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									Some Elements of the Emerging
Global Economic System to improve
the human condition by 2030
• With increasing global interdependence and the speed of
    change, even greater economic disasters may be possible
    than the one the world is experiencing today.
•   Capitalism, socialism, and communism are early industrial
    age systems.
•   What are some future elements of the next global economy
    from which the next system might emerge?
•   35 such elements/attractors were identified and rated as to
    how important they were to the he human condition
•   Both numeric ratings and descriptions of how they could
    have positive and negative impacts
Demographics, the Sample:

217 participants from 35 countries
 27 days
           Top 10 Most Beneficial Element Elements over next 20 years    Import   Resp   Agree

1    Ethics: a key element in economic exchanges                          8.36    168    0.86

2    GDP definitions that include all forms of national wealth            7.96    164    0.78

3    Small tax on use of commons directed to global public goods          7.75    172    0.83

4    Collective intelligence: global commons for the knowledge
                                                                          7.74    155    0.88
5    Education in the evolving economic system and its elements           7.64    154    0.83

6    Simultaneous knowing – time lags changed or eliminated in
                                                                          7.61    168    0.79
     information dissemination with much greater transparency.
     Value of natural resources used in production included in pricing    7.56    162    0.76

     Women’s political-economic roles essentially on par with men         7.25    182    0.68

9    Increased disclosure of "tax havens" , secret accounts               7.10    153    0.68

10   Wealth, re-defined as experience and not the accumulation of
                                                                          6.83    161    0.62
     money or physical things
Most Controversial – bimodal
• Global mechanisms for automatic financial stabilization;
    e.g., international convention for an automated system
    (expert software) to make financial policy changes as
    economic conditions change, conducted initially in larger
    economic countries
•   Single global currency
•   Artificial life—as computers were a key element in the
    information economy, so too artificial life might be a key to
    the next economy
•   Internationalization of labor unions
•   Labels on financial instruments, something like nutrition
    labels on food.
    Some other interesting elements

• Simultaneous knowing – time lags changed or
    eliminated in information dissemination with much
    greater transparency.
•   Non-ownership, as distinct from private ownership or
    collective/state ownership. A current example is open
    source software.
•   Alternatives to continuously creating artificial demand
    and growth
•   Self-employment via the Internet—Individuals seek
    markets for their abilities rather than jobs

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