am just getting to know. The three of us stood             silent supporter, to the biased media, to our hurting
  pro-life position at the provincial                            curbside on our assigned block, holding our signs                acquaintances, to the absentee politician, let’s talk. We
                                                                 reading, “Abortion Kills Children,” and “Thank you,              have something to say; we have something to hear. That
  level. We inform citizens,
                                                                 Mom, for giving me life.” Meanwhile, a small group of            is the role of a peacemaker, in action.
  lobby politicians and work with                                abortion advocates marched up and down the opposite
  local and national groups to                                   side of the street waving placards with pictures of twisted      UPDATES:
  effect change in our society.                                  coat hangers. There were lots of honks, thumbs up,                    This November we kick-started our White Carnation
                                                                 hoots and hollers from passing vehicles – for both sides         Memorial Campaign. Alberta Pro-Life (APL) delivered
  Our members include individuals who have joined                                                                                 a white carnation to each of the 83 MLAs in session at
                                                                 of the issue.
  Alberta Pro-Life and local groups throughout the                    I noticed three things. ONE - I did not see one             the legislature in Edmonton. We attached a note to each
  province who are either affiliates or amalgamated with         negative reaction from motorists that was directed               flower, reminding our politicians that we continue to
  us.                                                            towards the pro-abortion side, although I heard several          mourn the 900 little ones aborted each month in Alberta
                                                                 angry words directed towards the pro-life side of the            with taxpayers’ money. It was a small, but significant,
  If you wish to become a member or would like more                                                                               gesture.
                                                                 street. TWO – I did not notice any media coverage of the
  information about our activities, call our office at:          event, despite an election being held in two days time.               Groups are urged to do the same for their local
  Phone (780) 421-7747 Fax (780) 421-7749                        THREE – the friend who had encouraged me to join the             politicians on January 28, 2009, the 21st anniversary
  or toll free at: 1-877-880-5433                                Life Chain, even though it was his first time, just wanted       of the Morgentaler decision. The tag we attached to the
                                                                 to talk to people. He offered, but no one stopped to talk.       flowers read: “In memory of the 900 little ones aborted
  e-mail: apl@albertaprolife.com
                                                                      These three things tell me something. Either this is        each month in Alberta. If you would like to make a
  Website: www.albertaprolife.com                                                                                                 difference and help end the public funding of abortion,
                                                                 not the forum for discussion (and maybe we can set up a
                                                                 booth and serve hot chocolate next year…) or people are          visit www.albertaprolife.com.”
  Executive of Alberta Pro-Life                                                                                                        APL has also adopted a new logo, incorporating
  President – Dayna Mazzuca                                      not talking or people (including politicians and members
                                                                 of the media) are not listening.                                 the wild rose. The message that “Life Matters,” is part
  Edmonton                                daynamaz@telus.net                                                                      of the updated design. Our Director, LaRee Pickup,
                                                                      You cannot make someone listen. But you can do
  Vice-President – Erich Wagner         albertatank@msn.com      your level best to engage them in conversation, to hear          continues to fundraise for a badly needed redesign of our
  Drayton Valley                                                 them. Truly hear them. But to offer someone the chance           website. If you know of someone who can help with this
  Treasurer – Erna Moedt                    emoedt@telus.net     to be heard, you must first talk, if only two quick words:       important project, give her a call at the office at 780-
  Taber                                                          “Let’s talk.” Then listen well, which takes more time.           421-7747.
                                                                 The rest will come.                                                   Another fundraising initiative pertains to our
  Secretary – Irene Vanderveen          maplecement@shaw.ca                                                                       upcoming Spring Conference. Plans are already
  Edmonton                                                            During EPL’s Life Chain event, people’s pain could
                                                                 be heard a mile away – at least two people, a man and a          underway with our newest board member, Lorraine
                                                                 woman, literally leaned out of their windows shouting            Williams, leading the charge. If you would like to
  Directors of Alberta Pro-Life                                                                                                   support Lorraine and the Conference Planning
  Jackie Mattern      Lethbridge         jmattern7@hotmail.com   and shaking clenched fists. “Let’s talk,” my friend
                                                                 shouted back in earnest.                                         Committee, let us know.
  Alie Vogelzang      Barrhead
  Ron Gordon          Athabasca
  Lorraine Williams   Tofield            fatimaf@telus.net
  Laurie Meeuwissen   Stony Plain        matlaur@telus.net

                                                                    Thank you
  Anne Wansink        St. Albert         Nurse30@telus.net

  Staff Contacts for Alberta Pro-Life
  LaRee Pickup                780-421-7747
                                                                    Thank you to everyone who responded to the recent
  Amanda Phillips             780-421-7747                          Membership Survey Alberta Pro-Life sent out. Your answers
                              aplassistant@gmail.com                were helpful and insightful. The Board of Directors will be
                                                                    discussing the survey results at its next meeting this January.
                                                                    If you have any specific concerns/suggestions you would like
                                                                    to highlight, please contact the office.
                                                                    Also, our thanks to all the groups who are participating
             RETURN UNDELIVERABLE                                   in our White Carnation Campaign. If your group or you
            CANADIAN ADDRESSES TO:                                  personally would like to get involved, contact LaRee at 780-
                ALBERTA PRO-LIFE,                                   421-7747 or toll free at 1-877-880-5433 apl@albertaprolife.
                   BOX 11479,                                       com.
             EDMONTON, AB T5J 3K5

Page 2 THE ROSE, December 2008
                                Little good news in 2008 elections
                  By Joanne Byfield                           Republicans. In addition to electing                                             The lesson here is that politics cannot
                                                              the most pro-abortion president in the                                     restore what we have lost. The attacks on
                                                              country’s history, voters rejected pro-                                    life are a spiritual and cultural malaise.
      Canadians and Americans both went to the polls this     life initiatives that were on ballots in                                   It is true, I believe, that laws can change
fall. It was Canada’s third federal election since 2004 and   several states. In South Dakota, a ban                                     perspectives and over time, behaviours,
for the third time, voters elected a minority government.     on abortions was defeated. In California,                                  but the laws only change after the culture
The Conservative Party of Canada, headed by Stephen           voters rejected a proposition to require                                   has already begun to shift. We should
Harper, won 143 seats of the 308 in Parliament. In            parental notification on abortion.                                         continue to look for and support pro-life
the U.S. which has national elections predictably             Washington State voters approved the                                       candidates for election but we should not
every four years in November, the Democratic Party            legalization of assisted suicide and                                       look to politicians to do our work for us.
under President-elect Barack Obama, won the White             Michigan, which has many pro-life laws,                                    Only when pro-life people translate their
House and a majority in the Senate and the House of           voted to allow embryonic stem cell                                         beliefs into votes will the political system
Representatives. The two countries are governed very          research. These were distressing results                                   respond. Our job is to change the culture,
differently so comparisons are not smooth. However, it        but as Jill Stanek, a pro-life activist wrote                              often one person at a time, through a
can be said that neither election brought a victory for       the week after the election, the defeats in South Dakota     variety of means: it will involve educational materials
pro-life forces.                                              and California were partly due to pro-life people voting     in schools, doctors’ offices, debates on campus (and
      What can be said is that life issues, and abortion in   against the measures because they would not stop all         yes, sometimes that means graphics signs and videos),
particular, were very prominent issues once again in the      abortions or because they feared the timing was not          prayer, personal witness, lobbying politicians, signing
election south of the border. The Republicans, led by         appropriate for such dramatic measures. (The South           petitions, etc. It won’t be easy and it won’t be fast. It will
John McCain, but energized by his very pro-life Vice-         Dakota law included exceptions for rape, incest and          succeed however, with God’s help and guidance and our
Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, were courting the         health or life of the mother.)                               perseverance.
pro-life vote. Senator Obama and his running mate Joe
Biden are both ardently pro-abortion. The former has
been described as the most pro-abortion politician in
the United States. He was one of the very few to oppose
a bill that would have protected the lives of babies born
alive following an abortion. He was endorsed by Planned
Parenthood and is said to be a strong proponent of the
Freedom of Choice Act that would roll back legislation
that has reduced access to abortions. U.S. politicians
are routinely asked about their faith and about their
positions on abortion.                                        The Back Porch is a ministry to abortion-minded              probably be extremely happy. I explained that the 11 year
      In Canada, by contrast, it is generally assumed         women and men and is located across the street from          age gap doesn’t really make a difference to a child. I told
that religion has no place in the public square or in         the Morgentaler Clinic in Edmonton. Volunteers offer         him I am 17 years older than the youngest in my family.
politics. Abortion is never on the radar screen of any        alternatives to abortion for those who are uncertain         I also shared how my mom has seven children and that
political party that has elected members. In fact, just a     or reconsidering their decision to abort. Below are          she never worked after the first child. We talked about
few weeks before the election was called in September         excerpts from a journal in which Back Porch volunteers       the government grant of $500 for his child and doula
the Conservative Party announced, through Justice             record their experiences.                                    services.
Minister Rob Nicholson, that it would not support Ken                                                                           In the end he said that he and his wife will read all
Epp’s Private Member’s Bill to make it a separate crime       October 2008                                                 the brochures I gave him and he thanked me for my
to kill an unborn child during a violent assault on the                                                                    “good advice”. He shook my hand and asked me my
mother. The move was widely seen as an attempt to clear             At 12:50 p.m. a…man in his 30s came in. He             name. He thanked me again and left saying, “We could
the decks before the election was called and to reassure      showed me a piece of paper with the Morgentaler clinic       probably keep this one too.”
urban voters that Stephen Harper’s Conservatives were         name and address on it and asked where it was. I asked
not “anti-choice” even though the bill had an explicit        if he had an appointment. He said no, so I pointed it
                                                                                                                           November 2008
exception for abortion.                                       out to him and then quickly asked if he’d like some
      Partway through the election, Opposition Liberal        abortion information. HE DID! He said he wanted to go             A concerned mother came in and wanted post
leader Stephane Dion declared that he supported a             over there and ask them some questions because they          abortion info for her daughter…This woman was very
“woman’s right to choose” and challenged Mr. Harper to        have an unplanned pregnancy. I told him they wouldn’t        open to information and we gave her lots…She went
say where he stood. The Prime Minister said, “I simply        let him in if he didn’t have an appointment so he asked      back across the street with the info and sat on the picnic
have no intention of ever making the abortion question a      if I could answer some questions. YES! I pulled out a        table with a young man “waiting” for someone…She was
focus of my political career. I have been clear throughout    whole bunch of brochures and we went over Before You         talking to him so maybe she was sharing some info. She
my entire political career. I don’t intend to open the        Decide. I asked how far along his wife was and he said       was grateful for the gift of love…
abortion issue.” In a clarification later, his spokesman      about 3 weeks…                                                    [Same day]
told the Globe and Mail that Mr. Harper would “whip”                This man’s main concerns were 1) Will it hurt               Boyfriend came in to get information for his
his cabinet, which includes a number of strong pro-life       his wife, 2) she just started working part time and is       girlfriend on post abortion care. He was the same guy
MPs, so that they could not support any pro-life initiative   increasing it to full time. Will the insurance company       that was at the picnic bench with the concerned mother!
which might come forward as a private motion or bill.         fire his wife once they find out she is pregnant?! 3)        He said she told him about us and that he should check
It was a betrayal to many who had supported the CPC.          How will his children react to a child with such an age      us out. He seemed to be open to all our information and
Five years ago, Mr. Harper, then leader of the Canadian       difference (11 yrs and 4 yrs)?                               concerned about his girlfriend. He really didn’t seem
Alliance Party, wrote an oft-quoted article in which he             We went over the abortion procedure and possible       to know very much about what was happening to his
argued that a successful conservative party needed to         immediate complications and side effects. I explained        girlfriend and his baby (the procedure, physical and
marry the fiscal and social conservatives to win. His         the suction curettage and breast cancer risk. I told         emotional factors, etc)…
abandonment of this principle left pro-life people with       him I doubt she would get fired for being pregnant                [Same day]
no one to support. Every party capable of winning a           (especially since she has a desk job). I told him to look         A girl came in wanting info on post abortion for her
seat supported the current policy in Canada—no legal          into the maternity leave that the company offers and to      best friend…I asked where she heard about the Back
restriction on abortion at any stage and most abortions       not base the abortion decision on a part time/full time      Porch and she said they didn’t hear about it until they
paid for by taxpayers.                                        job. I told him we would do everything in our power          got to the clinic where a concerned mother there was
      Although Americans certainly had more choice,           to help him and his wife. I referred him to a pregnancy      talking to a man about the Back Porch. The girl tried to
it appears that many religious and pro-life people            counseling centre for further counseling on his options,     get her friend to come, but it was too late, so instead she
simply did not, for a myriad of reasons, support the          but he asked if his wife could call me instead. I said of    came to get information…
                                                              course. As for how his children would react, I said they’d

                                                                                                                                                   THE ROSE, December 2008        Page 3
                  By Joanne Byfield
                                                                 Feminists: It’s all about abortion
This article first appeared in the September/October
issue of LifeCanada News and is reprinted with

Is there anybody left in Canada who believes that
feminism is all about the betterment of women? Or
anyone who thinks that the term “pro-choice” means
anything other than abortion? In any clash between
conflicting “rights”---and we’ve had several in
Canada this year---abortion trumps everything. It is
the unshakeable, foundational principle of our current
crop of feminists.
      This dominance of abortion as a motivating
principle was in evidence throughout much of this
year. We endured the Order of Canada award to Henry
Morgentaler, the battle over Bill C-484 which would
have made it a separate crime to kill or injure an unborn
child during a violent attack on a pregnant woman,
and Prime Minister Harper’s election promise not to
re-open the abortion debate. The reaction to Sarah
Palin’s nomination as vice-presidential candidate and the
attempt to suppress doctors’ conscience rights all helped
to cement the notion that abortion is the ultimate value
for those who call themselves feminists, be they females
or males.
      However, the pro-life setbacks were all pyrrhic                                                                            opposed the bill. Every abortion group in the country,
                                                              the anti-choice, pro-life movement across the world to
victories for the “no-choice” crowd. That is, they won                                                                           as well as the Canadian Labour Congress, the Society of
                                                              try to get the rights of the unborn child, encadré, put
the immediate battles but their true agenda was exposed.                                                                         Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada, the Ottawa
                                                              into any piece of legislation they can think up. What
Their deceptive language and slogans, overwrought                                                                                Coalition to End Violence Against Women and many
                                                              this committee needs to look at is how, state by state by
reactions and their habit of highjacking language to suit                                                                        others opposed the bill. The sixteen pregnant Canadian
                                                              state, the pro-life movement has been using bills such
their purposes, was on public display repeatedly this                                                                            women who have been attacked since 2004 chose to
                                                              as this to actually put their anti-choice, pro-life agenda
year. Even many of their usually reliable media friends                                                                          keep their babies but were denied that choice. And “pro-
                                                              into legislation. That’s what’s dangerous about this bill. I
fell out of line on some of these issues.                                                                                        choicers” did not care.
                                                              couldn’t give a whatever about the actual violence.... It’s
      Feminism is generally agreed to have developed                                                                                  Liberal leader Stephane Dion opposed the bill
                                                              the rights of the unborn child getting into any piece of
through three stages or waves. The first wave occurred                                                                           because he supported a “woman’s right to decide.” He
                                                              legislation… That is the danger of this bill.”
during the late 19th and early 20th century and focused                                                                          challenged Prime Minister Stephen Harper to say where
                                                                    “I couldn’t give a whatever about the actual
on issues like prohibition, health care and the right to                                                                         he stood. Just days later, Mr. Harper’s Justice Minister
                                                              violence.” This from a woman who is a “family” doctor?
vote. Many of these women were Christian and most                                                                                Rob Nicholson announced the government would not
                                                              (We will overlook the irony of being a “family doc and
were opposed to abortion. Second wave feminism, which                                                                            support the bill and would introduce new legislation
                                                              abortion provider.” How does that work?) The “danger”
arose in the sixties and seventies, was largely focused on                                                                       to allow for more severe sentencing in such cases but
                                                              of the bill according to Dr. Bennett, is the recognition of
issues of equality and political power but its promoters                                                                         there would be no recognition of the unborn child or
                                                              the rights of the unborn child. It does not matter to her
argued that women could not advance and take an equal                                                                            re-opening of the abortion debate. Even the reliably
                                                              at all that the rights are only recognized when a woman
role with men as long as they did not, or could not,                                                                             pro-abortion Globe and Mail chastised the Conservative
                                                              is the victim of a criminal assault and the baby is injured
control their reproductive system. They were, and are,                                                                           government and said that Bill C-484 was no threat to
                                                              or murdered. If the woman willingly chooses to have an
pro-abortion. The third wave, which developed over the                                                                                                 abortion and should have “been fully
                                                              abortion, this bill does not affect her
past two decades, is involved with issues of race, gender                                                     “If fetuses are recognized in            considered on its own merits.”
                                                              right to have one. Nevertheless, the
and the class war, and is emphatically pro-abortion.                                                           this bill, it could bleed into               Then there was the Order of
                                                              fact that there might be a law that
      The long and vicious debate over Bill C-484 cost                                                         people’s consciousness and              Canada to Henry Morgentaler.
                                                              would acknowledge the humanity
the “pro-choice” side a great deal of credibility. Their                                                        make people change their               It was sneaky, dishonest and
                                                              of an unborn child in a very specific
oft-repeated mantra—“Every mother a willing mother,                                                                                                    undeserved and has permanently
                                                              and narrow situation was enough to             minds about abortion.” Joyce
every child a wanted child”—was tossed out the window.                                                                                                 sullied these once well-regarded
                                                              set Dr. Bennett off.                                 Arthur on Bill C-484
Former Edmonton Sherwood Park MP Ken Epp                                                                                                               awards. The committee and the
                                                                    She was not the only one.
introduced the Private Member’s Bill late last year. It was                                                                      anonymous nominator did not even have the courage
                                                              Joyce Arthur of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada
very carefully crafted and included an explicit exception                                                                        to say why he got the award. The announcement said
                                                              lobbied long and hard against this bill. She said women
for abortion. The bill would only apply to unborn                                                                                “For his commitment to increased health care options
                                                              would be charged with criminal offences under the bill
children who were injured or killed during a violent                                                                             for women, his determined efforts to influence Canadian
                                                              for such things as smoking or drinking while pregnant
attack on a pregnant woman. When his bill passed                                                                                 public policy and his leadership in humanist and civil
                                                              (even though C-484 excludes any action or omission
second reading and was sent to the Commons’ Justice                                                                              liberties organizations.” No mention of the only thing
                                                              by the mother). She said repeatedly that it threatened
Committee, feminists and “no-choicers” panicked. They                                                                            Henry Morgentaler is known for: his commitment to
                                                              abortion rights. However, she told the National Post,
hadn’t expected it would pass.                                                                                                   performing abortions at his own for-profit, private
                                                              “If fetuses are recognized in this bill, it could bleed into
      The Justice Committee never did meet on the bill                                                                           clinics. The public outrage was loud, prolonged and
                                                              people’s consciousness and make people change their
so the Standing Committee on the Status of Women                                                                                 heartfelt and encompassed both pro-life and pro-choice
                                                              minds about abortion.” That is an entirely different sort
(It’s all about equality, remember), decided they                                                                                Canadians. The Governor General’s office delayed the
                                                              of “threat” to abortion. It is the threat of a thoughtful
would review the bill even though it was outside their                                                                           announcement of the award in July and then in October
                                                              reasoned argument.
jurisdiction. Toronto MP Carolyn Bennett, who was                                                                                only announced details of the presentation ceremony
                                                                    Parents and other family members of murdered
described in the January 15, 2008 issue of the National                                                                          the day before the event. If this was a great event to
                                                              pregnant women supported the bill but their arguments
Review of Medicine as a “former family doc and abortion                                                                          be celebrated by all Canadians, why the obfuscating
                                                              were dismissed as emotional. It also mattered little that
provider,” urged the committee to deal with the bill. “I                                                                         language and the sneaky announcements? The highest
                                                              the vast majority of Canadians, and especially Canadian
think the issue for me has been that the substance of                                                                            civilian awards in our country have been discredited to
                                                              women, supported the bill according to three different
the bill doesn’t matter one bit...this is a ploy used by                                                                         raise up abortion as a sacred Canadian value.
                                                              polls. The official defenders of women’s interests still

Page 4 THE ROSE, December 2008
Feminists: (con’t)                                              elected women to serve in high government posts were               spokesmen, are either pro-abortion or reluctant to
                                                                appalled at this pro-life woman’s appointment. Before              speak publicly against abortion, the many physical
                                                                she ever spoke or expressed her political views, she               and psychological health effects are ignored. Informed
                                                                was criticized for having five children, for not being at          consent for abortion is virtually non-existent since most
      The Prime Minister’s comments towards the end of          home to oversee them, and most viciously of all, for not           doctors know little about, or deny, the many ill effects
the recent election that he would not make abortion the         aborting her youngest son when she learned he might                of abortion on women. Where are the advocates for
focus of his career were puzzling. He promised he would         be born with Down Syndrome. (Even the pro-abortion                 women and women’s health? They are busy advocating
not “re-open” the abortion debate (Was it ever closed?)         executive vice-president of the Society of Obstetricians           for abortion and trying to suppress doctors’ conscience
and further said that he would “whip” his cabinet so that       and Gynecologists of Canada criticized her as being a              rights.
they could not vote in favour of any pro-life measures,         bad role model for pregnant women who might decide                      Abortion has become an untouchable subject in
presumably, bills like C-484. Was he hoping to court            to forego abortion because of her example.) Her choice             Canada among our politicians (no mainstream party
Quebec, Canada’s most abortion-friendly province? If            to have five children, including one with a disability, was        advocated changes to our current abortion policy), and
so, it didn’t work. The PM is constantly described as           not respected or celebrated by those who call themselves           within our medical profession. Those who speak out
cautious and conservative and yet he defended Canada’s          “pro-choice.”                                                      risk being vilified, marginalized, or muzzled. Their right
radical pro-abortion policy. Abortion is not up for debate           Doctors in Ontario and Alberta have recently been             to speak, to defend the right to life of the unborn, to
in his world. His comments were all the more puzzling           threatened by their certifying bodies that they may                exercise their conscience rights are curtailed.
since he once wrote a widely-quoted essay in which              have to deny their religious or moral beliefs when                      It is a sad society that upholds the right to take
he acknowledged the necessity of economic and social            treating patients. The target of this policy is primarily          over 100,000 lives a year, crushes other rights that
conservatives working together to form a coalition.             doctors who oppose abortion and euthanasia. Their                  conflict with the killing, and tries force the rest of us
      The reaction to Sarah Palin’s nomination was              conscience rights are under ongoing threat. Since                  to join in the celebration. Sadder still are the feminist
fascinating. Feminists who have long called for more            most in the medical profession, and certainly their                cheerleaders for this cause.

                      Does vaccine turn girls into guinea pigs?
By Bishop Fred Henry                                            little girls for efficacy. At 11, these girls don’t get cervical   their children, they will surely see to it that they have
                                                                cancer -- they won’t know for 25 years if they will get            “protection.”
                                                                cervical cancer. Giving it to 11-year-olds is a great big               This argument, widely accepted in all strata of our
This article first appeared in the Calgary Herald,
                                                                public health experiment.”                                         society, relies on a seriously flawed understanding of
October 28, 2008 and is reprinted with permission from
                                                                      In 2007 Maclean’s magazine published a five-page             what love really means. We need only consider a related
the author.
                                                                cover story suggesting adoption of the Gardasil vaccine            example to see this flaw clearly. If our children decide
     [Editor’s note: A number of Catholic school
                                                                would make “guinea pigs” of Canadian girls.                        that they are going to play hopscotch on a busy street, in
     boards in Alberta have decided not to offer the
                                                                      Why is Alberta opting for a mass vaccination of girls        the midst of high-speed traffic, would we be manifesting
     Gardasil vaccine through the school. Parents
                                                                in grades 5 and 9? Other provinces have picked different           our love for them by giving them helmets to place over
     can still take their daughters to a public health
                                                                grades. Is there a secret or unannounced government                their heads for “protection”, or would real love involve
     unit for the vaccine but boards have been
                                                                plan to administer this vaccine each year, so that we              pulling them off the street and insisting they learn
     criticized for their refusal to participate. Bishop
                                                                will eventually catch up to those currently in Grade 9?            abstinence from hopscotch in high-speed traffic areas?
     Henry responds to the critics.]
                                                                What about those currently in grades 10, 11, and 12?                    Respecting the God-given designs for our sexuality
                                                                Is it simply a matter of convenience and economics to              and struggling toward sexual self-mastery is one of the
     First of all, I want to make it clear that, in the case
                                                                administer several vaccines at the same time?                      great challenges of our age, and probably of every age.
of minors, parents must decide whether or not their
                                                                      Contrary to those who state that the vaccine is safe         Arguments in favour of widespread availability of the
child is to be vaccinated against the human papilloma
                                                                with very few side-effects and merely cite temporary               HPV vaccine are emblematic of a collective loss of nerve
virus that causes most cases of cervical cancer and
                                                                soreness at the site of the injection, the U.S. Judicial           in the face of powerful libertine pressures within our
genital warts.
                                                                Watch organization and the Vaccination Risk Awareness              culture.
     A Catholic institution has a different responsibility
                                                                Network report a wide spectrum of reported adverse                      Thirdly, why is the Alberta government willing
-- to live faithfully its mission and teaching. To witness
                                                                reactions.                                                         to spend millions ($380 per person or more) on this
to the teaching and values of Jesus Christ requires sound
                                                                      Secondly, this vaccine is different than other               vaccine with the distinct possibility that booster shots,
moral reflection and judgment.
                                                                commonly accepted vaccines in that HPV is a sexually               at additional costs to the taxpayers, may be needed in
     In some instances, given the complexity of an issue,
                                                                transmitted disease. The vaccine may only be potentially           the future? Given all the above, would it make more
after due consideration and prayer, parents may opt for a
                                                                effective to address the risk of physical health, and would        sense to allocate those resources to palliative care or
plan of action that is not endorsed by the Catholic school
                                                                not address a young person’s spiritual, emotional or               mental health, which remain grossly underfunded in
                                                                moral health                                                       Alberta?
     Judgments of what is right or wrong are ethical or
                                                                      Furthermore, if a disease is preventable by other                 From a moral point of view, the answer is quite
moral decisions. The Catholic moral tradition develops
                                                                means, especially natural means, then surely it makes              clear. If the vaccines are to be offered, they should
through prayer, study, reflection and the recognition of
                                                                sense to employ those means. Catholic moral teaching               be given in health centres or clinics, recreational or
the Holy Spirit at work through various sources. Such
                                                                affirms that the gift of sexual intercourse belongs to the         community centres but not in Catholic schools. The
sources include health and social service providers,
                                                                covenanted relationship of marriage.                               province for its part should pay for such vaccinations.
the experience of the Christian community, moral
                                                                      Consequently, parents, physicians, educators
theologians, bishops, church teaching and sacred                                                                                   Fred Henry is the Roman Catholic Bishop of Calgary.
                                                                and governing bodies should adopt a health-oriented
Scripture. No source of knowledge pertinent to the issue
                                                                approach that addresses sexual attitudes and behaviours
at hand should be neglected.
                                                                recommending delayed genital sexual activity. We should
     Some of the values and principles that direct ethical
                                                                teach critical thinking skills; provide factual information
decision-making and that enable us to respond to the
                                                                and guidelines as needed; teach right from wrong; and
call to respect dignity, promote justice and foster trust
                                                                equip our youth for proper decision-making. A school-
are: the dignity of every human person, stewardship and
                                                                based approach to vaccination runs the risk of sending at
creativity, respect for life and the common good.
                                                                least an implicit message that early sexual intercourse is
     Reactions to the government’s plan are very mixed
                                                                allowed, as long as one uses “protection.”
and involve moral issues.
                                                                      The popular wisdom these days insists that because
     First of all, are we confident that this vaccine is
                                                                we can’t stop our children from engaging in premarital
safe to administer to young girls? Many, including Dr.
                                                                sex, and because such sex can be dangerous and have
Diane M. Harper, a lead researcher, scientist, physician,
                                                                bad effects, we should do everything we can to protect
professor and former director of Gynecological Cancer
                                                                our youngsters by vaccinating them against the HPV
Prevention Research Group at Dartmouth Medical
                                                                virus. The vaccine, we are assured, will decrease cervical
School have stated: “This vaccine should not be
                                                                cancer in a simple, straightforward way. If parents love
mandated for 11-year-old girls. . . . It’s not been tested in

                                                                                                                                                         THE ROSE, December 2008      Page 5
                                                     Hippocractic oath: Do no harm
                        By Joanne Byfield
      It still comes as a shock to many people that most
doctors no longer swear to uphold the Hippocratic Oath.
It’s been over 30 years since the medical profession
ditched the “inconvenient” principles first set down
by Hippocrates in the 4th century BC. In addition to
swearing to “do no harm,” the oath also explicitly bound
physicians not to provide lethal drugs to anyone, even if
asked, and forbade abortions. In the era of abortion on
demand and the “death with dignity” movement, these
archaic notions no longer fit with the practice of modern
medicine. This post-Hippocratic era of medicine, says
Dr. Sheila Harding, associate dean of the College of
Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan, takes our
society down a dangerous road where doctors can decide
who lives and who dies and in doing so, they betray the
trust of their patients.                                                               Dr. Harding contrasted the Hippocratic Oath (a         starved to death at the request of her husband and Sam
      Dr. Harding gave a powerful presentation on                                rewritten 1995 version) with the American Medical            Golubchuk of Winnipeg whose family went to court to
“Medicine after Hippocrates” at the national pro-life                            Association version used by most medical schools.            stop doctors from withdrawing nutrition and hydration
conference in Toronto in October. Betrayal of patient                            The Hippocratic version is sworn “In the presence            against his will.
trust is not the only loss in the post-Hippocratic era                           of the Almighty” while the AMA version swears by                   How did doctors and medicine arrive at this state?
according to Dr. Harding: it undermines the altruism of                          “whatever I hold most sacred.” The former is an appeal       She based her analysis on J. Budziszewski’s book, “The
medical students; demonstrates the triumph of hubris                             to a transcendent being based on non-negotiable              Revenge of Conscience” which cited several factors,
over humility and leaves a “moral residue” on everyone                           morals, while the latter reflects a personal and relative,   including lack of experience, lack of skill, inattention,
involved.                                                                        therefore changing, belief system. The Hippocratic           but more often, the perversion of reason—sin, in the
      The Hippocratic Oath was used for centuries                                physicians swear to “neither prescribe nor administer a      Christian context—as the primary causes of the moral
by doctors of many faiths and nationalities. It is                               lethal dose of medicine to any patient even if asked nor     and ethical precipice on which we now find ourselves.
important to remind people that the oath pre-dated                               counsel any such thing nor perform act or omission           Without repentance, those who continue to violate the
Christianity and reflects the principles of natural law.                         with direct intent deliberately to end a human life.” The    natural law in their medical practices, need to recruit
Its essential characteristics are: a triple covenant—                            AMA doctors swear to “exercise my art solely for the         others, rationalize their behavior, advocate for things
between practitioner and teacher, practitioner and                               cure of my patients, and will give no drug, perform no       like abortion and euthanasia and punish those who
patient, practitioner and God; a two-fold obligation—                            operation, for a criminal purpose, even if solicited, far    advocate and practice Hippocratic medicine. These
philanthropy (well-being of the patient) and the sanctity                        less suggest it.” The Hippocratic version is an absolute     activities help to suppress the guilt.
of life; and a single role—healer.                                               sanction against ending a human life, no matter                    Dr. Harding wonders if medicine can be redeemed.
                                                                                 what the law, ever-changing, allows. The AMA version         She noted some hopeful recent signs in the pressure
                                                                                 does not. Finally, the Hippocratic doctor promises to        from the Ontario Medical Association to have the
                                                                                 “maintain the utmost respect for every human life            College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario drop their
                                                                                 from fertilization to natural death and reject abortion      outrageous proposals limiting the conscience rights of
                                                                                 that deliberately takes a unique human life”—a clear         doctors (the Alberta College is now considering a similar
                                                                                 and explicit rejection of abortion, assisted suicide and     move). Another positive is the “stealth” movement of
                                                                                 euthanasia. The AMA version is silent on this point.         pro-life doctors to shepherd and provide a safe haven for
                                                                                       Dr. Harding elaborated on how the triple covenant      students who share their beliefs.
                                                                                 is violated routinely in a profession that no longer               On the other hand, she noted that it is getting more
                                                                                 functions from a shared set of beliefs. Medical students     difficult for students of faith to be accepted at medical
                                                                                 and residents are pressured in classes and in practice       schools. Pre-admission interviews sometimes seek to
                                                                                 to abandon their moral and religious beliefs. (See Tales     identify religious leanings. Some students ask if they
                                                                                 from the trenches, p. 7). The doctor-patient covenant        should leave church-related activities off their resumes.
                                                                                 is undermined by abortion on demand, now over                If accepted, they often find their morals and beliefs
                                                                                 100,000 a year in Canada, and the growing movement           challenged, denigrated, mocked and they personally can
                                                                                 towards euthanasia. She cited the push by the Society        be required to assist in procedures they find repugnant.
                                                                                 of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGC)          “Imagine what it’s like to be a student or resident in
                                                                                 to require pre-natal testing for all pregnant women as       such an environment for 6-10 years! And how are they
                                                                                 another ethical minefield. Adverse test results most         to learn to pay attention to the smoke alarm in their
                                                                                 often result in pressure on parents to abort their child.    heads concerning honest reporting on insurance forms,
                                                                                       It’s a subject about which Dr. Harding is intimately   or billing fraud, or patient boundaries, when they’ve
                                                                                 familiar. Her son Ross was born with a rare condition        been trained to ignore the smoke alarm in their heads
   The Back Porch is an outreach ministry to women and men who are               and died when he was 10 years old. Women and                 concerning the intentional termination of innocent
   reconsidering their decision to have an abortion. We are located across       couples whose babies are diagnosed before birth with         human life? It makes no sense!”
   from the Morgentaler Clinic in Edmonton. The Back Porch is operated by        anomalies are under extreme pressure to abort. Those               Outside the profession there is hostility too. She
   A.L.I.E.S. (Alberta Life Issues Educational Society), a registered charity.
                                                                                 who don’t are themselves considered anomalies. Her           cited the recent statements by the Ontario Human
   Here’s how you can help us.
                                                                                 son participated in a trial of an experimental drug.         Rights Commission that doctors of faith must “check
   SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS: Help get the word out about the                                                                                      their personal views at the door” in providing medical
                                                                                 The report of the trial said “The treatment should
   Back Porch! We need your help to get us into churches, prayer groups,
   Christian conferences/functions, schools, etc. so that we can get the
                                                                                 still be regarded as experimental and not yet a serious      care. She challenged her audience to seek ways to
   message out, recruit volunteers and request donations!                        alternative to early prenatal diagnosis and termination      support and defend medical students and doctors in
                                                                                 of affected pregnancies for those who regard this            this often hostile environment in which they practice.
   VOLUNTEERS: We need volunteers who can listen and refer women
   for help. We have 2 shifts a day, 5 days a week. Training is provided.        approach as acceptable. It is worthy of consideration for    Patients can ask their own doctors about the Hippocratic
                                                                                 couples who cannot accept this approach.” It is clear        Oath and whether they follow its precepts. Letters to the
   DONATIONS: We have one part-time employee, rent, utilities and
                                                                                 that those who refuse abortion are exceptional and odd.      editor defending life at all stages helps too.
   materials for our ministry. One-time or regular monthly donations are
   greatly appreciated and wisely used.                                                Similarly at the end of life, physicians are under           If we do not rally to support Hippocratic principles
                                                                                 increasing pressure to limit expenditures on health          in medicine, Dr. Harding wonders if we will see the rise
   Visit the Back Porch, see what we do and read excerpts from our
   Volunteer Journal.
                                                                                 services which puts them in conflict with their role as      of a parallel, counter-cultural pro-life medical system
                                                                                 a patient’s advocate. Add to that the subjective notion      run by physicians who have been driven out of the
    If you are interested in helping The Back Porch in these areas, please       of “quality of life” and one can see how end-of-life care    present one. If that happens, she asks, “Would patients,
      contact Amanda. (Ph) 421-9941 (Fax) 421-7749 (E) alies@telus.net           is transformed into a patient’s “duty to die.” This has      as in the time of Hippocrates, again vote with their
                Visit our website at www.alies.ca.                               already moved well beyond theory in our hospitals. Dr.       feet?”
                                                                                 Harding highlighted the cases of Terri Schiavo, who was

Page 6 THE ROSE, December 2008
                         Pro-Life Marches: The lessons learned
            By Astride Wenigerova-Noga
                                                                                                                          and our pro-life weekend was considered a success. We
     Last spring Father Joseph Cyril asked me to help                                                                     want to do it again next year and we’d like to encourage
organize a local March for Life and Vigil for St. Mary’s                                                                  others to do the same in your own small churches and
Church in Beaverlodge. This would not be a large event                                                                    communities.
but a weekend of deep prayer, Mass, meditation and a                                                                            We learned that leadership, especially spiritual
public march.                                                                                                             leadership, is important, if not crucial, to such an
     The Knights, CWL and the parish council all                                                                          event’s success. Fr. Cyril prepared the congregation in
offered to help. Expectations were low; fewer than 20                                                                     advance for this weekend. The leadership of the Knights
people would be a success. We set the date for Sept.                                                                      of Columbus, CWL, parish council and our local MP
20-21 because I was away in the spring when most                                                                          all helped to encourage people to join in. This is more
marches were held. We decided to hold the March at the                                                                    difficult, but not impossible, in larger cities.
intersection of our main street in Beaverlodge and the                                                                          Fr. Cyril eloquently expressed our duty as Christians
Alaska Highway. Seventy-seven people attended the Pro-                                                                    in his sermon: “Our task is to build a culture of life in
Life Mass and 45 hardy supporters joined us in the rain     Beaverlodge participants return for their March.              which every person is treated with respect due to his
for the March.                                                                                                            or her human dignity, regardless of age, physical or
     We held signs which read “Abortion Hurts Women”                                                                      mental ability, or stage of development. This urgent
and “Shortage of Workers? Stop Abortion!” Over 500                                                                        project is well underway but we know it is far from
                                                            Pro-Life Alliance Association, Campaign Life, Euthanasia
people slowed down and read our signs; some were                                                                          complete…It will take time. It will take generosity. It
                                                            Prevention Coalition, and Priests for Life. One wall was
encouraging, others not but they all had something                                                                        will take patience and sustained collaboration among
                                                            reserved for the Morgentaler Medal and reactions to it. A
to think about after reading our signs. Where can you                                                                     so many groups. ..All of us have an important place in
                                                            separate table had pro-life cards to be sent to the Prime
reach 560 people with a pro-life message in 25 minutes                                                                    conversations about the value of human life, and all of
free of charge?                                                                                                           us can make a significant contribution in the political
                                                                  We advertised in the Beaverlodge paper and the
     Our MP Chris Warkentin and his family joined us                                                                      process. It is your right and duty as citizens, whether or
                                                            Grande Prairie Christian radio station ran our ads for
at the end and marched back to the church with us. He                                                                     not you are old enough to vote, to help shape society by
chatted with many and encouraged us, that “the tide is                                                                    offering to everyone the profound convictions of your
                                                                  At our Vigil, Fr. Cyril led 23 adults in meditation
changing. Young people are now turning pro-life.”                                                                         faith n Jesus Christ, the Lord of Life…Abortion must
                                                            and a pro-life Rosary. We had individual prayers, hymns
     Grande Prairie Voice for Life brought an exhibit and                                                                 not stand. It cannot stand. It will not stand.”
                                                            and stories. It was a very cold night but we persevered
we had material from many pro-life groups—Alberta

                                                  Tales from the trenches
As part of her presentation at the national pro-life        month of pregnancy, for certain congenital anomalies          I ask those who are patients to kindly challenge their
conference in Toronto in October, Dr. Sheila Harding        in the unborn child. This is done through feticide            doctors, gently ask questions that go against the grain
shared stories from a number of medical students and        (intracardiac injection of potassium chloride), followed      of the politically correct climate, where words like
residents who found their moral and ethical principles      by induction of labour.                                       ‘abortion,’ ‘eugenics’ and ‘euthanasia’ cannot be spoken
challenged in certain circumstances. The students do                                                                      without discomfort.
                                                            “Overall I don’t feel very good. I feel complicit,
not want their identities made public because many are
                                                            because I don’t feel I can speak up as a resident in this     If you pray, I would ask you for prayers for medical
still completing their studies. As Dr. Harding says, “If
                                                            environment – they can fail me! I know the apostles           trainees who feel alone, confused and challenged by
you’re like me, hearing these stories makes it hard to
                                                            danced with joy when they were persecuted in His              a Culture of Death, men and women who are already
decide whether to weep, to vomit, or to go take a shower.
                                                            name; but I come home just angry and bitter, and then         under incredible pressure simply due to the nature of
They’re going to haunt you. That’s moral residue.”
                                                            I am not a pleasant person to be around (just ask my          their training and for whom ethical issues of life and
A junior medical student in ethics class on euthanasia &    spouse). I am always studying, and don’t find enough          death are unclear.”
assisted suicide:                                           time to pray. I am sleep deprived. My nerves are a wreck
“As the discussion progressed, we came to the issue of      and my health has gone downhill. (I’ve had to start
the physician’s responsibility, especially in regard to     antidepressant medication to just try to get a good
referring. I was very surprised to hear even some of        night’s sleep).”
the more ‘morally’ respectable students arguing that
                                                            From a recent trainee:
by becoming physicians we ‘abdicate our role as moral
                                                            “Becoming a pro-life physician wasn’t easy. The learning
agents.’ It just seems so silly, that in order to further
                                                            environment at my medical school was significantly, if
a patient’s right to do whatever they want, I have to be
                                                            subtly polarized against life. My faith in the intrinsic
willing to break with any value, tradition, culture, etc.
                                                            value of life was often challenged in class discussions and
that I have ever held dear. And that’s one of the most
                                                            personal conversations. I was not willing to compromise
tragic realities: that even good people are so confused
                                                            the views that motivated me to embrace life in medicine
about life, the truth, and who we are.”
                                                            in order to simply ‘survive’ a life in medicine. The
A compilation of stories from several students in           biggest challenge was feeling you were alone in holding
maternal-fetal medicine:                                    your belief. There was a lot of pressure to conform
“One attending told a patient that she could abort          and this internal struggle started to take a toll on my
or continue the pregnancy, but that abortion was            health. Finding like-minded individuals was extremely
‘recommended’ -- because the risks of pregnancy             helpful. Meeting classmates and residents who struggled
(e.g. blood clots) outweighed the benefit of carrying a     with similar questions, joining a Catholic Doctors’
malformed baby with poor prognosis to term.”                Association in my city and attending the Physicians for
                                                            Life Student Forum were very building. I often spoke
“One consultant stated that their standard was a child
                                                            with family, friends and clergy about my hopes and
that would be capable of living independently of its
                                                            concerns -- I drew strength from my community. In
                                                            the end, I realized that as a doctor, I was not going to be
“After a mom delivered a Down syndrome baby (missed         serving the medical establishment, but them, my future
despite prenatal screening), my attending, sadly nodding    patients. This helped me become a better doctor: being
his head, said: ‘Well, you can’t get them all.’”            pro-life is part of being pro-patient, standing for my
                                                            oath to heal, often protecting those who can’t protect
Trainees note that abortions are being performed in         themselves. And as times change and my training
the third-trimester in Canada, including up to the 8th      continues, so does my formation.

                                                                                                                                                THE ROSE, December 2008       Page 7
                                                                                                                               Reviewed by
                                                                                                                             Amanda Phillips

     Neuroscience is making new discoveries everyday
                                                                                                                                                                      By Joanne Byfield
                                                                                                                              deteriorate.” This
and one of the most recent to be published is that the                                                                        generates levels of            LifeCanada held its Annual General Meeting
brain is the most important organ in sexual intimacy.                                                                         attachment between       in October in conjunction with the National
The Medical Institute for Sexual Health presents                                                                              two people and           Pro-Life conference in Toronto. Our Executive
“Hooked: New Science on How Casual Sex is Affecting                                                                           increases the desire     Director Gudrun Schultz presented a PowerPoint
our Children,” a book explaining the scientific facts                                                                         to engage in sexual      presentation outlining our projects for the past
about how brain chemicals and hormones affect our                                                                             intercourse to receive   year. This is a good tool for groups to learn more
sexuality, especially during the adolescent years.                                                                            the good feeling from    about LifeCanada. If you would like a copy of the
     The book starts with an easy to understand                                                                               dopamine. When           presentation on CD, contact the office at gschultz@
physiology lesson on the brain and how it works. It                                                                           those connections        lifecanada.org.
explains how the chemical messenger dopamine                                                                                  grow and more                  We also elected a new President, Dr. Delores
produces feelings of excitement or of well-being.                                                                             pleasure is generated    Doherty from Newfoundland, new Vice-President,
Dopamine is a “reward” for doing something exciting,                                                                          from experiences,        Monica Roddis from B.C., and a new secretary,
whether it is winning a contest, or driving really fast.                                                                      more dopamine is         Nicole Pyle from Saskatchewan. Treasurer Aukje
Sex is one of the strongest generators for the dopamine                                                                       released.                Annema from PEI will remain in that position.
rush. It makes us want to repeat the action, whether or                                                                            “Our decision-            Last month, we released the results of our
not it is safe.                                                                            making ability, coming from the highest centers             national poll conducted by Environics Research
     Sexual excitement is centered in the brain                                            of the brain, can guide an individual to the most           on Canadians’ opinions on life issues. (See story
and different areas of the brain “light up” with the                                       rewarding sexual behavior—unless bad programming            page 1.) The poll of 2023 Canadians is an important
progression of physical contact. Love and lust are found                                   from premature and unwise sexual behavior during            initiative for pro-life groups and helps us to stay
in different locations in the brain, and depending on                                      the adolescent years has occurred, causing the brain        informed about what Canadians think about legal
which feeling is in a person’s mind and body at the time,                                  formation for healthy decision making to be damaged.”       protection for the unborn, whether they support
that part of the brain is also “lights up”.                                                Sex produces lifelong changes in our brains that direct     informed consent, tax-funded abortion and for the
     When couples engage in sexual intercourse “the                                        and influence our future to a surprising degree.            first time this year, we asked whether they would
synapses that govern decisions about sex in both the                                            The book also explains how hormones make sexual        choose palliative care or euthanasia at the end of
male and female brains are strengthened in ways that                                       intimacy is a natural form of bonding for both men          their lives. You can see the poll results at www.
make it easier to choose to have sex in the future, while                                  and women. The hormone oxytocin, when released              lifecanada.org.
synapses that govern sexual restraint are weakened and                                     through sexual intimacy, increases a woman’s desire               Most of you will know about our “Have we gone
                                                                                           to be touched and cared for, and is a major factor in       too far?” billboard campaign which Advertising
                                                                                           building trust. This hormone is so powerful that even       Standards Canada (ASC) declared “deceptive” earlier
                     SERENA NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING                                        a 20 second hug with a man can begin a woman’s trust        this year. That decision means most billboard
                                          Serena values life from conception and           building factor . The hormone vasopressin, though           companies will not run our ads. We are continuing
 A Natural Family Planning Service       is dedicated to the promotion of married          weaker than oxytocin, allows males to bond to their         the campaign, however, and inviting groups to
                                           love and the enrichment of family life.         partner and children.                                       help get this message out. If your local group, or
                                         Our Service Provides:                                  Pheromones, chemicals excreted by the skin and         a church in your community, or a sympathetic
                                         • NFP resources for parishes
                                         • Pre-marriage presentations                      sweat glands, are also important for sexual attraction      individual, has a private billboard or trailer on
                                         • Couple to couple instruction
                                         • Information sessions for health professionals   (especially in females).                                    which they would like to display a pro-life sign,
                 effective               • Classroom presentations                              Because of these chemicals and hormones, every         please contact us. We will make the artwork
                  healthy                 Serena Alberta                                   romantic physical contact results in some degree of         available at the size you need and then your local
                  simple                  Box 1820, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2P2
                                          (780) 488-5221 (in Edmonton), 1-866-488-5221     bonding and allows a neurochemical imprint of that          group can get the sign made and posted. Private
                                          Email: serena-a@telus.net
 *A registered charitable organization
                                          Serena Canada website: www.serena.ca             sexual experience. This can impede the bonding process      billboards or trailers are not subject to the ASC
                                                                                           that leads to future healthy relationships. This suggests   ruling. You have every right to post whatever sign
                                                                                           that the ability to bond as a husband and wife (after       you wish. We would love to see these billboards
                                                                                           many previous sexual encounters with other people) is       all over highways and in small towns across
                                                                                           damaged. Casual sexual encounters and hook-ups are          the country. If your local group is in a city that
                                                                                           very damaging to a person scientifically and not just       bans private signs, try to partner with a group
                                                                                           morally.                                                    in a nearby community to get the sign put up
                                                                                                “The biggest damage done by society’s view of sex is   there. We think this was a very effective message
                                                                                           the attempt to separate the sex act from the rest of what   and the website created for the campaign, www.
                                                                                           we are.”                                                    AbortionInCanada.ca is an excellent one. This is a
                                                                                                This book contains a wealth of easy to read (and       great educational project for a local pro-life group.
                                                                                           understand) information that I believe is very important    We’ve also reprinted the postcards with the most
                                                                                           for parents, and young adults to read. To get a copy        current statistics so you can order these from
                                                                                           phone Amanda at The Back Porch at (780) 421-9941.           LifeCanada too. We are also asking people to send a
                                                                                                                                                       postcard and a letter of protest to members of ASC
                                                                                                                                                       over their ludicrous decision. Join the fun. Contact
                                                                                                                                                       LifeCanada for more information.
                                                                                                                                                             Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association has just
                                                                                                                                                       announced that it will be hosting the 2009 National
                                                                                                                                                       Pro-Life conference in Saskatoon next fall. Stay
                                                                                                                                                       tuned for dates and location.
 Lorraine                          Noralta Real Estate Inc.
                                   955 Ordze Rd.                                                                                                             We are producing educational brochures on
 Williams,                         Sherwood Park, Alberta T8A 4L7                                                                                      prenatal testing including information on support
 ASSOCIATE                         Bus 780-467-7334                                                                                                    groups to help parents make informed decisions.
                                   Cell 780-221-3763                                                                                                   These will be available for sale in the new year.
                                   Fax 780-467-3772
                                   Email: lorrainewilliams@royallepage.ca                                                                              Joanne Byfield is the Alberta director on the
                                                                                                                                                       LifeCanada board.
                                   INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED

Page 8 THE ROSE, December 2008
                                The 3Cs of Abortion
By Dayna E. Mazzuca             of abortion on women          convenience (since when       deception is that they        clubs is trump. And, in           to destroy the child,
                                would be vocal, not           is a child convenient?) –     are told that life will       this case, clubs is trump.        God is on the side of the
     I grew up in a             resisted (which it is).       then what gives?              return to normal; that        The lowly trump card of           humble. The defenders of
card-playing family. As a            It has little to do            Abortion has figured    after an abortion it will     the abortion debate is            the unborn are led as in
child, I quickly learned        with baby versus fetus,       prominently in the news       be like nothing ever          that a small human life           a dream, towards a better
the lingo, although I was       or the moment when            over the last few months.     happened. But no one          is worth more than we             future.
never very good at the          human life begins.            On October 10, Henry          who has undergone the         can know. Its defenseless               This is the trump
games – Hearts, Kaiser          When someone tells you        Morgentaler finally           “safe and legal” ordeal       nature mutely compels             card – the one that
and especially Bridge. One      they’re pregnant, they        received the Order of         of an abortion is the         our protection. The God           defeats the language
rule was easy enough to         mean they are having          Canada from our Governor      same. The effects vary.       of all humanity took on           of choice, control and
follow though; a trump          a baby. If baby wasn’t a      General Michaelle Jean        Many women return for a       a lowly form. In the flesh        convenience. No matter
card, no matter how low         baby, the Canadians for       (with less than one day’s     repeat “procedure,” while     Jesus came to serve,              how you slice the deck,
in value, beats the highest     Choice website would          public notice, among          others deeply regret their    to heal and to deliver.           life is sacred and thus
card in any other suit.         not bother to rename the      other anomalies). Earlier,    decision.                     Despite King Herod’s (and         inevitable, triumphant
For instance, if clubs is       conglomeration of cells       the Prime Minister                  Gestational             those who would follow            and worthy. Let it be.
trump, a lowly two in           rapidly developing on the     promised not to reopen        information is not            in his footsteps) attempt
that suit beats the ace         sides of a woman’s uterus     the abortion debate that is   required. Presently, the
of diamonds, hearts or          as “pregnancy tissue.”        already underway across       clinic aborts about 5,000
spades. Turns out, this              Finally, it has little   the country. Ken Epp’s        babies a year, servicing
simple card-table rule          to do with convenience        bill to offer a measure       Northern Alberta. All the
comes in handy when             or family planning. If it     of respect to the unborn      while, taxpayers foot the
trying to explain the           did, the formerly named       babies of pregnant women      bill.                                     JASON VAN DOESBURG
complexities of abortion,       Planned Parenthood            who were killed or hurt             It’s a grim picture,                         BARRISTER & SOLICITOR
which I often have to do        would not be actively         (largely because they         bleak enough to break
in my role as president of      informing the sexual          were pregnant), died an       your heart. Many, many
Alberta Pro-Life.               education component           untimely death on the         times over.
     Those who would            in our school systems.        parliamentary floor. In             So, what’s the good       217 HIGH PARK CORNER                        PH: (780) 483-6111
defend the status quo           Healthy family planning       Edmonton, on 124th St.        news for people who hope        14925-111 Avenue                           FAX: (780) 483-6411

in Canada consistently                                                                                                      EDMONTON, ALBERTA            jason.vandoesburg@galbraith.ab.ca
                                has given way to sexual       the Morgentaler Clinic        and pray and diligently
                                                                                                                            T5M 2P6
play three high-value           expression and a gross        was renamed Woman’s           work through private
cards. (Status Quo = each       justification of the now      Health Options. The list      donations to make a
year 100,000 babies are         arcane women’s lib            goes on.                      difference, to write a law,
aborted anywhere from           movement. If it was                 From a little house     to right the wrong? What
zero to nine months, and        otherwise, why hand           across the street from        inspires the work of pro-
Canada has absolutely no        out condoms in so many        the Morgentaler Clinic,       lifers? What encourages
law in place to regulate        flavours?                     the staff of Alberta          our members across the
this fully tax-funded                If it’s not really       Pro-Life watches the          province to persevere? To
industry.) The three cards:     about choice (women           women, young and old,         believe for the best?
status quo defenders refer      have plenty of choices        going into the clinic, and          It’s simple – the two
to a woman’s right to           thank you very much), or      coming out. As columnist      of clubs beats the ace of
CHOOSE. They point to           control (I feel very much     Margaret Somerville           diamonds, hearts and
her right to CONTROL            in control of my body), or    pointed out, the great        spades, every time, if
her body and reproductive
abilities. Thirdly, they
defend the need to plan
a family according to
numbers tell us that the
majority are not young
teens facing a crisis
     Choice, control
and convenience.
These are not moral
judgments. These are
arguments based on a
premise. The premise
is that whoever deals
the cards, in this case
the terms of reference,
makes the rules. The
“abortion debate we’re
afraid to have” (that’s
what Maclean’s magazine
called it earlier this year)
has revolved around the
Big 3 – choice, control
and convenience.
     It has little to do with
women’s health. If it did,
the political will to study
and publish the effects

                                                                                                                                                    THE ROSE, December 2008           Page 9
                                                                                                                                       continue to support us!!               We have been regularly
CALGARY PRO-LIFE ASSOC.            excellent way to begin our       Chain this year. We were very   5 despite the wind. Your                                              writing letters to the editor.
                                                                                                    courage to stand up for life is    Our meetings are held on the
Ph: 403-243-0691                   year. Dayna presented us         encouraged to have a couple                                        4th Tuesday of each month          We are also making a point
pro_life@telusplanet.net           with a brief Bio, and spent      of pastors join us.             appreciated! Life Chains also                                         of using informative posters
                                                                                                    took place in Taber and Bow        (no December, July, or August
                                   the next two hours leading       If anyone has any questions                                        meetings) at 6:30 pm, at St.       around town for announcing
CAMROSE PRO-LIFE                   us through the workshop.         for us, please contact Lisa     Island.                                                               our meetings. The posters
                                                                                                         Consider hosting our Pro-     Mary’s Catholic Church (6
Ph: 780-672-3180                   For those of you who may         Smith at mlsmith2@telus.                                           McMillan Avenue, Red Deer).        have not been well received
 taillieu@telus.net                not be familiar with Dayna,      net.                            Life display in your church                                           by everyone and are replaced
                                                                                                    soon. Please call to book a        Our meetings generally
     Camrose Pro-Life funded       she is very well prepared,                                                                          run one hour in length and         when they are removed.
Miranda Hamer to create            with training in political       EDMONTON PROLIFE                weekend.
                                                                                                         Thanks again also to all      everyone is welcome!
educational kits for faith-        philosophy, journalism and       Ph: 780-425-1637                                                   If you would like more             TABER PRO-LIFE
based schools, youth groups        theology. Her approach           edmpl@interbaun.com             of our Hikers and Supporters                                          Ph: 403-223-8452
                                                                                                    who collectively helped us         information on Red Deer and
and public schools. We wanted      is fresh and interactive.        www.edmontonprolife.org                                            District Pro Life, please do       emoedt@telus.net
these kits to be educational,      Our group thoroughly                                             raise over $35,000 in support                                             We had an extremely
                                                                                                    of life in Southern Alberta        not hesitate to contact us at
engaging and user friendly.        enjoyed, benefitted and          FORT McMURRAY PRO-                                                 403-340-2229.                      successful Life Chain.
Our focus in making the “Life      became energized by her          LIFE                            during our spring Hike For                                            Approximately 95 people
is Precious - Educational          presentation. We highly          Ph: 780-791-0306                Life.                                                                 came out and braved the
                                                                                                         Watch for our new pro-        SLAVE LAKE PRO LIFE
Kit” was to promote the idea       recommend her to any group                                                                          bakerc@northernlakescollege.ca     wind. No signs were lost. Lots
that “Life is precious” and to     looking to zero-in on their      GRANDE PRAIRIE VOICE            life television ads (our third                                        of positive response from
                                                                                                    campaign) on CTV from 4-6              In October our group
equip students to defend that      goals and visions. In October,   FOR LIFE                                                           succeeded in getting four          passers-by. One woman was
position; to educate students      for the Edmonton Life Chain,     Ph: 780-538-3344                p.m. and many new print ads                                           very upset that we would
                                                                                                    in the Lethbridge Journal          information booklets into
about “safe sex” and why           a bus was organized to take      vfl@telusplanet.net                                                one of our doctors’ office         force our children to hold
they should wait; and to give      interested parties to and from                                   and the U of L and Lethbridge                                         such “disgusting” (her word)
                                                                                                    College publications.              waiting rooms: Before You
teachers eye-catching visuals      Oliver Square to participate     HIGH RIVER PRO-LIFE                                                Decide, one with stages            signs and that she was forced
and engaging lessons.              in the Life Chain. Both the      Ph: 403-652-7975                     Our 2009 Membership                                              to walk past them to take her
                                                                                                    Drive is coming soon; please       of development, Plan B
     The kits include a variety    driver and the bus were          highriverprolife@shaw.ca                                           information and an adoption        own children to the park.
of lessons for all age groups.     donated, and left from Holy                                      consider Lethbridge Pro-Life                                              Our AGM will be held on
                                                                                                    in your year-end giving.           one. The other office is willing
Some may be too mature             Trinity Church parking lot,      LAKELAND PRO-LIFE                                                  to take some to keep in the        February 6, 2009. Ken Epp
for the younger grades so          with 16 passengers! In total,    Ph: 780-639-3601                     This year’s Pro-Life                                             will be speaking. Our local
                                                                                                    Dinner (& Annual General           doctors’ lounge for their use
a parent consent letter is         approximately 20 people          rlirette@telusplanet.net                                           but was not willing to put         IGA will cook our meat and
provided.                          from the tri-municipal area           Lakeland Pro-Life Chain    Meeting) will be held on                                              save us fighting with the Civic
                                                                                                    Thursday, February 5, 2009         them out for the public. We
     There is no fee to use one    participated in this year’s      2008 was our most successful                                       will be checking regularly to      Center stoves.
of the kits. However, if you       Life Chain. Our group also       to date with 73 in attendance   at Immanuel Christian                                                     One of our members
                                                                                                    High School at 6:30 p.m.           restock.
would like to donate money to      filled out the Membership        including two clergy                                                                                  delivered carnations to our
help us maintain and create        Survey, during our October       members. Children were          with former MP Ken Epp of                                             MLA for the White Carnation
more kits for schools, please      meeting. Thank you to APL        playing in the background       Edmonton as speaker. Please                                           campaign.
send a cheque made out to:         for compiling a very timely      and the sound of their voices   plan to attend. Call the office
Camrose Pro-Life and mail          survey. We helped to fill a      was very pleasing to our ears   at 403.320.5433 or email
it to: C/O Langer, Connie &        request from the Pregnancy       and a real blessing. We had     lprolife@shaw.ca.
Dieter, 150 Mt. Pleasant Drive,    Care Centre for various          a number of white crosses
Camrose T4V 3H3.                   items, to be distributed at      in the ground in front of       MEDICINE HAT PRO-LIFE
     If you would like to          their annual Christmas party     every second person. It was     Ph: 403-527-7434
purchase a kit for your school,    for their clients and their      quite effective in sending a    gibach@telusplanet.net
school district or youth group,    babies. If you are looking for   message to passersby. We        We will begin our 2009
the cost is $500.00. Please        Christmas cards, we have         ended with a lunch and          membership drive in January.
contact Miranda Hamer at           a couple of very beautiful       coffee in the basement of       If you are interested in
(780) 361-0458.                    designs for you to choose        Assumption Church and had       getting involved, call 403-
     If you believe this kit       from. Our next four meeting      new people joining our pro-     527-7434.
would be useful, we would          dates are December 8th,          life group.
appreciate your word of            January 19th, February 9th            Lakeland Pro-Life and      PEMBINA PRO-LIFE
mouth advertising to other         and March 16, at 7 pm. Please    the Knights of Columbus,        Ph: 780-674-2952
teachers and youth groups.         call Tracey @ 968-0574 for       Fr. LeGoff Council 7193         ichthys@telusplanet.net
                                   the location and any other       and Bishop Lussier
CHOOSE LIFE ATHABASCA              information. May you all         Assembly 2352, bought two       RED DEER PRO-LIFE
Ph: 780-675-4442                   experience the beautiful         Monuments for the Unborn.       Ph: 403-340-2229                   Pictured in the photo are Patty Schneier (centre)
hdleicht@x-wire.net                blessings of the Christ          They were installed beside      chollings@telus.net                with Pregnancy Problem Centre’s long-time faithful
    Our pro-life sign was first    Child this Christmas and         St. Dominic Church in                 Red Deer & District          counselors Adie Miron and Liz Evans.
painted over and then taken        throughout the coming year!      Cold Lake and the other in      has been quiet since our Life
down by vandals. We are                                             front of St. Louis Church       Chain on October 5th. We had
putting up a new one. We are
getting the educational videos,
                                   DRAYTON VALLEY
                                   RESPECT FOR LIFE
                                                                    in Bonnyville. They were
                                                                    blessed on October 12th
                                                                                                    78 people in attendance and
                                                                                                    no incidents. Preceding the          Lakeland Pro-Life celebrates
“Baby Steps” and “Women’s
Health At Risk” into the high
                                   Ph: 780-542-7546
                                                                    and 18th respectively. Many
                                                                    gathered for the event in
                                                                                                    Life Chain, we participated
                                                                                                    in the “White Carnation”                  20th Anniversary
schools. We have also placed           Drayton Valley Respect       Cold Lake, even though          event, sending a bouquet of
an ad in the local newspaper       for Life held its Annual         it was a cold and windy         white carnations to our two        On October 18th Lakeland Pro-Life and the Pregnancy
reminding people that              General Meeting on Oct.          Thanksgiving weekend,           MLAs within the City. Future       Problem Centre in Cold Lake held a banquet to mark
thousands of Canadians have        6th. Our current slate of        while Fr. Hamilcar Blanco       campaigns will include MLAs
                                                                                                    from the surrounding area.
                                                                                                                                       their 20th anniversary and to commemorate 40 years
died in wars since 1867 but        officers is as follows: Lisa     blessed the monument.
115,000 babies (three million                                                                             We are still trying to get   since Pope Paul VI’s encyclical, Humanae Vitae, was
                                   Smith - President; Erich         Over 60 people stayed for
since 1969) are aborted each       Wagner - Vice President;         the luncheon and to chat or     our name and phone number          given to the Church. Over 80 people enjoyed a great
year. Is that what our soldiers,   Heather Richholt - Secretary/    recollect. Our thanks to Fr.    advertised on city transit         banquet followed by Praise and Worship led by Paulette
sailors and airmen died for?       Treasurer; and others who are    Hamilcar for his devotion       buses and shelters with no         Dahlseide, Maureen Thurrott and Tracy Jacknife.
                                   serving as Public Relations,     and his pro-life homilies.      success….yet!! Our original
                                                                                                    ad, “Abortion-Have we gone
                                                                                                                                       Next was our guest speaker, Patty Schneier, from St.
C.H.I.L.D.                         Phoning, Youth, Church
Citizen’s Helping in Life’s                                                                         too far?” was not approved,        Ferdinand Parish in Florissant, MO, who shared her
                                   Reps, (only a few - we need      LETHBRIDGE & DIST.
Defense                            more!) etc.                      PRO-LIFE                        therefore we opted to see if we    personal testimony. Her conversion to prayer and
Ph: 780-962-8108                       Thanks so much to all        Ph: 403-320-5433                could only have our name and       holiness led her see and accept the wisdom of Humanae
srossi053@yahoo.ca                 who are willing to serve.        lprolife@shaw.ca                number advertised.                 Vitae. She also spoke to about 40 parents the next day at
    As anticipated, our first      We are looking forward to        Thanks to the 261 faithful            Our Fall 2008 newsletter
                                                                                                    was sent out, reaching over
                                                                                                                                       Assumption School in a talk titled “Parents, Get Real!”
meeting of the year, which         working in the cause for LIFE    participants who stood
was the Group Development                                                                           200 people in and around           On Monday Patty presented her talk “True Love ... How
                                   in 2009!!                        for Life in our Life Chain
Workshop with Dayna                    There were about 60          along Mayor Magrath Drive       the Red Deer area. Our many        Will I Know?” to the Assumption School students in
Mazzuca, proved to be an           people who came out for Life     South on Sunday, October        thanks to those of you who         grades 9 to 12.

Page 10 THE ROSE, December 2008
       U of C administration threatens pro-life students
                                                                  A month before the display went up, the university            In an earlier media release, Ms. Hallman said,
                                                             met with the group and told them they would have              “Being told to turn our signs inwards is like being
                                                             to turn the signs inward so that people wouldn’t have         told we can express our views as long as nobody can
                                                             to look at them. In a meeting with the students, the          hear us. Being told we can express ourselves, but with
                                                             administration and eight Calgary police officials, the        our signs inwards, is like telling black people they can
                                                             students were threatened with academic penalties              ride the bus, but demanding they sit at the back. It’s
                                                             (suspension and/or expulsion) and also with arrests and       unconscionable!”
                                                             fines if they disobeyed. The students refused citing free          She continued in the release: “Abortion exists. If it
                                                             speech rights.                                                did not, then we would not be here, risking arrest, today.
                                                                  On Wednesday, November 26 the students put their         Abortion exists. If it were not so, then society would be
                                                             signs up facing outward. Campus police asked them             spared the pangs of guilt inspired by the signs we will
                                                             to leave campus and when the students refused, they           bring onto campus today. Abortion exists. In all its
                                                             took down their names, addresses and phone numbers            hideous cruelty, it exists.
Leah Hallman talks to media at GAP display
                                                             and student ID numbers. Another group of activists                 We of Campus Pro-Life seek only to expose the
     As this newspaper was going to press in late            displaying large photographs of tortured Falun Gong           injustice perpetrated on those who cannot lift their
November, the University of Calgary Campus Pro-              adherents were not threatened by the campus police.           voices in protest. In our quest to accomplish this end,
Life group stood up to threats from the university           Leah Hallman, president of Campus Pro-Life, called            the university, far from supporting its own students
administration and from police to mount the fifth            this a double standard, stating, “Those protesting the        who pursue the truth, has suppressed, and attempted to
Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) on campus. The GAP          mistreatment of Falun Gong practitioners are correctly        intimidate, us.
display is a series of large and graphic photos of aborted   allowed their right to free expression, but why aren’t we?         Arrest, the police have told us, could result in
babies, Holocaust victims, and other victims of genocide.    It seems U of C is threatening to arrest pro-lifers based     consequences that would haunt us all our lives. Of what
The display compares abortion to genocide and asks           on our philosophical position. That’s discrimination.”        meaning should the rest of our lives be if we had no
people to see what the term “choice” looks like.                  Students returned on the following day and again         liberty? If we allow ourselves to be meekly stripped of
                                                             posted their signs. The university did not do anything        liberty, who then will stop this same perversion from
                                                             but Ms. Hallman said, “We don’t know if they still plan to    occurring to other fellow Canadians? And if we refuse
                                                             do something to us. They have our addresses and could         to risk our comfort for the sake of the unborn lives, it is

        U of Alberta                                         contact us by mail.”                                          that which will truly haunt us.
                                                                                                                                We of Campus Pro Life can accept no compromise
                                                                                                                           with the evil of abortion. The value of lives saved is far
                  By Nicole Severin                                                                                        beyond the value of anything we could lose by our stand.
                                                                                                                           Arrest us, charge us, expel us, do what you want with
                                                                                                                           these bodies of ours! But for every Pro-Lifer who suffers
     We did a survey on Whyte Ave to find out people’s                                                                     for the cause, perhaps, just perhaps, another life will be
views on abortion, and whether they knew about the                                                                         born into this world. And so it is with that hope that
lack of abortion law in Canada. We haven’t compiled                                                                        we are willing to risk all that we are putting on the line
the statistics on it yet, but most people didn’t know,                                                                     today. We shall let history be the judge of our actions.”
and they were shocked. We got some information out,                                                                             If you would like to contact U of C Campus Pro-Life,
                                                             December 7 Pro-Life Mass at St. Joseph’s Basilica in          go to www.campusprolife.com or email leahhallman@
                                        so it was good.
                                                             Edmonton at 5 p.m. followed by fellowship and pro-life        hotmail.com.
                                        We’re planning
                                                             display tables in the church basement.
                                        to do some
                                        more surveying,      December 12 Edmonton Archbishop Richard Smith
                                        probably at West     begins his “Nothing More Beautiful” series of
                                        Edmonton Mall        evangelistic talks with Guest Witness Leah Singh at 7
                                        and on campus,       p.m. in St. Joseph’s Basilica in Edmonton. To learn more
                                        but we don’t know    about this series, go to http://www.edmontoncatholic-
                                        when yet.            church.com/beautiful.shtml.
                                        concentrating        January 26, 2009 Law Courts Demonstration, marking
                                        a lot of energy      the 21st anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in
                                        on our Respect       the Morgentaler case. We will meet on the East side –
                                        for Life Week in     note new location - of the Law Courts Building at 103
                                        March. We might      A Avenue and 99 Street. Parking is available at meters
                                        be doing a drive     or in parking lots, payment is required. We will gather
                                        for the Edmonton     at 11:30 a.m. and end at 12:30 p.m.. If you have any
                                        Pregnancy            questions please call the Edmonton Prolife office at
                                        Crisis Centre a      425-1637. Hope to see many of you there.
                                        little closer to
                                                             February 5, 2009 Lethbridge and District Pro-Life
Christmas. We continue to have our information booth
                                                             hosts its Pro-Life Dinner (& Annual General Meeting)
every Friday, which has been going well, and which
                                                             at Immanuel Christian High School at 6:30 pm with
always stimulates interesting conversation. We also do
                                                             former MP Ken Epp of Edmonton as speaker. Please
our weekly poster campaigns, too.
                                                             plan to attend. Call the office for tickets at 403.320.5433
     We are also doing our 2008/2009 Pro-Life Postcard
                                                             or email lprolife@shaw.ca
Campaign (with Alberta Pro-Life’s postcards and
support) and we are always looking for parishes and          February 6, 2009 Taber Pro-Life will host its Annual
schools where we can set up postcard writing stations.       General Meeting and Dinner with guest speaker former
This campaign involves sending pro-life postcards to MPs     MP Ken Epp. For more information call 403-223-8452.
reminding them that there is no law restricting abortion
at any stage of pregnancy. We provide the postcards          February 25-April 5 40 Days for Life campaign. If you
and addresses. If you would like to start this in your       are interested in working together to ensure a 24/7
church or school, contact us for more information at         prayer vigil at the Women’s Health Options clinic
ualberta.prolife@gmail.com or visit our website www.         (Morgentaler clinic) for 40 days, please contact Karen at
ualbertaprolife.wordpress.com.                               780-425-1637.

                                                                                                                                                THE ROSE, December 2008       Page 11
      NOW $2.00

                                                                                     T-SHIRTS & HOODIES Great Christmas Gifts!
You can spread the pro-life            AWARENESS BRACELET                        Check out www.unaborted.com to see actual colors of T-shirts and Hoodies.
message easily by wearing              These rubberized bracelets
these pins! The brochure               are popular with the younger
provides fetal development             teens–and have the imprinted
information to assist you in           words “Life is precious” along
sharing the message!                   with the 10 week footprints.

 Chri stm a s P r es en t I d e a s

                                                                             “Funky un” T-shirt                   “Lovelife” T-shirt                 “Trad un” T-shirt                  “Choose Life” T-shirt
                                                                             Long sleeves. Colors available:      Short sleeves. Colors available:   Short sleeves. Colors available:   Short sleeves. Colors available:
                                                                             Pink (001) or Brown (002).           Green (013), Olive (020),          Eggplant (003) or Brown (004).     Asphalt Ladies (010),
                                                                                                                  Eggplant (021) Royal Blue (022)                                       Asphalt Mens (011)
                                                                                                                                                     “Trad un” Hoodie                   Olive Green Ladies (014)
                                                                                   Great idea for                                                    Colors available: Asphalt (005).   Olive Green Mens (015)
                                                                                     Christmas                             Quick Sellers!            HOODIE IS BACK! ORDER NOW!
                                                                                                                                                                                        “Choose Life” Hoodie
PRO-LIFE                  UNPROTECTED             ANSWERING THE
ANSWERS TO                                        CALL                                Only $25                              Order now!                                                  Colors Available: Asphalt with
                          By Miriam
PRO-CHOICE                                        By John Ensor. A                                                                                                                      blue or orange lettering.
                          Grossman, MD.
ARGUMENTS                                         new kind of pro-life
By Randy Alcorn                                   advocacy.
                                                                                                          A L B ERTA P R O -L IF E ORDER F ORM
$20.00                                            $8.00                       QTY.     ITEM                   PRICE                      TOTAL
                                    DVDs                                      ____     Precious Feet Pin                       $2.00    _________
                  BABY STEPS                             WOMEN’S              ____     Precious Feet Bracelet                  $3.00    _________     Address
                  3D Ultrasound                          HEALTH               ____     [DVD] Baby Steps                       $15.00    _________
                                                                                                                                                      City                              Prov
                  images of fetal                        AT RISK              ____     [DVD] Women’s Health                   $25.00    _________

                  $15.00                                 $25.00               ____     [DVD] Bella                            $20.00    _________     Postal Code                       Ph.#
                                                                              ____     [DVD] Turning the Tide                 $20.00    _________     Email
                                                                              ____     [book] ProLife Answers                 $20.00    _________
                                                                              ____     [book] Unprotected                     $15.00    _________
                                                                                                                                                              Annual membership fee ($25.00) $_________
                                                                              ____     [book] The Call                         $8.00    _________
                                                                                                                                                              Donation                                $_________
                   BELLA                                 TURNING                                T-SHIRTS AND HOODIES
                   - THE MOVIE                           THE TIDE                                                                                             Total amount of products                $_________
                                                         Great information    All T-shirts available in girls & guys sizes – i.e. a small girl
                   ONLY                                  on end of life       size is equivalent to a size 5. Hoodie sizes are unisex                         Total Payment enclosed                  $_________
                   $20.00                                issues.
                                                                              QTY. ITEM #          SIZE       GIRL or GUY Size TOTAL
                   $5 less than                          $20.00                                               (check one)
                                                                                                                                                      Please make cheque payable to: Alberta Pro-Life Alliance
                                                                                                                    Girl      Boy                     Association, P.O. Box 11479, Edmonton, AB T5J 3K5.
                   store prices!!
                                                                                                                                                      Alberta Pro-Life Alliance Association is not a registered
                                                                                                                    Girl      Boy
                                                                                                                                                      charity and thus unable to issue tax receipts for donations.
                                                                                                                    Girl      Boy
                                                                                                                                                             PAYMENT OPTIONS
    2 009 Pr o - Li fe C a l e n d a r                                                                              Girl      Boy
                                             MAKES                                                                 Girl       Boy

                                             A GREAT                                                                Girl      Boy
                                                                                                                                                      CARD #
                                             STOCKING                          T-shirt price $20.00             Hoodie Price $50.00
                                             STUFFER                           Please add a donation of $5.00 towards shipping &                      EXPIRY DATE
                                                                               “Funky-Un” T-shirt (long sleeve) $25.00

                                             $5.00                            For large quantities (25 or more), please contact
                                                                              the office at (780) 421-7747 to place your order.

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