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GSC15-ADMIN-01 Admin WG Agenda

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                                                                                          31 August 2010

            Source: GSC-15 ADMIN WG Chair, Jim MacFie (ISACC)
         Vice Chair: Steve Barclay (ATIS)
              Title: Draft GSC-15 ADMIN WG Meeting Agenda
     Agenda Item: 2
    Document for: Decision

                                DRAFT GSC-15 ADMIN WG Agenda

Agenda                                      Subject                                    Documents
 Item                                                                              [GSC15-ADMIN-XX]
1          Opening and Introductions
2          Approval of Agenda and Allocation of Documents                           GSC15-ADMIN-01
3          Introduction of Contributions
                  Proposed update to Governing Principles to clarify the nature          04
                   of Contributions that are appropriate for the GSC Opening
                   Plenary [ISACC]
4          Review of Governing Principles v 1.6.1 Document
                  Update to cover New and Novel Contributions (NNC) and                  02
                   GSC Meeting Schedule [ADMIN WG Leadership]
5          Review of “Guidance for Meeting Hosts” v 1.1.1 Document
                  Update to cover New and Novel Contributions (NNC)                      03
                   [ADMIN WG Leadership]
6          Summary (including Resolutions, Conclusions, Report to GSC-
           15, Communiqué, etc.)
7          Closure of Meeting

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