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					The first thing we visited in San Francisco was Alcatraz. After that we had
about an hour to do the shopping in San Francisco bay and then we took
the cable car to reach Chinatown where we walked through the streets
taking some stops for more shopping.
 The following morning we walked along the famous Golden Gate Bridge
from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of San Francisco and its bay.
After the lunch time we went to Twin Peaks, a place on a hill from which
we saw a breathtaking scenery of the city. Before visiting Mission Dolores,
which includes the oldest original Catholic church of California founded in
1776, we strolled down Lombard Street, the most famous street of this city,
full of flowers. On the way to Mission Dolores we stopped at one of the
beaches of the huge Pacific Ocean, where we took a lot of pictures.
On our last day in San Francisco, before going to the airport we stopped in
the morning at a small beach to see the surfers. After that we waited for the
aeroplane to fly back to Florence.
  The Isle of Alcatraz

  Discovered in 1775, Alcatraz is
  situated 5 kilometers east of the
  Golden Gate Bridge. In 1907        it
  became a military jail owing to its
  strategic position. It became a
  federal prison from 1934 to 1963. In
  these years it was the home of notorious inmates such as Al
  Capone and the Birdman.

In the middle of San Francisco Bay we can find the Isle of Alcatraz . This name
derives from the Alcatraces, a kind of birds that used to live there. This island is
also called “The Rock” because of the rocky composition of its territory.
This island is famous because it housed a Federal Prison from 1868 to 1933. In
this prison there were some of the most relevant criminals like Al Capone.
Alcatraz was a very hard and cruel penitentiary and some inmates tried to
escape from this prison. The most notorious are Clarence Anglin, his brother
John, and Frank Morris who disappeared from Alcatraz on 11 June 1962 and
were never seen again. Prison authorities believed they had drowned.

                                          The inside of the prison is divided into
                                          4 blocks (A-B-C- D). In the centre
                                          there is the Broadway Avenue, the
                                          main corridor of the whole building. In
                                          these blocks are situated the common
                                          cells and the isolation cells. There are
                                          also other areas: the kitchen area, the
                                          library, the dining hall, the visiting
                                          rooms, etc…
Alcatraz is worth visiting: indeed, it is really interesting to listen to the
testimonies of the people who have worked there and of the ex-prisoners.

                                               Hell! They caught us!

To reach Chinatown we recommend you to take the traditional cable car,
an open tram that goes up and down the center of San Francisco.
Chinatown hosts the Chinese community, which is the most numerous of
the American continent. Chinatown is full of typical restaurants and
stores that remind the streets of China.
              Golden Gate Bridge

                           It was built in 1933 and opened in 1936. It is
                           1280 meters long and it is divided in six
                           lanes for the vehicles and one for the
                           pedestrians. The Golden Gate Bridge is the
                           second longest suspension bridge in the
                           world. It connects San Francisco to Marin
                           County to the north. The color of the bridge,
                           called "International Orange", was chosen as
a natural complement to the surrounding scenery. It is the symbol of the
            Lombard Street
     This is the most famous street in San
     It is a winding road, composed by flower-beds
     in each bend.

In San Francisco it is easy to see a lot of limousines.
Twin Peaks
From this hill the view is wonderful. You can see all the city: the two
bridges, “Golden Gate” and “Bay Bridge”, the fantastic skyscrapers, the
Pacific Ocean, the Golden Gate.Park.

                                                       Mission Dolores
                                                           like our
                                                       St Francis from
Relaxing on the beach……………
St Francisco is also
                       Skyscrapers !
…………………………………………..up and down streets
And finally………………………shopping and entertainment!!

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