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					                                FOREST INFORMATION UPDATE VOL. 9 NO. 4
                                              April 2008

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. LASER TECHNOLOGY, INC. is the innovator and pioneer of reflectorless distance measurement and
the leading manufacturer of pulse-laser products and mapping systems. Introducing the Criterion
RD1000, the first patented electronic BAF-scope / dendrometer that displays direct read-outs of heights,
diameters and BAF values for IN/OUT determinations. The illuminated and adjustable bar scales is what
makes this product so unique! The TruPulse series, a low-cost professional rangefinder that measures
horizontal, vertical and slope distance as well as height...and now azimuth! It provides crystal-clear optics
and superior performance with +/-1 ft. (30 cm) distance accuracy and +/- 1 degree azimuth accuracy.
Visit: for more info!

. ESRI - As the leader in GIS technology, ESRI offers innovative solutions that will help you create,
visualize, analyze, and present natural resources information better and more clearly. Working with
location information, ESRI's GIS software and solutions give you the power to solve problems you
encounter every day. Forestry and other natural resource organizations around the world are using this
ESRI software to make smart and timely decisions. ESRI provides powerful GIS solutions to more than
300,000 clients in more than 189 countries and offers mapping technology to meet today's global needs.
Using ESRI technology, you too can unlock the spatial component of your valuable data and see your
organization's information from a new perspective. For more information, visit the ESRI site at <> or contact them at 800-447-9778 in the US or 909-
793-2853, ext. 1-1235.

Forest and Wood Science, University of Stellenbosch (17-21 November, 2008). The course is aimed at
senior students of forestry, geography, agriculture, ecology and related disciplines. Management staff
with some experience in quantitative methods are welcome. For further information contact Pierre
Ackerman at (tel) +27 (21)8083293 or at <>.

. DEBT AND CARBON TRADE CONCERNS HIGHLIGHTED Increasing debt levels and carbon trading
rules – these are among the key issues to emerge in the third edition of the Guide to Forestry Investment
in Australia and New Zealand. This edition is even more comprehensive than before, backing up data
with more in-depth information and providing readers with analysis of strategic directions and issues
facing key forestry companies. For more information on the Guide, contact Mike Smith at or telephone 64-7-3494107.

INPUT - This month's input comes from: Gyde Lund, Cheemin Kwon, Lance Olsen, Gerrid Smith, Robin
Balian, David Fox, Raju Acharya, Uchenna Onyeizu, Romain Barnard, Raju Acharya, Brita Pajari, Sofie
Blanchart, Prf.Dr. Yoshihiro Nobori. Thank you all for sharing your information!


evidence shows drought conditions are killing Colorado's aspens at an unprecedented rate. More than
56,000 acres of aspens have recently died in the state, according to a paper published by a group of
Forest Service scientists last year. Nearly 10 percent of the aspen stands in the San Juan National Forest
have been affected, with mortality increasing at a rapid rate. An intense drought in the early 2000s likely
triggered the startling decline in the health and vigor of one of Colorado's signature trees, said James
Worrall, one of the primary authors of the study.

published a report on future risks, noting nanotechnologies was identified as a top risk by environmental
scientists and policymakers. The invasive potential of artificial life and so-called biomimetic robots are
among 25 alarming threats to the ecosystem identified by UK environmental scientists and policymakers,
the report says. As well as risks associated with insect like mini robots, the list includes threats linked to
nanotechnology and biotechnology. The list, which is the result of an exercise called horizon scanning,
also points to hazards associated with climate change such as coastal flooding, increased fire risk, and
the growing demand for biofuels and biomass. Published online in the British Ecological Society's Journal
of Applied Ecology, the list came out of a two-day meeting held in Cambridge involving 35 representatives
from government, environmental NGOs and academia.

. SLOWING DEFORESTATION MAY BE WORTH $BILLIONS - A slowdown of deforestation from the
Amazon to the Congo basin could generate billions of dollars every year for developing nations as part of
a UN scheme to fight climate change, a study has shown. Burning of forests by farmers clearing land
accounts for 20 % of world greenhouse gas emissions. A 190-nation UN climate conference agreed in
Bali, Indonesia, in December to work on ways to reward countries for slowing deforestation. "Even with
quite conservative assumptions, you can generate substantial amounts of money and emissions
reductions," said Johannes Ebeling of EcoSecurities in Oxford, England, of a study with Mai Yasue at the
University of British Columbia in Canada.

unified information system in operation in Russia for controlling timber circulation that may help the
government combat illegal logging, according to a report in "Russian Forestry Review" magazine. The
new system was announced by Valery Roshchupkin, head of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resource's
Federal Agency for Forestry, or Rosleskhoz, at a meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission on
Prevention of Illegal Timber Circulation. The system is intended to facilitate reduction in illegal logging in
the country. The unified information system will track the transfer of timber from the moment it is
harvested to its processing and transfer to export.


                                     BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED...
This section is devoted to resource inventory tips and miscellaneous blurbs for whatever uses you care to
               make. Please limit contributions to one paragraph or so. Thanks, Mike Smith.



TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE – “Pay it forward!” If you can help with any of the requests below, please
take the time to do so. Your kind assistance will be appreciated and rewarded.

. SOUTHERN USA FOREST INVENTORY SURVEY – David Fox writes regarding a blog he started
recently. He was working on a couple large timber inventory jobs a couple weeks ago. “This is somewhat
unusual for me as I'm the GIS/IS manager for our company. However, I am a forester and I can still cruise
timber so I was conscripted along with the rest of the crew to spend a couple weeks out of town in order
to get this big job finished. While I was out there busting through the bushes from plot to plot, I wondered
what other folks thought about while dealing with all the uncomfortable and monotonous hours of data
collection. So, I put together a fun little survey on my personal blog”. For more information, contact David
Fox, Technical Services Manager, Natural Resource Planning Services, Inc. Gainesville, Florida : (352)
378-8966, email:
For the blog, go to:

interested in doing Ph.D. in forest genetics. So, I would like to request any of you, who know about
information regarding Ph.D. offers with full scholarship, to share it with me. Thank you all,” writes
Rajendra K.C.

. COFFEE AGRO FORESTRY REFERENCES SOUGHT - Raju Acharya writes: “I am doing my
dissertation on “Local knowledge of the effects of climate change on water regimes within coffee agro
forestry systems in the Western Ghats, India”. I will be happy if any one could provide me published and
grey literature related to, „Impact of climate change on coffee agro forestry‟, and „Coffee agro forestry and
watershed management‟ (only).” For more information, email:

. FORESTRY/REMOTE SENSING FELLOWSHIP SOUGHT - Ali Malekghasemi writes: "Does anybody
know any fellowship program or any information about the subject in remote sensing (Using of remote
sensing in urban forestry, forest change detection, forest mapping and related applied - RS issues in
natural resources) in the U.S." Contact Ali at <mailto:ali110forester@YAHOO.COM>

. STANFORD STUDENT SEEKS HELP FOR NEW TREE SITE - Rob Balian writes: I'm a student
starting a "green" non-profit website designed to plant trees for free and I need your help! The site
features a "green" trivia game that rewards players for correct answers by planting trees around the world
(similar to, except we will plant trees instead of donating rice). Since the most important
part of the organization is to educate people on how to better sustain the environment, we need

informative questions that will raise awareness and change behavior. Here are just a couple examples:

How many pounds of CO2 are emitted by burning just 1 gallon of gasoline?
A) 9
B) 22
C) 76

Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs use ___ the energy of traditional
incandescent bulbs?
A) Less than 10%
B) Less than 35%
C) More than 75%

If you're interested in helping make the pubic more aware of environmental issues, and in making a
tangible impact, please email me about writing questions for! Rob Balian,

. TREE-NATION - Jeremy Taylor writes he is currently collaborating with Tree-Nation, which he says is
all about planting trees for our planet and fighting global warming. For every 10 sign-ups with Tree-
Nation, one tree is planted.

Onyeizu is seeking supervisors and a university with a scholarship to develop a good proposal as well as
carry out a research on the global impact of climate change and innovative technological adaptation for
poorer nations, using participatory methodologies. He is from Nigeria, with a Master of Science in
Forestry and Environmental Management and over nine years working experiences in development
sector and carrying out researches. He is presently studying for an advanced postgraduate diploma in
Technology and Sustainable Development-Innovative and Integrated Approaches in Emerging Countries
to end by April 22, 2008 at Chennai , India . This is jointly organized by Swiss Federal Institute of
Technology (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland and Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM), Chennai.
India. Contact: Uchenna Onyeizu. Technology & Sustainable Development (TSD)-2008 Department of
Civil Engineering Indian Institute of Technology (Madras) Chennai-36, India. Phone: +919884606278.

OPPORTUNITIES - Several readers of FIU are seeking employment in the forestry field. If you have jobs
available and are in need of good people, please consider posting your vacancies in FIU (there is no
charge for this service) and the following outlets (web sites are sometimes down):

. WILDFIRE MAPPING GIS ROAD WARRIOR - NorthTree Fire International (NTFI) provides wildland
fire equipment and personnel for emergency response and recovery. NTFI GIS specialists provide
innovative mapping solutions for Incident Management and Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation
Teams during major wildland fires and other emergency incidents across the American West. NorthTree
Fire International is accepting applications for Mobile GIS Trailer Managers for the 2008 season. This is a
call-when-needed position, with no guarantee of assignments or minimum term of employment. However,

if we do have assignments, you will make good money. For more information, email
or go to the web site listing at:

. GIS ANALYST - Mason, Bruce & Girard, Inc. of Portland, USA, is a forestry and environmental
consulting firm, is seeking an innovative and experienced individual for a GIS Analyst position. For more
information, email:
or go to the web site listing at

RESIDENT LECTURER IN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT - The School for Field Studies, has a position
located at Atenas, Costa Rica. Application Due: 04/05/2008. The purpose of this full-time, year-round
residential position is to: Teach critical environmental issues using a team-based, field study, problem-
solving approach. The disciplinary focus of the course is Natural Resource Management, which requires
an understanding of the ecological, socio political, economical issues as well as the analytical tools used
in the conservation, restoration, and sustainable management of terrestrial biotic resources. For a
description of the course topic areas, please visit the SFS website at:

. INDIGENOUS ENVIRONMENT CONSULTANT - A consultant is required by the Spanish Agency for
International Cooperation and Development (AECID in Spanish) to carry formulate and carry out a plan
involving the indigenous environment under the regional program in the border zone of Paraguay,
Argentina and Brazil. Those interested should send details and references to

. CONSERVATION AND FOREST GROUP POSITIONS - The Foundation for the Conservation of the
Chiquitano Forest (FCBC) bordering Bolivia and Paraguay, a project financed by the European Union, as
part of its tropical forests program, seeks to hire professionals in the following areas:
1. Position: Sociologist/ to- economist- for community administration (TDR Sociólogo-Economista Head),
2. Position: Forest Senior- for community administration (TDR Head Forest Senior)
For more information, contact:

. FORESTERS and TECHNOLOGISTS - Industrial Forest Service Ltd of British Columbia, Canada, is
currently recruiting senior, mid-level and entry level personnel for field-oriented positions at our Prince
George and Dawson Creek offices. IFS offers a comprehensive benefit package and wages
commensurate with experience. Duties include cruising, road and block layout, GPS surveys, stream
classification, silviculture surveys, silviculture site plans and other duties as assigned. For more
information, email:

. FORESTRY OFFICER (WOOD PRODUCTS) – UN FAO, Rome. Under the general supervision of the
Director, Forest Products and Industries Division, and the direct supervision of the Chief, Forest Products
Service (FOIP), the Forestry Officer will support the development, coordination and implementation of
programmes and policies related to wood and wood fibre products. For more information, go to:

. TIMBER MEASUREMENT FIELD STAFF - Silvacom Ltd., an established leading-edge, high-tech
forestry consulting company from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is currently seeking a highly motivated,
results-oriented individual to add to its seasonal forest measurements team with the possibility of full-time
employment. Applicants must be experienced in forest measurements. Additional skills including plant
identification and ecosite classification would be an asset. Fax resume with cover letter to (780) 462-4726
or email it in MS Word or PDF file format to

. PH.D. STUDENT IN ECOLOGY (ZURICH, SWITZERLAND) - The responsibilities include research on
the controls that plant diversity exerts on ecosystem water fluxes, with focus on i) partitioning of soil
evaporation and plant transpiration fluxes, and ii) plant water uptake patterns in grassland communities,
using micrometeorological and stable isotope approaches. Tasks include design and main-tenance of
field experiments, sample preparation and analyses, data acquisition, analysis and interpretation,
presentation of results nationally and internationally. Teamwork with group and project partners of the
Jena Experiment (Germany). Assistance in student education. For more information, contact:

. 5 PH.D. STUDENTSHIPS IN COLOGNE, GERMANY – Regarding the molecular basis of plant
development and environmental interactions - The Max-Planck-Institute for Plant Breeding Research
together with the University of Cologne, the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry (Poznan, Poland), the
Institute for Plant Sciences (Gif sur Yvette, France) and the Biological Research Centre (Szeged,
Hungary) invite applications for Ph.D. fellowships as part of the International Max Planck Research
School (IMPRS) in Cologne (Germany). Deadline for applications is April 30, 2008. The fellowship
application should be mailed to: Max Planck Institut for Plant Breeding Research, IMPRS – Molecular
Basis of Plant Development, Scientific Coordinator, Carl-von-Linné-Weg 10, 50829 Cologne/Germany.

European Forest Research offers a PhD research grant and welcomes the successful candidate to do
research at the European Forest Institute (EFI) in Joensuu, Finland. For more information, go to:

. DIRECTOR OF FOREST POLICY - National Association of State Foresters, a non-profit association in
Washington D.C. seeks Director of Forest Policy to manage policy issues related to state and private
forestry. Director works in legislative and public policy venues at the national level to advance the
interests of state forestry agencies and programs. Position requires 3-5 years of government affairs or
public policy experience, with excellent knowledge of natural resource issues. Bachelors Degree
required, advanced degree or training preferred. Successful candidate must demonstrate strong
communication skills (written and oral) and the ability to work in a team environment. Experience working
with coalitions and staffing membership committees is a definite plus. No phone calls. Mail cover letter,
resume, writing samples, and salary history to Director of Forest Policy Position, SSO-Mail Stop 1920,
444 North Capitol St. NW, Washington D.C. 20001 or e-mail

Resources at Virginia Tech invites applications and nominations for the position of Professor and
Department Head, Department of Forestry. This is a full time, 12 month, tenure-track position. The
position is available July 1, 2008. The Department of Forestry is considered one of the premiere teaching,
research and engagement programs of its kind in the country. The Department was named a University
Exemplary Department in 2001. Department faculty, staff and students are recognized leading scholars.
The Department is one of 4 academic units in the College of Natural Resources (Forestry, Fisheries and
Wildlife Sciences, Geography, and Wood Science and Forest Products). For more information, go to:

European Forestry Institute) has currently two research positions to offer for young researchers. EFI is
offering a Post-Doctoral position and a Junior Researcher position in its Programme Area Forest Ecology
and Management. The positions are offered initially for one year; extensions may be possible depending
on the availability of funding from pending project applications. The researchers will contribute to
international projects currently undertaken at EFI. The tasks include: reviewing impacts of climate
change on European forests; analyzing options for adaptation in forestry and forest management to better
cope with climate change; review and improve resource estimates of environmentally sustainable,
technically & economically accessible biomass potentials from European forests; and comparing forest
inventory based estimates of the European carbon budget for EU27 with the results of terrestrial
ecosystem models. Details of the job announcement are at:


Forest Institute (WFI) is a program of the World Forestry Center, a non-profit organization. Located in
Washington Park in Portland, Oregon, the World Forestry Center operates several programs, including
the Forest Discovery Museum, education programs, tree farms, and the World Forest Institute. WFI
operates a six to twelve-month U.S.-based program for international forestry professionals, who conduct
studies in the Pacific Northwest related to forestry, meet with an assortment of forestry organizations and
corporations, and build a network of contacts in forestry. WFI was created to respond to a growing need
to provide better access to global forestry information. The WFI Intern will work directly with the
International Fellowship Program. For more information, go to:

. THE BENTLEY CROPPING SYSTEMS FELLOWSHIP - This Fellowship (a bequest from Helen S.
Bentley and C. Fred Bentley) provides assistance to Canadian and developing-country graduate students
with a university degree in agriculture, forestry or biology, who wish to undertake postgraduate, applied,
on-farm research with cooperating farmers in a developing country. Please note that IDRC Board-
approved policy is to not support research in Eastern Europe or the former Soviet Union. Furthermore,
IDRC does not accept applicants who are citizens of countries in these regions. October 1, 2008
deadline. For more information, go to The Bentley Fellowship, Centre Training and Awards Program
(CTAP) at
or email:

                                           HAVE YOU READ?
                        Obtain from your local library or from the sources provided.


. Editorial. Markets can save forests. With the right infrastructure, the forces threatening to destroy the
world's trees could be their salvation. Nature 452, 127-128 (13 March 2008).


. Hans ter Steege et al. Continental-scale patterns of canopy tree composition and function across
Amazonia. Nature 443, 444-447 (28 September 2006).

. Baumann, Paul R. 2001. Map-making in the information age. Department of Geography, State
University of New York, College at Oneonta, Oneonta, NY 13820.

. Clark, David B. et al. 2004. Application of 1-m and 4-m resolution satellite data to ecological
studies of tropical rain forests. Ecological Applications, 14(1), 2004, pp. 61--74.


. James M. Roshetko and Rodel D. Lasco. What smallholder agroforestry systems are appropriate
for carbon storage? The Overstory #205

. V. Ramanathan & G. Carmichael. Global and regional climate changes due to black carbon. Black
carbon in soot is an efficient absorbing agent of solar irradiation that is preferentially emitted in the tropics
and can form atmospheric brown clouds in mixture with other aerosols. These factors combine to make
black carbon emissions the second most important contribution to anthropogenic climate warming, after
carbon dioxide emissions. Nature Geoscience 1, 221 - 227 (2008). Published online: 23 March 2008.

. Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique (2008, April 1). Tropical Forests Not Likely To Limit
Expected Rapid Rise In Carbon Dioxide, Major Study Suggests. ScienceDaily. Retrieved April 15,
2008, from

. Jed P. Sparks, John Walker, Andrew Turnipseed, Alex Guenther. Dry nitrogen deposition estimates
over a forest experiencing free air CO2 enrichment. Global Change Biology. Volume 14, Issue 4, April
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. Craig R. Nitschke, John L. Innes. Climatic change and fire potential in South-Central British
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. Spatial Data Infrastructure Africa (SDI-Africa) - GIS & remote sensing news in Africa - April 2008.
The April 2008 issue includes (among many other items): Establishment of the Swaziland Integrated Geo-
spatial Information System (SIGIS) for economic development planning; Mapping road infrastructure in
developing countries: applying remote sensing and GIS – the case of the Taita Hills, Kenya; and, Climate
Change in Eastern and Southern Africa: Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation

. Fourteen plant species new to Nepal identified. A team of ethnobotanists from Kathmandu have
recorded 14 new plant species for Nepal recently. The species were catalogued following a plant
collection and inventorying expedition in Ilam and Pancthar districts of eastern Nepal, in the foothills of
the Kangchenjunga mountains.

. Short articles, research papers, news, announcements and review papers related to wetlands, forestry,
soil conservation, watershed management, ecology, environment and biodiversity are requested for the
coming issue of 'Our Wetlands' - A quarterly journal of Wetland Friends of Nepal.


. Alex Guenther. Atmospheric chemistry: Are plant emissions green? Measurements taken by
aircraft flying over the Amazon rain forest reveal unexpectedly high concentrations of hydroxyl radicals in
the lower atmosphere. Nature 452, 701-702 (10 April 2008).

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Published online 25 January 2008. Published in Soil Sci Soc Am J 72:285-294 (2008).

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. John H. Lawton. Ecological Experiments with Model Systems. Science 21 July 1995: Vol. 269. no.
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. Analysis Shows American Forests Contain Enormous Carbon Reserves, But Available
Measuring Tools Reflect Gaps in Underlying Data. Report highlights importance of protecting existing
forests: lower 48 states alone hold carbon reserves equal to 20 years of U.S. greenhouse emissions


. I. Calder, T. Hofer, S. Vermont and P. Warren. Towards a new understanding of forests and water.
Unasylva. Vol. 58, 2007, pp. 3-10. Free of charge at

. Ernst-Detlef Schulze, Christian Wirth, Martin Heimann. Managing Forests after Kyoto. Science 22
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. S. Stolton and N. Dudley. Managing forests for cleaner water for urban populations. Unasylva. Vol.
58, 2007, pp. 39-43. At

                                        CAPTURED ON VIDEO
                       Download videos from the web or from the sources provided.

published a video on climate change and forests: Forests and Climate Change: A Convenient Truth? The
video can be downloaded free of charge and it is about 15 minutes long. The Forestry Service has also
made a promotional package of the topic (including the video on a DVD).

. STOKING THE FIRES - Logging and replanting trees after forest fires is supposed to restore them. But,
new research shows that it may actually set the scene for more severe fires. As this ScienCentral video
explains, scientists found this out by studying a part of an Oregon forest hit by major fires 15 years apart.
[Note: you have to log in to view.]

                                             YOU'RE INVITED!
          For a more complete listing of upcoming inventory and monitoring related meetings, see:

. 21-26 April. Asia-Pacific Forestry Week. To be held in Hanoi, Vietnam, the Asia-Pacific Forestry Week
is expected to be the biggest and most important forestry event in the Asia-Pacific region in 2008, and if
things move as expected, every biennium thereafter. It will be a great opportunity for various stakeholders
and forest managers to interact, share perspectives, and collectively seek solutions to some of the most
challenging issues facing forests and forestry today. There will be plenty of interesting speeches,
seminars, and events. On the list of participants are prominent veterans as well as hungry newcomers.
For more information, email
or go to the web site at:

. 26 April. The Departments of Botany, Entomology, and Paleobiology will convene the 2008 Smithsonian
Botanical Symposium, Partners in Evolution: Interactions, Adaptations, and Speciation, to be held at
the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. Registration and additional information about
the 2008 Smithsonian Botanical Symposium are available at
You may also call 202-633-0920 or email

. 15-18 May. NZIF Conference 2008. Forestry & Agriculture – Collaborating for Sustainability,
Palmerston North, New Zealand.

. 28-31 May. Forest Recreation & Tourism Serving Urbanised Societies. International Conference
2008, Hämeenlinna, Finland. Joint Final Conference of Forest for Recreation and Tourism (COST E33)
and 11th European Forum on Urban Forestry (EFUF). A call for papers has gone out, with details at the
conference web site at
For more information, contact Prof. Liisa Tyrväinen at

. 28-31 May. Conference Forest Recreation and Tourism serving Urbanized Societies (also the 11th
European Forum on Urban Forestry (EFUF)). Hämeenlinaa, Finland. A call for papers for this
event is now open. All abstracts should be received before 28 February 2008. For more information
go to:

. 11-13 June. 4th IASME/WSEAS International Conference on Energy, Environment, Ecosystems
and Sustainable Development. Algarve, Portugal. Last Date for abstract: 11 March 2008. Contact
or go to

. July 22 - July 25. IEG 40: The Science and Business of Varietal Forestry. IEG40 will be hosting their
annual conference in beautiful Charleston,SC. Investors in timberland should attend in order to
understand the higher values (NPV, IRR) from varietal plantations. For more information, go to:

. 5-21 August. A forest course offered at the 2008 Helsinki Summer School - The 2008 Edition of the
Forest Course of the Helsinki Summer School of the University of Helsinki. The theme of the course this
year is Innovations in Industrial Forest Management. For more information, contact: Gabriela
Albarracín, Course coordinator, Department of Forest Economics, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry,
University of Helsinki, Metsätieteiden talo (B-talo), 5th floor, PL 27 (Latokartanonkaari 7), 00014 Helsingin
Yliopisto, Telephone: +358 9 191 57979, Mobile: +358 405 36 2286, Fax +358 9 191 57984, E-mail:
or go to the web site at

. 5-8 August 2008. Biodiversity in Forest Ecosystems and Landscapes. Kamloops, Canada. For
more information, contact Jean-Michel Carnus at
or go to

. August, 2008. Financing for Climate Change - Challenges and Way Forward. An international
conference focusing on financial mechanisms of climatic adverse affect mitigation will be held at Dhaka,
Bangladesh. For more information, go to:

. 26-30 August. Joint International Symposium on Toward the Establishment of the Multi-purpose and
Long-term Forest Management Plans by Japan and Taiwan in Tsuruoka, Yamagata, Japan. For more
information, go to:

. 25-28 August. International Conference: Adaptation of Forests and Forest Management to
Changing Climate with Emphasis on Forest Health: A Review of Science, Policies, and Practices.
Umea, Sweden, August 25-28, 2008

. 7-12 September - 23rd IUFRO Conference Air Pollution and Climate Change Effects on Forest
Ecosystems. Murten, Switzerland. Last Date for abstract: 30 March 2008. Contact Dr. Marcus Schaub
Or go to

. 8-12 September. 8th IUFRO International Beech Symposium and Field Tour. Nanae, Japan. Last
Date for abstract: 31 March 2008 Contact Palle Madsen
Sagheb-Talebi Khosro
Terazawa Kazuhiko
or go to

. 16-18 September 2008. Landscape Ecology and Forest Management: Challenges and Solutions
(plus a subsequent field trip). Chengdu, China. The deadline for submitting abstracts for this event,
organised by the Landscape Ecology working party of IUFRO, has been extended to 15 February 2008.
For more information, go to:

7-9 October 2008. VIII Seminar on Remote Sensing and GIS applied to Forestry. Curitiba, Paraná
State, Brasil. For more information, go to:
Or contact:

. 24-26 November 2008. International Workshop "Figures for Forests". Freiburg, Germany. IUFRO

. 24 November – 5 December Wageningen International, Wageningen UR (The Netherlands) and
CIFOR (Indonesia) would like to introduce their training programme: Governance for forests, nature
and people. Bogor, Indonesia, 2008. For more information, go to

. 2-3 December. 2nd International conference and exhibition on Geo information technology for
Natural Disaster Management and Rehabilitation (GIT4NDM) in Bangkok, Thailand. Those interested
sponsoring, exhibiting or paper submission can contact to Dr. Saied Pirasteh at
or Dr. Nitin K Tripathi

        For a complete listing of links go to

. Current set of indicators to report on the protection of European forests.

. Free GIS data by region.

. Downloadable GIS data used in PAGE forest maps.

. Proceedings: GIS Forum South Asia 1999

. United Nations - Agenda 21: Chapter 11. Combating Deforestation - Programme Areas.