Guide for Proposal and Writing by tnm75900


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									Proposal Writing Sites: - A Brief, sound introduction to the grant
writing process - Scroll down to "Free Stuff Selection" - it leads to three downloadable
documents concerning grants - A short
guide to proposal writing

Grant Opportunities:
("Grant of the Week" link) - Funding Center link - A VERY GOOD SERIES OF LINKS!!!
Other Funding/Resource Opportunities:

Resources available via The Foundation Center:

The Foundation 1000

National Guide to Funding for Elementary & Secondary Education

Guide to Grantseeking on the Web

Guide to Proposal Writing

FC Search: The Foundation Center's Database on CD-ROM 4.0

Other Hardcopy Resources:

Education Grants Alert
(weekly report published by Aspen Publishers, Inc.)

Grants for K-12 Hotline
(biweekly report published by Quinlan Publishing Group)

Guide to Federal Funding for Education
(annual two-volume directory with quarterly updates, published by Education Funding Research
Council, an affiliate of Thompson Publishing Group)
Really Cool Math/Science Websites
An outstanding beginning point for math educators
A site full of funny math cartoons to lighten things up in your class
The Exploratorium is a cool hands-on science museum in California (I think). The two sites
within the exploratorium site have great experiments/demonstrations and 10 cool links to other
science and math pages on the web
The site name pretty much says it all. Check out the "6 Cool Things", "Geometry" and
This site is - home of some interesting labs on the porosity of rocks,
viscosity, and buckyballs
Your guide to exploring planets online
The homepage for the National Science Teacher's Association - a good resource for any science
The homepage for the National Council of Teacher's of Mathematics - a good resource for any
math teacher.
The Physical Sciences Resource Center - Contains many valuable tools for the physical sciences
This organization supports grants to further education of Mississippian's. Earthwatch Institute
fellowships are offered for teachers to go and study a scientific topic of interest somewhere in the
world Earthwatch is conducting a study for two weeks in the summer.

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