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					Using Amazon on Your Trend Blog

Here’s something I reckon people will find useful; a quick post and plugin (of
sorts) to help you integrate an Amazon aStore into a WordPress website.
This is something I myself had to search for not long back and although I was
able to find some good explanations, I thought I could go one better and
provide the file you need to add specifically – the Amazon aStore WordPress
page template
Download Amazon aStore page template
▪ v1
▪ Download the Amazon aStore WordPress page template
▪ Upload the page to your site (inside the specific themes folder)
▪ Configure your aStore and when you are given the choice of how to display
      your store, select ‘Inline Frame’.
▪ Copy the code that Amazon provides.
▪ Log-in to your WordPress website and go to ‘Design’ and then ‘Theme
▪ Select the aStore page template (aStore_page.php)
▪ Paste your aStore code over the top of the default code that’s there, which
      is for my store
▪ Make sure you update the file so it saves properly.
▪ Now go back to your control panel and click ‘Write’ and select ‘Page’.
▪ Give your page a title such as Store or Shop or whatever.
▪ Scroll down to the bottom where you can select a page template from the
      dropdown and select aStore Page.
▪ Publish that page.
▪ Now when you visit that page your aStore should display.
The aStore by default will create a really long page, meaning you have to
scroll down for ages until your footer becomes visible. However, you can
easily configure the height and width of your aStore simply by going back to
the Theme Editor and editing this line of code in the aStore_page file:
                         width=”100%” height=”2000″
Possible Problem
The file I’ve supplied doesn’t call for the sidebar. The reason for this is that the
aStore takes up so much room within a theme, that there often isn’t the space
for it. My sites all have navigation across the top so it isn’t a problem but if
your primary navigation is in a left or right sidebar, you’ll have to do some
more editing I’m afraid. Remember though, Amazon does provide an option to
add a link back to your homepage within your aStore so this can be of great
help, if not a perfect solution.
aStore Page Example
I’ve now done about 3 or 4 of these aStores, all pretty much following this
format. To see an example of one in action, click here.

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