BELTON PARISH COUNCIL MEETING
 Minutes of meeting of Belton Parish Council held on Tuesday 12th April 2011 at
         7.30pm at the Royal British Legion Hall, Haven Close, Belton

Present: Cllr N Burbidge-Mullen, Cllr P Rodgers, Cllr L Wainwright, Cllr L G
Warrington, Cllr B Wilson,
Clerk; Sarah Codd
There were 8 members of the public in attendance.

50/2011 – Public questions and comments on items on the agenda.
Members of the public queried why the Parish Council element of the Council Tax
for 2011/2012 had been raised. Chairman Wainwright explained about the
problems with Belton Pavilion. He discussed the damage caused to the building
and the legal issues surrounding the Lease. He also explained that the Pavilion
had not been insured by Belton Villa Football Club and that the Parish Council
had agreed that in order to prevent this type of situation (and associated
expense) occurring again the Council had decided to take on future insurance
costs, so adequate cover is maintained.
Cllr Burbidge-Mullen explained what the Precept was and also added that many
Parishes are not as fortunate as Belton to have such a large open space as the
Recreation Ground but that this did have a downside in that money has to be
spent to ensure the ground is properly managed. The Clerk added that because
of the recent improvements, fencing to car park, new footpath and installation of
dog bins etc, the precept had to include not only the insurance costs for the
Pavilion but for these items as well. Cllr Burbidge Mullen explained that although
the increase in percentage terms seemed large, it actually worked out at around
£10.00 per household for the average BandC property for the year.
Members of the public wanted confirmation that they would not be asked to pay
for Pavilion repairs again in the future and asked how the Parish Council would
ensure that the Pavilion was kept in a better condition. Chairman Wainwright
explained that the Parish Council now had a good opportunity as part of
arranging the new Lease to ensure that the Pavilion is, in the future, self-
financing. Groups will be charged to use the Pavilion and asked to contribute
towards maintenance and mowing costs. It is the Parish Council’s intention to
set up a Pavilion Committee, involving all of the groups using the Pavilion to
discuss running costs and maintenance to ensure these any issues are resolved
before they become a major issue. A member of the public stated that there had
previously been a Belton Sports Committee and members of the public agreed
that a Pavilion Committee was a good idea.
A member of the public asked that the costs associated with the Recreation
Ground and the Pavilion be made more transparent and concern was expressed
that the Parish Council may not be charging enough compared to other sports
pitches. The Parish Council stated that they were charging Shepshed Town
Cricket Club £700 a season to come and use the facilities and that it was
important to ensure that the balance between charging enough and ensuring
that clubs could afford to come and play was correct otherwise the Parish
Council would have to find extra money to fund Recreation Ground expenses. It
was also explained that one of the reasons that the Maypole Magazine had been
re-introduced was to try and ensure that residents had a clearer idea about what
the Parish Council was doing and to get more residents involved in what they

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wanted from their Parish Council. Members of the public agreed that they were
pleased to see the return of the Maypole Magazine.
Another member of the public asked whether solar panels could be installed onto
the Pavilion and the village hall to cover the cost of utility bills. It was explained
that although yes, this would be a long term investment for the future, the
Parish Council could not afford the initial installation costs which would be very
expensive. It would take 8-10 years to recoup the costs and Councillors were
also concern about possible vandalism.
A member of the public asked about the circulation of minutes from previous
meetings and said that these needed to be more detailed so that residents could
see what their money was being spent on. The Clerk said that all minutes were
available on request and were put up on the Parish website once they had been
approved. The format of the minutes had also changed and hopefully people
would now find them more comprehensive.
Concern was raised about parents parking around the entrance to the Recreation
ground and around the Junction of School Lane, Presents Lane. A resident
asked if signs could be put up asking people not to park here and to use the car
park provided. It was explained that this was something that the Parish Council
was also concerned about that that the installation of signs was on the Agenda
for discussion later in the evening.

51/2011 – Declarations of Interest both Personal and Prejudicial on
items of the agenda.
Cllr Wainwright and Cllr Burbidge- Mullen declared a Personal Interest in item
60/2011 as members of Belton Cricket Club and Belton Juniors Football Club
respectively. Cllr Wainwright also declared a Personal interest in item 62/2011
as a member of the Village Hall Committee.

52/2011 – To receive apologies for absence.
Apologies received from Cllr Styles.

53/2011 – To discuss matters raised by previous minutes of Belton
Parish Council Meeting held on 8th March 2011 if not already included on
the agenda.
29/2011 -The Clerk explained that she had chase up NWL District Council
regarding the dog bins but was yet to receive a response. She confirmed she
would continue to chase this issue. The clerk confirmed she was yet to contact
Alison at Quorn Country Hotel regarding the cleaning of the war graves but
would speak to Linda Kay who had initially raised this issue and let them know
what the War Graves Commission had said about cleaning the grave with water
and washing up liquid. Countryside Gardens would be starting their mowing
contract next week and had been advised to leave a 1ft wide strip along the
bottom hedge line rough to allow the wildflowers to flourish.
31/2011 – The archiving of the old Parish documents still needed to be done.
34/2011 – The Parish Council was yet to receive any feedback as to suggested
locations for grit bins around the village.
35/2011 – The noticeboard had been ordered and was due to be delivered very
soon. Chris Hewitt who carried out the repairs to the bus shelters had agreed to
install the noticeboard in the shelter at Rempstone Road free of charge. The
Clerk informed the Council that after having another look at the shelter the
noticeboard would be difficult to read if it was positioned on the gable end of bus

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shelter as previously agreed as the ground sloped backwards away from the
footpath. It would have to be installed inside the shelter.
40/2011 – The repairs of the two bench seats are due to be carried out between
7th-14th May 2011. A member of the public reported that the seat at the end of
Tylers Road was due to be repaired as part of the works currently being carried
out at the Barn.
Resolved: Clerk to speak to British Legion regarding War Grave Cleaning
and carry out archiving of old Parish documents.

54/2011 – To approve and sign minutes from Parish Council meeting of
12th March 2011
Resolved: Minutes of the meeting of 12th March 2011 were duly signed.

55/2011 – Clerks Report (Appendix A) including outgoing cheque list.
2. Councillors confirmed to the clerk that the Trust Deed for the Recreation
Ground should be in the safety deposit box at the bank and the clerk should
apply to access this so a copy can be taken for the Coal Industry Society Welfare
3. No Councillors volunteered to join the Village Hall Committee. It was
suggested that the Clerk raise this again following the elections.
Resolved: Clerk to speak to the bank to find out how to access the
Safety Deposit box. Clerk to raise issue of Parish Council representation
on the Village Hall Committee at the first meeting after the Parish
Council Elections.

56/2011 –To consider ‘viewing only’ internet banking
The clerk explained the current difficulties in regards to transferring monies
between the two Parish Council accounts. A form needs to be collected from the
bank, signed by 3 authorised signatures, and then returned in person by the
clerk before any transaction can take place. The Clerk explained that officially
Parish Councils were not supposed to have either telephone banking or internet
banking but when this had been raised at LRALC training sessions most Parish
Councils seem to have one or the other in place. The previous clerk for Belton
used telephone banking. The clerk requested permission to set up internet
banking in preference to this. It would be set up in such a way that money could
only be transferred from one Parish Council account to another and not to any
other account to minimise the risk of fraud. It was agree that this was sensible
and Cllr Wainwright proposed that the Council go ahead and sign the forms to
set up internet banking. This was seconded by Cllr Wilson. The banking forms
were therefore duly completed and signed
Resolved: To go ahead with setting up internet banking for the Parish
NB: Since this meeting, the Clerk was asked by the Chairman of the Parish
Council to hold back on setting up the internet banking account until further
advice is sought from the Parish Association (LRALC)

57 /2011 - Police Report
PCSO Jason Underwood reported that there had been 1 reported crime in
February, a burglary on Presents Lane. He also informed the Council that the
Beat Area had changed and now included Breedon and Castle Donnington. The
number of officers remains the same; 3 Beat Officers and 3 PCSO’s.

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58/2011 – To consider street name suggestion for land at rear of 39
Long Street, Belton.
It was agreed that the Parish Council’s preferred alternative to Emerson Court
for the development to the rear of 39 Long Street was St John’s Court.
Resolved: Clerk to reply to NWLDC and suggest St John’s Court as Belton
Parish Council’s preferred street name for the development.

59/2011 – To consider the following Planning Applications/Planning
    a. 11/00173/FUL, 14 School Lane. Erection of single storey side
        extension and timber fence to boundary of highway.
    b. Refusal of Planning Permission, Erection of rear extension to
        Doctor’s surgery.
    c. Planning Permission granted, 8 De Verdun Avenue
    d. To discuss amendments to the permitted development at land to
        rear of 39 Long Street in relation to complaint from resident.
    e. To discuss appeal made by St John The Baptist Church, Belton in
        relation to the installation of door to the south porch.
a. Councillors had no objections to the Planning Application for 14 School Lane,
b. The reasons for the refusal of Planning Permission for the Doctor’s Surgery on
Mill Lane were read out. Cllr Wainwright stated that the increase of traffic on Mill
Lane was one of the reasons the Parish Council had given as part of their
objection to the development on The Toft but that this had been ignored by the
District Council. It was agreed that the Parish Council needed to look at the
response sent to the District in relation to the Toft Planning Application before
responding to the Doctors Surgery refusal accordingly.
c. The Planning Permission granted for 8 De Verdun Avenue was duly noted.
d. A resident raised the question of what was permitted under the original
Planning Permission for the 39 Long Street developments. Velux roof windows
had been installed recently, making the buildings three storey. Is the developer
permitted to do this or should this only be allowed once the houses are occupied
and separate Planning Permission sought? The resident concerned felt that
these windows were intrusive and that they had been misled by the District
Council. Cllr Burbidge-Mullen said that there was a loop hole in the 1995 Town
and Country Act and that the District Council had told her that windows could
not be built out from the roof, but that obscured, non-opening windows could be
installed because the developers knew that they were unlikely to be challenged.
This is because the District Council are likely to lose any dispute and it would
therefore not be in their interest financially to raise the issue. It was agreed that
the Parish Council should find out if the windows are allowed to be altered before
the buildings are occupied. Residents also reported problems with the grass
verge down from the Barn Development on Tylers Road. The verge is a mess
and the toilet has not been emptied and smells during the warm weather. There
was concern that this could become a health and safety issue. The Parish Council
agreed to bring these matters to the attention of Planning Enforcement and
Environmental Health.
e. Mr Ireland was in attendance at the meeting on behalf of St John the Baptist
Church. He explained that because the glass door to the front of the South porch
could be seen from the outside of the Church, the District Council’s view had
been sought as part of the Planning Agreements. Mr Ireland attended a site
meeting with a Dr Boyson from the District Council who had been concerned that

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the 15th Century porch was not strong enough for the glass doors. The architects
who designed the doors and English Heritage disagreed with this opinion. Dr
Boyson now no longer works for the District Council although his views have still
caused problems with permission for the works. Mr Ireland has written to the
District Council demanding an apology from NWLDC and asking that the money
incurred by the church in respect of the appeal be reimbursed. Belton Parish
Council agreed to support the church in their appeal but Cllr Wainwright stated
that the Council would need to review the plans before submitting a formal
response. Cllr Wainwright agreed to meet with Mr Ireland to discuss the matter
further at a later date.
Resolved: Parish Council to respond to Doctor’s Surgery Refusal and
contact District Council regarding issues raised by 39 Long Street and
the Barn on Tylers Road. Cllr Wainwright to meet with Mr Ireland
regarding support for St John the Baptist’s appeal.

60/2011 –To discuss the following in relation to Belton Pavilion:
    a. Progress of Pavilion repair works
    b. Re-instatement of Lease to Belton Villa Football Club
    c. Pavilion Insurance
    d. Belton Juniors contribution to maintenance and mowing costs
a. The pipe work and insulation have now been completed. The electrician has
tested the electrics and a certificate will now be issued. The ceiling has now
nearly all been replaced but the electrician reported a health and safety concern
in regards to the mouse droppings in the building. It was agreed that once the
ceiling had been fully replaced the kitchen units would need to be replaced and
the building steam cleaned. In the meantime, notices needed to be put up to
state that no food preparation was to take place in the building until further
notice. Les Robey had the materials for repairing the guttering but a volunteer
was needed to put these up.
b. It was agreed that a meeting be set up with Jane Tarr at Moss Solicitors in
Loughborough who would do a free ½ consultation in relation to what was
required for the Lease. Her charges after the consultation would then be
£195.00 per hour. She is experienced in working with Parish Councils and has
asked that all documents relating to the Lease, Pavilion and the Recreation
Ground be brought along to the meeting.
c. An insurance quote of £1,606 had been received for the 2011 – 2012 financial
year. This included a £40,000 sum insured for the Pavilion and purchase and
installation costs for the new benches, fences, gates and noticeboard. This figure
was much less than expected but it was agreed that another quote was needed
before going ahead.
d. Due to the lateness of the evening and the intricacies of the figures relating to
the contribution towards the maintenance of the Pavilion and the mowing costs,
it was agreed these be discussed at a separate meeting with members of Belton
Villa, Belton Juniors and representation from the Parish Council in attendance.
Anything discussed at this meeting must be put before a full Parish Council
before being agreed.
Resolved: Clerk to arrange meeting with solicitor in regards to the
reinstatement of the Lease. Clerk to get another quote in regards to the
Parish Council insurance to compare costs. Cllr Burbidge Mullen and Cllr
Wainwright to report discussion regarding mowing costs back to Parish
Council so a decision regarding Belton Juniors contribution can be made.

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61/2011 – To discuss all outstanding works remaining on the recreation
ground including:
    a. Erection of signs in car park
    b. Closure of car park at dusk
    c. Further bench seats
a. It was agreed that the ‘parking at your own risk sign’ needed to be put up in
the car park. Signs are also required at the School Lane entrance to the
Recreation Ground asking people to use the car park rather than park around
the junction of School Lane, Presents Lane when using the playground as per
discussions in item 50/2011.
b. It was agreed that the car park be closed at dusk during weekends.
c. It was agreed that two further bench seats be installed in the concrete outside
the Pavilion next to the wall. Quotes for this work had been received by the
BCAG who will arrange the work.
Resolved: Erect additional car park signs in car park and entrance to
playground. Install additional benches by the pavilion.

62/2011 – To consider request from Royal Wedding Party Committee for
donation towards Belton Royal Wedding Day Events.
It was agreed that a donation of £100.00 should be given to the Royal Wedding
Party Committee towards the village events planned. This falls into what is
permitted under Section 137. This was proposed by Cllr Burbidge-Mullen and
seconded by Cllr Rodgers.
Resolved: Clerk to raise cheque for £100.00 as a donation to the Royal
Wedding Party Events.

63/2012 –To discuss location of bus shelter in Market place in relation
to Partnership Funding for 2011/2012, solar lighting and complaint
received from resident.
A complaint regarding the positioning of the bus shelter in the Market Place has
been received by the Parish Council. Apparently the wall next to the shelter is
being damaged people using the shelter. The Parish Council agreed that the
shelter was in the best location as it is in the centre of the village and is the
most popular stop for users of the bus service. It was suggested that the Parish
Council help towards the cost of repairing the wall when the new shelter was
installed. £2000 had been allocated from the 2010-11 Parish precept for the new
shelter. If the Parish Council is successful in obtaining a grant from the County
Council a further £2000 could be put towards the costs of the shelter. The Parish
Council now need to register their interest in the grant scheme as soon as
possible. The clerk mentioned that it had been suggested that solar lighting be
included on the new shelter but this would be too expensive against the
available budget and could attract vandalism. Due to the lateness of the evening
it was suggested that the design and various pros and cons of the different
shelter types be discussed at a further meeting but the clerk should go ahead
and register for the grant scheme.
Resolved: Clerk to register for partnership funding scheme for a new
shelter in the Market Place.

64/2012 – To discuss response to Rurality Consultation received from
Leicestershire and Rutland NHS.
Cllr Styles had agreed at a previous meeting to respond to this consultation. A
response is required before the 18th June 2011. If this has not been done before

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Cllr Style’s retires from the Council in May, Cllr Wainwright agreed to respond on
behalf of the Parish Council instead.
Resolved: Either Cllr Styles or Cllr Wainwright to respond to consultation
before the 18th June.

65/2012 – To discuss letter received regarding the Saturday Shopper
The last Saturday Shopper bus ran on 2nd April 2011. Unfortunately the rising
costs and the fact the bus is no longer subsidised means the service is no longer
viable. It cost approximately £160 each time the service is run and even if the
bus was full, a charge of £10.00 per person would be needed just to break even.
Complaints were received when the cost of the service was put up to £4.50 per
passenger earlier this year and as a result the service has been running at a
considerable loss. The letter from Shepshed Special Community Bus Limited
suggested that Belton Parish Council may wish to contact Hathern Parish Council
to see if it is possible for the two Councils to jointly run the service for the
benefit of residents. The Council could look at providing a service on an
occasional basis, for example, a Christmas Shopping Bus in December, one in
January for the sales and a service in the summer holidays.
It was agreed that it would be very difficult to fully subsidise the service but that
it would be worth contacting Hathern Parish Council and Osgathorpe Parish
Council to see if they would be interested in helping to run an occasional service.
Resolved: Clerk to contact Hathern and Osgathorpe Parish Council’s to
see if a jointly subsidised service would be possible.

66/2012 – Any other Business
    a. Councillors Reports
Cllr Burbidge-Mullen stated that there was now a telephone number to report
irresponsible dog owners who do not clean up after their dog. The number is
01530 454545. She reported that dog fouling was a real problem in the village
and urged people to report it.

Cllr Wainwright thanked Cllr Wilson, Cllr Rodgers and Cllr Styles who are
standing down in May for their commitment and service to the Parish Council.

67/2012 - Date of next meeting
The next meeting would combine the Annual Parish Meeting and Belton Parish Council’s
Annual General Meeting. It was agreed that this would be held at 7.00pm on 10th May
at Belton Village Hall.

The meeting ended at 11.00pm

Signed:                                           Date:

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