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					      MACMA Member-to-Member
      1983 Christmas Citrus Sale
  Featuring ... Fresh Florida citrus, concentrates and nuts.
  Wisconsin cheeses ... Michigan concentrates, meats and.
  ANNOUNCING delightful,   delectable "Michigan Farm Best" gift
  packs containing taste-tempting   treats from Michigan producers.

Michigan's Farm nest
Supreme Gift Pack
                                                                       Michigan's Farm nest
                                                                       Gift Pack
13/4 lb. Smoked Turkey Breast
1 lb. Hickory Stick                                                    INCLUDES
41/4 Ib, MACMA Vintage Ham                                             P/4 lb. Smoked Turkey Breast
112 lb. MSU Colby Cheese                                               1 lb. Hickory Stick
112 lb. MSU Smoked Cheddar Cheese                                      112 lb. MSU Colby Cheese
112 lb. MSU Dagano Cheese                                              112 lb. MSU Smoked Cheddar Cheese
1 pint Pure Maple Syrup                                                1 pint Pure Wild Honey
1 pint Pure Wild Honey                                                 10 oz. Cherry Butter
10 oz. Cherry Butter
10 oz. Red Raspberry Seedless Preserves                                               $18.50

               $39.70                                                      Over 5¥2 pounds of premium
                                                                                Michigan productl
     Over 11 pounds of premium
          Michigan product!

           A Memorable             Way to Please Everyone on Your Gift List

   MACMA Dam by Farmer Peet's - a name                  in color with a mild to mellow flavor and
   long associated with premium quality. No             a firm, soft texture.
   water added, hickory smoked and honey               -The Smoked Cheddar is smoked by a spe-
   cured for a juicy country ham taste long to          cially developed MSUprocess, giving it a
   be remembered. Boneless, full cQoked and             delicately smoked flavor while preserving
   vacuum packed to seal in freshness. Truly a          the golden color.
   table centerpiece for..the holidays!     .          -The Dagano Cheese is a swiss-type
   The Dickory Stick is a German-style .sausage         cheese with a pleasing mild, sweet nut-
   blended with fresh natural spices and choice         like flavor. It has holes, or "eyes," that
   cuts of lean meat; then slowly and deeply            develop as the cheese ripens.
   smoked for days over fragrant hickory em-           Pure Northern Michigan Maple Syrup pro-
   bers, giving a zesty flavor that is irresistible.   duced in the Grand Traverse Bay area.
   Smoked Turkey Breast - by Bil-Mar                   Pure Wild Doney produced and packed in
   Farms. One-quarter turkey breast, slowly            northern Michigan.
   cured, naturally smoked and fully cooked by
   a special process which produces a unique           Cherry Butter 8t Red Raspberry Seedless
   taste. Vacuum packed for freshness.                 Preserves from Rocky Top Farms in north-
                                                       ern Michigan. They keep a close involvement
               J          State University.
                                                       in the making of their gourmet products.
   -The'Colby Cheese is light cream to yellow

     Order Deadline: Tuesday, November 22, 1983
   .Delivery Date: Beginning Week of December 12
           See the county newsletter section of Rural Living magazine or your own county's
               newsletter to see if your county Farm nureau is participating in the sale.
                                                                                                              NOVEMBER 1983
                         FARM NEWS                                                                            VOL. 62          NO. 11

                                                                                                             THE COVER
                        A publication                                                                        Jerry Ward of Delton
                                                                                                             fashioned this wood-hewn
                                of the                                                                       symbol of "Turkeyville USA"
                                                                                                             for the Cornwell family.
                            Michigan                                                                         Story on page 8.
                        Farm Bureau                                                                          Photo by Cathy Kirvan

                                                     In this issue:
                                                        Turkeyville, USA
                                                 Where Every Day is Thanksgiving!
                              Cornwell's Turkey House is more than a restaurant serving turkey specialties.
                                 It's an every day gathering place for families in a holiday atmosphere.


                                                         Aloha From Grand Rapids
                            As members look ahead to the 1985 AFBF convention in Hawaii, a South Pacific
                                  theme warms this year's MFB annual meeting in Grand Rapids.


                                                         Mean Ole Allis
                                                  Not Getting Older, Getting Better
                                From retired farm tractor to super stock diesel powerhouse, Mean Ole Allis
                                   has found success on the regional and national tractor pull circuits.


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                                           Country Ledger - page 5                    Farm Bureau Market Place - page 20
                                       Legislative Review - page 6                    Agrinomic Update - page 26
                                        Front and Center - page 16                    Discussion Topic - page 28
                                  Letters to Rural Living - page 17

Michigan    farm I'lews RURAL LlVII'lO (ISSI'l 0026-2161):      MIchIgan Farm News Rural LIvIng is published monthly. on the first day. by the Michigan Farm Bu.
reau Information   and Public Relations Division. Publication and editorial offices at 7373 West Saginaw Highway. Lansing. Mich. 48909. Post Office Box 30960;
telephone. Lansing 517-323-7000.     Extension 508. SUBSCRIYTIOI'l YRICf:: $1.50 per year to members. Included In annual dues. $3.00 per year non-members
In Michigan. $5.00 per year non.members out of state. Publication No. 345040. Established Jan. 13. 1923 as MIchIgan Farm News. name changed to MichIgan
Farm News Rural LIvIng Dec. I. 1981. Third-class postage paid at Lansing. Michigan and at additional mailing offices. f:OITORIAL: Connie Turbin. Editor; Mar-
cia Dltchle. Associate Editor and Business Manager; Donna Wilber. Contributing       Editor; Cathy J. Klrvan. Associate Editor. OffICf:RS:   Michigan Farm Bureau;
President. Elton R. Smith. Caledonia; Vice President. Jack Lauric. Cass City; Administrative     Director. Robert Braden. Lansing; Treasurer and Chief Financial Of-
ficer. Max D. Dean; Secretary. William S. Wilkinson. OIRf:CTORS: District I. Arthur Bailey. Schoolcraft: District 2. Lowell Eisenmann. Blissfield; District 3.
James Sayre. Belleville; District 4. Elton R. Smith. Caledonia: District 5. Albert Cook. Mason: District 6. Jack Lauric. Cass City: District 7. Robert Rider. Hart:
District 8. Lyle LeCronler. Freeland: District 9. Donald Nugent. Frankfort: District 10. Margaret Kartes. West Branch: District II. Bernard Doll. Dafter. D1Rf:C-
TORS AT LAROf:: Dave Conklin. Corunna: Michael Pridgeon. Montgomery; Robert Rottler. Fremont. fARM BURf:AU WOMf:l'h Faye Adam. Snover. fARM
BURf:AU YOUI'lO fARMf:RS: Mark Smuts. Charlotte. POSTMASTER: In using form 3579. mall to: MichIgan Farm News Rural LIvIng. P.O. Box 30960. 7373 West
Saginaw Highway. Lansing. Mich. 48909.
    Cooperation Will
    Lay Firm Base for
    Economic Expansion
       I believe most farmers of this    should certainly be valuable to        I sincerely hope the governor
    state were pleased with the          the governor as he reaches          and the new commission mem-
    decision of the Michigan Agri-       toward his goal of economic ex-     bers, whoever they might be,
    culture Commission to hire Dr.       pansion for our state. With         have learned from events of the
    Paul Kindinger as the new MDA        foreign trade so vital to our       past several months: (1) that a
    director. His intense belief in      farmers, Kindinger's expertise      solid block of voters are com-
    the future of Michigan agricul-      in this area should be especially   mitted to saving the commis-
    ture and his enthusiasm for the.     beneficial to Michigan.             sion system; (2) that the con-
    industry's tremendous growth            Kindinger is currently serving   fidence of the agricultural com-
    potential have gained him           on the food processing and for-      munity in the governor and the
    broad respect as an effective       estry committees that are work-      ~ommission is on shaky ground
    spokesperson.                        ing with the governor's staff to    now, and (3) if the new director
       Let's hope that, with the nam-   develop recommendations for          is not given a chance to prove
    ing of a new director, the non-      Blanchard's jobs and economic       his worth, that confidence will
    productive controversy that has      development package.                be completely destroyed!
    surrounded this issue can be           While Dr. Kindinger may have         As the editor of a weekly
    set aside so "on-hold" action to    all the qualifications needed to     newspaper in the Thumb said in
    make it happen for Michigan         be an effective MDA director, we     a recent editorial: " ... in recent
    agriculture can get underway.       must face the fact that he was       years, the awareness of agricul-
       Throughout this controversy,     not the governor's choice. When      ture as an important economic
    it has been the independence of     appointments to the commis-          force in this state has grown. A
    the commission which has con-       sion are made in January, that       move against agriculture in
    cerned farmers the most. Had        body may decide he is not their      Michigan is no longer a move
    the commission's choice been        choice, either. It would be a        against just two percent of the
    any of the three final can-         tragic mistake if that happens!      state's population tucked neatly
    didates, the farming community         We strongly urge the governor     away in the hinterlands .... "
    would have accepted that            and the new commission to be            That two percent has the po-
    choice - so long as it was the      appreciative of the new              tential and the power to help
    commission's choice. Making         director's own special qualifica-    the governor meet his goals of
    that decision is a right and        tions. He deserves the chance        economic expansion for Michi-
    responsibility given to them by     to prove himself as he meets         gan. Let's hope he and the new
    law and we strongly defend that     the challenges of program in-        commission realize that.
    system.                             itiatives the governor may
       We believe the major initia-     charge to the department and
    tives the governor has indicated    carries out the policies
    he has in mind for agriculture      established by the commission,
    will be in good hands if the new    to which he is accountable.
    director is given the opportuni-       This can happen only if politi-   President
    ty to prove himself. Kindinger's    cal interference is kept at a        Michigan Farm Bureau
    experience with the Governor's      minimum - and it will if the
    Conference on Agriculture and       governor is really committed to
    the subsequent Governor's Con-      the goals he has set forth to the
    ference on the Horse Industry       citizens of Michigan.

4                                                                                   RURAL LIVING, NOVEMBER 198.3
    COUNTRY                          LEDGER

 ~ Uoliday Traditions Enrich IUomecomings                                                 l

         Holiday traditions are the         ty to bring this richness and          Because your families and
     shared history of the family in        strength to every facet of their    their safety are of concern
     your home and in mine. At our          home and worklife. By the very      throughout the farm sector,
  t   family homecomings, the long          nature of their family enter-       this month's issue of Rural Liv-
      past and recent history is told       prise, they are interdependent      ing features an article remind-
      in a nearly ritualistic series of     as are few other contemporary       ing farm operators to exercise
     anecdotes. The youngest family         families.                           caution and safe practices dur-
      members delight in the tale of           There is much to be thankful     ing the harvest season. In the
      five-year-old Uncle AI asleep in      for in our daily lives on the       article, which appears on page
  .. the clothes basket while mother        farm and in the small events        23, MSU agricultural safety
     and sisters frantically searched       that are strung together            specialist Howard Doss reminds
      the neighborhood for the miss-        throughout the year. Such           farm family members to "be
      ing boy, or how great-grandma         everyday happenings bring joy       careful out there." The safety
     changed her name from Mar-             in the retelling as we remember     practices and precautions he
      garet Alice to Alice Margaret in      a special moment and share it       outlines recognize that tensions
      the family bible many years           with a family member or friend.     may run high, the hours long,
      ago. Their high, excited giggles      With this in mind, we are begin-    and the potential for risktaking
     cannot be contained when they          ning a new column in the De-        very likely. It is a time to cloak
      hear their own name entered in-       cember issue of Rural Living,       our families with the protec-
     to the weaving of the familiar         and we are inviting you to share    tions of patience and a watchful
r and comforting fabric.                    the anecdotes of your family        eye for safety because, as Doss
         With each year's retelling, the    and neighbors with Farm Bu-         reminds us, machinery and
 .. small tears and fraying edges of        reau readers throughout the         parts can be replaced; lives and
      the piecework are lovingly            state. Your stories of farm         limbs cannot.
      mended and the "heirloom" dis-        families at work and at play will      Be sure to read and follow the
      played for the youngsters who         be part of a regular column         harvest safety tips outlined in
     will add their own stories and         called "Rural Exchange" - a         the article so that your family
 ,. join in the telling and retelling.      sort of swapping place for the      homecomings in this holiday
         Such family traditions are         unusual, humorous or tender         season will not be marked by
      precious keepsakes of assur-          happenings of farm life. There      the tragedy of accident or in-
      ance for each of us that, how-        will also be space for announce-
     ever tumultous the world out-          ments of special events and         jury.                 ~~)   /~
     side, there is a center of un-         photos.
     wavering care and love handed             We are looking forward to this                   {~~

      down from heart to heart in our       new column and to the holiday
      families.                             anecdotes we hope you
         But it is not an effortless lov-   will share with us for th('   _
     ing that binds families and            December issue. Please
     friends together. The richness         send your descrip-
     of the fabric we weave comes           tion of your family's
     from the daily gestures and the        holiday traditions or

                                                                t                                                 ~
     "thank you's" that reward the          special Christmas
     helping hand or the comforting         story to Rural
     heart. It is strengthened by the       Living Magazine,
     firm "no" to that which is un-         P.O. Box 30960,
     fair, unsafe or unforgiving.           Lansing, Mich.                                                              /
     Among the bright threads are           48909 by Nov. 5.
     the reflected light of shared          And watch for Rural                                                  JVII
     laughter and joy lending their         Exchange in next         ~~                                            I
     particular colors to the cloth.        month's issue of Rural Living
         Farm families, working close-      magazine.
     ly together, have the opportuni-

  RURAL LIVING,   NOVEMBER   198.3                                                                                          5
LEGISLATIVE                       REVIEW

                                         - A mandatory 50 cents per       American developing countries.
                                      hundredweight assessment on         The duty free access covers vir-
                                      all milk marketed will be col-      tually everything grown, manu-
                                      lected from producers to offset     factured and sold. Exceptions
                                      the costs of the $10 per hun-       include textiles and apparel,
                                      dredweight diversion payment.       canned tuna, petroleum, shoes
    National Dairy Legislation        The 50 cent assessment will         and certain leather goods.
 - On Oct. 7, the U.S. Senate         end on the termination date of         Theoretically, these countries
 passed the dairy compromise          the diversion program.              have small productive capacity
 legislation opposed by Farm             - Dairy farmers will pay a       and it is considered unlikely
 Bureau.                              mandatory 15 cents per hun-         that the duty free competition
    The bill would lower the milk     dredweight on all milk mar-         will injure any sector of our
 price support to $12.60 until        keted to finance a national         economy. However, U.S. farmers
 Sept. 30, 1985, but provides for     dairy product promotion pro-        say, "Don't bet on it." Of par-
 the following adjustments:           gram. Producers can receive up      ticular concern is the potential
     - Not later than March 31,       to 10 cents per hundredweight       for shipment of imports through
  1985, the price support may be      credit for payments they are        a Carribean country, with some
 lowered to $12.10 if the pro-        making to qualified state and       "semiprocessing" or some form
jected annual CCC purchases           regional dairy product promo-       of "manufacturing" before duty
 for the coming 12 months will        tion or nutritional education        free shipment to the United
 exceed six billion pounds of         programs. There will be no prior    States.
 milk equivalent.                     producer referendum for ap-             President Reagan can with-
     -On July 1, 1985, the price      proval of the national dairy         draw the duty free provision of
 support may be lowered to            product promotion program.           the initiative at any time. Short
 $11.60 if projected annual CCC          The above dairy provisions        of that, on the recommendation
 purchases for the coming 12          were attached to a House bill        of the secretary of agriculture,
 months will exceed five billion      passed previously dealing with       the president can take emer-
 pounds of milk equivalent. Con-      a cotton PIK program. The bill       gency action to stop movement
 versely, if annual CCC pur-          may now go directly to a House-      of perishable crops which might
 chases for the coming 12             Senate conference committee          flood domestic markets while a
 months are projected to be less      rather than to the House floor       full investigation is underway.
 than five billion pounds milk        for full debate on the dairy pro-    Regardless, farmers have served
 equivalent, the price support        visions.                             notice that they will monitor
 may be increased by at least 50                                           import levels and are working
 cents on July I, 1985.                                                    to clear a "fast track" system
     -Beginning no later than Jan.       Reagan's Carribean In-            for import relief.
  I, 1984, and ending no later        itiative - The Carribean in-
  than March 31, 1985, dairy          itiative presents 28 developing
  farmers will have the opportuni-    countries in Central America,
  ty to enter into a paid diversion   South America and the Carri-
  program to reduce milk produc-      bean with a package of assis-
  tion. A participating producer      tance measures designed to
  will sign a contract specifying a   help them help themselves. Pro-
  reduction of 5% to 30% below        visions of the initiative worry
  the average of his fiscal year      farmers, especially growers of        A great deal of legislation is
  1981-82 or fiscal year 1982         high value, labor intensive         in progress during the fall ses-
  marketings, whichever he            crops competing head-on with        sion. Numerous new bills have
  chooses. The payment for milk       those produced in the Carribean     been introduced, many of which
  not produced would be $10 per       basin countries, i.e., fruits,      are of particular importance to
  hundredweight. Transfer of cat-     vegetables and ornamentals.         farmers and rural areas. Sum-
  tle from herds on which diver-         One way free trade is the cen-   maries of such legislation fol-
  sion payments are being made        terpiece of the initiative, pro-    low.
  would be restricted.                viding 12 years of duty free ac-
                                      cess to U.S. markets by Carri-
                                      bean and South and Central            Strategic Fund - This pro-
                                                                          posal has passed both houses,
                                                                          S.B. 386 in the Senate and H.B.

6                                                                                RURAL LIVING,   NOVEMBER   198.3
4753 in the House. The legisla-
tion coordinates the current           Commission Selects Kindinger
Job Development Authority and
Economic Development Author-           for MDADirector's Post
ity, but broadens what can be
done. Each establishes a board             The Michigan Agriculture
to administer the act.                  Commission voted along party
   One role of the fund, for ex-        lines, 3 to 2, on Oct. 13 to ap-
ample, will be to issue bonds,          point Dr. Paul Kindinger as di-
generally not more than 5% of           rector of the Michigan Depart-
the fund's assets, to finance           ment of Agriculture. Kindinger
projects for local governments,         will assume his new responsibil-
public colleges, utilities, in-         ities on Nov. 1, replacing Dean
dustrial development, etc.              Pridgeon, whose resignation
   Also passed was H.B. 4762            was accepted by the commis-
which establishes a loan insur-         sion on Aug. 31.
ance center for economic devel-            Kindinger had served under
opment and H.B. 4763, creating          Pridgeon as the assistant MDA
a center for assistance to local        director until he accepted his
governments using the fund.             recent position as MSU's Coop-
Several other pieces of legisla-        erative Extension Service assis-
tion will be needed to complete         tant director in 1981. Before
the eight-part proposal includ-        joining the MDA as chief of mar-           DR.   PAUL   KINDINGER
ing a Center for Research and           keting and international trade,
 Development.                           he directed Michigan Farm Bu-      the governor's choice for the
    The governor's proposals on         reau's Commodity Activities        MDA director's position, he is
agriculture and the food indus-         and Research Division.             confident they can work effec-
 try, to be announced later,                                               tively together toward the goals
would be able to use the funds.                                            they share for Michigan agricul-
                                       We are confident that               ture.
                                                                              In a statement following the
                                       we will be able to work
  PCB Contaminated           Silos -                                       announcement of Kindinger's
Legislation is finally moving to
                                       very constructively with            selection, MFB President Elton
make it possible for affected          Dr. Paul Kindinger for              R. Smith said: "We are confident
farmers to receive compensa-           the betterment of Michi-            that we will be able to work very
tion when those silos that are in                                          constructively with Dr. Paul Kin-
use are removed. Action was
                                       gan agriculture.                    dinger for the betterment of
taken when the House-Senate                                                Michigan agriculture. His strong
Joint Rules Committee rejected                                             agricultural background, in-
the MDA's permanent rules,                During his tenure with MDA,      cluding his years of service in
which would extend the emer-           Kindinger served as co-coordi-      the MDA and at Michigan State
gency rules which prohibited           nator of the Governor's Confer-     University, will be especially
the use of the silos after Sept.       ence on Agriculture in 1981 and     valuable in his new role.
1, 1983. A special session of          has been actively involved in          "His belief in the great poten-
the House Agriculture Commit-          the follow-up of recommenda-        tial of growth for Michigan agri-
tee was held and H.B. 4958             tions resulting from that con-      culture is well-known to farmers
(Dodak) was approved. It is            ference. He later chaired the       who recognize his abilities as a
identical to S.B. 365 (N. Smith)       Governor's Conference on the        spokesperson for agriculture.
which was introduced last June.        Horse Industry in 1982.             We believe Paul Kindinger meets
   The bill authorizes the MDA to         Kindinger, who received his      the qualifications our board of
use regular condemnation pro-          doctorate in agricultural eco-      directors determined were nec-
cedures to remove the contami-         nomics from Cornell University,     essary for an effective MDA
nated silos. This includes pay-        says that although he was not       director," Smith said.
ing the costs of removal and                                                  (See President Smith's Rural
 disposal, appraisal and compen-                                           Route message on page 4.)
sation and the right of the own-
(continued on page 34)

RURAL LIVING,   NOVEMBER   198.3                                                                                7
     Turkeyville,                 U.S.A.

    Where Every Day
    is Thanksgiving

        By Cathy J. Klrvan                   key salad, turkey and noodles
                                             and even turkey dogs.
           Autumn ... cool days and             But Turkeyville is much more
        cooler nights ... leaves chang-      than a restaurant. It is full of
        ing color and falling from the       places and activities which
        trees ... jack-o-lanterns ...        families can enjoy together.
        goblins threatening tricks if        There's the old granary where
        they get no treats ... pumpkin       visitors can buy hand-crafted
        pie ... turkey and dressing and      gifts of tin-ware, soaps, candles
        cranberry sauce with grandma's       and more; the barn full of an-
        homemade rolls ... Thanksgiv-        tiques; the ice cream parlor and
        ing ... and families.                gift shop; an antique fire engine
           Families ... what would           that impresses kids and adults
        Thanksgiving be without them?        alike; and even a barn filled
        Just another Thursday in             with the gobblers themselves.
        autumn.                                 Activities, which take place
           Families are also the essential   just about every Saturday and
        ingredient in the success of         holiday, include flea markets,
        Turkeyville, where it is Thanks-     arts and crafts shows, band con-
        giving every day from early          certs, antique fire engine and
        March through late November.         car shows, a fall festival. quilt
           Turkeyville is the home of the    shows, an Independence Day
        Cornwell family restaurant,           festivaL a frog jumping contest
        which serves nothing but turkey       and even a Turkey trot - a four
        - turkey soup, turkey sand-           mile marathon that brings in
        wiches, turkey dinners, smoked        runners from all over the state.
        turkey, barbecued turkey, tur-          Yes, families are very impor-
                                              tant to Calhoun County Farm
                                              Bureau members Alan & Joellyn
                                              Cornwell - their own and the
                                              thousands who visit Turkeyville
                                              each year.

8                                                   RURAL LIVING, NOVEMBER 1983
Government Regulations                milk by-product somewhat like
Uelp Cbange Farm                      white cheese with their feed -
into Restaurant                       it makes all the difference in
                                      the world."
   The centennial farm at the            The "elite" turkeys brought
corner of N Drive North (now          them a steady clientele that
Turkeyville Road) and 15112Mile       liked the way their turkeys
Road, Marshall, has been in           tasted.
Alan's mother's family for 148           With all those gobblers on the
years, only the last 16 as a          farm, Alan's mother, Marjorie,
restaurant/ family gathering          and wife, Joellyn, had lots of
place.                                practice preparing various
   "When I was real small, my         forms of turkey sandwiches and
dad was a dairy farmer. But           other dishes. So, in 1961, the
that was before state inspec-         family opened a food booth at
tions, and when we unknowing-         the Calhoun County fair in Mar-
ly bought some cows that were         shall. It proved successful, and

  No turkeys are allowed in the ice cream parlor at Turkeyville. but
  Joellyn and Alan Cornwell serve a variety of turkey dishes next door in
  the restaurant.

diseased, we lost the entire           they continued it for six more
herd," Alan says. "At that time        years.
we also had about 50 turkeys,            About that time, Michigan
and a couple bigger turkey             decided to end its poultry in-
growers in the area talked my          spections and the farm process-
dad into going into it full time."     ing plant was to fall under
  Turkey farming agreed with           federal jurisdiction.
Wayne Cornwell and son Alan,             "Our plant was fine," says
and soon they opened a proc-           Alan, who was working in the
essing facility to freeze and          family processing plant and
package 8,000 to 9,000 fresh           also at Kellogg's in Battle
turkeys every holiday. "That's         Creek. "But to comply with
as many as we could get out,"          federal regulations, we would
                                                                            Patti Cornwell dishes up another
Alan says. "We specialized in          have had to build the inspector
                                                                            piece of homemade pie at Corn-
milk-fed turkeys. We mixed a                                                well's Turkey House restaurant.
                                       (continued on page 25)

RURAL LIVING, NOVEMBER   1983                                                                                  9

  There may be a bone-chilling       attending a reception following
Michigan blizzard outside the        the awards program can offer
Amway Grand Plaza and Grand          their congratulations for pro-
Center in Grand Rapids during        gram achievements and take
the Farm Bureau annual meet-         notes on "How'd you do that?"
ings, Nov. 29-Dec. 2, but inside     The reception will feature
there will be a touch of balmy       Hawaiian "munchies," travel in-
Hawaii. Building anticipation for    formation and an opportunity
the January 1985 American            to make early reservations for
Farm Bureau Federation annual        the January 1985 AFBF annual
meeting, the focus of several        meeting trip to the islands.
activities will be on Hawaii.          The "touch of Hawaii" will
  Good-will ambassadors from         also be in evidence at the
Hawaii will provide entertain-       Wednesday evening delegate re-
ment for the 1983 award-win-         ception, banquet and hoedown.
ning presidents and their cheer-     Members are encouraged to ex-
ing sections during the Tuesday      change their boots for sandals,
evening awards program, with         their square dance outfits for
well-earned fanfare for the top      muumuus, and their western
county Farm Bureau of the year.      shirts for colorful Hawaiian top-
A drawing for a free trip to         pers. But, for those with special
Hawaii will be a highlight of the    attachment to their western
evening's activities. Those eligi-   gear, remember that Hawaii is a
ble for the drawing include          premium blend of all the
every committee chairperson          world's cultures and, geographi-
who submitted award entries,         cally, it is definitely west. A lei
the presidents of each county        around your neck, a flower in
Farm Bureau that submitted an        your hair (furnished at the ban-
entry, plus all FB members in        quet), and you won't be able to
attendance (MFB and affiliate        tell a cowhand from an island
company employees and direc-         native!
tors excluded).                         The Hawaiian trip drawing
  Leis flown in from Hawaii will     won't be the only opportunity to
clearly identify award-winning       win a prize. During the Wednes-
county presidents so members         day evening delegate reception,

10                                                                         RURAL LIVING,   NOVEMBER 198.3
drawings will be held for Com-         Those who made it happen in     Farmer will win the use of an
munity Action Group members         membership will be honored         Allis-Chalmers tractor for one
and non-group members inter-        during a County Presidents' and    year. The Outstanding Young
ested in joining or forming a       Campaign Managers' Banquet         Farm Woman will win a trip to
group. (See advertisement on        Tuesday evening beginning at 6     Washington, D.C., in April for
page 13).                           p.m. Sponsored by Farm Bureau      the annual legislative seminar.
   With no Farm Bureau Services     Insurance Group, the banquet         All members are encouraged
annual meeting and no Product       will feature recognition of the    to view the Discussion Meet
Show this year, a major change      "Fabulous 15," Director's Key      semi-finals at 10:30 a.m. and
in the overall program will be      Club members and other mem-        the finals at 1:30 p.m. Winners
the call to order of the delegate   bership achievement winners.       of the various contests will be
body on Tuesday afternoon.             Immediately following the       honored during a Young Farmer
Convention planners are hope-       County Presidents' and Cam-        awards program at 4:30 p.m.
ful that this early start will      paign Managers' Banquet, at          The commodity session, be-
allow an early adjournment on       8:30 p.m., will be the 1983        ginning at 10 a.m. Wednesday
Friday, erasing any delegate        county Farm Bureau awards          morning, will feature Dr. William
concerns about not arriving         program. Hawaiian entertain-       Lesher, USDAassistant secre-
home in time for high school        ment, recognition of star award    tary for economics. Lesher is
basketball games.                   county presidents, and a draw-     the top agricultural economist
                                    ing for a free trip to Hawaii in   for the Reagan administration
Tuesday. Nov. 29                    January 1985 will be included
                                    on the program. Opportunities
   Registration for the Farmers     to congratulate the many win-
Petroleum Cooperative, Inc. and     ners of this evening's recogni-
Subsidiary annual meeting will      tion activities will take place
begin at 9 a.m. The meeting will    during a special Hawaiian re-
be called to order at 10 a.m.       ception following the awards
and will include operations and     program.
financial reports, the presi-
dent's address and election of      Wednesday, Nov. 30
   Registration for the MFB an-         "Farm Bureau - It's Happen-
nual meeting will be open from      ing Because of You" will be the
10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and regis-     theme of an address by AFBF
tration for the MACMAannual         President Robert Delano at the
meeting will be from 11 a.m. to     Delegate Breakfast sponsored
noon.                               by Farm Bureau Women at 7:30
   The Michigan Agricultural        a.m. The program will include
Cooperative Marketing Associa-      highlights of the past year's
tion annual will open with a lun-   activities by FB Women.
cheon at noon for MACMAmem-            This is also Young Farmer
bers, followed by the business      Day, with contestants vying for
meeting and program. To fortify     the titles of Distinguished
them for the afternoon's busi-      Young Farmer, Outstanding
ness, MFB voting delegates will     Young Farm Woman and Discus-
be treated to refreshments          sion Meet winner. Winners of
sponsored by MACMA's Direct         the Distinguished Young Farm-
Marketing Division from 2 to 3      er and Discussion Meet contests
p.m.                                will win trips to Orlando,
  The opening delegate session      Florida, to compete in the na-
of the MFB annual meeting will      tional contests at the 1984
be called to order at 3 p.m.,       AFBF annual meeting. The Dis-
with business running until a 5     cussion Meet winner will also be
p.m. adjournment. "Farm Bu-         awarded the use of a Chevy
reau - It's Happening Because       S-10 pick-up truck for one year
of You" will be the theme           and the Distinguished Young
throughout the annual meeting.

                                                                             DAVID R. LANDSWERK
                                                                        Mf'B ANNUAL BANQUET SPEAKER

RURAL LIVING,   NOVEMBER   1983                                                                       11
YF Contestants Vie                                                              and was a key architect for the
                                                                                PIK program. He will take a look
                                                                                forward to the] 985 farm bill
for Valuable Awards                                                             and discuss policy options for
                                                                                dairy. wheat and feed grains

                                                                                  The Safemark meeting will
                                                                                start at 9:45 a.m. It will include
                                                                                a panel discussion on building

                                                 ~,I         ,.
                                                                                the Safemark program in coun-
                                                                                ty Farm Bureaus. Guest speaker
                                                                                Keith Todd, director of AFBF
                                                                                marketing, will discuss the
                                                                                future of the member-only pro-
                                                                                  The President's Luncheon,
                                                                                scheduled for noon, will feature
                                                                                the annual address of MFB
                                                                                President Elton R. Smith.
                                                                                  The resolutions session will
                                                                                begin at 2:30, with adjourn-
                                                                                ment of the delegate body set
                                                                                for 4:30 p.m.
                                                                                  The Hawaiian Round-Up Re-
                                                                                ception will start at 6 p.m.,
     The winner of the Distinguished Young Farmer competition will receive      highlighting a special Com-
     an Allis Chalmers 6000 series tractor for one year of free use. The win-
                                                                                munity Action Group promotion
     ner will also receive an expense paid trip for two to the AF8F national
     convention at Orlando. Florida, in January.                                with drawings for prizes. The
                                                                                banquet is set for 7 p.m.,
                                                                                followed by the Hawaiian Hoe-
                                                                                down from 8:30 p.m. to 12:30
                                                                                a.m. Music will be furnished by
                                                                                the Petal Fall Variety Band.

                                                                                Thursday, Dec. 1

                                                                                   "Can AgriPac support make a
                                                                                difference in election results?"
                                                                                That question will be addressed
                                                                                by state Rep. Robert Bender and
                                                                                state Sen. Richard Posthumus
                                                                                during the AgriPac Breakfast
                                                                                which begins at 7:15 a.m. Ad-
                                                                                vance reservations are advised;
                                                                                however, if tickets are still
                                                                                available, they may be pur-
                                                                                chased at the AgriPac exhibit at
                                                                                the annual meeting. Members
                                                                                attending the AgriPac Breakfast
                                                                                can receive a special
                                                                                AGRIPAC'er button by showing
                                                                                their tickets at the AgriPac ex-
     for the second year, the Chevrolet Division of General Motors Corp. has    hibit. Others can support
     agreed to provide a Chevy SolO pick-up for one year of free use to the     "Friends of Agriculture" by pur-
     winner of the Discussion Meet finals. The MF8 winner will also compete     chasing the buttons at the
     in national Discussion Meet competition at the AF8F convention In
                                                                                AgriPac exhibit.
       Michigan's Outstanding Young Farm Woman, to be selected during             The resolutions session will
     Young Farmer competition at the state annual meeting, will receive an      begin at 8:30 a.m. and continue
     expense paid trip for two to the MfB Washington Legislative Seminar.       through until 4 p.m. Thursday
                                                                                with a break for the Governor's

12                                                                                     RURAL LIVING.   NOVEMBER   1983
Luncheon. Gov. James Blan-
chard is expected to address
the delegates during the lun-
                                     Annual Meeting Uighlights
cheon. (At this writing, his ap-
pearance is still tentative.)        Tuesday, November 29
Caucuses for odd-numbered             10:00 a.m.    Farmers Petroleum Cooperative, Inc.
district elections will begin im-                     and Subsidiary Annual Meeting
mediately following adjourn-
                                     12:00 noon     Michigan Agricultural Cooperative Marketing
ment of the resolutions session                      Association Luncheon and Annual Meeting
at 4 p.m.
                                       .3:00 p.m.   Resolutions Session
  The MFBAnnual Banquet will
bring members and their spe-           6:00 p.m.    Presidents' and Campaign Managers' Banquet
cial guests together for an            8:.30 p.m.   Star Awards Program
evening of inspiration and fel-       10:00 p.m.    Hawaiian Reception
lowship. The guest speaker will
be David R. Landswerk, superin-
tendent of schools, Owatonna,        Wednesday, November 30
Minnesota.                             7:.30 a.m.   Delegate Breakfast
  The dinner will be followed by       9:45 a.m.    Young Farmer Contests
a dance with music furnished          10:00 a.m.    Commodity Session
by Lee Talboys, popular Lansing
                                      10:00 a.m.    Safemark Conference
musician whose past appear-
ances at annual meetings have        12:00 noon     President's Luncheon
gained him many Farm Bureau            1:.30 p.m.   Discussion Meet Finals
fans.                                  2:.30 p.m.   Resolutions Session
                                       4:.30 p.m.   Young Farmer Awards Reception
Friday, Dec. 2
                                       7:00 p.m.    Dinner
   The final resolutions session       9:00 p.m.    Hawaiian Hoedown
will begin at 8:.30 a.m. and con-
tinue until completion in the       Thursday, December 1
                                       7:.30 a.m.   AgriPac Breakfast
   Election of directors in odd-
numbered districts, one director       8:.30 a.m.   Resolutions Session
at large, one director represen-      12:15 p.m.    Delegate Luncheon
ting the FB Women's Commit-            4:00 p.m.    District Caucuses
tee, and one director represen-        6:.30 p.m.   Annual Banquet and Dance
ting the Young Farmer Commit-
tee, will take place.
   The president of the Michigan     Friday, December 2
Farm Bureau will be nominated          8:.30 a.m.   Resolutions Session
by the delegate body and elect-      12:00 noon     Luncheon
ed during a reorganizational
                                       1:.30 p.m.   Resolutions Session
meeting of the board following
the annual meeting.

Delegate News

   Highlights of the annual
meeting activities will be avail-   Identify yourself as a Community Action
able to delegates each morning
of the annual meeting. The
                                    Group member at the CAG registration table in the
"Delegate News" will be distri-     Grand Center when you arrive at the MFB annual meeting. Group
buted to each county delega-        members will receive an ID button and portfolio for annual
tion in the resolutions session.    meeting materials. Be sure to sign in for the Wednesday even-
In addition, a Grand Plaza hotel    ing, Nov. 3D, prize drawing. The drawing is limited to Commu-
television channel has been re-     nity Action Group members and Farm Bureau members interested
served to carry afternoon re-
                                    in Joining or starting a group in their area.
ports of annual meeting events.

RURAL LIVING,   NOVEMBER   198:3                                                                    1:3
                Mean Ole Allis -
                Not Getting Older,
                Getting Better
By Connie Turbin                     of "Mean Ole Allis" in the 16            "That kind of national win is
                                     years since he and his partners       a once in a lifetime happening,"
  The jigsaw puzzle of metal         "hooked" in their first county        says Simpson. "Chances are
parts, steel casings, turbo          fair tractor pull.                    that'll never happen again for
chargers and pistons in the            The Allis-Chalmers 0-21 super       us." But it was quite a showing
Simpson farm shop is no mys-         stock tractor and team mem-           for Mean Ole Allis with only one
tery to Max Simpson of Char-         bers Max and Roy Simpson,             previous national circuit season
lotte. He's pulled off, rebuilt or   Steve Davidson and Keith              under her belt, and it has
replaced nearly every part on        Haynes have come a long way           gained respect for both the
the Allis-Chalmers 0-21 chassis      from their 1967 Grand Cham-           machine and the drivers among
                                     pion win at the Ingham County         pullers and fans.
                                     Fair. In 1982, Mean Ole Allis            Among pullers, respect is
                                                          pulled her way   coupled with a sense of sharp
                                                        to a Grand Na-     competition. Leafing through
                                                     tional Champion-      the 1983 issues of a tractor
                                                   ship in the 7,000       pullers' magazine, Simpson
                                                 pound super stock         points out "the guys to beat."
                                                class and second           The names and faces of super
                                                 place positions in        stock drivers John Klug of Iowa,
                                                 the 9,500 pound and       Bret Berg and Esdon Lehn of
                                                 12,200 pound classes.     Minnesota and hometown com-
                                                                           petitor Jerry VanDorpe of Char-
                                                                           lotte are well known to enthusi-
                                                                           astic fans of tractor pulling.
                                                                              Such outstanding regional
                                                                           and national circuit drivers are
                                                                           friends as well as fellow com-


       petitors, and Simpson is look-        Indy Invitational Pull," says         Simpson admits he's hooked
       ing forward to seeing these           Simpson.                           on the sport" although I never
       familiar faces next February at          The Silverdome Invitational     thought tractor pulling would
       the Silverdome Tractor Pull in        Tractor Pull, in two show          be this exciting or challenging
       Pontiac.                              events, will be a non-point, na-   before I got into it," he says.
                                             tionally sanctioned pull for the      Partner Keith Haynes of Wit-
                                             top four tractors and their        Iiamston really got things going
                                             drivers from the 198.3 Grand       back in 1966 when he bought
                                             National Circuit and the top two   "Allis" and talked Simpson into
                                             regional pullers in super stocks   giving up "a few nights" to help
                                             and modified. The rest of the      install the clutch system.
                                             entries will be competing by in-      "Keith ran' Allis' in the farm
                                             vitation of the pull organizers.   stock pull at the Eaton County
                                                What makes these tractors       Fair. Naturally, I was there to
                                             and their drivers so good?         see how we'd do. I've been there
                                                "Naturally, they're a highly    ever since. I guess Keith knew if
                                             competitive bunch of people,"      he could get me to work on the
                                             says Simpson, "and they're         tractor, he'd have me. He was
                                             never satisfied with their last    right about that!"
                                             performance. They'll keep on
                                             working and redesigning and
                                             adjusting until the machine is
                                             cranking out every ounce of
                                             horsepower it can give." That
                                             kind of performance demands
                                             long hours, teamwork and
                                                Right now there isn't much
                                             sponsorship of individual
                                             drivers or machines in tractor
                                             pulling, and, consequently,
                                             most drivers are financing their
                                             participation in the sport in-
                                             dependently. Repairs, mainte-
                                             nance and improvements on
         Damage repairs are expensive,       the big machines can cost big
         attests Simpson. A cracked
         engine block, discovered before     money, even if the owners have
         the last pull of the summer sea-    the farm shop facilities
         son, will mean a $2,000 expend i-   available, as does Simpson, for
         ture for replacement and alum i-    making most of the parts.
         num reinforcement.                     "I look at it this way," he
                                             says, "some guys spend a lot of
                                                                                 Simpson, who is a farm equip-
~                                            money for speedboats and            ment service manager, relaxes in
          The central Michigan native is
                                             hunting trips and come home         the evenings by working on the
       enthusiastic about the Silver-
                                             with nothing. I spend a lot of      Allis Chalmers 0-21 super stock
       dome pull in 1984. "It's a                                                tractor in the Simpson farm
                                             money on tractor pulling. That's
r      darned good pull and the                                                  shop.
                                             my hobby. The difference is I
       organizers are working to make
                                             make enough income from the
       each year better for the drivers
                                             sport to support my hobby."           Farm stock pulls were the
~      and for the spectators. This
                                                Enough is the nearly $25,000    only com petition that" Allis"
       year with the national sanction
                                             Mean Ole Allis brings in each      saw from 1966 to 1975, until
       (by the National Tractor Pullers
                                             year from the purses of regional   she was retired from farm work.
       Association), the Silverdome
                                             and national circuit pulls.        In 1975, the chassis and engine
       will be the first national circuit
                                             That's an impressive income for    block were registered for the
       pull in Michigan for many years.
                                             a hobby, but Simpson explains      super stock class and Mean Ole
       I think it's a great event for
»                                            that travel for team members       Allis became a competition-only
       pullers and for the state; and
                                             and their wives, fees, parts and   tractor. "Now, after supper I'm
       the potential is there for the
                                             repairs eat up about 98% of
       Silverdome pull to rival the
                                             that figure.                       (continued   on page 27)
       granddaddy of them all - the

       RURAL LIVING, NOVEMBER   1983                                                                            15
 FRONT            &. CENTER

        A grower referendum to approve five-year funding for Michigan's Plum Advisory
     Board will be held Oct. 31 through Nov. 14. The $2.50 per ton check-off on fresh and proc-
     essed plums would raise monies to continue research projects and an aggressive promotion
     campaign for the commodity.
         FB members planning to seek elected office in 1984 can get training on effective
     campaigning at a campaign management seminar in March 1984. Political specialists and of-
     fice holders will guide the planning and information session. for more information contact Ron           ....,
     Gaskill, MFB Public Affairs Division, phone 517-323-7000, ext. 559.

         Farm Bureau Services, Inc. received approval of the company's proposed
     reorganization plan by the creditors' committees and the court at Bay City on Oct. 18. This
     action allows FBSto solicit favorable votes from the co-op's creditors. Confirmation of the plan
     by the court, expected around Nov. 21, will result in a new, viable Michigan cooperative,
     according to FBSchief executive officer Newton Allen.

         The Farmers Petroleum Cooperative, Inc. Annual Meeting Nominating Committee
     has announced the following nominees for the board of directors: Gordon Albright, Branch
     County; Neil Harris (incumbent), Saginaw County; George Landheer, Ottawa County; and Hugh
     White, Calhoun County. FPCdelegates will elect two directors at the annual meeting on Nov.
     29, 1983, 10 a.m., at the Grand Plaza in Grand Rapids..                                                    ~

        MACMA  has received reports that the U.S. Supreme Court will review the Michigan
     Supreme Court's decision on P.A. 344, Michigan's Agricultural Marketing and Bargaining
     Act. Extensive state litigation culminated last February with a decision by the Michigan
     Supreme Court upholding the act by a 6-0 vote. The Michigan Canners and Freezers Associa-
     tion, which initially filed the suit, maintains the provisions of the state law are preempted by
     the Agricultural Fair Practices Act of 1967. Their appeal went immediately to the U.S. Supreme
     Court. MACMAwill continue to defend P.A. 344, according to MACMAGeneral Manager Noel

          Project AIM(Agriculture Involved in Michigan) has drawn to a close after providing
     agricultural produce and food products to needy people throughout Michigan. Frank Madaski,
     secretary-manager of the Michigan Agricultural Conference, who made the announcement, said
     that with economic conditions improving, AIM has accomplished its goal of responding to what
     was a critical situation.

         Today's low prices, coupled with higher feed costs, are forcing pork and beef
     farmers to cut back production, according to MFB commodity specialists. The market re-
     adjustment action will mean higher supplies of pork and beef at lower prices for consumers un-
     til early 1984. Consumers are advised to take advantage of the bargain prices to stock their

         EPA orders to cancel the use of EDB (ethylene bromide) could cost farmers export grain
     sales. The chemical is used as a soil fumigant for crops and for stored grain. The loss of this
     protective measure could mean refusal of grain in foreign markets in which U.S. exports must
     be shipped free of contamination.

16                                                                             RURAL LIVING, NOVEMBER 198:3
               LET T E R 5 TO R U R ALL                                       I V I NG

            You Said Itl                               ally select women to come. We                 -I wish I had recordings of
                                                       do need a leadership conference            these excellent speakers to take
              My husband and I would like              for men also to fill the gap after         home to share with members
            to applaud Donna Wilber on her             the Young Farmer Leader Con-               who won't come to a good thing
            article, "Good Guys Don't                  ference and before the Presi-              like leadership conference. The
            Always Win," in the October                dents' Conference. There is                word "leadership" scares a lot
            Rural Living.                              plenty of room for growth in               of people. On the whole this
              She knew just the right words            this area.                                 was an excellent two days. I
            to put our feelings on paper                                                          have learned so much and hope
.         ~ concerning the shameful way                  -This was my first leadership            I can put it to good use.
            Dean Pridgeon was treated.                 conference and I feel it was very
              Thanks!                                  worthwhile. I have many new
                                                       ideas to bring back to our coun-           New Column in December
            Myra Hand                                  ty board.
            Afton                                                                                    Rural Exchange, a column for
      «                                                   -I thoroughly enjoyed being             county news and events, will
                                                       exposed to new projects and                begin in the December issue of
    "l'     nigh Scores for                            ideas to take back to my county            Rural Living magazine. It will be
            Leader Conference                          and learning how, as a leader,             your place to share announce-
                                                       to carry out programs more ef-             ments of county activities, and
       (Editor's Note: The on the spot                 fectively.                                 comments and opinions about
    evaluations of the State Leader                                                               your Farm Bureau. On the Iight-
. ~                                                                                               er side, Rural Exchange will
    Conference, Sept. 20-21, make                        - Mary Jane Nelson (Wisconsin
    interesting reading. These com-                    FB Women's Committee chair-                publish your humorous anec-
    ments were shared by confer-                       person) was one of the most in-            dotes of farm life in words or
    ence participants and forwarded                    teresting and down to earth                pictures.
    to the Rural Living editors by                     speakers I have heard in quite a              Please limit your written
    MFB Women's Department man-                        while. The "Patterns for Suc-              materials to 200 words. Type-
    ager, Rosemary Kartes.)                            cessful Communications" (AFBF              written and clearly printed con-
                                                       spokesperson training) was an              tributions are preferred. Submit
      ~                                                                                           materials for Rural Exchange by
              - Encourage county boards to             excellent program. I was disap-
~-          select someone to come to this             pointed that all of us could not           the 8th of the month preceding
            leadership conference - men.               be on TV videotape, but I realize          publication.
""    "     Women's Committees tradition-              that time was a factor.

.~            FARMERS                       OF THE                WEEK
              The Farmer of the Week program, co-      raises forest products, is active in St.      Sept. 26 - Ann Trudell, raises
            sponsored by Farm Bureau Insurance         Bruno Catholic Church; Is a member of      registered "elite" dairy cattle on 105
            Group and the Michigan Farm Radio          the Menominee County FB and UPWARD,        acres near Ishpeming. The cattle she
            Network. honors Michigan farmers for       an agricultural service organization;      breeds and raises are used to upgrade
            their contributions to the community       served on the ASCS committee; was          dairy herds and as show animals. She
            and the agriculture industry. Four farm-   named Outstanding Farmer by the            has been a 4-H leader for 22 years; is a
.,. T
            ers were honored in September 198.3:       Menominee Jaycees; and received the        member of the township planning and
                                                       Progressive Farmer of the Year Award       zoning board; is a Cub Scout den
              Sept. 5 - Walter Rocbowlak, .38, a       and the Outstanding Conservation           mother and Explorer Scout ski advisor;
            cash crop farmer and greenhouse oper-      Farmer Award.                              serves as a coach for both the area
            ator, farms .300 acres and has two acres                                              youth ski league and the U.S. Ski
            of greenhouses near Belleville. He           Sept. 19 - Robert Carter, 75, is a       Association; leads a 4-H dairy club in
            serves on the Detroit Flower Growers       livestock farmer from Clare, specializ-    summer and a 4-H ski club with 521
            board; is Wayne County FB vice presi-      ing in beef cattle breeding and raising    members In the winter; is active In the
            dent; is active in St. Anthony's Church    sheep. He farms .3,800 acres. Carter is    Iron Range FB; and serves as a
            and the church Men's Club; and receiv-     Clare County ASCS chairperson; a mem-      volunteer for the Marquette County Pro-
            ed an outstanding service citation from    ber of the Cattleman's Association and     bation Office and is Involved In many
~ •         the Boy Scouts of St. Anthony's Parish.    the Clare County FB; a past member of      other projects benefiting youth, senior
                                                       the local school board and past presi-     citizens, agriculture and community
              Sept. 12 - Cbarles Berger, 50,           dent of the county board of education;     development.
            operates a LOOO-acre farm and milks        and belongs to the United Brethern
~•          200 cows near Carney. Berger, who also     Church.

           RURAL LIVING, NOVEMBER 1983                                                                                                  17
           ~ount~j}ttu~lttttr                                                          News and Information
                                                                                       from Michigan's County
                                                                                       Farm Bureaus

FB Members Urged to Educate Decision-Makers                             About Farming
    By Dennis Hoxsie, President          tial effect of any particular decision    ed of a future as an economically 1 •
 Northwest  Michigan  Farm Bureau        on the farm economy.                      viable and productive,       efficient
   As I'm sure most of you are               If you consider the economic im-      enterprise, it is apparent that the "
 aware, the number of people in-         pact of government on the potential       farm community will need to act ~
 volved in production agriculture        for success of your farming opera-        together to educate and inform our
 represents a gradually decreasing       tion, I am certain that you can ap-       present governmental leadership as <:
percentage of the electorate and is      preciate the importance of our gov-       well as the general public so that in-
inevitably given proportional con-       ernmental leaders' awareness and          tell igent decisions can be made on'"' .
sideration by governmental leaders       understanding of the business of          issues that ultimately affect the
when they are considering pol itical     farming.                                  health of our nation ....
decisions.                                  There is a critical need for all          The Northwest Michigan Farm BU-             A

   However, the economic impact of       those who depend on agricultural          reau, along with Michigan Farm
your agricultural production has an      production for their livelihood to        Bureau and American Farm Bureau, 1,
effect on every sector of our nation,    make a concerted effort to educate        is working to inform our leaders in ~
and on a wider scope, is a significant   our present governmental leader-          government       and the non-farm
factor in the world economy.             ship and the non-farm public, as the      public of the business requirements r
   Unfortunately, since many of our      source of our future leadership,          of agricultural production.
governmental leaders have very lit-      about the business of producing              When the decisions are made that to
tle knowledge of the business of         food and fiber for our nation and the     affect the future of your farming -J
farm ing, they are faced with the ne-    world.                                    business and your way of life, will '
cessity of having to make decisions         If the business of agricultural pro-   you help to make sure that infqrmed • .
without an awareness of the poten-       duction is to be preserved and assur-     and intell igent choices are made?

Ag Expo '83 Drawing Winner Discovers
'They Really Do Give                                                               Well Water Should
Out Those Prizes!'                                                                 be Tested Annually
                                                                                       The water we drink is as impor-"-
 By Myra Hand, Newsletter Editor                                                   tant as the food we eat, but unless ...
 Cheboygan County Farm Bureau                                                      the supply gives out or it smells bad,
   I had always felt that when I drop-                                             we often ignore it.                       "''''t

ped my name in a "drawing" box the                                                     Iron is a major cause of taste and
only thing I was going to get was my                                               odor in well water in Michigan, but ..
name on some salesman's list. But                                                  it is not harmful. An odor of chlorine
surprise - they really do give out                                                 is unpleasant, but can be expected<fL
those prizes!                                                                      in water that has been disinfected. '-"0
   At Ag Expo"'83 in East lansing, in                                                  Hydrogen sulfide, a dissolved gas
July, I put my name in a drawing                                                   that smells like rotten eggs, occurs....   }'
that was jointly sponsored by the                                                  in some places in Michigan. It may
Federal land Hank Associations and                                                 be removed by chlorination or aera- ..
Production Credit Associations of                                                  tion."~
Michigan.     I received notice in                                                     leaks from gasoline or fuel oil
August that my name had been                                                       tanks will cause an odor in the water .
drawn to receive $100 worth of           Michigan products, it would help          and are dangerous. The well may ,
Michigan food products! I was told I     our own state's farmers economical-       need to be abandoned.                            1

could go to a store of my choice,        ly. Kim Heisler of the Traverse City          If a well is near a barnyard, it will <II
select the food I wanted and they        Branch of the Federal land Bank           probably be heavily contaminated
would pay the bill.                      Association of Clare and Jerry            by the time a musty odor is noticed:''''
   In September, I went to Ken's         Pickler of the Gaylord Branch of the         To have your water tested, con-..,.
Village Market in Indian River to        Production Credit Association of          tact your local public health depart-
select the food. Since Michigan pro-     Traverse City were there to pay the       ment and they'll make arrangements" <l
duces such a variety of foods, it was    bill as they had promised!                for testing. A small fee may be
fun filling the cart with all kinds of      .I'" keep on dropping my name in       charged, but the cost is small com- <I
fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy prod-   those "drawing" boxes (and let my         pared to the health risk involved in...
ucts and cereals. I'm glad they          husband worry about the salesmen),        drinking contaminated water.
stressed Michigan produced foods.        because I know they really do give           Water you drink should not pass...
Perhaps if we all tried to buy more      out those prizes!                         through a water-softener.                ~\
                                                                                                                                      NOVEMBER 1983

        New Products Offered in
        MACMA Christmas Sale
        New to MACMA's annual Christ-
     mas Citrus Sale are gift packs featur-
  ~ ing taste tempting treats produced
                                                                            ~                  8
                                                                                        ~ L..--F_R_m _8_8 S---,Y
     and packed in Michigan. Attractive-
     ly displayed in gift boxes, they are           MACMA Christmas Citrus Sale Deadline                                             Nov. 22
  ~ perfect for those hard-to-please peo-
                                                       The deadline for ordering prod-                       Contact your county Farm Bureau
     ple on your Christmas list.                                                                          secretary to see if your county is
                                                    ucts in MACMA's December Christ-
~       "A Taste of Michigan-Supreme                                                                      participating in MACMA's Christmas
                                                    mas Sale is Nov. 22, with delivery
     Gift Pack" costs $39.70 and includes                                                                 Citrus Sale.
                                                    the weeks of Dee. 12 and Dee. 19 .
  .. smoked turkey breast, hickory stick,
     MACMA vintage ham, colby cheese,
     smoked      cheddar      cheese, dagano         Name                                                 Address                                       _
 4' cheese      (Swiss type), pure maple
     syrup, pure wild honey, cherry butter           Phone(s)
,r and red raspberry seedless preserves.
                                                     Quantity   Commodity       Description                                                Price    Amount
 ~      "Michigan's    Farm Best Gift Pack"
                                                                 Florida Navel Oranges, 4/5 bushel                                        $11.60
     costs $18.50 and includes smoked                            Florida Tangelos, 4/5 bushel                                             $ 9.80
     turkey breast, hickory stick, colby                         Florida Pink Seedless Grapefruit. 4/5 bushel                             $ 8.70
     cheese, smoked         cheddar      cheese,                 Michigan Apple Concentrate     (Hi-Density, 5 + 1),24/12 oz. cans        $27.00
     pure wild honey and cherry butter.                          Michigan Grape Juice Concentrate       (3 + 1), 24/12 oz. cans           $27.00
        Another    relatively     new item is                    Michigan Farm Best "Supreme"      Gift Pack                              $39.70
     cream of asparagus soup, made                              (includes the following: 1~ lb. smoked turkey breast, 1 lb.
• from all Michigan             ingredients   by                 hickory stick, 414 lb. MACMA vintage ham, VJ lb. MSU colby
     Hobies of East Lansing. Offered for                         cheese, VJ lb. MSU smoked cheddar cheese, 1/1 lb. MSU dagano
                                                                 cheese (Swiss type), 1 pint pure maple syrup, 1 pint pure wild
     the first time in the summer sale, it is
                                                                 honey, 10 oz. gourmet cherry butter, 10 oz. gourmet red
     now available       in a one-quart       re-
                                                                 raspberry seedless preserves)
     useable container. It comes frozen,                         Michigan Farm Best Gift Pack                                             $18.50
~ ready to heat and may be repacked                             (includes 1~ lb. smoked turkey breast, 1 lb. hickory stick, Y1 lb.
     in smaller      containers.     The soup                    MSU colby cheese, 1/1 lb. MSU smoked cheddar cheese, 1 pint
     should be thawed in the refrigerator                        pure wild !'oney, 10 oz. gourmet cherry butter)
• rather than at room temperature.                               Dried Tarf Cherry Nuggets, lib. package                                  $ 5.00
        Use the order blank in this newslet-                     Dried Tart Cherry Nuggets (Yogurt Covered), 1 lb. package                $ 5.00
     ter to order these and other MACMA                          Florida Orange Juice Concentrate     (5 + 1), 24/12 oz. cans             $32.80
     member-to-member         products.                          Florida Grapefruit Juice Concentrate      (5 + 1), 24/12 oz. cans '"     $19.80
                                                                 Florida Skinless Jumbo Peanuts, 20 oz. can                               $ 2.55
                                                                 Florida Redskin Jumbo Peanuts, 20 oz. can                                $ 2.40
j       IGeneric' Newsletter            Ends                     Florida Pecans, Roasted and Seasoned, 9 oz. can                          $ 2.65
                                                                 Florida Pecan Halves, 1 lb. bag                                          $ 3.45
           This is the last issue of the                         Florida Grapefruit Sections, 24/16 oz. cans                              $16.25
        "generic" newsletter. Look for news                      MACMA Vintage Ham, 4/4 lb. average weight                        $2.69   per lb.
        of county activities in the "Rural Ex-                   MACMA Thick-Cut Bacon, 1011 V2 lb. packages                              $23.41
p       change" column, beginning       in the                   Hickory Stick, 4'12 lb                                                   $10.25
        December issue of Rural Living.                          Hobies' Cream of Asparagus Soup, 6/1 qt. containers                      $12.65
                                                                 Indiana Gourmet, Yellow, Hulless Popcorn, 2 lb. bag                      $   .98
                                                                 Wisconsin Sharp Cheddar Cheese, 4/1 lb. packages                         $11.95
p       FARMETTE                                                Wisconsin Medium Cheddar Cheese, 4/1 lb. packages
                                                                Wisconsin Colby Cheese, 4/1 lb. packages
        By Andrea Hofmeister                                     Wisconsin Monterey Jack Cheese, 4/1 lb. packages                         $11.05
                                                                Variety Cheese Pack, 4/1 lb. (sharp, medium, colby, caraway) ..           $12.95
                                                                Wisconsin Swiss Almond Cheese Spread, 6/1 lb. tubs                        $17.20
                                                                Wisconsin Sharp Cheddar Cheese Spread, 6/1 lb. tubs                       $17.20
                                                                Wisconsin Cheddar With Wine Cheese Spread, 6/1 lb. tubs                   $17.20
                                                                Wisconsin Cheddar With Onion Cheese Spread, 6/1 lb. tubs                  $17.20
                                                                Wyoming Gift Pack                                                         $18.50
                                                                (includes 12 oz. buffalo salami, 12 oz. beef salami, 8 oz. honey,
                                                                8 oz. pecan pearls candy, 1 lb. Star Valley Swiss cheese)
                                                                Wisconsin Gift Pack                                                       $13.50
          "Now that harvest is over, we can                     (includes one 8 oz. package each of the following cheeses:
          re-paper the bedroom, repair that                     mild cheddar, sharp cheddar, monterey jack, brick, colby)
        leak under the sink, clean closets ... "                TOTAL UNITS                                                     TOTAL           $
       FARM                           BUREAU                                 MARKET                                       PLACE

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                                                                                                                                                                RURAL LIVING. NOVEMBER 1983                        I~
  Trade Dialogue Opens
  Doors for Understanding

By Donna Wilber                     viewpoints of van der Veen,          when they did speak, they were
                                    president of the agricultural        forthright, convincing - with
   If Michigan farmer Elton R.      board and president of the           that special charm of struggling
Smith and Dutch farmer Jaap         Christian Farmers' and Growers'      to overcome a language barrier
van der Veen had the authority      Union in the Netherlands; Julien     that makes their listeners want
to settle the complicated trade     Bruno, French agricultural at-       to help.
disputes between the U.S. and       tache with the Commission of            Van der Veen and Smith were
the European Community, the         European Communities; Elton          the key spokespersons and
imminent trade war, which           R. Smith, president of the Michi-    each gave convincing argu-
many predict, would never hap-      gan Farm Bureau and vice             ments for their respective view-
pen. Neither has that authority     president of the American Farm       points on agricultural trade
and so they do the next best        Bureau Federation; Michigan          policy. If it had been a debate,
thing - they open a dialogue        Department of Agriculture offi-     judges might have called it a
between the producers on both       cials; Michigan State University     draw. But it was not a debate -
sides of the ocean to gain a bet-   agricultural economists; and         it actually was a dialogue. The
ter understanding of each           representatives of key Michigan      two farm leaders were not
other's concerns.                   agribusinesses.                      strangers to each other. Farmer
  Such a dialogue took place in        Van der Veen and Bruno did        Smith had met farmer van der
Lansing on Oct. 14 at a lun-        not look or sound like the           Veen during the AFBF trade
cheon forum sponsored by the        "enemy." Before they spoke,          mission to the Econom ic Com-
Michigan Department of Agri-        they could have been just aver-      munity in 1982. And they had
culture. The dialogue included      age American businessmen hav-        some common views that sur-
                                    ing lunch with friends. And          faced during the dialogue that

RURAL LIVING, NOVEMBER 1983                                                                             21
                                                                            tween its members, not only in
                                                                             industrial goods but also in .
                                                                             farm products. Free trade was
                                                                            achieved in industrial goods by
                                                                            eliminating custom duties be-
                                                                             tween the Community's member
                                                                               "The different agricultural
                                                                            structures in the member states
                                                                             and the different forms of farm
                                                                            support meant that just cutting
                                                                            duties for agricultural products
                                                                            was not enough. Some members
                                                                            shielded their farmers from
                                                                            competition. Other states, in-
                                                                            cluding the Netherlands, based
                                                                             their agricultural policy on im-
                                                                             proving efficiency by putting
                                                                             money into the improvement of
 MSU economist Glynn McBride and MEEmarketer Donn Kunz take the              agriculture by means of re-
 opportunity to talk informally with EC representative Jaap van der Veen
                                                                            search, education and exten-
 before the MDA trade forum luncheon on Oct. 14.
                                                                               "The only solution was a full
                                                                            harmonization of these different
probably would not have sur-          tives results in misallocation of     national agricultural policies in
faced during a debate.                productive resources and trade        a common .European
  Both have a belief in a mar-        distortions such as those result-     agricultural policy. Thus, the
ket-oriented agriculture. Both        ing from Economic Community           Common Agricultural Policy
represent viewpoints of farmers       export subsidies.                     became a key element in Euro-
other than just themselves and           "The U.S. farmer, through the      pean integration.
have a commitment to repre-           years, has seen levies and other         "The creation of a single free
sent those farmers. Both admit        EC restrictions curtail or virtu-     agricultural market resulted in
there's no easy solution to sup-      ally eliminate his market for         a growth in intra-community
ply / demand imbalance prob-          some agricultural exports to the      trade, far beyond all expecta-
lems for farmers on either side       EC and then, too, he has had to       tions. Looking at this result, I
of the ocean. Both have an in-        face subsidized EC competition        guess the United States would
herent suspicion of how well          in Third World markets.               like to become member of the
politicians can solve the prob-          "Some have suggested that          Common Market, too."
lems of agriculture, and both         we now are on the brink of a             Van der Veen's last statement
believe neither side would be         global trade war - a war none         was, by his own admission, a
the winner in a trade war.            of us want, none of us can af-       joke, but it wasn't long before
                                      ford, and which would produce         forum participants began ex-
                                      only losers. Certainly, the sub-      ploring the possibility of a
                                      sidy issue is placing great           North Atlantic Common Market
 We need to lay our                                                         to include the U.S. That may
                                      strain on normal trade relations
 problems with each                   at a time when economic condi-        never come, but there was com-
 other's policies on                  tions in the U.S. are far from        mon recognition that the Soviet
                                      normaJ," Smith said.                  Union could come out the big
 the table and start                     Van der Veen, in turn, defend-     winner if trade conflicts are not
 talking ...                          ed the Common Agricultural            resolved.
                                      Policy of the EC as the back-            As van der Veen summed it
                                      bone of the European Commu-           up: "We need to lay our prob-
                                      nity.                                 lems with each other's policies
   During the formal exchange            "When the Common Market           on the table and start talk-
of viewpoints, Smith said,            was established in 1957, it was       ing ... put a lock on the door
"Trade built on sound economic        based on a political deal where-      and then wait until the white
principles, involving compara-        by trade was opened up be-            smoke comes out of the chim-
tive advantage, permits all con-                                            ney."
sumers to mutually benefit.
Trade based on political objec-

22                                                                                RURAL LIVING,   NOVEMBER 198.3
                                      Safety Precautions
                                      Protect Lives
                                      During Uarvest

   Farm families will be able to         "From purely an economic         Avoid wearing nylon jackets in
cope with what may be an in-          standpoint, a serious accident      the field or around machinery
creasingly frustrating job of         could mean a default in har-        - they billow in the wind and
getting this year's corn crop out     vest, hindering cash flow and,      can easily become entangled in
of the field safely if proper safe-   subsequently, debt recovery,"       machinery.
ty practices are observed.            Doss says.                             -Avoid putting hands where
   This year's corn harvest is           "Managers should also keep       they should not be on machin-
slightly ahead of schedule com-       in mind that they and other         ery. Be aware of equipment
pared to 1982, although the           family members are irreplace-       shear-points, nip-points and
harvest will be below last year's,    able. Machinery can be re-          pinch-points.
according to the Michigan Agri-       placed, but people, or parts of        - Prevent slips and falls by
cultural Reporting Service,           them, cannot."                      keeping mud and crop refuse
which estimates the 1983 crop            The second step in accident      off equipment steps and lad-
at 95 bushels per acre com-           prevention is anticipation of       ders and out of the operator's
pared to 109 bushels per acre         some delays. "Be ready for          cab.
last year.                            breakdowns, equipment becom-           - Unless you understand the
   Because of the smaller crop        ing mired in wet ground and         stress characteristics of nylon
and the economy, many Michi-          the possibility of transportation   pulling ropes very well, use a
gan farmers will be tense, anx-       delays," Doss says.                 chain for pulling mired equip-
ious and under psychological             The third step is prevention.    ment. Because of their tendency
pressure to complete harvest,         "Family members should work         to stretch 25% of their length
and that may lead to impa-            together to help alleviate stress   before they start to pull, nylon
tience and risk taking, says a        with sensible rest periods, high-   ropes under stress store poten-
safety specialist with the            energy meals and snacks. Above      tially lethal amounts of energy.
Michigan State University             all, they should communicate        If they sever or a hitching point
Cooperative Extension Service.        the fact that one is indispen-      breaks, nylon ropes whip at
   Howard J. Doss says the first      sable to the other," he says.       speeds upwards of 800 miles an
step in accident prevention is to        Doss offers some additional      hour. There are reported cases
avoid taking unnecessary risks        safety tips.                        of these ropes throwing at-
that may endanger harvest                - During 1982, 68% of all        tached hooks through one and
team members. He says manag-          reported farm equipment ac-         a half inches of cast iron. By
ers should consider the added         cidents were on dry roads dur-      contrast, a chain will recoil to
physical and mental burden            ing daylight hours; 24% occur-      an extent, but it will not have
that will fall on other members       red in darkness involving farm      the violent whipping action of a
of the harvest team - family          equipment that did not have         nylon rope, which can endanger
members and employees - if a          lights. Make sure all equipment     equipment operators or by-
debilitating accident occurs.         used in roadway transportation      standers.
   Aside from the pain and grief,     is well lighted with rearward          Considering all of the poten-
there are the hidden costs of         facing, flashing yellow lights      tial hazards of harvest, taking
finding replacement help or the       and carries the Slow Moving         appropriate preventative action
possible inability of other key       Vehicle sign.                       may mean the difference be-
harvest team members to per-             -Wear warm, comfortable but      tween being in farming this
form.                                 not excessively loose clothing.     time next year and not, Doss

RURAL LIVING, NOVEMBER   1983                                                                            23
                       Say Yes to the Best
                                 From Michigan Farms
 By Cathy J. l\irvan                   Direct Marketing Division has      groups to promote agricultural
                                       added several new Michigan         products will help move more
   Commodity groups in Michi-          produced and processed prod-       raw Michigan products - the
gan have developed a new pro-          ucts in convenient packages for    ultimate goal of the direct
motion program for agricultural        Christmas giving.                  marketing program.
products produced and proc-               "The gift packs feature some       "The 'Say Yes to the Best
essed in the state. The "Say Yes       familiar Michigan products and     From Michigan Farms' logo will
to the Best From Michigan              some new to our program," said     start appearing on our products
Farms" campaign will be in full        Bob Eppelheimer, Direct Market-    next year," Eppelheimer said.
swing in grocery store displays,       ing Division manager.              "It was developed after our cur-
restaurant specials and adver-            "The Michigan Farm Best         rent packaging was prepared."
tisements during Michigan              Supreme Gift Pack contains one
Week next May.                         of those delicious Farmer Peet
   A recent survey of consumers        hams, a hickory stick, a turkey
by the Michigan Department of          breast smoked by Bil-Mar
Agriculture led to the develop-        Farms, a selection of three
ment of the campaign. It indi-         cheeses processed at the MSU
cated that 76% of those sur-           dairy plant, pure northern Mich-
veyed would be more likely to          igan maple syrup and wild
buy Michigan products if they          honey, and cherry butter and
were clearly labeled, and 51 %         red raspberry preserves from
believed it is difficult to identify   Rocky Top Farms in Ellsworth,
state-produced products.               where they grow and process all
   Campaign sponsors are also          their own fruit. The Michigan
urging processors of Michigan          Farm Best Gift Pack includes a
agricultural products to include       smoked turkey breast, a hickory
the theme's logo on packages.          stick, two types of cheese, pure     Cream of asparagus soup, avail-
                                       wild honey and cherry butter."       able to f8 members through
Member-to-Member Sale                                                       MACMA'sdirect marketing pro-
                                          Eppelheimer believes that
                                                                            gram, is prepared by nobie's
Adds New Michigan Products             MACMA's gift packs are a better      restaurants  of Lansing and Kala-
                                       buy than most. "A lot of times       mazoo.
  One program that has long            when you buy a gift package,
promoted Michigan-produced             you feel you're not getting
                                                                          Cream of Asparagus Soup
products is the Michigan Agri-         enough substance for your
                                                                          Popular with F8 Members
cultural Cooperative Marketing         money," he said, "but with our
Association Direct Marketing           reputation for high quality
                                                                             Eppelheimer's member-to-
Division, through member-to-                   products at reasonable
                                                                          member sale added a different
member sales to Farm                             prices, you know what
                                                                          kind of Michigan-produced
Bureau members in                                   you are getting."
                                                                          agricultural product last sum-
Michigan and sev-                                     He believes the
                                                                          mer when cream of asparagus
eral other states.                                      campaign being
                                                                          soup was offered for the first
For the MACMA                                             organized by
                                                                          time. The soup is prepared by
Christmas                                                   commodity
                                                                          Hobie's, a chain of four restau-
Citrus Sale,
                                                                          rants in the Lansing/ East Lan-
which is
                                                                          sing area and one in Kalama-
going on
now, the
                                                                            Hobie's owner, Ernie St. Pierre
                                                                          of Williamston, a firm believer
                                                                          in promoting Michigan prod-
                                                                          ucts, is also an asparagus lover.
                                                                          When he was approached by the
                                                                          Michigan Asparagus Advisory
                                                                          Board to develop a cream of
                                                                          (continued   on page .3.3)
24                                                                               RURAL LIVING,   NOVEMBER   1983
Turkeyville                          Quality of Turkeys                  "Our four children work in it
                                     Key to Success                      now, and we've got lots of
(continued from page 9)
                                                                         grandchildren coming up."
an office, furnish him with a           Though they no longer raise          Wayne & Marjorie Cornwell
desk, a chair and his own bath-      and process the majority of         are semi-retired, spending five
room and shower.                     their turkeys, the Cornwells        to six months in Florida, but
   "Well, we're kind of hard         continue to use only milk-fed       still have input into the opera-
headed, and couldn't see where       turkeys. "We can't go out in the    tion.
that was going to make our           open market and buy the quali-          Alan oversees all operations
product any better," he says.        ty of turkeys we need for this      and runs the farm, where they
"50 we told them that would be       type of business, so we have         keep a few hundred turkeys and
our last year in the retail turkey   our turkeys grown for us under      grow some crops. Joellyn takes
business. With the success of        contract by the Booth Poultry       care of the books and helps out
the sandwich sales at the fair,      Farm in Orland, Indiana. They       wherever she is needed.
we knew we would make it in          use our special feed mixture,           Brent manages the ice cream
the restaurant business."            which is an expensive way to         parlor, gift shop and dining
   The family went whole-heart-      feed turkeys, but it definitely      rooms. He spent the last year
e~J1y into the sandwich business,    makes a difference," Alan says.      helping to set up the new IBM
opening a small dining room             The grower raises the turkeys,    computer to do inventory, pay-
with 16 seats in 1968. The           processes and freezes them,          roll, accounts receivable and
clientele they had built through     and trucks the frozen carcases       accounts payable. His wife,
retail sales and the fair booth      to Michigan. "We get whole,         Jody, a dental hygienist, finds
were loyal, but it wasn't enough     22-week-old turkeys - 25 to 27       time to work in the gift shop on
to support Alan's parents, wife      pounds average, and we cook          Friday nights and Saturdays.
and four children, so he con-        about 30 per day," Joellyn says.        Bryan manages the kitchen
tinued to work at Kellogg's.         "We can cook up to 52 at a time      and purchasing of supplies. He
   "Everybody thought we were        if we have to - and we have          also supervises food prepara-
crazy starting the thing way out     many times."                         tion, helping out when needed.
here," Alan says. "We were way          The turkeys are cooked dur-       His wife, Annette, works on the
out in the boonies - we opened       ing the night, cooled and the        food line.
before 1-94was even built. The       meat removed from the bones.            Blain takes after his dad -
president of the local bank told     "Then we use the same ovens to       helping with the farming, in the
us we were nuts. He comes here       bake our pies," Alan adds.           kitchen, doing repairs and
quite often now to eat his words        Frozen Cornwell turkeys still     whatever is needed. His wife,
- in fact, he's one of our best      have a reputation for excellence     Patti, works on the food line.
customers."                          and they sell many frozen birds         Their daughter, Vicki Hankey,
   "We were confident from the       to customers.                        works in the ice cream parlor
beginning," adds Joellyn. "It           Turkeyville's reputation is       and is the main computer oper-
was a lot of work preparing,         well established in Michigan         ator.
packaging and carting all that       and surrounding states, and             Though the family has turkey
food to the fair, so we thought      tour buses make up a big share      just about every day for lunch,
we'd just do it right here and let   of the business, with about 250      they never tire of the taste. "We
them come and get it."               coming per year. "Buses stay         roast a big turkey on Thanks-
   "When we added on the first       anywhere from one to three           giving," says Joellyn, "but we
dining room, Kellogg got to be       hours," Alan says. "The people       usually have some other meat
where it was more like a part-       enjoy visiting the various           for Christmas."
time job," Alan says. "I wasn't      shops, walking around and just          Turkeyville opens around
doing this business justice and      plain relaxing."                     March 1 and closes the day
I sure wasn't doing justice down                                          before Thanksgiving. It is
there either, so I made the deci-    Operation Run By                     closed on Sundays. Headed
sion to come out here full-          Family Members                       south, take the last exit off 1-69
time."                                                                    before the junction with 1-94.
   Now the restaurant seats 300        The various operations at          Headed north, take the first exit
on the inside and another 150        Turkeyville require 36 people        off 1-69after the junction with
on the outside. The Cornwells        besides nine members of the          1-94. It is one-half mile west of
plan to add a new dining room        Cornwell family. But the closed      the highway. Hours are 11 a.m.
next year, that can be closed off    corporation will always be run       to 8 p.m.
for group parties.                   by family members, Alan says.

RURAL LIVING, NOVEMBER 1983                                                                               25   I
 AGRINOMIC                   UPDATE

 Animal Care - still a Priority Issue
   While animal care does not          gate the effects of modern farm        prises; if so, to quantitate it;
 headline the newspapers, maga-        animal production. An added            and to recommend methods of
zines and radio waves as fre-          feature of this bill specifically      removing the stress. The
 quently as it did only a few         states that the commission will         studies were undertaken with
 months ago, the issue is just as     study the use of antibiotics            confined swine, caged layers
 important to agriculture as          such as tetracycline and                and dairy-veal calves.
ever. The supporters of the ani-      penicillin in livestock feeds.             -Congress has directed that
 mal rights movement have be-            Farm Bureau is opposed to            the Food and Drug Administra-
 gun to concentrate even more         this legislation because studies        tiO!1 undertake epidemiological
 emphasis on the political and        are underway to measure stress          studies to determine whether
 legislative scene. A case in         in farm animals housed in con-          there truly exists an association
 point is the animal welfare rally    finement operations and to de-          between the use of feed anti-
 organized in our nation's capi-      termine whether there is an as-         biotics in animals and a reduc-
 tal only a few weeks ago.            sociation between the use of            tion in antibiotic effectiveness
   This was just one of several       feed antibiotics in animals and         in humans. The results of the
such rallies organized by these       the reduction in antibiotic effec-     studies should be available in
groups during recent months           tiveness in humans. The result          1984. In the meantime, reputa-
and while only a small number         of these studies will be avail-         ble scientific and medical asso-
of people participated in this        able next year. Attempts to            ciations have made the follow-
activity, the organization and        pass legislation before the re-         ing comments:
 political awareness of these         sults of these studies are avail-          The American Medical Associ-
groups have grown and must            able are premature.                    ation said that "the movement
continue to be monitored.                Sen. Dole has introduced            of a disease-causing pathogen
   Few, if any, lobbyists have         legislation (5. 657) aimed at         from an animal to human popu-
reportedly attended these ral-        eliminating the use of animals         lation is the most unusual oc-
lies; however, congressional          in research. The use of animals        currence ... we cannot state at
aides and others have been            for research has been the most         this time that there is sufficient
hosted at vegetarian meals and        active issue as of late, with the      evidence of the transfer of dis-
receptions as the organizers at-      Humane Society of the United           ease-causing, antibiotic resis-
tempt to relate their story of        States and other groups direc-         tant bacteria from animals to
the animal care issue to policy-      ting a considerable amount of          humans to warrant alarm by
makers.                               attention to this area. Certainly,     physicians or the Congress."
   Proposed legislation, which        we support the proper treat-              The National Academy of
was introduced in Michigan a          ment for research animals; how-        Sciences concluded that human
year ago and then withdrawn,          ever, to ban the use of this vital     illness has not been demon-
has not appeared this year;           research would have a much             strated to occur because of sub-
however, the possibility of a         greater negative impact on             therapeutic feeding of anti-
similar measure is still a very       human medicine and agricul-            biotics to animals.
real concern.                         tural research than can be                 - Economists have estimated
   On the national level, Con-       justified at this time.                 that, because of improved rate
gressman Jim Howard's animal             As you deal with the animal         of growth and feed efficiency,
welfare legislation, H.R. 3170,       care issue, the following facts        feed antibiotics save consumers
has recently added eight addi-        can be cited as reasons why            more than $3.5 million a year.
tional co-sponsors, making the        this legislation is not needed         In 1979, Chase Econometric
number 28 at this time. The           and will provide you a factual         Associates, using data devel-
Howard legislation is similar to      response, if needed.                   oped by the U.S. Department of
the Mottl Animal Welfare Bill of         -In the summer of 1981,             Agriculture, estimated that if all
the 97th Congress in that this        $380,000 was made available            low level use of antibiotics in
most recent piece of legislation      by the Agriculture Research Ser-       agriculture were banned, retail
calls for the formation of a          vice to eight university research      prices for meat could increase
special commission to investi-        groups to determine if: stress         as much as 9.5% for beef to
                                     exists in farm animals housed           19% for poultry.
                                      in facilities similar to U.S. enter-

26                                                                                  RURAL LIVING,   NOVEMBER 198.3
     Mean Ole Allis                                        The fourth and youngest                                  the next few weeks, she'll be fit-
     (continued        from page 15)                    member of the Mean Ole Allis                                ted with a new, aluminum girdle
                                                        team is Steve Davidson, who                                 reinforced engine block, and a
     out in the shop working on the
                                                        farms 150 acres of cash crops                               redesigned triple turbo charger.
     tractor until nine or ten at
                                                        and is also em ployed by Gener-                             Then the "show dressing" of
     night," says Simpson.
                                                        al Motors Parts Division, Lan-                              chrome stack and mag wheels,
        With all that attention, Mean
                                                        sing.                                                       and polished steel coverings
     Ole Allis couldn't ask for better                     Simpson says he spends a lot                             will go into place to make this
     caregivers than the four-man
                                                        of time explaining why an Inter-                             1982 Grand Champion lady
     team of farm equipment me-                         national dealer/service man-                                ready to show at the Michigan
     chanics. Their 28 years of cum-                    ager is running an Allis-Chal-                              Farm Bureau annual meeting in
     ulative experience goes into                       mers tractor in competition.                                Grand Rapids, Nov. 29-Dec. 2.
     every redesign and repair.                            liThe answer is pretty simple,"                          Standing alongside will be the
        Since 1977, Simpson has                         he says. "When we got started                               brand new Allis Chalmers 6000
     been a partner and service man-                    with Mean Ole Allis, Steve, Roy                             series tractor that will go to
     ager at J. R. Fueslein in Char-                    and I worked for the Allis-                                 MFB's Distinguished Young
     lotte, a dealer point for Interna-                 Chalmers dealer here in Char-                               Farmer for one year of free use.
     tional Harvester and Versatile                     lotte. There was certainly no                                  Young Farmer contestants at
     farm equipment. His brother,                       conflict then, and I don't really                           the state annual meeting will be
     Roy, is also involved in the                       see one now. There are many                                 given the opportunity to see
     business as a salesperson for                      more Internationals running, so                             Mean Ole Allis in action at the
     Eaton and surrounding coun-                        I continue to run the Allis-                                Pontiac Silverdome in February.
     ties.                                              Chalmers to give the competi-                               For their participation in the
        Haynes, who purchased the                       tion some balanced representa-                              contests, these MFB Young
     tractor in 1966, is a full-time                     tion."                                                     Farmers will be provided with
     cash crop farmer in Ingham                            Mean Ole Allis has a secure                              tickets to the Silverdome Trac-
     County, raising corn, soybeans                      home with her proud owners. In                             tor Pull for themselves and their
     and wheat on 2,000 acres near                                                                                  spouse.

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     RURAL LIVING, NOVEMBER            J983                                                                                                                             27
                                                                The Discussion Topic is
                                                                used by Community Ac-
                                                                tion Groups for monthly
Petitions Question Need                                         polley discussions.

for Full-time State
   For the third time in as many     Legislature. The other five are         This type of procedure might
years, a constitutional amend-       Massachusetts, New Jersey, New       save time, but it could be detri-
ment has been proposed to            York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.         mental to an industry such as
change the status of Michigan's      Although technically Michigan's      agriculture, in a state where the
Legislatur~ from full-time to        Legislature is in session year       Legislature is heavily influenced
part-time. Changing to a part-       round, this does not mean that       by a metropolitan area. In this
time Legislature would not be        it actually convenes every day       situation, a bill of importance
unprecedented, since Michigan's      throughout the year. The             to agriculture might not be in-
Legislature has only been con-       Legislature now goes into ses-       troduced before the cut-off time
sidered full-time for a little       sion in mid-January and reces-       is reached in the short session.
more than a decade.                  ses for the summer in late June         It is difficult to determine
   The change from a part-time       or early July, then reconvenes       how many days are actually
Legislature began during Re-         in mid-September until mid-          needed for a Legislature to
publican Gov. George Romney's        December. There is time out for      function properly. The current
administration. He often called      holiday periods.                     constitutional proposal calls for
special legislative sessions after      The number of session days        a limit of 60 session days with
the lawmakers had adjourned          averaged by the Michigan Legis-      15 special session days. This
for the year. In such sessions,      lature is high compared to           may not be enough considering
the governor sets the agenda         other states. In 1979-80, Michi-     Michigan is a state that has a
and thus wields considerable         gan's Legislature averaged 135       huge industrial complex side by
power. The Democrat-controlled       session days a year. During the      side with an agricultural indus-
Legislature fought back by not       same year, the Texas Legisla-        try that produces over 50 dif-
adjourning until the last day of     ture averaged 70 session days,       ferent commodities. Add to this
the year. The transition to a        Pennsylvania and Illinois both       the forest industry and the rec-
full-time Legislature was com-       averaged 80 session days and         reation business of our state,
plete by 1972.                       Florida averaged 60 session          and one can realize the divers-
   From time to time, there have     days.                                ity of issues that might arise.
been efforts to return to a part-       It would be misleading, how-         Current Farm Bureau policy
time Legislature, but none has       ever, not to mention the many        supports a "limited legislative
gotten very far either in the        committee meetings, skeletal         session not to exceed six
legislative body or by citizen       sessions and special sessions        months," with a "pay scale ...
support.                             held throughout the year by          commensurate with the duties
  The newest constitutional          these supposed part-time Legis-      and responsibilities of the of-
proposal would limit the Legis-      latures. For example, the Illinois   fice" and "sufficient pay to at-
lature to not more than 60 ses-      Legislature is recessed from Ju-     tract a high quality individual
sion days in the regular session     ly through December; however,        who is interested in properly
and no more than 15 days in all      it reconvenes in the fall for a      representing a district:' Salary
other sessions. The Legislature      special veto session. The legis-     levels in states of similar size
would convene on the second          lators also have committee           should be considered.
Monday in January and adjourn        meetings and receive special            Beginning next year, Michigan
no later than the first Monday       per diems for serving on com-         legislators will be making
in May.                              missions throughout the year.        $.3.3,200.They will be the high-
   In addition, a special three-        Florida is another example.       est paid state legislators in the
day session could be called          The legislative session is very      nation based on base salary.
solely for the purpose of recon-     short, but again there are com-       However, it would again be mis-
sidering any bill vetoed by the      mittees which meet throughout         leading not to mention the spe-
governor. These days would not       the year to prepare the bills        (continued on page 30)
be counted against the limit set     that will be considered during
forth above.                         the short session.
   Michigan is currently one of
six states that has a full-time

28                                                                               RURAL LIVING,   NOVEMBER 198.3
                                                                                                 LIQUID PLASTIC
  Discussion Topic                          nessperson, took time off from                      (NOT SOLD IN STORES)
  (continued from page 28)                  his or her job in order to tend                                           that applies like
                                            to the business of the state .                    .•                      paint    torms     a
  cial meeting expenses and of-                Today, we have full-time legis-
                                                                                           ~:~, -                     skin so tough it
                                                                                                           .          won't crock, chip
  fice expenses that legislators in         lators, some of whom lack this                              ;l r , ..~_ • or. p~el.     ( u ts
                                                                                                       .,   - -       pOinting     costs
  some other states are allowed.            type of business experience                                               ...   cOl/ers and
  For example, the salary of an Il-         which is vital for running the af-        protects      like a shield of unbreakable
  linois legislator is $28,000 plus         fairs of the state, but we also                WATERPROOF            IN 30 MINUTES
 various per diem and mileage,              have an improving state econo-            Adheres to practically onylhing. Stops
                                                                                      leaks. Ideal for concrete, aluminum,
  plus $17,000 for office expense           my, which may demand the ef-              wood. masonry. conI/OS, any metal.
  in their districts, plus additional       forts of full-time legislators. We
                                                                                      Clear any major color. Just specify. We
                                                                                      pay all shipping cosls. Order NAVAL 5.
  pay for serving on commis-                must decide which type of Leg-            Ship as follows: ( ) Ots. at $I.9S
 sions, etc. It is estimated the            islature will best serve our              each. ( ) Gal. at nS.9S. ( ) 5
  total is up to $50,000.                                                             Gals. at no per gal.
                                            state's needs.                            Name
     The current constitutional
 proposal in Michigan states that                                                     City __           State             Zip          _
 legislative salaries could not ex-         Discussion   Questions
                                                                                           Hmedall' Chelllkal  ('0., Depl. ,\\\'.H3
 ceed $15,000 with expenses of                                                             1'.0. Bo" 30~2, Ho~edale, "an. 66103

 not more than $60 for each leg-            • Do you feel 60 session days
 islative day. Some feel this is              (a four-month session) would
 excessive for the concurrent 60              be enough time to handle the
 day session that is proposed.                business of a state the size
     The arguments for and                    and as diversified as Michigan?
 against a part-time Legislature              If not, how much time do they
 are endless. Some argue that a               need?
 part-time Legislature would
 result in lower costs and fewer            • With a part-time Legislature,
 bills of little importance, but              would more qualified or less
 others counter that any actual               qualified people be willing to      227 page illustrated book explains sausage making
                                                                                  plus home curing and smoking of meat, fowl and
 savings would be small and                   run for office?                     fish. Over 100 recipes. We now have Low Salt
                                                                                  Seasonings. Free equipment and supply catalog
 that government would be left                                                    has more information.
 up to the bureaucrats instead              • What are the advantages and                    The SAUSAGEMAKER
 of elected people.                           disadvantages of a part-time        177-56 Military   Road                 Buffalo, N.Y. 14207

     Originally, the Legislature was          Legislatu re?
 meant for people who had                                                          See page 13 for details
 proven their worthiness through                                                   of the Community Action
 their own experience in the                                                       Group drawing at the MFB
 public or private sector. The
                                                                                   annual meeting.
 farmer, the lawyer, the bus i-

  Farmers Petroleum's
                                                                                                                    ----                       I

      IIForget It" Battery
      Buy it ... Install it ... Forget it!
      Maintenance free, never needs water, extended cycle life.
      A vailable in sizes for autos, pick-ups, trucks and tractors.                                                                            I
      Redeem this certificate at your participating   Farmers Petroleum Cooperative dealer to                                                  I
      receive $2.00 off the "Forget It" battery. Offer Good Through November 3D, 1983                                                          I
      FARMERS PETROLEUM                            COOPERATIVE,                  INC.                                                          I
      (517) Dial 1-800-322-2611      (313 or 616) Dial 1-800-292-2639
      Quality   Products   at Competitive     Prices -    Service You Can Rely On

 --------------------------- -
.30                                                                                         RURAL LIVING,            NOVEMBER 198.3
Sunny Florida to Dost AFBF
National Convention in January
   The first clear winter morn-         On Tuesday afternoon, con-       lIotel Only Package
ings blanketed by freshly fallen     ferences will be held on poultry,
snow may be picturesque to           wheat and feed grains, orna-           If you wish to travel by car or
even the most seasoned Michi-        mental horticulture and vege-       make other travel arrangements
gan resident, but by January,        tables, peanuts and tobacco         on your own, let TM Travel han-
longings for sunny days and          and cotton. Other conferences       dle your hotel and convention
warm breezes begin to unravel        scheduled that afternoon are        plans with the hotel only pack-
beneath the woolen muffler and       rural health, insurance and         age. This package includes
winter cap.                          natural resources.                  AFBF convention registration
   The surefire cure for your           Several travel packages have     fee, awards and "UP With Peo-
warm weather longings lies in        been arranged by Michigan           ple" show admission, accom-
central Florida at the American      Farm Bureau through TM Travel       modations at the Sheraton Twin
Farm Bureau Federation annual        Associates of Grand Rapids,         Towers, services of a travel
meeting, Jan. 8-12. The location     which will receive and confirm      coordinator and hotel hospitali-
selected for the 65th federation     all travel arrangements for MFB     ty desk. All hotel taxes and ser-
convention is Orlando, Florida,      members.                            vice charges for the above are
site of Disney World, Epcott            Following is a brief descrip-    included in the package price.
Center and other popular winter      tion of the convention packages        Cost for the hotel only pack-
tourist attractions.                 available:                          age is $185 per person based
   Still not warm enough to c.Iis-                                       on double occupancy.
pel that winter chill? Then con-     Complete AirIllotel Package            Free shuttle bus service to
sider the post convention Carri-                                         and from convention locations
bean cruise aboard the TSS              The convention hotel for the     will be available for all reg-
Carnivale, Jan. 15-22.               MFB delegation will be the          istered FB conventioneers.
   There'll be no need to warm       Sheraton Twin Towers, Orlando.
up to the convention week ac-        This travel package includes        (continued on next page)
tivities scheduled by the AFBF       hotel accommodations (based
for the nearly 8,000 farmers         on double occupancy) and com-
and ranchers expected to at-         plete round trip air travel from
tend the annual meeting.             Detroit, Grand Rapids or Lan-
   Headquarters hotel for the        sing. Also included in the
convention will be the Orlando       air / hotel package are conven-
Marriott Hotel. General conven-      tion registration fee, awards
tion sessions and special in-        program and "UP With People"
terest conferences will be held      show admission, baggage han-
in the Orlando Convention Cen-       dling, porterage, airport trans-
ter.                                 portation to and from the Sher-
  The program gets underway          aton Twin Towers, and services
with the Young Farmers and           of a travel coordinator and
Ranchers Discussion Meet on          hotel hospitality desk. All tips,
Sunday afternoon, followed at        taxes and service charges for
.3:.30p.m. by vesper services.       the above services are included
  General sessions are sched-        in the package price.
uled for Monday and Tuesday             Costs for the complete
mornings. Special interest con-      air / hotel package are as
ferences on livestock, dairy,        follows: $529, departing from
soybeans, sugar, citrus and de-      Detroit; $567, departing from
ciduous fruit will be held Mon-      Lansing; and $548, departing
day afternoon. Safemark and          from Grand Rapids.
Farm Bureau Women's confer-
ences will also be held Monday.

RURAL LIVING, NOVEMBER   198.3                                                                           .31
                                                                                                                         AFBF Convention
                                                                                                                         (continued from previous page)
                                                                                                                         Carribean     Cruise
                                                                                                                           After spending a sunny post
                                                                                                                         convention weekend at Or-
                                                                                                                         lando's Sheraton Twin Towers
                                                                                                                         (at the special convention room
                                                                                                                         rates), board the TSS Carnivale
                                                                                                                         in Miami for a week long Carri-
                                                                                                                         bean cruise. The cost for the
           KEY CABINET                                                                                                   post convention cruise is
                                                                                                                         $ L 169 per person, double oc-

                                                                                                                         Contact Travel Agency
                                                                                                                            Contact TM Travel Associates
                                                                   •   power tools                                       of Grand Rapids for details on
                                                                   •   oscillating fans                                  these AFBF convention pack-
                                                                   •   ceiling fans                                      ages, information about camp-
                                                                   •   fireplace inserts
          Here's a great way to control all 'the keys              •   blowers
                                                                                                                         ing, Sea World / Florida Festival
          around home or farm. Keep track of car, trac-            •   mixers & blenders            3 Amp                fun packages, and for bro-
          lor, truck keys, buildings and more in one               •   small motors                                      chures on what to see and do in
          convenienl location. Attaches to wall. Holds                                                                   the Orlando area.
          30 keys or more! 7" x 6" x 2" cabinet with               NICE GIFT IDEA!                                          Write or call TM Travel Asso-
          lock.                                                    ORDER PRODUCT # 414
          ORDER PRODUCT # 620                                      Only $19.98 piUS 2.00 ship.
                                                                                                                         ciates, Inc., 4251 Plainfield Ave.
          Only 534.50 plus 53.00 ship. & handling.                                                                       NE, Grand Rapids, Mich. 49505;
                                                                                                                         phone 616-364-6231. Charges
                      BATTERY                                  GRAIN                                                     for your collect call will be ac-
                                                                                                                         cepted by TM Travel.
                      CUT/OFF                                  MILL                                                         The deadline for AFBF conven-
                                                                                                                         tion reservations is Nov. 25,

                                                               Grind wheat, corn, cof.                                    LOWEST PRICE PUMPING
                 5T-9                         TM-8                                                                          POWER ON EARTH
                                                               fee, soybeans, shelled
          With Safety/Switch on your vehicles you
          eliminate "batterv drain" on idle vehicles.
                                                               nuts and more. Right in
                                                               your own kitchen!
          Cut all power in case of an electrical               Heavy cast iron con-                                              Aermotor
          system fire!      Attaches to battery     in         struction for a lifetime                                       The classic name in
          minutes. This is a heavy duty disconnect             of service. Will grind a                                    water pumping windmills
          suitable for all types of equipment     and          pound of grain per minute. Adjusts for coarse or                   since 1888
          \'ehicles. Brass and copper construction.            fine grind. Retain the food values nature put into                 Write for                .,
                                                               the grain. brightly plated mill weighs II lbs.               complete information:          I   I
           ORDER PRODUCT#380       Top Terminal type
           ORDER PRODUCT #381 Side IG.M.1 Type                 ORDER PRODUcr #397                                           DEAN'S WINDMILLS
           ONLY S18,50 plus S2.00 Ship. & handling             Only $36.00 plus $4.00 ship. &: handling.                       Sales & Service
                                                                                                                            32519 N. River Road
                  MONEY BACK ISATISFACTION                                  GUARANTEED!                                    Mt. Clemens, MI 48045

                 ORDER FORM
                            Descriplion                   Amount
                                                                             Make checks payable to
                                                                         TOWN & COUNTRY MARKETPLACE

                                                                                                                               (313) 469-2417

      I                                                                      SHIPPIJIlG.
                                                                                                                                  STATE MAPS
      I                                                                      STAHT.\X                               I                BOOK
                                                                             ,\linn Rr"Onh'
      I                                                                      TOTAl.                 $               I              Specially prepared pub-
                                                                                                                                lication containing the 83
      I                                                                                                             I           county maps ofthe state of
      I "AME                                           ADDRESS
                                                                                                                    I           Michigan is available. 128
      I CITY                                                  STATE                           ZIP
                                                                                                                    I           pages, 16x22 inch double
                                                                                                                                spread. Detailed map of
                                                             o MasterCard         0 Visa
      I   Exp. Date
                                                                                                                                each county. To order
      I                                                                                                                         send $10.70 to Bureau of
                                     TOWN & COUNTRY Marketplace                                                     I.          Maps, Box 30235, Lan-
                                     Rural Living Magazine
      I   2202                       P.O. Box 477. Excelsior. MN 55331                                              I           sing, MI 48909.

.32   ._-------------------~                                                                                                     RURAL LIVING,       NOVEMBER      198.3
Say Yes to the Best                                              FARMERS                • INVESTORS
(continued from page 24)
                                                                   PUT IDLE LAND TO GOOD                          USE
asparagus soup using Michigan
ingredients, he didn't hesitate      Grow Trees -                         With High Volume Plantation Methods
at all.
                                     For: Energy I Lumber I Veneer                        -Tree crops are adaptable to most soil types
   He and his staff worked with                                                           -Rapidly expanding market potential
                                     With Selected Fast Growing Stock
Eadie Acton of the Michigan                                                               -Excellent tax incentives
Asparagus Advisory Board to                                                               -Short and long term returns
prepare the gourmet asparagus
                                                                                          -    Your Source For:
soup. Acton suggested test
                                                                                                                Quality Planting Stock
marketing the soup through the
MACMA program.
                                                                      Tree Source                               Custom Tree Planting
                                                                                                                Plantation Management
   "Hobie's dedication to quality                       303 S. Veronica Court, St. Joseph, Michigan 49085 - Phone 616-983-7551
is well known to MSUalumni
and those who attend sporting
events and meetings in East
Lansing," Eppelheimer said, "so
we decided to give it a try. Sales
were better than expected for a
first time offering - we sold
about 160 gallons."
   In response to suggestions
from county member-to-
member chairpersons, the
asparagus soup is now being
sold six quarts to a case in-
stead of in gallon containers.
   St. Pierre and Acton have
more plans for the cream of
asparagus soup.
   "The response to the soup in
the MACMAsale was very good,
so now we're going to be work-
ing with some of the grocery
chain stores throughout the
                                               The Complete Granule
state to give samples to cus-                It's the number one swine feed additive that's now
tomers during the holiday sea-               totally granulated.  Featured in Swine Starter feeds
son," Acton said. "We're con-
                                             by Farm Bureau Services. Locked into each AUREO
sidering marketing it as a
                                             S.P 250@granule are AUREOMYCIN@chlortetra-
gourmet item in grocery
stores.                                      cyline, sulfamethazine   and penicillin. That means
   "We are also giving samples               faster gains, better feed efficiency, more disease
of the soup at the MSUAg and                 protection and improved control of sulfamethazine
Natural Resources Alumni
                                             carryover. Don't settle for second best. Get Swine
Autumnfest on Oct. 29 to see
what the interest is," she said.             Starter feeds by Farm Bureau Services. Now with
   "We're very excited about                 new totally granulated AUREO S. P 250. The
finding someone like Ernie St.               Complete Granule.
Pierre to work with - he has a
real interest in working with
Michigan agriculture, and tries
                                                  See your Farm Bureau Services
                                                     dealer today for details.
                                                                                                                 Wayne. NJ 07470
to use Michigan products in
anything that is prepared for
his restaurants," Acton said.                                                                     MID-SOUTH   TRACTOR
   You can bet Hobie's restau-
                                                                                                       PARTS, INC.
rants will be proudly displaying                                                                     Rt 2. Box 31&-M11,   Sikeston.   MO 63801

those "Say Yes to the Best From                                                                           CALL TOLL FREE
Michigan farms" signs during                                                                          Out of State: 1-800-325.7070
                                     •• C.   WATCH ..   cu_,,,   COOPER   & CO.
                                     :;-;~r.'~~~~:,O~:'O::T'" SEYMOUR AVE.                            Missouri Res.: 1-800-392-0929
Michigan week next May.                                   2095
                                     :: ~~~;:'~It. .. ,m. CINCINNATI. OHIO 45237                  "For good used parts at low prices."

RURAL LIVING, NOVEMBER   1983                                                                                                                    33
 Legislative         Review           come that is used to determine       only land classified as agricul-
                                      the amount of property tax           tural is eligible for deferral. It
(continued    from page 7)
                                      rebate available to all home-        turns out that in many areas,
er to go to court if dissatisfied.    owners and renters, including        good full-time farms have been
FB has been strongly involved         farm homes and land.                 put in some other classification.
in the issue and said last spring
that a procedure must be put in
                                        IIRight to Know Chemicals
                                                                              Elimination of Tax Exemp-
place to assure farmers com-
                                      - S.B. 373 as introduced is          tions - FB has received many
pensation for their losses
                                      complex legislation that             calls and letters of concern re-
through no fault of their own.
                                      amends the MI-OSHAlaw and            garding the six bills that would,
H.B. 4958 is the first step. The
                                      would be burdensome and ex-          if passed, elim inate all tax ex-
other issues are still to be
                                      pensive to employers, including      emptions and credits from the
worked out.
                                      farmers. It concerns better          tax system (see Legislative Re-
  FB has testified that com pen-
                                      labeling, information, safety re-    view in August and September
sation should be based on re-
                                      quirements, etc., about chemi-       Rural Livings and the discus-
placement costs with full pay-
                                      cals used in the work place.         sion topic in October). The bills
ment for costs of removal, dis-
                                      OSHA has estimated that a na-        would include all farm exemp-
posal, relining, resurfacing, etc.
                                      tionwide standard will cost over     tions such as sales tax; farm
  Another bill, H.B. 4771 (Nash),
                                      one-half billion dollars to ini-     personal property; P.A. 116;
would provide loans at no inter-
                                      tiate and over one-quarter bil-      growing crops - fruit trees,
est for the first five years and
                                      lion dollars a year thereafter.      bushes, etc.; single business
3% the n~xt five years. It may
                                         In the case of agriculture,       tax; rights-of-way; and home-
be that the final solution to the
                                      farmers and others are already       stead property tax relief, to
PCBsilo issue will be a combi-
                                      covered by FIFRA, the Federal        name a few.
nation of legislation. In another
                                      Fungicide Insecticide and               The bills as introduced prob-
action, the circuit court extend-
                                      Rodenticide Act. S.B. 373 is         ably will not receive much ac-
ed the injunction given the six
                                      presently being rewritten. FB is     tion. However, it is a serious
farmers who brought suit last
                                      urging that those already under      situation as the chairperson of
May. The MDA is continuing to
                                      FIFRA be excluded.                   the taxation subcommittee has
inspect all silos in the state.
About 17,000 have been in-                                                 stated that every exemption
spected so far. There are about        Wood Uarvesting Equip-              and credit will be closely scruti-
95 contaminated silos that are        ment - H.B. 4960 (Garliardi)         nized as time goes on. This
in use. All inspection samples        would exempt all wood harvest-       means that at some time we
are way below the EPA limit.          ing equipment from personal          will have to justify each tax ex-
Many are nondetectable.               property tax. Farm machinery         emption.
                                      and equipment have been ex-
                                      empt from personal property
      ItIedical Cost Deductions   -                                          Pick-up Truck Passengers
                                      tax for many years. In some
Three bills have recently been                                             - H.B. 4964 would prohibit any
                                      areas, however, wood harvest-
introduced to allow certain                                                passenger from riding on a ve-
                                      ing equipment is being as-
medical costs to be deducted                                               hicle, in a trailer, open bed,
                                      sessed. The bill is in line with
from the state income tax. S.B.                                            etc., unless there is a seat
                                      FB policy on forestry.
467 (Posthumus) would permit                                               equipped with a seat belt. There
the deduction of health care in-                                           are some exclusions including
surance premiums. S.B. 471              Aircraft Sales Tax - H.B.          vehicles owned by the employer
(Barcia) would permit the de-         4860 (Nash) would exempt air-        transporting workers to and
duction of medical expenses           craft and equipment used only        from a work station, or used to
and S.B. 510 (Faxon) would per-       for agricultural use, such as        permit an employee to do the
mit a $2 deduction for each $1        spraying, fertilizing, seeding,      work, such as harvesting farm
of additional medical expenses        etc., from sales tax the same as     produce.
over 50% of the adjusted gross        other equipment used in agri-           The bill as written will create
income. These bills have just         cultural production.                 problems for farmers as the ex-
been introduced.                                                           clusion is limited and unclear.
   FB policy has supported such                                            It also conflicts with federal
                                        Summer Property Tax -              regulations on transporting
approaches for self-employed          S.B. 465 (Posthumus) would
people. FB has been successful                                             migrant and seasonal workers.
                                      amend the law permitting sum-
in getting legislation passed         mer property taxes to allow all
that permits the deduction of         agricultural land to be deferred     Lansing legislative topics are
health care insurance premiums        from the tax on request, regard-     reviewed by Robert E. Smith,
from the total household in-          less of classification. Presently,   senior legislative counsel .

.34                                                                               RURAL LIVING, NOVEMBER 198.3
Michigan Farm Bureau
Buyer's Service Program
Now It's Guaranteed!

What IS the
Buyer"s Service?
The Michigan Farm Bureau Buyer's Service is a
program designed to help save you hundreds
of dollars on major purchases that you may
make in the coming years. Farm Bureau has            Most major brands available                 at discounts       up to
contracted with The Fam i1y Saver Co. to pro-        60%!
vide this service.                                   Appliances                              Photography equipment
                                                     Freezers                                Lawn and garden equipment
The Family Saver can be your purchasing agen-        Dishwashers                             Power tools
cy by eliminating much of the middleman's            Washers and dryers                      Lamps
high mark-up and pass these savings on to you.       Refrigerators                           Fireplaces
                                                     Ranges                                  Wood furnaces
No pressure to buy, only our help in saving
                                                     Small appliances                        Luggage
you money.                                           Microwave ovens                         Watches
                                                                                             Musical equipment
                                                     Electronic Equipment
                                                                                             Lawn furniture

How can we                                           Scanners
                                                                                             Sporting Goods
                                                                                             Archery equipment
                                                                                             Hunting equipment

do this?                                             Furniture
                                                                                             Pool and game tables
                                                                                             Rods and reels
                                                     Box springs and mattresses
Very simple. We order merchandise direct
from the factory or distributor and ship it          All merchandise is brand new and carries full factory
directly to you or to a warehouse near where         warranties with nationwide local service.
you live. We do not have the high cost of in-
ventory, or large warehouse and showrooms,
sales commissions, etc. As your purchasing
agent to help you save money, we also have
                                                       Michigan Farm Bureau Buyer's Service Enrollment              Form
some retailers who are inter~sted in increasing
                                                       Please complete and mail along with your check or
their volume and thus giving them larger buy-
                                                       money order in the amount of $25.00 to:
ing discounts by brokering their product
through our great purchasing power.                           Michigan  Farm Bureau
                                                              Member Service Department
                                                              P.O. Box 30960
                                                              Lansing, M I 48909
What does it cost?                                     Date
The Buyer's Service, at a cost of only $25 for the
first year and $15 thereafter annually, allows you
                                                       Membership       Number
to get unlimited pricing information   via a toll
free number. This program compares favorably           Farm Bureau Membership            Name
with ones costing up to $795 annually.                 (as shown on membership           card)

Satisfaction                  IS                       Address

Guaranteed!                                            City

Use the Family Saver for one full year. If at the      State and Zip
end of the year you find you could not save at
least $25.00 in quick quotes, we will refund your      Telephone      No.
$25.00 fee!
                                                       Amount     Enclosed     $                    (check or money order)
                                                       Farm Bureau Mutual's
                                Farmowners Insurance

        -   :-: ......
                         -~       ..:...   - ..   '.

                          America's First, Michigan's Finest
                          . '.       Ever s~nce;_weintroduc~.~1!Jte. fir~t Farmowners p~licy in the nation
                             In 1960, .JVetve been the leader iW"MIchIgan farm protectIon .
                         .-    _ .' We insure more Michigan Farms than any other company because
                         - - we provide. the cemplete- protection and innovative coverages you need.
                             Just a year and a half ago, we expanded our Farmowners coverages 14
                             ways, all at nd extra cost to policyholders.
                                    fWhen it' comes to Farmowners protection, trust the company that
                             leads :the way ... Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company of Michigan.

                                                           Making your future
                                                         a little more predictable

                                                         FARM BUREAU ~
                                                         HIIIiIIIlAAIJ   IIIIITIW • ~
                                                                                        UAu   l.ff   •   HIIIiIIIlAAIJ   00lfIW   • fI   ,wury

                                                                                                                         Michigan Farm Bureau      Non-Profit Organization
                                                                                                                         Rural Living Magazine          U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                         P.O. Box .30960
                                                                                                                         7.37.3W. Saginaw Hwy.
                                                                                                                                                     Lansing. Michigan
                                                                                                                         Lansing, Michigan 48909
                                                                                                                                                        Permit No. 37