1describe student by shuifanglj


									College Students in 2009                YES   NO

I Wear Jeans
I Wear Sandals
I Wear Tennis Shoes
I Wear T-shirts
I Have a Computer
I Have a Cell Phone
I Belong to a social network
I Have a Tatoo
I Have a Facebook page
I Have a Blackberry
I Have a TV
I Have a Microwave
I have medical insurance
I Have Car
Car is a status symbol to me.
I Work a Job
I Need More Sleep
I Need More Time
I am In a Relationship
I Want Relationship
I Want more Friends
I Want Acceptance
I Care About the Environment
I recycle on a regular basis
I wash cloths weekly
I clean my house/room weekly
I Record TV shows
I Enjoy Sports
I workout on a regular basis
I am politically involved
I am a visual learner
I Like to play Video Games often
I Text Message daily
I Never Turn off my Cell phone
I Depend on Family for living/money
Travelled out of the US at least once
I Like to Study Alone
I belong to a religious group
I Like to Work in a Team
I Have a set of goals written
My Dream job is possible
Being Successful is possible
Image is important to me
Being Happy is possible
I create my destiny
I volunteer on a regular basis
I value my culture
I value my background
I watch TV everyday day.
I don't cook
My privacy is important to me
I have diverse friends
I hook up on a regular basis
I have high stress in my life.
Education is Important to me.
I know my credit score
I have a written plan for my life
I have specific goals.


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